The Unknown Heir Chen 711-715


The people in front of me were simply not human.

Awesome, too awesome.

The Xu family's father and son swallowed spittle wildly, originally thinking that this Hidden King had some unique skill that could help slay the crowd, but now, it was just One punch and you're a puddle of meat.

I pooh.

This simply killed the Xu family.


Xu Wendong was a rivers and lakes man, he naturally knew what his father and son, would face next.

At that moment, he hurriedly knelt down.

"Big Brother! Have mercy!"

Xu Wendong was humble.

"Shuai'er, quick! Get on your knees and beg forgiveness for the big guy!"

Xu Wendong pulled his son Xu Shuai and kneeled down as well.

This group of people simply couldn't be messed with.

"Very well!"

Chen Hao smiled faintly.

"Thank you... thank you big brother for sparing my life!"

Xu Wendong's nose and eyes all came down with tears.

"Don't misunderstand me, I didn't say that I would spare you because I gave you a chance, but unfortunately, you didn't seize it, I swore that I wanted to make the man who tried to kill me, I want his whole clan to pay for his life, and when you come out,I have to be righteous, so if you say I'm going to kill your whole family, I'm going to kill your whole family!"

Chen Hao said coldly.


Xu Wendong sweated like rain and instantly sat paralyzed on the ground. Had I known, I would never have dared to provoke anyone to provoke this plague god ah!

The next step would be simple, this group of people, and it would be no problem for Chen Hao to clean up.

At first, when he discovered Big Brother Ling Xiao's hiding place, because there were many things that he didn't understand, so at that time, Chen Hao used the formation The entire tomb was sealed.

By now, many of the mysteries of that time had been solved.

And one had also taken a great step towards the secrets of the Sun Alliance.

Moreover, now with the Stone of Destiny in hand, according to what Sister Ziyan had said, if it wasn't for the destruction of one's Dao Foundation, Destiny The information shown by the stone could be more.

But there was also something that Chen Hao needed to do right away.

That was the ancient tomb.

The Stone of Destiny had hinted four or three times at what was going on in the tomb, as well as its own Chen family, and it definitely wanted to express something.

Worried that something had happened, the group headed towards the ancient tomb without a moment's delay.

"At first, I was chased by Mo Canglong in this land of sand valleys, but fortunately he pushed me closer within the dungeon, otherwise I wouldn't have discovered the Where Brother Ling Xiao is, later, I sealed the place!"

In a short time, Chen Hao and the others had arrived at the tomb.

To the uncle and the others.

However, when they approached, Chen Hao's eyelids couldn't help but jump slightly.

Because he saw in front of him, the hole that was originally sealed by the boulders he had used to seal it, and he didn't know when it had broken open.

The scene was a bit of a mess.

"Not good!"

Chen Hao's heart jumped as he now flew straight into the cave.

Uncle and Luo Ziyan looked at each other.

Especially Luo Ziyan, her feelings were extremely complicated at the moment.

Now, with a slight leap, she had arrived beside Chen Hao in the cave.

And Chen Hao was stunned, the entire cave, at the moment, had become somewhat disheveled, and the once ten thousand year old python had become a A long snake corpse.

Its head was pierced through with a raw blow, killing it.

The long coffin inside the cave, however, had disappeared.

"Ling Xiao he's been taken away!"

Luo Ziyan spared her such a status, but her eyes were already wet and red at the moment.

She had waited for this moment for tens of thousands of years, just for the reunion of the two after ten thousand years.

But, who was so cruel, who had gone through so many twists and turns, that she couldn't even see Ling Xiao's last glance.

Yes, the last glance.

According to what Sister Ziyan said, the Ling Xiao War God, his soul, had actually completely dissipated when he was born more than twenty years ago.

Only a corpse was left behind.

But now, even the corpse was gone.

"I used the formation inside the Dragon Blood Jade Pendant to seal it, and the location here is extremely hidden, who the hell is it?"

Chen Hao clenched his fist tightly.

"I watched from outside, and your formation wasn't broken, but was unraveled with ease, and It seems that he knew the terrain very well and came in and cut down the python!"

Chen Pingan now walked in with a gloomy face and said to a somewhat distressed Chen Hao.

After all, he felt guilty, his own life was equivalent to what Brother Ling Xiao had indirectly saved, and Sister Zi Yan had helped him so much along the way, but he had failed to do the reunion he had promised them.

Instead, he had lost Big Brother Ling Xiao's corpse!

Luo Ziyan shed a glistening tear.

Chen Hao was at the side, self-condemningly silent.

And these tears ended up falling on the python at her feet.


A crisp ringing sound occurred from the teardrops.

Following that, a strange scene appeared, this python actually began to condense a burst of blue light.

Finally, the cyan light finished condensing and became a ball of light.

Luo Ziyan looked up somewhat curiously, and Chen Hao looked as well.


This greenish-colored mass of light began to emit some strange sounds.

Right after that, it actually emitted a language.

"You're back!"

The voice sounded extremely odd and unclear, but it was still possible to hear what it was saying.

"You're a giant python!?"

Chen Hao looked at it in surprise.

No matter how you looked at it, you felt that the energy in front of you resembled the ancient ancestor's soul thoughts that you saw in the Ancient Family that day.

"It's me, unfortunately, I died and could only see you again in this way, I was strong enough to keep my soul thoughts from being dissipated until just now . I got a sliver of spiritual energy that I could barely gather!"

The python said slowly.

"Here, what's going on? Don't worry, I'll immediately go and find you a suitable adaptation body. Since you can gather your soul, I'll be able to help you with my Xuan Tian Gong! You're reborn!"

To be honest, it was quite pitiful to think about the giant python, when it was still a small snake, it was captured and specifically made into a tombstone beast, and was imprisoned for tens of thousands of years.

Now that it had finally completed its mission, Chen Hao had already planned to contract a primeval forest for it to live in and spend the rest of its life freely.

Although it was an animal, in Chen Hao's eyes, Chen Hao had treated it as an old senior for the mutual help it had given in the tomb that day.

"It's useless, it's been more than twenty days since I forcefully retained my soul to wait for your arrival, and I've already used up all of my soul Yuan, I've Now, just a mere thought, I'm going to tell you something, and after doing that, I'll dissipate, dissipate completely in the world. , alas!"

The python sighed slightly.

It was able to feel its yearning for the outside world, its longing, and the loneliness it was feeling at the moment.

"No, I will help you, I have many ways!"

Chen Hao hurriedly said.

"I was beheaded by an old man wearing a mask, he is extremely strong, if you run into him, you must be careful, because, he knows you very well And, with a ruthless heart, the body of the War God, which he took away, he attempted to get something from the War God!"

The python's voice was weak.

"An old man with a mask?"

Chen Hao and Luo Ziyan couldn't help but look at each other....


"Why do you say he knows Chen Hao?"

Luo Ziyan wiped her own tears and now looked at the giant python and asked.

"Because, he knows very well that here, this formation, which was bestowed to Chen Hao by the War God's Jade Pendant, cannot be cracked by ordinary people, but . That man hadn't bothered to do anything at all, and after he'd beheaded me, he'd examined the War God's corpse in various ways and mentioned the name Chen Hao many times im secret, so I guess he knows Chen Hao very well!"

 Python said.

"Then, not getting what he wanted, he took the coffin of immortality with him, but he neglected to mention that for me, who had survived for tens of thousands of years I am of great soul power, my body perishes, but my soul remains! I saw it all!"

Chen Hao frowned in thought.

Indeed, this formation was the contents of the jade pendant, and besides, the only ones who knew about this place were Grandpa, Mo Canglong, and yes, the mysterious man who had left a note for himself, leading him to find the Eternal Coffin.

He hadn't appeared until now.

Grandpa and the others had lived and died in the Covenant of Sacred Water, something had happened, and Mo Canglong was even more dead, which Chen Hao didn't even need to think about.

Then, only the mysterious person behind the curtain remained.

Could it be him?

But that was illogical again.

He had guided himself to search for the Eternal Coffin, obviously with some good intentions.

Because Chen Hao remembered clearly that he had encountered many mysteries when he investigated the Sun Alliance.

And it had reached the point where he was at a loss for words.

But right then, it was this mysterious person who had helped him and provided him with many clues.

Chen Hao was sorting through the events that had occurred that day .

'At first he secretly gave himself the map where the coffin of immortality was located and asked him to open it himself, he opened it and consulted his grandfather and was able to find it without any problems' The Eternal Life Coffin, and as a result, his own cultivation improved by leaps and bounds, he settled the Mo family for the Chen family, and he also gave the matter of Sister Ziyan the Lots of hints! By allowing himself to get all the way to this point, he was using himself? Or do you want to hurt yourself? It doesn't even seem to make sense, at least not now!''

Chen Hao surmised in his mind.

"Little Hao, have you ever come into contact with such a hidden expert?"

Luo Ziyan looked at Chen Hao and asked.

Chen Hao thought about it and nodded, "Well, it's the one I mentioned before, my mentor, Uncle Qin!"

"He's very powerful, so powerful that even at this current cultivation, if I were to face him, I'd be bottoming out . To be paradoxical, he shows his strength to me every day, but I've never seen it! That's it!"

Chen Hao thought about it and said.

Luo Ziyan and Chen Pingan both looked astonished.

The one who was able to make the current Little Hao still feel so flustered, it seemed that he wasn't an ordinary expert.

"But, Uncle Qin has saved my life and taught me, he's very good to me, and, why would he do that?"

Chen Hao couldn't figure it out, and even Chen Hao had decided that the mysterious person who had secretly helped him in the first place was Uncle Qin.

This had always made Chen Hao feel as if he had taken a reassuring pill.

Because with him by his side, his own heart would be very stable.

"That's strange, if he really is so good to you, why didn't he show up to meet you back there, and, if I'm right, you The destruction of the Dao Foundation is directly related to him!"

Luo Ziyan thought about it.

Chen Hao's heart gripped pain: "Impossible, I don't believe that his old man would treat me like this, even if he really had something to do with it, I still have to Investigate enough evidence to believe it!"

Chen Hao shook his head.

"Chen Hao you look, the python's soul is starting to dissipate!"

And inan Fong walked up and pointed at the python and said.

Chen Hao hurriedly looked over.

Immediately, not caring about anything else, he immediately applied his Xuantian Gong and wrapped his true energy towards his soul in an attempt to preserve it.

"It's no use, I've lost my power, you don't need to spend your true energy for me anymore! Mark my words, be careful from now on! Survive well!"

 Python said.

"I'm not going to let you die just like that!"

Chen Hao increased his true qi output.

"Thank you, I never thought there would still be a friend in the world who remembers me and is willing to be nice to me..."

Before the words fell, the python's soul was seen to directly disperse, like fireflies in the darkness, and the stars were scattered everywhere.

Chen Hao clenched his fist tightly.

He had vowed to never let anyone around him get hurt again, and although he and the python only had a one-sided encounter, it had helped each other that time, and with this sacrifice of soul thoughts, just to remind himself that a very ferocious expert had started to act.

It caused the soul to scatter.

Chen Hao also considered it as one of his own, but he was useless and could only watch it perish.

Moreover, he had been counted out and had even lost the corpse of Big Brother Ling Xiao.

Right now, Chen Hao really wanted to slap himself a few times!

There was no place for guilt.

"Hao, I don't blame you, perhaps, it's fate! You needn't blame yourself, and, calm down, the Stone of Destiny reminded us of several locations, besides the tomb, that is the Chen family, It's imperative to get to your family, the tomb is in trouble and I'm really worried that your family will be attacked as well!"

Hearing this, Chen Hao and Chen Pingan's eyes both jumped hard.

"The Stone of Destiny shows that the tomb is covered with a layer of black mane, and there is a strange sense of silence, and the Chen family is similarly so!"

Chen Pingan's eyes jumped slightly.

"Little Hao, we have to hurry back!"

After Sister Ziyan's reminder, Chen Hao's heart lifted.

Yes, this murderer knew himself very well, so surely, he knew about his own family as well.

The family wouldn't be in trouble as well, right?

This made Chen Hao start to lose his mind all of a sudden.

Under Sister Ziyan's arrangement, Li Ba stayed behind to bury the python corpse and protect Fang Hanan and the other girls along the way back to the South Seas.

His uncle and sister Ziyan, on the other hand, had to return to the Chen family first.

According to Chen Hao's current strength, it would only take a few hours to return to the Chen family in the South Ocean.

Now the Chen family, Sister Lan, Zyue, and Qin Ya who was recovering here were all here.

I wonder how they're doing.

Although there were people from Grandpa's Soul Hall guarding the place, that man, who could even kill a giant python of such cultivation in seconds, if he really had any unfavorable thoughts about the Chen family.

I'm afraid that there wasn't a single person in the Chen family who could stop him.

"That island up ahead is it!"

Chen Hao's uncle Luo Ziyan and the three of them flew to the island.

Chen Hao, whose cultivation was currently higher, landed on the island first.

At this moment, it looked like the Chen family was no longer as prosperous and bustling as it had been in the past.

There wasn't a single person on the large island at the moment.

Moreover, there was a quiet strangeness everywhere.

Could it really be that, as the Stone of Destiny revealed, both the ancient tomb and the Chen family, had successively met with misfortune?

Chen Hao's qi and blood were constantly surging upwards.

His legs were even more as if they were filled with lead.

He slowly stepped into, the gate of the Chen family....


It was dark and silent.

This was the first feeling Chen Hao had after walking into the Chen family.

He was on edge, nothing had ever made him so panicky, he even wanted to lift a step, he was afraid that he would see a scene similar to the one in the tomb again.

However, he still slowly walked in.

It turned out that the originally lively Chen family, as if a few days ago, was already devoid of people.

Chen Hao's sweat hairs stood erect, and he left to open his spiritual sense, trying to search for any possible signs of life.

But it was empty.

Chen Hao was extremely fast, and soon, he had gone through the entire Chen family up and down.

The results caused Chen Hao to be both frustrated and delighted.

Because he found that the entire Chen family was devoid of human traces. This was not the same as the sight of the Holy Water Covenant.

Where had everyone gone? This was the reason for Chen Hao's frustration.

As for joy, it was the fact that if no bodies were found, you couldn't say that something had happened to your family.

There was still a glimmer of hope for himself, wasn't there?

Soon, Ping An Chen and Zi Yan also felt one after another.

Seeing Chen Hao's decrepit appearance, they knew what the outcome was without having to ask.

Especially Chen Pingan, he looked around the courtyard and his mood became a bit complicated.

"They're all missing, I've searched with my spiritual sense and there's nothing nearby!"

Chen Hao clenched his fist tightly and whispered.

"Little Hao, don't worry about it yet, it might get better this way, they're all fine! ~"

Luo Ziyan walked to Chen Hao's side and gently pulled Chen Hao's hand and said.

"Mm, but who is this person? Could it be the same person? First he took Brother Ling Xiao's body, and now, our Chen family's whereabouts are unknown!"

Chen Hao frowned in thought.


Just then, Chen Hao Chen Ping An and the two of them were alert at the same time.

Together, they looked towards a well in their home.

This well already had some history.

At this moment, Chen Hao and the others looked because they heard a sound emitted from it.

Pingan Chen was extremely fast, and now directly swept over and reached out to grab one person from the water well.

It was a middle-aged fat man, dripping wet all over, who had obviously soaked into the well.

It was no wonder, he was hiding in the well, and he couldn't be searched with his own spiritual sense.

Because the water well, in itself, was a place of very heavy Yin Qi.

"Who are you? Why are you hiding in my well?"

Chen Hao frowned and asked.

This person was very familiar, definitely not a member of the Chen family.

"Young Master Chen, my name is Li Wen, I'm a manager of the Huaxia Economic Zone,Young Master Chen, it's really great to meet you!"

This middle-aged fat man obviously knew Chen Hao, and now he was so excited that he directly knelt down and cried to Chen Hao.

"Li Wen, why did you hide in my well?" Chen Hao was curious.

"Young Master Chen, because something happened in the Huaxia Economic Zone, I contacted the headquarters Chen family, I couldn't get in touch with them, I've been dragging, but when I had a good look at it, I couldn't prop it up at all, and even more people said that something had happened to the Chen family and so on, two days ago, so I came to the Chen family to report, but I didn't expect to enter the Chen family all the way unimpeded, there wasn't even a bodyguard at the door, I walked in and just saw..."

Leven gasped.

"What did you see?"

Chen Hao hurriedly asked.

"Saw a lot of corpses on the ground, mostly the Chen family's bodyguard guards, and I also heard, it seemed like there were screams coming from behind, I was in a panic and was desperate, so I wanted to find a place to hide, but I didn't expect to fall into the well..."

He breathed heavily.

"A scream? And you saw a lot of bodies on the ground?"

Pingan Chen asked.

"Well, there aren't too many, seven or eight of them, but the backyard is still screaming!"

Leven was in a state of shock.

"And then you fell into the well and stayed there until now?"

Chen Hao and Ping An Chen looked at each other.

Just a moment ago, Chen Hao used his divine Eye to examine this person's mind and found that what he said was true.

Only then did Chen Hao believe him.

"Yes Young Master Chen, not long after I fell into the well, I heard someone rushing towards me, I thought at that time that I was going to die as well, so I hurriedly It was spared by diving into the well!"

Levine Road.

"Who could it be?"

Chen Hao took a deep breath, now Chen Hao's blood was surging and murderous.

"Then I slowly showed my head from the well, that is, I heard the sound of dragging corpses, that's all, I didn't dare to show my head! Until now, hearing your voice Young Master Chen!"

Li Wen cried.

"Young Master Chen, how could this happen, the Chen family is so powerful, who would dare to do anything to the Chen family?"

Li Wen was grief-stricken.

"Just now you said that someone already knew in advance that something seemed to have happened to the Chen family, who told you that?"

Chen Pingan asked in a cold voice at this moment.

"It's those sub-domain managers from Huaxia District, they knew first!"

"What was it again that you said you had something important to report to the Chen family?"

"I found a few regional managers who were secretly transferring the Chen family's assets, I wanted to report it, but I couldn't find anyone ah, I didn't think the Chen family Something's really wrong!"

He fell to his knees and cried out.

"It looks as if those guys know something about this!"

Chen Pingan said.

Chen Hao nodded, "I'll immediately arrest the few of them now for interrogation."

"Don't, don't alert the snakes until this matter has been specifically investigated, they secretly transferred their assets, I'm sure there's something wrong . The Chen family's zoning managers, who have always been loyal to the Chen family from generation to generation, will not rebel, let alone in times of crisis. Rebellion, don't be impulsive until this matter is cleared up, Little Hao!"

Chen Pingan pondered for a while and said.

While Chen Hao nodded his head, he also looked curiously at his uncle.

"Uncle, I noticed that you seem to know our Chen family as well as you do?"

Really curious, this feeling was not just once or twice for Chen Hao.

"Uncle, did you know me a long time ago? Or knew me when I was very young?"

Chen Hao asked.

Pingan Chen shook his head and smiled, "Little Hao, you are half right, I did know you a long time ago, but not when you were a child, I By the time I met you, you were an adult and in college! Of course, I've seen every single day of your experience at the university."

Chen Pingan had nothing to hide.

This was quite shocking to Chen Hao.

"Why uncle? Have you been secretly watching me?"

Chen Hao was shocked.

"No, to be precise, I've been observing you!"

As if Chen Pingan had remembered something, his face gradually became heavier after saying this.

"Uncle, you know everything about me like the back of your hand, why do you say that you are observing me?" Chen Hao couldn't understand the uncle more and more.

"Well, that's because, I've been in the dark, observing another person who's been observing you!"


"The other guy who's been watching me?"

This time, Chen Hao was feeling a little numb.

It turned out that his college life was not peaceful, but was being secretly supervised by someone all the time, not to mention, supervised with an existence of Uncle's level.

In fact, from the very first time he met Uncle.

Chen Hao had already discovered that Uncle knew himself very well, and that the night's action to save him was definitely not a coincidence.

In the future, it was even more evident that Uncle knew his temperament very well.

Sometimes Chen Hao also wanted to ask about this aspect of doubt.

However, it was obvious that Uncle did not want to talk much about this issue, and following up, a lot of things slowly happened, and Chen Hao did not have the time to ask again.

It was only now that Uncle brought it up again.

Only then did Chen Hao understand what was going on.

"Well, I don't know how long that person has been secretly observing you, I found him, or the year you left Pingan County and attended your first year of college, that person The frequency of appearances began to increase significantly, and by the time your identity was revealed, his observation of you was even more constant."

"I'm worried that he's against you, and I've been trying to investigate what his intentions are in stalking you like this! So, to make it easier, I'm behind, disguised like this, lurking in the back of your cafeteria to work in the kitchen, huh?"

Chen Pingan laughed bitterly.

"Lurking in the back of our cafeteria? But I've never seen you before!"

Chen Hao couldn't really remember, but at the same time, he also felt incredulous, at that time, it turned out that there was such a supernatural uncle in his own cafeteria.

"Of course, at that time, how could you put your energy on me, and I was often in the back of the kitchen, even if I went out, I was in the dark now! "

Chen Pingan said.

"Then uncle, what is the reason you went to the school to find me? And, what is your true nature?" Chen Hao felt that Uncle was telling himself a truth that had been lurking for a long time.

"Well, originally, according to my plan, I didn't want to meet you prematurely any longer without completely figuring out who was behind this curtain . However, I suspect that these things are most likely the work of that person! I'm sure he's aware of my presence as well! I had gotten used to this face for so many years before. Even inanui, I didn't tell her the whole truth because I was worried about... The whole truth will leak out to the man behind this curtain. But now I don't think it's necessary!"

Chen Pingan gazed.

Then he looked at Little Hao who was staring at him curiously.

Ping An Chen placed his hand next to his ear and then actually slowly tore off the human skin mask on his face.

An extremely handsome face was revealed.

Yes, although the uncle was middle-aged, this face could only be expressed as handsome.

Of course, that wasn't the point, the point was that this face, at once, made Chen Hao's eyes widen and his entire body shake!


Chen Hao's heart was wildly horrified, the person in front of him was exactly the same as the second uncle in the photo.

Chen Hao couldn't believe it.

"Little Hao, now you know who I am!"

Chen Pingan said.

"Second Uncle, it really is you, but aren't you already?"

Chen Hao's breathing quickened.

"I will explain this matter to you slowly in the future, right now, the priority is to find out the whereabouts of Big Brother and Big Sister-in-law, and the contract with the Sacred Water Things! I'm not sure what he's up to, but I have a feeling that your big brother, your aunt and the others will be the only ones who will be able to get away with it. It's not going to be life-threatening for a while, he seems to have a purpose, and that purpose is definitely not a painful one!"

Chen Pingan calmly analyzed.

Chen Hao looked excitedly at his second uncle and nodded heavily.

"Then Second Uncle, in all these years, have you ever fought with the person who followed me, or do you have any clues about him?"

Chen Hao was busy asking.

Chen Pingan's eyes visibly dodged for a moment, then coughed softly, "This, currently no, I don't know who he is . But now that he's shown up, I think he'll show up again, not to mention we now, have one more important clue. It's crucial how these regional managers, how they know that something happened to the Chen family!"

Pingan Chen said.

"Well, no matter what, if this is all really the work of this person behind the curtain, I will catch it out!"

At this moment, however, Li Wen was trembling all over, and his body was weak and mixed on the ground.

"He's been soaking in the well for a long time, greatly injuring his body's five organs, Second Uncle, I'll go and rescue him first!"

Saying that Chen Hao lifted the unconscious Li Wen, he walked towards a room in the villa.

While the second uncle worriedly looked around.

"You're also from the Realm? Taken to the realm by the Sun Alliance? Right?"

Luo Ziyan now looked at Chen Pingan and asked.

"Nothing can be hidden from Miss Ziyan, no, it's your eyes, Great God!"

Pingan Chen bowed slightly to Luo Ziyan.

"Well, still powerful tyrant, your cultivation is very similar, right, and just now, why didn't you tell the whole truth to Little Hao?"

Luo Ziyan asked curiously.

"You're asking the person who has been following Chen Hao behind the scenes, right? It's not that I don't know, the first reason being that I'm just highly skeptical rather than sure at the moment, and the second reason is that Hao has been through too much Torment and psychological torment now, and if I tell him who this man is when I'm only suspicious, I'm afraid he'll find it hard to accept and will It's a full blow!"

Chen Pingan shook his head sadly.

"Actually, this truth is also very difficult for you to accept."

"Mm! Let's just hope that everything, all of it, is heading for the best!"

"I understand, but the hardships that Little Hao has been through are actually his destiny, because from the moment he was born, he was destined to not be Ordinary, and doomed to live an ordinary life!"

Luo Ziyan said.

"Well, then what do you think, what should Little Hao do in the future?"

Chen Pingan asked.

"His Dao Foundation was destroyed, which means that he is destined to be unable to reach the point where he can fight against them despite his terrifying cultivation ! Next, I'm really worried!"

This was exactly what Pingan Chen had been worrying about.

In fact, as for Big Brother and Si Zyue, according to Chen Pingan's judgment, their lives were absolutely not in danger at the moment.

Because the person behind the curtain was probably trying to blackmail chen Hao with this.

So next, Little Hao would face a lot of trouble, and according to Little Hao's current cultivation, these true experts, he simply couldn't deal with them.

"Second Uncle, Sister Ziyan, what are you guys chatting about!"

At this time, Chen Hao came out.

"Your second uncle and I are discussing, there is something about the destruction of your dao base!"

Zi Yan looked at Chen Hao and said.

"I know that my Dao Foundation is destroyed, but right now, I just want to investigate my family's matter, and the Holy Water's appointment, and I need to get there as soon as possible Searching for grandpa, I really don't have the energy right now regarding Dao base restoration!"

Chen Hao was distressed.

"However, repairing your Dao Foundation will not fix it, and even if you find out the truth, you will only further face the dangers, you are defenseless, and only Fix the Dao Foundation so you can deal with all of this!"

Luo Ziyan advised.

Pingan Chen nodded, "Miss Ziyan is right, I also think so, the priority is to repair your Dao Foundation, honestly, my hopes and Miss Ziyan's hopes are with you..."


"Well, I understand Second Uncle, Sister Ziyan, but you said that the Stone of Destiny can repair my Dao Foundation, but how should it be done? I've also learned about it specifically, not to mention that if the Dao Foundation is destroyed, even if it's unstable, it's difficult to repair, and will leave a huge impact on the entire cultivation process. Flaw!"

"What's more, now it's time to fully repair the dao base?"

This was something that Chen Hao actually felt the chances were very slim, as it was too difficult, and even with a magical object like the Stone of Destiny, Chen Hao could not believe that it would actually be possible to restore his Dao Base.

"Yes, restoring the Dao Foundation is indeed difficult, but, it is not completely impossible, the Stone of Destiny is the key, its method . In the powerful temporal regulation of this Stone of Destiny!"

Luo Ziyan nodded and said.

"Temporal regulation?"

Pingan Chen and Chen Hao looked at each other.

"Temporal regulation is the original ability of the Stone of Destiny, this secret, or what Ling Xiao told me at first, using temporal regulation to make you To be able to go back in time at some most opportune point, and return again to the present with the gifts of that time, so that the Theoretically, you'll be able to awaken the Dao of Heaven earlier, before someone else destroys your Dao Foundation!"

Luo Ziyan said.

"This sounds a bit unimaginable, so then this Stone of Destiny is truly a world wonder!"

Chen Pingan nodded in horror.

"Yes. Is this a way to form a true time travel to mend regrets?"

Chen Hao asked curiously.

Luo Ziyan shook her head, "You guys are taking this for granted, I just said that the Stone of Destiny his original power is time and space, once used , his origin will be gradually depleted until the entire Stone of Destiny is completely dissipated, so after completing this time travel, it will have s fixed point in time, when the time comes, it will dissipate and will draw you back, then this stone of destiny, and the It no longer exists!"

"Turns out, it only gets one use!"

Chen Hao nodded his head.

"Well, the situation is very unclear right now, the Nine Luo King won't give up easily, plus there's also a mysterious person that's moving behind the scenes . Little Hao, we don't have much time next, the Covenant of Sacred Waters, that is the entrance to the realm, the situation is very complicated, before you still... Without this kind of dominant strength beforehand, I advise you not to enter into it, or else your merit will collapse and it will be too late for anything!"

Luo Ziyan advised.

And this was what made Chen Hao gradually calm down.

Grandpa's life and death at the Sacred Water Covenant was still unknown, and he missed himself immensely.

To be honest, if it were the past, Chen Hao would have rushed over to look for his grandfather's whereabouts long ago.

But now, Chen Hao was much calmer, Sister Ziyan was right, he didn't have that kind of dominance in general yet, even if he did go, it would be just like being almost beheaded by the Black General that day, he wouldn't be able to do anything, instead he would lose his life, and really at that time, his family, grandfather, Tongxin, that would be the only thing he really had hope of!

"But Sister Ziyan, I want to delay for another week, I want to go to Jinling and investigate this matter of the zoning manager, otherwise I can never be at ease!"

Chen Hao said.

With the family's current life and death unknown, and an important clue right in front of one's face, even if one's characterization was strong, one would not be able to calm down at the moment.

"Not that it's impossible, because refining the Stone of Destiny requires the use of the energy of the Dragon Blood Jade Pendant, and it will take at least a day and a night . So, there's only this time, so go quickly and return, and let your second uncle stay and help me protect the law!"

Luo Ziyan said after thinking about it.

"Well, no problem Miss Ziyan, but I still have a question, if Little Hao can really go back in time, when will he be able to go back to . How long can you stay there?"

Ping Chen asked.

"Only by returning to the most suitable boundary point and awakening the Heavenly Dao there will you achieve a very perfect result, in fact Little Hao's Heavenly Dao awakening It was a little too late, and it was only after the Dao Foundation had been destroyed that the Heavenly Awakening took place to open the Dao Foundation, but by then, there was no Dao Foundation! Available!"

"I checked on Hao's condition before, and if I were to go back, it would be at least two and a half years ago, and as to when, it would depend on the dragon's blood Jade Pei's rapport with Hao is such that he can send Hao to whatever node is available through the Stone of Destiny, but there is a principle that no matter what At that node, Little Hao will have to wait seven days, and after seven days, immediately awaken the Heavenly Dao and return immediately!"

Luo Ziyan said.

Chen Pingan nodded.

And Chen Hao thought, two and a half years ago, when he was still a poor student, he wasn't even a major? And the location of the zentian Stone was at Villa Genting Mountain! I wonder if my direct exhibition of identity would disrupt the order?

This was what Chen Hao was worried about.

He asked Sister Ziyan.

"Well, that's the other request I'm going to say, and that is that when you go back, you can't spoil the results you already know, for example Simple example, like a friend of yours, something is happening to him that you know about, but you attempt to intervene or other means. The result of this original outcome is different and you could be forced to return, but of course, it has nothing to do with arriving sooner or later, you were previously Major, crossing back, there is a good chance that you are not Major, at that time, you have the option to regain your identity early, as This result is the same, both complete the transformation from a poor student to a rich young man!"

Luo Ziyan patiently explained.

"I'm relieved about this, I bought the Genting Mountain villa with Young Master Chen's identity in the first place, and I still bought it this time back as well, as for what It doesn't matter when I buy it, as long as I buy it right?"

"Well, that's the idea, but there are two other things to warn you about, when you get back there, there might be some disruptions in space-time that won't It's extremely possible to do it in the original order, and you have to be careful to deal with situations that could happen at any time, you can't just go through the motions!"

"I remember that!"

Chen Hao nodded.

"The second point well, that is you go back, there will still exist a you from that time, you have to think of a way to make that time disappear temporarily, you Instead, and the two of you can't meet directly meet face to face so he can see your face, or it will cause the Stone of Fate to shatter We'll have lost everything!"

Luo Ziyan said.

"Sister Ziyan, I understand everything you've said!"

"Well, that's fine, if there are no more questions, let's hurry up and break up the operation, and remember, you need to be back by midnight tomorrow !"

Chen Hao did not dare to delay for a moment and hurried to Jinling.

The Huaxia Economic Zone, after his own cousin took over, had its headquarters set up in Jinling.

So to find them, he would have to go back again....


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