The Unknown Heir 786-790

I was 10mins lateūüėĀūüôą


The entire wooden box was wrapped very tightly.

But through the white veil on the outside, one could still vaguely see that inside, there was indeed a woman, and a woman with long hair.

"What a nuisance, I never would have thought that this Trekking Young Master would be so vicious, even a girl would be q off!"

Deng Xiaofan said with some anger.

Not to mention her, even the rest of the girls in the same line were a bit fed up.

After all, we are all girls, although some love money, some love influence, or love the scenery of life and so on.

But most of them still have a bottom line.

Seeing a female compatriot, actually being so abused, some can't stand it.

If you were a girl in this cage and you were auctioned off by these many people, how would you feel?

However, there were people who held a different opinion.

Long Fei Fei, on the other hand, murmured, "What do you guys know, in front of some real majors, human rights are taken away without restriction, and it's probably because of the different environment that Trekkie Major is in, that's why he's acting like this, it's understandable when you think about it that way!"  

"Fifi, how can you be like this, he's so abusive and discriminatory against women and you speak up for him, don't you, Fifi?"

Tian Xiaofan was truly shocked by Long Fei's triple vision.

Only Chen Hao remained motionless, staring intently at the girl in the cage with the cape.

"Alright, I see that the eyes of many boys on the scene are about to spew out flames, haha, well then, I won't sell it, someone, come on, unveil the mystery and let everyone see clearly!"

Tuo Jie waved his hand with a sneer.

Immediately there were four little brothers, slowly pulling the white veiled cart aside.

The cage was slowly opened.

A woman in a snow-white dress was seen sitting inside the cage, her two white arms, hugging her knees around.

Burying her head deep inside her knees.

She was crying.

I don't know if it was because she was out of strength, but a faint sob just made its fragrant shoulders, trembling slightly.

"Well, lift your face up so the photographer can see you so he can put your face into the big screen above!"

Tuo Jie drank.

"Damn, Young Master Jie speaks, do you have the right to ignore it?"

The four boys, in a rage, now grabbed the girl by the hair and exposed her face, in front of the public.

Two tears of humiliation were drawn across her face.

But this exquisite face made people look charmingly pathetic.

It almost charmed all the boys present.

There were even some girls who were a little bit jealous of her looks.

There was a corner of the scene.

There were also two women who were watching the scene.

Flames appeared in one of the women's eyes, "Damn, how dare you bully a woman like that, I'm going to kill this Young Master!"

"I think it's better if you don't cause any trouble, this Young Master, he probably won't survive!"

"Huh? Why, sister?"

The woman was confused.

"And you see to it!"

The girl raised her chin.

On the scene, however, there was one person who was now furious.

This person was none other than Chen Hao.

And the moment the girl on the high platform showed her face, Chen Hao's body had been wildly shaken.

Qin Ya!!!

When he had received Qin Ya to recover from her injuries, she had been taken away by the Chen family along with her.

What Chen Hao didn't expect was that the originally immaculate Qin Ya had already been tortured to this state?

Anger, hatred!

This moment set Chen Hao's entire body on fire.

"Qin Ya!"

Chen Hao took a big step forward and shouted out.

This girl, what did she do wrong? Did she do anything wrong?

Why? Why do you torture her like this?

Once Qin Ya on the stage heard this shout.

The frail and delicate body, could not help but shake hard.

Did she mishear herself?


She looked somewhat incredulously towards the source of the sound.

She thought she was dreaming when the boy in front of her fell completely into her eyes!

I wanted to speak, but a thousand words were stuck in my throat and I couldn't speak at all.

"Huh? Chen Hao? You know this girl?"

Tian Xiaofan looked at Chen Hao in surprise.

"Damn, I guess this loser, is seeing someone pretty and can't help it, hmm, I guess it's not someone who has the money to auction her off!"

The horse soldier sneered at the side.

"Who is this man? Such rudeness, it's not surprising that if you offend Major Tuo, you're close to death, we'd better stay away from him!"

Jiang Yong frowned.

Tian Xiaofan saw that Chen Hao was excited and wanted to stop Chen Hao, but Chen Hao was now walking towards the girls on stage.

Everyone was holding their breath, as if they could hardly imagine what would happen next.

"Chen... Chen Hao, is it really you?"

When Qin Ya saw Chen Hao, her entire body cried out and instantly became a tearful person.

"It's me! I'm sorry I'm late! Sorry!"

Chen Hao held Qin Ya in his arms, his heart aching.

"What's this situation, Major Major Taku?"

"That's right, if you want the girl, you have to buy her with money, what kind of dog is this, dressed like that, is he trying to take away a beautiful woman?"

Many of the great youngsters off the stage, seeing Chen Hao's actions, were also in a state of resigned indignation.

"What a person looking for death, I don't know how this kind of goods appeared on our main ship, everyone remember, when Grand Young Master Tuo asks for punishment later, don't say that he knows us!"

Long Fei Fei despised a glance at Chen Hao on the stage.

"This brother, you seem too eager like this, don't you? The bidding for this chick starts at $50 million. You're gonna have to pay that? Haha!"

Tuo Jie sneered at the side.

And Chen Hao directly ignored Tuo Jie and helped Qin Ya up slowly.

"Where are the others? Is it just you?"

Chen Hao asked.

"Ummm, my sister and aunt and the others, they were captured by those people, the trekking family, who had dealings with those bad guys, and this trekking Jay, bought me from them! And humiliated me several times, and I was dying!"

Qin ya cried out.

"So that's it, okay little Ya, it's okay, it's all over, let's go!"

Chen Hao patted Qin Ya's shoulder and hugged her as she prepared to leave.

"Hm? Where are the bastards from, do you treat me like air, do you know, whose territory is this?"

As soon as Tuo Jie saw that Chen Hao ignored him and left with Qin Ya, he instantly lost face.

Now he was angry.

"Trekking young master, it's like this, I want to send my friend back to rest and adjust first, after settling down, don't worry, I will look for your Trekking family!"

Chen Hao turned back and said faintly.


This statement was met with laughter.

"This man is a fool, isn't he? What do you think you are?"

Someone cried and laughed, someone actually dared to find bad luck with the Takumi family.

"Fuck, this person is definitely insane, Fifi is right, don't ever say we know him ah!"

Ma Bing was also speechless.

"Oh, you really have guts, but boy, do you think that today, I'll let you just stand there and take Qin Ya away?"

Tuo Jie tilted his head and laughed.

It wasn't long before seven men in black appeared at some point and directly surrounded Chen Hao.

"I will let them, cut you alive in a thousand pieces!"

Tuo Jie stern voice.

"Trekking Major, count me Chen Hao begging you, now my friend is very weak, I want to bring her back, at the same time, I see that your Trekking family, is a South Vietnam gentry that existed for more than ten generations, so, will give you half an hour to prepare, so that you can leave the last rites! Only half an hour!"

Chen Hao frowned and said.

"Bastard, who do you think you are? What are you talking about here? What are you waiting for, unload him for me!"

Tuoji roared!


There was a flash of banter in those people's eyes, then like a vicious wolf, they pounced directly towards Chen Hao.

This scene caused everyone present to suck in a breath of cold air.

My god, this formation was to dislodge this insolent brat into eight pieces ah.

"Hmph, simply looking for death, doesn't he know what status the Taku family has in the South Vietnam Kingdom? It's not good to offend anyone, but if you dare to offend Tremendous Young Master Tuo, not only will you die, but even his family will probably be in danger."

Someone offstage sneered.

But Tian Xiaofan was directly anxious.

"Young Master Jiang, Fei Fei, you guys have to think of something, use your family strength to save Chen Hao, he also offended this Young Master Tuo in order to save him!"

However, in response to her, it was the indifferent expressions of the two.

"Alright Xiaofan, it's just a dead dickhead, are you in such a hurry? And this man is flush with us again!"

Longfellow was speechless.


Not waiting for Tian Xiaofan to finish his sentence.

Those people had already pounced in the blink of an eye.

All of them were vicious.

And with one hand holding Qin Ya, Chen Hao gently raised his other hand.

With a light wave.


Thousands of white-bladed sword manes, with Chen Hao as the core, swung rapidly towards the surroundings, just like slashing a lamb roll, a thousand cuts, layers of sword manes!


The poor few, who hadn't even gotten close, were instantly whittled into petals, drifting down towards the surroundings.

Just leaving a dense mist of blood in its place!


This extremely bloody scene was watched by many girls, screaming hysterically.

What's more, it caused everyone to all take a step backwards in shock.

Tian Xiaofan covered her mouth in surprise.

When Chen Hao had made his move just now, she had seen it all in her eyes, this was simply a master's style.

Long Fei Fei and Ma Bing and the others, on the other hand, had fierce eyelids.

Originally, they thought that Chen Hao was going to be cut into pieces, but to their surprise, those people were gone in an instant.

This person, actually possessed the Avatar, and this was so powerful!

Long Fei Fei couldn't help but swallow her saliva.

"This... this..."

Tuo Jie panicked a batch and now fell backwards towards the back in a row.

These people, they could be experts of the family.

"It seems that you really don't know what you're doing!"

Chen Hao coldly looked at Tuo Jie.

It made Trekkie Jie instantly enter the ice cave and sweat like rain.

He realized just how intimidating this person's gaze was.

"Your Excellency, if you have something to say, I think you are not clear about the current form, this young master, is Tuo Jie, the son of the richest man in South Vietnam, and the only son of the old master, highly regarded throughout the country!"

"Even though your Excellency possesses great strength, but this, South Vietnam, is also a country with many forces, and having injured my young master, do you understand what you will be facing in the future?"

The middle-aged man tried to calm himself down and warned.

Chen Hao didn't reply and looked at them.

Tuo Jie thought that it was Chen Hao who was afraid.

Now, he hurriedly said, "Yes, I am the number one youngest in South Vietnam, behind me, there is a country, and there are many strengths like yours that are of average skill, you Huaxia have a saying, pulling one hand in front of the other, I don't think you don't understand this truth, right? How dare you hurt me today? You must be alive to leave South Vietnam!"

"Oh, I don't think you're getting my point! Most of the time has passed just as you guys were talking to me about your feats, and I just gave you half an hour to tell you that after half an hour, I will personally kill all the people of the Trekking Clan to take it out on my friend!"

Chen Hao sneered.

"What? What did you say!!!! You're still going to exterminate the Trekkie family?"

The middle-aged man was completely shocked by Chen Hao's words.

Tuo Jie was also a little fearful.

"So ah, what you're telling me now is just nonsense, and I've already decided right now that I'm going to kill this Trekkie Jie!"

Chen Hao sneered.

"No! Ling Bo, save me, save me, the person in front of me is a madman!"

Tuo Jie shook his head fiercely.

"Your Excellency, you don't put the Tuoji family in your eyes, but do you know how powerful the South Vietnam Chen family is?"

Ling Bo roared, "I am a member of the South Vietnam Xiu Zhen Chen family, named Chen Ling, how dare you!"

Chen Ling raged.

"Oh, the Xiujin Chen family, I'll find it sooner or later, not to mention a current Trekking family!"

Chen Hao sneered, and now sliced his finger.

A sword mane instantly sliced through.

And Chen Ling wanted to block this sword mane.

But before he could do anything, he was shocked by this powerful force.

This power was unstoppable!

"Young Master!"

Chen Ling stared at Tuo Jie, slashed into eight pieces by the sword.

The death was gruesome.

And the entire scene, at this instant, became extremely suffocating.

Chen Ling couldn't believe it.

The son of the richest man in South Vietnam, the only son who possessed half of the country's economy, had been cut into eight pieces by life just like this?

Chen Ling's brain buzzed.

He could hardly imagine what would happen next.

"Your Excellency is so vicious, do you dare to leave your name?"

Chen Ling's face paled.

"Name is easy to say, Southern Ocean Chen Family, Chen Hao!"

After saying that, Chen Hao stared intently at Chen Ling.

"What? Chen Hao?"

Chen Ling's eyelids jumped wildly.

"The netting plan, only the most central person was left out, but I didn't expect that you would appear here? Sending it to me? Do you know that I, the Xiuzhen Chen family, have been looking for you?"

Chen Ling said.

"I naturally know!"

Chen Hao smiled slightly.

He had originally come here for this.

"No wonder the whereabouts of Chen Haotian and the others are unknown, I think they, too, were killed by you!"

Chen Ling was surprised.

"Yeah, and not a single living soul was left behind!"

Chen Hao said.

Chen Ling was speechless.

And the crowd on the stage, although they heard it in the clouds.

But they still understood some of the meaning of it.

"This Chen Hao, who exactly is he? How can you be so cruel?"

Jiang Yong was surprised.

Yeah, there was actually someone who didn't give a damn about the Trekking Family and the Xiujin Chen Family.

What level this had to be.

"I... I don't really know him! He came off Fifi's boat! Damn, I knew that none of those who can be on the main ship are ordinary people!"

The horse soldier was afraid afterwards.

And Long Fei Fei was also momentarily lost.

This person, obviously she didn't know either.

"Mister is really here!"

And just like that, boom boom!

In the night sky, a few silhouettes flashed through.

In the blink of an eye, there were forty or fifty experts all leaping on the platform.

It made Chen Ling both shocked and frightened.

Long Fei Fei, on the other hand, also saw his grandfather, Long Ye, at a glance.


Long Fei Fei's heart could not help but flash with pride.

Shouting now.

Long Ye did not respond to his granddaughter.

Only now, they were bowing slightly towards Chen Hao.

"Mr. Chen, we've been looking for you for a long time!"

Laughing Pale and others.

"What? Chen...Mr. Chen?"

Ma Bing's eyes, all of a sudden were about to stare out.

Long Fei Fei, on the other hand, even more incredibly covered her mouth!!!


So he's Mr. Chen from Jizhou Xanyang Palace?

The crowd stared in disbelief.

"Mr. Chen, what about this man?"

On the stage, only Laughing Cang and the others would not care about any consequences.

Originally, seeing that Chen Hao had killed Tuoba Jie, Long Ye's face was a bit embarrassed and wanted to advise Chen Hao to never forget.

This Takumi family was the number one family that owned half of the wealth of South Vietnam, and was even at the level of the king of South Vietnam's outer relatives, and was even more deeply rooted in the entire South Vietnam.

Now, Mr. Chen, on a whim, had directly beheaded the only son of that guy Taku Hong, which could be said to be no worse than stabbing the heavens.

But seeing Smiling Cang and the others were full of Chen Hao.

Taking Chen Hao's horse as their leader, they didn't say anything else right now.

Alas, since we're enemies, let's be enemies!

Long Ye Heart.  

"Don't...don't kill me!"

Chen Ling, on the other hand, took a look at a few people who were murderous and had a lot of cultivation.

It was terrified at the moment.

Finally, he couldn't help but kneel down directly in front of Chen Hao.

"You dog, you also deserve me to kill you?"

Chen Hao looked at him and couldn't help but sneer.

Raising his foot now, he gently stepped on his head.

"Now, this young man orders you to take Taku Jie's corpse and send it to the Taku Family and tell them that being allied with the Xiu Zhen Chen Family is my Chen Hao's sworn enemy! This is just the beginning!"

Chen Hao coldly spoke out.

It caused Chen Ling to be instantly sincere and terrified.

He even nodded his head as if pounding garlic.


A rolling word fell out, and Chen Ling's soul even more nearly scattered.

Hurriedly wrapping up the corpse of Tuo Jie, which was in eight pieces, he crawled away in a mess.

Qin Ya, on the other hand, couldn't stand the excitement at the moment and directly passed out.

"Laughing Cang Sheng, hurry up and send Miss Qin back to rest!"

Chen Hao commanded.

Right at this moment.

A shadow that fell into Chen Hao's eyes, however, instantly caught his attention and caused Chen Hao's entire body to shake violently.

It was only at the very end of the crowd.

Two silhouettes, were turning their backs and slowly leaving.

They were dressed in white.

Their immaculate aura was like that of fairies.

Of course, Chen Hao wasn't so much startled by the outstanding temperament of the others.

Rather, it was because one of them, a tall woman, was just too much like her!

It was identical to Tongxin's back.


Chen Hao's eyelids fluttered.

With the energy from the previous times of mistaken identity, Chen Hao was not impulsive.

But still, with a single leap, he flew directly behind the two women who were trying to leave.

"Two ladies, please stay!"

Chen Hao said with his hands behind his back, somewhat excited.

The two women, indeed, stood down.

"This gentleman, can I help you? We don't seem to have messed with you, do we?"

The shorter girl's voice was cold and said.

"This is natural, except that I see that this lady is very similar to my lover, my lover has been missing for many years, and I have searched hard for her, so..."

Chen Hao could not help but say.

"In this world, there are many similar people, I think this gentleman, you are missing too much, we have never known each other, sir!"

And then, the girl with the tall figure, faintly opened her mouth.

But the moment she opened her mouth.

Chen Hao's entire body's blood vessels were all completely burst open at this moment.

The eyes also became incomparably wet and red in an instant.

Almost as if she had summoned too much courage, two words finally spat out with difficulty from Chen Hao's mouth.


"Tongxin, it really is you!"

This voice, this body, it was exactly like Su Tongxin's.

Chen Hao felt like he was dreaming.

Unexpectedly, he was able to run into Tongxin here!

I didn't think so!

Presently, Chen Hao accelerated towards the woman.

"Tongxin, it's Chen Hao ah!"

Chen Hao pulled on the woman's arm.

"Huh? Insolent!"

And her own arm was grabbed, the woman was first shocked, then furious.

It was to see her arm, an instant red, hidden, as if a layer of dragon scales appeared, red light appeared.

Chen Hao, the one who made it, felt a scorching breath coming from his palm.

Hurriedly releasing it, he took two steps backwards.

And it was also at this time that the woman finally squared her face and looked at Chen Hao with uncontrollable anger.

On her pretty face, even more of a dense redness appeared.

"How dare you be so rude to this palace?"

The woman coldly drank.

And seeing the woman's face, Chen Hao's breathing became even more rapid.

It was Tongxin, it was Tongxin!

Looks exactly like Tongxin as well.

Tongxin, I've finally found you!

Chen Hao was moved.

"Tongxin, take a good look, you really don't know me anymore? I'm Chen Hao? How come you don't know me anymore?"

"Four years ago, you were shipwrecked and taken, and I searched for you for four years!"

Chen Hao said with somewhat wet red eyes.

And at this moment, both women couldn't help but look at each other.

In particular, the tall woman in front of them had her eyelids raised and her eyebrows furrowed.

Without waiting for her to speak, the short girl was about to speak with a surprised gaze.

It was stopped by her at once.

And also shook her head gently at her, signaling her to keep her mouth shut.

"Little sister, I think this gentleman must be mistaken for someone else, but we never knew him, it's getting late, we should go!"

It was only after the words had fallen that the silhouettes of the two women were seen gradually dissipating and flying towards the sea.

This scene shocked everyone present.

And Chen Hao could never have imagined that she was obviously Tongxin , but why did she dodge when she saw him?

And she don't know me?

No way!

Chen Hao would never let Tongxin leave him again.

Presently, Chen Hao chased after them.

But these two women were highly skilled in flight.

By the time Chen Hao flew in, they had already disappeared without a trace from the sea level!

Only a decrepit Chen Hao was left, unwillingly looking at the calm sea.

At this moment, the shore of a certain island.

A huge ship was truly docked.

The ship was brilliantly golden and brightly lit.

What was unbelievable was that this huge ship, as if full of magic, was flickering on and off the shore.

If you didn't look at it seriously, you would think it was a night light.

"Phew! Sister Xuan, it was really close just now, but that boy seems to know Sister Han, and you went out wearing makeup as Sister Han, so he must have recognized you as Sister Han!"

(Do you guys get something here, I translated it from su Mu Han to su Tongxin but I don't know what to put in Sister Han, you see why I don't like making much changes or should I have changed it from Sister Han to Sister Xin?)

The short girl said.

"I guess so. Only how did Sister Han have someone she knew here?"

Xuan is unimaginable.

Her name was Qin Ruoxuan.

On the side, there was her sister, Qin Ruoxi.

The two of them were playful at the moment, so they went out to find a crowded place to hang out.

Only they didn't expect that they would get involved with someone here.

"He definitely knows Sister Han, and he even said Sister Han's name and said that Sister Han is his lover? Damn, that's a little too much information, isn't it? I guess we'd better go talk to Han, huh?"

Qin Ruoxi hurriedly said.

"Little sister wait!"

Qin Ruoxuan called out to her immediately.

"What's wrong?"

"Don't say it yet, think about it, if you said it now, wouldn't that tell Sister Han that we've casually entered the world, and if Father knew, she'd be grounded for sure, so don't say it yet, and if Sister Han really knew someone here, I'm afraid she'd have gone on a search already!"

"So, there's no need for you to make a fuss!"

Qin Ruoxuan said.

"That's fine, but sister, I think you should meet people with your own face from now on, there's no need to compare with sister Han so much, in order to verify which one of you two is prettier, you've already tested it countless times since you came here, aren't you tired!"

Qin Ruoxi played along.

"Alright, I got it!"

Qin Ruoxuan said with some impatience, while at the same time, her face was still a bit on fire.

She lifted her white wrist and looked at it, exactly where it was grabbed by Chen Hao.

Ever since she was a child, she had been ice-clear, and it was still the first time a man had grabbed her wrist....

And that strong air about him made Qin Ruoxuan's heart feel like a deer when she thought about it....


"Roxanne, what did you guys do?"

And just as the two sisters were each thinking.

A nice voice sounded in the ears of the two.

"Sister Tongxin, you've come, just now we..."

Qin Ruoxuan subconsciously wanted to tell the story of what had just happened.

Only after being reminded by Qin Ruoxuan did she come to her senses.

"Didn't do anything, just saw that the sea breeze was beautiful, so we came out to have a look!"

She said.

Su Tongxin nodded with a slight smile, "I know, we were sent here by my righteous father to approach the Realm King here to negotiate, it's not an easy task, and it's still boring, but let's all follow what my righteous father said and not travel freely."

Su Tongxin said.

"Okay sister Han, by the way, I've brought you the medicine I asked someone to buy to calm your nerves, you will have a headache every day late at night, I heard that there are still some strange and rare herbs in this world, I ordered my men to pick them one by one!"  

Qin Ruoxuan now results in words, and also took out the expensive wonder medicine that she had her men place.

At the same time, the heart was doubly surprised and asked tentatively.

"By the way Han-san, are you familiar with this world?"

Su Tongxin's origin is somewhat mysterious, she doesn't know any cultivation, but she is smart and follows her grandmother, and is deeply appreciated by her grandmother, and later, she even let her father take her as his goddaughter.

And became the main spokesperson for this negotiation.

To be honest, Qin Ruoxuan was a bit jealous.

Because in terms of seniority, looks, and even strength, she was much stronger than this Su Tongxin.

Wasn't it just because she was once a maid of the old grandmother?

Why should we listen to her now?

And now, above the earth, there was an extremely powerful person who seemed to like her too!

It seemed that it really was as rumored that Su Tongxin was from Earth.

"Huh? I'm not familiar with this world, except how to put it, I seem to be both familiar and unfamiliar with this place, especially since I have a meditative, palpable feeling in my heart whenever I'm here!"

Su Tongxin raised her eyes and looked at the deep sea in the distance with some worry.

She didn't know what was wrong with her.

She couldn't remember anything from her childhood or even before.

Only, every time it was late at night, in her own mind, there was always the figure of a boy.

He wasn't strong, and he was a little blurry when she looked at him.

But spare a thought, Su Tongxin could still clearly feel his love for herself.

Who was that person?

Especially after arriving here, that voice in my own heart seems to have grown a little stronger!

And just as the three sisters were silent and speechless.

A figure came leaping from the deep air.

It landed on the deck.

"Miss Su, the two Misses Qin, my master is hosting a state banquet in South Vietnam, and we have an invitation for the three of you to come to the banquet!"

This little boy said.

"Good, thank Lord Yawang for me, and the three sisters will pack up a bit and head off at once!"

Su Tongxin nodded.

The other side.


A roar of pain resounded throughout the entire Trekking Family.

When the head of the Tuoba family, Tuoba Zhen, saw his son's broken body.

The whole person fainted several times, and became even more hysterical.

Trekking family, inherited for thousands of years, within the family, the background is deep, and there are even more experts.

All along, it has been rampant.

I didn't expect that my own son would actually encounter such a cross disaster.

On top of the State Guest Hall banquet, Tuojin touched his child's corpse, grief, hatred, and anger overwhelmed his entire body.

The crowd saw the situation, wise and quickly retreated.

"Who is the one who killed my son?"

Tuojin trembled all over.

"Lord Clan Leader, it is that Chen Hao that my Chen family is looking for everywhere!"

Chen Ling was a little scared.

"Chen Hao? Chen Hao!!!"

Tuojin's eyes were scarlet, instantly killing intent.

On the side, there was a middle-aged man sitting.

Luxuriously dressed.

He was a member of the royal family.

"Brother Tuoba is in mourning, I will immediately take a *team* and capture this Chen Hao so that he can beg for revenge for his nephew's death!"

The middle-aged man drank.

"No need, my Trekking Clan, will eat its flesh and drink its blood alive!"

Tuojin violently drank.

Two scarlet tears were directly left behind.

"With you two idiots, you still want to capture Chen Hao? No wonder, your son died so miserably, and I don't think you need to catch him, according to Chen Hao's temper, he will find his way to me, huh, this silly boy, huh? Now also killing red eyes, trying to use this kind of tactic to force me out, so, you, the Trekking Family, can't escape his hands, and you, in front of him, are like ants, unable to resist!"

At this moment, it was to see an old man dressed in a black robe slowly walk out from within the interior of the State Guest Lobby.

"Ah! Chief! Clan...grown-ups!"

When Ling Chen saw him, he sweated like rain, silenced and directly knelt down to kowtow.

Rao Tuojin and Wang Shi Gu Gui Liang Gong, after seeing this sudden appearance of the old man, were also frightened, and they hurriedly paid their respects to the old man.

"Sir State Master, why... why did you say this?"

Takumi really asked in pain.

"Because I'm one of the people in this world who knows him best!"

As he said that, the old man slowly pulled off his black cloak.

If Chen Hao was here, he would have been very surprised to see this old man.

Dim Cang Chen!

This person, wasn't it the grandfather Chen Dotsang whom he used to respect so much.

Of course, it turned out that he was no longer his own grandfather, but a mastermind behind the scenes.

In particular, the current Dim Cang Chen had scarlet eyes, lips that were even more terrifyingly purple-black, and on his forehead, there was even a scarlet law pattern.

Looking half human and half demon, it was exceptionally bizarre.

"Hehe, for my grand plan, I had been his grandfather for a while, using him, I made a good disguise for myself, but also, I let him gradually mature, as if I had planted a seedling with my own hands, I watched it grow day by day, blossom and bear fruit, and as a result, just when I was about to pluck the fruit, there was just some small change of heart! "

"So I say, I know him well!"

Dim Cang Chen smiled slightly.

"Huh? Could it be that this Chen Hao is the product of the nine-colored infant that descended from the sky more than twenty years ago and caused countless powers to explore?"

Tuojin was ten thousand times horrified.

Liang Gong, who was beside him, also took a deep breath, "The State Master said that this nine-colored infant, also known as the Nine Revolutions of the Primordial Spirit, is a most powerful force in the heavens and the earth, whoever obtains it, has obtained eternity, more than fifty years ago, the State Master you saved a fisherman couple and gave them countless sums of money in order to obtain the nine-colored infant that is about to descend upon their children and grandchildren, this Chen Hao is so Awesome, I guess he is the heir?"

"That's right, Demon Luo gave me the power to predict everything, and in order to enjoy it alone, I had to design my entire plan a little more seamlessly, but I didn't expect that someone would secretly help him in the process, almost causing all of my plans to be defeated!"

Thinking of this, Dim Cang Chen couldn't help but clench his palms tightly....


"Your Majesty, you're saying that you didn't expect this Chen Hao to become so strong, right?"

Liang Gong said.

"Well, I was the one who underestimated the power of the Nine Revolutions Primordial Spirit, it can cause earth-shattering changes, only a few years ago, Chen Hao he has already stepped into the Wheel King realm, his cultivation is on par with mine! At this level, throughout the ages, even for the most talented and powerful, it's impossible!"

"The most annoying thing is that the person who has been helping Chen Hao in the dark, the one who has been pushing Chen Hao, if it wasn't for him, Chen Hao wouldn't have grown so fast, so fast that now, I can't control it, so I have to hide behind the curtain!"

Dim Cang Chen said.


This caused both Tuoba Zhen and Liang Gong to suck in a breath of cold air.

"The seven top-tier powerhouses of the Hall of Multitude Luo rule over everything, so this Chen Hao is actually an existence on par with the seven top-tier powerhouses, the seven Wheel Kings, as well as a Wheel King?"

The two of them were badly startled.

The State Master was right, if they rashly went for revenge, it would really lead to killing.

"Yeah, that's how powerful the Nine Colored Infants are! It's natural, and it's unique!"  

Dim Cang Chen smiled slightly.

"Then, my lord, is there really no way for us to deal with that Chen Hao? He brutally killed my son, this revenge is so hateful, if I don't avenge this, I will not rest in peace, I beg you, my lord, to think of a way to kill this Chen Hao!"

Tuojin kneeled down and begged.

"Hehe, don't worry, naturally I won't let this Chen Hao grow up like this anymore, now that I've captured his family and another one, I'll already hold two thirds of the boy's life, hahaha, when the time comes, he still won't be able to escape my hands!"

"When the time comes, then with the help of the South Vietnam's Ancient Inheritance, the Dragon Exterminating Formation, it won't be too big of a problem to annihilate the current Chen Hao, this boy's most fatal weakness is that he's too soft-hearted and concerned, and I happen to be his nemesis, I, Chen Point Cang, have always, for the sake of the end. By any means necessary!"

Dim Cang Chen clenched his fists.

And both of them, their eyes were already almost round.

"State Master, you are really going to use the Dragon Exterminating Formation, while the opening of this formation requires..."

Liang Gong couldn't help but tremble and ask.

"As I said, there is nothing, nothing more important than us seizing the Nine Colored Infants to achieve our goals by any means, and all the sacrifices and efforts will be worth it!"

Dim Cang Chen coldly said.

The Dragon Exterminating Formation was left behind by a great god from the ancient times.

Its power was incomparably great, and it could kill Wheel King powerhouses with the flip of a hand.

Naturally, the price it had to pay was also extremely huge.

But the two of them, could not dare to go against any of Dim Cang Chen's intentions.

The only thing they could do now was to say.

"My lord of the country, then what did you say just now, what is Chen Hao's final lifeline?"

"Oh, we now have his concerned family in our hands, the only thing missing is her beloved woman, as long as both are in our hands, no matter what happens, we don't have to worry, we just need to make sure, the Dragon Extermination Formation is successfully implemented!"

"We understand, but where do we find this woman?"

Tuojin asked.

"Far away from the heavens and close at hand is that Su Tongxin who arrived from the realm, she is the love of Chen Hao, on this trip, we just need to control her!"

Point Chen smiled.

"What? You mean Miss Su Tongxin of the Realm? But she's from the realm. We're taking her? You know, we're in a partnership with the realm!"

Liang Gong was horrified.

"Hmph, bullshit partnership, in recent years, the realm forces have taken out all kinds of cultivation resources to lure the Seven Wheel Kings, on the surface, I, the King of South Asia, Dim Cang Chen, am their puppet, but all these years, I've been lying in wait for what? It's the Nine-Colored Infant, will I still put the Realm in my sights if I get the Nine-Colored Infant?"

"When the three arrive, act according to plan!"

Dim Cang Chen was cold and stern.

A huge black mane was projected from his body.

Everyone shuddered.

They nodded their heads in succession.

Dim Cang Chen smiled proudly, "Little Hao, I think it's time for us to meet, and I'm afraid this is, the last time we will meet!"


Words in two directions.

Plus, Chen Hao.

Chen Hao saw Su Tongxin, which gave Chen Hao endless hope.

Tongxin was really still alive, but for some unknown reason, she had lost her memories.

But no matter what, she was still alive, and she was able to see her again in this life, what else could make Chen Hao regret?

Chen Hao lifted his hand and looked at his burned palm.

Now, he had ascended to the world and become a Wheel King.

But I did not expect that Tongxin she was in the realm and became stronger.

The scorching hot breath from her body actually easily broke through his own Xuantian True Qi.


Chen Hao couldn't help but let out a long breath.

And just at this moment.

Several strange vessels ahead of him appeared ghostly.

And a full dozen columns.

They blocked Chen Hao's path.

The Ghost Abacus Laughing Cang and the others noticed and all walked out.

With his hands behind his back, Chen Hao looked at the origin of these people with some confusion.

Just then, a white-haired old man, with more than ten middle-aged people.

Directly leaping to board the ship.

"It's the Receiving Daoist of the Hall of Multitude Luo!"

Laughing Cang Sheng and Lin Jiu spoke in unison.

"The Hall of Multitude Luo?"

Chen Hao had heard the two of them talk about it from time to time.

But it seemed that he had no connection with them at all!

"Oh, I am Receiving Daoist, meet Master Chen! A few days ago, the Master tested through the testing stone, and when the House of Luo learned that another round of kings were born in the world, it was really heartening!"

Elder Receiving Dao laughed loudly.

"Thank you, but I'm afraid that Elder's trip is more than simply congratulating Chen Hao, right?"

Chen Hao arched his hand as a return salute, so he asked.

"Haha, Mr. Chen is quick to speak, but of course, the poor man's trip also carries an important mission from the Hall of Multitude Luo!"

The receiving Taoist was also extremely happy.

Chen Hao saw that his eyes were clear and he was heavy on manners.

He also had some good feelings for him in his heart.

So he invited him into the cabin.

He did not beat about the bush.

Directly opening his mouth.

"I think Mr. Chen also knows something about the Hall of Zong Luo, before that, I would like to give Mr. Chen a detailed introduction!"

The Receiver took a sip of tea and smiled.

"Wash your ears!" Chen Hao said indifferently.

"The Hall of Multitude Luo, which has been around for tens of thousands of years, is responsible for coordinating the unbalanced forces in various parts of the world in order to achieve an objective balance, and of course, the Hall of Multitude Luo, as the name suggests, is also composed of representatives sent by the powerful of this world, which is a bit of a union*, huh?"

"And in the Hall of Multitude of Luo, there are seven strong men, because they are at the level of Wheel Kings, the strongest existences, so often the common discussion of these seven strong men can determine the course of things in the cultivation world! Each also has their own region. Due to the Principle Limitations of the Hall of Multitude of Luo, they will not interfere in the world's mundane matters!"

"These seven strong men are Murek, King of Northern Europe, Peter, King of Northern Sand, Lin Yi Yi, King of South Island, Ryu Sang Chuan, King of East Asia, Odi, King of North America, as well as Fett, God of the Sea, and... Oh, you know Mr. Chen, King of South Asia, Chen Point Cang!"

Saying the end.

Chen Hao's eyelids jumped slightly.

It seemed that he was really deep in hiding, and had already become the master of the entire South Asian region.

No wonder, he wanted the wind and the rain.

As if he could see a bit of Chen Hao's grudge against Dim Cang Chen, the Receiving Daoist said, "Every Wheel King, is a supreme existence, possessing endless? honor, calling the wind and rain, and capable of anything!"

"And you, as one of the eight strongest people in existence today, the Hall of Many Luo, naturally needs you to send a representative into the Hall."

Daoist Leader Receiver said.

"This is for the stability of the entire cultivation world, and I can do nothing wrong, so this request? , I promise you!"

Chen Hao said.

"Good, thank you Mr. Chen for your appreciation, in addition, we learned that the Xuan Yang Palace led by Mr. Chen is located in the Hua*North, so the Zhong Luo Palace has since called Mr. Chen the 'King of the North'!"

After saying that, the receiving Taoist directly took out a token.

UP King of the North!


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