The Unknown Heir Chen 681-685


"Chen Hao, you sure are here! It seems that nothing in the world can hide from my eyes, and my judgment is always so accurate!"

Gu Feng smiled faintly.

"Chen Hao, kill this villain, Sorin's arm is the one that he cut off, and if you had been one step later just now, he would have killed me !"

The fear in Li Mumu's heart finally evaporated, and he looked angrily at the ancient wind.

Chen Hao touched Li Mumu's head and nodded.

Only then did he look at Ancient Wind.

"Gu, I didn't see that you were so confident, what else did you judge besides that I was in this village?"

Chen Hao looked towards Gu Feng and faintly smiled.

"Today, you will be crippled by me and brought back to the Ancient Family to await your grandmother's fate!" Gu Feng coldly said, "How is it? Were you caught in the crossfire? Or let me disable you myself!"

"You do seem confident, as if you're sure of everything before you do it!"

"Yes, it never is!"  

Chen Hao nodded, "Pity Young Master Gu, I'm afraid you'll be disappointed today, Li Ba, watch out for Ghost Duo Hua, do it!"

Chen Hao shouted to Powerbully.


And Power Tyrant, took a step ahead.

Even more, he roared with his head held high.


For a moment, the earth shook, and the force tyranny around it was even more as if it had exploded.

The dust rose up.

"So, you've found help!" Ancient Wind's mouth was filled with a playful smile.

But soon, the smile at the corner of his mouth solidified.

Just saw that in the dust, Power Tyrant's body continued to grow, and in the end, it became three meters tall.

It was like a super giant.

The muscles on his entire body were even more like steel that exuded texture.


Gu Feng's eyelids jumped wildly.

Power Tyrant was already leaping towards him, too fast.

And before he even arrived, a powerful breath had already locked itself firmly in place.

"Not good!"

He hurriedly wanted to sacrifice the Ancient Family's magic weapon he had brought this time, the Demonic Flower Mother!

But, Powerball was already lifting and putting it away.

Another roar.

Gu Feng felt a vast power reverberate in his head, and his brain went blank, his entire body stiffening.


Powerball tosses Gustavus up.

Facing the chest is a slap.


He spurted blood wildly, instantly feeling the sky spinning before his eyes.

On the other side, the so-called Ancient Family experts had been killed by Chen Hao as if they were cutting up melons and vegetables.


Gu Feng hit the ground so hard that the ground was caved in.

Li Ba clutched his iron fist and was about to punch down.

This punch was bound to beat this Gu Feng to a pulp.

"Li Ba, stop!"

Chen Hao solved the Ancient Family expert and drank a stop at this moment.

"Young Master Chen, this brat has done too many sins and has spoken too wildly, deceiving you and me, I thought he was some kind of expert, but it turns out this way The crap!"

Powerball clearly hadn't played enough.

The intention wasn't enough.

And Chen Hao  had also discovered that after Powerbully transformed, it was as if he couldn't stand it without smashing things.

"He's the number one youngest of the Ancient Family, I heard that that old woman of the Ancient Family spoiled him very much, don't kill him!"

Chen Hao panicked.

"Hahaha, Chen Hao, count you sensible, not bad, my grandmother loves me the most, I'm sure you know that if you kill me today . My grandmother will break you into pieces, so why don't you tell this monster to back off and come back with me to see my grandmother so I can give you another chance!"

Gu Feng was terrified, and hearing Chen Hao's words was like grasping a lifeline.

He was extremely strong, and since he was young, he didn't take anyone seriously.

But he did not expect that he would be unbearable in front of this mutated monster.

At that moment just now, Gu Feng was truly blinded.

He was going to die, not even in time to leave his last words.

But unexpectedly, at the moment of crisis, Chen Hao was afraid, he knew the strength of the Ancient Family!

"Opportunity? What opportunity?"

Chen Hao clapped his hands and asked towards Gu Feng who was lying on the ground.

"If you let me go today, I will tell my grandmother so that she will not come to make things difficult for this shantytown, otherwise, my grandmother will definitely wash this place in blood! "

Ancient Wind.

"What are you thinking about? I won't let Powerball kill you because killing you like that isn't enough pain for your grandmother! That would be a shame!"

Chen Hao sneered.

And looking at Chen Hao's smile, Gu Feng's hardness stiffened.

Presently, he stammered somewhat, "What... what do you mean?"

"I figured it out on the way here, what to do about you, of course you can't die, and now you have some use for me!"

"Powerball, go clean up the scene, I'll take care of this kid!"

Chen Hao said.

Li Ba immediately went to throw those corpses.

From Gu Feng's bosom, Chen Hao took out the ghost flower and one more thing, a ghost flower-shaped object made of pure gold.

"Young Master Gu, what is this?"

Chen Hao asked.

"The Ghost Duo Flower Mother!"

Gu Feng knitted his brows, at the moment, there was no longer the dominance he had just now.

"Hmph, son of a bitch, still trying to kill me, I'll kill you!"

And Li Mumu had run over.

It was a slap to Gu Feng's face.

Gu Feng glared at Li Mumu with murderous intent, "Dead woman, what I hate most is people hitting me in the face, you don't want to live! "

He struggled to get up, his face full of anger, but he had no strength to stand up after having many of his meridians broken by a slap from Li Ba.


And Chen Hao raised his hand to smack Gu Feng's face.

Ancient Wind glared at Chen Hao again.




Chen Hao smacked a few hard slaps in succession.

"Don't tell me, you guys really aren't afraid of death, I will let my grandmother kill all of you!"

Gu Feng clenched his teeth.

Since childhood, no one dared to do this to him, ever, and now, he was actually slapped so many times.

"Young Master Gu, in my hands, do you still want to live to talk to your grandmother? And, that old woman, I won't let go!"

Saying that, Chen Hao brought him up and walked towards the uncle's yard.

Threw him on the ground.

Kicked him a few times.

Just saw Chen Hao take out three bowls of water.

Changing something constantly in his hands.

"Chen Hao, what are you doing?" Li Mumu was watching in amazement.

"Making a type of parasite, called a residual parasite!"

Chen Hao.

"Why do you need water?"

"With water, the effect will be doubled!"

"Residual parasites? What's a residual parasite?" And Gu Feng looked coldly at Chen Hao, but there was already fear in his eyes.

"This kind of compulsion is the most vicious compulsion poison within the Secret Compulsion Technique, once it strikes, your entire body will itch unbearably until you scratch your entire body with no A good piece of meat until you scratch yourself to death!"

Chen Hao said.

"Bastard, how dare you!"

Gu Feng glared at the warning.

"I really dare you!"

Saying that, Chen Hao had finished producing it and was about to ingest it into Gu Feng's body.

"Young Master Chen, I was wrong! I was wrong! Grandpa Chen, never!"

And Gu Feng was afraid and begged for mercy.

"I only came to arrest you by listening to my grandmother, think carefully, we originally, there was no hatred, all this was me Grandma made me do it! You just said that I was useful to you, and yes, I am indeed useful to you, and in a big way!"

Ancient Wind said.

"O? So tell me!"

"My grandmother said that the ghost flower specializes in restraining your positive yang qi, and this ghost flower mother is able to subdue you with ease, this is the The Ancient Family's treasure. Let's make a deal. If you don't use parasites on me, let me go and I'll tell you how to break the Ghost Flower's secret method. And how to use this ghostly flower mother, I only beg you to spare my life! How?"

Ancient Wind spat and swallowed wildly.


"That sounds like a good idea, and I'm going to ask you a few questions, and you're going to answer them honestly, and when it's done . I may consider not planting the residual parasites on you!"

Chen Hao smiled coldly.

"You... you ask, as long as it's what I know, I will tell you everything, just beg you to spare my life!"

Gu Feng was only thinking about staying alive now, and to be honest, he had been scared by this compulsion of Chen Hao's, originally, he was expecting to use his grandmother's prestige to scare this Chen Hao, but he wasn't afraid at all.

And this person, his methods were still very sinister and malicious.

This bastard!

Gu Feng's heart hated to eat Chen Hao's flesh.

Now, the method of having to crack the Ghost Duo Flower and the method of using the Ghost Duo Flower Mother told Chen Hao, and also answered Chen Hao's questions.

"I've told you all that you wanted to ask, and I've told you all that you didn't ask, now, you can spare me at last, right?"

Gu Feng looked up at Chen Hao and asked.

"Spare you? We've settled our score, but you cut off Xinxin's arm. I haven't settled the score with you yet! So, I still have to plant this residual parasite for you!"  

Chen Hao chuckled.

"Son of a bitch, Chen Hao! Don't you dare play with me."

The veins on Gu Feng's forehead rose and roared at Chen Hao.

"Just playing with you, you think I'm really going to let you go! Silly boy!"

Chen Hao smiled coldly, and with a shake of his wrist, the residual parasites were still planted into Gu Feng's body.

"Bastard, I'll kill you, I'll cut you to death by a thousand cuts, so unleash me!"

Ancient Wind was struggling for his life.

Intense fear mingled with anger, and Gu Feng was hysterical.

"Solution? Do you know why it's called a residual parasite?"

Chen Hao said.


"Although it's not the most vicious of the secret compulsions, it is the most powerful, and why is that so, because it doesn't disarm at all The method, inside the secret compulsion technique, only records the method of making it and doesn't explain the method of breaking it, so there's no way to break it. And don't move your True Inner Strength, I haven't triggered this compulsion yet, but it will be triggered automatically when it touches the Inner Strength breath, when... When you have a seizure, it's not my fault! So in the future, even if you get an expert to remove your parasites, you must never use your True Qi to force the Ao!"

Chen Hao smiled.

"What? Insoluble? You! You!"

Gu Feng hated the itching of his teeth, but right now, he dared not speak up.

Ruthlessly gripping the dirt on the ground, it was useless to beg for mercy, this kind of compulsion had been planted in his body, as long as Chen Hao said a word, he would have an attack, and then, it would be a truly ugly death.

"Young Master Chen, it's all done! Hey, this grandson isn't dead yet!"

Powerbully is back and is back to his original form.

He came over and kicked Gu Feng a few times.

"If this grandson doesn't kill him, what's the point of keeping him?" Li Ba asked.

"It's still somewhat useful, later we'll waste his inner energy and throw him in the cellar to lock him up, Li Ba, you stay in the shantytown and protect Mumu and the villagers. Even though I've already sent a text message to the Goofy's men to divert the target, just in case, you stay!"

Chen Hao said.

"Okay Young Master Chen, what are you doing going then?"

"I've got to go find that sorrel, I'll be fine on my own!"

After Chen Hao finished speaking, he just turned around and returned, he had gone to look for the Shui Sheng siblings earlier.

"Kid, let's go, throw you down into the cellar!"

And Power Bully, with one hand, lifted up Gu Feng.

Gu Feng was like a little chicken boy, not even daring to fart.

Plus Chen Hao.

In the afternoon, Li Shuixia contacted Su Ruoxi.

Said that there was someone who wanted to meet her.

Su Ruoxi trusted Li Shuixia so much that she agreed to do so right then and there.

Chen Hao Shuisheng, the three of them, rushed back to the company where Su Ruoxi was in Tai City.

Just as Chen Hao had guessed, Su Ruoxi's body really had a very strong scent that could perfectly serve as an adaptation of the white sister.

"Mr. Chen, right? I heard Shuixia say you were looking for me for something, I wonder what it is?"

Su Ruoxi looked to be around twenty-seven years old, her skin was glowing white, her appearance was handsome, and she looked like, the kind of domineering female president kind of temperament.

"I want Su to go to a place with me, borrowing Su for less than three days, of course, it's a deal, I heard Shui Xia say. Your company is having an economic crisis at the moment, and I can repay you dozens of times over with the economy!"

Chen Hao got straight to the point.

Su Ruoxi's eyebrows furrowed as she smiled bitterly, "Sorry Mr. Chen Ge, I still don't understand what you mean, Borrow? I'm afraid it's not convenient!"

Su Ruoxi directly denied.

The heart straight confused, this looks a little clear-cut boy in the end is what people na, people still have to borrow it? Also, he needs a hundred million of his own money, what is he, dozens of times over? Is it billions of dollars for yourself?

In the present, Chen Hao had already been labeled as unreliable.

Just as Su Ruoxi stood up, she was about to end this inexplicable conversation.

"Young Master Chen, you can't go in! Our president is meeting guests!"

(P.S This is another person, not chen Hao✌🏾)

A quarrel suddenly rang out outside.

"Seeing a little white boy, huh? Hmph, get out of my way, I want to see Roxy!"

The man named Young Master Chen roughly pushed open the door.

Behind him, he was following a bodyguard with an old man in his sixties with a goatee and a Republican robe and felt hat, who, for those who didn't know, thought which crew had come!

"Ruo Xi, your subordinate is too inconsiderate, I came to stop you even though, don't you know that I'm already engaged to your Su!"

Young Master Chen put his two hands in his pockets and said in a slinging voice.

"Chen Tielin, who made a marriage contract with you, are you sick, is my office area something you can just barge into if you want?"

Su Ruoxi was furious.

As Chen Hao watched from the side, looking at Su Ruoxi's disgusted face, Chen Hao knew that this Su Ruoxi wasn't impressed with Chen Tielin ah.

"Ruo Xi, why don't you listen to what I'm anxious to see you for, your mother is seriously ill, I'm searching for a divine doctor for you to go to . This is Dr. Yan. Your mother has been in a vegetative state for many years, and Dr. Yan has taken good care of many vegetative patients. Up!"

Chen Tielin introduced.

And once Su Ruoxi heard this, her face couldn't help but flash with emotion.

Originally, she was furious and wanted to blast Chen Tielin out, but when the words reached her mouth, she had to swallow them.

"Him?" Su Ruoxi looked towards Divine Doctor Zhen.

"Miss Su, but Young Master Chen has a lot of hard work, he begged me for a long time before I decided to come out!" Doctor Zhen had his hands behind his back and stroked his goatee, looking like an out-of-this-world man.

"Ruo Xi, you now understand a piece of my heart for you, by the way, who is this little white guy?"

After Chen Tielin finished speaking, he turned his head and looked at Chen Hao with hostility.


"I don't know either, Mr. Chen, I have some other business today, I'm sorry, as for what you said, I can't help you, my mother Need my care!"

Su Ruoxi said.

If it wasn't for Shui Xia leading Chen Hao here today, I'm afraid that she would have already issued an eviction order and would never have told Chen Hao so much.

"Su, you really don't want to consider it, I've already offered you very generous conditions, this money, you almost got it for free, and , if you can promise me, I can help on your behalf and save your mother!"

Chen Hao continued.

"Yes Mr. Su, Chen Hao he..."

Li Shuixia also hurriedly said.

To be honest, the reason why Li Shuixia was trying hard to introduce Chen Hao like General Manager Su, apart from Chen Hao saving his grandfather, there was another important reason why she wanted to ask Chen Hao to save General Manager Su's mother.

General Manager Su's mother had always been a big illness in his heart.

And Chen Hao's miraculous medical skills, Li Shuixia was also considered to have seen, because after taking the qi and blood pills, not even half an hour, his own grandfather's face regained its redness, and could actually get off the ground.

It would not be an exaggeration to describe Chen Hao as a divine doctor.  

"And you can heal?"

Su Ruoxi looked unbelieving.

After all, this person was a bit unreliable in her own mind, saying that she would help with the funds at one moment, and then saying that she would help save her mother.

It would be strange to believe it.


"Thank you Mr. Chen, I'm still more than willing to trust this Dr. Zhen!"

Su Ruoxi didn't have anything to hide.

By directly speaking out what was on her mind, she also made a disguised eviction order.

"Then Mr. Su, you don't want to regret it!" Chen Hao smiled faintly.

Su Ruoxi didn't speak.

The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the public. You know how to heal yourself, I think you must have something to hide, Xu Haier, for being so close to my fiancée! Blast him out for me!"

Chen Tielin shouted.

"Young Master Chen, I already swore that I wouldn't attack anyone who was unarmed, if this person is armed at the moment and is trying to do you harm . I would have lectured him, but he didn't, he looked like just a regular guy!"

The one named Xu Hai'er, who was currently holding his shoulders, squinted his eyes and shook his head slightly.

An air of an arrogant martial artist came out from his body.

"Alas, forget about the oath, teach him a lesson!" Chen Tielin shouted.

"What are you doing, this Mr. Chen is here to see me, how dare you! Don't think that just because you're carrying an expert with you, you can do whatever you want!"

Although Su Ruoxi didn't like Chen Hao, but after all, Shui Xia was here, and Shui Xia was equivalent to half of her sister's best friend, therefore, she still blocked it out of consideration in this regard.

In fact, Su Ruoxi instead hoped that Chen Tielin would teach this brat who didn't know the meaning of heaven and earth a lesson.

"Did you hear that? This is Ruo Xi's plea for you, get the hell out of my face or I'll show you how powerful my Young Master Chen is!"

Chen Tielin warned.

Chen Hao just laughed bitterly and shook his head.

"You! What are you laughing at, kid?" Chen Tielin was furious.

"It seems like he's disdainful of you, Young Master Chen!" Zhen Yaoming said on the side.

"Laughing at your confidence!" Chen Hao, "Just you... still Young Master Chen? Don't you know how many pounds you have?"

Chen Hao wanted to leave after saying that.

The bodyguard named Xu Hai'er, however, stopped Chen Hao in front of him at once.

"Insulted Young Master Chen, you can't leave, you have to be taught a lesson here!"

Xu Hai'er still held his shoulders and squinted his eyes as if everything in the world was an ant in his eyes.

This was exactly the arrogance of a martial artist.

"I can't tell that you're also confident, one screaming to teach this and that, and the other this arrogant, I'm still a little curious . Where does your confidence come from?"

Chen Hao smiled bitterly and looked at Su Ruoxi, "I can save your mother and will help you through the company crisis, this is a gift, if you don't accept That's a different story!"

Chen Hao warned.

"Damn, this beast dares to threaten my fiancée, Xu Hai'er, kill him for me!"

Chen Tielin shouted.

"Looks like I'm going to make an exception and take action against a Gryphon today!"

As if Xu Hai'er was still in pain, he shook his head and was about to take a step ahead of him.


Chen Hao's backhand was a mouthful.

He saw Xu Hai'er, who had just approached, spin seven hundred and twenty degrees in the air, and finally smashed heavily on top of the coffee table, which was all directly shattered.

And Xu Hai'er's mouth full of teeth, and even scattered all over the floor.

Chen Hao didn't use any force, but only hit out through the inertia of his arm lifting.

But it had already caused Xu Hai's face to swell up.

Xu Hai's eyes finally opened, filled with horror.

What? This man is so strong!

I can't even parry his hard blows!

How is that possible?

And Chen Tielin was so frightened that he now swallowed spittle wildly and took a step backwards.

Su Ruoxi's eyelids jumped slightly.

Apparently Chen Hao's skills had also exceeded her expectations.

"Do you know who I am, I'm the young owner of the Chen Clan!"

Chen Tielin was busy saying.

"I don't know how many times I've heard this kind of dialogue, I'm a little numb, but you attempted to blackmail me with your Chen Clan?"

Chen Hao looked at him coldly.

It actually caused Chen Tielin's entire body to shake, as if he had suffered an electric shock.

He wasn't sure where the panic came from, but he was just scared, as if his life didn't belong to him at any moment.


He actually nodded his head in fear.

"Please, please don't hit me!"

Chen Tielin said.

"I'm not going to beat you yet!"

Chen Hao didn't even look at him with disdain, but turned to Su Ruoxi: "Miss Su, I'll give you a minute to think about it, if you promise to I'll help you save your mother, and, in return, will give you dozens of times the funds you need!"

In fact, when Chen Hao did it just now, the Qi field appeared.

For Chen Hao's words, Su Ruoxi really believed seven or eight points.

He didn't look like the kind of person who was wooing people.

Rather, he made people feel fearful, what fear? Real fear!

Su Ruoxi really wanted to respond to his conditions.

But she was partial to Chen Hao's unstoppable appearance.

"Oh, you say you can help, but can you really help? Our company has an economic crisis. We need 100 million dollars. How many times do you think? You're kidding, right?"

Su Ruoxi was unconvinced.

"Only one hundred million?"

Chen Hao revealed a surprised expression.

Su Ruoxi took a deep breath, who the hell was he.

"Yes, at least one hundred million, dozens of times, you're going to give me billions!?" Su Ruoxi gasped.

"Yes!" Chen Hao nodded.

"What if it's a billion? How many tens of billions are you going to give me?" Su Ruoxi stared.

And Chen Tielin also listened stupidly.

Chen Hao shook his head at the moment.

Hehe! I really thought you were some kind of a rich man!

Su Ruoxi's heart flashed with a touch of contempt.

Just saw Chen Hao take out a check from his bosom.

"This is the special check I went to the bank to get before I came here, there is no limit, as long as you promise, you can fill in any number on it!"

Chen Hao handed her the check, not forgetting to add.

"By the way, fill in as many numbers as you want, just as many as you can imagine, and don't be shy!"

"You!" The whole room stared at this....


If they hadn't heard it themselves, no one would have believed it even if they were killed.

Even if she heard it now, Su Ruoxi felt that Chen Hao was bragging.

Indeed, this check was a special check from the bank.

I don't know where he got it from, but he really wrote one billion, five billion he would also give?

Further up the money, even Su Ruoxi had no concept of what was going on.

Chen Tielin was also scared silly.

"Two minutes are up, have you thought about it, if so, fill in the number you like on it."

Chen Hao smiled slightly.

"Okay, that's what you said, I can write as many as I want right?" Su Ruoxi asked angrily.

"Sure, write as much as you want!"

"Well, I thought you said you had money, so I'll write five billion!"  

The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you're looking for.

The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you are looking for.

You, on the other hand, are the protagonist?

Just dare to call out like this.

"I can really write, this check has legal benefits, after writing, you call the bank, five billion, is mine, you It's not too late to regret it!"

Su Ruoxi concluded with a warning.

"Su, don't take it seriously!"

And Li Shuixia was terrified, and hurriedly said.

"Just write it, I've already made the phone call, you fill it out, you can go directly to the bank to transfer the money!"

Chen Hao shook his head helplessly and laughed bitterly.

I thought to myself, a mere five billion, is that so much to ask?

"That's what you said!"

Su Ruoxi bit her red lip, right now, really wrote five billion on it.

And the first time, according to the number of the check, called the bank over.

"The first thing you need to know is that you can't afford to pay for the cost of the product, and you can't afford to pay for the price. "

A sweet female voice sounded on the phone.

Su Ruoxi swallowed and said the amount.

"Okay, just a moment!"

The business people there immediately began to process it.

Apparently, for a customer like Chen Hao, the bank didn't even need any more in person presence or anything, his words were the biggest proof.

Therefore, very soon, Su Ruoxi's phone received the transfer message.

Five billion!


Su Ruoxi swallowed her saliva and looked at Chen Hao incredulously.

"You... how did you get so rich, what if instead of five billion, I just wrote fifty billion?" Su Ruoxi was surprised.

"Fifty billion is fifty billion, isn't that just a zero more than five billion, what's wrong?"

Chen Hao asked rhetorically.

He really couldn't figure out what people valued money so much for, and even Chen Hao was constantly thinking about returning to the poor life he had lived before, feeling like that was the only way to truly have a life!

When you think about it, it's just incredibly nostalgic!

"Just... an extra zero!?"

Su Ruoxi was once again shocked by Chen Hao's words.

Did anyone come to kill this man or not, he simply....

"Well, I've done the first thing for you, now let's go!"

Chen Hao.

"Departure? Where to?"

Su Ruoxi was curious.

"Isn't your mother seriously ill, and I'm going to heal your mother's illness, and then, you'll lend it to me for three days, and after three days . Your job is considered done, and if you feel you have less money, I can give you more, or give you a check, write whatever you want!"

After saying that, Chen Hao walked towards the door with one hand in his pocket.


When he walked up to Chen Tielin, Chen Tielin immediately nodded his head respectfully.

This big brother is a real ruthless man, ah.

I'll give you a check, write any number you like.

How rich must this be to dare to say such things ah!

Just now, he had almost offended this big brother, and Chen Tielin now wanted to die.

"This brother!"

And as Chen Hao walked to the door, Xu Hai'er sat up from the floor leaning against the couch with difficulty.

"Just now I used my full strength on you, thinking that you couldn't resist a blow from me, but brother you're just too powerful, just now you hit me . How much force was used?"

Chen Hao glanced at him faintly, "Hit you? I... didn't have the strength, so I just waved a little!"


Xu Hai'er was stunned.

Chen Hao, on the other hand, had turned around and went out the door.

Su Ruoxi was only now willing to believe that the seemingly honest Mr. Chen in front of her was actually an authentic and mysterious expert, he was too powerful for Su Ruoxi to believe.

What was he borrowing himself for three days for?

Could it he trying to do that to himself?

But he spent so much money to save his mother.

Just to have that with himself? That's too....

Gee, what do you think you're doing!

Many random thoughts flashed through her head, causing Su Ruoxi's pretty face, to blush.

Presently, she hurriedly chased after him.


Ancient Family.

"Did Feng'er get in touch, didn't she go to catch Chen Hao, why hasn't she come back yet?"

Gu Yuehong asked a subordinate.

"Ancestral Grandmother, we've already gone to catch them, but Young Master Gu Feng just sent us a message that Chen Hao has escaped into the mountains and wants us to go forward to search for them And then the phone went off and I can't get in touch with it now! It's probably already gone into the mountains to look for Chen Hao too!"

The subordinate said respectfully.

"The current Chen Hao, he is at most a qi-realm expert, and Feng'er will have no problem taking him down, not to mention our town clan It's not a good idea to have the same kind of person as you, but it's a good idea to have the same kind of person in your life. So long?"

Gu Yuehong couldn't help but frown.

"You guys, go to Big Mountain as soon as possible to assist Windy!"

"Yes! Grandma!"

This subordinate retreated.

Only then did Gu Yuehong turned her head to look behind the screen.

"Don't hide, after listening for so long, you've already been spotted!"

Gu Yuehong coldly said.

At this moment, from behind the screen, a woman slowly walked out.

And she was none other than Gu Yuxiang.

I don't know when it started, but Gu Yuxiang couldn't forget that man anymore, and missed it in her heart all the time.

She only looked forward to not knowing when she would be able to see him again.

The most important thing he hoped was that Chen Hao would never be caught by his grandmother.

"Up until now, you haven't caught that brat, you must be very happy in your heart, right?" Gu Yuehong's voice was cold and looked towards Gu Yuxiang.

"Grandmother, why does it have to be Chen Hao? He has no quarrel with us, and this time, he wanted to visit you, but you conspired with the Solomon to harm him. Can't we just sit down and talk and spare him?"

Gu Yuqi's red eyes begged.

"Hmm, you're in love with him, I really don't know what kind of magic this kid has, you've been so snap repelling men since you were a kid. But after only knowing him for a few short days, you're actually smitten by him!"

Gu Yuehong hated the iron.

"I...I didn't!"

Gu Yuxiang sniffed and nervously pulled on her clothes, her face also blushing a bit.

"No? Don't fool yourself. Grandma is so anxious to find him, not only for the family's ancestral purpose, but for your own good. Falling in love with him is destined to be tragic, you won't get anywhere, he'll never be with you, and he's not something you can reach. Man, can you understand Grandma's pain?"

Gu Yuehong had wanted to lose her temper, but she herself was also someone who had been there.

The present only showed a touch of grimness, and then she looked at her granddaughter helplessly.

"Why? Why do you all say I'm not getting anywhere with him? What makes you think you can say that?" Gu Yuxiang panicked.

Thinking of those words of Master Ghost Calculator, it made even more so that a touch of anger arose in Gu Yuxiang's heart.

"Well, I shouldn't have told you these things, but I was afraid that this silly girl of yours would do silly things again in the future, so I told you!"

Gu Yuehong took a deep breath, her appearance suddenly becoming extremely heavy.

"Do you know that Chen Hao, who it is?"


"Who is he?" Gu Yuxiang gazed at the question.

Yes, ever since the first time he met Chen Hao, Gu Yuxiang had also sensed that Chen Hao was not an ordinary person.

Grandmother had designed many schemes and traps for him.

If he was just the heir of the first noble family, I'm afraid Grandmother wouldn't have gone to such great lengths.

And now, Grandmother had even united the Nine Solomon to deal with Chen Hao.

In this, there was actually a very big question.

That was that although Chen Hao's current cultivation far exceeded that of his peers, it was still possible for Grandmother to deal with him.

There was no need for the Nine Solomon, who was even stronger than the Ancient Family, to deal with him together.

Because there was no need for either of them to do so, wouldn't it be fine to just capture Chen Hao?

So the grandmother's words aroused Gu Yuxiang's extreme curiosity.

"Ugh, you come with me!"  

Gu Yuehong nodded and said after that.

She brought Ancient Yuxiang to her exclusive secret room.

This secret room, Gu Yuxiang had an impression, here, it was like the most mysterious forbidden place of the Ancient Family, no one could approach, except the master of the Ancient Family.

Only Gu Yuehong touched the mechanism.

The secret room was slowly opened.

She quietly walked towards it with her grandmother.

Boom boom!

Inside the secret room, among the dark compartments, bright lights were lit up at once, illuminating the entire chamber.

This was a lobby that was about four hundred square feet in size.

The stone walls around the lobby were all made of blue stones.

In the center of the lobby, there was a high platform, and on top of it, a large coffin was placed.

This coffin was also too different, a bit like a crystal coffin, and at the bottom of the coffin, it was suspended.

And it was vaguely clear that there was a corpse in this coffin.

It was the corpse of a woman.

Gu Yuqi looked at it curiously.

Several surrounding walls were filled with bookshelves, these were where the most precious secrets of the Ancient Family were recorded.

On the northern wall, on the other hand, there was an incense table, a jade ruyi placed squarely, and a few incense plants burning in tribute.

Further ahead, there was another large cauldron used in alchemy.

Right now, the large tripod was emitting a colorful glow that looked a bit strange.


Gu Yuxiang couldn't help but call out with some curiosity.

"Well, the first time you come in, you'll be a little curious, this, is the secret room where our Ancient Family hides the most mysterious things, no one but the master of the house You can come in, today, it's Grandma who's making an exception!"

Gu Yuehong faintly said.

Gu Yuxiang swallowed his saliva, "This coffin, it can't be the ancient corpse of the woman we were searching for at the bottom of the sea, right?"

"Yes! It's this ancient corpse!"

"Why is she so important, Chen Hao is also looking for her and if you hadn't misled him in the first place with Chen Hao's nemesis, Ghost Duo Hua, he would have been It worked!"

Gu Yuqi was very curious.

"Of course Chen Hao will search for her, because this woman in white is one of Chen Hao's women!" Gu Yuehong squinted her eyes.

"Chen Hao's woman? But she, hasn't she been around for tens of thousands of years?"

Gu Yuqi shook her head incredulously.

"To be precise, she's the woman from the last Chen Hao, Luo Ziyan! Alright, don't interrupt me, you'll understand everything when I finish telling you about Chen Hao!"

Gu Yuehong put her hands behind her back and began to pace back and forth, while also slowly narrating....

"Yuxiang, you only know that our ancient family is an ancient family that has been left behind for a long time, but Grandma has never told you that more than a hundred thousand years ago, the world A period of divine civilization that once existed, also called the Ancient Civilization!"

Ancient Yuxiao listened with wide eyes.

"During the ancient civilization, cultivators were everywhere, ancient cultivation clans were established, and during that period, there were divine powers capable of splitting mountains with force . Scattering beans into soldiers, the five great transporters, everything!"

"There is even one person who has cultivated an indestructible golden body! To live with heaven and earth since then and not to fall into reincarnation!"

Ancient Yuxiang's eyes grew wider and wider, this sounded simply mysterious.

"However, the brightness of the ancient civilization is like a shooting star, it is dazzling and incomparably gorgeous, but it is ephemeral and fleeting and one night, all of a sudden disappeared without a trace!"

Gu Yuqi couldn't help but say, "But Grandmother, since this ancient civilization really existed and the people of that period were so powerful, what exactly is What would cause them to die out overnight?"

"It's the aura!"


"Yes, in ancient times, the earth was rich in spiritual energy, but then, for some unknown reason, the spiritual energy suddenly dried up and there was no more that could be The aura that they relied on, many cultivators were unable to escape the Heavenly Tribulation and had their spirits broken. By the same token, without the aura, that ancient great power was unable to continue to maintain his indestructible golden body!"

Gu Yuxiang said, "Then it's useless for him to cultivate to become the first person, and it would be difficult for him to resist such a true holocaust of the heavens and earth!"

"You're wrong!" Gu Yuehong shook her head and laughed bitterly.

"Wrong? Is it impossible to maintain an indestructible golden body and avoid the heavenly tribulation?"

"Yes, or else he was the eternal first man of the ancient civilization, when all the great divine masters could not resist Death, death, escape! But he had plenty of divine changes to deal with, and he was proficient in too many divine change techniques, so he chose to condense the essence of the primordial spirit and use the The False Rebirth Method, by which he achieves constant rebirth to avoid it, he has to be reborn a total of nine times, and this, his last rebirth, is his It will also wake up in this life."

All the while, Gu Yuehong was unable to hide the shock in her heart .

"This Primordial Essence, also known as the Nine Revolutions Primordial Essence, is his own creation of the Nine Revolutions Divine Power Great Law!"

"Whoever can get this Primordial Spirit, Yu Xiao, do you understand, will be able to condense the Indestructible Golden Body! It's a big secret, and there aren't many people in the world who know about it!"

Gu Yuehong said.

Gu Yuxiang's breathing suddenly became rapid and she said incredulously, "Grandmother, you are saying that Chen Hao is that ancient power's Nine-Turned Yuan Shen?"

Gu Yuxiao almost fell over.

"That's right, it's Chen Hao, and Grandma also knows that we're not the only ones who want to find him and get close to him with Nine Solomon!"

Gu Yuehong Road.

"There is still too much untapped potential in Chen Hao, both us and that Nine Luo King are very jealous of him, we don't dare to confronting him directly, much less daring to harm his life, because no one knows that once he's thoroughly angered and forced out of his potential, the What the hell is going to happen, so all we can do now is catch him and then take our time to find out how to deal with him!"

"It's a bet that we can only win and not lose, so do you understand? Is Chen Hao something you can love?"

Gu Yuehong asked in a cold voice.

Gu Yuxiang fell back several steps in succession, a sense of powerlessness sweeping through his body.

Indeed, if that was the case, how could she be qualified to love him?


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