The Unknown Heir Chen 716-720


In the evening, Jinling.

Chen Hao had arrived and arrived here at the headquarters building.

In this matter, there are two vice-general managers of the economic zone, one is Zhenguo, and the other is Zhong Wuyan called Zhong.

These two are loyal to our Chen family.

Especially Zhenguo! You know very well yourself.

According to what Second Uncle said, maybe, they might really have something going on, and he would have to investigate it.

"I'm sorry sir, Zhong and Li aren't here tonight, they won't be back until tomorrow morning! And, even if you come back, these two are not something you can just meet!"

The waiter at the front desk politely said to Chen Hao.

Although he was polite on the surface, he couldn't hide a touch of contempt inside.

I thought to himself, who are you, are these two big personalities that you can just meet if you want to?

"Just say Chen Hao is here, call them!"

Chen Hao said indifferently.

Nor did he talk nonsense to them.

"What did you say? Are you Chen Hao, Young Master Chen?"

The few waiters at the front desk, all of whom were startled, looked at Chen Hao and immediately erected themselves.

"Can you call now?"

Chen Hao said coldly.

"Fine, Young Master Chen, I'll beat you now, beat you big-headed!!!"

The waitress, however, said that & suddenly turned and looked directly at Chen Hao with ridicule.

Chen Hao frowned at her.

"What are you looking at, foolish glance, don't even look at your clothes, you dare to impersonate Young Master Chen, do you know how many Young Master Chen there are now in Jinling? ? What do you think this place is? How dare you come here and make a scene!"

The waiter snapped harshly.

"Security, get this man out of here, he's here to cause trouble!"

The waiter slammed the carbon pen in his hand and said.

Immediately, a few security guards came around towards Chen Hao.

They were about to strike.

Chen Hao took a look at them.

In his heart, he sighed.

Alas, forget it, since neither Zhen Guo nor Zhong Wuyan are here, let's just come back tomorrow!

Chen Hao said, it wasn't like he didn't have a temper right now, on the contrary, if anyone dared to offend him, they definitely wouldn't be able to eat a good result.

But now, this group of people were his own employees, and on the other hand, it didn't make much sense to punish them himself.

It was easy for himself to reveal his identity and pretend to be something else, it was easy enough to prove it, but it didn't mean anything at all.

Moreover, now that Chen Hao was distracted, he had no intention of bothering with them.

Let's just leave it at that!

"Well, since they'll both be back in the morning, I'll see them tomorrow!"

Chen Hao shook his head and laughed bitterly.

Then he left directly with one hand in his pocket.

"Damn it, who is this kid? Look at how poorly he's dressed, he seems to have a big mouth!"

A few security guards looked at each other and laughed contemptuously.

"Guess he just ran away from the mental hospital, silly look, if he really dares to come tomorrow, you guys have to keep your eyes open, don't let Li  & Zhong really met this product, or we would be laid off, and tomorrow, it's the company's general meeting, so don't miss anything!"

The front desk waitress kindly reminded a few security guards.

"Don't worry, if he really dares to come, let this kid look good!"

Several security guards swore.

In other words, Chen Hao had already walked out.

He was about to head to the Hot Springs Villa.

But he met a few young men and women.

"Hey! That kid!"

Across the street, one of the girls, dressed in a flowery outfit, stopped and pointed at Chen Hao to make him stand still.

"Don't I know you?"

This girl scratched her head, thinking.

Chen Hao glanced at her, looks, not bad looking, of course, that wasn't the main thing, mainly because he didn't seem to know her, right?

"Me ?"

Chen Hao said indifferently.

"Let me think, let me think, by the way, are you a graduate of Jinling University? Do you recognize Yang Hui?"

The girl asked.

"Well! That's my roommate, but we don't seem to know each other!"

Chen Hao said.

"Hahahaha, that's right, it's you, I said why do you look familiar!"

The girl nodded and smiled.

"Vivian, who's this guy?"

At this time, the other several girls beside the girl curiously came over.

At the same time, they were holding their bags, holding their shoulders and staring up and down at Chen Hao.

Although this kid, looks quite clear and beautiful, but Nai, not at all expensive, bad reviews!

They thought to themselves.

"He's a roommate from my hometown, so I remember him because he used to clean the trash at our school and run errands for people, he'll do anything! Pretty poor!"

Li Weiwei introduced.

"It's actually normal, every school, there's one of these people there, and if you're careful you'll notice that from our elementary school to college , there's one of them at almost every stage, and at every school! That's how the saying goes, "Each of the bulls has their own bulls, but the bitter ones are all similarly bitter!"

At this moment, next to Li Weiwei, a handsome boy wearing a designer sportswear said.

"Hahaha! Yang Ming, your mouth is too powerful, why is this so philosophical coming from you? Haha, lol, no wonder Vivian's got a crush on you!"

The rest of the men and women held their bellies and laughed.

"That what, what are you doing now? I heard that Yang Hui is doing extremely well and has his own listed company, are you still in touch? It doesn't look like he's taking care of you!"

Li Weiwei asked curiously.

It was such a coincidence, she had actually been asking for Yang Hui's contact information.

She and Yang Hui were high school classmates.

Naturally, they were also from the same hometown.

When she was in high school, Yang Hui was very famous in the school, and Li Weiwei had always liked Yang Hui.

But later on, after the university, how to say it, it's like an ugly duckling, growing into a white swan, eyesight, taste, and the original high school is very different.

When the high school was quite awesome people, the results went to college, has been dim, like a commoner, some to the society is even more different, completely reduced to ordinary people.

So, each stage also comes with a change in Li Weiwei's heart at each stage.

She went from liking Yang Hui, to ignoring Yang Hui and despising him, and in the later stages of college, Li Weiwei didn't even bother to speak to him, and deleted her contact information.

Thinking that Yang Hui is just an office worker when he reaches the society.

But did not expect, she heard the news, Yang Hui actually became the CEO of a listed company.

I've always regretted deleting the contact information and always thought of where to ask about it.

As a result, I didn't expect that, I don't know if it's a deliberate arrangement of the heavens, actually let herself meet Yang Hui's college roommate, this is simply.

It's a gift to yourself.

Although I've been divorced once, and now I've found a new boyfriend, but maybe if I contact Yang Hui, there will be some sparks. ! Hehehe.

Aren't girls, especially pretty ones like yourself, always on the lookout for a spare tire!

Livvy thought.

"It's been a long time since we've been in touch, and I naturally have his microchip on my phone, but I haven't used that in ages!"

Chen Hao could also see what Li Weiwei wanted to do and said presently.

"Fuck, you primitive forest just came out ah? You don't have a cell phone? Who are you kidding?"

Livvy stared.

"I really don't have one, and even if I did I guess he'd have to change his micro-signal, wouldn't he?"

Chen Hao seemed to remember that he had asked Li Zhenguo to arrange for his brother's, as if he had given it to Yang Hui's company.

With a market value of billions of dollars, it wasn't anything expensive.

Gifts are lighter than righteousness, right!

But these words were the ones that made Li Weiwei's eyes change towards Chen Hao, because Chen Hao had no use for it anymore.

"Hmph, dumbass, I should have been able to see that you're living like this, why would Yang Hui care about you, trash! A waste of my energy!"

Livvy cursed directly!


Chen Hao just stared at her, this kind of woman, he really didn't bother to take care of her.

Right now, it was time to leave for the Hot Spring Villa.

Of course, Chen Hao wasn't saying that he was going to the Hot Spring Villa to sleep and stay.

Rather, the people there knew themselves and could have them give Li Zhenguo a call.

Inform him that he had arrived.

When the call came, Li Zhenguo was naturally sincerely terrified once he heard that it was himself.

"Young Master Chen, are you alright? That's great!"

Li Zhenguo was excited.

"Well, there are some things I'm waiting for you to come back to hear some of your explanations!"

Chen Hao said indifferently.

"I understand Young Master Chen, now I will leave to return, this matter must be reported to you personally!"

Li Zhenguo hurriedly said.

From what he said, he really let his second uncle say the right thing, it seemed that this matter was no coincidence.

And Zhenguo, too, did know something hidden.

Zhenguo's side didn't know what was going on, it looked like he was in a hurry, and his tone was a bit panicked, and now, Chen Hao didn't ask more questions, but waited for him to come back tomorrow.

Waiting for the next day.

Chen Hao directly waited for Li Zhenguo in the hot spring mountain resort.

With nothing else to do, Chen Hao was just strolling around the mountain resort.

Remember when he used to come to the mountain villa to play, it was still not long after he had just restored his identity as Young Master Chen? Many jokes had been made here.

Thinking back on it now, instead, he felt that it was quite a good time.

Walking in the mountain villa.

But there was a noisy voice in his ears.

"You don't have eyes, do you know how much I paid for this dress?"

"Sorry! I didn't do it on purpose, I really didn't!"

"Hmph, how come anyone can come in and work as a waiter in such a big villa, even if you're looking for one, you should be looking for one with eyes, huh? She's really drunk, what do you think?"

A woman is grabbing the collar of one of the waiters at the Villa and poking her in the forehead with her finger.

On the floor, on the other hand, there was champagne spilled all over the floor.

It looked like it was this waiter, who had accidentally spilled the champagne on her, and it looked like the waiter hadn't stood still after being hit.

These things were not taken seriously by Chen Hao, after all, such conflicts were too common in any entertainment place, and he believed that the staff would handle it well.

However, when Chen Hao glanced towards this side and saw the faces of these people clearly, he was startled.

What a coincidence, these people weren't bystanders, they were exactly the one called what's her name, Li Weiwei, that classmate of Terrazi's that they met yesterday evening.

Of course, this wasn't the reason why Chen Hao was startled, it was because of the waiter who was caught.

How did he look at it made Chen Hao feel familiar, and then take a closer look.

But not his own classmate.

Is it Hao Lan Lan!

It's Hao Lan Lan!

Chen Hao's eyelids jumped slightly.

The two of them were classmates, back when Chen Hao was still a poor student in the same class, doing some volunteer work together and such.

Her family wasn't well off, but she was tough and had excellent grades.

At that time, she had a good relationship with Chen Hao.

Why her?

Looking at her, Chen Hao was walking over towards this side.

And Li Weiwei at the moment didn't know if it was the first time she wore such nice clothes, soiling a bit of her clothes was just as humiliating as humiliating her.

She was getting more and more over the top.

There was the ripping before, to the shaking and dragging.

By now, even more, she wanted to look up and slap Hao Lan Lan.

Chen Hao had come over and pulled Hao Lan Lan away, so this slap didn't fall on her face.

"It's actually you?"

And naturally, Li Weiwei also saw Chen Hao.

Next to her, following was the same group of people from yesterday.

Only right now, there was an additional boy with glasses that he hadn't seen before, who was looking at the scene in front of him with one hand in his pocket, sneering.

"Almost got it, have fun and stay out of trouble!"

Chen Hao naturally had no feelings for this group of people, and had no good face at the moment.

"Chen Hao!?"

But Hao Lan Lan was extremely surprised at the moment, and it felt as if her breathing had become difficult.

It had been a long time since she had seen or heard of Chen Hao, and she only knew that Chen Hao was a very powerful young master, so how could they be the ones to reach higher?

Now, seeing Chen Hao suddenly appear in front of her, Hao Lan Lan was badly surprised.

So shocked that she didn't dare to squeak.

"I'll go! I'm really drunk, is Hot Spring Villa still the number one mountain resort in China or not, I really doubt it, even with this kind of unsightly waiter! Even so, what kind of cats and dogs are allowed in this place? I'm not blind, am I?"

Li Weiwei was very surprised.

This was a place that symbolized one's identity, but the fact that someone like Chen Hao actually came in made Li Weiwei feel that this was the greatest insult to herself.

"That's right, how did he get in here?"

The rest of the girls apparently had the same idea.

"Brother Yi, can you talk to the leaders here and get rid of this guy!"

Li Weiwei said.

"No problem, since Tiny feels this way, I'll say a word!"

The boy with the eyes named Yi took out his phone and nodded.

Then he actually took out the phone and called.

"Oh, you guys still want to kick me out? Did I hear that right?"

Chen Hao laughed bitterly.

"You wait, D Silk!"

Li Weiwei was vicious.

And in the middle of the conversation, Brother Yi had finished his phone call and was helplessly shaking his head at Chen Hao and Hao Lan Lan.

"Chen Hao, they just touched me, I didn't hold the tray!"

Hao Lan Lan was terrified of losing her job, and she hurriedly explained to Chen Hao.

"It's fine, even if you smash the tray in their faces, it'll be fine!"

Chen Hao smiled.

"What? What's wrong with you, D-Silk? How dare you try to hit me?"

Li Weiwei was angry again.

And not long after, a middle-aged man in his forties quickly ran over.

"Young Master Chen!"

Middle-aged runners sweat profusely.


Only he ran over and immediately shouted respectfully.

And Chen Hao hadn't seen this middle-aged man yesterday, he seemed to be new to the mountain villa and didn't know what position he held.

But at this moment, he still had one hand in his pocket and said, "These people are not welcome in the Mountain Villa, get rid of them!"

Chen Hao opened his mouth, but also let's Li Weiwei and the other girls were stunned, I go, he can actually order the big supervisor here, can't he?

"Young Master Chen, didn't you say you'd only come at noon? So early!"

And that middle-aged man first glanced at Chen Hao, while directly ignoring him, he came in front of that righteous brother and shook his hand respectfully.

"These friends of mine are in a hurry, and besides, the Hot Spring Villa is so big, how can you stroll over here in an afternoon!"

Chen Yi smiled faintly.


And now, several girls were laughing all at once.

"Scared the hell out of me just now!" Livvy patted her little heart and laughed as she did so.

"Oooh, miss, what's the scare?"

That middle-aged man asked in confusion.

"Hahaha, it's still because of this silly*, Supervisor Zhao, didn't you hear what this silly* said just now? You shouted at Chen and he thought you were shouting at him, but he said he wanted you to throw us out! Laughing my ass off!"

Vivian Li covered her stomach.

"That's right, look at him, he's acting like he's really braking it up!"

The rest of the girls laughed as well.

"Yeah, just now I was wondering, damn I'm shouting Young Master Chen, what's this kid's gag?"

Supervisor Zhao spoke coldly.


"Supervisor Zhao, this person my friend doesn't want to see, please expel him, so as not to lower the grade of our entire villa!"

Chen Yi smiled faintly.

"Young Master Chen, no problem, you are high school classmates with CEO Li's son, your word is king law, don't worry, I'll immediately tell this kid to get out!"

Supervisor Zhao smiled proudly.

"Kid, are you getting out? Or should I have you beaten out?"

Supervisor Zhao coldly said.

Li Weiwei and the others watched over their shoulders.

"Let me roll? This Supervisor Zhao, are you new to Jinling?"

Chen Hao asked in anger.

"What do you mean?"

Supervisor Zhao's eyes narrowed.

"Do you know, who is the owner of the Jinling Villa?"

Chen Hao said.

"Oh, who doesn't know about this, naturally it's Li Zhenguo!"

Supervisor Zhao shouted proudly.

"That's right, who doesn't know that Jinling Mountain Resort is owned by Li Zhenguo, aren't you talking crap now!"

Li Weiwei was speechless.

Supervisor Zhao said, "And look at you kid, d silk ordinary, you kid sneaked in, right?"

"Who is the owner of the Golden Lodge, and who is the owner of Li?"

Chen Hao asked indifferently.

Li Weiwei did not answer up, Li, that is now the number one person in the entire Huaxia business circle na, how can you still be Li's master?

However, Supervisor Zhao's face, however, changed.

"Head Li's master, naturally, is Young Master Chen!"

Supervisor Zhao suddenly looked panicked and said this extremely respectfully.

"Young Master Chen? Supervisor Zhao, but is it the Jinling Young Master Chen who was rumored to be in our school?"

Li Weiwei was also surprised.

Yes, of course she had heard of the story of Jinling Young Master Chen, in fact, every student of Jinling University had all heard of the story of Jinling Young Master Chen as well.

Only knew that it was a truly rich second generation.

However, except for a very few people, who would know about Young Master Chen's specific identity, so when Li Weiwei heard that Young Master Chen was actually the owner of the prestigious Li Zhenguo Head Office, how could she not be surprised?

"Vivienne, I've heard of this man too, and rumor has it, he's very handsome, and countless women are smitten with him when they see him!"

The rest of the girls also covered their mouths in surprise.

"I can't believe that Jinling Young Master Chen is actually the owner of Li?"

Li Weiwei said.

"Yes, young Chen is very mysterious, naturally not something we can easily touch!"

A strong longing flashed in Supervisor Zhao's eyes.

And at this moment, a luxury car suddenly stopped at the entrance of the mountain resort.

Because Li Weiwei and the others were now in a location that was just a short distance from the entrance, they could just see it clearly.

"Ah! Oh my God, it's actually the car, it's Chief Li and the others back!"

Supervisor Zhao's forehead was full of sweat.

"It's really Uncle Li's car, when I was studying with Young Master Li, I had a chance to meet Uncle Li once, I don't know if he still remembers! I, however, decided I'd better go up and say hello out of courtesy!"

Watching the vehicle stop, Young Master Chen immediately tidied up his suit.

And then strode towards the entrance.

And Li Weiwei and the others all followed suit.

After all, those who were present, including Li Weiwei's boyfriend, had never experienced such a big scene as meeting a big man, but Young Master Chen's knowledge was different.

He knew how to understand the world, maybe if he showed himself in front of Mr. Li, he would have some other encounters?

It was also a different kind of psychology, that people had a surprising amount of respect for such rich and powerful people.

As for Chen Hao, almost no one was taking care of him now.

Everyone had all come to the door.

"Chen Hao, will it be alright?"

Hollypaw asked nervously.

"What could it be! Don't worry, it's fine!"

Chen Hao laughed bitterly.

Right now it was walking over towards the location where Li Zhenguo and the others had come in.

And over there, Young Master Chen had already taken a deep breath and quickly walked over.

"Hello Uncle Li, I'm Yi, I'm Young Master Li's classmate, I don't know if you still remember me?"

Young Master Chen was excited.

"Young Master Chen!"

Li Zhenguo, however, was so solemn that his entire body erected at once.

"Er, Uncle Li you're too polite!"

Chen Yi was nervous at the moment and didn't know what to say.

And Li Weiwei was also biting her lips nervously.

God, Mr. Li actually called Young Master Yi Chen, Brother Yi was simply too honorable, right?

Wow, Brother Yi is really handsome!

At the same time Director Zhao is also extremely surprised by the attitude of General Manager Li, it seems that this Young Master Chen, really can not offend ah, General Manager Li actually called Young Master Chen!

"Young Master Chen!!!"

What was even more surprising to them was still outside, Li Zhenguo was followed by dozens of people behind him, all of them senior executives of the group.

At this moment, they actually bent down ninety degrees, shouting and bowing deeply at the same time.

This time, Yi's face was a little white with excitement.

"Uncle Li, you guys... don't make fun of me, I'm still a junior in front of you, no matter what!"

Chen Yi was excited, his heart blossomed.

"Yes, although Yi is excellent, but Mr. Li, you guys are too high, treating Yi like this will make him proud!"

Livvy also plucked up the courage to interject.


The next scene, which was even more shocking and almost made people faint, saw Li Zhenguo look moved and directly kneel down.

The rest of Huaxia's famous tycoons even brushed their knees in unison at the same time.


Chen yi took a step back with wide eyes.

Cold sweat dripped from his forehead, and it was only at this moment that he realized something was wrong.

Something wasn't right. It seems like Uncle Li and the others aren't looking at themselves?

Could it be that they're not shouting for themselves?

But Young Master Chen, who else could it be but himself?

He couldn't figure it out.

Livvy was also unsure.

"You're back? I didn't expect this early!"

And at this moment, a faint voice came from behind Li Weiwei and the others.

"Young Master Chen has orders, even if the ends of the earth, Zhenguo will return at the first time!"

Li Zhenguo had tears in his eyes, obviously he knew what was happening to the Chen family.

And only then did Chen yi Li Weiwei and the others, follow Li's gaze towards the back, because what Li and the others were looking at, seemed to be their own rear.

"Chen Hao?"

At this look, Livvy immediately stared at her.

"Get up, come with me to the study, there's something I need to ask!"

Chen Hao didn't look at Li Weiwei, but faintly said to Li Zhenguo.

"It's Young Master Chen!"

Li Zhengguo stood up immediately.

"Chen... Young Master Chen? He's Young Master Chen?"

Director Zhao's pants were almost wet, and he swallowed spittle wildly.

Li Weiwei was even more breathless.

My God, this person is actually the legendary Jinling Chen!

No wonder, Yang Hui owns a listed company, emotionally, his nobleman is this legendary Chen!

She had a bad feeling about this.

Chen Hao walked directly towards the study with both hands in his pockets.

Wherever he passed, no matter how big the rich merchant was, he directly bent over in respect and took three steps back.

Cool! That's awesome!

All the girls were shocked....


I'm afraid that no one could have imagined that a formerly poor kid would be the existence of the famous Young Master Chen and Li Zhenguo Li, who would have to kneel down personally, my God!

Chen Hao left directly in the midst of their startled gazes.

I'm afraid these people weren't able to enter Chen Hao's eyes right now.

In the study room.

"Young Master Chen, it's great that you're fine, we originally thought that..."

Li Zhenguo's eyes were wet and red.

"Thought something happened to me too, right?"

Chen Hao said, "Zhenguo, what has happened during this time, I heard that you are transferring the company's assets?"

"Yes Chen, you read this first!"

Li Zhengguo nodded heavily, then from his own briefcase, he very carefully took out an item wrapped in a yellow cloth.

Chen Hao received it and opened it, and his eyelids couldn't help but jump slightly.

Holy Water Order!

Wasn't this the Holy Water Order that the mysterious organization, possibly the Sun Alliance, had issued to everyone?

And this piece, Chen Hao remembered, was still Grandpa's piece.

Grandpa was now in an accident on his way to the Holy Water Covenant, and his life and death were unknown, and now that his Holy Water Order was here, it couldn't help but make Chen Hao's heart tighten slightly.

"Zhenguo, what exactly happened?"

Chen Hao hurriedly asked.

"Young Master Chen, this matter started a few days ago!"

Li Zhenguo explained it to Chen Hao.

It turned out that....

A few days ago, the CEO of the Huaxia Economic Zone, Xiaobei Yang, suddenly received a summons from the Chen family to travel to the South Seas, and the business of the Huaxia Zone was naturally handed over to Li Zhenguo and Zhong Wuyan to manage.

Everything was business as usual.

But a few days later, Li Zhenguo suddenly received a phone call.

And it was from young grandmother Qin Lan herself.

It could be heard that the young grandmother's state was a bit anxious at first and only briefly explained a few words to Li Zhenguo before she hurriedly hung up the phone.

Moreover, the words at that time made Li Zhenguo sound baffled.

Because the young grandmother said, the Chen family is going to be a big event, this matter is very tricky, you now, immediately in my name, start transferring the assets of the Huaxia District, all transferred to your name, be quick, the economic zones around the world, are also acting at the same time!

Be quick, be quick!

The young lady ended up hanging up the phone after stressing three times in succession.

So, there was this scene where Li Wen noticed that the two were secretly transferring assets.

The young grandmother said that she was in a hurry, and even if she was confused, Li Zhenguo didn't dare to delay because he was clear that something big must have happened, and he absolutely couldn't delay things.

Hurriedly went to do it.

If that was all it was, it wouldn't have caused Li Zhenguo to panic so much.

Not long afterwards, Li Zhenguo received another text message from the young lady.

It told Li Zhenguo.

"The Chen family is finished, I'm in danger at any moment, I don't know if Chen Hao is alright, I'll give you one thing, you keep it safe, and then Secretly go and find out where Hao is and hand him the stuff, all the clues!"

Qin Lan said.

Soon, last night, Li Zhenguo woke up and found this holy water order on his bed.

The whole process was very mysterious.

It made even Li Zhenguo start to panic.

Even more so, he didn't know where to look for Young Master Chen whereabouts.

Being sad, but suddenly receiving a call from Chen Hao, he was naturally surprised and happy!

Hurriedly that is, he took the first thing to Chen Hao.

"What else did Barbra say when she said that she was in danger at any moment?"

Chen Hao frowned in thought.

"There's no more for the rest, that's all!"

Li Zhenguo said.

Always in danger.

And three days ago, in the morning, Leven saw the murderer committing an arrest at Chen's house.

But Chen Hao had read the text message, and Barbra had sent it in the afternoon.

Indeed, the Chen family was finished at that time.

That meant that Barbra might not have been directly arrested, she might have escaped, or not gone back at all, thus avoiding a robbery.

However, she should have also foreseen her danger and thus explained this to Li Zhenguo.

What exactly had happened? What does that man want?

Chen Hao squeezed the Holy Water Order tightly and thought to himself.

What Second Uncle had said, all of this was done by the person who had been watching him behind the scenes.

What exactly was his purpose?

Chen Hao was puzzled.

"Young Master Chen, now that the Chen family's phone number is out of reach, what's going on?"

Li Zhenguo said worriedly.

"You do as Barbra instructed, transfer the assets as soon as possible, and the rest, still according to the original plan, the rest I will do it!"

Chen Hao only commanded one sentence.

And then he put all of his mind on this holy water order.

What did Sister Barbra mean when she said that all the clues were in it?

This holy water order was grandpa's.

Is this a sign that something has happened to your grandfather, Barbra?

Is that why the Chen family was wiped out?

And the original prophecy of the sun map seems to be non-virtuous, there is indeed a force that has emerged and has indeed annihilated the Chen family.

So next, is it me?

Chen Hao looked back and forth at the Holy Water Order, but he did not see anything peculiar about it.

Thinking about the matter of the Stone of Destiny tonight, Chen Hao decided that he should go back and take a look.

Consult his second uncle before saying anything.

After interceding with Li Zhenguo about a few things, Chen Hao didn't choose to stay.

As for her former classmate Hao Lan Lan, she hadn't developed well after graduation and chose to stay here and become a waitress after seeing the high salary at the Hot Spring Villa.

Chen Hao had an explanation for Li Zhenguo to take special care of her, and then directly left.

When they returned to the mountain resort.

Chen Hao told this clue to his second uncle.

"The holy water order, A Lan holds her father's holy water order so important, I think A Lan already knows something about it, and she should now She's already hiding, but I don't know if she's in any danger! If not, we find Barbra, and some things may come to light!"

Chen Pingan preached.

"So right now, Little Hao, you need to hurry up and recover your Dao Foundation, the sooner you recover, the sooner we can take the initiative!"

Chen Pingan said.

"Second Uncle, I understand what you're saying!"

"This Holy Water Order, I will help you comprehend the clues in it, and now that you are back, go help Miss Ziyan refine the Stone of Destiny while restoring the Dao Ki go!"

Chen Pingan commanded.

"Fine, I'll go now!"

"Wait for Hao!"

Chen Pingan was holding the Holy Water Order at the moment, and his words seemed to be torn.

"What's wrong Second Uncle?"

"What would you do if, and I mean if, your grandfather were still alive?"

Chen Pingan also didn't know how to ask questions at this moment.

Chen Hao smiled bitterly, "Second Uncle, if Grandpa is still alive, of course I would be happy and find him the first time ah! And then Grandpa is here, and you're here, and the three of us, we can save the family and reunite the family!"

"Hao, you probably didn't get my point! I mean, everyone who participated in the Covenant of the Holy Water died, and didn't you ever wonder why your grandfather was still alive?"

Chen Pingan thought about it and asked.

"Second Uncle, what does that mean?"

Chen Hao was confused.


In fact, Chen Hao had already sensed that Second Uncle seemed to have something in his words all along.

Only, Chen Hao was really confused as to what Second Uncle's words meant.

If grandpa wasn't dead, of course this was a great thing, why would Second Uncle ask this?

Moreover, now that all of Grandpa's Holy Water Orders had appeared, Chen Hao surmised that, most likely, something had happened to Grandpa.

Perhaps, the matter of the Holy Water Covenant was directly related to this mysterious person behind the scenes.

Judging from the reaction order of the Stone of Destiny.

Could it be, that the mysterious person, first went to the Sacred Water Covenant, and after that he killed all the people there.

Then, he went to the Desert Dungeon and slayed the python, thus taking away Big Brother Ling Xiao's body.

Then, before we arrived, he captured the Chen family.

No grandfather's corpse was found, which means that grandfather most likely did not die, but was captured together by this mysterious man.

Of course, his ultimate goal would definitely be himself.

Being able to easily smash some artifacts, so it seemed that only this mysterious tall man who could easily slay a giant python could do it.

On the way here, Chen Hao had already been thinking about this possibility.

"It's fine, Little Hao, you should feel free to reshape your Dao base first, as for the rest, you shouldn't think about it yet, next, it's up to you!"

Chen Pingan patted Chen Hao's shoulder as he was about to stop talking.

Chen Hao didn't think much about it, after all that had happened, Chen Hao was now anxious to restore his Dao Base as soon as possible so that he could use it to more perfectly inherit the power of the First Turning Awakening, and at that time, he wouldn't have to be so passive.

So Chen Hao went forward to help Sister Ziyan.

The Stone of Destiny, according to Sister Ziyan, was a spirit tool that had been condensed from a heaven and earth energy, and over time, it had slowly turned into an energy transforming stone.

It was endowed with a huge amount of energy along with formation patterns.

It could have the effect of predicting the future.

And if one wanted to use it to travel through time and space, this would require breaking up its shape again.

Then its energy would be completely released, and with the strong grip of the Dragon Blood Jade Pendant, it would achieve the purpose of traveling through time and space.

It was just a pity that after shuttling through this time, the Stone of Destiny would have to be declared over.

With Chen Hao's help, the speed of refining the Stone of Destiny would naturally accelerate.

In the blink of an eye, midnight was approaching.

And the refinement of the Stone of Destiny had been successfully completed.

"Little Hao, I will protect you later and allow you to enter the Fate Stone's formation, and the requests I told you about before, you Be sure to keep that in mind!"

Luo Ziyan said.

"I will, Sister Ziyan! By the way, can I use my fix?"

Chen Hao specifically asked.

"There's no requirement for this, as long as you don't change some of your known outcomes, do whatever you want, for example, you may have had some previous You can use your cultivation to teach a lesson to someone who is hostile to you, but if he is not dead from start to finish, you cannot strike to kill him!"

Luo Ziyan said.

"I understand this!"

Chen Hao nodded his head heavily.

"Also, it is to wait for seven days, and after seven days, perform the Heavenly Dao Awakening, also, don't just let anyone approach you, because, your Dao Foundation It's not known who or when it was destroyed, so be extra careful with that!"

Luo Ziyan instructed again.

After Chen Hao nodded, he walked into the formation.

And Luo Ziyan used the power of the Dragon Blood Jade Pendant.

It was seen that those blue light spots that were melted away, all of a sudden covered Chen Hao's body.

It completely wrapped Chen Hao's entire body.

Then, Chen Hao's body, began to rotate unceasingly.

A tearing power was constantly coming from it.

"Hold your breath and concentrate on endurance!"

Sister Violet Yan reminded.

Chen Hao acted according to his words, and all parts of his body received the nourishment and guidance of the Stone of Destiny.

It was as if this principle was to scatter your entire body, and in the end, then have the Stone of Fate combine you.

Naturally, you have to suffer quite a bit of pain.


Abruptly, night turned to day, it was outside, the dark sky, a light blue lightning streak, as if to tear the sky.

It was followed by another boom.

The lightning directly entered the room and began to haunt Chen Hao, who was wrapped in a pale blue light spot.

The furniture within the room was constantly being destroyed.

Luo Ziyan was a little less pale.

Chen Pingan, on the other hand, was already nervous and his back was covered in sweat.

"Great God Ziyan, will it be alright? I can't even watch it!"

Pingan Chen was worried to death at the moment.

After all, this scene was a bit too creepy.

"No, if it was any other cultivator, something might have happened, but Little Hao, he's no ordinary person!"

Luo Ziyan said.


Suddenly, the electromagnetic violently exploded.

Immediately after, the blue light spot scattered all at once, and Chen Hao had disappeared.

Chen Hao felt like he was always in a smear of chaos, and he felt like he still had some consciousness, but he felt like he couldn't control his consciousness at all.

He kept wandering and wandering, and the endless darkness was like black waves, wrapping himself dead in the abyss, falling deeper and deeper.

It wasn't until, an intense light pierced Chen Hao's eyelids that Chen Hao was finally able to control his blot of consciousness.

He slowly opened his eyelids, the sunlight was harsh.

Chen Hao raised his hand to block it in front of his eyes, and after slowly adapting, he looked towards the area.

It was in the middle of a small forest.

And not far away, it was his own university campus, Jinling University.

Now that his ears and eyesight were already extraordinary, he could still see Ying Ying's university students walking by the roadside not too far away.

As for this grove, it was a bit desolate.


Isn't this the grove of trees where you used to park your Lamborghini?

The place was indeed deserted.

And now the grove was bare of everything, and back by itself!

It did come back!

And most likely, it was back before it had awakened the identity of the Great Younger.

Chen Hao thought, standing up with a roll over and feeling the strength of his entire body, his cultivation, which was currently naturally stagnant before awakening the Heavenly Dao, wasn't very high, but, according to the current process, he had no problem at all in protecting himself.

Chen Hao then looked down and saw that his arm was still shining with seven blue spots of light.

This was exactly the seven days before the Stone of Destiny, after waiting seven days, he would be able to awaken the Heavenly Dao, the spots would completely disappear and he would be forced to go back.

You must pay attention to the time, Chen Hao reminded himself.


At this moment, Chen Hao's mind flashed back to the silhouette that haunted his dreams.

Tongxin, who was still around at this time, never thought that he would finally be able to see her, but never thought that it was in such a situation.

If only, this was a complete crossover.

Chen Hao thought to himself.

He was about to quicken his pace and try to enter the campus, but then he remembered.

"By the way, there seems to be one more thing you haven't done!"


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