The Unknown Heir Chen 706-710


Besides, Chen Hao is already on his way there.

It was in the car that Xu Wendong had sent.

But this driver, driving halfway down the road, suddenly stopped driving.

Instead, he stopped the car, lit his cigarette, and coldly looked into the rearview mirror and smiled.

"Why did you stop? Not yet!"

Chen Hao asked faintly.

"I know it's not here, I just don't want to drive, I'm tired and want to rest for a while!"

The driver said with a teasing face all over his face.

"It's only been a while and you're tired, I don't think you want to drive, don't make me say it twice, drive well, and when you get to the place you can think about Go where you're going, and don't look for nothing!"

Chen Hao shook his head.

Honestly, if he didn't have to, Chen Hao wouldn't want to do any random killing, after all, life was precious.

Otherwise, Chen Hao would have already killed all the way over here, so there was no need to bullshit with them.

"Oh, do you really think of yourself as a person?"

The driver sneered.

Now looking at the rearview mirror, there were already six people appearing at the back of the car, they were like ghosts, ghosts just appeared.

"I see, it was Xu Wendong who arranged for you, to intercept me in the middle of the road, that's why you have this kind of bottom?"

Chen Hao smiled and shook his head.

"Good, this is Xu's plan, boy, you're unfortunate, get off and suffer death!"

Said driver jumped right out of the car.

Running to the side, he held his shoulders and watched the fun with a sneer.

"Young Master Chen, what should we do? The six of them, like ghosts!"

The thunder tiger who was sitting with Chen Hao was now somewhat panicked.

"What's there to be afraid of, even if it's really a ghostly charm, then I'll still play the role of Zhong Kui!"

Chen Hao smiled and stepped out of the car.

"Gentlemen, are you sent by Xu Wendong to kill me? Are you going to kill me and then do something to my friend?"

Chen Hao smiled and asked.

"Not bad, I was right about you, you young man, you are indeed extremely smart, it would be a pity to kill you on this!"

The old man at the head shook his head.

"Yeah, and so handsome, why don't you let me have a good time before you kill!"

Among the six, one of the girls stuck out her tongue and said greedily.

"Sixth sister, don't be naughty, let's just finish our mission as soon as possible, kill him first, then go to the miracle and slay the rest of them!"

The old man looked helplessly at the woman.

"Actually, there's one thing that's been bothering me for a long time, I wonder if a few of you can help me out!"

Chen Hao asked curiously.

"O? A dying man, we might as well explain you, but you only have two minutes, that is, your life, to live. Two minutes are coming to an end!"

The old man said.

"I've always wondered, I've met a lot of good fighters like you, why, every single one of them, they feel they can kill me and take great pride in your own strategy and wisdom?"

Chen Hao asked as if he was seeking advice.

"I'll be able to answer this question, because this time you've encountered the father and son of General Xu who are the best at using strategies, and the world today The strongest six experts, so they can decide whether you live or die, and when and where you die!"

The driver at the side smiled faintly.

"Yeah, that Mr. Xu is very fond of unloading, I guess he's already figured out how to deal with these six or seven people in the future, right? If they do manage to kill my friend!"

Chen Hao asked.

"You... what are you talking nonsense about?" The driver's face changed.

And the six men clearly didn't want to hear that, feeling as if their intelligence had been insulted.

"That's enough, your two minutes are up, you can suffer death!"

The old man said indifferently.

Then, he was seen raising his hand.

If nothing else, his method of flicking his sleeve would have shot out a wave of air that would have pierced through all of Chen Hao's internal organs.

However, he was surprised to find that he waved his hand, but there was nothing.

It was as if his own internal energy had suddenly vanished in smoke.

"This... how is this possible?"

He stared with wide eyes and an incredulous face.

The other five, upon seeing the situation, also hurriedly made their own moves.

But the situation was the same as the boss.

No damage could be done at all.

"Who...who the hell are you?"

The six of them looked at Chen Hao's face full of sneers and took two steps back in shock.

"As I said, you also feel that you can kill me, but you are just a speck of dust in my eyes, and at the moment There's still no room for sand!"

Chen Hao shook his head.

Now, flexing his fingers, a wave of air shot out swiftly.


The wave was fierce and instantly rolled up a large amount of barren sand.

It tore through the air and carried ear-piercing whistling sounds as it attacked towards the six people.

They instinctively wanted to flee, and they knew that this qi wave would cause them to shatter into pieces.

The people in front of them were not human at all!

However, their entire bodies were as if they were filled with lead, unable to move at all.


A few successive noises and all six of them didn't move.

They stared dumbly, then slowly saw their heads fall to the ground.


And the side of the driver scared silly all to.

This man, he's so strong!

" stay back!"

The driver's whole body trembled.

"I just told you, don't look for trouble, living well is more important than anything, but I wonder why you never listen to me. The advice of a man who could have had a good life, but came to die?"

Chen Hao shook his head and laughed bitterly.


The driver knelt down directly, "Big Brother, spare my life, it's the little man who has eyes for Taishan!"

The driver hurriedly kowtowed.

And Chen Hao lifted his foot and slowly stepped on the back of his head, then wiped his dusty shoes.


After saying that, Chen Hao's foot pushed slightly.


This man's skull is in pieces!

Dead can't be dead.

This scene made the thunder tiger's eyelids jump wildly.

Almost pissed his pants again.

"Drive, on the road!"

Chen Hao entered the car and closed his eyes.

The location of the divine miracle was approaching.

"Miss Ziyan, this should be the end of the God's Miracle, right? If you don't see it with your own eyes, you really can't believe that there are still such amazing locations in this world!"

Chen Pingan and the others were in the middle of a huge cave.

They were deeply shocked by the scene in front of them.

This was because this place was like a magical underground world.

There were suspended forests and countless suspended treasures, and in the middle of it, there was a huge abyss, not knowing where the abyss led underground.

And the very center of the abyss.

There was a huge platform suspended.

Everything, it was all too amazing.

Pingan Chen had already seen a lot, but this was the first time in his life that he had seen such a place.

It could be seen that Luo Ziyan was also a little surprised, but she was at least better.

"This is the place!"

Luo Ziyan nodded her head heavily.


Chen Pingan was curious.

"Could it be that here, there's something else that Little Hao needs?" Chen Pingan asked curiously.

Luo Ziyan nodded, but didn't say anything more.

"Sister Tian Xian, when will that Young Master Chen arrive, had I known I would have waited at the hotel and come over with him!"

Rikba said.

"Soon, he'll get here on his own!" Luo Ziyan lightly smiled.

And then, the crowd was able to hear the miserable howls of the Xu family's children ringing out from outside the deep hole.

"He's coming!" Luo Ziyan.


Her voice only fell.

It was to see, far outside of the deep cave tunnel, a human figure was slowly coming.

By the time he appeared in front of everyone.

Power Tyrant's eyes lit up and he couldn't help but exclaim, "Young Master Chen, it's really you!"

Chen Pingan also smiled slightly.

At the same time, after carefully seeing Chen Hao, his pupils shrank slightly.

"Little Hao, why is your cultivation?"

Ping An Chen was taken aback.

It was because it had only been a few days since he had seen Little Hao change to an extremely terrifying extent.

Even now that he was in the presence of Little Hao, a strong sense of depression arose.

Was it really as Miss Ziyan had said, that Little Hao himself, was not a normal person?

"Uncle, Sister Ziyan, I poked around all the way to catch up with you guys to get here!"

Chen Hao nodded and smiled.

At the same time, he looked up at this suspended Misty World.

Only then was he shocked.

"Along the way, I found many artifacts and such, but I didn't expect that this new world in general had even more space hidden in it, Ziyan How did you find such a nice place, sister and uncle?"

Chen Hao asked.

"Sister Ziyan was the one who first discovered it and brought us here, she said that this place is related to you!"

Li Mumu was also there, and at this moment, he looked towards Chen Hao and said.

Now, Sister Ziyan had borrowed Su Ruoxi's body, and after a short recovery, she had long since left Su Ruoxi's body and had become a relatively independent individual existence.

"Is it related to me?"

Chen Hao was quite curious after hearing this.

It was just as well that the same sister Ziyan had left in too much of a hurry that night, so she did not ask clear questions, such as what was going on with that Nine-Turned Primordial Spirit.

"Well, Little Hao, you have a lot of secrets, in fact, Ling Xiao he only belongs to a part of you! And not the part of the sky you belong to!"

Zi Yan nodded.

"What do you mean?"

Chen Hao asked in shock.

"This has to do with a major secret that I discovered with Ling Xiao tens of thousands of years ago, a secret that I have never mentioned to anyone before, that I The most fundamental reason for coming to Earth with Ling Xiao!"

Zi Yan said.

"This secret doesn't have anything to do with me as well, does it?"

Chen Hao subconsciously asked.

Unexpectedly, Luo Ziyan nodded heavily, "That's right, this secret is directly related to you, to be precise, I With Ling Xiao, it was to find you, except that at that time, we neglected the time, and halfway through, it was even more turbulent. So much so that his life fell to this."

"Ling Xiao he sacrificed himself to save me in the first place, retaining a trace of my soul!"

Luo Ziyan said with a bit of sadness.

"Why did you seek me out? Besides, how did you know I existed tens of thousands of years ago, when I wasn't even born yet!"

Chen Hao was somewhat surprised.

"I don't know how to explain it to you, but I can tell you this, from the beginning to the end, you never actually disappeared, except for the fact that Within certain times, you just appear in a different form!"

Luo Ziyan said.

"I had gone to the Ancient Family to save my two brothers, and in there, I came across something that, from what they said, seemed to be a nine-turn Yuan Shen, and the At this moment, I have awakened the potential of the first turn! That's why it's only been three days, and my strength has already surged to a realm I never thought I'd reach!"

Chen Hao said.

Chen Pingan was listening and asked, "No wonder, in just a few days, you're not what you used to be, Little Hao!"

He was very pleased.

"Well, yes, some things, no matter how much they hide, it seems like eventually, you'll find out slowly, and everything seems like It's destiny, Ling Xiao he told me, no one can escape this destiny, although, Ling Xiao he has become the strongest and at one time dominated the The entire realm, he said, could not escape such a fate!"

Luo Ziyan said, "The Nine Revolutions Primordial Spirit, it is a power that is strong enough to destroy the limits!"

Uncle and Power Tyrant were startled together, "Destruction Limit?"

"Well, yes, the limit, there is no end, no end point, it can be infinitely powerful, no one force can touch the limit, However, the Ninth Turning Primordial Spirit is rumored to be able to destroy limits!"

Everyone was deeply shocked at the moment.

Chen Hao himself was also shocked.

"So that Nine Luo King wants to capture me, to get the Nine Revolutions Primordial Spirit from me?"

Only then did Chen Hao completely understand.

"Yes, actually, the Nine Luo King is just a miniature, and there are quite a few people who want to obtain this magical power!"

Luo Ziyan explained.

"But I haven't encountered any bizarre people or bizarre things since I was a child!"

Chen Hao recalled for a while and said.

"That's because these people are unclear and scrupulous about this power in you, they are afraid, afraid that if you activate this power, then , many people will perish at your hands, and you will carry out an insane slaughter, which will be a disaster!"

Luo Ziyan said.

"So, big brother Ling Xiao is not my ex-life?"

Chen Hao asked tentatively.

"Neither and because your appearance doomed Ling Xiao's demise, but you and he are each a separate existence . The similarity is that Ling Xiao he is the owner of an eight-rotation Primordial God, while you are different, a top-tier, nine-rotation Primordial God owner!"

Ziyan explained.

"Miss Ziyan, so it was the Ninth Turning Primordial Spirit that created Little Hao?"

Chen Pingan was thoughtful.

"Quite the contrary, it was Little Hao who completed the Nine Revolutions of the Origin!"

Chen Pingan jawed, "So then, Little Hao possesses a very powerful power?"

"Yes, the mighty power that terrifies millions!"

Luo Ziyan said.

"But, how did this Nine Revolutions Primordial Spirit appear?"

Chen Hao asked in shock, "I've awakened the first turn, but it doesn't feel as strong as you said! It's just that you rarely run into an enemy!"

Chen Hao smiled bitterly.

"The appearance of the Nine Revolutions Primordial Spirit is actually claimed by many, saying that it was transformed by an indestructible golden power, however, this claim was made by Ling Xiao Vetoed, because we've done some research and none of it is documented!"

Luo Ziyan shook her head and answered.

"But we have also been given an important clue to finding the Stone of Destiny and turning it on, to the point where many of the troubled The mystery will be solved slowly!"

Luo Ziyan said.

"We came to Earth first, apart from waiting for you to appear, that is to find the Stone of Destiny and seek some answers. Unfortunately, a lot of things were left unfinished!"

"As for what you said, you have awakened the gift of the first turn, but currently do not feel the terrifying power of the first turn, but only I'm afraid this has something to do with an encounter you had! Since the last time we first met, I had already found out that your dao base was destroyed before you had a chance to awaken your dao base Destroy!"

Luo Ziyan.

"Destroyed? How is that possible? He didn't come into contact with any mysterious expert kind of people, who could have destroyed his Dao Foundation?"

Chen Hao was shocked.


Listening to Sister Ziyan's explanation.

The Dao Foundation was the great fundamental of a cultivator, like the source of water, the basic of the basic.

When the Dao Foundation is destroyed, in the line of cultivation, it means that you may reach a certain height through acquired efforts, but you are unable to touch the top existence.

As for the said awakening of the Dao Foundation, to put it bluntly, it was when you listened to the words of the Ghost Calculator and awakened the Heavenly Dao, thus gaining the positive Yang Qi.

Sister Ziyan said that at that time, when she began to awaken the Heavenly Dao, the Dao Foundation, it was actually the already destroyed Dao Foundation that had been awakened.

That's why, although the First Turning Talent brought great gains to oneself, it was still far from what Sister Ziyan expected.

"Then what should we do? Does that mean I've started to touch the ceiling of my cultivation and it's hard to refine it anymore?"

Chen Hao asked curiously.

"Naturally, there is a way, and that is the Dragon Blood Jade Pendant and the Stone of Destiny, they can help you, regain your Dao Foundation!"

Zi Yan looked at Chen Hao and smiled slightly.

"I have the Dragon Blood Jade Pendant, it is indeed very magical, as for the Stone of Destiny, where should I look for it?"

Chen Hao was astonished.

"Originally, searching for the Stone of Destiny, I thought it would desert us for a great deal of time, but it's different now, the two most magical between heaven and earth Stuff, I think we've got it together!"

Ziyan said.

"So, Sister Ziyan has the Stone of Destiny?"

Chen Hao could not help but ask with a smile.

"Of course I don't have one, but this place we are in possesses the Stone of Destiny!"


The crowd was shocked.

"No wonder, just now Miss Ziyan you said that this is it, so you had already discovered that this is the location of the Stone of Destiny!"

Chen Pingan exclaimed.

"Not bad, I think it might be that Ling Xiao he secretly blessed us, allowing us to successfully seek out the location of this location."

Zi Yan also wore a touch of relief on her face.

"In other words, the mystery that has plagued us for so long is about to be solved?"

Chen Hao gazed.

"It should be about the same, we'll have to wait until we successfully activate the Stone of Destiny."

Zi Yan pointed at the tower suspended in the air, "Little Hao, the two of us will enter the tower and try to activate it together!"

Before the words fell, Luo Ziyan's silhouette had already floated down on it.

Chen Hao followed closely behind and had also arrived.

After stepping onto the platform, Chen Hao discovered that the empty platform was actually covered in obscure lines.

Putting it as if it was a giant levitating compass.

"This is the pattern for summoning the Stone of Destiny, it requires a very strong power to drive it, neither you nor I can reach it, but it can! Work together to control the power of the Dragon Blood Jade Pendant and use it to drive!"

Luo Ziyan explained one of the methods to Chen Hao.

Chen Hao had already noticed the extraordinary Dragon Blood Jade Pendant before, but now it seemed that its usage was even more mysterious, and it seemed that he hadn't developed many powerful functions.

Now, sink in and respond.

The two of them worked together.

Soon, Chen Hao discovered that the golden light of the Dragon Blood Jade Pendant flickered, illuminating the entire Dharma Pattern.

The originally obscure Dharma patterns immediately became extremely bright.

They glowed blue, and the blue light began to condense towards the center.

Not long after, a cyclone spread out, and an adult fist-sized, blue, glittering stone appeared in front of everyone.

"This is the Stone of Destiny?"

Ping Chen was also unable to hide his horror.

Chen Hao felt its scent up close and was also deeply shocked.

The Stone of Destiny gradually diminished its light.

Chen Hao slightly lifted his hand, and the stone was the one that slowly fell into Chen Hao's palm, slightly sending out a scorching hot breath.

"This object is extraordinary at a glance, and when you hold it in your hand, you can clearly feel the powerful energy contained within! Sister Zi Yan, I once had a sun chart at home that had a prophetic effect, and this Stone of Destiny, which also has a prophetic effect?"

Chen Hao exclaimed.

"Well, however, its function is not limited to prophecy, so you borrow the Dragon Blood Jade Pendant now to act as a medium and try to communicate with it! Ask the question you most want to know in your heart, and I also want to confirm whether this Stone of Destiny is as magical as the legends!"

Luo Ziyan said.


Chen Hao did as he was told.

Now, only his eyes were closed, and a ray of light shot through the Dragon Blood Jade Pendant into the Stone of Destiny.

Chen Hao then opened his eyes.

Like Luo Ziyan, he quietly waited for the change in the Stone of Destiny.

It was quiet for a moment.

The Stone of Destiny in his hand suddenly hung in the air.

And the blue light on its body was greatly visible.

This burst of light caused both Chen Hao and Luo Ziyan to involuntarily take a step back.

And then, it was to see the blue light forming a huge light screen in front of everyone.

This feeling was a bit like a screen, and a bit like a mirage.

What it presented was a vast ocean.

Chen Hao was completely surprised, and he quietly watched.

It was empty above the ocean, and under the night, it gave people a fearful depth.

Not knowing how long, on the calm ocean, a large passenger ship slowly drove by in the night.

It could be seen very clearly, and there were two women on the passenger ship's A class, talking while watching the ocean night.

This scene was very plain.

But at this moment, Chen Hao's chest was tumultuous, and tears were hanging from the corners of his eyes.

Because this passenger ship was none other than the one that Tongxin had an accident on.

And the two women on Class A were Tongxin.

This was, the night that Tongxin had the accident!!!!

Chen Hao's heart was wildly horrified.

Tongxin was captured by the Sun Alliance, but how it was captured and in what manner the Sun Alliance existed in the world, these were simply unknown to Chen Hao.

Right now, he was engrossed in watching.

And there was soon a change in the picture as well.

Directly in front of the passenger ship, the waves rolled and a huge vortex appeared.

This whirlpool was like a devouring mouth.

It drew the passenger ship closer.

It could be seen that the original Tongxin was very helpless, and her classmate, who was beside her, was even more hysterical, as Tongxin held her classmate's hand and tried to persuade her to calm down.


A thousand layers of waves rose, and an incomparably large, bronze-colored ship whistled out from the ocean floor.

This giant ship, which Chen Hao was already incomparably familiar with, was the Sun Alliance's giant ship.

They had directly devoured the passenger ship while disappearing into the sea floor!

Chen Hao couldn't hide his excitement, at the moment, he hated not being able to immediately rush to the picture and save the person, whether it was saved or not, Chen Hao didn't care about this anymore.

And Chen Hao's mood swings were also the images that began to gradually distort.

"Calm your mind, Little Hao, all of this has been happening for a long time!"

Luo Ziyan gently gripped Chen Hao's hand, and only then did the Chen Hao gradually stabilize.

And the picture still continued.

Only this time, the picture had shifted.

Instead, it had shifted to a deserted island....


On top of the island, there were all sorts of strange flowers growing, surrounded by mountains, and it was profound.

When Chen Hao saw this island, he instantly knew where it was.

This was the Nameless Island.

It was the place where the Sacred Water Covenant was held.

Grandpa and the others, I'm afraid they were already in it right now.

The method of using this Stone of Destiny was also largely clear to Chen Hao.

First of all, it will communicate with your mind, and anything you are thinking about, or hanging onto doubts about, will automatically manifest here one by one.

Tongxin's matter, grandfather's holy water contract, are they all starting to manifest now.

On Nameless Island, an upside-down statue of the Sister in White was particularly dazzling, which made Chen Hao even more certain that this was the Nameless Island, the location of the legendary Sacred Water Covenant.

Only that Chen Hao had waited for a long time without seeing a single figure.

Could it be that Grandpa and the others hadn't managed to reach this location yet?

Chen Hao was astonished.

It was now pointing at the fallen white sister's statue.

"Sister Ziyan, what does this stone statue have to do with you? Or why are you on top of the island of the Covenant of Sacred Waters?"

Chen Hao used this stall to ask.

"This island, which is a sealed place, is not far from the Sea King's Palace, and I, too, was pressed by this thing, in the sea Under the palace!"

Luo Ziyan looked at the place indifferently.

"What about the Covenant of Sacred Water? Rumor has it that this is an event that has been held for a long time, and the ones invited are all those whose internal energy has reached the level of a master, not like the Ancient Family In fact, I've always had a doubt, even if the Sun Alliance had some kind of conspiracy, the one they picked should be like the Ancient Family! of the Secret Families, there are too many experts!"

Chen Hao asked.

"Little Hao, the Secret Families are actually not orthodox because they use external forces to modify their cultivation, unlike the Inner Strength Clerics' and proceed on the basis of fixes alone! In comparison, Inner Strength Clerics are even more utilized!"

Luo Ziyan patiently explained.

"The Covenant of Sacred Waters is actually because of a sacred pool on the island, which, is one of the entrances to the Realm!"

Luo Ziyan said.

"The entrance to the realm? It turns out that this so-called holy water can be used to gain eternal life, but it's actually into another dimension?"

Chen Hao nodded his head.

"Wouldn't that mean that those who entered the Covenant of Sacred Waters might not have died, but were brought into another dimension?"

Chen Hao came to a sudden realization.

"Well, the realm, every now and then, will introduce new blood from the appropriate realm to replenish into it, to sustain the existence and development of the realm! Rikba, he's one of the new blood being introduced!"

Luo Ziyan looked at Power Tyrant.

"How does that realm exist?"

Chen Hao became even more curious.

"As I told you, the Boundary is not an extra-ordinary space, and likewise, it belongs to Earth, and the people of the Boundary are humans . If I had to name the difference between the two, it would be that the realm is the world inside the earth, and here, outside the earth. World!"

"Tens of millions of years ago, many destructive cataclysms occurred in the heavens and earth, and one cataclysm ended one era after another, and the cultivation of civilization Time was one of them, and after a few more cataclysms, the true treasures and essences of the cultivated civilization had long since disappeared. That time, at the end of the ancient civilization, and it was then that that generation, in order to survive, found another way to discover the subterranean continent. That is, the realm!"

"For a very long time to come, they were cut off from the rest of the world, and it was said that there was no human being on Earth after that. Rather, it was occupied by a group of exotic beasts left over from the period of cultivation and civilization, but those exotic beasts, in the end, were not able to survive the holocaust."

"Of course, countless years later, when humans appeared again, they also had some interactions with the Realm, such as the Realm would especially support some of the People who were cultivators, although they didn't have a Dao base in their bodies, they could reach a certain height of cultivation as well by using the power of the outside world! "

Sister Ziyan spoke in great detail.

Chen Hao nodded, "Secret Method Family, that's not how it came about, right?"

Luo Ziyan nodded and smiled: "Well, Nine Solomon, in fact, is a pawn laid here by the King of Nine Luo long ago, for the sake of, also Exactly what was waiting for you!"

Chen Hao fell into a moment of thought.


And it was at this time that on the other side, Li Mumu, Su Ruoxi and the other girls who had been quietly watching the picture, suddenly let out a loud scream.

"Little Hao, look!"

And the uncle also looked surprisingly tight, signaling Chen Hao to look at the nameless island that was displayed.

Because right now, there were already traces of people on the Nameless Island.

Of course, this wasn't the main reason why they screamed.

The real reason was that the people that had appeared on the Nameless Island were no longer living people, but corpses that had died miserably!

They were the same clerics from all over the world who had set out to find them.

Nearly a hundred people died in a heap.

The scene was extremely tragic.

Chen Hao's eyelids jumped furiously.


He was extremely shocked, as his grandfather was among the group.

Chen Hao looked carefully, among them, he also saw Mo Canglong's corpse, it looked like he had been slapped through the chest, and bizarrely, the mirror that he had was back by his side.

This artifact, Chen Hao had left it in the care of his grandfather, so how could it be back in Mo Canglong's hands.

And what was even more surprising to Chen Hao was that that artifact of Mo Canglong's had actually shattered right now.

"They're all dead!"

With a slight leap, Uncle had flown over, and it could be seen that his appearance was also extremely unnatural at the moment.

And not waiting for Chen Hao to finish his search, the picture changed again at this moment.

And this time, it was in the dungeon.

It was where the location where Brother Heavenly God was buried.

Chen Hao had been here before and was relatively familiar with the place.

The Stone of Destiny, was this hinting at something?

Just see here, it's very quiet right now, and there's a quiet weirdness to the quiet.

What was it trying to tell itself?

The place had been blocked off by itself.

And this scene didn't appear for long before another image appeared.

"The Chen family!"

Without waiting for Chen Hao to speak, Uncle's eyelids jumped and said.

"Eh? Uncle, do you know where our house is?"

"Well!" Uncle didn't say anything and nodded his head.

Only his eyes, slightly glazed over, as if he was thinking.

Chen Hao looked towards the Chen family, right now, the feeling that the Chen family gave Chen Hao was actually similar to the tomb just now, it was also quiet, strangely quiet!

Similarly, Noida's Chen Hao was actually without a single image at the moment.

Soon, this image also dissipated, and in its place was an incomparably deep and vast cosmic starry sky, and in the deepest depths, Chen Hao was able to see that the super gigantic Sun Alliance ship had appeared again.

He was just floating aimlessly, like a ghost in the universe....


Shortly after this image appeared, it also dissipated.

The Stone of Destiny had now converged its light and slowly fell back into Chen Hao's hands.

"Sister Ziyan, with the few images just now, what is this Stone of Destiny trying to express? Could it be that there really was a tragedy at the Covenant of Sacred Waters?"

Chen Hao asked anxiously.

"Well, I guess so, apparently, those people's path to the holy water appointment was not smooth, and it followed suit by showing us that the Overworld's The Grave and your family, it should be foreshadowing, both locations, are not peaceful either, and something has probably happened!"

Luo Ziyan.


Chen Hao was shocked.

"Then it's not too late, let's hurry and take a look!"

Chen Hao hurriedly said.

"Mmhmm, the Stone of Destiny is already here, Little Hao, you have to keep it well, it has a vital role to play in rehabilitating your Dao Foundation, it can Can't have the ability to defend yourself against a strong enemy as soon as possible, it depends on it!"

Luo Ziyan said with concern.

"I understand Sister Ziyan, the most urgent thing is to go and see what happened between Big Brother Ling Xiao's grave and our Chen family, I'm still Trying to find my grandfather at the Covenant of Sacred Waters, I just searched hard and didn't find my grandfather's body!"

Chen Hao said with a frown.


Luo Ziyan nodded.

The people didn't stay here for much longer, and some of the artifacts inside, Chen Hao didn't have time to check them one by one, preparing to seal this miracle with a formation and do the math later.

A few people came out of the tomb.

And at this moment, the sky was already getting dark.

It was only when they were on the verge of exiting the cave that Chen Hao remembered one thing.

"By the way Mumu , outside the cave, it seems like an extremely strong poison was put in by those Xu family members, just now you guys were inside the They had already released the poison when they were isolated by the formation I cast, and now they are going to go out, you can't resist this kind of poison!"

Chen Hao said carefully.

Then his fingers gently tapped at the shoulders of the few people.

It sealed their acupuncture points.

And only after that did they walk out with them.

When they came out, as expected, the Xu family's group had already blocked the hole.

There were nearly a hundred of them, all holding weapons.

And seeing that Chen Hao and the others had actually walked out alive, Xu Wendong was even more shocked.

"You... how are you guys still alive?"

Xu Wendong could not help but take a step back.

On the other hand, there was a black-clothed youth with a haze on his face standing by the side.

Apparently, the fact that a few people had walked out made him extremely surprised as well.

His eyelids couldn't help but lightly jump.

"Good, very good, having been poisoned by our Heavenly Mountain Seven Monsters, you actually managed to come out alive, it seems that what Mr. Xu said was not true, you few , there are really some tactics, so that you are already qualified to die at my hands!"

The black-clothed youth narrowed his eyes.

"You really think you can kill us?"

Sister Ziyan shook her head helplessly.

"Sister Ziyan, you don't need to talk nonsense with these people, I'm used to it, I'm used to these people's confidence and expansion!"

Chen Hao smiled bitterly, "Seven Monsters of the Heavenly Mountain, I have never heard of you, but your six older brothers, who are obviously ignorant, are You've died in my hands. It's not easy for you to achieve your full cultivation. You'd better not do such unjust things. Same, give your life away for nothing, wash your hands of the gold basin and go back to the Heavenly Mountain to cultivate, you're still young!"

Chen Hao advised bitterly.


"Kid, I think you're crazy, open your eyes and take a good look at who's going to end up badly?"

Xu Shuai smiled grimly.

Everyone, who had now fired their gun safeties, coldly aimed at Chen Hao.

The black-clothed youth, however, was now raising his hand slightly, his eyes still narrowed as if his eyes, would not open.

"So, you've admitted that it was you who killed my six elder brothers?"

The black-clothed young Hidden Monarch.

"Yes, I think that's enough to show that I can kill you in seconds, you don't have to hit me with a pebble, I have work to do and I don't want to open a killing spree , so, you guys go!"

Chen Hao's mind was in turmoil now, and he had no time to pay attention to them.

"Go? Hehe, I'm afraid you haven't heard of the mighty Seven Monsters, I, Hidden Monarch, am not like them!"

The corner of Hidden Army's mouth held a wicked smirk, which gave people a spine chilling feeling.

In particular, Li Mumu and the other girls actually took a step back in fear.

Chen Hao was also frowning because just by looking at this person's cultivation, it wasn't too high.

He could indeed kill him in seconds.

But for some reason, his strong self-confidence actually made Chen Hao also raised a whiff of scruples, could it be that he was a hidden expert, and his strength was the highest among the seven monsters?

"So it seems, then I'll have to meet you, if I don't finish you off, I'm afraid we'll be in trouble even if we leave!"

Chen Hao said in a cold voice.

Saying that, Chen Hao flexed his fingers slightly.

Instead of using his strength, he waited for this person to make his move first and see how he would do it.

But unexpectedly, he followed Chen Hao's example and slightly flexed his finger.


Chen Hao was curious.

"I told you, I'm not like them!"

Just as he saw, his entire person suddenly and abruptly changed, actually turning into someone exactly like Chen Hao.

Only the corners of his mouth, then the teasing smile became even more intense.

"A bit of fun! Your disguise technique is simple, though!"

Chen Hao smiled.

The Hidden Army learned Chen Hao's tone of voice, but the bantering eyes never changed.

"Is that what you're good at?"

Chen Hao asked.

The Hidden Army likewise learned to speak.

"You're annoying like that!"

Chen Hao frowned.

Hidden Army penetrated with a touch of teasing smugness.

"Then, if I throw a punch, are you going to follow my example, or are you going to see which of us is more powerful, and can you still imitate it!"

Chen Hao shook his head. He didn't want to bullshit with him anymore.

The Hidden Army said again.

Now, Chen Hao no longer spoke, but directly punched, and this time, Chen Hao used one point of his strength.

But with just one point, the shadow of the fist already seemed to be flying in the sky.


It even set off a loud noise.

The surrounding sands were now cracking from the fist wind.

It was blatantly blasting at the Hidden Army.

And with a teasing smile, the Hidden Army was ready to follow Chen Hao's example and punch.

But when he saw the light before him, he instantly jawed.

"How strong!"

He was horrified.

There was no way to stop this momentum.

And as soon as the fist shadow was on, it was as if his entire body was locked.

He couldn't move at all!


Countless fist shadows instantly bombarded the Hidden Army's body.

He directly revealed his true face, and his whole body was even more like a boiler exploding, blown to pieces.

He flew out directly, like a puddle of flesh.

In an instant, he was already dead beyond death.

It was only before he was dying that he regretted immensely and truly understood what kind of existence was standing in front of him.

But it was already too late for regret!

Chen Hao shook his head speechlessly, "What's the difference, I see you seven monsters, all the same!"

And Xu Wendong and his son, had already been dumbfounded!


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