The Unknown Heir Chen 721-725


Because they have come to this world, and now, it seems like there is still a Chen Hao.

Sister Ziyan specifically instructed that the two Chen Hao should not meet directly face to face.

Therefore, Chen Hao would have to find himself and temporarily get him to a quiet place, and for these seven days, he would have to appear instead of him.

Right now, a simple disguise would have to be performed to do so.


In the campus.

A thumping kick.

A male student was kicked down by another, very tall student!

The tall student was now holding a well-dressed girl in his arms.

"Shit Chen Hao, you're really a disgrace, running here to pick up trash and almost bumping into my girlfriend, it's just as humiliating, I Look at you now and you've lost your eyes!"

The tall boy pointed at Chen Hao and cursed.  

Then a kick put Chen Hao down.

"Honey do you know, Chen Hao he also has a pretty girlfriend it, really don't know what that woman thinks, Shame on the woman for finding a boyfriend like that!"

The girl said.

"Oh, this poor boy, I really don't want to talk about him, it makes me so angry to see him as a wimp, honey, let's Go out and play and leave him alone!"

The tall boys left with their arms around the girls.

And this was a campus, there were very many students coming and going, and many people had watched the scene with their own eyes.

Pointing their fingers at Chen Hao.

Chen Hao was kicked in the stomach by him, and his stomach cramped, at the moment, covering his stomach and biting his lips tightly.

Such a scene was clearly not the first time it had happened to him.

But the ridicule of the people around him still made him blush with shame, get up from the ground, take the snake skin bag he had picked up the bottle, and wretchedly The ran away.

Chen Hao ran to a deserted little corner outside the campus.

He squatted down, still unable to stop the tears from flowing down.

He didn't want to be like this, but because he was poor, he had to be.

Of course, he never felt it was a humiliating act the whole time.

But why did everyone bully him?

Thinking about it, Chen Hao's old phone came with a text alert.

At first glance, it was a text message from his girlfriend Yang Xia.

"Chen Hao, I've been thinking about this for a long time, how about we take a break for a while, don't get me wrong, I don't mean anything else, I just I want to be alone now, so I can think about our future! In the meantime, just don't contact me yet!"

Obviously, this was a breakup text message from Yang Xia.


He cried out in grief.

And he didn't even notice that a man with a hat and a mask was watching him from a short distance away.

"So, I'm back at this node, just when I broke up with Yang Xia!"

Yes, this person was the returning Chen Hao.

The reason he hadn't shown up was to determine what time he had returned.

Now it had been determined.

Chen Hao slowly walked towards him.

"You... what are you doing?"

Chen Hao picked up the snake skin bag and looked very scared.

Chen Hao's voice had already undergone the method of voice change, so what was standing in front of him was a complete stranger.

Chen Hao frowned, "Why the fuck do I want to hit you so badly when I look at you like this?"

Chen Hao was speechless.

This was his former self!

The current Chen Hao looked like he really wanted to smack himself a few times.

He was obviously a top-tier youngster, but this wimpish appearance.

Seeing it made me angry.

This feeling was really wonderful.

"Then after you beat me, let me go!"

Chen Hao said, his favorite Yang Xia broke up with him, and now, he has been silent, and, people beat him and call him names, and he has What capital to resist? No, it doesn't!

"I'm fucking!"

Chen Hao couldn't believe it, and now he stopped talking nonsense and just poked Chen Hao's acupuncture point, and he passed out!

"Alas, you're about to have a change of fortune, but I hope that when you do, you won't be such a wimp as I am, a man, you should have a man's Look!"

Chen Hao carried himself up and said with a bitter smile.

Naturally, he had to hide this Chen Hao properly, then erase this part of his memory and reappear himself using his identity.

After doing some of this, it would naturally be difficult to overwhelm Chen Hao.

Half an hour later, Chen Hao, wearing his own clothes, reappeared, but the snake skin bag had already been thrown aside by him.

Walking down the streets of the former campus, Chen Hao had countless nostalgia and longing.

How good would it be if all this were true, if it were true, he would rather not be any Young Master.

Soon, Chen Hao walked to the location of the milk tea shop.

The milk tea shop, Chen Hao had always remembered deeply.

In the beginning, the formal acquaintance with Tongxin was this milk tea shop, and he still clearly remembered Tongxin's cute appearance at that time.

Chen Hao's face was moved.

Thinking that the two of them had been separated for so long, it was hard to avoid being saddened when they revisited their hometown.

"Boss, have a cup of milk tea!"

The boss is still the same boss, Chen Hao said at the moment.


The owner handed over the milk tea with a light touch, "Eight dollars, classmate!"


Chen Hao subconsciously felt a banknote from his pocket and gave it to the boss, "Keep the change!"

Chen Hao said.

Then he wanted to leave.

"Fuck! Wait a minute, classmate, you don't even have to fucking look, I have a cup of milk tea for eight dollars, you give me a fifty cents and you don't even have to look?"

The boss looked at Chen Hao like he was an idiot.


When Chen Hao looked at it, it seemed like it was really fifty cents.

He forgot that he was now a poor student Chen Hao.

To be honest, the current Chen Hao, right, had long since become very confused about the concept of the so-called basic unit of paper money, and used to spend money in hundreds of millions. So now, it's really uncomfortable!

Shit, I don't have a penny on me now, so I guess this 50 cents is the last of my savings, right?

Chen Hao was full of embarrassment.

And around them, many of the girls and boys who bought milk tea also covered their mouths and laughed at Chen Hao.

The expression on their faces seemed to say again this poor boy actually drinks milk tea?

"Fuck, classmate, don't tell me you don't have eight bucks either?"

The boss was shocked.

"It's...I so want to still not have it!"

Chen Hao was embarrassed, feeling through his entire pocket and not having a penny left.

"Then you're fucking making fun of me on purpose aren't you? A cup of milk tea is no big deal, but you just threw me 50 cents and I didn't even have to look for it. What do you mean, you don't have money to act like a man? Ah, no, no money today, you're not going anywhere, I'm suing the school!"

The milk tea shop owner was anxious.

Chen Hao didn't know what to do.

It was being cancelled.

Suddenly, a sweet voice faintly sounded behind Chen Hao.

"Boss, don't embarrass him, eight dollars, I'll pay for him!"

This voice was as crisp and lovely as an oriole, and there was a touch of gentle and elegant atmosphere mixed in with the tone.

And it was this sentence that suddenly made Chen Hao's entire body shake, the milk tea in his hand, even more so, dropped to the ground....


Chen Hao looked back, and in front of him, there were several girls, dressed very elegantly, standing pavilion style.

Among them, the one at the head made Chen Hao's eyes, which were suddenly wet and red.

Su Tongxin!

The girl in front of her, if it wasn't Su Tongxin who else could it be!

Chen Hao's breathing quickened.

Just between the previous hour, Chen Hao was still extremely apprehensive, he wanted to see Tongxin very badly, but he did not know what kind of emotions he should use until now, when Tongxin appeared in front of him.

Chen Hao's brain, suddenly became blank.

He was startled to see her, she was still as beautiful as ever, as kind-hearted as ever, as lovely as ever!

Su Tongxin, on the other hand, was frightened by Chen Hao's gaze, and for some reason, he saw a very inexplicable emotion in the boy's eyes.

"Tongxin, this person shouldn't be sick, right?"

And Chen Hao's demeanor made a few of the roommate girls beside him a bit scrupulous, hurriedly tugging Tongxin's body towards the back.  

"Yeah, what are you looking at him for, it can't be that he's looking at Tongxin as pretty, he's looking stupid, right?"

There were also girls who said.

There was a flash of intense disgust in their eyes.

"Tongxin, I think we'd better get going!"

The girls were clearly not in the mood for milk tea and wanted to pull Su Tongxin away.

And after Su Tongxin finished paying, she couldn't help but slightly bite her red lip to look at the startled Chen Hao, who was about to be dragged away by her roommates.

"Tongxin don't you go!"

Chen Hao didn't know what he was thinking, but he looked at Su Tongxin, who was leaving, and pulled Su tongxin's wrist at once.

He was afraid that if Tongxin left again, he wouldn't know how long it would be before he could even see her again.

"Ah! What are you doing?"

Su Tongxin was shocked when Chen Hao tightly grabbed her wrist.

To be honest, just now when she saw Chen Hao's eyes, although her roommates were disgusted, but in her own heart, it was as if a voice in the underworld told her that he was not malicious, and, in his eyes, Su Tongxin saw intense love!

Especially being held tightly by his wrist, his own heart, actually thumped a few times.

However, a girl's instinctive reaction caused her to hastily pull her wrist back in fear.

How was it possible, she didn't even know this person, how could she have such a feeling?

"Stinky rascal, you actually dare to molest in the street, you don't want to live!"

And the rest of Su tongxin's several roommates all jumped up to tear Chen Hao apart.

"That's right, with good intentions, Tongxin helps him, he actually dares to take advantage of Tongxin, sisters let's take advantage of him!"

A group of people gathered around.

"All right, let's go!"

Su Tongxin saw that the boy had no malicious intent and seemed quite pitiful, so she didn't have to call the police like her roommate had said.

She was soft-hearted, so she dragged a bunch of her roommates away quickly, mainly because here, there were already more and more people watching!

Pointing and saying everything.

And looking at Tongxin departing back, Chen Hao only gradually came to his senses.

Nope! It was now a time to travel back in time, and at this time, Tongxin still didn't know herself at all.

I was impulsive and almost scared her.


Chen Hao could not help but sigh.

However, Chen Hao already had a plan in his heart.

Previously, the entire process between himself and Tongxin was uneventful, whether they met or fell in love with each other.

Although he himself possessed great wealth.

However, it had never gone on to do anything spectacular for her.

Because in the past, Chen Hao had always felt that two people, as long as they truly loved each other to save the good.

Until later, Chen Hao understood that two people's love also needed to be romantic.

He had never given romance to Tongxin  himself.

By the time he wanted to give it, he had no chance to do so.

Crossing back this time, Chen Hao wants to make up for this regret, to give Tongxin the most sensational romance, to make her the happiest woman in the world!

Chen Hao thought to himself.

Chen Hao did not return to campus, nor did he continue to pursue Tongxin in this situation, he was worried that he would scare her.

Moreover, there was one more most important thing to do right now.

That was the Cloud Peak Mountain villa, the Cloud Peak Mountain villa had already been built now, it was just that it hadn't been auctioned off at the moment, what Chen Hao had to do was to contact Li Zhenguo, directly buy the Cloud Peak Mountain and put in the manpower to develop the Zhentian Stone.

Seven days to excavate the Genting Mountain was no small feat of manpower and resources.

And Sister Ziyan had said that as long as she did not change the outcome, as far as the order of time was concerned, it wasn't too big of a deal.

Right now, Chen Hao hurriedly took out his own cell phone.

Dialed a number out.

Soon, there was a connection there.

"Sister!" Chen Hao said.

"Little Hao, why are you calling Sis now, Sis is still working in the factory, listen to how noisy it is around here!"

Sister Chen Xiao said.

When I used to call my sister, this voice Chen Hao thought it was fine.

Now listen again, it's a party, right?

"I need the money!" Chen Hao shook his head and laughed bitterly.

"I know you need money, our family all need money, isn't this family all laboring abroad? Our family has so much debt, we really don't have much money left, alas, how much do you need ah, sister see if we can think of something for you!" Chen Xiao was very embarrassed.

"Sister, I need hundreds of billions to buy the Jinling Commercial Street and then have the entire street at my disposal, how about that, not too much, right?"

Chen Hao smiled.

"You... what did you say?"

Chen Xiao stared at her.

"Sister, can you help? I really need a few hundred billion!"

Chen Hao said.

"Little Hao, did someone tell you something?" Chen Xiao's tone was cold.

"I've guessed just something, your brother is honest, not a fool, after all these years!" Chen Hao said.

"Hahaha! I'm really smart, really didn't see it, good boy, originally my sister was planning to have a showdown with you in the past few days, but I didn't expect you to have one yourself. Premonition, good, my sister told you that our family is one of the top families in the world, half the wealth of the planet, and you are a Rich kids, top rich kids!"

Sister said.


Chen Hao tried to make herself look shocked.

"Since you're using the money, of course, sister has no second words, and besides, the Jinling Commercial Street and Hot Spring Villa are developed by sister in your name, over the A few days, the contract has changed. I was just about to send Li Zhenguo to pick you up. It's a good idea to go directly to Li Zhenguo. Pick you up, Jinling Commercial Street, but it's our house!"

Sister said.

It looked like she still wanted to talk a lot with Chen Hao, but now that Chen Hao was trying to save them, she didn't chat very much.

Stalling over and hanging up the phone, Chen Hao didn't wait for Li Zhenguo, but went straight to the hot spring resort!


"Wait, what do you do? Did you just wander in here?"

Just as he had expected, Chen Hao had been stopped as soon as he arrived at the entrance of the mountain resort.

A few security guards looked serious and shook the electric batons in their hands as if they were ready to put Chen Hao down at any moment.

"Honey, look who this person is, to even come in to a high end place like the Hot Spring Villa, what a disgrace, not even looking at what virtues he has! "

And right next to it, there was a man and a woman, two young men who looked as if they were lovers, looking at Chen Hao positively with ridicule.

Chen Hao didn't bother to pay attention to them, it should be time for Li Zhenguo to depart and come to greet him, and there was no hurry.

So he took a step backwards and waited quietly.

"It's also true, whether your cousin is reliable or not, you know, to be able to enter the Hot Spring Villa and take a turn around the periphery, it's so It's not easy, I don't know how many connections I've used my dad, but now it's good for him to use it to pick up girls and it hasn't come for so long!"

The girl despised the gaze from Chen Hao and couldn't help but look at her husband and complain.

"Didn't I hear you say that the father-in-law can use his connections to come to the hot spring mountain resort for fun, just as my cousin mentioned it to me yesterday, I also Can't say no to that!"

His husband was coaxing the girl.  

Chen Hao didn't have the heart to listen to the two of them flaunt their so-called relationship here, and simply stood to the side waiting for Li Zhenguo to come out.


And not long after, that young man pointed to a spot and shouted.

He saw a white BMW driving by.

And as if afraid that others would not know it was a BMW, the horn honked loudly.

With a piercing sound, the limousine stopped.

"Cousin, cousin's wife, I've kept you waiting!"

From the car, down stepped a young man with eyes that looked like a student, he took off his sunglasses and hung them on his chest, he was very hip.

And from the car, followed by two men and a woman.

One of the men had dyed yellow hair.

And the woman, long net red face, each very tall, but also some shy look.

The four of them walked towards the door here.

"Why did you just come? Miss, who is this?"

Cousin's wife said in a cold voice.

"Cousin's wife, this is my new girlfriend, Snow, this is the cousin's wife I was telling you about, hehe, my cousin's wife's family is especially rich . As soon as we were together today, my cousin's wife offered to treat us to a visit to the hot springs resort!"

The one headed by the young man was introduced.

As for Chen Hao, he hadn't taken it too seriously.

However, when a few very familiar voices reached his ears, he was startled.

Then, he turned his head towards the crowd.

Yang Xia!

Chen Hao was shocked.

Isn't this his girlfriend, no, it should be his ex-girlfriend Yang Xia.

What a great coincidence.

I can't believe I ran into her here!

And the other three boys were Lu Yang, Xu Dong, and the three goods with Yellow Hair.

And it doesn't seem right, remember Yang Xia had never been to Hot Spring Villa before, the first time she went, she was still brought in by that buddy of Lu Yang's, but at that time, she was beaten up by herself.

How come now instead you've come to the Hot Spring Villa?

Could it be that, as Sister Ziyan said, her arrival had broken some laws?

But now didn't think so much about it, although Chen Hao's feelings for Yang Xia had long since faded, but just breaking up with it, turning around and being with someone else, and also letting herself crash into it, still made Chen Hao feel a little strange.

While Chen Hao was stunned, Lu Yang and the others apparently also noticed the presence of Chen Hao on the side.

Right now, several pairs of eyes were facing each other, all of them a little surprised.

Especially Yang Xia, her face turned red at once, she now, hated to find a hole in the ground to drill into.

"Chen... Chen Hao?"

Yang Xia was nervous.

"You... don't get me wrong, we were studying, so we came out for a little fun on a whim!"

Despite the breakup, this situation still made Yang Xia a little embarrassed.

"Oooh, fine, let's go play then!"

Chen Hao couldn't help but laugh bitterly.

"Hahaha, I didn't expect it to be so exciting, Brother Yang, just now in the car, I said that kid was just like Chen Hao, but I didn't expect it to be true!"

"I'm just this poor bastard must be feeling a double blow right now, to tell you the truth, Yang Xia will be our sister-in-law from now on, even if you kid I know, but if you still dare to pester Yang Xia, you'll be damned dead!"

Yellow Hair said viciously.

Yang Xia, on the other hand, also straightened her hair and raised her eyes to gaze at Chen Hao slightly, wanting to see what expression Chen Hao had.

Although this outcome was too cruel for Chen Hao, girls, especially those who were somewhat vain like Yang Xia, especially wanted to see the expressions of boys who were jealous for their own sake.

However, Chen Hao's face was nothing but a bitter smile.

Now that I thought about it again, I felt that it was still rather childish before.

"What do you mean Chen Hao?"

Yang Xia, however, was a little upset, especially because of Chen Hao's indifferent expression, which made Yang Xia very dissatisfied.

"It means nothing!"

Chen Hao said.

"Hmph, you stupid Boy, let me tell you clearly, I already like Young Master Yang, you poor bastard, only a fool would be interested in you!"

Yang Xia was angry.

"And don't blame me, if you do, blame yourself, with Young Master Yang, I can have designer cosmetics and bags . You can still come to Hot Springs Lodge now, can't you? You're nothing!" Yang Xia was perhaps blushing with shame, and was now eager to say.

"Lu Yang, who the hell is this person, did you guys go to school together?"

And the girl on the side spoke up at this moment.

"Hahaha, he is our school's D-Silk, Yang Xia's ex-boyfriend!"

Lu Yang was clearly excited.

"Hmph, I thought what does this product do, just now, he tried to break into the Villa and was blown out by security!"

The girl was even more despicable plus hostile.

"What? Chen Hao, you still want to enter the Hot Springs Villa?"

Yang Xia was surprised.

"Do you know what this place is? Do you think you're the one who can get in?"

No matter how Yang Xia looked at it now, she felt that Chen Hao was a stupid pig, why did she look at him in the first place?

"Okay, don't talk nonsense with him, wasting our time, Lu Yang, Yang Xia, it's getting late, let's go in together and play!"

The girl said.

"Well, Yuki, let's go in!"

Lu Yang also showed off by hugging Yang Xia's shoulder, and the crowd headed inside.

"I'm sorry, I just got a notice that the mountain estate is closed today, no one is allowed inside!"

But this time, all at once, the security guard stopped him.

"What do you mean? We have an entrance ticket!"

The girl was puzzled.

"From now on, the entrance ticket is void, so if you have any objections, feel free to try complaining!"

The security guard coldly said.

And the girl could only be dry at the moment, indeed, when they said void, it was indeed void, and she wouldn't dare make any move.

"Then can I ask why?"

The girl finally said reluctantly.

"Today, the owner of the Jinling Business Group, Young Master Chen, is coming, so the Villa is temporarily open to receive Young Master Chen!"

The security guard said.

"What? The group's CEO, Young Master Chen?"

Although the girl didn't know who Young Master Chen was, she knew very well what the concept of the Jinling Commercial Group was.

The entire commercial street, along with the mountain village, was owned by the Jinling Group.

Then this old boss, what kind of existence must he be.

Obviously, Lu Yang and Yang Xia and the others all knew how powerful the Jinling Business Group was, and they were all swallowing some saliva at the moment.

"You guys get out of the way, it's our group's top management coming out! I guess Chen is coming!"

The security guard now saw that many of the top management in the mountain estate had poured out and looked extremely nervous, allowing them to make way for them.

The girl, Yang Xia, hurriedly ducked to the side when she heard the news.

"Eh? Didn't you hear what I said, kid? Get out of here yet!"

The security guard, however, saw Chen Hao standing in the doorway, firm and still, and was now angry.

"This kid, silly fucker?"

Lu Yang Xu Dong despised it.

"Really speechless, this idiot B!"Yang Xia was also holding her shoulders in a cold voice.

And the security guard saw that Chen Hao took his words as fart.

"Looking for death!"

Now, picking up the stick, he smashed it towards Chen Hao's body.

However, with a slight fingertip from Chen Hao, the stick bounced off with a crack, and the security guard rolled right onto the ground.

At this moment, it was already filled with horror.

"I am your beloved Young Master Chen!"

Chen Hao looked at him and said indifferently.


"What? Who did you say you were?"

The security guard said in astonishment.

In no way could he have imagined that the poor young man in front of him would dare to call him Young Master Chen.

Of course, just by looking at the appearance, he definitely wouldn't believe it.

What shocked him was.

This young man's eyes.

He hadn't paid much attention to it just now.

At this moment, when he saw Chen Hao's eyes and met them slightly, he suddenly felt a strong sense of oppression coming towards him.

It sent chills down his spine, coupled with this young man's terrifying power.

He had no reason to disbelieve, or rather, dared not disbelieve.

Right now, he was stupefied.  

And Yang Xia and the others were also startled.

"Hahaha, Chen Hao, did I hear it right? Who did you say you were?"

Yang Xia smiled.

Just now, Yang Xia thought that Chen Hao was about to take a beating, but she didn't expect that Chen Hao actually had such skills.

In comparison, her focus was on Chen Hao's statement that he actually said that he was Young Master Chen.

Who was Young Master Chen? But the richest man in Jinling, the most prestigious.

If he was Young Master Chen, then wouldn't he be Young Master Chen wife? No, it's an ex-mistress, how is that possible!

Especially, as soon as Chen Hao said that he was Young Master Chen, Yang Xia's heart was suddenly inexplicably panicked, it was obvious that she had nothing to do with this person anymore, but why would she be afraid.

In the blink of an eye, Li Zhenguo had already arrived at the door.

I'm sure at this moment, his sister had already told him something and gave him a picture of himself as well.

Zhenguo came running towards him full of joy.

"Young Master Chen!"

He bowed deeply and directly bent ninety degrees.

"Young Master Chen!!!"

The group executives behind him also shouted in unison.

Yes, the young man in front of him wasn't someone else, wasn't it Chen Hao, the eldest youngster who had been poorly raised by his family!


This time, Yang Xia, Lu Yang and the others were completely dumbfounded.

Especially Lu Yang, his face turned green.

The poor man in his own eyes was actually a Big Major, an existence that even Li had to bend and bow?

Their breathing was gradually quickening, and they hated to find a crack to get into.

"Well, Mr. Li, I have something important to discuss with you, let's go to the office and talk."

Chen Hao nodded.

"Yes,Young Master Chen!"

Li Zhenguo said.

It was going in.

"Wait a minute!"

Yang Xia, on the other hand, couldn't help but roar.

"Eh? Is there something wrong with you, young lady?"

Li Zhenguo looked at her.

"Mr. Li, are you sure you're not mistaken, his name is Chen Hao, he's from our school, not some Young Master Chen! How could he be Young Master Chen?"

Yang Xia stopped Li Zhenguo.

"Of course there's no mistake, and Young Master Chen, it's just called Chen Hao!"

Li Zhenguo spoke in a light tone.

"No way, that's impossible!"

Yang Xia fell back two steps, just now Li Zhenguo's words, as if they were not words, but a thunder, full of destruction, in an instant, it scattered all the hope and longing in Yang Xia.

Himself also lost everything in this instant.

"Little Hao!"

Don't mention how much Yang Xia regretted it now.

"Forget it, since we've split up, let's not dwell on it and live on, I have important things to do!"

Chen Hao didn't pay any more attention to her, but went straight into the hot spring villa.

Only the startled crowd was left behind, along with the remorseful Yang Xia.

"Young Master Chen, you are right, in the near future, there is indeed a Genting Villa that will be auctioned off, do you want to buy it?"

In the office, Li Zhenguo asked.

To be honest, this was the first time Li Zhenguo had dealt with this Young Master Chen, but he didn't expect that Young Master Chen was not at all like what he had expected.

He had thought that Young Master Chen had been poorly raised for so long, even if he learned of his identity, he would need a period of transition anyway.

It would appear as a shy and embarrassed and honest image, but what Li Zhenguo didn't expect was that this Young Master Chen was very courageous and came up with a strong sense of oppression.

This sense of oppression was so direct that it almost made one unable to breathe.

"Well, not only do you want to buy it, but I want you to immediately start creating an engineering team to excavate the mountain beneath the Genting Villa, inside the A boulder is stored, it is extremely useful to me, you are limited to six days to complete it, how do you do it, I don't need to say more, right?"

Chen Hao said.

"I... I understand!"

Li Zhenguo had wanted to ask why, but the words were on his lips and he was forced to swallow them.

He knew that some questions should be asked by himself, while some questions were not something he could ask.

"Young Master Chen, I'm on my way!"

He echoed.

After arranging this job, Chen Hao would just wait for the next few days.

Of course, this was a once in a lifetime opportunity to go back in time.

So taking advantage of this, all of his own regrets about Tongxin would have to be made up.

At that time, I always said, when we get married in the future, I want her to be the happiest woman in the world.

However, I didn't do it.

Something happened to Tongxin it could be said that she didn't give her anything.

This time, in or not together Chen Hao did not go to consider, he considered, just six days, let Tongxin incomparably happy.

After that, Chen Hao went back to school.

He arrived at the milk tea shop.

"Boss, have a cup of milk tea!"

Chen Hao said.

"Are you finished? And to mess with it, do you have any money?"

The boss was terrified.

"Don't bother looking!"

This time, Chen Hao directly pulled out the notes with a denomination of 100 and gave them to him.

The boss was shocked, "It's not stolen, is it?"

"You make good fucking milk tea, just too much bullshit, hurry up!"

Chen Hao was speechless.


The owner didn't say much, and soon, a cup of milk tea was handed to Chen Hao.

Chen Hao took it and walked towards the Department of Broadcasting and Presiding.

Inside Su Tongxin's classroom.

At this moment, a male teacher was talking endlessly in class.

Suddenly, the classroom door was pushed open.

All the students all looked up towards the door.

Everyone was stunned when they saw Chen Hao, who was holding milk tea.

After all, this person was known to almost the entire school as a loser with no money, so how did he come to the broadcasting and hosting department?

"Tongxin, Look it's  him!"

Su Tongxin was taking notes and was pounded by someone before she came back to her senses.

When she looked up at this person, her pretty face, she couldn't help but flash a blush.

"This student, what are you doing? What are you doing in our class?"

The teacher rested the rims of her glasses.

A cold voice asked.

Chen Hao ignored it, with one hand in his pocket, and walked straight up to Su Tongxin.

"This is the milk tea I owe you, I return it to you!"

Chen Hao placed the milk tea in front of Tongxin.


A wolf howl sounded directly from the audience.

A poor boy chasing a white swan? Fuck, the drama is suddenly right in front of our eyes and everyone feels unreal!

" need to return it, just go back!"

Su Tongxin was also not expecting it to be so sudden, and was now a bit overwhelmed, and there were many more boys, who had already cast a vicious look.

"Actually, I still owe you two things, and I don't know when I'll be able to pay you back!"

Chen Hao looked at her and said seriously.

"What two things?"

Su Tongxin asked shyly.

"A promise, a heart!"


When Chen Hao finished saying this, everyone was stunned.

I don't know if the words were romantic or what, but they instantly created a huge stir in the entire classroom.

There were even people who took out their mobile phones to take pictures.

Su Tongxin's face was even more like a ripe apple.

And after Chen Hao finished speaking, he turned around and left.

Su Tongxin looked at his back and had an inexplicable emotion.

She didn't know where this kind of emotion of hers came from.

Of course, as soon as he left class, this matter quickly became popular within the school.

After all, the scene of a poor man pursuing a goddess was probably only in movies.

It also increased the confidence of the boys who had secretly fallen in love with Su Tongxin, but didn't dare to confess, and those who sent love letters to Su Tongxin were almost about to line up.

"Hmph, Su Tongxin, what do you have to fool around with, I really don't understand why so many boys think of you as a goddess, they are simply blind!"  

At the end of class, Su Tongxin couldn't stay in the classroom either and was planning to go out with her good girlfriends.

At this time, a woman in the same class, who was also extremely pretty, looked at Su Tongxin with some displeasure and whispered softly.

Her name was Xu Meimei, and she was considered a number one in the broadcasting and hosting department.

Of course, the stronger the girl, the heavier the jealousy along with it, as she was used to being enveloped by the gaze, and when all the eyes were focused towards another place, her heart would inevitably be unhappy.

"Xu Meimei, what's wrong with people boys willing to treat Tongxin as a goddess, how many boys like you?"

Because Xu Meimei had been very mean to Su Tongxin, a few of Su Tongxin's girlfriends had extremely bad relationship with her.

"No boys like me? Oh, what a joke. I tell you, I've been chased by a lot of guys, and they're all rich and famous. Not like that. Su Tongxin, I don't care if all the poor pussies at school come after her!"

Xu Meimei said.

"I know Xu Meimei, you're jealous that Tongxin is now more talked about than you are, just say it if you're jealous, so much for this face."

The girlfriends mumbled.

"Degree of topic, three days later is the school's fiftieth anniversary, I'm a group host, and she, Su Tongxin is a substitute host of the event, hmm, then it will be clear who is the flower and who is the green leaf, just wait and see you guys!"

The eyes were about to quarrel.

Su Tongxin immediately pulled her sisters away.

She wouldn't waste her breath on such things.

"Wait and see Su Tongxin!"

Xu Meimei stared viciously at Su Tongxin's back, took out her cell phone, found the number with the note as Godfather, and immediately dialed it!

Plus Chen Hao, after he left the broadcasting and hosting department.

First, he went to a designer clothing place to buy a dress to wear.

To this day, he didn't want to be shouted at by people who were poor one by one.

This time back, being able to briefly reunite with Tongxin again was already an unexpected pleasure for Chen Hao.

And reawakening the Heavenly Dao was his top priority.

Other than looking at Tongxin when he was fine, Chen Hao spent most of his time waiting at the Genting Mountain Villa.

As for the changes in himself, which had caused many of his classmates to be shocked, these were no longer important in Chen Hao's eyes.

It was because he had already spread out that he was a rich, top-tier.

This immediately caused a stir in the school, and countless beautiful girls came to admire him.

However, they were all politely rejected by Chen Hao.

Of course, there was one other thing besides that.

That was that Chen Hao was always on heightened alert, and even at night in the dormitory, Chen Hao rested in a semi-vigilant state.

As it turned out, it was just as Second Uncle had said.

Apart from him, that was that there was another person who had been secretly observing him.

He could clearly feel his presence himself.

And just a short distance away from himself, at the very beginning, he had only been approaching himself secretly at certain times of the day, but by now, he had already made his identity public, and it was the third day.

Chen Hao found that he was staring at himself even more frequently.

Chen Hao was now walking on the campus, his spiritual sense opened, and behind himself, there were two people who had been following him for a long time.

One of them was a mysterious person, while the other was Second Uncle.

"His own Dao Foundation, it's not like he was destroyed by this person, right? Yes, to be close, I have the closest relationship with him!"

But who is he, really?

If you wanted to know him, now was the best chance.

But Chen Hao was also worried that he wouldn't be a match for him now.

I hope that when I awaken the Dao Foundation, you'll still be following me and I'll be able to see who you are !

Chen Hao was calculating in his mind.

Today, it was the school's celebration.

Chen Hao remembered that at the time of the school celebration, Tongxin seemed to be one of the hosts, but at that time, Chen Hao only thought that this girl was beautiful, who would have thought that she would be his girlfriend in the future?

Right now, he walked towards the school celebration site.

At this moment, the school celebration site was already crowded.

The members of the organizers were even busier.

"That Tongxin fellow, ah, there is something that I see the need to tell you!"

A middle-aged director called Su Tongxin to the side.

Su Tongxin was preparing words at the moment.

"What's wrong Director Yang?"

She asked curiously.

"I'm afraid you won't be able to get on today!"

Director Yang said.

"Huh? What's going on?"

Su Tongxin couldn't help but be surprised.

"As you know, in the past two days, there was a lot of discussion about you, didn't a boy confess to you, and the school meant that if Still, I'm afraid having you on the field will have a bad effect, so you understand!"

"But I..."

Su Tongxin was in a lost mood.

"But what, being confessed by this kind of person, and still having the face to be here, really! Do you want us to be ashamed of you too?"

At this moment, Xu Meimei came over with a cold voice.

Her eyes flickered with a touch of smugness, this matter was naturally arranged by Xu Mei Mei, her godfather, but her godfather was a relatively famous existence in the business world, in this area, even more big brother level.

It was naturally not a problem for her to beg him to do such a thing.

Moreover, he personally came over to see himself today.

With the backing, Xu Meimei was naturally the central player today.

"Xu Meimei, I know it's you who's playing tricks, you're such a villain!"

Su Tongxin couldn't help but be angry.

"Don't you blame me, blame me, I have a good godfather, but you have nothing!"

Xu Meimei's own heart was filled with pride when she saw Su Tongxin's disappointed and downcast appearance.

"My godfather is down there helping me out, I won't say anything more to you, goodbye, just go down and be a good audience!"

Xu Meimei said and walked right out.

Although Su Tongxin was angry, but she, herself, couldn't change anything.

He could only throw the things away and then walked out from behind .

However, when they saw the scene at hand, Xu Meimei and Su Tongxin were both a bit surprised...


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