The Unknown Heir 801-805


Right now, within the back of the Xuan Yang Palace.

Chen Hao had previously booked a manor here.

It was specifically used to house Tongxin and his own family.

It was also called Chen's Manor.

Within this year, Chen Hao had also refined the source stones within the Spiritual Source.

He wanted to move the entire spirit source pool to the Chen family island in the South Seas.

At that time, the restoration of the Chen family's estate, along with his own Xuan Yang Palace, could be used as a base.

But this was a big project, and without ten years of light, it couldn't be completed.

And thus, the Chen Family was temporarily formed here.

Inside the manor.

A small fat man was crawling on the ground, he had no eyes, couldn't speak, and had broken tendons in his arms and legs.  

It made his life extremely inconvenient.

On the other hand, there were Chen Hao's parents, sitting in a wheelchair.

Calling the servants to rush to assist the little fatty.

"Slow down, don't let Little Ho fall!"

Chen Nearing said worriedly.

"Master, Young Master Yonghao seems to be writing something on the floor!"

The maid.

"What does it say?"

Near East Chan asked.

"He's writing, when will my brother come out? Is my sister still alive?"

The maid whispered, "Young Master Yonghao has been writing like this for several days in a row!"


Chen Nearing sighed aloud.

His face was ugly.

"Let him write it, maybe that way, Yonghao will feel better!"

Chen Near East closed his eyes and shed tears.

And then, the eyes of the two mouths of Chen Near East suddenly glazed over.

Looking towards the doorway, each was a little choked up.

Chen Hao, on the other hand, also had wet red eyes.

Because, not even the maids had noticed that Chen Hao had been standing here for a long time.

"Yonghao, Dad, Mom! I'm coming!"

Chen Hao said.

Two violent shuddering sobs from Chen Near East.


Huang Yonghao, on the other hand, was even more shaken, and the pen in his hand fell straight to the ground.

"Ah! Ah!"

Huang Yonghao struggled to get up from the ground.

His tongue had been cut out by the Qin family, so he couldn't speak.

But Chen Hao could know what he was shouting at himself.

Five years ago, when he took care of Dim Cang Chen himself, it was to bring all of Yonghao and the others over to South Vietnam.

Originally, I wanted him to take charge of some of the Chen family assets and let him live a carefree life.

But I didn't expect that I had caused him to become like this.

"Yonghao, I'm back!"

Picking Huang Yonghao up, Chen Hao's eyes were filled with tears.


My sister was captured by the Boundary Qin family and worked as a cow, and her family was persecuted.

This blow after Chen Hao was released from the gate was not insignificant.

Chen Hao's entire body was lit up with flames of hatred.

The entire Xuan Yang Palace seemed to be able to feel Chen Hao's anger.

For several days in a row, no one dared to take a half step near Chen Hao's side.

"This Qin family, where is it?"

On this day, Chen Hao called for the ten elders, and could not help but ask.

"The Qin family, now in Song City in the southeast coastal region, they are a newly supported force by the Realm's Qin family, aiming to occupy the spirit source while having them as the new king of the North! The current head of the Qin family, called Qin Zhen, is very strong, at least at the Wheel King realm, and has even more experts under him, even with the addition of people from the realm!"

The devil calculator said.

"So Young Master Chen you want to seek revenge on him, if you go now, it's like seeking your own death ah!"

Ghost Calculator said worriedly.

"Naturally, I know this, so these days, I've already thought of a solution!"

The Qin family had the backing of the Realm Qin family, and based on Tongxin's understanding, it was highly likely that there were real-life level cultivators within the Realm Qin family.

Even Earth Immortals might even exist.

After all, the Realm's Qin Family was too deeply rooted in the Realm.

Although Chen Hao had the Nine Revolutions Primordial Spirit and an exceptional cultivation speed, he did not dare to be careless.

To be honest, he fought against Dim Cang Chen five years ago.

Fortunately, he was only a Third Grade Wheel King, and if he and himself were also at the same cultivation level of Fifth Grade Wheel King, then that formation would have been enough to destroy him without any ability to fight at all.

Not to mention, confronting the Qin family this time.

"Sir, what's your best countermeasure?"

The devil calculator asked.

"I first healed Yonghao and my parents' injuries, now, I've searched for a hidden place, I want Xuan Yang Palace and the Chen family, relocate the family there for a while, and never show their face until I return."

"As for this spirit source, I have already made it into many spirit agents, when the time comes, to supply the Xuan Yang Palace people for cultivation, I don't think five years will be a problem! The words of this South Vietnam Spiritual Source, announce it completely to the outside world, I believe that the rest of the powers will not just stand by and watch the Qin family take it for themselves!"

Chen Hao said.

"Subordinate understands, then sir, you are not planning to search for this Yuan Xin Grass, are you?"

The devil had thought about it slightly and had understood.

"Well, I've thought about it, although I don't dare to aspire to be an Earth Immortal, becoming a real person, if I have the right chance and work hard to cultivate, there is still a glimmer of hope, of course, only if I can find the Origin Heart Grass."

Chen Hao said.

Now, I'm afraid that only by becoming a real person himself, he would have the ability to defend himself.

Try to ask, if he was a real person now, would that Qin family still dare to be so reckless?

Even if he was facing the Realm's Qin family, he at least need to have the strength to defend himself.

Not to be passive at every turn.

"At this time, this is indeed a way to deal with the Qin family, but sir, to find the Origin Heart Grass, even though there is a map, it is still difficult, and becoming a real person is not an easy task ah, so what I mean is that sir can stay, a piece of seclusion!"

Thinking of the difficulties of becoming a real person, the ghost calculator said.

Even Laughing Cang Sheng and the others nodded their heads in recognition.

Let's be honest, even Lin Jiu Laughing Cang Sheng and the others could see it.

Eighth-grade Wheel King, I'm afraid that Mr. Chen had already touched the ceiling of his cultivation.

In this life, it was a great fortune to be able to break through the ninth grade, and finding the ancient medicinal herb Yuan Xin Grass, not to mention searching for the moon at the bottom of the sea, even if he did find it, I'm afraid it would be difficult to break through the real person.

After all, the Primordial Heart Grass was only one of the conditions for breaking through to a real person.

It was safe to say that everyone was not very optimistic.

And how could Chen Hao not understand the painstaking efforts of these people.

This was a problem that Chen Hao had been thinking about for seven days now.

"Alright, there's no need to persuade anyone anymore, tonight, let's relocate our family, from now on in this world, there will be no more King of the North, no more Xuan Yang Palace, and no more Chen family, and three days later, it will be the day I hold my wedding with Tongxin, and then we'll be brothers and get drunk!"

Chen Hao smiled.

Seeing that Chen Hao had already made up his mind.

What else did the crowd have to say.

Now, they all unfolded their smiling faces, "Good, next let's put our minds on Mr. and Miss Su's wedding!"

"Who cares about the bullshit Qin Family, the Realm Qin Family, the Hall of Multiluo, etc., all of you, get lost, we will, in the future, dive into our cultivation and just wait for Mr. Triumphant Return!"

The Laughing Cang also laughed and said....


Crackle crackle crackle....

It was night.

The sound of a bonfire sounded like a popping bean as the phosphorescent green fire burned brightly.

Chen Hao sat beside the bonfire, adding wood to the fire as he looked up and surveyed the surrounding green and dense forest.

In the middle of the night, the dense forest added a bizarre atmosphere.

The somewhat chilly environment was such that even Chen Hao of the Wheel King Realm had to use the campfire many times to warm himself up.

Because, this was no longer the surface of the Earth.

Instead, it was entering the realm.

A full month had passed since the completion of the wedding banquet with Tongxin.

The Chen family and Xuan Yang Palace had also settled down.

With Tongxin, the marriage was completed as well.  

But Chen Hao didn't feel relieved.

Because he didn't know when this wonderful warmth would cease to exist again.

The Surface Qin Family was eyeing the ground, while the Realm Qin Family was ready to attack.

Chen Hao simply couldn't fight against them.

Therefore, he had to improve his cultivation in order to protect his family's well-being.

Chen Hao was the one who went to the Boundary Realm alone.

The current location Chen Hao was in was the outer edge of the Boundary Realm, a place called Di Du.

According to the records on the map, the Primordial Heart Grass grew here.

Although this place was already underground.

But it had the Earth's core as a sun.

Rather, it wasn't much different from the Earth's surface.

For example, there are still big mountains, rivers, and a dense jungle like this area now.

It was somewhat like a reflected Earth.

In a month's time, Chen Hao had already become familiar with the environment here.

There were dense monsters and beasts, and some large prehistoric creatures that Chen Hao had also encountered.

And Chen Hao's food was some of the prehistoric civilization's food from hunting.

"Hmph, brat, so you're here!"

Just at this moment.

The forest suddenly swayed, followed by three figures that swept by at the speed of light.

Suddenly, they appeared in front of Chen Hao.

These were three rough-looking middle-aged people.

"You guys have really worked hard to find me all the way here?"

From the campfire, Chen Hao took out a piece of beef and put it in his mouth to take a few bites.

These three people were all natives of the Boundary Land Capital, road blocking robbers.

In this part of the world, no one was rarely killed by them.

And each of the three were also not low in cultivation, one of them was a ninth grade cultivator, while the other two were third grade Wheel Kings.

They had pestered Chen Hao back when he had first entered.

However, Chen Hao, who was unfamiliar with the situation, let them all go a few times.

Unexpectedly, just a few days later, the three of them caught up again.

These three caught up again.

"Looks like this time, you guys won't let up easily?"

Chen Hao laughed.

"Nonsense, brat, you don't even ask around, in this area, no one has been able to slip away from the three of my brothers, just you?"

The three of them sneered and walked over towards Chen Hao.

It seemed that this time, they were bound to make Chen Hao pay for it.

And as Chen Hao looked at the bonfire, his fingers were already working slightly, things had come to this point, he was already cold-blooded, so he might as well be here and finish off these three people once and for all to avoid any future trouble.


And at this moment, next to it, the sound of footsteps was heard again.

A full seven more people were seen, slowly walking over towards this side.

This caused Chen Hao and the three people across the street to be startled and look over there.

Those seven people were six men and one woman.

One of them was headed by a cloaked old man, who was carrying a cane and, by the looks of it, was blind in both eyes.

Only, but he was a very skillful walker on the soles of his feet.

The seven of them had a fury about them.

As the seven of them approached, even the fire of the bonfire in front of Chen Hao was windless.

It was deflected towards one side.

It looked like the strength of each was not to be underestimated.

Swish, swish.

Only three silver markers were seen, shooting directly at a tree.

Each of these three silver markers, each one, had seven skulls on it, looking very terrifying.

The three robbers were stunned, then they were filled with fear.

"What? Surprisingly, it's Lord Earthdu's Seven Friends!"

Then, we saw the three of them poof and kowtow straight away.

"Seven lords, I didn't know that seven lords were here, much to our displeasure, we will quickly take our leave and disappear seven miles away!"

After the three of them kowtowed.

Without waiting for the Seven Deadly Furies to respond, they gave Chen Hao a hateful glance, then disappeared like light.

And Chen Hao turned a blind eye.

After giving them a glance, he then bowed his head and continued eating.

Those people glanced coldly towards Chen Hao with a flash of killing intent in their eyes, but it was clear that it wasn't Chen Hao that they wanted to target.

Instead, they sat down quietly at the side and closed their eyes, as if they were waiting for something.

As expected.

A moment later.

A rush of footsteps ran over, it was a woman, running in a great hurry.

It seemed like she was being chased.

After seeing the seven people lying across the intersection, the woman's footsteps paused.

Then her eyes were filled with despair.

The people behind her were also in an instant, catching up.

The one leading was a young man in a long robe.

"Hahaha, Miss Zhou Nuo, run, keep running, why don't you stop running?"

This robed youth sneered and looked at her with his hands behind his back and laughed.

"Ma Zi Qiang, your Ma family, attacked our Zhou family, I will definitely take revenge for this!"

The woman, Zhou Nuo, had a flash of determination in her eyes.

"Very well, I'll wait for your report, but I guess we'll have to settle things in bed, what's up? Come back with me, let's fight for 300 rounds and see if we can survive. Hahaha!"

Everyone at the scene laughed out loud at this obscenity.

"Simply insolent!"

Zhou Nuo raised his hand to return the blow, it looked like the woman was already a cultivator of the fifth grade, but she was still a bit too weak in front of that Ma Zi Qiang, and was knocked back to the ground with a single slap.

It was just bad enough that she fell not far from Chen Hao's location.

She struggled to get up and watched as the people on both sides closed in towards her.

Suddenly, she turned her head to look at Chen Hao for help.

"This big brother, can you save my life!?"

Zhou Nuo said.

And Chen Hao just ate on his own and didn't say anything.

"So, you're also a lackey of the Ma family!"

Zhou Nuo was completely desperate.

"I don't know any horse family? Only I'm here on business, plain and simple, so why should I save you?"

Chen Hao didn't understand what enmity the two families had, and wasn't willing to get involved in this muddle.

And listening to Chen Hao talk like this and be so calm.

"I'm begging you, they Ma family harmed my family, I had a hard time escaping, I still want revenge, as long as you are willing to save me today, I'm willing to do whatever you want in the future, I'm willing to be an ox, all at your disposal!"

Zhou Nuo bit her teeth and cried out.

"Or not, there are one or two experts in this group, I don't want to have multiple burdens around me!"

Chen Hao shook his head.


Zhou Nuo was simply furious.

Now that he was in a life-or-death situation, this person, you said he was evil, but he looked a bit like a humble gentleman.

You said he was a good man, but all he wanted was his own interests.

But the point is, although this man is young, he has an extraordinary magnanimity and looks like a master.

All of his own hopes were on him.

"Miss Zhou Nuo, stop struggling, don't let me hurt you anymore, haha!"

Ma Zi Qiang came over with a sardonic smile.

"You wait, Ma Zi Qiang, what a blind dog, can't you see that my fiancé is so?"

Zhou Nuo bit his lips, then pointed directly at Chen Hao and shouted.



Of course, Chen Hao knew what this woman called Zhou Nuo wanted.

At the same time, there was some anger in her heart.

I'm afraid she didn't know what the impact of this statement brought to her, right?

Because at this moment, the eyes of Ma Zi Qiang and the others looking at Chen Hao changed.

"Fiancé? Interesting? Kid, which son of Ditu are you?"

Ma Zi Qiang sneered.

And Zhou Nuo, biting her lips, now immediately ran behind Chen Hao.

It could actually be seen that she was a very strong girl, and the current move was really helpless.

It's just that I don't know if this young man can beat Seven Friends and Ma Zi Qiang ah, but as long as there's a slight chance to live, Zhou Nuo won't give up.

"It's up to you!"

Zhou Nuo looked at Chen Hao in her heart.

Only what she did not expect was.

"I'm not either! Also, I'm not this woman's fiancé, we've never met, we're just passersby, this Young Master Ma, you can ignore me as much as you want, and take revenge!"

Chen Hao couldn't help but look at Zhou Nuo and laugh.

Jokes, are you just giving yourself to be used casually?


And Zhou Nuo instantly stared at him.

She didn't expect that this seemingly humble gentleman-like person would be so ruthless.

Right now, she was directly speechless.

Especially after Chen Hao finished speaking, he actually walked away with his hands behind his back.

Holy shit, is there such a person in this world?

I, zhou Nou, am so blind!

"Ahahahahaha, did you hear that Zhou nou? You're a noble Miss of the Zhou family, but you've been set off, and do you really think that this young man is so gullible?"

Ma Zi Qiang held his stomach.

"The reason why your Ma family is so vicious is just to obtain the Origin Heart Grass, now that the plans for the mechanism in the Underworld Valley have been obtained from the Zhou family, do you really want to drive them to extinction?"

Zhou Nuo clutched her pink fist, now with tears in her eyes.

"Of course ah, in Young Master Ben's heart, Miss Zhou is just as important, or even more enjoyable than, the Organ Drawings of the Underworld Valley!"

"Seven Devils, listen, you guys should go back for now, I'm already furious and want to make love to Miss Zhou Nuo here, don't come over without my order!"

While undoing his clothes, Ma Zi Qiang smiled obscenely.

And the Seven Deadly Furies, having heard that they already knew about Young Master Ma madness, directly withdrew at that moment.

"You shameless bastard, son-of-a-bitch!"

Zhou Nuo had tears in both eyes and was filled with despair.

In her hand, she secretly touched a short dagger.

She had decided to end her own life at any time.

The Zhou family had perished, and she wanted to preserve the last shred of the Zhou family's face.

She would rather die than be humiliated.

"Hahaha, baby, I'm coming!"

Young Master Ma finished taking off his shirt and was now directly pouncing towards Zhou Nuo.


Just as Young Master Ma jumped over and Zhou Nuo raised his dagger and closed his eyes in preparation for suicide.

Just heard a sound.

A hand, clasped Young Master Ma shoulder.

Zhou Nuo opened his eyes, it turned out that it was the young man who had just left, but now he had actually returned.

What's more, he appeared behind Young Master Ma's back at some point.

"Damn it, brat? Do you want to die? Do you want to be a hero? Do you know what paying everyone is?"

Ma Zi Qiang was furious, with a face of killing intent.

Chen Hao smiled faintly at this moment and said, "Just now, I heard you say the map of the Underworld Valley's organs, I think that's the key to finding the Origin Heart Grass, right?"

"Bastard, even with a dog like you, you dare to hit on the Yuan Xin Grass, I see that you seek death!"

Ma Zi Qiang roared.

He raised his fist and punched towards Chen Hao's face.


Chen Hao, on the other hand, went up and smacked Ma Zi Qiang mouth, directly smacking him to the ground.

Jokes aside, this Ma Zi Qiang looked like he was only at the first grade of the Wheel King realm.

It was naturally not a problem for Chen Hao to take care of him.


Ma Zi Qiang covered his face and looked at Chen Hao incredulously, never expecting this person to be this strong.

"I'm asking you something, answer me!"

Chen Hao said.

"That's right, the map of the Underworld Valley's organs is the key to the Yuan Xin Grass, only, now that it has been snatched by me, it is now the property of our Ma Family, brother, could it be that you have never heard of my Earth Capital Ma Family?"

Ma Zi Qiang knew he was no match.

And that Seven Friends, Ma didn't know where they had rolled off to.

The only thing he could do now was to endure the humiliation.

"I say, every time I follow the map and travel to the Underworld Valley, the surrounding area is full of mist, it seems that I guessed right, there are some special mechanism formations set up there!"

Only then did Chen Hao realize it.

Presently his eyes also lit up.

"You mean the map is in your possession?"

Chen Hao was pleasantly surprised.

"Not bad, brother, your strength is really good, but the power of the Earth Capital Horse Family, you only need to ask around a little to understand, I can forgive you for being rude to me today, but if you want to touch the map, I advise you to better..."


He didn't finish his sentence, but Chen Hao gave him another mouthful, toppling Young Master Ma to the ground.

What's more, he stomped on his face: "What a treadmill, I've been looking for this for a full month, and it was on your body!"

"who the hell are you?"

Ma Zi Qiang was frightened.

This guy, he didn't have any jianghu routine at all, he didn't follow the rules at all ah.

He had already reported himself, but he didn't listen at all ah.

"It doesn't matter who I am, the important thing is that since I came across this map, then I got it, and you guys robbed it anyway!"

Chen Hao smiled coldly.

Presently, he saw a parcel wrapped around Ma Zi Qiang's waist.

Chen Hao lifted his hand and inhaled, this parcel entered his hand.

"I will know how to pick the Yuan Xin Grass, you save me from going!"

And as if Zhou Nuo had grasped a straw now, she said.


Chen Hao smiled slightly.

Now he took his things and wanted to leave.

"Bastard, how dare you be rude to Young Master Ma, looking for death!"

And as soon as Chen Hao turned around, brush brush brush.

A full seven silhouettes flew straight at him.

It was the Seven Friends.

And as soon as they came up, they were filled with killing intent.

Directly unleashing the strongest strike.

Chen Hao took a look and couldn't avoid it.

Now, he kicked the horse to resist.

Boom boom!

Seven attacks, and then it was too late to stop, they all hit Ma Zi Qiang's body.


A miserable shout.

It was seen that Ma Zi Qiang's chest was already bloody and fleshy.

"Young Master Ma"

The seven people landed on the ground and looked at the blood spurting Ma Zi Qiang, their faces directly pale.

They were even more frightened to kneel on the ground.

Ma Zi Qiang, was the only son of the owner of the Earth Capital Ma Family.

Now, he was killed by seven people?

Then even if you flee to the ends of the earth, it would be hard to escape death.

And Zhou Nuo was relieved and a little scared as he saw that Ma Zi Qiang's life was hard to save.

"Let's get out of here!"

Zhou Nuo hurriedly shouted at Chen Hao.

And seeing that the things were already here, Chen Hao didn't bother to tangle with the Seven Deadly Furies, and now pinched a flying technique.

He directly disappeared with Zhou Nuo.

"Young Master Ma! We didn't mean it!"

Seven people, kneeling beside Ma Zi Qiang, crying and silent.

"Quick...go...go and ask my father! Let me!!!"

Ma Zi Qiang was trembling and frothing with blood, but still managed to squeeze out a sentence....



A few moments later, Ma Yongxin arrived with his men.

When he looked at his son, who was already dying, he was overcome with grief.

The Zhou and Ma families had ruled the entire Earth Capital for many years.

Now, the region of the Earth Capital was even more dominated by the Ma family.

But I didn't expect ah, the only son Ma Zi Qiang, who had been regarded by Ma Yongxin as the future heir of the Ma family, had actually suffered a serious injury just like this.

"Were you the ones who injured the young master?"

Ma Yongxin was now filled with killing intent, staring at the Seven Deadly Sins.

And the momentum on his body came out.

It made the Seven Fiends' entire body tremble and crawl to the ground.

Ninth Grade Great Wheel King, simply terrifying.

How could Ma Yongxin's momentum be something that the Seven Friends could withstand?

"No! My lord, young master, was injured by the Zhou family's daughter, Zhou Nuo, colluding with a young man, and that young man, took away the map of the Underworld Valley that Young Master Ma fought for, we seven of us attacked to snatch it, but he brought up young master to resist, young master's injury has nothing to do with us."

The blind man at the head cried.

"Young man?"

Ma Yongxin's voice was extremely cold.

"Hmph, they snatched the map, they will definitely run to the Underworld Valley at the first time, and now, they will definitely not be far away, Young Master's life has been stabilized by me, you guys escort Young Master back, I will kill this son and retrieve the map!"

Ma Yongxin's voice was cold as he commanded.

At the same time, his eyes flashed with a murderous meaning.


Before the crowd could make their salute, they saw a flash of light and Ma Yongxin's entire body had disappeared.

In the middle of the road.

"Hey, why did you stop? With our family's map, it's perfectly possible to enter the Underworld Valley before dark, and now it's just one step away!"

Seeing that Chen Hao suddenly stopped walking.

Zhou No could not help but ask.

"No, my Heaven's Eye has been flickering uneasily, which means that our trip is an omen of great evil, I disabled that Ma Zi Qiang, I think that this Ma family will not let up, maybe right now, they have learned everything and are already rapidly approaching towards the Underworld Valley, so the Underworld Valley we can't go in for now!"

Chen Hao said.

"No way, right?"

Zhou Nuo said.

"Why not, the Ma family you're talking about has been entrenched in Dadu for hundreds of years, do you think their families are all idiots?"

Chen Hao said, weighing in here, "The plan for now is for us to hide and then wait and see what happens!"

But he had only just finished speaking.

It was the sound of the wind whistling around him.

"Little boy, where to run!"

A roar resounded in almost every direction at this moment.

The hurricane was cold and the cold leaves were floating woodcutters!


With a sound, one could see the chaotic leaves in the air rapidly condensing, quickly solidifying into a huge ball.

Wearing an air of extermination, it rolled directly towards Chen Hao.

Ninth Grade Wheel King Realm!

Chen Hao's eyelids jumped fiercely.

Pulling Zhou Nuo's arm, he kept retreating.

But the huge round ball was extremely fast.


Hugging Zhou No shrugged and they leapt into the air.


The ground trembled with violent explosions, and the few sturdy trees in the vicinity even shattered directly in a moment.

The random leaves turned into willow flakes, flying in the sky.

Chen Hao took a few steps backwards one after another, this True Qi, it was simply too strong.

"What a young man, actually daring to injure my Ma Yongxin's son, today, I will definitely cut you into pieces to avenge my son's death, those who know better, hand over the map and be good enough to claim death!"

Above the tall trees.

Ma Yongxin, with his arms around his shoulders, like a god, slowly descended.

Ma Yongxin, the head of the Ditu Ma family, with a ninth grade Wheel King realm cultivation.


"Chen Hao, what should we do now, he's coming too fast, and his cultivation is extremely high!"

Zhou Nuo pulled Chen Hao's arm in despair.

It was also clear that Chen Hao had underestimated the abilities of a ninth grade cultivator.

In fact, Chen Hao should have left with Zhou Nuo long ago when Chen Hao's Heavenly Eyes had sensed something.

After all, he was a ninth-grade cultivator, and his speed could already not be judged by the speed of a normal cultivator.

Right now, Chen Hao's heart was also rapidly calculating.

With Ma Yongxin's strike just now, Chen Hao understood the difference in strength between the two, and a hard fight would simply be a death wish.

After all, this was the ninth grade, and even himself, who possessed the Ninth Revolving Primordial Spirit, would find it difficult to break through to this realm.

"Good boy, you're already an eight-grade Wheel King at such a young age, it seems that if I don't get rid of you today, I'm afraid that I'll be raising a tiger in the future as well!"

And after Ma Yongxin sized up Chen Hao, he was first shocked by Chen Hao's realm.

Then the killing intent in his eyes was revealed, making him even more determined to kill Chen Hao.

"Whatever, try it first!"

Chen Hao had an idea in mind.

Now with a lift of his hand, "Master Ma, wait, although I, Chen Hao, am already an Eighth Grade Wheel King, you know how big the gap between me and the Ninth Grade is, if the two of us were to fight like this, I would definitely not be a match for Master Ma!"

"Oh, boy, you're smart, so what should we do against you?"

"What I'm suggesting is that we each give three slaps to each other, and after three slaps, see who falls! Of course, Master Ma can also refuse, after all, the initiative is now in your hands!"

Chen Hao said.

"Oh, good boy, you want to use a provocative method? It's just that my son was crippled by you for half of his life, and no matter how tongue-tied you are today, it's hard to escape death, but your own true essence is different from normal people, so if you get your true essence and use it on my son, it's not a bad remedy!"

"In that case, I'm really afraid that in the midst of a chaotic battle, I'll just extinguish your true essence, fine, I'll promise you! We'll each slap each other!"

Ma Yongxin sneered and slowly landed directly on the ground, standing in front of Chen Hao.

"Kid, palm out!"

Ma Yongxin held his shoulders and simply ignored it.

"Then I'll take it easy!"

Chen Hao circulated his body's true qi and brought all of it up to his palm.

Fiercely slapped his palm towards Ma Yongxin.


When a palm hit, Chen Hao felt a tearing pain in his tiger's mouth, this palm was like hitting a mountain, it couldn't break this Ma Yongxin's defense.


True Qi rebounded, and Chen Hao took several steps backwards in succession.

Ninth Grade Great Wheel King, the gap between them was simply too great!

Chen Hao was horrified.

"Second palm!"

Regardless, Chen Hao tried his best and struck a second palm.

This time, the backlash was even more violent than earlier.

Chen Hao's back was shattered right through, spitting blood and falling back several steps.

"Hahaha, ignorant little child, although you are not yet an eight-grade Wheel King, which is rare in the world, you are unable to break my Heavenly Gang Mixed Heavenly Body Protection!"

"So, in front of me, you'll only receive death!"

Ma Yongxin tilted his head and laughed.

"Chen Hao, are you up to it or not?"

Zhou Nuo asked anxiously at the side.

"The last slap!"

Chen Hao supported his body to stand up and clenched his teeth.

Regathering his true energy, he directly pounced towards Ma Yongxin again.

"Hahaha, useless!"

Ma Yongxin shook his head.

However, in the next second, he was directly stunned.

It was to see that the eyes of Chen Hao in the air were closed, and he actually grew another eye on his forehead.

A powerful golden light directly penetrated out of his body.


Ma Yongxin was horrified....


By the time Ma Yongxin wanted to react, it was too late.

Because the golden mane was too hard to block and too sudden.

He was directly swept in the eye, took several steps backwards, and was directly stunned in place.

And also took advantage of this opportunity.

Chen Hao ran over and pulled Zhou Nuo is to directly leave.

"Bastard brat, actually dared to use a trick to plot against me, today I, Ma Yongxin, will definitely crush you into a million pieces!"

Ma Yongxin's mental strength had been severely traumatized, and was now unwillingly looking at Chen Hao's departing back, gnashing his teeth in hatred.

Chen Hao did not dare to delay any longer.

He knew that his current strength was relatively weak, even with the help of the Heaven's Eye, he could only temporarily hold Ma Yongxin, and for now, it was impossible to hide.

The only way to resist Ma Yongxin was to rely on the map of the Underworld Valley in his hand, enter the Underworld Valley, and resist Ma Yongxin with the help of the mechanism.

Chen Hao had already imprinted the map of all the organs in his mind after a sweeping glance along the way.  

The map was then destroyed.

Bringing Zhou Nuo with him, he entered the deep valley filled with black mist.

"Phew, we should be entering the hinterland location of the Underworld Valley now, that Ma Yongxin, shouldn't be coming after us, right?"

Zhou Nuo breathed heavily, looking at the dark and bizarre surroundings, and couldn't help but speak.

"Not necessarily, that Ma Yongxin isn't easy to deal with, let's be careful!"

Chen Hao frowned and said.

At the same time, vigilantly sizing up the surroundings.

From the time he entered the valley until now, although Chen Hao had dodged many deadly formations and organs with the aid of the map.

But that wasn't a panacea either, and some of the small beasts from the ancient era along the road had also left the two in a mess.

For example, the yellow rock snake that they had just encountered, if it wasn't for Chen Hao's extremely quick reflexes, that kind of snake full of poison could have killed the two of them in an instant.

Therefore, Chen Hao was very cautious.

Squeak squeak squeak....

And at this moment, a sound of wooden planks swaying clearly reached the ears of the two men.

"Chen Hao you listen quickly, what's the noise!"

And Zhou Nuo brought her heart to her throat and looked around in panic.

The voice, instead, was much clearer.

"I hear it, hush!"

Chen Hao made a silent gesture.

Now with full concentration, finally, somewhat in the obscurity, Chen Hao locked onto the location of the sound source.

When he vaguely saw what was in front of him.


Zhou Nuo screamed in fright and hid directly behind Chen Hao.

In front of him was a wooden wheelbarrow, and on top of the wheelbarrow was a large red lacquered coffin.

This gurney, unmanned and automatic, was holding this coffin towards Chen Hao and his two men.

Squeak squeak!

The sound of wooden planks shattering at any moment came out, signaling that inside the coffin, there could be something big.

It was also the first time Chen Hao had seen such a battle, and it would be a lie to say in his heart that he wasn't panicking right now.

"It can't be a demon, right?"

Chen Hao was a bit confused and said to himself.

A demon was simply a dried corpse, and naturally, it was commonly known as a zombie.

This kind of thing was a corpse that had absorbed the essence of the sun and moon and cultivated it into a corpse demon.

It was vicious and bloodthirsty, infinitely powerful, and immortal.

These were all still clues that Chen Hao had previously learned with the aid of the film.

"Zombie? Chen Hao, don't scare me! How could there be such a thing inside this deep valley?"

Zhou Nou swallowed spit wildly.

"This deep valley is less than ten thousand years old, even if dinosaurs appeared, I'm not surprised!"

Chen Hao preached.

Chen Hao was about to pull Zhou Nuo and bypass this coffin and just walk away.

But it was unexpected.


This wooden crate launched directly at Chen Hao, attacking him.

"Hide to the side!"

Chen Hao pushed Zhou Nuo away.

Then he pinched his hand with a sword secret, and a sword mane struck directly at the wooden crate.

But this wooden crate, like a living thing, avoided it.

With a bang, Chen Hao's sword mane cleaved a boulder behind it.


In the next moment, the coffin lid exploded into a burst of white smoke.

The lid was like a divine arrow, transforming into a shadow that came directly towards Chen Hao's chest.


Chen Hao raised his hand and slapped a palm on it.

As soon as the hand was exchanged, Chen Hao's heart was horrified.

A strong force came.

Dragging Chen Hao's body, he retreated dozens of meters in succession.

"Chen Hao, are you alright?"

Zhou Nuo hurriedly worried.

To be honest, although Zhou Nuo had the mindset of using Chen Hao to live, bar none, seeing Chen Hao injured, she was really worried for Chen Hao in her heart.

After all, this wasn't the first time that Chen Hao had saved himself.

If it wasn't for him, she would have died.

"This thing, so strong! It's another Ma Yongxin!"

Chen Hao's arm was numb with veins all protruding at the moment.

And in the coffin, the white smoke had yet to completely dissipate.

It was seen that a pair of ancient official boots slowly appeared on top of the coffin's edge.

Immediately following, a corpse that was over two meters tall, wearing an official uniform, but with a face full of green hairs stood on top of the coffin's edge.

He had a black face, blue hair, green eyes, and two large white fangs.

The nails of one hand were even like steel forks, twenty centimeters long.

"Stiff... it's a zombie!"

Zhou Nuo rushed to help Chen Hao up.


The zombie stared at Chen Hao Zhou Nuo for a while to measure, and roared.

Jumping a full twenty meters away, it pounced towards Chen Hao.

This body was like a small mountain, directly overhead!

Eye in the Sky!

Chen Hao's eyes closed tightly and the third eye then appeared.


Shooting out a powerful golden mane, it struck towards the zombie.


But bombarding the zombie's body, there was no other way but to stop him for a minute.

Chen Hao wanted to fly.

The zombie had arrived and clasped Chen Hao's shoulder.

The force was like an iron cable made from a thousand years of mysterious iron, as if it was locked.

It was difficult to break free.


The zombie viciously threw Chen Hao.

It shattered over thirty boulders in succession.

The might of this strike actually caused Chen Hao's body to fall apart, trying to condense his true essence.

This beast, it was too strong!

Chen Hao covered his chest, horrified.

And the zombie, with black gas coming out of its mouth, began to slowly walk towards Chen Hao.

"Don't move, you beast, you and your newborn son were murdered by your enemies and buried here, the grievance is extremely strong, if you dare to move another step, I will destroy your son's swaddling clothes!"

And just as Chen Hao was spitting out blood, not knowing how to respond.

Zhou Nuo ran inside the large red lacquered coffin, endured the huge stench, and took out a flowery swaddling cloth.

The baby's body inside had long since vanished in smoke.

Only the swaddling clothes that wrapped the infant were left.

But apparently, it was extremely important to this zombie.

Right now, he really stopped in his tracks.


Full of anger, he roared at Zhou Nuo.

It turned out that Chen Hao had just fought with the zombies, and while Zhou Nuo was anxious beside him, she just happened to see something recorded on the coffin lid, about the coffin owner's life.

It wasn't clear if it worked or not, so that's why it was there.

But apparently, Zhou Nuo had gambled right!


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