The Unknown Heir 791-795


"Oh my, this is simply wonderful, sir has since become the recognized King of the North in the entire cultivation world!"

The Laughing Cang and the others were whispering in excitement.

But Chen Hao was indifferent about it.

Honor these, Chen Hao had already looked down on them.

"Ahem, in addition, before departing, the Lord Hall Master of the Palace of the Multitude of Luo has instructed me to tell you one more thing, I just don't know whether to tell you or not!"

Daoist Master Receiver said.

"Daoist Master can say anything!"

Chen Hao nodded.

"I've heard that the King of South Asia, Lord Chen Dim Cang, has some connection with you, Lord Chen Hao, and the Hall of the Zong Luo stipulates that the realm of cultivation is the realm of cultivation, and does not participate in any worldly matters, which are two separate entities, but now the feud between the two is very wide involved, and Mr. Even yesterday, he beheaded the great young master of the Taku family... ...Hehe, the Hall Master doesn't mean anything else, for the sake of the stability of the cultivation world, I hope that the two adults, it would be best to sit down and talk!"

Daoist Master Receiver proposed.

"That's not true Daoist, it's not that someone is after my Chen Hao to haunt me, but since you've asked, I can also promise you that I will personally meet with Dim Cang Chen to talk when I have the chance, provided that he releases all of my family members!"  

Chen Hao stalls.

After all, no matter how stupid one was, one would know.

Dim Cang Chen had been calculating since his last few generations in order to deal with himself.

He wouldn't stop just because of a kind word from the Zhong Luo Temple.

And he, who had hurt himself so much, would always have to pay the price.

What's more, Chen Hao had also heard the Zhong Luo Palace's message on these matters.

It was to not inflict harm on the innocent and meddle in the mundane.

Doing this, naturally, was not difficult.

"That's very good, so that I can also go back and hand in my duties! Lord Chen, I bid you farewell!"

"Hey, that's great, King of the North, that's just a great name!"

After receiving the Taoist leader away, the crowd was excited.

There was much discussion.

Chen Hao, on the other hand, couldn't calm down.

There were still many things that awaited him in the future.

One only hoped that right now, one's family would be safe and sound!

Boom Boom!

Just at this moment.

The ship suddenly shuddered violently.

The sea waves were even more violently tossed.


Chen Hao frowned.

Performing a spell, he instantly calmed the waves.

At the same time, this powerful force also caught Chen Hao's attention.

Presently, he opened the Heavenly Eye and directly penetrated out.

A moment later, Chen Hao closed the Heavenly Eye.

"You guys stay calm, I'll be right back!"

Chen Hao said calmly, and before his voice fell, his entire body had already disappeared.

In the country of South Vietnam, there were large mountains within its territory.

There was a large mountain, called Wang Yue Mountain, because there was a peak on Wang Yue Mountain that towered into the clouds.

It seemed to be able to connect with heaven and earth.

It could look at heaven and earth and mountains, hence the name Wang Yue Peak.

At this moment, in front of Wang Yue Peak, clouds and mist were dazzling.

At the end of the peak, there was a tall pavilion, and inside the pavilion, a black-robed old man was standing with his hands crossed, gazing at the endless mountains and rivers in front of him.

Because it was so high, there were simply few people here.

Chen Hao slowly approached.

"Just a few months ago, I was sad a few times because of your death, a few months ago, you were the grandfather I always respected, I was proud of myself, having such a grandfather, and you also let me taste the warmth of affection!"

Chen Hao looked at the old man's back and couldn't help but say with a bitter smile.

"Hehe, Little Hao, it seems that it's not just strength that you haven't seen in a while, your temperament has also grown too much, just now I was wondering what kind of expression and reaction you would have when you saw me, but no matter what, it should be wonderful, just like you said, too many things and twists and turns have happened in the past few months!"

Dim Cang Chen said as he slowly turned around.

While their eyes were opposite, they were both surprisingly calm.

"Just like you said earlier, I'm not the same person I was long ago!"

Chen Hao said indifferently, "I think the purpose of our meeting today is very clear to both of us, so why don't we just cut to the chase and you let my family go, they have nothing to do with the grudge between us!"

"Release? Oh, I promise you, Near East and the others, even including your lover, Su Tongxin, I'll let them go!"

Dot Cang Chen said.

"Eh? And you've captured Tongxin?"

Chen Hao was horrified at the news.

"Yes, at first, Su Tongxin was captured by the Sun Alliance, but she didn't die, and this time, even more so, as a representative of the Realm, she has visited Earth, I know Little Hao, all you've been thinking about is reuniting your family, no, I just happened to bring her here as well, so that she can stay with the Near East and the others!"

Dim Cang Chen said.

"You despicable villain!"

Chen Hao was furious.

Now, his hand cupped a sword secret.

In the blink of an eye, a fierce light shot out towards Chen Dim cang.

Dim Cang Chen was trying to anger Chen Hao today.

However, when he saw Chen Hao's true strength.

His eyelids couldn't help but jump slightly.

In the end, it was a Wheel King! That was a strong blow!

It was to see Dim Cang Chen's palms stretched out.

"Demon Luo Protective Body!"

A transparent circle formed by a black mane condensed and instantly wrapped around Dim Cang Chen.


The two rays of golden and black light directly and violently collided.

The light was instantly dazzling.

The waves of air that were waved out even swept the grass and trees on the entire mountain top withered.


The pavilion where Dim Cang Chen was was even more directly blasted, turning into a pair of fragments that shot towards the surroundings.

For a time, dust rolled and debris filled the sky.

Originally, Dim Cang Chen was able to resist Chen Hao's sword mane with ease.

After all, he was also a third grade of the Wheel King Realm.

But what he did not expect was.

Chen Hao's bizarre sword technique had a sudden change.

It was as if there were countless layers of power pushing this golden sword mane.

Just seeing the golden sword getting bigger and bigger, the energy was even stronger and stronger.


Dim Cang Chen's Demon Luo shield was like glass, directly shattering.

Not good!

Now, Dim Cang Chen quickly withdrew his power and dodged in a hurry.

Bang bang!

The ground exploded and the swords rammed straight into the craggy cliff opposite, leaving a three-to-four meter deep sword pit!

Point Chen took several steps backwards in succession, his heels having reached the edge of the cliff before he was able to stabilize himself.


Dot Cang Chen exhaled with wide eyes.

"What kind of sword technique are you using? All this, where did you learn it all?"

Dim Cang Chen was surprised.

"Within the Xuantian Technique, there is a set of sword techniques called the Nine Heavens Xuanjian! Specialize in grasping you evil spirits!"

Chen Hao said sternly.

"It's really powerful, it seems that you have inherited all that's in the Lynx War God, but Chen Hao, we're all Third Grade Wheel Kings, the top existence in this world, don't think that I'll be defeated by you if your skills are powerful!"

"These days, I've been working too hard, why don't we make a pact, tomorrow at noon, at the Dragon Tower in the Town of South Vietnam, the two of us will have a duel, tomorrow, I'll also bring your family there, we'll decide both victory and defeat, as well as life and death!"

Dim Cang Chen put his hands behind his back and said coldly.

Only, although his surface was expressionless .

But on his palms, the tiger's mouth had been torn and his flesh was blurred with blood, and on his arms, even more veins were bulging and trembling violently....


"Well, tomorrow, we'll make put an end to it!"

Chen Hao said indifferently.

After Chen Hao left.

Several silhouettes suddenly conjured up next to Dim Cang Chen's body.

"My lord, I feel that you have somewhat overestimated Chen Hao, and there is no need to use the Dragon Exterminating Formation to deal with him at all, so wouldn't that be too much to look down on him?"

"That's right Lord, just now in the battle, Chen Hao did not get any sweetness from you, hmm, although he has now become the King of the North on par with Lord, but he is still too far from Lord!"

These two were clearly at the level of Dim Cang Chen's henchmen.

Each of them was also at the superb level of an eighth grade cultivator.


And without waiting for the two of them to finish their boast, they saw that the blood was spurting wildly from Chen Dotsang's mouth, directly kneeling on the ground.

"Ah? My Lord!!!"  

The two men were horrified.

"Don't touch me! My meridians are now all over the place, injured by Chen Hao's True Qi, and if I'm not careful, I'll go off the rails!"

The beads of sweat on Chen Dotsang's forehead continued to fall, and his entire body trembled even more violently.

His heart was wildly horrified as he looked at the direction Chen Hao had left.

There was scruple in his eyes.

"Chen Hao's current strength is beyond my reach, he's simply too strong, I have no chance of winning tomorrow's battle!"

Dim Cang Chen grieved.

"Then... then Lord Lord, what should we do?"

Both of them were nervous.

"Today, the only one who can deal with Chen Hao is the Dragon Exterminating Formation, otherwise, I'm afraid no one in the world would be his opponent, and today Chen Hao is the first person on Earth!"

Dim Cang Chen said with a complex look.

"Quickly go back and prepare the Dragon Extermination Formation!"

He said!

As the news of the two meeting for a duel was revealed.

Immediately it also caused a huge stir in the realm of cultivation, as well as international level giants.

The newly promoted King of the North, right off the bat, was dueling with the King of South Asia.

This kind of battle was simply epic.

Many cultivation world experts and even giants descended on South Vietnam overnight.

For a time, the South Yue Country was in turmoil.

The various powers, even more so, launched a heroic bet.

All sorts of knowledge about Chen Hao were investigated.

After all, this sort of thing had reached the point of taking sides.

Choosing wrongly, or slightly carelessly, this would affect the future development of the family power.

It was truly more than enough to gain or lose.

So very quickly, a large number of forces began to compete to take sides.

It was worth mentioning that the newly promoted King of the North, who was expected to fall in the cold, still had many families, who chose to join the King of the North's banner.

Just like some of the second-tier families in South Vietnam, for example.

Jiang Yong's family, the Jiang family, was one of them.

This night, Chen Hao was similarly disturbed.

He was now alone, soaking within the hot spring pool through the moonlight.

The left and right had already retired.

It was because there were just too many things for Chen Hao to think about.

According to what Dim Cang Chen said.

The reason why he had done so much, one was to obtain his own Nine Revolutions Primordial Spirit, and the other was to secretly collude with some forces in the Realm.

Tongxin, who was in the realm, was here to negotiate on behalf of the realm's forces this time, but as a result, he was caught blackmailing himself by Dim Cang Chen.

Chen Hao did not dare to be too careless.

It was because those realm powers, he hadn't really had any contact with them.

the Nine Luo King could know a thing or two about them.

That was that these powers were usually very strong.

Maybe they even possessed the strongest ones.

But no matter what, by waiting until tomorrow, I must save my family and Tongxin.

Chen Hao closed his eyes and meditated, and gradually, it was time that was forgotten.

"Hmph, how come there's not a single person in this huge manor?"

"That's right, it's one of the largest estates in South Vietnam, I was expecting a lot of celebrities to exist!"

Someone said.

It was seen that a few young men and women, as well as a few western youngsters, came in companionship.

This manor's hot springs were very famous, so all those who rushed to South Vietnam for a tour did not come here for a visit.

"Just now when we came in, the security guard at the door said that this place has been booked, so maybe the others can't get in!"

Some girls.

"Stupid security guard, believe it or not, just say one more word and Ben will make sure he won't see the sun tomorrow, don't worry about it, it's important for everyone to be happy tonight!"

A major young man said.

Chen Hao was soaking in a hot spring to relieve his fatigue.

Hearing these noises, he frowned slightly.

This hot spring manor was contracted by several families to supply to the Xuan Yang Palace people.

Now that I think about it, some of them were dissatisfied, this was a hard break in ah.

If it was before, with a word from Chen Hao, this group of people would have been driven out, right?

Only now, Chen Hao wouldn't be overly knowledgeable with them.

Forget it, if they love to come in and play, let's play!

As long as you don't make any noise.

Thinking to himself, Chen Hao continued to close his eyes.

And Chen Hao wasn't aware of it, or didn't bother to notice it.

Right now among that group of people.

A handsome looking girl gently tidied her hair, and then looked towards Chen Hao in some surprise.

She probably thought that it was a mistake, so after annotating for a long time, she thought about it and then shook her head.

"Ran Ran, what's wrong?"

A boy on the side noticed the difference in the girl's expression.

Hurriedly asked.

"It's nothing, just saw someone over there, resembling a deceased person from my hometown, Pingan County, I wonder if it's a mistake?"

The girl named Ran Ran was uncertain.

This girl, with a mature charm, although there were quite a few beautiful women in her company, even western beauties, but her mature intellectual beauty as she stood among these people made her not let herself down.

"Oh, you Jinling Pingan County, there won't be anyone else who is able to reach the level to come to this kind of place, right? Rang you don't know how much it costs to stay at this manor for one night!"

A boy with glasses on the side said.

"Maybe I'm wrong, I do know a friend, his family is very rich, and in the beginning, his father had some connections with our Jiang family, but even if he was very rich, he probably wouldn't be able to come to this South Vietnam, you know, the news of this Realm King's War is not something that a family with money can learn about!"

This girl was exactly Jiang Ranran. She couldn't help but think to herself.

It had been four years already, right?

The current Jiang Ranran, who finished completing her PhD in foreign languages last year, was now a well-known translator for one of the largest companies overseas.

Usually seeing, but also being in contact with the entire international level of celebrities, and even the unified level of existence more often than not.

At the moment, her horizons were certainly not the same as the young girl, Jiang Ranran.

Thinking of that young man, Jiang Ranran still wanted to laugh a little.

The previous self, simply despise that called Chen Hao, later learned, Chen Hao turned out to be a rich second generation after, people may not know.

At that time, Jiang Ran then repented of wanting to die.

Thousands of ways to try to gain Chen Hao's favor.

But he, however, didn't even look at himself.

Let yourself decadent simply too long, thinking that you can find a man who loves you and marry him.

But fate is so unpredictable, and by chance, while working part-time as a tour guide, I met a very gentlemanly foreign tourist, John....

After meeting John, the rest of the story was simpler.

It was as if Jiang Ranran had opened up a new worldview.

It was like a wild butterfly that used to only swim in the field of wildflowers, but suddenly one day, it had a pair of wings that could soar into the sky.

What it could see, feel, and touch would be a different kind of flower paradise.

As for the current Chen Hao, hehe, Jiang Ran Ran has long been relieved.

It's true, the original Chen Hao is the most unique one in the field of wild flowers, all the little butterflies fall in love with him, but, when really contact with the real flower sea.

Only then did he realize how ridiculous he really was at that time.

"Tomorrow, is the day when the legendary King of the North and the King of South Asia face off, alas, I just don't know the location of the Town Dragon Tower, can we go in, if we can go in and watch this true duel of the century, it will be a blast!"

Some of the youths, using this hot spring mountain villa, could not help but think of tomorrow's Battle of Zhen Longta.

This mountain villa, using their connections, could come in.

However, I'm afraid that the Zhen Long Pagoda will be really difficult.  

"Yes, young Lin, your family industry stretches across the Middle East and is even related to the Abel royal family, it is said that even presidential level existences are headed to the Town Dragon Tower area tomorrow, young Lin Fei, will you be able to enter it?"

The spectacled Western man standing next to Jiang Ranran was now looking somewhat respectfully at a youth at the head of the group within the crowd.

"This, it depends on my father's arrangements, but my father told me that entering the Zhen Long Tower area is not a big problem!"

Lin Fei shook his head and laughed bitterly.

This was a statement that immediately received envious gazes from the crowd.

Even Jiang Ranran couldn't help but give Lin Fei a sideways glance.

Now, in her eyes, I'm afraid this young man was truly a great young man.

All of his connections were at the international level.

"Then can you take us in as well ah Great Young Master Lin?"

Some of the girls committing nymphomania.

"Oh, I'm really sorry about this, now, other than this Town Dragon Pagoda area, I can think of a way to do it, except for here, you all know what level of big shots are those who can enter the Town Dragon Pagoda to personally observe the battle!"

Lin Fei had a hard time, shaking his head.

Honestly, it was a big question whether or not he could go in and personally observe the battle himself.

"I don't think we need to be so scrambled, tomorrow's Town Dragon Tower is not a good place to be, this morning, I was interpreting for the head of a certain Western European country and listened to their talk, the ones who came to escort us this time are at least seventh grade cultivators, if we don't have special protection, in case we enter, it's very easy for a great danger to occur!"

Jiang Ran Ran said at the moment.

"We aren't able to have personal protection and safety like Young Master Lin"

After saying that, he did not forget to look at Lin Fei.

Lin Fei was obviously very impressed by Jiang Ranran's words, and nodded his head with a smile now.

"This is Miss Jiang, isn't it, we really need to get to know each other sometime, Miss Jiang's speech is really remarkable, by the way, I heard that tomorrow, your senior translator will also enter along with some noble people, right?"

Lin Fei smiled.

"Well, but even if we enter, we can only be on the periphery, the core area is not accessible at all, I heard that the newly promoted King of the North has extraordinary strength, and the South Vietnam, at some point, had to take certain restrictive measures against him, so some heads of state, were restricted from entering the core area!"

Jiang Ran Ran returned.

The two of them were speaking one sentence at a time.

"Look guys, who is that?!"

Suddenly, a boy screamed.

Pointing to a certain spot.

This time, everyone moved their eyes away.

Even Jiang Ran Ran looked.

It was to see that a tall woman in a white bathrobe with long hair was slowly walking towards the hot spring pool.

Her looks were just too exquisite.

It made all of the boys, who were not able to look at her sideways.

Momentarily stunned.

But not long after, someone still reacted.

"It's Su Yun!"

"Asia's number one beauty, Su Yun, an international star!"

Some of the boys shouted in surprise.

"Fuck, why is she here in South Vietnam too? And tonight, dressed so sexily?"

Some of the boys also started to get dirty.

After all, the number one beauty in Asia, Su Yun, was the kind of goddess that was unattainable in the eyes of all men.

And the power behind her was very powerful.

Ever since Su Yun became famous, there were simply too many rich men who wanted to get her.

However, there had never been a single power that had managed to get her.

Lin Fei, on the other hand, also looked sideways and had to say that this beauty was indeed too outstanding.

Even Jiang Ranran, also cast a jealous glance.

And somewhat surprisingly, they looked at these people.

Su Yun's pretty face couldn't help but flash a touch of shyness.

All of them were also very surprised.

Today, she was implored by her own behind-the-scenes forces to come and accompany a Realm King in order to reach this Realm King's pleasure.

If it was anything else, Su Yun would not have agreed even if she died.

However, he was a Realm King, the pinnacle of existence in this world.

For a hero like this, just imagine what girl would not be willing.

But unexpectedly, so many people existed here?

Su Yun was doubly surprised.

"Goddess Su Yun, how are you?"

Some boys hurriedly stood over to greet Su Yun excitedly.

As for Su Yun, she only glanced at him slightly, and then locked her eyes on the elegant man in the bubbling hot spring pool.

She had already seen the photo.

The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services, including a full range of products and services.

Right now, she directly ignored it and walked towards Chen Hao with a smile on her face.


And seeing Su Yun directly ignore his friend.

The leader, Lin Fei, was greatly embarrassed.

Since childhood, no one had ever dared to be so disrespectful.

"Hey, Su Yun, you're too crazy, aren't you? How dare you ignore my brother, can't you see my friend greeting you?"

Lin Fei was annoyed and walked directly to Su Yun's side.

At this moment, Su Yun had arrived at Chen Hao's side.

Now looking at this extraordinary Chen Hao, she faintly returned to Lin Fei and said, "Tonight, I am here to accompany Mr. Chen, not anyone is worthy of casting an eye on me Su Yun!"

"Damn it, bitch, how dare you look down on me, Lin Fei? Do you know who I am, Lin Fei? Where does it compare to some bullshit Mr. Chen?"

It was a direct hit to the face.

Lin Fei was annoyed.

He gritted his teeth.

And Su Yun's gaze was slightly cold, "This Young Master Lin Fei, I've heard of your name, but I hope that here today, you can restrain yourself so that you don't get into trouble!"

Seeing Lin Fei's outburst, Su Yun kindly reminded her.

She kind of understood now, I'm afraid that these people, they don't even know who the man taking a bath in front of them is, right?

However, Lin Fei seemed to simply ignore Su Yun's reminder.

Instead, he was angry at the calm Chen Hao in the water, who was still doing nothing, and was the youngster that he didn't dare to offend.

In particular, Su Yun's stark attitude towards him towards himself made it very difficult for Lin Fei.

He was angry with Chen Hao.

You value him and belittle me, right? Good, Young Master Ben will now make you regret it and see who is the real  powerhouse.

Presently, Lin Fei took a cup of red wine from the side .

Glancing at Chen Hao obliquely, he directly poured a cup of red wine, coldly, into the pool where Chen Hao was taking a bath....



After pouring, Lin Fei directly threw the wine glass anywhere.

Wanting to see what the person in front of him had to say.

Su Yun's face, however, was already filled with shock.

One had to know what kind of existence the person in front of him was?

"You're very unintelligent,"

Chen Hao a white towel on his face, soaking in a bubble bath, so interrupted by the elegant mood, Chen Hao was very unhappy.

"You... what did you say?"

Lin Fei was furious.

"You kid, I'm afraid you don't know who I am, right? My father, however, is related to the Saudi royal family!"

Lin Fei raged.  

Chen Hao was not speaking.

Because at this moment, outside of the hot spring pool, the sound of footsteps shook the heavens, and with a brush, he saw more than a dozen silhouettes, directly running in from outside.

The leader was a middle-aged man, dressed gorgeously, but at this moment, he was already full of panic.

"Fuck, why did so many people break in?"

This middle-aged man had been shocked badly after seeing the scene.

Or rather, it was the deep fear that enveloped him.

He was precisely the old man of this manor.

"Chief Cha, what's going on, this is supposed to be my husband's place of purification, you actually dare to let idle people in, you don't want to live?"

The Laughing Cang on the side was filled with anger.

At this moment, he was also shocked.

"I dare not!"

Cha nodded his head as if he were pounding garlic.

"Who let you in here?"

He roared at Lin Fei and the others.

And Lin Fei and the others, felt greatly ashamed.

What the hell was going on today?

An actress ignored herself, and now, even when she came to the manor for a tour, she was dislikeable.

But the good thing was, this Mr. Cha he knew, a few years ago, he followed his father and had a few encounters with him.

"Mr. Cha always, right? You may have forgotten that my name is Lin Fei and Lin Jianren is my father!"

Lin Fei felt that it was too dark and it was this Cha who had forgotten about him.

And seeing Lin Fei so swimmingly, Jiang Ran Ran also looked at him with an appreciative face.

Saying that, Lin Fei walked over to shake hands with Head Cha.


Unexpectedly, Cha raised his hand and slapped it hard.

"Lin? Lin your mother's head, who let you bastards break in?"

General Cha roared.

And Lin Fei was blindsided.

"Chief Cha, my father is Lin Jianren!"

Lin Fei was incredulous.


"What bitch, get out of here!"

Head Cha waved his hand, and security guards were already surrounding him.

It shocked the entire group of men and women present.

"Tell them to get lost, I'm afraid it's not that simple!"

And at that moment, a voice rang out.

The crowd looked up.

At some point, Chen Hao had already changed his clothes and was standing in front of everyone.

Only Chen Hao had his hands behind his back and was looking at this Lin Fei with a faint smile.

"Chen... Chen Hao?"

Jiang Ran Ran's entire body shook, not expecting that this person was really Chen Hao.

At the moment, it was still somewhat surprising.

"Chen Hao, how come it's you?"

Jiang Ranran said again.

"Jiang Ranran? I can't believe you're here..."

When Chen Hao saw her, he was surprised to see her.

By the way, the two of them hadn't seen each other for a few years.

"Chen Hao, do you know all of these people?"

Jiang Ran Ran was surprised.

How was this possible.

One had to know that the people here were all international level dignitaries, so how could Chen Hao know all of them as well?

"With them? Sort of get to know each other!"

Chen Hao glanced at General Cha and the others and said indifferently.

"Mr. Chen, don't worry, I won't let this man go easily, he's disturbing your cultivation, I'll definitely teach him a bloody lesson!"

Cha pointed at Lin Fei with a sweaty face and drank.

"Hmph, how dare you?"

Lin Fei was still a little scared when he saw so many security guards surrounding him.

With a glance at Jiang Ranran, Chen Hao then said, "This matter, for the sake of a deceased person, let this go, let them go next time!"

The night breeze was a little chilly.

Chen Hao lifted the clothes on his body and faintly coughed, that is, he wanted to turn around and leave.

"Damn it, surnamed Chen, who do you think you are, Young Master Ben , are you the one to just call around?"

But Lin Fei felt devastated.

Especially since he was facing, or a peer.

Not convinced at all.

"Why? I've already promised to let you go, so why are you still clinging to me instead?"

Chen Hao looked at Lin Fei and couldn't help but frown.

"What why? Surname Chen, this is in your territory here, if you have the guts, just come with me to Saudi Arabia, do you believe that this young man will let you die without even knowing how?"

Lin Fei's red eyes raged.

And Jiang Ran Ran saw that things were bad and Lin Fei was really anxious.

It was a bit helpless to look at Chen Hao.

"That's enough Chen Hao, have you been godly enough, do you really not know the power of the Lin family? I know you have some money now, but this world is big and big, have you ever seen that there are many people who are more powerful than you, you have offended Young Master Lin today, do you think that in the future, you will have a good result?"

Jiang Ranran shook her head and said.

"Alright, before I change my mind, take this Young Master Lin, and these friends of yours, and leave quickly, and this, South Vietnam, is now a land of right and wrong, so you should stay here less!"

Chen Hao didn't bother arguing with them.

He just turned around and left.

"Chen Hao, who do you think you are, do you know what I am now, already? Are some of the people I'm in contact with, again?"

And being so belittled by Chen Hao, Jiang Ran Ran was also extremely indignant.

She was about to explode right now.

Suddenly, someone trotted over.

"Elder Smiling, outside the door, there are a few heavyweight state guests, who nonetheless want to meet with Mr. Mister, and have prepared a great gift!"

A boy said respectfully to the laughing pale.

"State guest? What man?"

Laughing Cale frowned and asked.

"All of them are Middle Eastern royalty-level existences, and some South Asian figures!"

The boy said.


On the other hand, Jiang Ranran and Lin Fei were all stunned as they listened to the names on the list.

Especially, Jiang Ranran's face twitched.

"What exactly is Chen Hao's status, and how did all these big names come to meet him?"

Jiang Ran Ran was shocked.

And only then did Lin Fei realize what level of existence he had just messed with.

At the same time, in a moment of fear, he thought of leaving quickly.

But after just a few steps, he was clasped by Laughing Celestial by the shoulders.

"Little brats, just now you were told to leave or not, and now you want to leave?"

Laughing Cang smirked.

"What... what do you want?"

Lin Fei swallowed his saliva.

"Killing you guys would break the rules of Xuan Yang Palace, so I wouldn't kill you guys, but well..."

Laughing Cang Sheng looked at the place where Mr. Chen had just taken a bath and poured in the red wine.

Smirked, "But well, the death penalty can be forgiven, the living crime is unforgivable, this pool of water, I want all of you to drink, otherwise, I guarantee that you group of dolls, you will die a very ugly face to be thrown out!"

The Laughing Cang was cold and stern....


Lin Feng and the others didn't want to die, and now, they only had to be humiliated to drink the water from the pool.

The Laughing Cang's face also had a grim smile on it.

The next morning.

Southern Yue Country, near the Zhen Long Pagoda, was already crowded with people.

This Zhen Long Pagoda had been built a thousand years ago.

It was about three hundred meters tall.

It towered into the sky.

Right now on the high platform, there were several people being kidnapped.

They were all Chen Hao's family members.

Even Su Tongxin was tied up on top of a stone pillar.

I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to do that.  

Although, the current Su Tongxin had lost her memory.

But she knew very well that there was a man who had been searching for her painstakingly for four or five years.

She really wanted to know if this man was the vague figure in her heart or not?

"Dim Cang Chen, you have designed so many ambushes for Little Hao, you know, but Little Hao has no grudge against you, why are you doing this to us, to Little Hao? Do you have to behead Little Hao?"

Chen Nearing was already very vicarious, but at the moment, he was still begging Chen Dim Sum.

"It is useless, perhaps, this is your destiny, you were born with such value, and it is this value that pushes you to your doom!"

Dim Cang Chen shook his head and laughed bitterly.

"But Dim Cang Chen, don't you ever forget that before you, there were many forces watching you, and although I can't remember what happened between Chen Hao and me, let alone what you want from him, I can tell you very clearly that you won't get anything out of it!"

Su Tongxin was also angry at the moment.

"Hahahaha, you are wrong, I'll annihilate this Chen Hao today, do you think that I will still put the realm in my eyes?"

Dim Cang Chen tilted his head and laughed.

Presently, his gaze suddenly became cold.

Looking downwards, "Look quickly, he's already here!"

Dim Cang Chen sneered.

At the same time, there was a strong sense of scruple in his eyes.

After all, Chen Hao's strength, which he had already learned, was really incomparably strong, and if it wasn't for the Dragon Exterminating Formation being here, Chen Dim Cang would really have less of a bottom.


"You're right on time, though!"

Chen Hao and I will looked at Chen Doucang, who was sitting cross-legged, and said indifferently.

Today, about to duel to the death with this person who was previously held in great respect, Chen Hao's heart was inevitably a little strange.

"Chen Hao, in yesterday's battle, I suffered a loss of blood and qi, and in one round, I fell into a disadvantageous position, which is enough to show that today's battle will be a war!"

Dim Cang Chen opened his eyes and looked at Chen Hao to take over, "However, don't think that just because you're arrogant enough to surpass others' dao, you can do whatever you want, as I told you before, this world is big and there will always be a side you can't see. Today, not only will I kill you, I will also take the lives of your Xuan Yang Palace and the entire Chen family! ~Do you dare to fight this wager? If you don't dare, kill yourself in front of me now, I can spare you all of Xuan Yang Palace!"

There was a flicker of coldness in his eyes, as if he did not have any life. The surrounding air seemed to have turned a little colder as a result of Dim Cang Chen's words.

"O? The two of us about to fight, is to understand grudges, moreover, you yesterday, can not get any advantage on me, of course, I know very well, this trip, you must have prepared properly!"

"But the battle between the two of us, you want me to bet the lives of everyone in the Xuan Yang Palace and the Chen Clan, so what should you do if you lose?"

Chen Hao said slightly, "If you lose, I will not only take your life, but I will also have your entire Xiuzhen Chen family to accompany you to your funeral, do you have any objections?"

Dim Cang Chen, who had heard the voice, had a brilliant flash in his eyes.

In a cold voice, "Very well, today, I would like to see how many catties you have!"

As the words fell, Dim Cang Chen's gaze slightly glazed over.

An ebony long staff suddenly appeared in his hand, like a staff, and swept at Chen Hao.

That long staff, originally only half a meter long, but when Chen Dotsang swept it, a shadow suddenly appeared, but it directly extended to more than twenty meters away.

And it carried a sound that broke through the air.

It was heading straight towards Chen Hao.

The great battle, it was on the verge of starting!

Chen Hao stepped on both feet and flew directly off the ground.

"Boom Boom!"

Wherever the long staff passed, it set off a burst of cracking noises.

A few stone pillars were even swept away and shattered in an instant.

Slightly shaking the long staff in their hands.

As if it had grown eyes, it began to attack towards Chen Hao.

"Bang, bang, bang!"

Chen Hao waved his hand to block it.

A smile swirled on his face while flexing his fingers at this long staff.

This long staff, surprisingly, received a bursting sound one after another, all blown apart.

The smear of energy that was ejected from Chen Hao even more so, did not stop and went directly towards Chen Point.


While being somewhat surprised in his heart, Dim Cang Chen's figure left the ground so fast that the ground shattered in the next instant.

Countless pieces of rubble fell into the bottom of the Zhen Long Pagoda.

After stabilizing his body, Dim Cang Chen was filled with horror as he looked at the long staff in his hand that had shattered into pieces, as well as the torn tiger's mouth.

"What a strong True Qi! It seems to have underestimated you too much!"

Dim Cang Chen was horrified, and then looked squarely at Chen Hao.

"It seems that it's just that it's hard for me to defeat you if I'm just going to dwell on it like this, huh?"

Dim Cang Chen sneered and spun around, spreading his two hands open.

At once, two green dragons were seen to appear on top of Chen Dots Cang's hands.

The green dragons hovered over the palms of the hands, emitting a burst of dragon whistling sounds.

The wind and clouds, moreover, seemed to be changing color at this moment.

With the appearance of the two green dragons, the surrounding sky seemed to darken at this moment.

A gust of hurricane wind even blew and threw many of the tower's debris and even boulders into the air.

Even the crowd standing beneath the towers felt the extraordinary nature of Dim Cang Chen's technique.

"The Double Dragon Formation?"

Laughing Cang Sheng looked at the color-changing skies around him, and then at the sound of the dragon whistling from above the mountain, and now his gaze was a little dull, and he could not scruple to speak!

This was the war between the Wheel Kings, it was too strong.

And with the offering of the Double Dragon Formation.

Just see Chen Dots Cang's feet, leaping in the air.

Chen Dots Cang's cold eyes held the double dragons in his hands, staring at Chen Hao with a cold smile, "Little Chen Hao, I have been cultivating hard for decades with the help of the Devil's Luo, so you may block my Double Dragon Formation again?"

This Double Dragon Formation was a great formation that Dim Cang Chen, had cultivated for sixty years.

It is supreme and can destroy the heavens!

Except for when the achievement was complete, Chen Dim Cang had used it, and so far, it had not been used for decades.

But Chen Hao, with his hands behind his back, looked at this formidable formation, but he shook his head slightly and smiled, only returning two words that almost made Chen Dotsang vomit blood.

"This is it!?" Chen Hao coldly shook his head.

"Big talk! Teach you to appreciate the power of my Double Dragon Formation, and from then on, you, Chen Hao, will cease to exist!"

Dim Cang Chen's eyes were cold and his mouth stormed out a cold word.

Whirling one of his hands.


A dragon tsunami that seemed to be able to shake the heavens came out.

The crowd that made it halfway up the mountain had to cover their ears, it was the sound that was really deafening.

The crowd stared at it and saw that a large green dragon was attacking towards Chen Hao.

They could not help but be shocked.

This Dim Cang Chen was worthy of being a long-famous Wheel King! He really lives up to his name.


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