The Unknown Heir 796-800


Lin Jiu was shocked.

His heart suddenly lifted.

Followed by the next moment, it was seen that the green dragon was about to attack.

Suddenly, a golden arched light rose out of thin air from where Chen Hao was standing, enveloping Chen Hao in it.

When the green dragon encountered this golden-colored arched light, it seemed as if it had received some huge impact, and its body seemed to almost tremble.

"Heavens! What tactics is this, sir?"

Laughing Cang was deadly serious. Not to be surprised, it came out.

And equally surprised was Dim Cang Chen.

He was incomparably clear about the power brought about by the Double Dragon Formation.

But this layer of golden arched protective light shield on Chen Hao's body? What's going on?

It couldn't be a magic weapon, because the Double Dragon Formation was something that no magic weapon could stop.  

And it wasn't just inner strength either, even if one's inner strength was strong, it would be impossible for them to block the power of the formation.

What's going on here?

Dim Cang Chen looked at his green dragon and was almost knocked apart.

His heart was wildly shaken.

And then, he was the one who saw Chen Hao's body, actually slowly floating in the void.

It made Dim Cang Chen instantly somewhat understand, and his heart could not help but shout in shock at the moment.

"So, Chen Hao has already practiced an unknown number of secret methods, no wonder, his martial arts path is so surprising?"

While Chen Doucang was horrified in his heart, his eyes were cold and his hands were suddenly powerful.

The other blue dragon was also all sacrificed.

Both dragons came out together, and it was more like there was lightning on top of the blue dragon.

It came crashing down towards Chen Hao on top of his shield.

"Dim Cang Chen, you're spending your true essence like this, and in the end, you'll die of true essence exhaustion without waiting for a head-to-head fight with me... Don't tell me that you wanted to kill me by these means by meeting me here when you knew you were no match for me?"

Every time the green dragon struck Chen Hao's protective light shield, it grew one point larger.

Chen Hao, however, had his hands behind his back and was shaking his head slightly at Dimple Cang Chen.

On top of Chen Dotsang's arms, veins were bulging, and his face was even more pale to the extreme.

"Impossible, how is this possible!"

Chen Dotsang was exhausting all of his mana as he tried to crash through Chen Hao's protective light shield, but found that it was all a useless effort.

This Chen Hao, why was his cultivation so powerful? Yesterday's battle, he was only a third-ranked Lunar King? Now, how to look at it, his cultivation was already above the third grade and far beyond himself!

It's terrifying, a nine-turn Yuan Shen!


The more unbelieving Chen Dotsang became, the more he tried his best, but in the end, an explosion sounded.

The two large blue dragons of the Double Dragon Formation suddenly let out an explosive sound as they ruthlessly hit the protective light shield one last time, and in the end, they were seen as if a boulder had smashed the glass, instantly shattering.

They disintegrated.

Dim Cang Chen, on the other hand, spurted blood wildly from his mouth and fell straight from the sky.


Dim Cang Chen looked at Chen Hao with a face full of horror.

Because he realized that even if he used all his strength, he would not be able to break Chen Hao's defense.

Impossible! No way!

Dim Cang Chen's eyes were all incredulous.

However, the crowd that was watching on the stage was completely unaware of what was going on.

Because just now, from above the Dragon Tower, there was an extremely dazzling light that suddenly came down, and the light flashed, causing the eyes of the crowd to close.

But when they were opened again, they found that the legendary King of South Asia, Dim Cang Chen, was already lying on the ground.


The Xiu Zhen Chen family was naturally under the Zhen Long Pagoda as well, and among them, a young lord-like person, he had originally looked at everything in front of him with a sneer, but he did not expect that this would be the result.

Could it be that even grandpa couldn't do anything about Chen Hao?

The two of them, Laughing Cang Sheng and Lin Jiu, were even more deeply shocked by this wonderful, never-before-seen fighting battle.

"Chen Hao, could it be that all of these strange techniques were obtained from Ling Xiao? No wonder, I've gone through the entire tomb, but I haven't seen any relics of these feats."

Dim Cang Chen was surprised.

At the same time, with a pale face, he slowly stood back up from the ground and stared at Chen Hao with a pair of eyes and asked.

"I had forgotten if you didn't tell me about this, I had told you about the tomb at first, but there was one thing I didn't tell you, and that was that Big Brother Ling Xiao's martial arts techniques were not in his tomb at all, but in a jade pendant, fortunately ah, I didn't tell you about this!"

Chen Hao said.

Chen nodded his head in sudden realization, "Good, interesting, too interesting!"

Dim Cang Chen didn't laugh in anger, but soon, Dim Cang Chen's words changed while he said, "But alas alas..."

Point Chen stared at Chen Hao and shook his head slightly.

"Pity about what?"

Chen Hao asked.

Chen Dim Cang said, "It's a pity that you possess a talent that others cannot obtain even if they cultivate for several lifetimes, it's a pity that you are a worldly genius, but, you are my enemy Chen Dim Cang, so you can't even escape death today!"

"Even now, when I think about it, it hurts a little, if you didn't have the Nine Revolutions Primordial Spirit hidden in your body, but my real grandson, it would be so good, our grandparents and grandchildren together, we can dominate the three worlds!"

Dim Cang Chen smiled bitterly and shook his head.

"But it's too late for that, Chen Hao, I will end you today, or else with your terrifying speed, there will be nothing left in the world to restrain you on holidays!"

Afterwards, he saw a black ghost flower suddenly emerge from within the location of Chen Doucang's heart, the ghost flower was only the size of an adult palm, but it seemed to contain an unusual amount of energy.

The ghost flower slowly floated up and suddenly shot out a light that directly enveloped Chen Doucang.


A loud sound rang out, beneath the Zhen Long Tower.

Almost everyone, felt the ground tremble slightly.

"Eh? What happened?"

"Is this an earthquake?"

The crowd was surprised.

"What kind of formation are you in again?"

Looking at the movement around him, Chen Hao couldn't help but frown.

"Borrowing the luck of the nation to sacrifice the Ancient Remnant Formation, the Ancient Remnant Formation, the Dragon Exterminating Formation!"

As soon as his words fell, Chen Dotsang placed all of his cultivation on the Ghost Flower, and even used the last bit of his true qi to impel it and beat it over.

This Ghostly Flower was the ultimate flower that Chen Dotsang had spent decades refining.

It was a transcendent magic weapon.

Borrowing its power, one could enhance one's spiritual awareness and forcefully open this magic formation.

Even technically speaking, it was already a transcendent magic tool.

Because, the process to implant this magic artifact within a person's body was simply incomprehensible to normal people, and that was, to incorporate the Ultimate Ghost Flower into the heart.

Using this Ghost Flower Dharma Artifact to operate.

And the Ultimate Ghost Flower Manifestation could be considered to be the very foundation of Chen Dotsang.

Now, in order to deal with Chen Hao, Dim Cang Chen had really risked his life.


It was simply impossible for Chen Hao to kill Chen Dimple Cang because of this Ultimate Ghost Flower Magic Artifact, and there was not a single energy in this world that could destroy him.

However, if he didn't use the Ultimate Ghost Flower Artifact to activate the Dragon Exterminating Formation, Chen Dim Cang wouldn't be able to shake Chen Hao at all.

Dim Cang Chen would never allow such a powerful demon to exist, never!!!!

The Ultimate Ghost Flower was now in full glory.

At the same time, beneath the Zhen Long Pagoda, the sky had already collapsed.

All sorts of strange dragon whistling sounds raged.

The sky instantly changed color.

Dark clouds were dense, covering thousands of miles.

The Dragon Exterminating Formation, this was an ancient formation that possessed the might of ancient powers.

Once it was sacrificed, the sky was bound to break apart.

At the bottom of the mountain, Laughing Cang Lin Jiu and the others were watching the changes around them.  

"Elder Laughing, what is that?"

Lin Jiu was surprised.

Laughing Cang shook his head.

There was even more bitterness in his heart.

Because at this point, the two of them's fighting style was simply not something he could understand anymore, as Laughing Cang Sheng.

"Chen Hao, I absolutely cannot tolerate you!"

Under the cold and crisp words.

Boom, nine black dragons, swirling with violent energy, stretched out from the earth.

The nine vicious dragons even smashed over towards Chen Hao in unison.

"In order to kill me, you're really willing to pay any price!"

A bitter smile shook his head.

But, was it possible to injure Chen Hao with this black and unkempt thing?


As Chen Hao shook his head, nine dragons circled around the Dragon Tower and had bombarded Chen Hao's protective light shield.

Immediately, it was as if two flash bombs had smashed together.

The powerful light, with the violent energy that swept across the eight directions, suddenly exploded directly at the two.

A strong wind even blew towards the crowd under the tower.


Some didn't have any cultivation at all, and were now directly swept away viciously, smashing heavily against the stone wall on the side.

The good thing was that some of the high level existences brought their men, some with higher cultivation, to fight to the death with each other.

In short, for a time, under the Zhen Long Pagoda, it was chaos.

The smoke was rolling.


And looking at Chen Hao, who had been blown into powder alive by the Dragon Exterminating Formation, Dim Cang Chen laughed up at the heavens.

However, along with Chen Dotsang's laughter, the smoke that was rolling around gradually settled down.

And Chen Dotsang's laughter was even more abruptly halted in a moment.

Because he saw that after the dust settled, the young man who had caused him a bit of fear was walking out from the smoke with both hands in his pockets.

"Huh? How is that possible?"

Chen Dotsang was simply unbelievable, he was willing to sacrifice the Ultimate Ghost Duo Flower and summon the Dragon Exterminating Formation, he was in danger of severe damage to his Yuan Shen, but he didn't expect that the Ultimate Ghost Duo Flower would shatter, the Dragon Exterminating Formation had been released, and this Chen Hao was intact.

"Mister is fine?"

Underneath the Zhen Long Tower, the laughing celestial who had finally settled down somewhat was also able to see Chen Hao above, who had actually regained his footing on top of the mountain tower after that explosion was produced.

"Impossible, how could you be fine?"

Dim Cang Chen's voice was beginning to tremble as he spoke.

How was it possible that even the Dragon Exterminating Formation could not deal with him?

Looking in front of him, Chen Hao, who always had a smirk on his lips, asked in shock.

"Of course I'm fine, this Shish Dragon Exterminating Formation of yours is just a bigger toy in my eyes..."

With both hands in his pockets, Chen Hao smiled faintly.

"You... poof!"

And pointing at Chen Hao, who had heard the news, he suddenly felt his qi and blood swell, and a large mouthful of blood, directly spurted out.

The Ancient Remnant's Restricted Great Formation was actually likened to a larger toy within Chen Hao's eyes.

And most importantly, the strongest strike that Chen Dotsang had sacrificed his life for, and the supreme magic weapon he had used, was still unable to kill Chen Hao.

The Ultimate Ghost Duo Flower was gone, but Chen Hao was still alive....

The more Chen Doucang thought about it, the more powerful the qi and blood in his heart rolled over.

In the end, he only felt dizzy in his brain, and blood continued to spill out of his mouth.

"You... you..."

Point Chen pointed at Chen Hao and trembled.

At this time, in his eyes, they were filled with reluctance and horror.

"My Ultimate Ghost Duo Flower..."

Covering his chest, Dim Cang Chen mumbled as if he had lost his soul, while he himself, in an instant, had aged for a full dozen years.

Where there was still half of a crane's hair.


Looking at Chen Hao, Dim Cang Chen gritted his teeth, but could do nothing about it.

And with both hands in his pockets, Chen Hao then slowly walked up to Dim Cang Chen and said in a faint voice .

"Dim Cang Chen, I have one more thing to tell you!"

Chen Hao said.

"what is it?"

Dim Cang Chen asked incredulously.

"In fact, against the enemy earlier, I had only used only 20% of my True Qi against you..."

"What!" Dim Cang Chen's eyes widened.

"Against the enemy just now, I've only used forty percent of my true qi!"

Chen Hao said again.

"You! How is that possible!!!"

Dim Cang Chen fell to the ground weakly.

"Why not, it's just ordinary, I'm just using 10% of my true energy to meet people!"

Chen Hao said, "I think the reason you have such a strong power and have ascended to the top of the Realm King is because of this ultimate ghost flower, right? There's also the power of the Demon Luo, it should have been poured onto it by you, it's equivalent to your original Yuan, and now that your original Yuan has been destroyed, you won't live for more than a few minutes!"

"Since you and I had some love before, I will give you half an hour of work to prepare the aftermath for yourselves for the Xiu Chen family, and after half an hour, Young Master Ben, will bloodily wash the Chen family!"

Chen Hao said sternly.

Then, with a raised leg, he kicked Chen Dotsang right off the Zhen Long Tower!


Chen Dong Yi was now incomparably pleased and shouted.

"Dad, mom, sister!"

Chen Hao was also moved and untied the ropes for them with his own hands.

In the end, he moved his gaze to the side, to Su Tongxin.


Chen Hao was a little excited.

"Do you still remember me?"

Su Tongxin, on the other hand, first stared at Chen Hao carefully for a long time before slowly saying.

"You give me a very familiar feeling, but I never knew you!"

Su Tongxin spoke truthfully about her feelings.

"Oh, it's fine, I'll find a way to restore your memories, and from then on, we'll all stay together, never to be separated again!"

Chen Hao said with a smile.

Boom Boom!

Right now, the entire Zhen Long Tower began to tremble violently.

It was going to collapse.

Chen Hao cast his spell and directly rolled the crowd down the tower.

The moment Chen Hao landed on the ground.


The Zhen Long Tower directly collapsed and fell to pieces.

Only in the next moment, everyone began to scream.

"Everyone, look, what's underneath the tower?"

And Chen Hao was also looking over there .

When he saw the sight before him, Chen Hao's eyelids, too, jumped hard...


The Zhen Long Tower directly collapsed.

First, a huge cloud of dust was raised, and dust filled the sky.

The ground beneath the Zhen Long Pagoda even cracked into a ravine.

Of course, this wasn't the key that caused the crowd to be surprised, but a colorful light that rose up into the sky.

The light was greatly dazzling.

It almost made everyone feel that inside, there was bound to be treasure.

However, Chen Hao did not move, and everyone did not dare to come close.

With the shocking battle just now, they were truly worried that if they weren't careful, they would be directly killed by this King of the Northern Realm.


Dim Cang Chen, on the other hand, was being carried speedily away by the Chen family's crowd.

Seeing this multicolored light, he stared at it and kept shouting.  

However, no one heard his shouts.

It was as if he was trying hard to block something.


The devil calculator looked towards Chen Hao.

Chen Hao nodded his head and walked towards the bottom of the tower.

Below the bottom of this tower, it turned out that a deep pit like a large well had been cracked open.

It looked more like a dungeon-like building!

The Zhen Long Tower collapsed and rose up from the ground, ripping the roof of this palace raw.

"What the hell is it?"

The crowd was impatient.

Chen Hao looked towards it.

The glowing turned out to be a colorful pool that was right in the middle of the dungeon.

This dungeon was more than twenty meters away from the ground.

Chen Hao took the Ghost Calculator and the others and leapt down.

The deeper they went.

Chen Hao had a strange feeling.

It was because the aura here was actually so abundant.

In the past, Chen Hao had cultivated, he knew how to refine pills and would make special pills to help him cultivate.

Coupled with the talent brought by the Ninth Turning Primordial Spirit, it was possible to cultivate even though it wasn't as quick as expected.

Because the Earth's aura was like this, you couldn't expect anything at all.

But now this feeling was too different from before.

The aura pours out of your nose.

The whole body is more like soaking in it.

Lin Jiu and Laughing Cang Sheng, also stared at it.

Feeling the changes that began to happen to their bodies.

Because a channel of aura had drilled into every cell of their bodies.

How to describe this feeling?

It's like, you used to be a poor boy with no money, and every day you had the luxury of getting richer, but reality has told you that getting richer is no longer possible.

You can only accept your fate, can only survive in this environment.

But you would never have imagined the thrill of this surprise that one day, suddenly a trillion, a million billion dollars were added to your account.

Even Chen Hao was shocked.

"How could there be such an abundance of aura? Where the hell is this place?"

The Laughing Cang was shocked.

Chen Hao frowned as he first took a look at the palace.

Only in the end did he drop his gaze to within the colorful ancient pool.

Contemplating a bit, he raised his head fiercely.

"Hiss, this pool of water seems to be a kind of spiritual source that Sister Ziyan told me about, right?"

A spiritual source, as the name suggests, is a source of spiritual energy, equivalent to a borehole.

It could release a lot of spirit source in.

After passing on hundreds of thousands of years ago, there existed a time on Earth when cultivators existed.

At that time, there were cultivators all over, great gods all over the place, and even great powers, who condensed their indestructible golden bodies.

It was important to know that starting from a monk, every level of cultivation crossing was extremely costly.

How difficult it was to go from monk, to reincarnation king, and then to break through the real person, and that legendary Earth Immortal level.

But at that time, there was actually someone who could condense an indestructible golden body.

Nowadays, it was hard to say if there was even a Ninth Grade Wheel King in this world, let alone a real person.

The reason was because of the sudden depletion of the spiritual energy on the surface of the Earth.

This caused the heaven and earth to be in turmoil, and heavenly calamities to occur frequently, and the Age of Truth, after all, died out quickly because of this.

Those who were able to escape the natural calamity fortunately discovered in time that the Earth was not solid at all, but hollow.

A world still existed between the Earth's crust and the Earth's core.

That world, using the Earth's core as an energy source, was equivalent to the sun.

For hundreds of thousands of years, it had survived and developed there.

However, there was no way to recover the previous peak of cultivation.

One had to know that the Earth in the past was filled with spiritual sources everywhere.

I never imagined that underneath this Zhen Long Pagoda, there was a location of a spiritual source.

If I had cultivated here in the past, although it would have been difficult for me to break through to a True Man, it wouldn't have been a problem to reach the Eighth Grade Wheel King!

Chen Hao surmised in his mind.

"Sir, it seems like someone has been here before, and there are other things in here!"

The Ghost Abacus had already inspected the area once, and now hurriedly said.

"Let the people of Xuan Yang Palace, blockade the vicinity of the Zhen Long Tower, no one can enter!"

With a faint command, Lin Jiu immediately went ahead and did it.

Only then was Chen Hao's gaze able to leave this spirit source and look elsewhere.

Although this palace wasn't large, it was a mahjong, but it had all five organs.

In one corner, there was a coffin.

Chen Hao approached and took a look.

Inside the coffin was no one else, it was the War God of the Heavens.

On that day, Chen dim cang killed the python and stole the corpse of big brother Ling Xiao, originally, stored here, no wonder, this old man would choose this place as the dueling ground with me.

Because in the palace, there was also a large alchemy furnace.

Chen Hao knew, I'm afraid this was used by Dim Cang Chen to refine himself.

If I hadn't broken through the fifth grade of cultivator, I'm afraid that I would have fallen into Dim Cang Chen's hands.

Chen Hao was a little sobbing.

"Sir, look, there's another ancient book here!"

The devil calculator now picked up a parchment book and called out to Chen Hao in some surprise.

Chen Hao brought it over from its hands.

The sheepskin scroll book was already a bit scattered due to its age.

But it was still possible to clearly understand the contents of it.

On it, first, there was a strange plant pattern.

Then, there were two maps.

Right behind it, there were some textual descriptions.

It seemed that Dim Cang Chen had spent a lot of time studying this kind of ancient book, as most of these texts had been marked by him.

"Sir, this Goatskin Ancient Scroll, what does it tell about?" Laughing Cang asked.

"First of all, this plant, if I'm not mistaken, this mysterious ancient plant seems to be the Yuan Xin Grass recorded in an ancient alchemy book taught to me by Big Brother Ling Xiao!"

Chen Hao carefully looked over the plant and said with some seriousness.

"Yuan Xin Grass?"

Laughing Cang and Ghost Abacus were both unsure.

Chen Hao said to himself, "This Yuan Xin Grass, is the main refining material for the Jin Yuan Pill, not to mention now, even in the current realm, this ancient Yuan Xin Grass plant has become extinct, even during the time of the former cultivation civilization, Yuan Xin Grass was one of the extremely precious materials! Very rare!"

Thinking about the records in the ancient alchemy books, Chen Hao told them.

"Ancient materials for the Jin Yuan Pill? My God!"

Laughing Cang's entire jaw nearly dropped at the news.

"Elder Laughing, you know about the Jin Yuan Pill?"

The ghost calculator on the side was a little surprised and asked.

"Of course I know, this Jin Yuan Pill, but it is an indispensable material for stepping into the realm of a real person from the Wheel King, it's already difficult to become a Wheel King, and in a thousand centuries, it's not like no one has ever reached the ninth grade of the Wheel King realm, but just because they don't have the Jin Yuan Pill, they can't become a real person at all! There's never been one person..."

Laughing Cang sobbed.

"I never thought this Jin Yuan Pill would be so crucial!" Ghost Calculator nodded.

"That's right, this Origin Heart Grass can't be found at all, so let alone the Jin Yuan Pill, without its assistance, rashly breaking through will only result in a broken body in the end!"

After Chen Hao explained, he looked over the next content again.

This was a map.

After a glance, Chen Hao's eyelids thudded and his whole body was even more shaken!


"Sir, what does this map say?"

When Ghost Calculator saw Chen Hao's expression, he could not help but ask.

"There are a total of two maps, one pair shows the entrance into the Realm. As for the other pair, its location seems to be in an area between the realm and the surface of the Earth, and it's marked as if it's where this Origin Heart Grass is located ah!"

This was exactly what surprised Chen Hao.

According to common sense, finding the Origin Heart Grass was as difficult as finding a grain of sand in the middle of a vast ocean.

However, in these things that Chen Dotsang had obtained, he had actually marked the location of the Origin Heart Grass.

This discovery still made Chen Hao very excited.

Poor Chen Doucang(Dim Cang Chen), he had planned it all out, but he never thought that he would get a dowry for himself, right?

It seemed that Chen Doucang had learned where the Yuan Xin Grass was, and by borrowing him, Chen Doucang could break through to the legendary realm of a real person, and using his own Nine Revolutions Yuan Shen to bless him, he could indeed cultivate to a particularly high realm.

It was just that he had missed a step.

Even if he were to sacrifice the Dragon Exterminating Formation, he would not be his enemy.  

No wonder he was full of resignation as he lay dying.

"Sir? , and this thing, it looks like a legendary nano-ring!"

Ancestor Laughing took an ancient ring from the side again.

When Chen Ge took a look, it was not exactly a magical artifact that existed in the ancient era, the Nascent Ring, as described by Sister Ziyan.

"Dim Cang Chen, I think you've gotten too many good things!"

Chen Hao looked over the Nascent Ring carefully.

"Sir, can you use this thing? I've just heard of it in some old books!"

The Laughing Cang asked in confusion.

Chen Hao had a smile on his lips, "How difficult is that!"

A little spiritual awareness through it.

Instantly the two, built a bridge of communication.

Within this Nascent Ring, there was about nearly two hundred square feet of wide space, and within it, there were quite a few good things placed by Chen Dim Sum.

Chen Hao used his Spiritual Sense to take a general glance inside.

Most of them were some expensive medicinal herbs, even ones that had become extinct.


When the Spiritual Sense moved again, it saw the Goatskin Ancient Scroll in his hand transform into a shadow of light that was contained within the Nascent Ring.

Laughing Cang shouted straightforwardly good tactics.

The corpse of Big Brother Ling Xiao was also absorbed into the Nasal Ring, along with Chen Hao. If there was a chance in the future, I would still have to give Big Brother Ling Xiao's corpse to Sister Zi Yan.

"Here, I am going to use the power of the Dragon's Blood Jade Pendant to set up a method to seal it up, Master Ghost, you send Xuan Yang Palace people to take good care of it!"

Afterwards, Chen Hao commanded.

"I understand!"

"Well, during this period of time, I first need to help Tongxin recover her memory, she was given a special drug that cleared all traces of her brain, in the long run, it will leave her body with great trauma, so during this period of time, the three of you will be more attentive to the big and small matters within the palace!"

Chen Hao said.

It was naturally no problem to collect the clustered Chen family.

And now Chen Hao had obtained the Spiritual Source, as well as all the treasures that Dim Cang Chen had collected.

In particular, some of the precious medicinal herbs left behind by Dim Cang Chen were of great help in helping Su Tongxin recover her memories.

Naturally, the instantly unsupported South Vietnam, but at the moment, the King of the North could not wait for the King to enter, so the area of the Zhen Long Tower, as a restricted area, belonged to the Xuan Yang Palace.

As long as Chen Hao could promise to protect the peace of the South Vietnam Kingdom.

This was an incomparably good deal for Chen Hao.

Naturally, the matter of the Spiritual Source was no small matter and would easily cause other parties to fight over it.

So in order to avoid interference, Chen Hao also concealed the news.

In addition to using the Spiritual Source himself, Chen Hao instead also made the Spiritual Source into some sort of diverting potion to supply the Xuan Yang Palace people's cultivation.

In the blink of an eye, five years had already passed in this state....

At this moment, within South Vietnam, the original location of the existence of the Zhen Long Pagoda had turned into a castle-like building at this moment.

Outside of this building, there was not only a heavy sickness guarding it, but there were also strong cultivators closely guarding it.

No one dared to approach within a radius of a hundred miles.

"Mister isn't coming out yet?"

At the core, outside of a mysterious stone cave, a full ten senile old men stood on either side.

They were muttering quietly.

One of the old men, however, was pacing back and forth with his hands behind his back.

"I say Laughing Elder, can you stop spinning around, I'm losing my eyesight when I see old man!"

Elder Lin Jiu could not help but shake his head and laugh.

The remaining eight people were also accusing the Laughing Cang.

The remaining eight elders were those who had grown up from the Xuan Yang Palace along with Chen Hao's cultivation.

There were also strong individuals who had joined Chen Hao in the later stages.

Because in five years, there were far too many strong people who had joined the King of the Northern Realm.

It had already formed a scale.

The ten elders of the Xuan Yang Palace had also appeared from this.

They were the top-ranking and right-hand men under the King of the Northern Realm.

"You guys stop arguing!"

Only then did an old voice sounded and the crowd immediately became respectful.

"Master Ghost!"

The ten elders bowed slightly.

And when they saw that there was a beautiful woman walking beside the Ghost Master, these ten people, even more so, dared not breathe in respect.

"Miss Su!"

Ten people said again.

This beautiful woman, who else could it be if not Su Tongxin.

After five years of Chen Hao's attentive treatment and care, Su Tongxin had recovered seven or eight percent of her previous memory.

If it wasn't for the constant provocations from outside forces over the past five years, I'm afraid the two would have finished their marriage long ago.

"Mister has been taking care of Miss Su all these years, in order to help Miss Su recover her memories, the two of them even went back to Jinling for a short stay of three years, now Mister has closed for a year to cultivate, today on the day he leaves the gate, seeing you guys are so imprecise, beware of bearing Mister's wrath ah!"

"And don't you forget that time a year ago when Miss Su was almost recaptured back by the Boundary!"

The devil's calculator warned.

The ten elders repeatedly said yes, on tenterhooks.

A year ago, in order to deal with multiple powerful enemies, Chen Hao chose to close the door.

And it was also at this time that the Qin Family, the great family of the Realm, authorized them to come and snatch Miss Su Tongxin from the surface.

It was only after the ten elders fought to the death that Miss Su was retained.

It was already considered common for some powers in the Realm to send people to establish family power on the surface and interfere in Earth matters like this.

And similar to Dim Cang Chen, there were quite a few Wheel King forces that secretly colluded with the realm forces and were willing to become puppets.

These grudges, coupled with the fact that the matter of the Spirit Source two years ago was still known to the remaining powers.

Thus, strife had continued in recent years.


At this moment, the green stone door at the entrance of the dungeon suddenly trembled a little.

Immediately following, the stone door slowly opened.

Everyone quieted down.

Su Tongxin, on the other hand, also looked towards the stone door with a pretty face that was slightly red.

Her heart was agitated.

Mr. Chen... was coming out of the gate!



With a loud bang, the stone door finally opened.

And Chen Hao, slowly walked out of it.

In five years, Chen Hao's appearance didn't seem to have changed at all.

To say that it had changed, it was only Chen Hao's temperament.

He now had the complete air of a superior person.


The crowd bent ninety degrees and bowed deeply to Chen Hao.


Chen Hao faintly nodded his head and looked towards Su Tongxin.

"Little Hao, you've finally come out!" Su Tongxin said

"Yeah, I have to speed up my cultivation, otherwise, there's no way to deal with the continuous harassment of the Hall of Multitude and those Wheel Kings for a while!"

Chen Hao said.

"Sir, you are now in a remarkable state of strength, this cultivation, could it be that you have already broken through the eighth grade? Becoming an Eighth Grade Wheel King?"

Laughing Cang looked at Chen Hao's change and was now surprised.

"That's right, thanks to the help of Spirit Source, I actually broke through the eighth grade half a year ago, but with eight years remaining, but I can't go any further!"

The Ninth Grade was the most of the side realms, and it was not easy to reach the top, even if Chen Hao wanted to break through the Ninth Grade, it was by no means easy.

Moreover, this second half of the year's hard cultivation also gave Chen Hao a clear sense of the difficulty of reaching the ninth grade of the Wheel King Realm.

Even more often than not, Chen Hao had developed a demon.

Seriously doubting himself now.

Because in the past, cultivation, regardless of whether one broke through or not, would produce some sort of sensation.

But in the process of the eight-grade impacting the ninth grade, every cultivation seemed like a stone sinking into the sea, with no effect at all.

It made Chen Hao's heart anxious.

Oh, to think that at first, Chen Hao had obtained the Origin Heart Grass Map and planned to break through the ninth grade and go in search of the Origin Heart Grass to one day reach the legendary realm of a real person.

At that time, Chen Hao was only able to have a real voice in front of the entire Zong Luo Hall.

But this year of cultivation had brought Chen Hao back to reality.

How difficult it had been to break through the ninth grade, there was no hope in sight, let alone that legendary real person!

"Has anything happened to me during these days of seclusion?"

Chen Hao asked.

At this, the ten elders all bowed their heads.

Still, the Ghost Abacus said, "Mister, a year ago, the Qin family of that realm, had sent someone to ask for Miss Su to return, and said that if Mister... again..."

The devil's advocate hesitated at the end.

" what?"

Chen Hao frowned.

The Qin family of the Realm was the same Qin family that had taken Tongxin in.

The Qin family was very powerful in the Realm, and had supported quite a few forces on Earth over the years.

If it wasn't for Dim Cang Chen secretly colluding with them, I'm afraid I wouldn't have known when I would be able to find Tongxin.

Naturally, it was inevitable that there had been some dealings with them over the years as well.

Behind the Qin family, on the other hand, was the Sun Alliance.

It was also precisely what made Chen Hao scrupulous.

That was why he hurried to cultivate.

After all, he was still a bit too weak in front of them.

"They say that if you continue to be stubborn, the one dealing with you will not be this Qin family on the surface, but a real expert sent by the Qin family to kill Mister!"

The devil's advocate said truthfully.

"I know!"

Chen Hao frowned.

Seeing the expression on Chen Hao's face, the devil calculator wanted to stop speaking, but he forced the rest of his words down.

Su Tongxin, on the other hand, was also very self-conscious and lowered her head.

These subtle expressions of theirs still drew Chen Hao's attention.

"Is it those people from the Hall of Multitude Luo who are making trouble again?"

Chen Hao said.

"They often come to make trouble, and we're used to it!"

"What about my parents and my sister and the others?"

Chen Hao frowned and asked.


Ghost Calculator's old face stiffened, his face instantly going pale.

The ten elders, on the other hand, even bowed and lowered their heads, not even daring to breathe.

As for Su Tongxin, two lines of tears were now flowing down.

They covered their mouths and wept.

"What's wrong? What the hell happened?"

Chen Hao's voice said.

The ten elders directly knelt down.

Su Tongxin, on the other hand, cried even louder.

The Ghost Calculator swallowed his saliva and continued.

"A year ago, we had a battle with the Surface Qin Family, and at that time, even the Realm Qin Family flooded in! We're no match for them! They want to capture Miss Tongxin and kill you! We have three days to hand over the lady, or they will slaughter the city!"

"And then what?" Chen Hao's eyes were a little red.

"This Realm Qin family, ignoring the agreement they signed earlier with the Hall of Multitude Luo, killed quite a few people from the Chen family! Young Master Yonghao had his eyes gouged out and his tongue cut out just for theorizing with them!"

"Elder Lin Jiu, had an arm cut off raw!"

Chen Hao's heart shook wildly.


Thinking about his godbrother, he had suffered too much following him, and now it was time for him to enjoy it, but because of himself, he became like this.

And Lin Jiu....

Chen Hao looked towards Lin Jiu.

Only then did he realize that one of Lin Jiu's arms was already gone.

With tears in her eyes, Chen Hao grabbed Lin Jiu's empty sleeve.

Dumbfoundedly, he looked at Lin Jiu.

"Ahem, sir, don't forget, I'm left-handed, this right hand was cut off by them, I feel more comfortable this way instead!"

Lin Jiu moistened his eyes.

Chen Hao choked for a moment.

He turned back to look at the ghost calculator coldly, "What happened later?"

"At that time, we had already hidden Miss Su without her knowledge, and I knew that they were not only coming to capture Miss Su, but also to plunder our spiritual source on behalf of the Qin family, to help the Qin family, become the king of the North, and kill you, sir! Therefore, the people of the Xuan Yang Palace, died without telling them your location!"

"And in order to warn Sir, they first did it to Young Master Yonghao, followed by your family, they broke the legs of the Master and Wife and chained them with iron chains, and they also took Miss Chen Xiao away, saying that they wanted Miss Chen Xiao, to be a cow and a horse for a hundred years for their Boundary Qin family!"

Ghostly said.

"What did you say!!!"

Chen Hao roared.

True Qi was exposed, and his eyes were filled with endless killing intent.

"Sir, this is all my attention alone, and I'll hide it from you for now, because as soon as you appear, they will surely kill you, and then it will all be over, everyone will be bloodied by the Qin family, and then they will ascend to the throne of King of the North. All these years, we have also made a lot of contributions to the Zhong Luo Hall, although there are some conflicts, but they eventually could not see it, so they came out to mediate, and gave us a year's time for you to personally bring Miss Su back after one year, and ascend to claim death! Only then did the Chen family survive!"

The ghost calculator knelt on the ground and cried bitterly.

Although Chen Hao was furious, he also knew that this was probably the best outcome, otherwise, he would be slaughtered by the Qin family.

By then, the number of people who would die for him would be even more unknown.

Just sister... and her own family!

Thinking of this, Chen Hao clenched his fists....


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