The Unknown Heir Chen 686-690


Gu Yuxiang was suddenly so jealous, envious of the woman Chen Hao loved.

"So grandmother, you grabbed the woman in white first in order to lure him to come and take the initiative to find us?"

Gu Yuqi said.

"Good, because that is the only way to be sure, and if you can draw him in, Grandma has a way to catch him and also trap the He, however, by a thousand calculations, never expected to let him escape several times, had thought that the wind would succeed this time. But still, he was allowed to escape!"

"That grandmother, you captured him for his nine-turn primordial spirit, is the nine-turn primordial spirit hidden in his body, then you still want to kill the Chen Hao?"

Ancient Yuxiang asked.

Gu Yuehong shook her head slightly, "As you said, we only need the Nine Revolutions Primordial Spirit, as for him personally, it's up to him whether he can be killed or not! Own up!"


Gu Yuxiang kneeled down at once.

"Grandmother, Yuxiang begs you, please don't kill Chen Hao, he's a good man, besides, you don't have to kill him, why do you want his Where's the sex?"

"Grandmother will decide this matter herself, at most I promise you that unless he resists, I will keep him alive!"

Seeing his grandmother's relief, Gu Yuxiang was not to mention how happy he was in his heart, as if a boulder hanging in his heart had finally landed.

"You get up, my silly granddaughter!"

Gu Yuehong shook her head and laughed bitterly.

"Then grandmother, since this secret is unknown to many people, how did you know about it? I'm sure that mighty power must have many enemies as well, there's no reason why he'd be reincarnated and reborn and still let people find themselves easily, right?"

Ancient Yuxiang asked curiously.

"Yu Xiao, worthy of the fact that grandmother loves you so much, if only Windy could be half as smart as you to save, you're right, he's an ancient god, he What was done was almost flawless, but there is never perfection in the world, and he could keep a secret hidden for a long time even It's thousands of years, but if one keeps looking for it, they will always catch the flaw, and that's why Chen Hao found it, and the We still find out because we were told so forty years ago by a vile and vicious villain who wanted to make an exchange for Our Ancient Family's ancient artifact, the Ghost and Flower Mother Compass."

"Actually, it's to tell us the news so that we can hand over the compass and then silence the entire Ancient Family, hehe, this villain, with the Such tricks, and almost dying from it!"

"No wonder you said we had an enemy seeking revenge forty years ago, and that you informed the Hidden Clan to search around for that person! So that's what happened!"

"Good, now that you understand these things, and the facts have shown that we're not the only ones who know Chen Hao's identity Over here, there were already quite a few forces that had learned of his origins and had begun to take action, Chen Hao now progressed at a rapid pace, multiplying his cultivation with the days. It wasn't any special physique of his at all, but someone, deliberately tampered with him and unleashed some of his potential out, and Not much. The amount released, if you want a metaphor, is like a spoonful of seawater in a long ocean, in the middle of an endless desert and took out a grain of sand and dust like this!"

"And just like that, this Chen Hao is already so terrifying, not to mention developing all of his potential, even as much as a single tea Seawater, we, are ants before him, he lifts his foot and we might not know how to be killed by him! When that time comes, what will be in front of our ancient family is no longer a chance to rise, but a tragedy, a disaster, so you can understand us! With Nine Solomon, why are you so afraid of him now?"

"And Grandma had been secretly watching him, before, before, he was weak and wimpy, and I don't know from when At first, this guy, gradually cold and harsh and thoughtful, he grew up faster and faster, would you believe, even after so A few days will pass before you see the man again, and it will be obvious that he has changed again, becoming more and more unrecognizable to you."

"That's exactly what grandmother has been worrying about, it's like a danger signal to warn us again!"

Gu Yuehong looked solemn.

Gu Yuxiang was also a little shocked and dropped her jaw, nodding her head numbly now.

"Then grandmother, what about our ancient family? What is the history of the Ancient Family, and also, you said that some of the great experts of the Ancient Era escaped, where did they escape to?"

Ancient Yuzha also put as if opening the door to a new world today.

"There are those who have fled everywhere, and even, there are those who have been surviving on Earth, but most, have entered a place called the Realm . The aura there, in comparison, is more abundant!"

"Boundaries, where are the boundaries? Could it be that it's already out of Earth?"

Ancient Yuzhao asked curiously.

Gu Yuehong shook his head, "No, the realm is also Earth, but exists within a certain spatial interstice of Earth! And very few people can successfully break through the gap, those who go in, it's hard to get out, and those who go out, it's hard to get in!"

"As for what you said about our ancient family, it was tens of thousands of years ago that our ancestor accidentally discovered the ancient relics of the gods, thus obtaining some inheritance that has been Passed down to this day, making our ancient family one of the top families on Earth!"

"I think I understand some of this!"

Gu Yuxiang nodded with a plausible understanding.

"Well, now that you know all about it, I'm sure you won't stop Grandmother from doing what she wants to do, after all, it's come to this . There's no turning back. Even if we don't deal with Chen Hao in the future, he won't let us go. And once we get on this boat... I'm sure that you won't be overwhelmed by such a fruitless love, and put the whole family in danger. Hundreds of lives are at stake, right?"

Gu Yuehong said listlessly.

"Actually grandmother, according to what I know about Chen Hao, he's not such a ruthless person at all, and there's no stalemate yet, as long as we're with him Speak clearly, and maybe we can make peace!"

"Oh, you're wrong, you don't know him at all, especially now! Well, you don't need to say much, go out, stay honestly in the ancient house, don't let grandma distract you!"

Gu Yuehong waved her hand.

Gu Yuxiang still wanted to say something more, but now seeing that her grandmother was unwilling to continue, she retreated.

The door of the secret room closed again.

"You're wrong, you shouldn't tell her about us, it could cost your precious granddaughter her life because of this, she has fallen in love with Chen Hao A woman is always foolish in the face of love! She could ruin our plans!"

And at that moment, an ethereal voice sounded within the chamber.

"My granddaughter I understand, she has never been in love before, but I am telling her this so that she will understand the pros and cons of this It's to help her again, otherwise I'm not really sure that this uninformed, stupid girl would actually do something stupid and ruin our plans! So, I told her about Chen Hao's origins, so that she would understand the difference between her and Chen Hao, so that she would die!"

"Instead, you've haunted us, and if at the end of the day, you don't deliver what you promised to our ancient family, I won't let go even if I were a ghost You!"


"Don't worry, as long as you help me capture Chen Hao, I'm fully capable of being able to travel back and forth between the realm and the real world, and take your ancient family Holding up as the number one power in the realm, none of this is a problem anymore! Besides, you know all about me, don't you? Oh, Chen Hao accidentally released me in the first place, and this is God's thanks for my being banned for ten thousand years in the first place, haha!"

Steeply, a black mane suddenly flashed out on top of the jade ruyi.

The black mane swirled in the air for a while, then condensed into a humanoid image.

It could be faintly seen clearly, this virtual shadow imaging seemed to be a young man, the young man had a pair of sword eyebrows, hawk nose, and even a touch of evil intent flowing out of his eyes from time to time.

Who would have thought that he was a youth in appearance, but in fact, he had existed for tens of thousands of years.

"Nine Luo King, I can tell you clearly that now, I'm already regretting somewhat that I was pestered by you and forced to agree to work with you. This could be the precursor to the destruction of our ancient family, what I just said to Yuxiang is all true, Chen Hao he's too terrifying and progressing so fast!"

An extremely complex look flashed in Ancient Moon's red eyes.

"And you, Nine Luo King, are different, you are just a wisp of your soul, and with this wisp of your soul, you have controlled many people to become your puppets, and I also It's just one of those things, if things don't work out, you can still exist, find a way, go back to your realm to be your young master, you retire Easy, and we'll be hard pressed to leave a full body behind, and you know what we're dealing with!"

Gu Yuehong received.

"Hahaha, you're too unnecessarily worried, perhaps, I've been telling you too much, Chen Hao's background scared your guts out, actually In my eyes, he's like a tiny insect. Besides, there's no turning back for you. Up, Chen Hao already remembered you, so all we have to do now is follow the plan!"

"Then again, you are greedy, greedy for longevity, and I have promised you that I will take your family to the Realm and occupy a place in the By then, it will add at least a thousand years to your life. This condition is worth any sacrifice you can make! Isn't it?"  

The Nine Luo King laughed.

"So, I'm not trying to back down, I've decided that I'll go and capture him myself if necessary!"

Gu Yuehong's voice suddenly became cold.

"Back then, when the realm was in turmoil, the eighth life of the Ninth Turning Primordial Spirit fell and pierced through the boundaries to come to Earth, I tailed in order to obtain the Ninth Turning Primordial Spirit But I underestimated the power of the boundaries, I was struck by the thunderbolt, and my soul was trapped in a battlefield, and I was never seen again. My family, to say that I'm the one who's really anxious!"

"I've waited as much as ten thousand years to get this opportunity now. If I want to succeed, I can't do it without your assistance, so don't worry about everything!"

The King of Nine Dragons again.

"Well, I hope the day of our success comes soon!"

Gu Yuehong nodded.

"Do you really think that you can deal with him? I have told you many times to cherish your lives, to cherish the fact that none of you are now completely extinct, and not to mess with him, because, you It won't be a match for him, and your plot will not succeed!"

And at this moment, a voice that was as beautiful as an oriole sounded.

This timbre was so refreshing and the beauty of the sound was like a spring breeze.

On top of the Everlasting Coffin, a woman dressed in white stood up in the air.

She was too beautiful, beautiful as if she was a celestial immortal.

The King of Nine Luo, whose eyes were dazed.

"Are you finally willing to come out!" The Nine Luo King said.

"I came out just to give you some warning that, by the way, you have no grudge, but only because of the greed in your hearts, which is Conflict between you, and the result of conflict brewing is disaster!"

The white-clothed woman's red lips slightly opened and said faintly.

"Screw your disaster, are you so sure that with the two of us, we can't deal with that little Chen Hao? I can assure you that in a matter of days, I will make your heart's eternal admirer kneel down in the In front of me, I'll make him sniffle and cry like me and beg me to let him go and let him go back to being his big young master, hahaha! "

A touch of jealous rage emerged on the Nine Luo King's face.

Just as the woman in white forever adored the God of Heaven, the Nine Luo King adored the woman in white as well.

However, in her heart, there was only him, and he was let loose as if he was her only, her obsession, even more as if there was no other man in the world who could enter her eyes except for that man.

Jealousy burned in his heart.

He gritted his teeth as he continued.

"And when I get the Nine Revolutions, I'll be the Lord, and when I do, I'll make you pleasing to my heart and become my woman, the world The woman at the top!"

The white-clothed woman shook her head helplessly as her figure faded away and returned to the Eternal Coffin.

"What do you mean? Didn't you hear what I said?" The Nine Luo King roared.

Gu Yuehong watched with her hands behind her back.

"I think she's made her meaning clear!" Gu Yuehong said.

"What do you mean?"

"How can a woman who has seen an eagle look at a locust on the ground!"

Gu Yuehong said subconsciously.

"Bastard, what did you say?"

The Nine Luo King was filled with anger.

And only then did Gu Yuehong reacted, as if she had missed the point and said what was on her mind.

"King of Nine Luo, I was wrong!"

Gu Yuehong hurriedly apologized.

"Hmph, go do your thing, now, this king has sealed her with a formation, I want her to watch with her own eyes as I finish what I just said Everything!"

After saying that, the Nine Luo King turned into a black mane and dissipated into the jade.

And then back to Chen Hao.

But it was said that Chen Hao had already cured Su Ruoxi's mother's illness, and took Su Ruoxi a piece to send the Shui Xia siblings back.

And according to what Li Ba said, performing the Spirit Summoning Great Law, at least until midnight tonight.

Rather, it couldn't be rushed.

"Shuisheng, the snake cave you mentioned is in the nearby mountain, do you still remember where that location is?"

Chen Hao suddenly remembered the snake cave where Shui Sheng had obtained his divine ability.

Inside the snake cave, there seemed to be a lot of information recorded.

And this was exactly what Chen Hao wanted to understand.

This incident through the Ancient Family made Chen Hao understand.

Just taking the liberty of searching for Tongxin and his second uncle was tantamount to seeking his own death.

Understanding this world and understanding more things would have to be part of this path in the future.

"You said that ah, of course I remember, a while ago, I even went there a few more times, I'm taking you to big brother!"

Aquatic nodded.

"Wait, a snake pit? What snake hole?"

Su Ruoxi was listening, a little clouded.

"Take me with you, I want to go and meet you too!" She said with a curious face.


And just as a few people were standing in the courtyard chatting, inside the house, there was a sudden sound of a table and bowls falling to the ground.

It was followed by a scream from Shui Xia.

"Eh? What's going on?"

Aquatic was taken aback.


Shuisheng rushed into the house.

As a result, as soon as he opened the door, a gun had been placed against his head.

It was a group of bodyguards in suits, who were escorting Shui Xia, as well as Shuisheng's grandfather, out.

"Don't move, all of you, I'll kill anyone who moves!"

A middle-aged man at the head of the group coldly drank.

What's more, at the same time as that, the nearby woodshop also rushed out a dozen or so bodyguards with weapons.

Morbidly cold guns were pointed at everyone.

Especially Chen Hao.

"Miss, you are so predictable... Chen Hao is really here! This time, we've made a great achievement!"

The middle-aged man rejoiced.

Only then from inside the house, a woman slowly walked out.  

The woman was accompanied by a young and handsome man, and the two of them were shoulder to shoulder with a cold smile on their lips.

"Brother Duan Fei, you're still powerful, as soon as you saw those corpses of our Ximen Family bodyguards, you guessed who they were, and we came to ambush them, but also I really ran into Chen Hao, hahahaha, I'll report it to the Ancient Family right now, we've made too big of a contribution!"

And this couple wasn't just anyone else.

It was Duan Fei, the captain of that trial team with the Martial Arts Association, Bai Xiaofei and the others.

On that day at the banquet, he was defeated by himself in public.

And the woman, naturally, was Ximen Yu of the Ximen Family.

It looked like they had never given up on finding Chen Hao.

When the bodyguard was in trouble, it wasn't originally the two's turn to investigate personally, but the men who found the body reported that the death was very gruesome and seemed to be the work of an expert.

So Duan Fei, who was recovering from his injuries at Ximenfu, came with Ximen Yu.

After seeing the scene, Duan Fei knew that in the entire Tai City, apart from the Ancient Family, almost no one would have such strength.

If there was, then it was probably Chen Hao.

So he was very unsure and got to the bottom of the matter and found Shuisheng's home, thus the current scene.

Unexpectedly, his guess was correct, and Chen Hao had indeed come here! And killed the Ximen family's bodyguard.

"If you ask me, it was you, Sister Ximen, who was quick to react and immediately set up an ambush, otherwise, how could we have so easily Grab Chen Hao!"

Duan Fei shook his head and laughed bitterly.

Coldly gazing at this Chen Hao who had disgraced himself.

"I didn't expect it, but you're so good that you would fall into our hands, and I know you're good, so we're ready to Dozens of people, pointing guns at you, I advise you to behave yourself, or in a moment, you'll be a sieve!"

Duan Fei Hao.

"Sister Yu, as for the Ancient Family, don't report it yet, the Ancient Family is very anxious to find Chen Hao, so you can imagine how much Chen Hao is to them Important, if we are picked up by the general staff of the ancient family, we may get nothing, the best option is to go with the head of the ancient family Face to face! That way we'll have the conditions to negotiate with them, and when the time comes, begging for some of the Ancient Family's secret techniques, I believe my strength will soar!"

"Looking at the entire Martial Association, I, Duan Fei, no longer have an opponent!"

Duan Fei's eyes flashed with a touch of intense longing.

"Right brother Duan Fei, we can ask for some assets from the Ximen Prefecture, maybe even become the strongest gentry, it's like killing two birds with one stone , Brother Duan Fei, you're still awesome, I adore you so much!"

Simon Rain was also laughing happily.

"I say, are you two done yet? After all this, you still haven't informed the Gu family of the capture of me, are you really sure that you want to use these dozens of toys to Against me?"

Chen Hao coldly swept towards these guys who were pointing at him.

It was as if these black-clothed bodyguards standing in front of him were not adults, but children playing with a bared water gun at Chen Hao.

It made Chen Hao want to both laugh and smile.

"Hmph, Chen Hao, you're dying and you still dare to speak out, that day, I was careless and lost to you, this is the shame of my life! I swore then and there that one day I would kill you! And now, you're finally in my hands!"

Duan Fei coughed, apparently still unhealed from the serious injuries he had received from Chen Hao's beating.

"And Chen Hao, our feud should really be settled, this time, this Miss will definitely not let you down!"

Simon Rain laughed happily.

"Ugh!" Chen Hao shook his head.

"What do you mean you're shaking your head?" Duan Fei's eyes tightened and said.

"I understand that in your eyes, I'm just your defeat, and you don't see me using such tactics, but I can tell you that I Duan Apart from my martial arts talent, I was enlightened at the age of six, and since I was a child, my IQ has surpassed that of ordinary people. You lost to me as well, and I have a hundred ways for you to die!"

"O? Enlightened at six? You're the one with an IQ? I hadn't really seen it!" Chen Hao laughed out loud.

Duan Fei was furious.

He was about to want someone to go over and smack Chen Hao a few times to teach him a lesson.

Chen Hao took over, "Forget it, let my friend, and my friend's family go, I can let you live, speaking of which . After all, it's not like we have a grudge. I swore to myself that if anyone hurt my friends, I'd let them die, sooner or later. You'll have to die too, but you haven't done anything outrageous yet, so I can spare you!"

"As you said, your talent is extremely good, practice well in the future, the path of martial arts has a great future, and Miss Simon, although you are headstrong It's annoying, but it's good to find a good in-laws and be a peaceful person from here on out. Die because of the ancient family!"

Chen Hao sighed.


"This kid is stupid, right?"

"Yeah, now, he's got a gun to his head, and a full dozen of them, and all he has to do is move his eyebrows. He's going to beat us to a pulp, but he's going to let us go? Hahaha!"

Many of the bodyguards were dying of laughter.

It was as if they were looking at a fool.

"Chen Hao, Chen Hao, I thought you were a smart man, but I didn't expect that besides being good at it, you turned out to be an actual fool, you Take a good look at what's going on. I've got your man, and you've got my man pointed at your head. You're not really stupid. Right?"

Duan Fei laughed.

"By the way, what did you just say? You'll kill anyone who tries to hurt your friend?"

Saying that, Duan Fei pulled out a dagger from his bosom, and with a brush, he sliced at Shui Xia's face.


Suicha screamed, her cheeks already cut.

"Hahaha, does that count as an injury? What can you do about it? Or am I going to take it a little too far?"

Duan Fei shook his head and smiled, "So are you going to kill me?"

"Alas, I've given you two chances, but why do you have to go down this road? At first I wasn't sure, but now it seems that you two really thought that these guns could handle me! Stupid!"

As soon as the words fell, look at Chen Hao raise his hand.


The guys in the hands of twenty men were seen to be locked in a force, followed by their guns being rolled up into the sky.

As if it were raining it fell to the ground, and shot into a four-letter word.

And this happened in an instant!


The crowd is shaking!

And the smile on Duan Fei's face was even more fiercely frozen....


"How is that possible?"

Duan Fei was shocked.

"I told you, these are just some toys in front of me, and these people standing in front of me are even more like dolls! You shouldn't be so impulsive and hurt my friend, you're shooting yourself in the foot!"

Chen Hao smiled faintly.

"I don't believe that you can be this powerful, let's go together and kill him!"

Duan Fei gnashed his teeth in hatred, also at the same age, why was he so strong!

At the moment, dozens of bodyguards are also a hint of danger, this danger, let them into the ice cave, the thorn in their backs, as if their own lives, will die at any time.

The desire to survive, but also let the group of bodyguards killing intent.

They were seen pulling out daggers from their waists and stabbing at Chen Hao.


In other words, Chen Hao raised his hand and a dozen people had already been hit by true qi, spurting blood wildly and flying straight out, smashing the entire courtyard! The Rags.  

The remaining teens were startled.

They were so frightened that they hurriedly stopped.

"Big Brother!"

The middle-aged man who was leading the group just now dropped the dagger in his hand straight to the ground.


As soon as he dropped his dagger, the rest of the dozen people also threw their knives to the ground.

Chen Hao, on the other hand, only had his hands behind his back, and right now, he wasn't doing anything.

"Back up, all of you, back up!"

The middle-aged man swallowed spitefully, he had felt the killing intent, he had faced life and death several times, but never had the foreshadowing of death been so clear like this.

Despite the young man in front of him, he made no move.

But he believed that whether it was the dagger in his hand or the gun on the ground, it was really like a toy in his eyes, and they were pathetic dolls.

More than a dozen people, directly retreated to the side.

"You guys are smart, so because you're smart and don't have to die like these two idiots, you can go!"

Chen Hao smiled faintly.

"Thank you, big brother, let's go!"

The middle-aged man bowed deeply and directly fled with his men.

And Ximen Yu and Duan Fei were completely dumbfounded.

"Brother Fei, what should we do?"

Ximen Yu trembled in fear.

"Hmph, Chen Hao, don't come any closer, or I'll kill this woman, you know how I am, one swing of my sword and she'll die! "

Duan Fei immediately pulled out his dagger and put it on Shui Xia's neck.

"You're so confident again, in fact, just now, I planned to let you escape, but you're actually blackmailing me now, you'll die a miserable death!"

Chen Hao took a step ahead.


Duan Fei's heart was lost, just a moment ago, he was able to escape?

"You don't horse around, I know, you're righteous, so in that case, I'll let the girl go and you let me escape?"

Duan Fei said nervously.

"Escape? You don't stand a chance!"

Chen Hao shook his head.

As soon as his words fell, he saw Chen Hao flex his fingers and a qi mane shot out directly, hitting Duan Fei's palm at once.

His hand, instantly blurred with flesh and blood, and his entire palm directly fell off.

"You! Why are you so strong, you're the devil!"

Duan Fei was wildly horrified.

He regretted, Chen Hao was right, if he didn't come looking for these things, and properly develop himself in the martial path, then in the near future, with his talent, he might become the president of the Martial Association.

But now, it was all over!

He had messed with an existence that he definitely couldn't afford to mess with.

Duan Fei wanted to make a final struggle, he covered his hands and tried to desperately jump over the wall to escape.

But just as Chen Hao had said, he had been sentenced to death.

A finger pointed out.

Duan Fei vomited blood from his mouth.

He directly fell to the ground.


Simon Rain tore at his hair in fear.

Poof! With one voice, he kneeled down directly to Chen Hao.

"Spare me, I didn't mean it, spare me!"

Ximen Yu begged for mercy incessantly.

"It's useless, there's only one chance, so you have to die too!"

Chen Hao shook his head, and with another finger point, a void blade sliced through, directly cutting through Ximen Yu's neck.

She slowly lay down on the ground, her life breath having completely died out.

"You've killed so many people at once, you're terrifying!"

Su Ruoxi's entire body was also shivering.

"These people deserve to die, I only kill the ones who deserve to die!"

Chen Hao faintly finished his sentence, glancing slightly towards the back, his eyelids jumping slightly.

He said, "Shuisheng Shuixia, you guys take the old man and Miss Su into the house first, I have something, remember, no matter what you hear, don't come out! !"

After saying that, Chen Hao turned around and jumped right out of the courtyard.

He flew all the way to a river in the village.

By the river's edge, there were already a dozen or so corpses laid out across the river, the same ones that he had just let go.

They had all been killed in one move, and there was not even a so-called struggle before they died.

"I already knew you were here, show yourself!"

Chen Hao took a deep breath.

"You are worthy of being the same person you were back then, it's only been such a short time since I've seen you, your strength has already progressed by leaps and bounds, it seems that you've been lying to me in the past Even at times, I thought that you were not the one I loved, but now, you obviously know how to do heavenly mysteries, and you're acting The style, too, is becoming more and more like your old self, so do you admit it?"

The forest was swaying in a windy sound, and a woman whose entire body was filled with unexplainable weirdness was seen to suddenly appear.

She was smiling very enchantingly, staring at Chen Hao.

And this woman was not a bystander, it was Yun Qing.

"I thought you were missing, so much has happened in the meantime and you haven't shown up!"

Chen Hao looked at her.

"You still haven't answered my question, are you, in the end, a he? Do you admit it?"

Yun Qing came towards Chen Hao with an expectant gaze.

Chen Hao gazed slightly, "I don't know now, but one thing is certain, whether it was the last life or this one . Brother Tian Shen he won't even fall in love with you, I think he only has Sister White in his heart!"

"What...what did you say!"

Yun Qing's face surged with intense anger.

"You should know in your heart what I'm saying!"

"Chen Hao, don't think you're arrogant just because you've cultivated the Heavenly Xuan Gong, you're far from being my match! And I've come this time to capture you back, you're in my hands, it's better than being captured by the Nine Luo King and the others!"

Angry Yun Qing didn't want to continue the conversation now.

She shot straight out and attacked towards Chen Hao.

Chen Hao likewise circulated his Heavenly Xuan True Qi to strike back.


There was a loud roar as the two waves of Qi collided together.

Many sturdy trees in the surroundings directly responded to this section.

The center point, however, was even as if it had exploded, the ground exploding and dust flying.

Chen Hao took a dozen steps backwards one after another.

Yun Qing, on the other hand, also took three steps backwards.

"What a powerful Heavenly Xuan Gong, your True Qi, has actually reached such a stage, if I had caught you a few days later, I'm afraid that it would have been no longer you The rival!"

Yun Qing looked at Chen Hao, who was making rapid progress in front of her, with a face full of horror....


Back then, Chen Hao was still so vulnerable, especially in front of himself, as if he was a doll.

But now, in just a few short days, he had justifiably become an expert.

An expert not much inferior to himself.

No wonder he was so chesty.

Yun Qing pondered.

The current situation was that it was not difficult to defeat Chen Hao by himself, but it was simply impossible to subdue and capture him.

He already had the ability to escape in front of himself, and it was very easy.

"Yun Qing, I can't kill you now, but it's very difficult for you to control me!"

Chen Hao looked at her coldly.

"What did you say? You want to kill me?"

I'm not going to be able to do that.  

She had loved this man for tens of thousands of years, just ask what other women in the world could be as infatuated as she was, but this man, he actually said that he would kill her.

Yun Qing hated it so much that she gnashed her teeth.

She stared at Chen Hao and heavily nodded her head .

"Well, you're right, it's true that I can't control you as easily now as I used to, but Chen Hao, don't forget that your friend Inan Fong is still in my hands at the moment, and I think with her, I can still control you!"

Yun Qing said.

"So, tell me your conditions, how you can let go of Inan, she has nothing to do with any of this!"

Chen Hao knew that Inan was in her possession, therefore, when she realized that Yun Qing was nearby.

Chen Hao did not choose to avoid her, but came straight over to confront her.

"My conditions, very simple, the two of us complete our marriage contract and become husband and wife from now on, you have to come back with me now, although your current strength Advance by leaps and bounds, but the Nine Luo King is more powerful than you think, and once he does it himself, you'll lose your life!"

At that last sentence, Yun Qing's face flashed with a strong worry.

Looking at her appearance, it indeed did not look like she was scaring herself.

Chen Hao said in his heart.

'Indeed, now that the Nine Luo King has yet to appear, and he has never taught himself his skills, a person that even Yun Qing is deeply afraid of,' One can imagine his terror!''

"At first you allied with the Nine Solomon and the Ancient Family to capture me, but then you found out that the Nine Solomon and the Ancient Family captured me to kill me And after that, you parted ways with them?"

Chen Hao thought about some of the clues he had extracted from the ancient wind and asked.

Yun Qing nodded, "That's right, in the beginning, it was the other door that said you would come to the ancient city, I got the idea at that time and wanted to effortlessly of catching you, but what I didn't expect was that the Nine Luo King was strong, at least, I wouldn't be a match for him!"

"Who the hell is the Nine Luo King? Why had I never heard of it before? And why did they kill me?"

Chen Hao asked the question in his heart.

"By the way, this matter is directly related to you, remember when you released me from the Sea King Palace, inside the Sea King Palace, the Is there another big coffin?"

Yun Qing preached.

"Of course I remember, that coffin was bound by chains, as if a formation had been engraved on it, the Sea King's Palace collapsed, and finally, that coffin was opened Up, a black mane shot out!"

Chen Hao recalled the scene and was horrified, "You mean, that black mane is the Nine Luo King?"

"Yes, what goes around comes around, and you didn't think you'd find the real her, but you let us both out, did you?"

Yun Qing shook her head and laughed, "As to why he is deliberately trying to capture you and kill you, I think it is directly related to returning to the Realm. Relationships, he knows that you are the reincarnation of the Xuantian War God, refining you, his strength will advance by leaps and bounds, and then he will be able to return to the realm! !"

"I see, you're both from the Realm, what about you, you don't simply want to get married to me, do you? I can't be of no use to you either?"

Chen Hao asked faintly.

Yun Qing's eyes flashed with a flirtatious different color.

"Now, you're becoming more and more like him, his calmness, wit, and intelligence are in full view on your body at the moment, you're right, let's Two I have a small purpose other than to get married!"

Yun Qing smiled.

"What purpose?"

"That's when the two of us will cross paths, borrowing the pure Yang energy from you, and I can practice your Heavenly Xuan Gong just like her, and then I can also travel back and forth between Earth and the realm to achieve my true rebirth!"

Chen Hao said in a deep voice.

"I understand now that you all want to break through the Realm, in that case, I think we can make a deal!"

"What conditions?"

"We can make an alliance, and you can help me deal with that Nine Luo King together. Otherwise, if I die in the hands of the Nine Luo King, I guess, he shouldn't let you go along with it, right?"

Chen Hao said.

"As long as the two of us are together, you are my husband, and anyone who wants to harm my husband, I won't agree to that, when . Naturally, we made an alliance!"

Yun Qing smiled slightly.

And then slowly walked over towards Chen Hao.

"Demon woman, Hugh harmed my big brother!"

Just at this moment, a voice rang out.

Right after Chen Ge was able to see that Shui Sheng was rushing over, holding two kitchen knives in his hands.

"What are you shouting at me for?"

But Yun Qing was furious when she heard this.

Was about to wave her hand to teach this brat a lesson.

After all, they were all women, they all loved beauty, they all loved some flattering words, but now, someone was actually calling himself a demon woman, the words were no less powerful than calling himself an ugly woman.

"He's my little brother, don't you hurt her!"

As soon as Yun Qing raised her hand, Chen Hao grabbed her wrist.

"Brother, are you alright?"

Shuisheng said.

Chen Hao had saved himself and his sister several times, and Shuisheng had already taken Chen Hao as his big brother.

"I'm fine!"

"By the way, I thought I told you not to come out, but why did you come out on your own again!"

"I'm afraid big brother you're in danger!"

Shuisheng said.

Chen Hao's heart was moved.

"If you're really in danger and you come, will you be able to go back alive?"

"So she, too, is coming with us to the snake cave?"

Shuisheng looked at Yun Qing and asked Chen Hao.

"Snake Cave? What snake hole?"

Yun Qing asked.

"It's possible that this is a discovery about another civilization that once existed on Earth, and by the way, I also want to learn from you about what once happened on Earth, and The realm you're talking about! Why don't you come with us and take a look?"

Chen Hao preached.

Now, he had two difficult opponents in the Ancient Family and the Nine Luo King.

Yun Qing, on the other hand, was not his main enemy at the moment.

The real enemy was the Nine Luo King.

The so-called enemy of an enemy was a friend.

Chen Hao listened to his uncle's advice, and nowadays, he was able to deal with less forces head-on.

Also, as someone who had existed for tens of thousands of years, this Yun Qing must know a lot of secret secrets, even saying that the Sun Alliance....


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