The Unknown Heir Chen 661-666

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"Uncle, you found him!"

This is a shantytown on the western outskirts of the city.

The entrance of a residence.

Although it was late at night, a young girl of eighteen or nineteen years old was still standing in the doorway, and it looked like she had been waiting for quite some time.

Seeing a middle-aged man returning on a tricycle, on top of which lay a youth covered in blood and already heavily unconscious.

She hurriedly jumped to greet him.

The youth looked like this.

By all rights, a normal girl would have been scared to cover her mouth and scream when she saw this scene.

But the girl acted as if nothing had happened.

As she said this to this uncle, she even came over and slapped a few slaps towards the youth's face.

"What a life, injured like this and not even dead, and with a severe poison!"  

The girl curiously looked over the youth's face back and forth.

"Girl stop it, he was badly injured and still has a breath left, if he hadn't gone through the Heavenly Baptism and was about to enter the Qi Transformation Realm . I'm afraid this life, it's already gone."

Uncle shook his head and sighed.

"Alas, he's so ignorant, this little bit of strength to actually come and fight the Ancient Nine Luo King and the others!"

The girl left her mouth.

"Well, don't say sarcastic words, he is also full of thoughts of saving people, not to mention understanding what the world is like, you immediately give uncle Prepare the herbs, I'll keep him alive first!"

The uncle said, and that was when he carried the youth into the courtyard.

And the girl looked around to see if no one had found it, and hurriedly pushed the tricycle, which was carrying blood, in as well.

At the same time, the girl pulled out a small bright green bottle from her bosom.

Sprinkled it around.

All of this powder was fluorescent green.

Scattered into the air, it turned into nothingness.

Then the girl went in to prepare the materials.

In the room, the bed.

This uncle was hurriedly treating the youth. And this youth, who else could it be if not Chen Hao.

"He's only so young, how does he possess such strength to come? Unbelievable. Didn't you say that Qi Condensation is the limit of mankind? Ordinary people can't gather Qi even if they spend their whole life in it! Out comes the inner energy, and he's so powerful, he's approaching the Qi Transformation realm!"

The girl sat off to the side, heartless and with a lollipop in her mouth.

"So, he's not an ordinary person!"

The uncle held his breath and was unable to answer.

Inside the room, it was only after a close observation that he was able to see clearly.

This middle-aged uncle, his face was actually covered with scars.

It looked extremely hideous and bizarre.

Opening his mouth to speak, his voice even gave him a hoarse feeling.

"That uncle, how far out of the box is your martial dao? Chen Hao he's simply unnatural, and from what I've seen, his physique is just different from the others, as if he's undergone a special herbal body refinement. This kind of body refining method, I once heard my grandfather tell me about it, it's very mysterious and has been lost long ago!"

The girl said.

"There is no end to the realm, there are people outside of it! You've never been interested in hearing about these martial arts things!"

Uncle smiled bitterly.

Giving Chen Hao's broken bone, he joined it at once and very skillfully and quickly bandaged it up.

"I wasn't interested before, but now I am! Because he's so puzzling!"

The girl said.

"Oh, the so-called martial dao, except for ordinary martial artists, the conditions required to achieve entry into the condensation realm are too harsh . The most difficult thing is a person's bloodline, but only bloodlines can't be considered Qi Condensation, for example, we have many bloodlines here. Families that are different from normal people are known as the Hidden Clans, and these Hidden Clan crowds are often able to reach some of the limits of humans by relying on their superior physiques. There are also some who are hardworking and will reach the Qi Condensation realm, possessing inner strength!"

"And these Hidden Clans, in the eyes of some Secret Law Families, are nothing at all. Because the Secret Families, will use the inner energy using the secret method, to transform it again, so as to reach the realm of transformed qi, although the two are only The difference was like a chasm, but the gap was insurmountable, and that Ancient Family was the Secret Method Family! Their people, after condensing their inner energy, will receive the family secret method and enter the Qi Transformation Realm!"

The middle-aged uncle said.

Then looking at Chen Hao, he took over, "Chen Hao he relied on being altered by a special secret method, paired with the Chen family's unique bloodline, so he of cultivation, increasing with each passing day, first stepping into the realm of condensation and quickly moving from the early stage, to the middle stage, to the late stage, and finally to the great completion. The whole process took less than a year!"

"And now, he has changed the Qi Condensation Realm on his own, and after being baptized by the Heavenly Yang Qi, he has successfully entered the Qi Transformation Realm, and now he has At the early stage of the Transformation Realm, it was close to mid-stage strength, but his internal work was also peculiar, causing ordinary experts at the early stage of the Transformation Realm . Not a match for him at all!"

The middle-aged uncle shook his head and laughed bitterly.

"I see, what kind of strength must that black general who defeated him and left him powerless to fight back be?" The girl asked curiously.

"He's, sort of in the middle of the Qi Transformation Realm, and has been stepping into it for many years, and is only one step away from the late stage, so Chen Hao doesn't stand a chance!"

"I see, you said, the Old Grandmother of the Ancient Family, and the Emerging Nine Luos, these secret factions, they all seem to be already at the Qi Realm Great Late stage and even great perfection realm now, alas, this Chen Hao is really pitiful, how come that person who changed Chen Hao's physique, didn't give him a lecture about these?"

The girl scratched her head and asked.

She thought that a person who could change him into this kind of appearance, that person must be extraordinary as well.

"Well, it should have never been told, but I'm afraid he wouldn't have thought that Chen Hao would progress so fast. I guess Chen Hao must have had other destinies that made him do it, but it was precisely because he didn't know about them that he caused Chen Hao to run amok, and when he met a weaker one he was able to He'll have no way to deal with it, but the Ancient Family, he'll be helpless and even lose his life!"

"Alas, uncle, do you think there is any realm above the qi transformation realm?"

The girl asked.

Uncle shook his head and hesitated for a moment, "Oh, even if there were, there's no point, the middle stage of the qi transformation realm, to the late stage, is itself a line of A great divide, even if it's a lifetime, there won't be any more breakthroughs, those who can reach the late stage like the Ancient Family, few and far between, that is The strength of the family bloodline makes it so."

"As for the completion of the Transformation Realm, ordinary Transformation Realm experts, don't even think about it!"

"Then why do so few experts of the Condensation Realm appear, while experts of the Transformation Realm are more numerous? It doesn't make sense!"

"Oh, why didn't your grandfather tell you that? There has always been a mystery that has plagued the martial arts, and that is that the experts of the Condensation Realm, every now and then, disappear en masse, so that The Secret Method Family belonged to the family that was spared because they knew secret methods that would surpass Qi Condensation and enter the Qi Transformation Realm! In the past, the Hidden Clan used to appear as a mighty world clan, and it was because of this reason that they gradually declined!"

Uncle explained carefully.

"So that's how it is!"

The girl sort of understood.

Now, when she saw the side, the personal pouch on Chen Hao's body.

She couldn't help but be curious to take it over and open it.

And inside, there was a small photo all over the place.

"Haha, a rich second generation, actually still has this little hobby, actually collecting little pictures of girls, and there's more than one of them. "

The girl laughs.

One by one, she took it out and looked at it.

Indeed, Chen Hao was in the habit of keeping pictures of the most precious people, Tongxin, his cousin Zyue's, his sister's, his parents', he had kept them all.

"Hahaha, uncle, there's a big beauty, it's like your eyes!"

The girl drew out one of them and laughed.

"Don't you talk nonsense, Uncle is an ugly man, how can anyone look like me! Besides, it's not good to go through people's privacy when you return things to Chen Hao!"

The older man smiled sadly.


"Really Uncle, I'm not making fun of you, if you don't believe me, this little beauty's picture really looks very much like you!"

The girl said.

After saying that, she even drew out that one specifically to hand it to the uncle.

The uncle was also slightly moved.

He took a look at the girl, and then took the photo from her hand.

At first glance, the uncle was as if his whole body was electrocuted, and the photo in his hand wasn't even steady, directly dropped to the ground.

And this photo, Hernandez was Si zyue.

"Uncle, what's wrong with you?"

Seeing the uncle's whole body shaking wildly, the face is even more huge change, the girl is really the first time to see, can't help but worry about the question.

Uncle carefully took the photo in his hand, now hurriedly said: "It's fine, uncle is fine, by the way, Chen Hao has been bandaged, you in the Look at this gang, Uncle is going out!"

After saying that, he hurriedly turned around and went out.  

"That's weird!"

The girl scratched her head.

She had been naughty, but she had always been obedient to her uncle's words.

Presently, she sat on the edge of the bed.

With both hands dragging her fragrant cheeks, she quietly stared at Chen Hao.

Looking left and right.


The girl's eyes suddenly lit up as the blood on Chen Hao's face right now had been wiped clean by her uncle.

An extremely clear and beautiful face was revealed.

On closer inspection, it was still somewhat handsome.

The girl stretched out her hand and squeezed Chen Hao's face, "Hehehe, the boy is quite handsome! But how come the more I look at you, the more your eyes look a little like Uncle's too?"

The girl was suddenly curious.

In her heart, there was always a secret about Uncle.

Uncle's manners were elegant and inscrutable, and although he was ugly, he acted very gentlemanly.

Jean's girl appreciated Uncle very much.

As for asking Uncle about the wounds on his face, Uncle's answer is always burned, and there are no previous photos.

The girl was very sorry, she was extremely interested to see what the uncle used to look like in the end.

After looking at Chen Hao, the girl looked at the uncle who was sitting at the door, smoking silently.

In her heart, she said, "Uncle is really strange today!"

And right now, the uncle was sitting in front of the door, looking at the photo of Si zyue in his hand.

His body was trembling slightly, and by the moonlight, his eyes were even more as if they were overflowing with tears.

His eyes were extremely doting.

He stared at it for a long time before slowly and carefully putting the photo away.

When he lifted his eyes as he raised them, the tears in his gaze had long since disappeared.

In its place, there was a touch of fortitude and fierceness.

"This matter will come to an end sooner or later, not far off!"

He said coldly.

At the same time, his gaze glanced fiercely at a eerie mountain in the distance....

It is night.

Deep in the mountains, the ancient city's ancient home.

"What? Black will fail? How is that possible? A mere Chen Hao, an insect, was able to escape from the Black General's hands?"

The people of the Ancient Family, along with the people of the Nine Solomon, the forces from both sides gathered.

Within the hall, it was even more brightly lit.

The old lady of the Ancient Family, Gu Yuehe, was sitting at the upper head, and was now greatly surprised.

The Black General was a great expert in the middle of the Qi Transformation Realm, this kind of strength could already run rampant.

How terrifying was the Black General?

Before the initial alliance with Nine Solomon, he had fought a battle against it, but beat the ancient experts all over the place.

It was a testament to how tough he was.

This time, Nine Solomon sent his Black General to capture Chen Hao, thinking that he would be a sure thing and that the cells where Chen Hao would be held would be ready.

But unexpectedly, he was still allowed to escape.

And the Black General was seriously injured.

Black General is now lying on a chair with a fierce face.

There are Nine Solomon's men bandaging his wounds.

"It's someone who saved him, he's extremely strong, I'm no match, if I'm one step late, I won't be able to come back!"

Black will humiliate.

"What man?"

Gu Yuehe frowned tightly and asked in surprise.

"I didn't see it clearly, I was only trying to run for my life!" Black General said.

"Could it be that there are still clever forces that are secretly assisting Chen Hao?"

Gu Yuehe pondered.

The one who could beat the Black General up like this would have to be at least at the late stage of the Qi Transformation Realm.

Even if Gu Yuehe tried to think of something, he couldn't figure out which side of the force would come forward to help Chen Hao!

"Grandma, is it that Chen Hao that's bothering you again?"

And at this moment, a young man slowly walked in from outside the door, he entered with a negative hand.

The appearance was extremely handsome.

A pair of cold, stern eyes swept through the hall, and actually had quite an air of nonchalance.

There was an extraordinary aura.

"See the Ancient Family's Eldest Young Master!"

And there were about thirteen people from the Nine Solomon's who were here at the moment.

They were dressed in strange costumes, both men and women.

The faces were each strange.

At this moment, when they saw the youth, they all nodded their heads in greeting.

After all, right now, the Ancient Family and the Nine Solomon were in an alliance.

This youth, named Gu Feng.

He was the first-born Xuan grandson of the ancient family's grandmother, and was, by the way, considered to be Gu Yuxiang's first cousin.

He was extremely strong.

What's more, he was the strongest of the Ancient Family's younger generation.

Of course, he was also the most beloved Xuan grandson of Gu Yuehe, and as for the most beloved Xuan granddaughter, it was naturally Gu Yuxiang.

However, it was still a bit inferior to Gu Feng, who was cultivated by Gu Yuehe as the successor of the Ancient Family.

"Little Feng, you're here!"

There was only a smile on Gu Yuehe's face at this point.

"A small Chen Hao, as if he were a wild dog, I never thought that Master Black General would not even be able to capture him!"

Ancient Wind smiled coldly.

"Little Wind, Master Black General's meaning seems like someone is secretly helping him, and it's an expert!" Gu Yuehe said.

"Grandma, don't worry, even if there really is an expert behind him, give me a few days and I'll help Grandma find out the root of the matter! Leave Chen Hao to me, and as for the power behind Chen Hao, I'm afraid you'll have to take care of that yourselves, Grandma!"

Ancient Wind smiled confidently.

He would always be like this, giving people the feeling of being confident to the point of domineering, as if there was never anything difficult in this world for Gu Feng.

As long as Gu Feng wanted to, no matter who the other party was, he could do it.

Ancient Moon River, on the other hand, also trusted Ancient Wind very much.

"Fine, I have just the same intention, for you to take action to find out the forces behind Chen Hao and report to the Imperial Grandmother in time, as for the method to be used . Just use your own discretion!"

Gu Yuehe smiled happily.


After saying that, Gu Feng's mouth filled with a smile and turned around.

As soon as he reached the door.

A female servant just happened to come in with the ginseng tea, and an inattentive one bumped into Gu Feng.

"Ah! Windy, I'm sorry, I'm sorry!"

This female servant, who looked no more than sixteen years old, hurriedly knelt down to apologize.

"Eyeless dog slave!"


And Gu Feng's eyebrows furrowed as he struck a palm directly at the young girl's head.

Blood flowed down the young girl's white face, and she was now lying on the ground, apparently dead.

The thirteen people of Nine Solomon looked at each other.

On the other hand, Gu Yuehe looked at his Xuan grandson and smiled bitterly, "Don't be offended, several of you, Feng'er has been spoiled by me since he was young!"

She smiled and waved to the rest of the servants, "Throw the body out!"

"Yes, Grandma!"

The servants were trembling.


The Ancient Family allied with the Nine Solomon to closely search for Chen Hao's whereabouts.

This was of great importance to both the Ancient Family's Gu Yuehe, and the Nine Solomon's King of the Nine Luo, to be able to find Chen Hao once again.

As for Yun Qing's Three Sacred Religions, she was also searching for Chen Hao.

Of course, unlike the Gu Yuehe and the Nine Solomon King and the others, Yun Qing wanted to find him and have him marry her.

Naturally, there was a little confrontation between the two.

Madam Gu Yuehe's wife and the King of Nine Dragons were more focused on Yun Qing.

Naturally, the matter of finding Chen Hao's whereabouts fell to the Ancient Wind and Black General.

The Ancient Family was not only the Ancient City, but also the veritable ruler of the entire Tai City.

With a single order from the Ancient Family, the Ximen Family of Tai City even sent a large amount of manpower and resources to participate in it.

Everywhere, they recruited Chen Hao's whereabouts.

In the past seven days, the entire city of Tai, is by the ancient wind to lift the whole sky.  

But still, there was no whereabouts of Chen Hao.

This made Gu Feng extremely annoyed.

Until this day.

There was only this vast shantytown left without a search.

The anxious Gu Feng and Black General, along with some of the Ximen Family's minions, arrived here in the shantytown with a full team of one to two hundred people.

If there was no more searching here, then the only way was to go into the mountains!

Gu Feng's cold and harsh mind thought.

Grandmother had looked it up based on the use of the Ghost Duo Flower Divine Might, she was sure that Chen Hao hadn't escaped from Tai City.

"Brother Chen, Sister Mumu, Xinxin has to go to school, I'll come back tomorrow to play with you guys, this is the egg my mother asked me to bring you!"

Inside a small courtyard in a shantytown.

A little girl who looked to be just five or six years old, with a ponytail and an extremely cute appearance.

She happily looked at the two big brothers and sisters, a man and a woman, in front of the door and said.

"Brother Chen, you're sick! Eat more eggs and replenish your body!"

She laughed again.

This sentence caused the girls on the side to giggle.

The youth, naturally, was none other than Chen Hao, who was revived by his uncle's healing and was still extremely weak, while the other Mumu, was Li Mumu, who was called a girl by his uncle.

"Okay, your brother Chen is sick, I will supervise him!"

Li Mumu laughed.

Child's talk!

Chen Hao just smiled bitterly at the words.

Looking at this little girl, she also looked pampered.

This time, he was extremely badly injured, almost tortured to death by the black general, his whole body tendons and bones, and nearly half of them were broken by his fall.

He also suffered from extremely serious internal injuries and poison.

According to the uncle's judgment, he had survived from the dead this time, and it would be good to wake up in a month.

But what the uncle didn't expect was that after only three days, Chen Hao had already woken up.

And the broken tendons and internal injuries were even healing at a speed that was visible to the naked eye.

Li Mumu was amazed and jealous of Chen Hao's perverted and special body.

No, yesterday, on the sixth day, he was already able to get off the ground.

It was only that he was weak from a major injury.

And Uncle, early in the morning, went to the great mountain to collect medicine for himself.

After sobering up these days, I don't know if it was uncle who saved himself.

Every time he saw him, it always made Chen Hao feel affectionate.

Li Mumu as to where she came from, she wouldn't tell herself, Chen Hao only knew that she had been with Uncle for two years.

As for the even more mysterious uncle, it was unknown why he had suddenly appeared to save himself.

Having asked a few probing questions herself, Uncle had evaded them, and Chen Hao did not dare to be rude enough to ask again.

He just instructed Chen Hao to recover at ease.

Chen Hao obeyed and stayed in the shantytown.

A few days of acquaintance, Chen Hao is extremely familiar with the little girl named Xinxin, who is the youngest daughter of Brother Li's family in the shantytown, with a lovely appearance and a kind heart.

When she was young, she was saved by her uncle because she had a serious illness.

So she recognized her uncle as her godfather.

Often run to uncle's house.

Every day, the job of wiping Chen Hao's face is done by little Xinxin.

And brought Chen Hao a lot of food.

Of course, most of them were her treasured white rabbit milk candy snacks and such.

"See you later, Sorin!"

Chen Hao waved his hand at her.

Little Xinxin waved her hand as she ran home, she was only in the middle of kindergarten.

"Little Xinxin will be a beauty when she grows up, look how cute she is!"

Li Mumu said with a smile.

"Well, just like you, when you grow up, you're a beauty!"

Chen Hao laughed bitterly.

Immediately afterwards, he began to cough violently and hurriedly covered his mouth with a white towel.

Blood quickly soaked the towel.

"You're not healed, you'd better move less out of bed, pervert!"

Li Mumu pouted, jealously.

Then her gaze couldn't help but stay on Chen Hao's chest, puffing out her big eyes and staring at it.

It also startled Chen Hao, "What are you staring at my chest again?"

"Fuck off, I'm looking, that jade pendant of yours seems to be glowing again, for the tenth time, since you were unconscious, every morning with the At night, it all flashes on time!"

Li Mumu gave Chen Hao a glance in a bad mood, then pointed at the round jade pendant on Chen Hao's chest and said.

"Flashing again?"

Chen Hao looked down.

For the past few days, the jade pendant had been flickering regularly.

But what it meant, Chen Hao did not know.

It must be extraordinary, the last few times he had been in a life-threatening situation, all thanks to the jade pendant's help, that is, the time the Black General, this jade pendant was out of order.

What's the situation?

Chen Hao's mind was in awe.

But if he couldn't figure it out, Chen Hao wouldn't think about it in detail and followed Li Mumu into the room.

Plus, the outskirts of the shantytown.

A group of black-clothed bodyguards, led by a few ancient family members, searched from house to house.

The shantytown was inhabited by hundreds of families.

Usually, they loved each other and were extremely united.

When they saw someone breaking in, they all walked out to see what was going on, but they were quickly smashed and scolded by the black-clothed bodyguards and driven back.

Gu Feng, on the other hand, was sitting in the back of a luxury car with his eyes closed.

Just then, a little girl appeared, causing Gu Feng to first furrow his eyebrows, then slowly open his eyes.

Glancing towards this little girl.

And the little girl, too, was somewhat frightened by the scene in front of her!

"Sorin, get back here!"

A pair of parents rushed out of their home, despite being intercepted by a black-clad bodyguard.

Calling out their daughter.

These people are too scary to mess with!


Gu Feng continued to stare at the Citations, when he raised his hand and pointed slightly.

Immediately some of his men would take offense and walked straight over, lifting up Sorin who was about to run home.


The carnation cried out in fear.

The pair of parents were also terrified and rushed here.

"Get out!"

Kicked to the ground by some of his men.

Held by a knife to the neck.

"What are you doing? We've never offended you before, that's my daughter, she's young, what are you doing?"

The pair of parents cried out.

"Behave yourselves and move again!"

The bodyguard drank coldly.

The Ancient Family's men, however, had already mentioned Little Sorrel to Gu Feng.

"This girl's body has a strange herbal smell, a herbal smell that ordinary people can't match!"

Gu Feng squinted his eyes slightly and said calmly.

The Gu's men looked viciously at Xinxin, "Stinky girl, you guys, has there been a strange patient here in the past few days? Is there any!?"

"I...I don't know!"

Xin Xin cried out in fear.

Godfather had told himself that he must never tell anyone about the whereabouts of brother Chen Hao, never.

Little Xinxin was small, but she listened to everything that her godfather said.

"Little sister, you better be good and tell the truth, or else your parents will be in danger, and likewise, your little life will be lost!"

Ancient Wind's mouth held an evil sneer as he walked out of the car.

A pair of cold, stern eyes stared intently at Little Sorrel, "Say it or not? You know that big brother killing you is like crushing an ant o!"


0 "I don't know!"

Sorin was lifted by Gu Feng and hung in the air.

But no matter how much the ancient wind tried to intimidate him, Sorin said he didn't know.

"What about you guys? Neither?"

Gu Feng's pair of cold, stern eyes locked onto the Sorrows' parents at once.

But the hand had been slightly hard.

Second Brother Li and his wife were terrified, and his wife even lost her voice and screamed.

But they still clenched their teeth.

In fact, how could they not know that Uncle had saved a young man named Chen Hao, exactly what this man was looking for.

But Brother Li Er and the others had always been loyal and righteous, and they simply couldn't do such a thing as betraying someone, especially an uncle.

Now they hurriedly shook their heads.  

"It seems that you have no idea what the consequences are if you are not allowed to see some of your blood!"

Saying that, Gu Feng coldly smiled.

Then, with a wave of his large hand, a white light directly sliced through the air, followed by the sight of a fresh blood spurting out from the right arm of the Sorrel.

One of Sorin's arms was actually cut off by Gu Feng.


Citrine cried out in pain.

"My arm!"

And Sorin's mother, because of the intense excitement, her blood and anger now rolled over and she directly fainted.

"Heartless beast, I'll fight with you!"

Li's second brother's eyes were filled with blood, and now he was struggling to rush over.

Nefariously, how could he be a match for the Gu family's group of people, before he could rush over, he was knocked to the ground.

"If you don't say anything else, what will fall down will probably be your daughter's head!"

Gu Feng smiled evilly.

In his eyes, cutting off a little girl's arm was the same as chucking off an ant's arm with his foot.

In his hand, he was hovering with a white blade.

Second Brother Li was having his head stepped on and was struggling for his life.

"In that case, this blade of mine is about to fall!"

Gu Feng shook his head and smiled, his wrist slightly shaking.

This white blade was heading towards Sorin's neck.

One could imagine that if this blade fell.

Sorin would surely die.


And then, there was a sudden metallic crunching sound.

Just as Gu Feng's white blade was still a few centimeters away from Sorin's neck.

A stream of light sliced in front of Gu Feng.

It instantly knocked the white blade out of his hand.


The white blade came out and let loose as if it cut through the air.

It directly didn't penetrate into a large tree that required seven environmentalists.

And that sturdy tree, instantly exploded.

The dust rolled.

What a strong breath!

Gu Feng's eyelids jumped viciously.

He was already in the middle of the Transformation Realm cultivation, and could almost rampage already.

No one was able to knock the white blade out of his hand so quietly.

He was extremely surprised.

The Gu Family's men, however, even looked at each other with wary faces.

"Go! Quick!"

Gu Feng coldly said.

Without even having time to sit in the car, he had disappeared with a single leap.

And the Gu family's men were also fleeing.

Soon, the entire shantytown, was already empty.

Only Li's second brother's family remained.


Xinxin was thrown to the ground, her arm had been broken, blood was flowing everywhere, and she had passed out.

Second Brother Li picked up his daughter and roared in pain.

At this moment, in the distance, there was a figure rushing towards this place.

On his back, he was carrying a bamboo basket.

It was obviously the uncle who had just returned from picking medicine.

Before the uncle had even entered the shantytown, he had already sensed the danger.

Immediately pinching a divine thought, he directly threw out a firewood knife in his hand, knocking away the weapon blade that was trying to do death to Sorin.

But to my surprise, I was still a step too late.

The man, in fact, cut off Sorin's arm.

"Sorin give it to me, take the broken arm, there is still help!"

The uncle hurriedly carried the unconscious Xinxin over from Li's second brother and rushed towards home.

In fact, the Xinxin's home was quite a distance from where Uncle was.

When the uncle returned home.

Chen Hao and Li Mumu saw the scene.

All of them were shocked.

While Chen Hao knew the art of splicing bones, it just so happened that Uncle's medical skills were also extremely brilliant.

So they worked together and began to splice the bones for Xinxin.

At the same time, Second Brother Li recounted what had just happened.

"Son of a bitch!"

Chen Hao hated it so much that his whole body trembled.

It turned out that it was the Ancient Family who had come to look for his whereabouts, and Xinxin, who had the scent of his own herbs on him, was discovered before he met his death.

Ancient Family, you didn't even spare a child!

Chen Hao's eyes were filled with killing intent.

"Be careful of your injuries, focus on saving Xinxin first!"

Uncle saw Chen Hao's entire body tense up while his eyes flashed a scarlet color, and hurriedly pressed his hand on Chen Hao's shoulder so that he could melt the hostility down.

If not, Chen Hao's qi and blood would tumble and he would likely injure his internal organs.

But Chen Hao, couldn't swallow this.

But the good news was that both of them were extremely skilled healers.

This arm of the Citadel was finally connected for her.

But it was not impossible to completely remove the scar, which would require a few very special herbs.

Until late at night, the bandaged Xinxin was lulled to sleep.

Second Brother Li was relieved that he had left the Sorin here, so he went home to take care of Sorin's mother.

Li Mumu, on the other hand, was at the bedside with the Xinxin.

Chen Hao was sitting outside.

Smoking a cigarette, clutching his fist, thinking about today's events.

Xinxin, she was nothing more than a little child, an innocent and brilliant child.

If Uncle hadn't returned early, I'm afraid, Xinxin's life would have been threatened because of himself.

If that was the case, then Chen Hao really wouldn't even have the courage to live.

Ancient Family, Nine Solomon, I will not let you go!

Chen Hao's fist, squeezed and crackled.

"Little Hao, still blaming yourself?"

And at that moment, Uncle came over.

He sat down right next to Chen Hao's body.

"Well, uncle thank you, if it wasn't for you, Sorin would have been dangerous today!"

Chen Hao lowered his head.

Uncle pulled out a cigarette and held it in his mouth, taking the half-cigarette from Chen Hao and facing it.

"Alright, don't talk about that, there is this time to blame yourself here, why don't you think about how to step into the middle of the Transformation Realm as soon as possible and deal with the Ancient Family Hunting with Nine Solomon and the others!"

Uncle said.

During this period of time, what was the world really like, and what was the Secret Law Family.

The great uncle naturally told Chen Hao all about it in detail.

The uncle then continued, "Little Hao, your talent and physique are fundamentally different from other cultivation geniuses, and you have a unique advantage. Also, the night you fought Black General, I see that the techniques you used were all extremely subtle, were these taught to you by someone else, or?"

This was indeed the question on Uncle's mind.

"It was once again by coincidence that I learned it!"

Chen Hao.

"It seems that you are blessed with good fortune, only, since you know all this, you have to put out more energy to hone yourself, if you do not improve, you will never be able to , facing the Ancient Family this time, I think you should understand this!"

Uncle advised.

Chen Hao nodded his head heavily.

Yes, he possessed too many rare techniques and martial arts inherited from the round jade pendant.

They were like a piece of memory and experience that existed in great detail in one's mind.

In the past, without having reached the Qi Transformation Realm, most of them were unable to be practiced by himself.

But now it was different, he was already strong enough and qualified enough to practice them.

"Get stronger! That's what you're counting on! There were too many unnecessary things done in the past, Uncle is right, you have to make full use of these good resources of yours!"


-Talked to my uncle at midnight.

After returning to the room.

Chen Hao never slept again.

He had to cultivate well. Because although Gu Feng had been scared away by the uncle, there was no telling which day he would make a comeback.

Presently, Chen Hao was sitting cross-legged in his room.

In his own mind, when he was in the Desert Palace Tomb, he had inherited too many memories from the Heavenly God.

These were all extremely ancient breathing methods.

At that time, Chen Hao had tried to cultivate them, but he had been unsuccessful in doing so several times.

Other than the Evil Soul Devouring Technique, Chen Hao couldn't practice any of them.

But according to the uncle, he had already performed a Heavenly Awakening.

He had stepped into the Qi Transformation Realm and was only one step away from the middle stage of Qi Transformation.  

The inner strength was very different from the inner strength after the transformation of qi.

Chen Hao had picked an ancient breathing training method called the Heavenly Xuan Gong.

It was clearly recorded on it that the greatest effect of this method was that it could quickly increase the speed of refining true qi.

Half the work, twice the result!

And that was exactly what the current Chen Hao needed.

Calm the mind.

Chen Hao followed the traces of the technique to train his Qi.

Only his chest was seen to begin to rise and fall violently.

And not long after, as Chen Hao completely entered his state.

A faint violet rhyme Qi suddenly emerged around his body, and it was one that changed from time to time.

It changed along with Chen Hao's violently rising and falling chest.

When Chen Hao inhaled, the violet rhyme around his skin turned red.

When he exhaled, it returned to a purple rhyme.

And a pithy, milky white breath exhaled between Chen Hao's nose and mouth.

Chen Hao himself didn't know that his body had undergone a great change.

It just felt like a breath within his dantian that was constantly growing.

And outside the window of the room.

A figure was looking at Chen Hao with a negative hand.

It was precisely the Great Uncle.

Uncle looked at Chen Hao and nodded, and the corners of his mouth even lifted a smile of relief.

"Little Hao, you are carrying too much in the future, not only the fate of the Chen family, but also yourself, step by step, I hope you can always Keep up this effort!"

Uncle's heart was in his mouth.

Only he was also frowning.

"It's just really strange, what kind of person has changed Little chen's physique, and these ancient era breathing cultivation methods that Little Hao has mastered And who taught it?"

Uncle was amazed.

After looking at Chen Hao for a while.

Only then did Uncle return to his room at ease.

The next morning.


Chen Hao cultivated throughout the night, and this was the first time he had ever been so devoted to professional cultivation.

In the past, because of his physique, he was able to defeat Mo Changkong Mo Canglong's stream with just a little cultivation.

But now it was different, the enemies he encountered were too powerful.

He opened his eyes.

A flash of purple essence flashed in Chen Hao's eyes.

And it had only been one night of cultivation.

Chen Hao actually found that most of his injuries were healed, and his inner strength had recovered.

"Heavenly Xuan Gong is really mysterious, I never thought that these ancient breathing methods that brother Tian Shen gave me would be so useful!"

Feeling somewhat amped up.

Chen Hao was pleasantly surprised.

He was now somewhat obsessed with this feeling of having power.

"Chen Hao! Come out for breakfast, Uncle has something to tell you!"

Li Mumu knocked on the door of the room at this time.

Chen Hao raised his hand and aimed it at the room door position.

Flexed his palm and sucked.


The door answered directly.

"Huh? What are you doing? I'm shocked!"

Li Mumu, on the other hand, obviously didn't expect that, in addition to his uncle, Chen Hao would actually have this kind of divine tactic.

Reacting to the surprise at once, he said.

"Chen Hao, you... you've recovered your strength?"

Li Mumu covered his mouth like he was looking at a monster.

"Well, yeah, I didn't expect those breathing methods to be so useful, they're priceless!"

Chen Hao looked at his hands, excited.

"Can you teach me?"

Li Mumu's eyes were glowing, she was now simply loving this breathing method that Uncle had practiced with Chen Hao.

"Good, when there's a chance in the future, I'll pick some suitable ones for you to practice and teach them to you!"

Chen Hao smiled.

For Li Mumu, Chen Hao also considered her as a friend.

Naturally, there was nothing to avoid.

The only thing is that Xuantian Gong belongs to that kind of rune, which requires special comprehension, and I don't think that Li Mumu will be able to practice it.

As for the other simple ones, you can teach them yourself.

Li Mumu looked excited: "Yes, that's what you said! Hahaha!"

They came to the hall together.

Uncle had already prepared a table for breakfast.

Seeing the obvious changes in Chen Hao.

Uncle just glanced at it, not too surprised.

"Let's eat, after dinner, Little Hao, you go to a place and exchange a few herbs out!"

Uncle said.

"It's a scar-removing, bone-renewing herb for Sorin, isn't it? That's exactly what I have in mind for today, to see if I can go to the mountains and find these herbs!"

Chen Hao nodded.

"Those herbs are hard to find, there is a letter here, I have quite a bit of friendship with the owner of the Pill King Valley in the Seven Valleys Ridge, you go there on my behalf and bring the Bring back these herbs!"

Uncle pulled out a letter.

The Xinxin thing was started because of himself, and Chen Hao was righteous in everything he did.

"And does Little Hao remember what Uncle told you yesterday?"

Chen Hao nodded, "I remember, Uncle you said that a person's power is always limited, I understand!"

This call for himself to go to the Pill King Valley to send a letter for medicine, Uncle's intentions were good, Chen Hao naturally knew.

"It's just that this Seven Valleys Ridge, I don't think I've ever touched it! Are they a secret family too?"

Chen Hao frowned.

"Yes, the same secret method family, but they are more interested in secret alchemy methods in addition to martial dao, so their collection of herbs We have everything we need! And where this Seven Valleys Ridge is located, also within this mountain system you see, there are seven valleys in total, and Pill King Valley is one of them! They're in the public, and there's no lack of late-stage Transformation Realm experts, and with this letter, I think the Pill King Valley Master should sell us some face and give us medicinal herbs!"

"I know, right after dinner!"

After eating, Chen Hao was to follow the route given by his uncle into the mountains to find a valley.

The alchemy method was also recorded in Chen Hao's mind.

Only that he didn't know how the alchemy methods in his memory would compare to those of these secret families.

Chen Hao used the Light Body Technique and was extremely fast.

This large mountain, named Yang Mountain, had an extremely complicated and vast mountain system that ran through seven or eight nearby cities.

Chen Hao's speed was already extremely fast.

However, it was already noon when he arrived at where the Pill King Valley was located.

The Pill King Valley was naturally within a valley, and here, there was a road that led to the outside world.

The location of the valley entrance, however, was also filled with luxury cars.

This place advocated alchemy.

Some of the world level rich business tycoons, many had come to seek pills.

Of course, all these things were done in secret, and no media dared to come here to expose them.

Chen Hao was stopped at the valley entrance by two disciples.

After taking the letter out.

It wasn't long before a middle-aged man came running out with a flourish.

"You're Eunuch En's disciple?"

The middle-aged man, dressed in a suit, ran out and looked at Chen Hao with an affectionate face.

"I am Pillow Ming, I used to drive for the Valley Master, back then, Lord Grace had saved me and Lord Grace!"

Medicine Ming was excited.

The grandfather of grace he was talking about should be the great uncle.

Apparently, he thought of himself as uncle's disciple.

But it didn't matter.

"Hello Mr. Pill, we urgently need these three herbs!"

Chen Hao also directly stated his intentions.

"This... it's not convenient to talk here, little brother, please follow me!"

Pillow Ming hesitated somewhat apologetically for a while.

Then he kindly pulled Chen Hao's arm and walked towards the valley.

The few disciples at the mouth of the valley, however, did not miss a beat and looked at Chen Hao with a despicable glance.

I thought to myself, "Where did this come from, a country bumpkin?


The Pill King Valley's valley master was named Pill Valley One.

Of course, this name didn't ring loudly in the ears of ordinary people, or even heard of it.

But he was well known in the world level heroic circles.

Following behind Pill Ming, one could see that within the valley, there were many display boards set up.

These signs were all filled with celebrities from all over the world and such.

It seemed that there were not many people who came here to seek medicine.

Pillow Ming used to be the personal driver of Lord Valley Master.

Back then, he traveled with the Valley Lord, but was chased by his enemies.

Yak Ming carried him on his back and ran for his life everywhere.

Just in time, he was seen by the uncle who was about to return home and brought them home.

After several days of hiding, the two of them were spared.  

In order to thank the uncle, Yakuzaichi said that if the uncle wanted to ask for something, Yakuzaichi would definitely fulfill his wish.

In Yakuza's eyes, the uncle was just a farmer.

Of course, he wouldn't know that those enemies had already found their way to his door, but Uncle had just taken care of them.

This was considered some of Uncle's relationship with the Pill Valley.

And with a brief understanding, it was also clear to Chen Hao that this Pillow Ming was quite good and took this kindness very seriously.

"Little brother, what is your name?"

Pillming looked at Chen Hao and smiled.

"My last name is Chen!"

Chen Hao didn't say his name, after all, well, now his name is a sensitive word here.

And Pillarmine clearly understood.

Seeing that Chen Hao did not say his name, when, smiling at Chen Hao, he did not ask any further questions.

The two of them came to sit down under a pavilion in the valley.

Pillow Ming.

"Brother Chen, you have no idea, if it were the past, these three medicinal herbs, without having to inform Lord Valley Master, I would have a way to get them for you! But now, as you can see, all the children in the valley are very busy, and all the materials are under the care of the second elder in the valley, alas! , I am now slight of person and extremely at odds with that second elder, your three herbs, there are those belonging to rare herbs, so!"

He heaved a heavy sigh.

He looked like he was truly helpless, and from the way those few guards at the entrance looked at Pillowman at the gate, Chen Hao could tell that the general was not very high.

And listening to what he said.

Whether or not Pill Valley One still remembered this favor from back then was a different matter.

Not to mention the fact that he had come on this trip to seek medicine and befriend Pill Valley.

"But Brother Chen, Eunuch En has a renewed debt of gratitude to me, he has a hard time asking for something important, I will definitely do my best, you stay here for a little while For a few days, I'll try to get these three herbs for you!"

Pillar Ming said.

Originally, Chen Hao was going to say that it was better not to go past three days.

Because after three days, the herb would be useless even if given to himself.

But looking at Pill Ming's meaning, Chen Hao was not going to make things difficult for him.

He could only wait and see for now.

"So brother Chen, I have another side room, I'll help you clean it up later, you stay small for now, I'll go run it for you, try to be able to Meet the Valley Master!"

After talking for a while, Medicine first settled Chen Hao down.

Then he took the letter and hurriedly went to make arrangements.

Chen Hao was idle in this Pill King Valley.

Originally, many secret alchemy methods existed in his memory.

It was the first time Chen Hao had come across them, and he really wanted to learn more about them.

When Pill Ming had brought him here just now, Chen Hao had noticed that there were many alchemy process patterns carved on a short, broken rock cliff outside.

Anyway, it was idle, so Chen Hao went out there to take a look around.

Chen Hao looked around for a large circle.

Most of the secret alchemy methods in the Pill King Valley were manual, and the method of extracting the herbs looked even more troublesome.

It was too different from what he remembered.

For example, a medicinal herb, the extraction mentioned above, first had to be distilled and purified by a special potion.

And if you follow the alchemy method in your own memory, you can directly stimulate the internal energy to extract and purify it.

As for the refining and heating process, the alchemy technique also recorded an internal energy technique called Fire Control, which was much more profound than this as well, and of course, much easier.

But Chen Hao had never refined pills before, so it was hard to speculate more.

"Hey, that little handsome guy, one of my kites landed on a tree, can you help me take it off? Thank you so much!"

And just as Chen Hao finished watching, he was about to go back.

A nice voice sounded not far behind himself.

When Chen Hao subconsciously looked back, he saw a girl with a ponytail and an extremely pretty appearance looking anxiously at him under a large tree.

She was about eighteen or nineteen years old.

Her appearance was pure and lovely, and she was wearing a white sports suit.

Chen Hao wasn't in a position to refuse.

Presently, he walked over.

A kite landed on the top of the tree.

If it were normal, Chen Hao would have just gone up with a light kite.

But the matter of the Ancient Family told him that strength should not be leaked out easily, or else he might incur the danger of killing himself.

So Chen Hao prepared to climb up.

Just as Chen Hao was about to act, this sportswear girl suddenly retreated with quick steps.

Immediately following, a large net emerged from the ground.

It instantly netted itself in it and was hoisted up.

These nets were all made of gold wire.

If Chen Hao wanted to break free, he had to use his inner strength.

"What are you doing?"

Chen Hao coldly said.

At this moment, there were also many people pouring in from all directions.

All of them were young men and women in flashy clothing.

"Hahahaha, we've got them, we've got them!"

The sportswear woman cheered happily.

"Go get Sister Monfie over here, I've caught a bait!"

The sportswear woman said.

It wasn't long before an obviously older, angry woman who looked to be around twenty-three years old was seen walking over.

"Sister Meng Fei!"

And as the woman approached, many of the boys' eyes, brightened.

At the same time, they looked respectful and nodded their heads to address her.

"Sister Meng Fei, look, aren't you lacking bait, I've found it for you!"

"Monyao, who is he? You're hanging him here?"

And Meng Fei came and held her shoulders, sizing up Chen Hao slightly, not smiling bitterly at this sister of hers.

"I don't know, originally, well, I was going to use this big net to catch some little servants, but they didn't dare to come out, off to the side, I Saw this brat wandering around our valley, haha, so I caught him!"

Medicine Mengyao said with a smile.

"Mengyao, he's not the son of those rich merchants who came to beg for medicine, is he? If it were, it would be a problem!"

Some youths reminded.

Pill Meng Fei also looked at her sister.

"How is that possible, I've been keeping an eye on this kid for a long time before we caught him, he's dressed so plainly, he's definitely not a youngster, and stupidly , haha, I asked him to come over and he did, don't worry guys, I'll ask him!"

Pill Meng Yao said proudly.

Then she picked up a branch from the ground and pointed at Chen Hao, "Hey, brat, I'm asking you, are you the child of a wealthy merchant seeking medicine?"

Chen Hao didn't know what this group of boys and girls were doing, but from what they meant, it seemed like they were all from the valley.

Confused, Chen Hao could not do anything about it.

He just shook his head.

"Haha, see, he's not, and he's sneaky and dressed so plainly, he might have sneaked in and used him for The bait is just right!"

Pillmeng Yao.

"Well then, arrest him and take him away!"

Finally, Pill Meng Fei faintly glanced at Chen Hao and spoke.



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