The Unknown Heir Chen 667-670



"Where are you taking me?"

Chen Hao asked.

"Hmph brat, you better keep your mouth shut, if everything goes well and you do what Sister Meng Fei says, we'll make sure you're fine, otherwise The words, you have to be careful, watch out for your life!"

Pillmeng Yao warned with a cold smile.

Just then, she saw a few people come over, holding chains and locking Chen Hao's hands and feet.

Then they pressed Chen Hao into a car.

"This group of girls, what the hell is going on? If it weren't for the fact that you Pill King Valley is now begging for your help, I'd have to fix you all up just because of that one time alone!"

Chen Hao thought to himself.

But still, he held back a sigh of relief in his heart and followed them peacefully into a car.

A convoy of cars, speeding out of the valley, headed towards a location.

In a short time, the place would arrive.  

This is a large stadium-like building.

At the entrance there are many luxury cars.

And many gorgeously dressed men and women entered and left.

"What is this place?"

Chen Hao softly asked the two bodyguards who were escorting him.

"Hmph, Colosseum, never seen it before, right? The people who come in and out here are either the Eldest Young Master of a Secret Law Family or a rich young daughter of an international level, you're lucky to be here! !"

Several bodyguards snorted.

"Just now, I heard that girl say take me as bait, what's going on?"

Chen Hao asked with a frown.

What the hell an international level rich young daughter, she is still the richest second generation in the world.

I've seen this kind of occasion a lot.

"The Zhuang Valley's valley master, had captured a savage a few days ago, he was simply too strong, and was transported by Zhuang Valley Master's son, Zhuang Shi Three Major Young Masters to This Colosseum. What a guy, over the past month, he has continuously defeated an unknown number of experts, how ferocious!"

Originally the bodyguard didn't take much notice of Chen Hao.

But when it came to this savage, he was energized.

Continuing, he said, "It's just that he's strong and hard to tame, he was scared by the electric shocks used by Major Zhuang, so he hid indoors and refused to come out, he Bloodthirsty and man-eating, just as long as there is a living person who can draw him out and be defeated by the experts we brought here from Pill King Valley, of course, we Miss Ka Moon-Fei has won the bet! From now on, when Young Master Zhuang sees our Miss Monfie, he will call her sister, haha!"

The bodyguard remembered the battle that was to come, and couldn't help but get excited.

Chen Hao sort of understood.

First, that Pill Meng Fei had made a bet with Young Master Zhuang to defeat that undefeated War God Savage, so he wanted to use himself as bait to lure the savage out, and then use the family's experts to fight against him.

This was too cruel, if it was really like the bodyguard said, that savage was ferocious and cannibalistic, then ordinary people would be eaten by him.

Chen Hao's eyebrows furrowed.

"What about the experts you brought along, is it alright? Can you beat him?"

Chen Hao asked coldly.

"What did you say! Humph, damn boy, how dare you question our Pill King Valley's experts, they are all chosen by Missy after provocation, how dare you belittle them?"

The bodyguard spoke harshly.

Chen Hao did not make any more words.

At this moment, he had already been escorted off the car by two people.

Now, Pill Mengfei and the others were leading the way, walking towards the inside.

"Meng Fei, why did you only come, we've been waiting for you for too long!"

Walking into the scene, it was a young man with dyed white hair who walked over with one hand in his pocket.

Looking at Pill Meng Fei, he smiled.

"There's something that's delayed for a little while!" Pill Mengfei faintly said.

"Haha, I thought you were afraid of losing and didn't dare to come, Meng Fei!" The white-haired man said.

"Zhuang Shi San, what are you talking about, my sister would be afraid of you, don't think you're invincible just because you've captured some ugly savage . Today, I will definitely teach you people of Zhuangjia Valley to see the strength of our Pill King Valley, what an undefeated war god, bullshit!"

Medicine Mengyao's mouth was very powerful, and she went on a rampage.

"Okay, okay, we'll see what happens, but if you lose, Meng Fei, you can't go back on what you promised me!"

Young Master Zhuang smiled evilly.

"Oh, you'll just have to wait to call me sister!"

Pillow Meng Fei didn't even look at him and led the people straight to a VIP table here to sit down.

Chen Hao was also escorted over.

Seeing clearly, this was a place similar to the ancient type of colosseum.

In the middle was a huge clearing, and above the clearing, power grids were all over the place.

On the north side of the clearing, there was a pitch-black hole, and if Chen Hao wasn't wrong, that should be where the savages were.

All around were sitting platforms arranged in a ring shape.

This sitting platform was enough to accommodate four or five hundred people.

And the scene, at the moment, was less than two to three hundred people.

They should all be the young and wealthy that the bodyguards talked about, coming to watch.

They were all drinking red wine on the side, howling with excitement and screaming that made their brains hurt.

"Seven masters, all that said, this savage seems to be really not simple, I've heard that many of the Zhuang family's experts in the Qi Transformation Realm, even one round of this man's None of you can catch it, you guys are strong but don't be careless, just to be on the safe side, you seven masters enter the field together!"

After sitting down, Pill Monfie said.

"My lady, it's not as bad as a deep mountain savage, is it? I see that Seventh Brother can kill him if he appears alone!"

Of these seven, the oldest had to be in his sixties and the youngest had to be close to forty.

The older man said disdainfully.

"I made a bet with Zhuang Shi San that I absolutely could not lose, so to be on the safe side, I even caught a bait for you guys to lure him first . If you guys make another move, it's better to be seven people at a time, but Zhuang Shi San didn't specify the number of people anyway!"

Medicine Monfie.

Only then did the seven of them agree.

"You guys, bet him in!"

Pill Meng Fei looked at the remaining bodyguards again and pointed at Chen Hao.

"Young Master Zhuang, you said that the people from Pill Valley wouldn't really be able to defeat the Undefeated War God, right? These seven people I know are Pill Meng Fei's masters, their strength is so profound that even our Valley Master has to take a high look at them when he sees them!"

And next to Young Master Zhuang, a little boy was now whispering.

"What are you afraid of, Savage is extremely strong, even beyond father's imagination, and you've seen his conquests these days, too ferocious up, I don't believe he'll be easily defeated!"

"Besides, this Pill Dream Faye, I've wanted to eat her for so long, and every time, I see her wandering in front of me, my soul is about to be This ni shakes loose, it was hard to force her to bet with me this time, once we win, my good deed will be done, haha!"

"But my subordinates are still worried!" The boy.

"There's nothing to worry about, don't worry, I'm prepared for two things! If they go in, they won't come out, huh?"

Zhuang Shi San coldly glanced at the glowing white skinned Pill Meng Fei, a greedy look flashed in his eyes.

"War God! Ares! God of War!"

And right now, seven people plus Chen Hao, eight of them were already standing in the open area of the arena.

Everyone on the edge of the field stood up in excitement and shouted, deafeningly loud.

"Kid, you're also really unlucky, now that Missy has been kind enough to let you serve as bait for us, then proceed, don't worry, we'll give you the Revenge!"

The seven of them looked at each other, then looked at Chen Hao with a faint shake of his head and a smile.

And Chen Hao didn't pay any attention to them, but stared carefully at the pitch-black cave entrance.

A cold, bone-chilling killing intent seemed to be being released from within the hole, and within the hole, a beast's roar was even more constant.

"What kind of savage is it? What's with the regal power?"

Chen Hao frowned tightly as he pondered....


"Sixth and Seventh, you two escort him in and draw that savage out!"

The boss commanded.

"Yes Big Brother!"

The two of them were ordered to escort Chen Hao towards the entrance of the cave.

Chen Hao was secretly running his inner energy, and if the situation changed, he would have no problem slipping away first.

And observing these seven people, they were only at the early stage of the Transformation Realm.

They were about the same strength as the seven people from the Ancient Family that he had killed.

It was just that I didn't know what kind of strength the savages they were talking about had to be.


As the three of them stepped in.

Inside the pitch-black hole, the noise became even clearer.  

This voice was like running thunder, and it couldn't help but shake the bodies of the two people traveling with it.

"Sixth Brother, why do I feel as if this savage is extremely unusual, and I always have an unsettling feeling in my heart? Or let's not go inside, it's dark, it'll be trouble if we run into each other!"

At this moment, Old Seven said faintly.

Old Six pondered for a while and whispered.

"Well then, throw this kid right in there and see what kind of monster is in there!"

Old Sixth.

Old Seven nodded heavily and looked at Chen Hao with a cold smile, "Kid, be sensible, walk in yourself, don't worry, we'll be right behind you, and will Take care of you!"

While saying this, they did not forget to laugh at each other.

Obviously, they wanted Chen Hao to go over and die.

Chen Hao, on the other hand, had no bottom in his heart.

According to what the uncle said, his current strength was considered strong, but it was far from the strongest.

If he really ran into one like the Black General, he would be at a disadvantage again.

This kind of silly thing Chen Hao didn't want to do, and right now, didn't walk ahead.

"Eh? Why don't you go, kid? Do you want us to use some tactics on you?"

Old Six sneered.

"You better behave, or else I'll kill you and throw you in!"

Seven also warned.

"Why don't you two go in first!"

Chen Hao smiled faintly.

"What did you say?"

They were both startled.

And when Chen Hao used the Bone Reduction Technique, he had already pulled back his bound arms and legs.

The current extended hand mentioned.

The two of them were instantly grabbed by Chen Hao.

And pinching their acupuncture points, allowing them to struggle, they were actually unable to struggle.

They were greatly shocked.

Unexpectedly, this brat actually had this kind of strength, and was approaching the middle stage of the Qi Transformation Realm.


Old Sixth and Seventh wanted to shout, but couldn't shout at all.

There was a whoosh.

Chen Hao's arm shook slightly, and the two of them were like two kites with broken strings, flying straight out towards the inside of the deep hole.


This was followed by two crisp sounds.

Apparently, the two people inside had their necks snapped.


The sound of heavy footsteps kept coming, and Chen Hao vaguely saw a large shadow that slowly walked out of it.

Less than two meters, the entire width of its body had to be more than half a meter.

It was actually too huge.

Before it had even stepped out, the shadow had already enveloped Chen Hao's entire body.

"Could it really be a savage?"

Chen Hao grew more and more suspicious and kept backing away.


And the savage, who clearly didn't want to go out, yelled at that moment.

Suddenly, he stepped on the ground and accelerated to pounce towards Chen Hao.

This momentum was not weaker than that black general at all.

Not good!

Chen Hao wanted to run.

But then he saw a large, powerful hand that had slapped over.

It had to be as big as a bushel.

Holy shit!

Chen Hao's sweat hairs were standing on end.

It was too late to dodge now, using all his strength to resist.


Internal energy shot everywhere, and the clothes on Chen Hao's back were directly blown apart, and white smoke billowed.


Chen Hao flew out upside down and smashed into the stone wall.

Spitting blood at his mouth.

Shit! So strong, no wonder it was as easy as pounding garlic for him to kill a Transformation Realm expert.

He was much stronger than Black General.

Now that he had cultivated Heavenly Xuan Gong, his strength had risen dramatically, and if he had that kind of strength before, he would probably be able to end his life with a single slap.

Chen Hao still had the strength, and now used his light body technique to dodge around.

Once he flew to the stone wall of the cave, stuck above, held his breath, and sure enough, the big monster at the bottom, couldn't find it, and began to smash everywhere in a hurry.

That was close!

Chen Hao was sweating profusely.

He had thought he could breathe a sigh of relief.

But then, his clothes were shattered by this savage using his internal energy, and the round jade pendant hanging on his neck came down.

That wasn't the point.

The most fatal, is this round jade pendant, at this moment actually shine greatly.

This is like something, like a bright light turned on in a dark chamber.

The scene inside the cave was bright and clear.

"Even if you don't help me, don't harm me!"

And Chen Hao was above, finally face to face with this savage, and the savage was now staring up at Chen Hao ponderously.

Chen Hao's heart was sad.

This savage was not two meters tall, but two and a half meters close to three meters, his hair was as messy as a thatched hut, and even more so his beard, almost covering half of his face.

His eyes were blue and unusually bright.

The huge muscles on his body were even like a pile of steel reinforced on his body.

It was full of explosiveness.


He was staring at Chen Hao and was roaring below.

Chen Hao still had to swallow his saliva.

He was about to fly out.

After all, Chen Hao still had confidence in his speed.

But he didn't expect that this savage was even faster.

He leapt up sharply.

With a raised hand, it was a direct lock on Chen Hao's neck.

Choking Chen Hao's neck, he directly pressed it to the ground.

Chen Hao struggled with all his might.

His own end shouldn't be the same as that sixth and seventh old man, right? He broke his neck?

Just when Chen Hao felt like he was on the verge of another crisis.

What made him feel a little surprised was.

This savage carefully stared at the jade pendant on his chest, while slowly releasing the hand that was strangling Chen Hao's neck.

Instead, he slowly removed the jade pendant on Chen Hao's chest.

Only the jade pendant, the size of a baby's palm, was like a fingernail in this savage's hand.

He watched it repeatedly.

And using the light of the jade pendant, he shone a light on Chen Hao's face.

And then as if he had seen the devil, he hurriedly placed the jade pendant on Chen Hao's chest.

He was so frightened that he took a few steps backwards.

Even more surprise was still to come.

There was a loud poof.

He directly knelt down.

"Lord God of Heaven, I have offended!"

His voice was like a flood bell, scaring Chen Hao.

"Lord God of Heaven?"

Chen Hao put the jade pendant away carefully and said in shock.

"My name is Li Ba, I have met with Lord God of Heaven!"

He kowtowed heavily.

It was only then that Chen Hao understood that he, like Yun Qing, had recognized himself as Brother Heavenly God, could it be that this Li Ba, was also from the same place as Yun Qing?

Besides, how many thousand years old is he?

Chen Hao felt incredible.

The jade pendant that was still putting out a bright light in front of his chest was again transmitting that flickering burning sensation from a few days earlier and later.

Could it be that just a few days ago, the jade pendant had actually sensed something, sensing the presence of someone from that place of theirs, nearby?


"You know me? Or do you know this piece of jade?"

The fact that he could speak human words meant he wasn't a savage.

And by the looks of it, he was all respect for himself, where was the killing intent he had just now.

Now Chen Hao asked.

"I have seen the portrait of Lord Heavenly God, this Dragon Blood Divine Jade is your personal treasure, never thought that witnessing with my own eyes the Heavenly God My lord's honor, my lord, spare my life!"

Li Ba kept kowtowing.

Chen Hao had a stomach full of questions that he wanted to ask with Li Ba.

After all, it was hard to run into someone from that place where Yun Qing and Sister White were.

Li Ba must know a lot of things.

He was about to ask.

But then Chen Hao heard that there were a few footsteps outside, tentatively moving forward towards the inside of the cave. 

Presumably the remaining five were walking in.

Power Tyrant apparently heard them as well, and now looked up at Chen Hao in confusion.

As if inquiring, what do these people have to do with the God of Heaven?

Chen Hao said presently, "You are extremely strong, far above me, how could you be imprisoned by them?"

"Alas, the little one is not afraid of them people, but of the kind of magic weapons they hold that emit blue light, those are heavenly thunder, and they Strike me with thunder, electrocute me, I dare not move! I tried to escape too, but they put up the Heavenly Thunder Formation again and didn't dare to touch it."

Power Tyrant was helpless.

Hehe, Chen Hao laughed bitterly in his heart.

Presumably, Li Ba was using the electric gun as a magic weapon, and these power grids outside were being used as some sort of Heavenly Thunder Formation.

According to common sense, these electric powers couldn't do anything about Li Ba.

But out of respect for the 'heavens', it made him not dare to resist.

Jokes aside, these electric powers couldn't even do anything to himself, let alone this even more perverted Li Ba.

"Do you want to go out?"

Chen Hao looked at him and asked.

Power Tyrant nodded his head heavily, "Lord God of Heaven, you are willing to save me? If the little one can leave this hellhole, I'm willing to follow Lord God of Heaven and be an ox!"

He began to kowtow incessantly.

Chen Hao hurriedly reached out his hand to stop him.

"Li Ba you get up first, you stay later, do as I say and make sure you can get out!"

It took a lot of effort for Chen Hao to help him up.

And leaned into his ear and told him so and so.

Li Ba listened and nodded.

Outside the arena.

"What's going on? Master Six and Master Seven have been in there for so long, why haven't they come out yet?"

It was only at this moment that Pill Meng Fei felt a little nervous.

It had been ten minutes, even if they couldn't draw out, there should be some movement.

"Could it be that inside, the Sixth Master and Seventh Master are wrestling with the savages, so after all this time, they haven't made a move, the other five Master has gone over to help!"

Pillmeng Yao said analytically.

"I always feel like things aren't right, look at that Zhuang Shi San, he's been sneering like he has a chest full of them!"

Medicine Meng Fei was a little restless.

Just when the crowd was waiting very anxiously.


Suddenly, a heaven-shaking roar resounded from inside the cave.

This roar, as if it had magical powers, was able to take in the heart, causing the entire space to tremble.

What's more, a gale of curling sand and dust wildly spewed out from inside the cave.

It instantly swept through the entire scene.

It was amazing!

All of them were scared silly by the scene before them.

The remaining five masters, on the other hand, each retreated at the sight.

After all, just listening to this roar, one felt that this object was extraordinary.

It was heart-shattering.

"Out! Out!"

And as a large figure rushed out, the scene instantly went into a state of excitement and excitement.

Everyone stared at the field and shouted.

It was the sight of the nearly three-meter-tall Li Ba, who, despite his huge size, was frighteningly fast.

Through the wild sand flying in the sky, Li Ba waved his big hand.

One person had already been shot in the shoulder.

The shoulder directly shattered and caved in, flying out a few dozen meters away, smashing into the surrounding stone wall, making the entire venue tremble.

Spitting blood, he lay on the ground.

There was no more power to fight.

He didn't die, because Power Tyrant, didn't go for a slap at their vitality.


Li Ba roared again.

This time, it even made everyone cover their ears.

In the blink of an eye, it was like watching Li Ba chop and slice vegetables, and four more people, like a single strike, fell.

Everyone in the stands fell back in fear.

The Medicine Meng Fei sisters, had already changed their appearance.

These seven teachers were all experts of the Pill King Valley, but they were simply unbeatable in front of Li Ba.

No wonder the one surnamed Zhuang was so courageous.

Pill Meng Fei's face changed wildly.

And felt the throbbing of the scene.

Zhuang Shisan was also a little unnatural.

"Young Master Zhuang , so fierce, prolonged electric shocks really can stimulate his potential, and now a big outburst, it can be said that God can stop God and Buddha can stop Buddha Ah! Only my subordinates are worried that it won't rush out, right?"

A boy paled.

"No, he's afraid of electric shocks, order it down and charge the grid full time immediately! Just in case!"

Young Master Zhuang was fierce.

But followed by that, his face changed wildly.

The five people in the arena had all fallen to the ground.

And Power Tyrant was like a big titan, rushing towards the entrance's power grid.

Without a doubt, the electric gate couldn't resist just because of this momentum.

"Quick, discharge, electrocute him!"

Young master Zhuang was shocked and hurriedly commanded.

The scene was even more chaotic.

Everyone started running.

"Miss, go quickly, there's danger!"

The people from Pill King Valley began to pull Pillowmist Faye away.

"My seven masters, the seven masters are still inside!"

Medicine Memphis had tears in her eyes.

But it was too late, Li Ba had already rushed to the iron gate this.


Piercing blue electric lines flashed out.

The entrance's electric door turned blue in an instant.

But Li Ba wasn't as afraid.

He punched directly at the electric door, and blue lightning covered his entire body.

Although the outer skin was injured.

But he had long since lost his fear of Heavenly Power, and he knew that this wasn't Heavenly Power at all.


Made of steel? The iron door was instantly torn into several pieces by the force tyrant.

It exploded.


The scene was even harder to get out of control.

"What? He's not even afraid of electric shocks anymore!" Zhuang Shi San was incredulous.

"Young Master, run!"

The boy shouted in fear, having seen many of the banker's bodyguards, thrown into the sky by Rikba.


"But this Li Ba, he's extremely strong, we can't let him get away, my father will kill me!"

Young Master Zhuang was reluctant.

"Never mind so much, young master, run! It'll be too late if we don't run!"

The boy pulled Young Master Zhuang straight away and fled.

The scene was a mess.

And after Li Ba rushed out, he didn't turn back, following Chen Hao's instructions, he fled straight into the deep mountains, a cave, and temporarily hid himself.

As for the entire process, Chen Hao watched it in his eyes.

He took a deep breath.

"This is too terrifying, I always thought that black general was extremely strong, but this force tyrant, it wouldn't even be a problem to tear the black general apart by hand!"

Chen Hao's eyes were dumbfounded as he looked at the scene, the thick stone wall was directly crashed open by Li Ba, what with the iron and electric gates, it was simply as if no one was there.

Chen Hao was extremely shocked, and Li Ba's true strength, visually, was even stronger than the middle stage of the transformation realm!


Because he had to rush back to the Pill King Valley, Chen Hao did not follow along with Li Ba.

When he came to the valley on his own, he came across a cave on the way.

It was extremely secluded.

After Li Ba escaped, there was no guarantee that that certain banker would make a big fuss and send people around to search for him.

Of course, this time, Li Ba wouldn't be afraid of their electric shocks, if they ran into each other, it would inevitably be another fierce storm, Chen Hao wouldn't care if the bankers were dead or alive, but once Li Ba killed them, it would be too big a target.

It wouldn't be good to attract the attention of the Ancient Family and Nine Solomon.

This was good, Li Ba would stay hidden for now, and he had to hurry up and go to the Pill King Valley to get the three medicines that would save Xin Xin.

"Hmph, Pill Ming, who do you think you are when you dare to bring anyone to the valley, and you're arranging a room!"

And when Chen Hao returned, he had just entered the courtyard.

He saw a middle-aged man in his forties, with two of his men, in the courtyard with Pillow Ming, saying in a gloomy manner.

"Housekeeper Pill San, you don't know, this little brother, who is my apprentice with the Valley Master's Grace, came to ask for medicine so I could put him to rest temporarily! "  

Medicine Ming was respectful to the tall, middle-aged man in front of him.

"What? You still want medicine? And also moved out of the Valley, how come I never heard the Lord of the Valley say anything about the graciousness of the Lord, we, the Pill King Valley, are common untouchables Is it okay to enter? I don't know what I'm talking about, someone, give me the room, put Mr. and Mrs. Zhang's son in the room next to Pharmacology! Yaoming, you're no longer a butler, but a servant of the Pill King Valley. Ask!"

Pill San waved his hand with a sneer.

Pillow Ming was unsure.

How to give back the son of General Manager Zhang Mrs. Zhang.

But it didn't take long for him to understand.

Just behind the two bodyguards, there was already an exquisite baby box placed behind them.

Inside the crate, there was a puppy.

The so-called son of General Manager Zhang and Mrs. Zhang turned out to be this pet dog?

A touch of anger flashed across Pill Ming's face.

He had lived and died for the Pill King Valley, for the Lord of the Valley, and now, he was allowed to live with a dog and serve a dog?

Anyone wouldn't be sore!

Pillow Ming clenched his fist and didn't dare to speak until then, he slowly raised his head.

Seeing Chen Hao standing in the doorway.

He forced out a smile.

"Brother Chen, where have you been? I was just about to find you!"

The scene just now was all in Chen Hao's eyes.

But let's pretend that he didn't see it and said, "Going out for a spin."

"Ahem, Brother Chen, I have something that's hard to say, so I'm afraid I can't entertain you! I'm a nobody now. No one in the Pill King Valley takes me seriously! You see it now, alas!"

Medicine Ming shook his head vigorously and sighed.

Without asking, he knew that the three herbs were also very problematic.

And at this moment, the butler, Pill Three, came out with a package.

It was exactly what Chen Hao had brought.

There was nothing special inside, but it was a few books, which the uncle had asked Chen Hao to gift to Lord Valley Master. Inside were some important information about the Pill Formula recorded.

Of course, Uncle's idea was to get the three herbs and then to make some new connections with some new forces.

"Whose broken bag?"

Medicine Three snorted.


Chen Hao looked coldly at the butler with the eight-letter beard.

"I know it's you!"

Pill San said, throwing it to the ground in front of Chen Hao.

"Pick it up and roll away!"

"Medicine Three!"

And Medicine was furious, "What do you mean? I've told you that Brother Chen is my disciple. You don't give a damn about me? If I hadn't promoted you in the first place, would you have taken my place as housekeeper? And you should know in your heart how I ended up here, don't be too desperate!"

Pill Ming blushed.

Pillow San's face was set, "Pillow Ming, I don't understand that at all!"

As he said that, he took a step ahead and stepped on Chen Hao's bag.

And crushed it hard.

Medicine's angry chest rose and fell violently.

"How was it? You want to hit me? Haha, it makes me feel so good to see you like this bear, and I'd feel even better if you hit me today!"

Pill San also reached out and slapped Pill Ming's face.


At that moment, a crisp sound rang out.


Just saw Pill Three's entire body fly straight backwards out, accompanied by screams of pain.

The man smashed heavily into the corner of the wall, his face swollen, his mouth full of blood, and several of his teeth falling out.

The two bodyguard-like figures standing behind Medicine Three were all stunned.

" dare to hit me?"

Pill San was incredulous and stared at the young man beside Pill Ming in a million anger.

"Aren't you going to be cool? Big mouth smacks you and asks you if you feel good!"

Chen Hao picked up his bag and patted the dust on it.

"Looking for death! Get him for me!"

Pill San roared at two of his men, his own body trembling and unable to stand up anymore.

"Don't fight!" Pill Ming was nervous.

One had to know that the Pill King Valley's bodyguards were not ordinary.

But right after that, Pill Ming stared at them.

The two bodyguards were swept away by Chen Hao's leg, and they flew straight out.

They couldn't even stand up.


Medicine San was terrified.

Crawling now, he wanted to run.

As a result, Chen Hao stepped on the ground.

"This is like walking?"

Chen Hao asked coldly.

"I'm telling you, don't mess around, this is Pill King Valley, do you not want to live and dare to make a move on the head of the Imperial?"

Pill Three struggled.

"Before I came here, I really took Pill King Valley that seriously, and the owner of your Pill King Valley should be number one, but I didn't expect . The rest of you Pill King Valley people, except for this Pill Ming I met, don't have much to offer, and you're a broken butler? Do I have to give you a face? Who gave you the nerve to touch my things?"

Chen Hao stepped on his neck and pushed slightly.

There was a cracking sound.


Pill-san was so scared that he shit himself.

It wasn't hard to imagine that if this person had just pushed a little harder, his neck would have been directly ruined.

"Good discussion! Good deal! Mercy! Mercy!"

He growled.

"You can leave if you want, but how you just stepped on it, you can get my bag clean!"

Chen Hao threw the bag in front of him.

"Yes yes yes!"

Pill-san hurriedly used his hand to wipe it.

And Chen Hao stepped on his face with another push.

"Brother, I did as you told me to!" Medicine Sam begged for help.

"Did I say with my hands? Use your mouth and lick my bag clean!"

Chen Hao was vicious.

That fierce gaze caused Pill San's entire body to tremble at the sight of it.

He held a hidden breath, and said in his heart that a gentleman's revenge is not three days too late! Just you wait!

Now, it actually stuck out its tongue and licked it.


Chen Hao didn't expect him to really lick it, and with a wave of nausea and revulsion, he kicked him out of the courtyard.

And this scene had already made Pillmeister look a little silly....


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