The Unknown Heir Chen 701-705


When Gu Yuehong rushed back to the Ancient Family with her group, all she saw was flames rushing skyward.

The entire Ancient Family, lit up in flames.

It was about to be reduced to ashes.

Gu Yuehong's eyes were filled with scarlet red, and now, grief and anger mixed together, making her about to become hysterical: "The ten thousand year old foundation of the Ancient Family, was Chen Hao is ruined, Chen Hao, if today's revenge is not avenged, I, Gu Yuehong, vow not to be an ancient family member!"

Naturally, Gu Yuehong understood what these things were about, the one who was impersonating Feng'er was none other than Chen Hao.

He was also telling the truth, Feng'er did fall into his hands, but instead of escaping, she was brutally killed by Chen Hao in the forest.

He had infiltrated the Ancient Family and torched the foundation of the family.

Gu Yuehong hated ah, her whole body trembled with hatred, and her teeth were even clenched raw.

"Gather all your forces and give me all you can to search for Chen Hao's whereabouts, even if he escapes to the ends of the earth, I'll capture him and chop him into tens of thousands of pieces. "

Gu Yuehong had an unspeakable nervousness.

The cornerstone of their ancient family wouldn't be taken away by Chen Hao, right, the cornerstone had been shifted.  

But it wasn't possible, after all, there was the ancestor himself sitting in town ah.

Right now, she didn't have time to think about it, braving the rolling fire and rushing into her secret room.

Three days later, North Desert Town.

"Nine-Turn Golden Body Primordial Spirit, although I haven't been able to completely figure out what it's all about, but the changes brought about by the awakening of this first turn of potential also It's a little too big!"

Chen Hao was quickly walking through a dense forest.

The Northern Desert Town was already close at hand.

Thinking about the changes that had taken place in his body over the past three short days, Chen Hao could not help but feel surprised and happy.

From Tai City, through the Tai Mountains, according to Chen Hao's original cultivation, it wouldn't be a problem at all to reach the North Desert Town in a day on foot.

But in the past three days, Chen Hao felt that his body had undergone a drastic change.

When Uncle Qin had given himself a bath with medicinal herbs, at that time, his body had undergone a dramatic change, as if all the cells in his body had opened up all at once, crazily absorbing the spiritual energy of heaven and earth, his own physique was constantly getting stronger, and his talent was also strengthening.

But now, after the awakening of the potential of the first turn.

It was as if the whole body was not like its own body anymore, it was as if it had opened up some kind of wonderful medium between heaven and earth, it used to absorb spiritual qi to nourish the body, but now, the barrier between itself and the spiritual qi of heaven and earth seemed to be outlawed, completely merging with the elements of heaven and earth.

Using the Heavenly Xuan Gong, my cultivation grew at a decentralized rate.

Now, in just three days, it was as if he had already crossed the middle stage of the Qi Transformation Realm and directly reached the late stage, no, it was as if it was the great late stage.

How exactly, Chen Hao was also somewhat unable to tell.

Anyway, now, Chen Hao himself felt extremely strong.

Three days ago, he was still only strong in soul power, so he didn't dare to stay in Tai City to try a hard fight with the Ancient Nine Luo King.

But now, Chen Hao would defeat them even if he faced the Ancient Moon Red Cloud Clear.

This was Chen Hao's confidence, a confidence that came entirely from strength.

But right now, helping Sister Ziyan find Brother Ling Xiao's corpse and getting them back together, and then going to the Sacred Water Covenant himself was the priority.

Thus, in the middle of the jungle, while practicing and making his way, in three days, Chen Hao had arrived.

The appointment was made, and the crowd met up at a hotel where Chen Hao had come from before.

But after Chen Hao arrived in the town, he only found out after asking.

Sister and Uncle Ziyan and the others did stay at this inn, but just yesterday morning, they left and were picked up. Since that time, they did not return.

"How did this happen? Uncle Murphy.

Someone you know here too?"

Chen Hao pondered.

"What kind of people picked him up do you know?"

Chen Hao asked.

"I don't know about that, recently we've had a lot of people here, they're all dressed in suits, and on their chests, they're wearing a special kind of The signs, I see them, are all picked up by these people respectfully!"

The boss said.

After Chen Hao nodded.

The uncle didn't leave any words for himself so that he could go find them.

It seemed that even if they left, they didn't intend to stay there for long, but they didn't know what had changed and Uncle and the others didn't return.

"Hey, young man, see, it's that same dressed up guy again, like they're the ones who picked up your friend, right?"

The boss then looked out the door.

Pointing to a line of a dozen or so people, he said.

Chen Hao looked.

The group, led by a woman with a tall figure, with naturally curly shawl-length hair, wearing a sports outfit, looking at the lines of her body, she seemed to be from a family of trainers.

She was extremely handsome and light-hearted, and it was obvious at a glance that she wasn't a local.

She was strolling down the street.

And behind her, she was followed by a dozen or so suit bodyguards.

Just as the boss had said, these bodyguards carried a circular mark on their chests.

"Is that them?"

Chen Hao's eyebrows couldn't help but furrow slightly, then he stepped forward and prepared to ask them.

"Miss, you should go back quickly, these things were supposed to be done by us personally, moreover, Tiger Lei is sinister and cunning, I'm really worried If anything goes wrong, you're in danger!"

A middle-aged man behind her said.

This middle-aged man, saber-browed and imposing, had a pair of palms that were full of calluses, and was obviously an expert as well.

He was following behind the woman, bitterly speaking.

"Hmph, what's the matter, my eldest sister is precisely to show those people in the family that I, Du Yi Ning, do things, not worse than those people, my father What can't fix, I can fix, and what my dad can't handle, well, I can handle! Well, you won't meet them until later, so don't interrupt my shopping and follow me from a distance!"

Du Yi Ning looked twenty-three or twenty-four years old, and although her beauty was extraordinary, who didn't know that she was a poisonous rose.

Extremely hard to mess with.

So right now, a few of the men didn't try to persuade her anymore and had to slowly follow from behind.

"This lady, there's something I want to ask!"

And after observing for a while, Chen Hao stood in front of Du Yining.

"Who are you?"

Du Yining couldn't help but look Chen Ge Hao and down.

He was dressed in ordinary clothes, and his appearance was quite pretty.

But such a man still couldn't enter Du Yining's eyes, and now a touch of disdain flashed in her eyes.

"I want to ask you, I have six friends, two men and four women, who were staying at this hotel before, and I heard from the owner that yesterday morning... They were picked up, were you the ones who picked them up?"

Chen Hao asked with a polite smile.

Deciding to still get along with them as a normal person.

"What the hell, who are you, who were picked up by who are you looking for, what do you ask me to do, I've seen more of your kind of tactics, picking up on people who actually dare to pick up on the My lady's head, not even looking at what kind of virtue you deserve!"

Du Yining could not help but despise him.

As she spoke, the few bodyguards behind her simultaneously took a step forward and stared coldly at Chen Hao, trying to scare away the Dengtong in front of her with a cold stare....


When Chen Hao saw these people, he couldn't help but smile bitterly and shake his head.

It was really dramatic to think about, a year ago, right, if he had encountered this many bodyguards coming around towards him, even if he was usually in a calm mood, he would have felt nervous.

But now, no joke, Chen Hao casually pointed his finger at these dozen people and died.

But apparently, when one possessed far superior strength, when faced with some intimidation, it would seem indifferent, not forgetting the heart at all.

Now, Tie Cheng and Bai Xiaofei had returned to Jinling to heal their wounds.

Sister Ziyan, however, could not be found, and Chen Hao had to get clues from these people.

"You guys wait!"

And then, Du Yining snapped.

"Miss, what is it?"

The middle-aged man asked.

"Ada, do you have the feeling that this young man is very much like a man?"

Du Yi Ning held his shoulders and stared at Chen Hao and suddenly said.

"Like a person? Like who?"

Leda asked.

"Did you ever think that he looked like the slave Ah-kun that I killed?"

Du Yining came in the same mood, earning a lap and staring at Chen Hao.

The more she looked, the more she felt the resemblance.

"Eldest Miss, don't tell me, it really does look like your slave, Jun!"

Li Da nodded his head in agreement.

"Hahaha, I say well, look at this person why do I feel so kind, alas, back then I accidentally killed Jun, and still now it is also extremely I'd rather take him in and keep him as my sidekick. He probably can't afford to eat, judging by his behavior. A rice bowl it is!"

Du Yi Ning said.

Hehe, after three days of cultivating in the jungle, indeed, the clothes on Chen Hao's body looked like a mess.

But listening to Du Yining's words, it still made Chen Hao laugh bitterly.

Seems like, no one has ever dared to say such words to himself, right?

Since becoming Young Master Chen himself.

"My lady, I just want to find my friends that you took away, if you know where they are, please take me to them!"

Chen Hao smiled slightly.

"How dare you, the eldest Miss has made you a slave because she thinks highly of you?"

Leda's eyes went cold.

"Ada back off, you said you were looking for your friend, right? Okay, I promise, but follow me first, and when I'm done, I'll take you to your friends!"

And Du Yi Ning's eyes turned slightly, and now gave a wink and smile to Li Da.

This little trick, how could it escape Chen Hao's eyes.

Honestly speaking, what this Du Yining had in mind was almost clear to Chen Hao, except that they did have clues about Sister Ziyan's uncle and the others.

Of course, Chen Hao had another option.

That was to convince them on the spot and force them to tell the truth.

But bar, in case they were really Uncle's friends, and these people couldn't withstand a light blow from themselves, it wouldn't be good if they killed the wrong one.

After thinking about it, Chen Hao decided to agree to her for now and see what she was up to.

"If I can see my friend, I promise you!"

Chen Hao.

"Hahaha, that's fine, by the way, what's your name?"

Du Yi Ning sneered.

"Chen Hao!"

"Good girl's name, calling you Ah Ge as if I'm at a bit of a disadvantage, so, I'll call you Little Chen, from now on, you'll be following me, Ben Da Miss let you enjoy the Ah-kun treatment, but will never hit you again, hahaha!"

Du Yi Ning smiled.

She appeared today as if she had something important to do, and shortly after, she gathered her people and everyone headed to a manor in the north of the town together.

On the way, Chen Hao also had a general idea of what was going on.

In the entire Desert North, a month ago, something strange seemed to have happened.

Quite a few family powers came together here in great numbers.

The Du Family was one of them.

Du Yining had come out this time to represent the Du Family and negotiate with Tiger Lei, as to what it was it was unknown.

Chen Hao didn't care about them either.

Soon, Du Yining's convoy arrived outside of the Lei family's manor.

Inside and outside the manor, there were Lei Family's bodyguards distributed.

Lei Tigers he belonged to a local power, a steady ground force.

He was a middle-aged man with a somewhat bloated build, his eyes narrowed to a line.

"Miss Du, I thought that on this trip, your Du family wouldn't take the lead, I didn't expect that this time, instead, you would personally come, good, courageous . Miss Du is worthy of being a heroine!"

Thunder Tiger said with a pair of lustrous eyes sweeping up and down on Du Yining's body.

"Lei Tiger, you cut the crap, let's cut to the chase, I want to ask, originally set, the four big clans work together, out of people Contribute and share in the discovery of this relic, but why did you change your mind and minimize our share of the Dukes? What do you mean?"

Du Yining was also extremely domineering.

"Oh, Miss Du is really cheerful, you're right, originally we were planning to divide the relics equally, however, the others Xu family contributed the most I was the first to discover this miracle, and your family, the Du family, hardly contributed any power, to be truly fair, the rest of us. Two families, all agreeing to the Xu family's proposal to do a big job!"

Lei Tigers laughed.

"Bullshit, Lei Tigers, don't forget that it was our Du Family that first opened the door to the ruins, and without our Du Family, you might have The three are still out in the sun?"

Du Yining angrily retorted.

Chen Hao was on the sidelines, though he didn't hear it all, but he could almost hear it.

The ruins.

Chen Hao wondered if it could be that this group of people had discovered a place similar to an ancient tomb, originally the four families had cooperated and split the proceeds equally, but then, someone had obviously cheated and gone back on their word!

"Tiger Lei, don't forget who saved your life in the first place, you wolf-hearted bastard!"

Du Yi Ning cursed angrily.

"Hmph! Du Yining, I've been so polite to you because of our old friendship. You stinky girl, don't make an ass of yourself. You won't understand the situation you're in until you're taught a lesson!"

"Fine, since you've come to my door yourself, I'll save you an extra trip!"

Now, with a wave of Thunder Tiger's hand, he saw a group of bodyguards rush straight over, take out their weapons, and surround the group.

"Lei Tigers, how dare you!"

Du Yi Ning raged.


And Lei Tigers walked straight over and went up to smack Du Yining's face.

"Stinky woman, what do I dare not do!"

"Ada, slaughter them for me!"

And Du Yi Ning didn't expect that Thunder Tiger would actually dare to hit himself.

Now he said angrily.

"Hahahahaha! Ada is indeed a rare expert, and to be honest, the reason I'm a bit scrupulous of your Du family is because of Ada's sake! The 108th successor of the Iron Sand Palm! Quite terrifying!"

Thunder Tiger, however, laughed without panic.

"Ada, what are you waiting for, kill him for me!"

Du Yi Ning yelled at Ada who was standing still.

"Alas, Missy, I've advised you several times that it's best to stay at home, and it's long past time for you to be capricious!"

Ada, however, shook her head with a bitter smile.

Now, with a dozen or so bodyguards, he slowly walked behind Lei Tiger: "Lei has been polite to you, Miss!"

Leda shook her head and laughed.


Du Yi Ning stared in disbelief.

Li Da had actually brought the family bodyguards to collectively turn against the water!

Looking around at the Lei Family bodyguards who were eyeing them .

Although Du Yining was also skilled, right now, he was also scrupulous enough to take a step backwards....


She wouldn't be a match for these people at all.

The back of her hand was covered in sweat.

Li Da was their Du family's reliance, but now he had actually turned against them?

"How is it Miss Du? Master Li Da is one of the top experts, but as a result, he is treated like a slave in your Du family, but in ours, it is It's not the same, Master Lida, who will become our Lei Family's guest of honor!"

The thunder tiger laughed sardonically.

"What... what do you want?"

Du Yi Ning swallowed his saliva.

"Hahaha, I know that your father loves you the most as his only daughter, if he knew that you were in our hands, then I think that I'm sure your father would have signed off on some of the suggestions Young Master Xu made! It's that simple!"

Thunder Tiger shrugged his shoulders.

"We haven't entered the innermost part of the ruins yet, and it's not certain that there's really a treasure in there, so you and the Xu family are in such a hurry Don't you think it's a little too urgent to blackmail our Du Family?"

Du Yi Ning said.

"Hahaha, what a silly, lovely woman, do you think it would be such a big deal if we really didn't find anything? Anyway, you've fallen into my hands, so I might as well tell you that the Xu family, has found a treasure inside!"

Thunder Tiger said.

"I don't believe that the ruins are so mysterious inside, I don't believe that in just a few days, the Xu family will be able to discover the secrets inside." Du Yi Ning shook her head.

But also half-believed, if it wasn't for the frighteningly large profits, I'm afraid, the Xu family wouldn't have let Lei Tigers turn against the water, and Lei Tigers wouldn't have the conditions to let Li Da follow suit as well.

In the end, of the four forces.

The remaining two were all showing favor to the Xu family, and the Du family, indeed, was a bit out of sync with them.

"Alright, then I'll let you be convinced, Miss Du."

As he said that, Lei Tigers took out a very ancient wooden box.

This wooden box was pitch black and looked about the size of a baby's palm.

He carefully took it out.

Naturally, it also attracted Chen Hao's attention.

Chen Hao gazed at it, feeling doubly curious.

This wooden box did not look like a mere mortal item, and the material of this wood, no matter how you looked at it, felt like it breathed an aura.

Chen Hao gazed at it.

At this moment, the thunder tiger opened the wooden box.

Immediately, a touch of purple exotic color was released, very thick.

The purple variegated color instantly enveloped the thunder tiger's entire body.

Along with it, a huge amount of aura was released.

Chen Hao's eyelids jumped viciously.

"It really isn't a mortal item! It's a spirit weapon!"

Chen Hao was shocked.

Originally, he had thought that this group of people were colluding for the tomb's treasures, but to no one's surprise, what they were looking for were actually spirit weapons.

I had heard Yun Qing speak about it in the snake cave at first.

However, any place where spirit weapons were found belonged to the Ancient Cultivation Civilization period.

In there, one could obtain some ancient inheritance and even obtain some strange encounters.

Could it be that this relic was a divine relic?

If that was the case, Chen Hao could roughly guess the reason why Sister Ziyan was dabbling with these people.

Not to mention Uncle and the others, even Chen Hao would not let go if he found such a miracle.

It seemed that he hadn't come here for nothing ah.

"What... what is this?"

And Du Yi Ning was frightened.

"Hahaha, this is a magical stone, and this one alone is a priceless treasure. So, Miss Du, do you understand now?"

Thunder Tiger laughed.

And Li Da also laughed bitterly and shook his head.

Du Yi Ning's chest rose and fell in anger, this group of people, they were really too calculating, even father, they were also kept in the dark.

"Now Miss Du, you're all alone, it's best not to resist, be good and restrain yourself, so you don't have to suffer some pain!"

Thunder Tiger warned.

It was only then that Thunder Tiger also discovered that there was a young man standing behind Du Yi Ning.

This young man didn't know if he was frightened by his own kingly spirit or not, but he was currently out of his mind, sluggishly thinking about something.

It seemed as if his mind wasn't on Du Yining's body either.

Scared silly by me?

Thunder Tiger shook his head thinking.

"Master Lida, who is this man, is he a servant of Du Yi Ning?"

He asked.

"Master Lei, yes, it's a servant that Du Yi Ning just took in."

Li Da nodded, "But it's just a poor boy who was pitched over by Du Yining, hehe, he didn't even know he was sold!"

Leda laughed bitterly.

"He seems to have heard all our conversations, so what to do, you should know, Master Leda!"

Thunder Tiger sneered.

Apparently the complete success of the plan was soothing to him.

"I understand, I'll burn him alive later! Blame it only on his bad luck!"

Leda was handy.

"Ah!" Du Yi Ning was scared while swallowing spittle.

In particular, just in time to see some of her men move a large barrel over, which was filled with gasoline.

This scene made Du Yining's legs began to tremble.

Apparently, Li Da was doing this to kill a chicken and give a monkey a chance to see, using the killing of Chen Hao to deter Du Yining and make her obey and continue with her next plan.

"Why is Miss Du afraid?"

Thunder Tiger sneered.

"You... you don't kill me, please!"

Du Yi Ning trembled.

"Hahaha, then what if, you and this kid, can only keep one alive?" Thunder Tiger ridiculed.

"Of course you kill him, he's just a slave, you burn him, I'm still useful alive!"

Du Yining hurriedly retreated.


Du Yi Ning's actions made everyone laugh.

"You guys stop laughing and do it, it's just as well, let Miss Du see such a bloody scene too!"

Thunder Tiger waved his hand.

"It's Boss, this kid is probably scared out of his wits, and by now, he's not even reacting, but later, there'll be screams from him!"

Hands sardonic as he walked towards Chen Hao.

"Boy, you're going to die a miserable death, so shout out any last words you have!"

The hand twisted his neck underneath, grimly.


But Chen Hao was still gazing and gestured at him to silence.

"What's the situation? What are you doing?" The man was stunned by Chen Hao.

"The miracle you are talking about, is it in a hole in the ground found seventy miles away, in the middle of the desert?"

Chen Hao asked faintly.

"Hm? Kid, how did you know?"

Thunder Tiger was startled.

This matter was a big secret!

"Don't worry about how I know, by the way, you guys just said that you're going to leave this woman behind, I'm afraid I can't, she still has to take me to me The friend!"

Chen Hao had just now, precisely borrowed his spiritual power to search for nearby places with abundant aura, and indeed locked onto a location, looking at the appearance of the thunder tiger, the location of the miracle he had judged was correct, and exactly what they said was the relic.

"Bastard, you're not a brain bubble, you're going to die, this manor of mine, over seventy brothers, each of them could drown you with a mouthful of spittle . How dare you make a deal with me, you are so unintelligent and even more foolish to think that you want to blackmail me because you know where the ruins are?"

Thunder Tiger shook his head speechlessly, and his men looked at Chen Hao and sneered.

"I didn't negotiate with you, my meaning I think has been expressed very clearly, this is my word, my word, in front of you, is an order, if you don't listen..."

Chen Hao's lips curled up in a smile, "I'll kill you all!"


"Hahahaha, boss, I've established that this man is absolutely insane, and insane beyond belief!"

The crowd of men were all laughing.

Not to mention the bystanders, even Du Yining was looking at Chen Hao like he was an idiot.

This man's head, what a bubble.

He could have been smarter and kneeled down and begged for forgiveness to Thunder Tiger at this moment, but as a result, he actually spoke wildly, no, it should be crazy words.

He was going to die, and originally Du Yining had some sympathy.

Now, even the sympathy was gone.

Idiot, what a damned fool!

She thought to herself.

"Master Leda, I've had enough of laughing too, I would have ordered him, it's an extremely serious matter, but I didn't expect to be so dramatically amused by this man, Forget it, light him up and let Miss Duke watch with her own eyes!"

Tiger Lei also shook his head with a bitter smile.

The corner of Li Da's mouth lifted up in a teasing manner, and now, he walked straight towards Chen Hao.

And clasped Chen Hao's shoulders in one hand.

He was ready to do a toss slam and throw Chen Hao into the gasoline.

But soon, he was surprised.

Because he found that no matter how hard he tried, the young man in front of him didn't move a single bit.

It felt like he wasn't pulling a person, but a towering mountain.

His own strength, in front of this person, was actually so insignificant.

Was it an illusion?

Li Da was horrified.

He was an expert among experts, and the Iron Sand Palm was already as pure as fire.

One palm could kill a cow.

How could it be that he couldn't settle a young man?

"Hehehe... "Chen Hao looked at him and smiled faintly.

This smile, especially the look in Chen Hao's eyes, actually sent chills down Li Da's spine: .

"What...what are you laughing at?"

Leda asked in alarm.

"I'm laughing at you guys, it's pathetic, just being so sure that you can kill me, and, to put such a major The news was told to me!"

Chen Hao shook his head.

Right now, the body only shook slightly.


Seeing Lida's tiger mouth directly tear, his entire body was blasted out by a surge of energy.

It smashed heavily on the ground.

Just saw that his clothes had been blown apart and shattered into a pile, and his entire body was extremely wretched.

The entire arm, even more so, was bulging with veins, and it was instantly three times heavier.


His arm's gone straight to hell!

Lida looked incredulously at the young man in front of her, spittle swallowing wildly, was he... a human or a ghost?

And Thunder Tiger's eyelids jumped wildly, directly retreating a few steps.

Obviously, this scene had scared him.

Du Yining was even more shocked and covered his mouth.

Originally thought that this person was just a loser, a silly loser.

However, he was unexpectedly so powerful and as if he was a god.

Everyone's gazes towards Chen Hao all changed.

It was because of a strong killing intent that enveloped everyone.

"Don't you dare do anything!"

Thunder Tiger shouted wildly, "Brothers, pull out your weapons, all of them, be let him move!"

He's hysterical.


As soon as one of his men took out his weapon, he saw Chen Hao gently wave it, and all the weapons, straight out of his hands, flew to the side.

This time, everyone was all dumbfounded.

Lei Tigers had been around for a long time, and right now he had completely seen what kind of ordinary existence this young man standing in front of him was.

He's let loose as if he's a demon that could kill everyone with the flick of a switch at any moment.

"Don't move, all of you, stay back!"

Lei Tigers raised his hand, signaling his men to never act rashly again.

Then, he watched as he slowly walked up to Chen Hao.

With a poof, he directly knelt down.

"Big brother, I... I was wrong!"

Thunder Tiger directly buckled his head, looking all respectful.

"Good, you're smart, talking to me in that position is the smartest thing you've ever done in your life!"

Against these people, Chen Hao never spoke about benevolence.

Only fear, from both body and mind, would truly convince such people.

"I... I was wrong as well! Please let me live, I'm willing to be by your side from now on, saddle to saddle!"

And Lida saw that Lei Huo had knelt down and seemed to have been spared.

Now he hurriedly knelt down and kowtowed.

"What do you think you are, even worthy of saddling up at my side, you... don't even have the qualifications to be a dog!"

Chen Hao shook his head.

"Spare my life!"

Leda cracked her head open.

"This is a gasoline can, just now you said you would order me, it happens, I've never seen such a way to kill people, today, I do want to open up Eye-opening!"

Chen Hao said coldly.

Before his words fell, he saw Chen Hao raise his hand and suck, and Li Da's entire body flew straight into the gasoline barrel.

With another flex of his finger, a flame shot in.


Instantly ignited a shocking flame.

Came Lida's pig-killing scream.


And Du Yi Ning held her head in her hands, screaming in fear and terror.

Tiger Lei, along with a group of bodyguards, were also swallowing spittle wildly and sweating coldly.

This person in front of him was a living devil right now.


All of them knelt down, and no one dared to look Chen Hao in the eye.

What's more, some of them directly pissed their pants.

"That's right, if I knew that, why did I have to say so much nonsense just now!"

Chen Hao shook his head and smiled.

Then he looked at Du Yining and asked, "Miss Du, it is true that I was not joking with you just now, but if you really know my friend's whereabouts . Please take me to them first!"

Du Yining swallowed a mouthful of saliva wildly, she was originally deceiving Chen Hao, where did she know where Chen Hao's friends were.

She was afraid, afraid that if she told the truth, she might die.

However, if she didn't tell the truth, she would definitely die.

After thinking about it, Du Yining still gave an honest explanation, "I... I haven't met your friend, I lied to you about this, I'm sorry, you Spare me, I'll never dare again!"

"Could it be that they all went within the ruins of which you speak, and I heard the innkeeper say that the man who picked him up was wearing the same clothes as you, the A dozen of the men are dressed exactly the same!"

Chen Hao asked in a cold voice.

"It could be... it could be the Xu family, who were invited away by Young Master Xu, and the Xu family and the Du family, who both carry this symbol on their chests!"

The thunder tiger was bowing now.

"Are you sure?" Chen Hao frowned and asked.

Lei Tigers nodded his head as if pounding garlic, "I'm sure, dare I ask Big Brother's friends, are they three women and two men?"


Sister Ziyan was a soul mind, and now that three days had passed, she should have come out of Su Ruoxi's body.

Now Chen Hao nodded his head.

"That's right, two days ago, Young Master Xu had invited several experts, they were also extremely powerful, the depths of the ruins, it was them that helped Cracked! The little one has seen those people a few times, they said they were waiting for someone here, I think they were waiting for someone even better!"

Thinking of this, Thunder Tiger swallowed his saliva, "It's not possible that the person they're waiting for is you, is it?"

"Good, you, take me to them!"

Chen Hao put his hands behind his back and said indifferently.

Thunder Tiger trembled with fear, nodding his head as if he were pounding garlic!


Xu Family Manor.

In the living room.

A middle-aged man and a youth were discussing something seriously with the seven people sitting on the sofa, dressed in uniform black.

"The matter of the relic will be the biggest event that will shake the present and the past, so we have to be extra careful this time, and all seven of you have supernatural abilities, in the future . There is no need for the seven masters to be more helpful."

The middle-aged man lifted his teacup and smiled.

This middle-aged man, named Xu Wendong, the head of the Xu family, belonged to a famous gentry power. Xu Wendong was a gloomy and ruthless person who worshipped theology all his life, and had been expanding non-stop over the years with the help of various dark forces.

The youth at the side was the young man known as Xu Shuai. He seemed to have inherited all of Xu Wendong's characteristics, and was even more blue, at a young age, but he already had the viciousness of a cotton-lipped needle! 

He was Xu Wendong's only son.

And these seven people were the new supernatural experts invited by father and son.

Among the seven people, six men and one woman.

The hostility on their bodies was extremely heavy.

The Xu family originally thought that the ruins they found were a large tomb, but it wasn't easy to open the tomb with just the Xu family's power alone.

So they joined forces with the Du family, the Lei family, and several other large families to develop it.

When they got the treasure, everyone shared it.

Of course, according to the calculations of the Xu family's father and son, at the end of the day, sharing was impossible, so they naturally had a way to deal with the next few big families again.

But what Xu Wendong didn't expect was that this wasn't an ancient tomb at all, but rather a place filled with magical treasures.

Every single item in it seemed to be unmeasurable in value.

Therefore, this batch of magical treasures had to be swallowed alone.

Originally, the plan went very smoothly, but I never expected that a few days ago, a few strangers from abroad came.

They were even stranger, actually discovering the secret of the tomb at the first time and assisting the people to enter the depths of the miracle.

Among these people, there were both men and women, and among them, the beautiful, heavenly woman with a scarred face, and the other middle-aged man who had remained silent, had attracted the great attention of Xu Wendong and his son.

Each and every one of them, they didn't look like people to be messed with.

But it was again unwise to cause conflict with them directly.

It was only necessary to invite them over to co-develop it first, then take them out in one fell swoop.

So, there was the scene in front of us.

"Mr. Xu's fame is like thunder, and this time, he has spent such a large amount of money to invite us, the Seven Monsters of Tianshan, to come out, could it be that Mr. Xu is going to deal with that A few people, it's really gotten to a very scary level?"

The head of the Seven Monsters said faintly at this moment.

"Not bad, if not, I wouldn't dare trouble the seven of you!"

Xu Wendong said.

"Then Mr. Xu, tell us your plan!"

At the head of the seven monsters, an old man with narrowed eyes smiled faintly.

"Their party, I don't know how they discovered the miracle, but they have entered the depths of the miracle, and to put it simply, I I know that in the hands of the seven monsters, there is a poison called Tianshan silkworm poison, which can be transformed into a poisonous mist, and this poison cannot be stopped at all, I think, in the miracles depths, to release this giant poison, and then, just to be on the safe side, bothered to have the Seven Devils themselves step into them and kill them one by one with their Bring out the corpse, and when the time comes, I'm willing to share the fruits of victory with the Seven Devils!"

Xu Wendong smiled.

This kind of poison, the Seven Monsters were naturally not afraid of it.

Hearing it now, the Seven Monsters also all felt that it was feasible, so they nodded at one point.

Right at this moment.

A servant respectfully walked in.

"Master, Master Lei has brought a young man to request an audience!"

"Well? All right, invite him in!"

Xu Wendong laughed.

The Seven Monsters, however, but in the blink of an eye, they had disappeared from the couch as if they had never been here.

It caused Xu Shuai's eyelids to jump slightly.

Chen Hao walked in with Tiger Lei and Du Yining.

"Mr. Lei, this is?"

"This is Young Master Chen!"

Thunder Tiger respectfully introduced.

"Young Master Chen has come here to find a few high-ranking people who were invited by Xu a few days ago, those are Young Master Chen's friends, at the same time,Young Master Chen is going to the Miracle View!"

Thunder Tiger was like a son at the moment, and was already out of breath in front of Chen Hao.

And Xu Wendong had already discovered some clues.

In particular, he had heard that the people in the cave who were going to be poisoned by him were actually his friends.

Even more so, he was a bit more scrupulous.

"Oooh, well said, so they are friends of a few masters!"

Xu Wendong smiled and wanted to go shake hands.

"Cut the crap and take me to meet them!"

And Chen Hao's gaze, which sternly swept through the room, looked at Xu Wendong with a coldness.

At this moment, he faintly said.


And seeing how arrogant Chen Hao was, Xu Shuai got angry.

"Shuai'er, no rudeness!"

But he was stopped by Xu Wendong: "Well, since you, little brother, are interested in going to the miracle to check it out, I'll just send someone to lead the way!"

He was obviously agreeing, but in fact, he already had a plan in mind.

Immediately, he arranged for his men to go with Chen Hao.

And shortly after Chen Hao left.

Xu Shuai angrily slapped the table, "Dad, why did you stop me from dealing with this arrogant brat just now?"

"Reckless, don't you forget that those men were also men of great ability, and this young man, though he didn't see anything extraordinary, you didn't See, Du Yi Ning and Thunder Tiger are almost afraid to speak in front of him? It is evident that this man is deep in hiding!"

Some of the things above the rivers and lakes, Xu Wendong could tell the difference with a single glance.

Presently, he said.

"What then? Really take him to the tomb?"

Xu Shuai's eyebrows furrowed.

"Of course not, in order to avoid any complications, so I want to ask the seven masters to intercept it halfway to the tomb, when the time comes to poison the tomb The ones in the middle, we'll be able to accomplish a great deal, hmm, I see, this Thunder Tiger and the Du family, it seems to be useless already~!"

Xu Wendong sneered.

On the sofa, the seven monsters that had clearly disappeared just now, didn't know when they had already appeared.

All seven of them were squinting their eyes slightly.

It looked as if an old monk was settling in.

And this was a necessary accomplishment for every expert, they closed their eyes so that they were always immersed in some sort of wondrous state.

"That young man just now, extremely talented, if it wasn't for Xu's need, I would have the idea of taking him in as a registered disciple and cultivating him a little bit It's a pity that, according to Xu's intentions, he's going to die out here!"

The head old man said with his eyes closed.

"Thank you, seven of you!"

Xu Wendong was delighted, and took up the hot ginseng tea, ready to replace the wine with tea.

The old man raised his hand to refuse: "No, we'll go and return, put the tea first, it won't get cold!"

The old man laughed bitterly.


Just see their silhouettes directly dissipate.

And now, on the couch, there was only a young man sitting on his knees, who was the Tail of the Seven Monsters.

"Mr. Cryptarch, how come you're not coming?"

Xu Shuai was curious.

"Because the six of them are enough to complete the mission, while I stay behind and am responsible for going with Xu to receive the fruits of victory!"

The young man named Hidden Monarch smiled faintly.


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