The Unknown Heir Chen 671-675


At first, Pill Ming just thought that Brother Chen was an ordinary youth.

Grandfather En, on the other hand, was a clinic doctor, and this youth was his apprentice.

But I never thought that Brother Chen actually had such strength.

As the saying goes, a connoisseur will know when he has it.

The strength that Brother Chen had just displayed was too strong.

It was even stronger than Pill King Valley, some experts.

Pill Ming was too shocked.

"Brother Chen, it's unexpected that you actually still have this kind of skill!"

Pillarmine heartily praised.

All of them had forgotten about the fact that Chen Hao had heavily injured the Pill King Valley's Grand Steward.

"Mr. Pill is overpraised, I'm also angry at the way he treated you." Chen Hao smiled bitterly.  

"By the way Mr. Pill, I wonder if the Valley Master knows about the three herbs I need? I want to meet your Valley Master!"

Chen Hao spoke directly.

After coming here himself, he first met the Pill Family's pair of sisters, a pair of girls who that other people's lives were a joke.

Very absurd.

It made the original respect Chen Hao had for the Pill King Valley dissipate long ago.

And itself, the Pill King Valley's valley master was ungrateful and had long since put the matter of Uncle's rescue back then behind him, making Chen Hao somewhat furious.

Of course, to save someone, Uncle wasn't trying to get him anything.

All Chen Hao wanted was an explanation.

"Honestly Brother Chen, if I had introduced you to the Valley Master before, he definitely wouldn't have met you and the three herbs wouldn't be available, but Now, Brother Chen, if you have such skills, why didn't you tell us earlier, the Valley Master, he respects the strongest martial artists, and although the Pill King Valley is now It may seem calm on the surface, but it's actually dangerous, and Lord Valley Master is recruiting experts from all over the world!"

Pillow Ming smiled.

"Let's go Brother Chen, I'll take you to seek an audience with Lord Valley Master!"

Chen Hao didn't say anything and went with Pill Ming.

He also wanted to see what kind of divine being this Pill King Valley's valley master, Pill First Valley, was.

During the journey.

Pill Ming also told Chen Hao about some of his encounters.

In the early years, he was a driver for Pill First Valley and later promoted to housekeeper.

At that time, he treated that Pill San as a brother.

He had always promoted him.

But unexpectedly, the previous owner of Pill King Valley, Madam Pill was seriously ill, and Pill San was in charge of serving her at that time.

Because of his negligence, Pill San made a mistake in preparing a medicine.

As a result, the old lady almost lost her life.

What Pill Ming didn't expect was that Pill San took advantage of Pill Ming's trust in order to get rid of the guilt and framed Pill Ming for it.

From then on, Pill Ming became a handyman of the lowest status.

Pill San was promoted instead.

All the way said.

The two of them came to the council hall this.

Usually, the Valley Master was here, receiving some out-of-town guests and such.

Today, they just walked in.

They saw the Hall of Deliberation and there were many people.

Many of the core members of the Pill King Valley were there, meeting like.

When they arrived at the door, no one was aware of the reception.

They were engrossed in listening to a girl piece telling things.

"Dad, we really didn't lie to you, that savage was too powerful, more than a hundred people on the scene were killed by him in a matter of moments, fortunately, my sister and I The martial arts were solid to escape!"

A girl was explaining a matter as if she was afraid.

Chen Hao fixed his eyes to take a look.

Who else could it be if it wasn't that Pill Meng Yao.

"I didn't expect that they still have such experts in the Zhuang Valley, fortunately, this expert escaped, if he works for the Zhuang Valley, then we I'm afraid the Pill King Valley is in trouble!"

A middle-aged man with a dark complexion, sitting on the sofa, said lightly.

He looked again at Medicine Meng Fei at the side.

"How many times have I told you guys to stay away from the Zhuang family, and that Zhuang Shi San, you're not ignorant of what he has in mind for you , this time, he is clearly trying to trap you, if not for that savage beastly nature, you will definitely lose!"

The middle-aged man reprimanded.

He was the owner of Pill King Valley, Pill First Valley.

He had two daughters.

The youngest daughter, Pill Mongyao, was eccentric and oily.

The elder daughter, on the other hand, was more mature and steady.

But this time, it made Pill First Valley somewhat atmospheric, and no matter what, this bet resulted in the Pill King Valley losing seven experts at once.

"All along, the Zhuang family has been eyeing our Pill King Valley, so be careful in everything in the near future, don't fall for the Zhuang Valley's ways again!"

He instructed.

And with no good look at his two daughters, "Okay, you two go back to your rooms, no going out again!"

He reprimanded.

The two of them left their mouths open, and they walked back to the room.

"Valley Master, I have something to ask for an audience!"

Seeing that the Valley Master had finished his speech, Pillmeister stepped forward and bowed.


Medicine Yigu's brows furrowed and he said slightly, "What do you want?"

"Valley Master, you have been recruiting the Four Seas Martial Dao masters and today, I met one, Brother Chen behind me, and he is the The disciple of Eun Gong back then!"

Pillow Ming introduced.

Pill Yigu looked up slightly at Chen Hao.

Faintly, he said, "Grandfather En? What benefactor?"

"It's the shantytown we were in back in Taejo..." the medicine man mentioned briefly.

"Oooh, you mean that, what? He's got an apprentice now? And, is he proficient in martial arts?"

Medicine Yiya shook his head.

As someone who had been there.

Pill Yigu could tell at a glance that this was to consume the so-called saving grace from back then.

At first, when he gave that farmer money, he didn't want it.

At that time, I thought to myself, pretending to be something noble.

Oh, it seems that now, something is begging for him, waiting for him here.

"Medicine, go to the accountant and get fifty thousand, no, take a hundred thousand and give it to him, send him out, this matter, let's put an end to it!"

Medicine Yigu rubbed his eyebrows and waved his hand.

"Hmph, and a martial arts expert?"

"It's clearly just a yellow-haired kid!"

"Did you come here to trick the world, thinking that the Pill King Valley is a concentration center for difficult camps and anyone can come?"

On the side, a few imposing old men couldn't help but shake their heads and laugh.

Chen Hao's eyebrows slightly condensed.

A killing intent surged to his heart, if not, he would have wanted to take the medicine.

"But Valley Master, this Brother Chen, he wants three exotic medicinal herbs!"

Pillow Ming sighed anxiously.

"Oh, what kind of favor can be worth three exotic herbs? I'm getting annoyed right now, and if I don't leave, I'll be out of a hundred grand!"

Medicine Yi Gu was indifferent.

And that was also the time.

A small boy stumbled in from outside.

"It's not good! Not good!"

He fell to the ground in one fell swoop.

Medicine Yigoya's brows furrowed, "What's all this panic?"

"Yes... it's the Zhuang Valley's Valley Master, who brought many people to call in, saying that our Pill King Valley had brought people to release some kind of undefeated War God to the The bankers have caused significant damage and are now looking for compensation from us, but we won't let them in, so they hit us raw!"

The boy.

"What? Fuck! What a jerk!"

Pill One Valley was furious.

Slamming the table, "Come, gather your men immediately, how can I, the Pill King Valley, allow his Zhuangjia Valley people to act rashly here!"


"It's the Valley Master and the others are here."

At this moment, the Pill Valley bodyguards who were confronting the Zhuang family outside the square shouted excitedly. It was as if a boulder in their hearts had fallen to the ground.

A full sixty or so of the Zhuang family's bodyguards, who were now lying howling on the ground, all helped each other to barely stand up and hurriedly pushed behind the arriving Pill Yagu.

"Zhuang Hu Zhuang Bao!"

Pill Yi Gu was now clenching his fist with a slight frown.

Zhuang Hu, was the valley master of the Zhuang Family Valley of the Seven Valleys Ridge, and as for Zhuang Bao, he was Zhuang Hu's younger brother.

The Pill King Valley was an alchemist and the Zhuang Family Valley was still martial, and some years ago, the Zhuang Family Valley was also an alchemist family, founded by a valley master who was a servant who had escaped from the Pill King Valley.

Thus, the two families had a long history of enmity before.

This Zhuang Bao was the younger brother of Zhuang Hu, and was extremely strong. To be afraid, Pill One Valley was also worried about fearing Zhuang Bao. It was said that he was close to the middle stage of the Qi Transformation Realm!

As a result, the Medicine One Valley had gathered a large number of experts.

But I didn't expect that in front of Zhuang Bao's face, it was simply unbearable.

I had really underestimated Zhuang Bao's strength.

There were fifty or sixty people from the Zhuang Valley. Today, Zhuang Hu, finally found an excuse to get mad!

Chen Hao also walked out.

When he fixed his eyes, he saw a man in black practice clothes with black cloth shoes on his feet standing in front of Zhuang Jia Gu, he looked to be in his forties and had a scar on his face, giving him a hideous appearance.

"What? Lord of Medicine? It looks like you've hired quite a few good men to deal with our Zhuangjia Valley, huh?" That Zhuang Bao took a step forward, and looked at Pillow with a smile instead of a smile.

After all, Pill Yigu is a big shot, forcing down the shock in his heart: "Zhuang Bao, Zhuang Hu, you two brothers are really insolent today, actually! Bringing people to injure so many of us from the Pill King Valley?"

"Likewise, Pill Valley Master, do you remember this scar on my Brother Leopard's face? Thanks to you, you used Pill King Valley's pills to bribe experts to ambush our brothers. I escaped, and now, this scar on my face, always dare not forget ah." Zhuang Hu smiled coldly.

The two families had been holding grudges for a long time, and Zhuang Bao looked extremely fierce. "Pill Yi Gu, you cut the crap, the old grudge from back then, plus now your daughter has led people to release the War God that our Zhuang family had a hard time capturing Do you have any idea how many men the family lost trying to catch that savage? Today, we plan to settle our old and new scores together, the two families have been fighting for centuries, and today, we plan to do it!"

Zhuang Bao was fierce, when he opened his mouth, the scars on his face were all waving hideously.

Pill Yigu was silent, yes, he was the one who sent people to kill Zhuang Bao Zhuang Hu and his two brothers in the first place. Recently, there had been frequent conflicts with the Zhuang family, and now, asking for punishment in the name of their daughter letting the wildlings go was just an excuse for them, it seemed that They wanted to get real.

But to spar, looking at the formation in front of them, I'm afraid that the so-called experts they've cultivated over the past five or six years won't be a match for Zhuang Bao!

Now Pill Yigu lowered his voice. "Don't think that just because you're close to the middle stage of the Qi Transformation Realm, you can do whatever you want. We, Pill Valley, have been here for so many years, and we're not just eating!"

"Haha! What kind of strength you Pill King Valley has, others don't know, don't we two brothers know?" Zhuang Hu couldn't help but look at him and snorted, "I think you'd better struggle less, so why don't you restrain yourself? These masters you've hired are nothing more than a bunch of useless dogs! Shi San, you go, you don't need your second uncle to do anything, you go and clear out all these so-called experts in Pill King Valley!"

Zhuang Hu looked towards Zhuang Shi San.

This scene also made the few old men who had previously mocked Chen Hao look extremely pale.

They had been famous for a long time, when had they ever been treated with such contempt, and they actually sent a junior.

Pill First Valley's face was also extremely humiliated.

He inhaled and nodded his head, he fiercely snapped, "Master Cang, Master Jing, Master Kong! It looks like I'll have to ask you guys to do something."

The three masters slightly bowed their heads and said to the young man standing next to them, "Yang Ying, you go try this Zhuang young man."

The young man in the tight-fitting practice shirt nodded, walked up to Young Master Zhuang and struck an inviting pose.

"Yang Ying is my big disciple, she has followed me for more than ten years, and is now in the late stage of the Condensation Realm, so it won't be a problem if you want to take care of this Zhuang youngster ." The three masters nodded confidently .

They were unwilling to put down their worth to fight personally.

"Oh, you're letting this brat come to die?" Zhuang Bao smiled contemptuously and looked at Yang Ying, "A mere cultivation, and you dare to provoke my nephew? Shi San, no need to hold back!"

"Looking for death." Yang Ying was a young man and practiced martial arts every day, how could he take such excitement.

The figure fiercely moved and had rushed over.

And Zhuang Shisan was holding his shoulders, laughing coldly.

Seeing the silhouettes on the field almost touching, a figure flew out upside down and crashed on top of the wall, shaking the entire antique small building to its core.

"Yang Ying!" The three masters turned pale as early as the two made contact and couldn't help but call out.

It was only then that the crowd saw that the one flying out was precisely Yang Ying.

There was a fist mark on his chest that caved right in. The entire man was stuck to the wall, soft into a puddle of mud.

"Your apprentice isn't dead yet, my nephew has a soft heart, it's your turn." Zhuang Bao grinned with a bloodthirsty glint in his eyes.

The hearts of the three masters chilled, having long lost their initial confidence. Yang Ying was considered the strongest of his disciples, yet he couldn't even take a punch from this man, so wouldn't his kung fu be even higher than his own?

But there was no way out at this time, so I could only scalp it.

The three masters slowly came out and walked up to Zhuang Shi San amidst the expectant gazes of the crowd, coldly shouting.

"Long-tongued little child, don't be rampant!"

"Three old things, hypocritical, let's do it!" Zhuang Shi San said coldly.

"Hmph, you're too arrogant." Even though they knew they were no match, the three masters couldn't help but be enraged and rushed up by transporting their inner energy.


They instantly clashed fists and kicks seven or eight times, and the crowd could only see the two shadows fighting in a heap on top of the clearing in front of the table, each punch and kick bringing up a whistling wind, and wherever they fought, the furnishings were torn to shreds.

"Even the third generation of this Zhuangjia Valley is this strong? It's terrible." Pill Yigu couldn't help but sweat coldly in his heart.

He now realized that he was sitting in a well, thinking that he was the boss of heaven when he had been entrenched in the Seven Valleys Ridge for more than ten years, but didn't know that there were an unknown number of people in the outside world who could squeeze him to death with the stretch of a hand.

"After this battle, even if it costs a lot of money, we have to recruit a bodyguard who is equal to Zhuang Bao's strength, otherwise we'll be killed anytime. No one knows." He thought to himself, but prayed even more that the three masters would win, or else he wouldn't even be able to survive today's disaster.

Only to hear a 'bang' sound, the arena was suddenly divided, one man stood in place, but the three men fell back seven or eight steps in a row, their figures swaying.

The crowd fixed their eyes, and couldn't help but feel cold in their hearts, the person who had fallen backwards was the three masters.


The three of them had been unable to hide the shock on their faces and smiled bitterly.

"I didn't expect that a yellow-haired kid would have already achieved great internal strength!"

Zhuang Shisan's entire body was hot, just slightly panting, clearly with his combat strength intact, and he proudly said.

"So did you understand what my father and uncle just said? You'd better arrest him before you lose a few lives. If you fight again, I won't hold back! And we came here this time to target Medicine One Valley, so if you don't want to die, dodge it while you can!"

The three masters turned pale and could only sigh long. It was because they couldn't even beat this young man, let alone that Zhuang Bao who had yet to make a move.

At this time, Pill Yigu and the others had already had their hearts fall into a bottomless abyss, and seeing the Zhuang family looking over at them, Pill Yigu shouted angrily, "Do it!"

Just at this moment, two gunmen suddenly emerged on top of the arbor in the courtyard.

The two gunmen behind him were hired by spending a lot of money, claiming that their marksmanship was like a god, and were the last thing Medicine One Valley relied on.

Only when they had just pulled out their ** and hadn't had a chance to shoot, that Zhuang Bao violently sucked two stones from the ground and flew out, hitting them directly in the eyebrows.


Two screams and the two have fallen to the ground.  

From the time the Zhuang Clan appeared on the scene until now, it was only a mere ten minutes, the battle force on the side of Medicine One Valley was wounded and maimed, and this time, the bodyguard was no more . Only a few elderly elders from Pill One Valley and Pill King Valley remained. As for the other one hundred and eighty bodyguards, one didn't need to think about it, even if they got on, it would be in vain.

"This time, I'll do it myself! Shi San retreats."

Zhuang Bao's eyes condensed as he took a step towards Pill First Valley.


At this moment, the Pill Meng Fei siblings came running above the square in the valley, and were also extremely nervous and surprised when they saw the mess on the ground.

He looked at his two beautiful daughters, but still endured: "Zhuang Bao Zhuang Hu, speaking of which We didn't have any grudges back then, and the reason you founded the industry is thanks to the alchemy your ancestor learned from our Pill King Valley. And... I know that Shi San has always been in love with our family Meng Fei, so why don't you turn a fight into friendship?"

Pill Yigu clenched his fists tightly.

"Oh, do you think my nephew really loves Pill Meng Fei? Well, at worst, killing you and capturing your daughter will satisfy my nephew's purpose just the same!" Zhuang Bao's footsteps did not stop at all.

The killing intent was on the verge of breaking out.

"Valley Master!"

As soon as Pill Ming rushed over and just blocked Pill Yigu, he was thrown behind him with a flailing hand, lying on the ground unable to get up.

"Pill Yi Gu, once you die, our Zhuangjia Gu will have whatever you want, do you think that the Zhuangjia will only be greedy for your small advantage?" Zhuang Bao walked up to him and patted his face with the back of his hand, smiling.

"Brother Panther, Brother Panther, it's my fault, I was blind back then, please forgive me." Losing his last reliance, even if he was a party leader, he was no different from an ordinary person at this point, he trembled and said, "You know, you guys The ancestors originated from our Pill King Valley, you can't bully your ancestors!"


And Zhuang Bao raised his hand is a loud mouthful.

"Bullying your master? Even you deserve it!" Zhuang Bao sneered, "If I killed you now, it would be like crushing a bedbug, of course, your Pill King Valley's property, our Zhuang family The valley will take over, and the other valleys won't say anything."

"Yes, yes, yes, what Brother Leopard said, you can just bypass my little life." Pill First Valley could no longer bear the pressure of death, and actually poofed down to his knees in front of his daughter's family, hugging Zhuang Leopard's thigh and kowtowing fiercely Way.

No matter how big a man was, he would still be afraid in the face of life and death, even more so than the average person, because he had tasted power and riches, so he was even more afraid of losing his life.

"Hahaha." Zhuang Bao laughed wildly with pride, watching the enemy who had ousted him like a dog in the past kneel down and kowtow, only to feel the depression that had been held in his heart for over a decade The smoke dissipated.

The three masters held their chests and stood there unable to advance or retreat, sighing in their hearts, 'What a miscalculation today, a total loss.'

As for Pillow Ming, he was lying on the ground, looking at the mighty big man in the Seven Valleys Ridge who could now only kneel and beg for mercy, his heart incomparably bitter. No matter what, he was still his own master.

"Lord Valley Master, never, a kneeling today will surely make the other valleys, as well as international rich merchants, laugh at you!" Pillmeister red-eyed.

"I'll fight you!"

As for Pill Meng Fei, she was extremely angry at the moment.

She loved martial arts and had been practicing since she was a child.

Right now, she directly pulled out a dagger from her bosom and stabbed towards Zhuang Bao's chest.

But before it got close, Zhuang Shi San kicked the dagger away.

With one hand, he grabbed Pill Meng Fei's wrist and pulled it directly into his bosom.

"I'll fight you too! Ah!" Pillow Meng Yao was also scared and now wanted to rush over to save her sister.

In the end, she was embraced by another Zhuangjia Valley male.

"Haha, Mengfei, you know what, I've been looking forward to this moment for a long time, tonight if you obey me nicely, I'll beg my father to follow the Second Uncle, spare your life and make you the future young lady of the two valleys, by the way, half of Pill King Valley is still in your hands!"

"Bastard, get off me!" A touch of despair flashed across Pill Meng Fei's eyes.

Shouting to the remaining close to one hundred and fifty Pill Valley bodyguard experts, "What are you guys waiting for? Go!"

More than a hundred and fifty people took a step forward, resulting in Zhuang Bao raising his head and being too frightened to stand in place.

The Zhuang family had been dormant for so many years, how could their current strength be compared to theirs?

"Zhuang is right, Meng Fei, promise Zhuang to save father!" Zhuang Shi San said shamelessly.

"Bah, save you? Today you Pill One Valley will die!" Zhuang Hu came over and kicked Pill One Valley.

"Second Brother, don't dawdle with him, finish him off with these old guys from Pill King Valley, take over Pill King Valley, and be quick!" Zhuang Hu reminded.

"Good, then today, I will personally send you Medicine One Valley back to the west!"

Zhuang Bao raised his palm and saw that he was about to slap it down. Pill Yigu was even more frightened and closed his eyes in fear.

"Stop it!"

At this time, Pillowman struggled to climb up and shouted.

Then, he puffed out and knelt down directly to a young man beside him.

"Brother Chen, our Valley Master is wrong in a thousand ways, I, Pill Ming, am willing to take a life for a life, you save our Valley Master, I am willing to die to thank you for your sins !" Pillow Ming kowtowed continuously, his head bleeding.

"Old Two, what are you waiting for? Do it!"

Zhuang Hu reminded.

Zhuang Bao raised his palm to fall again.


A streak of energy sliced sharply right in front of Zhuang Bao's eyes.

Zhuang Bao subconsciously dodged backwards.

And that powerful mane struck the fake mountain.


With a loud bang, the rockery directly shattered.

And with the dust settling, the entire arena, all of a sudden, fell into dead silence....



Zhuang Bao was filled with horror and looked towards Chen Hao incredulously.

His own strength was already extraordinary, how could an ordinary person easily knock out the blades in his hands, let alone a youth who looked to be no more than the same age as Shi San.

Looking at the power of his strike just now, if he hadn't seen it with his own eyes, it simply wouldn't have been real.

How could it be? Zhuang Bao was scandalized.

Even Zhuang Hu was frowning and looked at his brother.

As for the desperate Pill Yigu and Pill Mengfei and the others, it was more like seeing the dawn of life in the darkness and a life-saving straw in the mud.

Unexpectedly, this kid actually had such strength.

Rather, I was mistaken before and almost offended him.

But seeing that he had helped himself and was definitely not weaker than Zhuang Bao, Pill Yigu immediately got up from the ground.

It was also through this stunned moment that Pill Meng Fei struggled away from Zhuang Shi San and saved his sister.  

"Sister, it's actually him, I didn't even notice him just now! So he's not dead!"

Medicine Mona breathed heavily.

"Shh! Don't talk yet!" On the other hand, Medicine Meng Fei was also very surprised.

The entire atmosphere froze for it.

"Who are you?"

Zhuang Bao frowned. He had seen this young man just now, but where in his eyes was such a little guy. The attention was all on the three masters, Medicine One Valley and the two gunmen.

Now it seemed that this kid had extraordinary strength and clearly had something to rely on.

Zhuang Bao has survived for many years in the midst of gunfire and bullets, with the help of his force and caution. Even if he was facing a seemingly ordinary young man, he was unwilling to underestimate him, or else he would be finished if his boat capsized in the gutter.

"Unexpectedly, back then, Eunuch En actually taught such a disciple, little brother, it was me Meng Long just now, by the way, from what Pillow Ming said, you are here to The one with the precious herbs, right? Fine, don't say three flavors, even if it's ten, I'll give it to you, plus another five hundred thousand, and you'll help me deal with the bankers!"

Medicine Yi Gu finally had a bottom.

When the bottom showed its essence.

"Just now, I saved you because of a piece of Medicine's heart, now, in your life and death, do you want to use this to send me away?"

Chen Hao looked at him with a cold smile. If it wasn't for the fact that Pill Ming was a protector and heartfelt piece of work, Chen Hao wouldn't have said anything about saving it, waiting for Pill Yi Gu to die and stealing the medicine himself directly.


Pill Yigu did not hear from his heart.

Originally thought that he was just a young man in the countryside who had never seen the market, so when it came to conditions again, Pill Yigu judged that these were enough to surprise him.

But he didn't expect that he wouldn't see it at all.

"Little brother, it looks like you're too little? How about this? What do you want? If you'll help me retreat the enemy!"

Pill First Valley said.

"What I want is simple: one-fifth of Pill Valley's assets, to me!" Chen Hao smiled.

"What did you say?" Pill Yigu was startled.

Pill Meng Fei didn't expect him to be so greedy.

"I mean one-fourth of Pill Valley's assets belong to me!"

Chen Hao said again.

Medicine Yigu's breathing tightened, and only now did he realize that he had underestimated this kid.

However, just a country boy dared to open his mouth and ask for a fifth of himself, and now, it became a fourth?

"But you just said one fifth, not to hide from you little brother, one fifth, it's just too embarrassing for me, so that you're willing to do it, A tenth of the money alone would be enough to keep you carefree for the rest of your life!"

Medicine Yi Gu knitted his brows. He certainly couldn't afford to give up his assets again now that he was alive and negotiable.

"One third!" Chen Hao gazed once again.

This time, the group of elders all looked at each other.

The knife was already at their necks, and, don't ever bargain again, if you continue, the entire Pill King Valley will be lost.

Pill First Valley took a deep breath, "Little brother, you don't need to hit the bottom of the well, I promise you, according to what you said before, one fifth. Assets to you, that's always okay, right?"

"One-half! Pill King Valley, I want half, just give it and I'll help!"

Chen Hao smiled.

"How about it, Medicine Yigu, do you promise? Just promise me that I'll help you retreat the enemy." Chen Hao continued.

Pill Yigu kneeled on the ground, that was really neither a promise nor a promise.

Inwardly, he was told that even the three masters and the two invited gunmen had lost, were you a kid really useful? But this was the last straw, he had to grab it regardless, after all, he was already on the edge of life and death.

And he didn't dare to be clever again, if he did, I'm afraid he would have to surrender the entire Pill King Valley to him.

Had he known at the very beginning, he would have befriended him, at that time, he only wanted three tastes of treasured herbs, the hundreds of years of treasured herbs stored in his own Pill King Valley, nearly a million, so what if he was given three tastes?


Pill Yigu was mad inside.

But with no way out, he now gritted his teeth and stomped his foot, "Then half of the assets, you help me retreat the enemy!"

"If I'd known that, I wouldn't have had to take off my pants and fart!" Chen Hao smiled slightly.

He then looked at Zhuang Bao and the others.

Zhuang Bao's strength was close to the middle stage of the Qi Transformation Realm, and he was close to the middle stage as well, in terms of inner strength alone, it could be considered equal.

However, in order to swing the power martial technique, this Zhuang Bao was clearly not enough.

"Oh? I think we're almost almost as strong as each other, and, the two of us brothers, plus my nephew, you're really big-headed." Even with Zhuang Leopard's city government, he couldn't help but feel his anger rising, the scars on his face overflowing with blood, becoming more and more fierce.

Chen Hao turned around gracefully and looked at Zhuang Bao.

"You don't believe me? Fine, then, you three go together."

"You're looking for death." Zhuang Bao's face changed violently, killing intent in his eyes.

In his heart, he valued his dignity more than his life, and this brat's outburst of insult, even though he had some strength, simply deserved to be shredded into ten thousand pieces.

"I'll rip your head off, split you into five horses, and throw you into the river to feed the fish." Zhuang Bao said word for word, and the rushing fury scared everyone at the scene to a pale white face.

Even the three masters couldn't help but shout in their hearts 'What time is it, you unknowing brat still jumped out to find death. Didn't you see Zhuang Bao's terror? To provoke him? Even if you're really talented, so what? Zhuang Bao is an old hand!''

Pillow Ming was even more stunned, he knew that this Chen Hao was arrogant inside, he didn't expect it to be so arrogant. To pick three in one?

Only Chen Hao straightened up and spoke faintly.

"Oh, yeah?"

He grasped his right hand into the void as if he had caught the wind, then discarded his fingers like a knife in front of his chest and slammed it down!

The space in front of him shifted and was accompanied by a piercing sound.

Just look? A white-colored light shot out from his palm, creating a ten foot long trail on the ground.


A large stone block across the front of Zhuang Bao and Chen Hao broke in two, the break smooth as a mirror. The expensive tiles laid on the ground also cracked open from it, pulling out a several meter mouth that continued to Zhuang Bao's feet.

Zhuang Bao was shocked on the spot!

And the entire Pill King Valley was as silent as death at this moment.

Everyone was stunned as they looked at the long scar on the ground.


"I go, is this a man or a fairy?"

Pillow Ming's mouth was hanging open, but he didn't care at all and trembled.

If the force of the three masters and Zhuang Bao was still within everyone's imagination, it was just a bit stronger and faster. Then this aerial slash by Chen Hao, cutting the thick wooden table and carpet in two, it was not something that everyone could imagine, many people's hearts Floating with the same thoughts as Pillowman.

"This isn't a fairy art, this seems like a strange kind of martial art." The three masters stared at the traces on the ground before murmuring a long while later.

"A person who truly possesses a secret martial skill can kill from ten feet away, imperially condensing Qi and having the might of a hundred-step divine fist. I always thought it was just a legend, but now that I've seen it with my own eyes, I really have no regrets in dying."

Hearing another 'whoosh' sound, the crowd turned to see that Zhuang Bao was already in extreme retreat.

"Quickly retreat!" Zhuang Bao roared.

'He's escaping?'

Of course, Zhuang Bao had to run, and from the moment he saw Chen Hao's finger-deflecting sword, his heart had plunged into a bottomless abyss.

Unexpectedly this young man, not only was his cultivation superb, even his martial arts skills were so powerful, he was no match for just that sword alone!

This was truly an existence that exhaled to kill and catch the wind as a sword. Not to mention one Zhuang Bao, even if ten Zhuang Bao were here, it wouldn't be enough for this teenager to kill.  

"It's unbelievable that he's already entered this realm at such a young age! Back then, my master was a genius. He only entered the realm of transformation at the age of fifty, and he was already a big shot overseas. How could a middleman learn such a divine skill."

The Zhuang family members turned around and ran.

Zhuang Bao thought to himself, his body retreating even faster. But Chen Hao sneered.

"Isn't it too late to leave now?"

Just as Chen Hao inhaled sharply, the Heavenly Xuan Gong began to circulate and stimulate, his palm suddenly becoming Yin Rainbow, and then he flexed his fingers.

Three streaks of condensed to the extreme, white training blasted out, like bullets, slicing across a distance of more than ten meters, and slapped on the backs of Zhuang Bao Zhuang Hu as well as Young Master Zhuang.

"Ah!" A scream. Zhuang Shi San flew out with a mouthful of blood.

As if hit by a thousand-pound hammer, Zhuang Bao's eyes went black and his body flew out involuntarily, crashing into the wall.

"Inner strength outward and killing with a flick of the finger. Goddess." The three masters trembled.

At this point, he no longer had the slightest doubt about this young man's identity.

This one looked to be only twenty-four or twenty-five years old, but he was a divine dragon standing at the apex of the martial dao.

If someone dared to say this in front of him, he would have already smacked him seven or eight times, 'How could a Nima Grandmaster be young,' Even a Transformation Realm expert under the age of thirty, that's all unprecedented talent, bragging isn't like that ah.''

And as soon as the three of them fell, the situation reversed, and it was the turn of the Zhuang Clan's men to not dare to move.

And it was only then that Pill Yigu awoke from his shock, climbed up violently, ran to Zhuang Bao in front of him with six and five steps, and kicked him hard, laughing fiercely.

"Boy, you didn't expect today, did you? I was able to oust you like a dog at home back then, but today I can still kill you. Hahaha."

Suddenly, a ghostly voice came from behind him.

"Zhuang Bao isn't dead yet, he's just passed out, so be careful to kick him awake."

Like a duck being pinned by the neck, Medicine Yigu's laughter quavered.

He turned his face, having already put on a pleasing smile.

"Brother Chen, no, Master Chen, you didn't kill this murderer ah?"

Chen Hao rolled his eyes, "He's at least a Chemical Realm expert, his inner strength is on par with mine, and my light flick relies on martial skills . How could you kill him, just knock out at most."

Finished walking over to Zhuang Bao and slapped him all over his body a few times.

"Alright, I've broken his sea of qi, even if there's internal energy he can't use it for now, I'll leave it to you next."

"Yes yes, Master Chen's tactics are divine, Pill Yigu admires and admires." Pill Yiggu fawned over the side with a deflated face. He was a forty to fifty year old man making such a gesture, it made people want to laugh. Especially when he looked like that just now.

It made Chen Hao shake his head with a bitter smile.

But they didn't know that today, Pill One Valley had gone through ups and downs, walking on the edge of life and death, and had long since left any dignity behind, and now only wanted to cling to Chen Hao's thigh with a death wish.

With such a big expert as a backing, then in the future, he won't be afraid of any Inner Strength martial artist or the fierce dragon that crosses the river.

Nima, can you guys be any stronger than Master Chen who kills in the air?

Pill Yigu cried out in his heart.

"Master Chen, this breaking of the sea of qi can make one unable to use his inner strength?" The three masters over there didn't care about the injuries on their bodies and hurriedly asked.

The starting point of a martial artist's internal energy was the dantian, which in turn dispersed throughout his body, and Chen Hao had interrupted his main acupoints, and his internal energy was no longer able to function.

"I used a unique technique to interrupt several junctures in his body, so that the internal energy is scattered into a ball and cannot be gathered together, won't it be powerless?" Chen Hao casually explained.

The three masters were dumbfounded at what they heard.

It was truly divine, simply divine.

On the other hand, Pill Meng Fei and Pill Meng Yao were both blushing beautifully, no wonder, when he was captured, he wasn't afraid, even if he was sent into that dangerous place, there wasn't a trace of fear on his face, so he actually had such strength ah.

"Alright, it's settled. Pill Valley Master, I think it's time for you to make good on your promise." Chen Hao clapped his hands.

"Promise?" Medicine Yigu slapped his head, only then came back to his senses, when his heart was bleeding, especially now that the great enemy has been removed and he is no longer in danger, to take the Half the assets out, this this this....

"You don't want to go back on your word, do you?!" Chen Hao stared at Pill Yigu with a condensed brow.

As if struck by an electric shock, Pill Yigu was let down as if he had fallen into an ice cave, his entire body trembling.

"Don't worry, Brother Chen, half the assets, just half the assets!" Pill Yigu panicked and gritted his teeth.

This one surnamed Chen was even fiercer than Zhuang Bao, and if he didn't give it, I'm afraid he would have to die.

He was thinking of a countermeasure in his heart.

Chen Hao then looked at Pill Yigu, "It's good if you don't go back on your word, so, give me my few herbs first, I'll take them with me, and in addition, give me the Some qi and blood pills, I want to use them!"

"That'll be done right away!"

Medicine Ichigu nodded in a depressed mood.

What should be done? You're really gonna give this kid half your assets? He deserves it? We have to think of a way out, the Pill King Valley must not be given to him!

Let's hold him off for now.

Just as he was thinking, his own eyebrows suddenly became cold, as if something had entered his brain.

He lifted his face, just in time to see Chen Hao close his hand.

He touched his forehead, "Brother Chen, what are you doing?"

"I've got a compulsion in your brain, what if you're just holding me back now until you figure out a way to finish me off? This is half of your Pill Valley's assets!"

Chen Hao smiled.

"How... how?" Medicine Ichigaya was stunned....


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