The Unknown Heir Chen 676-680


"Mr. Chen, here's your qi and blood pills with the herbs you asked for!"

Not long after, a servant respectfully brought over the items.

Chen Hao was a bit clear.

The fact that Medicine Yigu had been poisoned by Chen Hao with parasites was not as simple as scaring him.

Chen Hao had indeed planted secret parasites on him.

Although this Pill First Valley was greedy and villainous, but in addition to these half cherished herbs from his Pill King Valley, he more or less had Some usefulness.

With the secret parasite blackmailing him, there was no fear that he would go back on his word in the future.

After leaving the Pill King Valley, Chen Hao did not return to his uncle's home the first time.

Instead, he followed the agreement with Li Ba and arrived within the cave where Li Ba was hiding.

After going over and seeing the scene in front of him, Chen Hao was really in a state of tears.

Only the entrance of the cave was blocked by a pile of weeds that Li Ba had gotten from somewhere, and he was sitting inside, not moving.  

Like a schoolboy who'd been wronged and locked up at home.

"Sir! You're back!"

Rikba saw Chen Hao and stood up excitedly.

"You're hiding here, you're not going to stay in this position, are you?" Chen Hao smiled.

"Well, my lord doesn't let me move around, so when I find this cave, I'll hide and wait for my lord to come and get me as soon as I move!"

Rikba scratched his head and said.

"Don't you dare take one lord at a time, Li Ba, in all seriousness, you're sort of my senior, I just look exactly like your Lord God of Heaven As for me, I am not the God of Heaven that you have imagined in your mind!"

Chen Hao said frankly.

"Impossible, not to mention the fact that you possess this Dragon Blood Jade Pendant, just by looking at your scent, I can sense that you are the Lord God of Heaven!"

"I say, being locked up in that hole by those people, my heart has been throbbing a bit these past few days, so it's you, Lord God of Heaven, who is coming!"

Li Ba said respectfully.

Chen Hao hesitated.

Yun Qing said that he was Brother Tian Shen.

This jade pendant, however, seemed to be an existence that recognized its owner, and the first time he touched it, it fused to give him many memories.

Now, Li Ba could also sense that he possessed the scent of Brother Celestial God?

Could it be that you really are a god? Exactly how is the god of heaven his own past life and I his present life?

Chen Hao had long suspected this in his mind.

The various coincidences connected together seemed to confirm it.

"As for the matter of my identity, we'll talk about it later, but you should stop calling me lord, it sounds too awkward!"

Chen Hao smiled bitterly.

Li Ba was tense, "Could it be that you, my lord, dislike Li Ba and don't want him to stay by your side as an ox?"

"That's not what I meant...ugh, if you really want to shout, why don't you shout my name? My name is Chen Hao!"

Li Ba scratched his head and said, "How about I follow the example of those people and call you Young Master Chen? They shouted that man shouting for Johnston!"


Chen Hao could only nod helplessly, "By the way Li Ba, where did you come from? You don't look like you're from our part of the world!"

The two of them found a place to sit down in the cave, and Chen Hao asked curiously.

Li Ba was in awe of Chen Hao, or perhaps the gods.

There was this level of relationship.

Coupled with the fact that Chen Hao had saved him, especially because Chen Hao was so clear looking and easy to talk to, it made Li Ba's heart feel solid.

It was this feeling that made Li Ba want to acknowledge Chen Hao as his master, as if he had found a bladder he could rely on in this strange place! .

Naturally, he knew everything about Chen Hao at the moment.

"Young Master Chen, I escaped from a large spaceship, and then somehow, I came to this place! And I always feel as if I've lived in this place and at the same time it's strange and familiar!" Power Tyranny.

Chen Hao's entire body tensed up.

"A big spaceship?" He asked in shock.

Then, carefully listening to the bully, he told the story.

It turned out that....

When he was very, very young, Powerbully couldn't tell how old he was, but Chen Hao judged that he was just three or four years old.

He had a vague memory of being on a big spaceship.

And there were a lot of people on the spaceship.

There were also a lot of children to play with.

They were taken to a place together.

Someone took special care of them.

And Powerball, that's where he grew up.

From a young age, he was trained in all kinds of fights, big and small.

He would only fight.

And that place has always had a mysterious legend of the gods.

Where they were, there were two huge stone statues of the Celestial God and a woman in white.

They grew up bathed in the environment of the Heavenly God's legend.

"You mean, you were taken away by a spaceship? There you are, with your physique turned into this?"

Chen Hao asked curiously.

He felt that a certain door hidden in the darkness, a mysterious door was slowly opening to him.

Li Ba nodded.

"Well, but the me you see now, Young Master Chen, is the me after the mutation!" Powerball said. It was as if he felt quite embarrassed by this rude look.

"After the mutation?"

"Yes, I'm wounded now, so I can't go back, I wasn't, it's strange to say, about a month ago. I started to plan my escape from the big spaceship. When I escaped, I went into the sea and then a big palace at the bottom of the sea exploded, and the palace was under a secret spell, with divine power, and I was the When I was hit by this divine power, I fainted, which means I can't change back to the state I was in when I fought, for now!"

Lippa said.

"Into the sea? Palace explosion?"

Chen Hao was thoughtful.

"Then what? They didn't arrest you back?"

Chen Hao was busy asking.

"I don't know about that, I was passed out and when I woke up, I was on top of a desert island, I hid in the forest . Until a few days ago, when I ran into the bankers and they took me away with an electric baton!"

Chen Hao pondered deeply, the explosion scene described by Li Ba was exactly the same as when he was at the Sea King's Palace.

Could it be that it was the explosion at the Sea King's Palace that caused Li Ba to faint.

"Then what does that big spaceship look like again, can you describe it to me roughly?" Chen Hao asked.

Then Rikba manipulated his clumsy hands and started drawing on the ground, and after a few minutes, Rikba drew the general outline of the ship.

"Sun Alliance!"

Chen Hao stood up in a flash of excitement.

Although Powerbad's drawing was crude, the shape, however, was almost identical to the Sun Alliance flying ship depicted on the stone wall.

Chen Hao's eyelids jumped wildly.

Li Ba he had escaped from the people who had been captured from the Sun Alliance?

And the mysterious ship that he had dived under the sea that day was not far from him?

Chen Hao's entire body was sweating.

So that meant that Li Ba was one of the people who had been captured, but he had escaped!

Chen Hao ventured a guess, and it was extremely likely.

"By the way, do you recognize this kind of sign?"

From his own bosom, Chen Hao hurriedly pulled out the Holy Water Order, which had the logo of the Sun Alliance on it.

And Li Ba also stared at it.

"This is the symbol on top of those people's chests!" Rikba looked, still looking a little panicked.

Yes! Power Bully had indeed escaped from the Sun Alliance, and Power Bully was the biggest clue to the Sun Alliance mystery!


"What was that place you were in, Rikba, anyway? It looks like you're from the same place as the God of Heaven and the woman in white, and you might be one of the people who was taken from Earth by the Sun Alliance! "

Chen Hao asked.

After an exchange, all of Li Ba's descriptions all corresponded with the many clues he had received from the murals, as well as from the Sea King's Palace and the desert dungeon.

Chen Hao was almost certain.

The Sun Alliance had captured many people from Earth, and Powerbully was one of them.

Furthermore, the Sun Alliance was inextricably linked to the White Sister and Brother Celestial God.

So much so, his current path wasn't wrong, Yun Qing also came from there, she could all survive in the form of her soul, there was no reason why Sister White Clothes wouldn't.

The events of Iron City's childhood, wouldn't that prove that the White Sister did indeed have traces of activity.

Li Ba said at this moment, "That place of ours is called the 'Boundary Domain', it is very different from here, but it is also seven or eight times similar."

"Boundary Domain? So, the people who were captured with you all went to this place called the Realm?"

Chen Hao excitedly asked.  

Powerbully nodded heavily, "Yes, we're all there, but we simply don't know how to get out of there, fortunately, and again During the mission, a few of us re-boarded the ship so I could break out!"

"And it seems like it won't be long before some ordinary people just like you show up for training!"

Rikba thought again.

"So what are you all training for?"

Chen Hao asked curiously.

"I don't know about that, everyone has their own job, and we are responsible for building the weapons! I don't know anything else!"

Rikba shook his head.

So it seemed that he now had a major clue.

That was this place called the Boundary.

Tongxin and the others were also captured by the ship.

No wonder, for a year, they had used all the financial and human resources at their disposal to search for clues, but they had found nothing, so they were taken to some other place by the Sun Alliance.

Although Li Ba didn't know exactly where the Boundary Domain was.

But, finally, he didn't have to be so confused anymore, right?

"Young Master Chen, just now you told Li Ba that you were looking for someone, could it be that someone close to you has been captured in our realm?"

Powerball asked curiously.

"Well, it's just that the Sun Alliance captured him!" Chen Hao nodded.

Power Tyrant scratched his head, "But you are a legend from our place, you should know how to get to the Realm, you should know ah, the Realm has a very old legend, you Shortly after becoming famous, you disappeared, but I didn't know that you were here!"

Rikba excited.

"I can't explain it in a sentence or two, I'm not Tenjingo, and as for him, his body is now stored in a dungeon, and Sister White came here with him, and I, now, just want to find the woman in white and reunite the two of them, because the woman in white's The body is hiding a more detailed secret, but right now, I can't find her! And..."

These days, Chen Hao was depressed.

He didn't know who to talk to about the bitterness in his belly.

When he saw that Li Ba was honest, he was instead willing to tell Li Ba about these hardships with his head.

Li Ba was also happy to listen.

"I did hear some of their legends, the possessed Yun Qing you spoke of seems to be her sister, extremely strong, but also very Bad, just like you, Tenjin-sama, all disappeared in one piece! So, they're all here! Furthermore, she has condensed her soul thoughts to form a ghost spirit, and finding a suitable adaptation right now is the equivalent of being reborn!"

Rikba said.

He seemed to be less able to think than normal, and was silent for a while now before he answered, "If it is as you tell us, her sister Resurrected, and she had shown signs of coming out and moving earlier, which means that she had also condensed her soul and formed a ghost, but alas. Can't regenerate without finding the right adaptor!"

"Adapted body?" Chen Hao was confused and asked.

"Well, borrowing a corpse to return to the soul requires a suitable adaptive body, otherwise it cannot exist for too long, and if there is no adaptive body, this ghost will go with the The coffin moves, and once it's found for her, draw her out and she'll be able to be reborn! At that time, Young Master  Chen you won't have to go to the trouble of finding one of her corpses!"

Power Tyrant.

"So that's how it was, when we were in the desert dungeon, a mysterious person prompted himself to find the white woman's coffin and buried it together. It turns out that it wasn't transporting a corpse, but a soul!"

Chen Hao got the idea.

"Na Li Ba, do you know how to find her adaptive body? And how to draw her out?"

Chen Hao was busy asking.

"Well, it is rumored that she, like Lord God, cultivates the same Heavenly Xuan Technique, the Heavenly Xuan True Qi exists in her body, and her soul has been transitioned, so she must Have to look for someone who knows Tian Xuan Gong, use the Tian Xuan Divine Pupil to find the breath of the adapted body, and when you find it, again, still use the Tian Xuan Gong True Qi in the periphery Released, she'll come quickly once she realizes it!"

"But Young Master Chen, many people can't practice the Heavenly Xuan Gong, I certainly can't!"

Li Ba chided himself.

"Tianxuan Gong?"

Chen Hao was delighted to hear it.

What he was currently cultivating, wasn't it the Heavenly Xuan Gong.

Indeed, it contained methods for training the eyes, methods for training the body, and methods for training the qi, and many more.

So, using this Heavenly Xuan Gong, one could find Sister Bai Yi!

"Yes, but this secret method is too demanding on one's physique and bloodline, and those without such talent will explode and die upon practice!"

A strong longing was evident in Li Ba's eyes.

There was still such a layer to the Heavenly Xuan Gong? Then how come you're practicing and you're fine?

Is he really the reincarnation of Brother Tenjin?

But this was too late for Chen Hao to think about for now.

Li Ba had told Chen Hao about the method of using the Heavenly Xuan True Qi to find the Adapted Body's breath.

Therefore, Chen Hao's priority was to hurry up and find the Adapted Body.

"Li Ba, thank you for telling me so many clues!"

Chen Hao was still excited and patted Li Ba's shoulder, then from his bosom, he gave Li Ba the Qi and Blood Pill he got from the Pill King Valley.

"I don't know if this Qi and Blood Pill, has any effect on your True Qi recovery, but I'll bring it to you, you take it, more or less Use!"

Chen Hao brought out the qi and blood pills.

"Pill? Good stuff! But the quality isn't too good, but it's useful, very useful, thank you Lord Celestial, no, thank you Young Master Chen!"

Power Tyrant held it in both hands, smiling happily.

With a large wave of his hand, the dozen or so pills directly entered his abdomen.

Not long after, Chen Hao was able to see that the original pale face of Li Ba had recovered quite a bit and was gradually becoming red.

Li Ba closed his eyes and sank his senses, "I've recovered some of my true essence now, I'll try and restore my original state!"

He said, clenching his fists with both hands, his bones crackling all over his body.

Right after that, Chen Hao saw that his physique was shrinking at a rate that was visible to the naked eye.

It was like shrinking bones.

It didn't take much, and Power Tyrant became an ordinary one-man tall, somewhat overweight, rough uncle.

"Hehe, thanks Young Master Chen, I can finally be like you now!"

Powerball smiled.

"Well!" Chen Hao nodded faintly.

"Right now, I'm lacking just one handy weapon, Young Master Chen, is there a blacksmith shop here, I'll go and fight one myself, then we'll go to the Find them!" Powerball suddenly said viciously.

"Find them? Looking for who?"

"The ancient family actually tried to harm you, I tore them apart to avenge you!"


I didn't expect Li Ba to be so furious, to actually avenge himself.

Chen Hao was faintly touched in his heart.

"I'll use the herbs to save the people first, let's go back first!"

Chen Hao smiled.

"Okay Young Master Chen!" Rikba scratched his head.

After they left the cave, they headed directly towards the shantytown.

The problem with Sorin's arm couldn't do any more delay, or else it would easily leave a legacy.

Besides, they would then have to search for an adapted body for the white woman, and there was a sea of people, so where they would find the right one was still uncertain!

I don't know if it was a coincidence or not, but when the two of them emerged from the mountain, Chen Hao's spiritual sense suddenly jumped.


Chen Hao understood, but whenever there was such a feeling, it meant that someone with a different scent must have appeared not far from him.  

Strangely enough, the feeling would be very strong if it was an expert like before, such as Black General.

But now, the feeling was very subtle.

That means it wasn't an expert.


And Li Ba apparently had this intuition as well, and was inspecting around.

According to what Li Ba said, Chen Hao's eyes closed slightly and applied his magic, and when he opened them again, a strange purple color flashed in his eyes.

The purple light was like two rays that swept towards the four directions.

"Heavenly Xuan Divine Pupil?"

Li Ba was on the side, directly startled.

But seeing that Young Master Chen was engrossed, he didn't say anything.

It was just strange in his heart, it was obvious that Young Master Chen was the Heavenly Lord, why did the Heavenly Lord himself just not admit it?

Even the Eyes of Heavenly Genius can do it! This was even more telling.

There must be some special intentions of the Heavenly God Lord.

I can't talk too much and ask too many questions, or it won't be good if I anger the Lord of Heavenly Gods.

Power Tyrant secretly admonished himself.

On the side, even more respectful.

"Power Tyrant, you just told me a lot of things about True Qi, and one of them is that when a strange breath appears next to me, I will have something Perception, I feel as if I'm sensing the adaptor you want me to find, near us!"

A moment later, Chen Hao could not help but be pleasantly surprised.

According to what Li Ba had said, the feeling that a strong breath brought to one's self would be very strong, and one's true qi would automatically emit a sense of coldness.

But if it was a soft Qi, the breath would feel more gloomy.

What the white-clothed woman needed was a woman with soft Qi existing in her body as her adaptive body.

Now Chen Hao had detected this kind of breath with his divine pupil.

"It's possible, in fact, adaptive bodies, although they aren't common, there aren't many of them, like the kind of women who are born with a spiritual nature, they all More or less usable as an adaptor!"

Rikba preached.

"It's ten miles away, come on, let's go over there!"

As soon as the words fell, Chen Hao's figure hurriedly stormed towards that location.

This was equivalent to the location of the entrance to the great mountain already.

Beyond the mountain was a small village.

Right now at the entrance.

There were several youths surrounding a woman, while a boy who looked to be sixteen or seventeen years old was lying on the ground as if he had been injured.

He struggled to get up and tried to fight with these youths, but he was quickly kicked to the ground.

"Let go of my sister!"

The boys felt a large rock from the ground and smashed it at some people's heads.

As a result, he was kicked ten meters away.


The girl looked to be about twenty-three or twenty-four years old, and now shouted in distress.

"Hahaha, how's it going? If you don't want your brother to get beaten up, go to the car and stay with us brothers, it's the first time I've seen such a watery girl!"

A youth said and went to pinch the woman's chin.

"Get out of my way, you guys!" The woman struggled to her death.

"But we're the Simon family, little beauty, do you think you can still live if you offend us?"

The youth threatened again.

"Do you... do you still have a king's law!" The woman had a death grip on their wrists.

"King's law? We, the Simon family, are the law of the land!"

A man laughed grimly.

Then he pounced on it, trying to tyrannize.

But it was at that moment.

His collar was grabbed by someone from behind.

And it was lifted up by someone with a slight force.

"What man?"

And the other four men also reacted instantly.

Because this one came too fast, they hadn't seen what was going on yet.

They had pulled out their daggers.

"Young Master Chen said, you deserve to die!"

Not bad, who else could this person be if he wasn't a force tyrant.

He and Chen Hao followed the scent all the way over here and just saw the scene in front of them.

Powerbully took action.

"What the fuck, Young Master Chen? We're the Simon family, you don't want to live, let go!" Several men drank at the same time.

"Young Master Chen said that the Ximen family deserved even more!"

After saying that, I saw Rikba push slightly.

And this person in his hand was directly thrown into the sky, a height of more than twenty meters.

It was like throwing a small chicken.

When it fell down, it just struggled a few times on the ground, and then it didn't move.


Those men were all blinded at first glance.

Now daggers were thrown on the ground.

Plopping down on their knees.

"Grand Master, spare your life, Grand Master!"

But where does Li Ba care about that.

He only remembered that Young master Chen said they deserved to die.

So, with three strikes, Li Ba instantly broke a few people's necks.

This pair of siblings were saved.

They snuggled together.

The scene just now had really frightened the woman.

She was now looking at Chen Hao, who was walking slowly, and this murderous uncle with some fear.

"Don't be afraid, we won't hurt you!"

Chen Hao came over and smiled.

"Thank you...thank you for saving us!"

The woman nodded her head slightly.

Chen Hao looked at her, now observing the woman with his Xuantian divine Pupil again.

That's right, the scent was exactly coming from this woman, except that it was flickering on and off.

It seemed like a suitable Adapted Body, and unlike it.

It looked like she had contact with an Adapted Body, and it hadn't been contact for very long.

"You're welcome, it looks like your brother is holding a basket, are you guys going into the mountains to pick medicine?"

Chen Hao asked.

The woman protected her battered and bruised brother and nodded her head.

It was obvious that she was still scared of Chen Hao and Li Ba as well.

"You guys live in this village?"

Chen Hao asked again.

The woman still nodded her head.

"If there's nothing particularly important, it's better not to go into the mountains, just you siblings, it's too dangerous! What if you run into a beast?"

Seeing that the two of them were fearful of themselves.

Chen Hao didn't have to ask too many questions.

"We have to go pick medicine for my grandfather to boil!"

That's when the boy spoke up, "And I'm not afraid of any beasts, I can tell before they come!"


Chen Hao faintly looked at the beaten boy.

Just smiling bitterly, he didn't make any more words and left after nodding his head.

"Young Master Chen, the scent on the woman doesn't look like an adapted body ah!" Li Ba asked beside Chen Hao.

"Well, it's not, but she must have had contact with the Adaptor, I'll go back and take the medicine to Uncle to save Sorin, then I'll return Find them!"

After Chen Hao finished speaking, they accelerated away and soon lost sight of each other.

"Sister, they're far away!"

At this moment at the entrance of the village, the boy of sixteen or seventeen years of age just now ambled on the ground, as if listening to something, and then stood up and said.

"You ah, how many times I told you, don't show yourself these small ability, what they are we are not clear, brother, you still now Does it hurt?"

The woman said.

"It doesn't hurt anymore, let's go, let's go to the mountains to get medicine, I still have to get cherished herbs to save Sister Su's mother, Sister Su is interested in us The family has a great gift! There's also that brother and uncle who just saved us, they've done us a great favor too!"

The boys said.


Plus, Chen Hao took Li Ba with him, and they had returned to the shantytown's uncle's house.

"Chen Hao, what took you so long to get back, you didn't run into any trouble, did you?" Li Mumu heard Chen Hao's voice and hurriedly welcomed out.

"Fine, just a little trouble!" Chen Hao nodded his head slightly.

"Chen Hao, who is he then?"

Li Mumu looked at the tatteredly dressed Li Ba and wondered about the question.

"My friend, Mumu, help me clean up the side room later, and I'll go tell Uncle to let Lippa stay here for now! By the way, where's Uncle?"

Chen Hao looked around towards the house and asked.

"Uncle has gone out to do something!"

Li Mu Mu said.

"I've got the herbs, I'm going to go change Sorin's medicine, I'll accompany Li Ba later to buy a dress, and we have something else to do tomorrow!"

Chen Hao said.  

"Huh? Why are you so busy? I wanted you to teach me the Kung Fu!"

Li Mumu gave Chen Hao a grudging glance, but still listened to Chen Hao and went to clean up the side room.

It took Chen Hao two hours to finally finish changing Sorin's medicine.

This way, after Sorin's arm recovered, it wouldn't leave scars and was perfectly reattached.

Afterwards, after eating, Chen Hao took Li Ba to his room, and they prepared to return to that village again the next day, this time, so that Chen Hao could fully dedicate himself to finding a suitable adaptive body for his white sister.

Honestly, though, the search for an adaptive body was something that was somewhat lacking in virtue.

After all, according to Li Ba, if one stayed in the Adaptation Body for too long, more than ten days, it would severely damage the original soul of the original body.

For example, Yun Qing, the real Yun Qing, was now dead or alive, Chen Hao didn't even know.

Thinking about that extremely kind little girl, Chen Hao's heart couldn't help but feel a touch of self-reproach.

Although she was not harmed by herself, she was after all killed indirectly because of herself.

If he hadn't made a mistake and entered another dimension, he wouldn't have mistakenly released her.

So this time, Chen Hao was ready and he needed to find a lot of adaptors.

Regardless of how much money they were prepared to ask for, Chen Hao was prepared to give them as compensation.

If everything went well and Sister White succeeded in being saved.

Chen Hao would keep going to change the Adapted Bodies for her.

Avoiding calamity to the innocent.

And that pair of sisters and brothers was an important clue.

Early the next morning.

Chen Hao and Li Ba arrived at this village.

What Chen Hao didn't expect was that he had just arrived at the entrance of the village.

He saw the boy that he had saved yesterday squatting at the village entrance.

With a knife in his hand, he was slashing and slicing at the spot where yesterday's corpses were flying!

Li Ba was very casual, and after killing those people yesterday, he had casually thrown them in the grass by the side of the road.

Chen Hao now came over to see that the scene had been cleared.

"Big Brother and Uncle, you guys are here?"

And the little boy also saw Chen Hao and the others, and now stood up in surprise and said.

Yesterday, Chen Hao and the uncle saved him and his sister, and this uncle, his martial arts skills were extremely high.

This brother, was even more mysterious.

He could feel it.

It made the little boy impressed.

"Eh? It looks like you're waiting for someone, not us, right?"

Chen Hao looked at him and couldn't help but smile bitterly.

"Just wait for you guys again ah, I heard you guys coming towards us, I knew that you came to find me and my sister, yesterday brother you It's like he said he had something to ask my sister for!"

The boys said.

Chen Hao and Li Ba looked at each other.

This boy was really something.

Only then did he remember what the boy had said yesterday when they parted.

He said that he was able to hear the danger and anticipate it so as to escape.

Not at all afraid of the beasts in the mountain.

"How did you hear that?" Chen Hao asked.

If it was true, then this kid was simply somewhat evil, he couldn't even make it this far to the shantytown to be able to sense it in advance.

And this brat can actually sense it, evil!

"Hey, my sister says it's my biggest secret! By the way big brother uncle, what do you want with my sister?"

The boy asked.

"First you take us to meet your sister, I'm not going to lie to you, I have something to ask!"

Chen Hao said frankly.



Shui Gan took the two of them and headed towards his home.

"Big brother Chen Hao, uncle, can you teach me kung fu? I want to be as powerful as you guys so that no one will dare to bully me! I was able to foresee the danger and had to run, but there was no way to fix it, just like yesterday, when those bastards grabbed my sister!"

On the road, Shui Gun begged.

For some reason, the feeling he got when he saw the two of them, especially big brother Chen Hao, was that they were especially easy to get close to.

Mizugen directly spoke what was on his mind.

"You want to learn this, but, you still haven't told us how you got your special powers? How did you know we were coming towards you today?"

Chen Hao smiled bitterly.

Of course, he wouldn't let Shui Gen Bai tell him his secret, and he would let him get what he wanted.

"It's a secret, and it's my biggest secret, but big brother Chen Hao, you have to keep your word, if I tell you, you and uncle will have to teach me !"

Mizugen asked.

He was really too longing for Kung Fu.

Rikba said with a smile, "You don't talk about your supernormal capabilities, we're guessing pretty much the same, you're afraid that you kid has some kind of a smooth Right?"


Chen Hao was astonished.

This term sounded really mysterious.

Even he himself could not reach such a stage.

But apparently in some aspects, Li Ba knew much more than himself!

Sure enough, Mizugen was very surprised and stared at him, "Uncle, you can tell at a glance!"

"Oh, we have ones there that have the same skills as you, but even more powerful than yours!" Power Tyrant.

"It's just that you don't look like you've had any special training, so how did you come to possess supernatural powers?" Powerball scratched his head.

"I sure guessed right, you all have great skills, hehe, I do have smooth ears, I figured that if I wanted to. I can hear voices from five hundred miles away, and I can feel danger approaching." Mizugen said.

"Alas, I had thought that with this magical skill, I could become rich, but I found out that this smooth ear, which is hardly Uses and can't make any money, my grandfather can't afford to treat me, I have to go to the mountains to get medicine!"

Mizugen said with a sigh.

"Rikba, then how did the smooth ears come about? I'm guessing it's through some method of mutating the ears? Ordinary people can't cultivate it!" Chen Hao was also curious and asked.

"You'll have to ask this little guy Shui Gen how he got it, the ability I had mutated and produced was infinitely more powerful!"

Power Tyrant said.

"And in order to achieve this variation, you need some sort of elixir!"

Chen Hao nodded his head.

Power Tyrant was from within the Realm, it was a strange place.

It could produce mutations, and if it was understandable, then Shui Gun had been living here, how could he have acquired some sort of special ability just like Power Tyrant?

Chen Hao couldn't help but wonder.

He was busy asking Shui Gen.

Of course, Shui Gen wasn't this Tie Bean either, this kid was clever.

It made Chen Hao repeatedly swear to teach him martial arts before he was willing to speak up.

"Brother Chen Hao, I got this from a snake cave in the mountains when I was twelve years old, I was there, I ate a fruit, and then it became like this, and in that cave, there are many weird paintings..."



"Where's that cave?"

Chen Hao gazed at it and asked.

This world was indeed very exciting, just like Shui Sheng's Thousand Mile Ear Encounter, there must be a hidden secret in that cave.

Chen Hao speculated in his heart.

If it was true, he really couldn't let go of this cave, he must go to see it.

"It's just inside the big mountain, I still remember that place, Brother Chen, if you want to go there, I'll take you there later!"


"Yes, please!"

Chen Hao nodded his head.

Shuisheng's name was Li Shuisheng, and his sister was called Li Shuixia.

His parents were away for years, and usually lived with his grandfather.  

Only that his grandfather was weak and sickly, and always needed herbs to keep him alive.

Shuisheng also repeatedly mentioned a sister Su Ruoxi in the conversation, Li Shuixia is Su Ruoxi's secretary, the money his grandfather needed to treat his illness is also all paid for by Su Ruoxi.

She had always been treated as a savior by Shuisheng.

If Chen Hao's guess was correct, then this Su Ruoxi must be the person he was looking for, and only then could he explain the source of the adaptive body aura on Li Shuisheng's body.

"Sister, look who's here!"

Shuisheng stood in the courtyard and shouted.

Not long after, Li Shuixia came out of the house, the entire courtyard was filled with the strong fragrance of medicine.

"Where have you been again, Dr. Hu is taking grandpa's pulse, keep your voice down." Li Shuixia said.

After saying that, she saw Chen Hao standing behind Shuisheng with Li Ba.

Presently startled: "It's you guys..."

It could be seen that Li Shuixia's eyes were still somewhat fearful.

Although Chen Hao had saved himself, the way they killed at every turn would probably make any ordinary woman feel afraid.

And just as Chen Hao had guessed, at this moment, Li Shuixia's body no longer had that aura.

"Miss Li, we didn't come with any malicious intent, we just want to ask you for a favor, how about you do me a favor and I'll do you a favor as well, ?"

Chen Hao smiled.

"I... what can I do to help you guys?"

Li Shuixia pulled her brother to her side.

"I heard from Shuisheng that the only woman who had contact with you yesterday was that Su Ruoxi Su, and I would like to ask you to introduce her!"

Chen Hao.

"You're looking for Su?" Li Shuixia was somewhat scrupulous.

Chen Hao just nodded his head, then walked over to the medicine jar where the medicine was being decocted.

"This prescription of yours is only a cure for the symptoms but not the root cause, if the old man takes it for a long period of time, firstly, he will become dependent, and secondly, his body will only get worse and worse !"

Chen Hao said.

"You... who the hell are you guys?"

Apparently, Chen Hao was right, making the latter's face change.

"Sister, Brother Chen and the others are good people, and all of them are capable of great things, and they are looking for Sister Su to help them with their Find someone, and Brother Chen said that he helped us heal Grandpa!"

Aquatic was busy.


"Of course it's true!"

"Shuisheng, this is a Qi Blood Pill, you divide it into twelve brews and give it to your grandfather, take it once a month, after a year, your grandfather's The sickness will be resolved!"

Chen Hao said, tossing Shui Sheng a Qi Blood Pill.

"You don't even have to take my grandfather's pulse?" Li Shuixia was greatly surprised.

"No need, looking at the prescription, I can guess what illness the old man has! We didn't mean anything else, we really were looking for help from that Su!"

Chen Hao said with a sincere face.

The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services, and to provide a wide range of products and services to the public.

I'm afraid that the general manager is not available now, she is in a meeting, at least until the afternoon. !"

And that was also the time.

Chen Hao's phone suddenly came with a text message.

"Hurry back, something happened!"

This was a text message from Li Mumu to Chen Hao.


Chen Hao was also a little nervous when he read the text message.

What else could happen over there in the shantytown?

Looks like Uncle hasn't gone back yet.

No, I have to go back quickly to check.

Chen Hao looked up at Shuisheng.

"Shuisheng, use your ears to listen to the shantytown I came to, is there something going on?"

Chen Hao asked.

Shuisheng immediately responded.

Now lying on the ground, he listened intently.

"There, there seems to be a lot more people over there in the shantytown, quite a few people have been gathered together, as to what happened, I don't know!"

Shui Sheng said.

Chen Hao frowned in thought.

Not good!

It's the Gu family!

Sorin was wounded by Gu Feng, he was repulsed by his uncle.

I'm afraid that the Ancient Family would not let up, they must have known where they were.

Right now, a flash of anger flashed in Chen Hao's eyes.

"Li Ba, let's go back!"

And then the shantytown.

The water life didn't sound good.

The village was indeed all gathered on the main street of the shantytown.

And it was a squad of ancient experts who were guarding them.

And Li Mumu could not escape the thieves' hands, being escorted by them and brought in front of Gu Feng.

Ancient Wind was standing with his hands behind his back.

He was squinting his eyes.

"Where is Chen Hao? Better say it, or else my men will kill someone, and this time, that expert won't be able to save you!"

Gu Feng was cold.

"I don't know Chen Hao, and also, you're the son of a bitch who chopped off Sorin's arm, you're a beast who won't even let a child go !"

Li Mumu was burning with anger.

He was yelling at Ancient Wind.

Ancient Wind heard the words, but he only shook his head and laughed.

"I know that there is an expert hidden here in your shantytown, perhaps, you are not afraid, but don't take any chances! I already have a way to deal with that man, this time, not only do I want to find Chen Hao, I want to find that man and take revenge! This beauty, if you don't want to end up like that stinky girl and have your arms cut off by me, just tell me honestly!"

Gu Feng warned again.

As he said that, he abruptly reached out and grabbed Li Mumu's neck.

"I don't know Chen Hao!"

Li Mumu struggled as he smacked towards Gu Feng.

"Fine, I see that you people won't go soft if you don't see blood. Since that's the case, I'll kill one as a warning to the hundred!"

Gu Feng's arm was slightly strong, about to break Li Mumu's neck with one hand.

The rest of the Gu Family experts were also ready to go out and kill a few people.

"Little child, take your life!"

Suddenly at this moment, a thunderous sound rang out in the ears.

It was a deafening sound, and the sound arrived before anyone else, raising a cloud of dust.

Then, a small stone broke through the cloud of dust that was raised and traveled.

It struck straight at Gu Feng's temple.

Ancient Wind subconsciously let go and dodged.


The stone struck through a sturdy tree.

Gu Feng took two steps backwards.

The brow was greatly condensed.

"Expert! As expected, this shantytown is not simple!" He laughed furiously.

Looking at the two silhouettes coming towards this side....


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