The Unknown Heir Chen 656-660


"You! Let's do it! I'll let you have ten rounds!"

Duan Fei looked at Chen Hao and shook his head and laughed bitterly.

Then, it was seen that he had his hands behind his back, and even more so, he turned his back and closed his eyes.

Putting himself in some wondrous state of mind, the ten thousand things of the world were insignificant to Duan Fei at the moment!

"Duan Fei is worthy of being Duan Fei, he's too ruthless, is this not going to work?"

"Rumor has it that the Duan Clan once mastered a secret technique, the technique of counter-injury!"

"What is the art of counter-injury?"

Someone asked in shock.

"It's just a matter of letting you fight, and the heavier you strike, the heavier, instead, you'll have on your hands!"

Someone explained.

"My God, there are still such magical feats in the world!"  

Everyone was alarmed.

The Duan Fei at this moment had already been covered in a veil of mystery, and now it looked even more mysterious.

Everyone held their breath and watched the battle carefully.

Chen Hao didn't understand what the technique of counter-injury was.

He just knew that if he didn't understand this today, he might not be able to leave.

Immediately inner energy circulated throughout his body.

Chen Hao's body tyrannized and went extremely fast, raising his leg and kicking directly at Duan Fei.

"Brother Fei is going to fight back!"

The crowd's eyes burned.


Only a loud bang, accompanied by the sound of bones cracking, saw a silhouette swiftly flying away.

Bang bang!

Even more so, it smashed into the rows of tables and chairs one after another, and there were many more people from the Martial Arts Association who were too close to each other.

Being directly hit by this body, they were also swept backwards and flew out.

The tables and chairs, the people, were in a mess.



At once, the body finally came to a halt.

The revolving glass door of the hall shattered.

And this body, not a bystander, was actually Duan Fei.

The entire audience was startled.

Especially Ximen Yu.

"How is this possible?"

She was startled.

The crowd was also all shocked.

"Could it be that Brother Fei is still leaving something behind?"

Someone speculated.

"It must be, Fei's defeat was too easy, wasn't it? There must be some back-up!"

Unbelievable, this was too unbelievable.

And Duan Fei had spurted blood from his mouth, his entire body trembling with meridians.

A face full of horror.

A violent force just now had almost swept through his entire body.

His brain had gone blank.

"It's only been one round, there are still nine rounds left!"

Chen Hao stood on the stage and now looked at Duan Fei who was lying on the ground and reminded him.

"Brother Fei, get up, Brother Fei is already saving his strength!"

"It's over, it's over he's done, is Fei going to show his best moves?"

The crowd cheered.

But Duan Fei, barely able to climb up, blood spurting wildly, knelt down again.

He was completely out of breath.

It wasn't until now that the crowd fully woke up.

Duan Fei was defeated? You're still giving him ten rounds? And you couldn't resist a kick?


Ximen Yu hurriedly ran over.

Duan Fei's two eyes were black, and his internal injuries were extremely heavy.

"Young Master Chen, you're too powerful!"

Bai Xiaofei was ecstatic.

Now, just using the word worship couldn't describe how Bai Xiaofei felt at the moment.

"Now, if I want to leave, there shouldn't be anyone to stop me, right?"

Patting Fei's shoulder, Chen Hao coldly swept towards the group of bodyguards.

Cold sweat broke out on the backs of the bodyguards as they were stared at by Chen Hao's eyes.

They directly made a path.

"Let's go!"

Chen Hao.

The group of people directly left with a big swing.

The Ximen family didn't even dare to fart.

"And let Young Master Chen go ten rounds? I pooh!"

And when Tie Cheng passed by Duan Fei's side, he directly sprayed spittle in disdain.

Outside the hall.

"Chen Hao, so you're so powerful!"

"Yeah, right Chen Hao, are you really that legendary Jinling Young Master Chen?"

"Dash never told us that!"

And several girls, hurriedly came around and asked in a flourish.

Only at this moment did they feel that Chen Hao was handsome and calm.

"Is it important?"

Chen Hao asked faintly.

This sentence made several girls deflate their mouths, it was obvious that this Young Master Chen was not interested in them at all ah.

In the hearts of the several girls, they were all a bit lost.

Plus the other side.

Duan Fei had been kicked into a half cripple, and by now, although he had awakened, he was unable to use his arms.

This matter caused the Ximen Family to fluctuate quite a bit.

After all, the Duan family had been friends with the Ximen family for generations, and Duan Fei was a rising star of the Martial  Association, an object that the Secret Ancient Family focused on cultivating.

Tomorrow, he was going to participate in the trial training, and as a result, he was half crippled.

And the one who injured Duan Fei had some misunderstandings with the Ximen Family's eldest miss, Ximen Yu.

This had to attract the attention of the Ximen Family.

The head of the Ximen Family, Ximen Song, even personally asked about this matter.

Furthermore, a middle-aged man from the Ancient Family was visiting the Ximen House.

Duan Fei was an internal cultivator, and this elder was acquainted with the Duan Family as well.

When Duan Fei was being carried into the Ximen Family.

He was also present.

Ximen Yu didn't dare to conceal anything, so he told his father about the whole incident, including, of course, Chen Hao's photo.

"What you have offended, it really is him!"

This middle-aged man from the ancient family said with narrowed eyes after looking at the photo.

"Third Master, you know him? Is he really that Jinling young master?"

Ximen Song was startled.

This Third Master, named Gu Sanyuan, was a middleman in charge of the Ancient Family's communication with the outside world.

Therefore, he was extremely familiar with the Ximen family.

"Well, I've seen pictures of him, he's Jinling Young Master Chen, do you know, this person is very vicious, and his skills are even more mysterious . The Mo family in the north, the Long family, and the Situ family in the southwest all lost their lives to this man!"

Gu Sanyuan said.

Ximen Song's eyes were almost staring out.

Ximen Yu was also so scared that he covered his mouth.


Both father and daughter asked in unison.

"How else could it be false? And I can also tell you, Chen Hao is here to visit the Ancient Family. Our head of the family, Grandma, has instructed earlier that if Chen Hao... You want to come, and you let me do the picking! And Grandma even said that he would come sooner or later, but I didn't expect Grandma to be so predictable!"

Ancient Sanyuan sighed.

"So, he's still a guest of the Ancient Family?"

Ximen Song was even more afraid.

"So to speak, previously, I heard that both the Three Holy Religions and the Nine Solomon's had sent their experts to chase after him, all of them failed, and you also It's really ungrateful to mess with such an existence!"

Gu Sanyuan shook his head.

"I... I didn't know he was so powerful, had I known, I wouldn't have messed with him at all!"

Ximen Yu was afraid.

"Only Third Master, why are the Three Holy Religions and Nine Solomon's arresting him? Also, the ancient family..."

Simon Song asked.

"Because there is something special about him, and whoever can get it can touch a big secret!"

Gu Sanyuan said word for word.

"The big secret?"

Ximen Song's eyes glowed.

Then, if thoughtful, he looked up and whispered.

"Could it be that the Ancient Family also wants..."

Only seeing Gu Sanyuan's warning gaze, Ximen Song didn't continue to say anything.

But in his heart, he was secretly relieved.

Chen Hao had returned to the hotel.

Naturally, the hotel's private rooms were all destroyed by Ximen Yu's men.

At a glance, Tie Cheng was about to go kill the Ximen family.

Only, he was shouted at by Chen Hao.

"Young Master Chen, this is not your style ah, this Ximen Yu has targeted us twice and thrice, this time we can't spare them Ximen family!"

Iron City said.

"I was feeling that I was always worried and there was always a sense of uneasiness, and I didn't want to waste any more energy on the What on Simon's body!"

Chen Hao shook his head.

Tie Cheng's furious punch hit the wall, Zhi Neng sighed.

It was at this time that Tie Cheng's gaze skimmed over to the hotel table.


Tie Cheng was confused, "Young Master Chen, the room seems like someone has been here?"

Chen Hao looked at the mess that was destroyed by Ximen Yu and frowned, "I know..."

"No! I'm not talking about this Young Master Chen, look, someone left a note asking you out to meet them!"


Happy New Year.



Chen Hao walked over and took a look at the note.

Sure enough.

There was a line clearly written on it.

"Chen Hao, meet me at the Tianhe Bridge in Tai City at twelve o'clock tonight!"

And no writing down.

A dry line of words.

"Could it be that pussy, Simon Rain, couldn't find us, so she deliberately left such a note and then asked us over?"

Tie Cheng was confused.

Chen Hao shook his head: "No, she won't be able to find us, she'll be looking around like crazy, besides, someone of her type of personality wouldn't Leave me a note like this!"

This thing is just weird.  

I didn't know anyone in the ancient city, what kind of person would ask me out to meet them?

But Chen Hao still decided to go and take a look.

"Tie Cheng, you stay here, I'll go check it out!"

Chen Hao.


The Sky River Bridge was near the southern suburbs of Tai City, and a large river lay across it.

By the time Chen Hao arrived, it was half an hour before twelve o'clock.

Around the area, there were already very few traces of people.

It was pitch black.

The surroundings were gloomy and somewhat terrifying.

Chen Hao watched the surroundings, now not knowing what people were asking him out, so he had to pay a little more attention.

Suddenly, Chen Hao saw a wooden boat with a small light on it, rowing towards him on the surface of the big river.

By the faint moonlight, Chen Hao saw that there was a person standing on top of the wooden boat, and this person was wearing a straw hat.

He was dressed like a kind of mountain villager who had retired to the forest.

The speed with which he rowed the boat was steady and fast.

It made Chen Hao feel vaguely that this person seemed to be somewhat unusual.

At the same time, Chen Hao's ears could not help but move.

There was a ringing of chains in his ears coming towards him from all sides.

Ding Ding Ding Ding!

The iron chain was extremely rhythmic.

Then, six figures gradually walked out from within the night.

It was six men, plus the one rowing the boat on the river, a total of seven people.

"Chen Hao, you've really come!"

One of them sneered.

Chen Hao looked at the note in his hand and looked coldly at them again.

"Did you leave me a note to lure me out? Not so much, right?"

Chen Hao was cold.

"Just don't ask so many questions, what? Are you going alone? Or do you want us to take you away?"

The man at the head of the group shook the chain and laughed.

"Where to? Are you guys the Nine Luo King's people or Yun Qing's people?"

While looking at them, Chen Hao slowly walked towards the person who headed the group.

And looking at Chen Hao's seemingly sensible appearance, the corner of the person who headed it quirked a smile.

I heard that Tie Hong and Eight Ghosts both died in the hands of this person.

Now it seemed that this kid was quite ordinary.

"Don't ask so many questions, come with us and you'll know!"

The man leading the group smiled faintly.


Chen Hao's cold eyes nodded.

Steeply, Chen Hao's eyes flashed, and a force of energy circulated throughout his body.


A loud sound.

Already, Chen Hao raised his leg and hit the person in front of him straight in the chest, Chen Hao's speed was too fast, he didn't have time to react and his entire body flew out several dozen meters away.

Blood even sprayed wildly in the air.


The man was bleeding all over his face, obviously, suffering from very serious internal injuries.

The rest of the people were also startled.

None of them had expected that Chen Hao would just do it when he said he would.

And this brat's skills seemed extremely uncomplicated.

"Bastard, how dare you!"

Someone was furious.

The iron chain swung towards Chen Hao's neck.

It was grabbed by Chen Hao and pulled towards his chest, then he raised his leg and kicked the man straight in the head, the head exploded straight away, and the guardrail on the bridge, he broke more than a dozen of them.

What followed were screams everywhere.

Chen Hao's current strength, even though it wasn't the strongest, but after going through the Heavenly Baptism, Chen Hao's cultivation was incomparable.

And these people, what made Chen Hao different was that they were all actually like Tie Hong, their inner strength, as if some sort of change had occurred.

But to really talk about this change, it was a bit different from Tie Hong, and the eight demons that he had killed.

How could there be so many experts who had undergone internal energy changes?

Quickly, Chen Hao settled them.

And the rower who was originally wearing a straw hat and dressed like a worldly superior, saw that so many people were no match for Chen Hao!

After witnessing Chen Hao's strength with his own eyes.

He was greatly shocked.

Nor could he care that the straw hat he wore on his head had been blown off by the night wind.

Hurriedly, he turned around and started to row back.

It's too strong, if we don't go, we'll die!

He was shocked.

However, could Chen Hao let him go.

Now, with a light leap, Chen Hao had jumped on top of this wooden boat.


When Chen Hao came up, the area was swiftly and violently rippled with a strong ripple.

The man with the straw hat, however, just wanted to dive, but was bounced straight up.

Bouncing in front of Chen Hao, he was strangled by Chen Hao at once.

"I'll only ask you one question, who sent you here?"

Chen Hao asked in a cold voice.

"Hmph, do you think I would say that? If I tell you, I'll be dead! If I don't say..."

The man snorted coldly.


However, Chen Hao applied direct force to the man's neck, and it was completely snapped.

Before he died, he looked at Chen Hao incredulously.

Didn't he want to know who had sent them to kill him?

Originally, he wanted to struggle a bit.

And take the opportunity to use a secret technique like the Ghost Flower.

Originally, the seven of them didn't feel the need to use the Ghost Duo Flower secret technique on Chen Hao.

But he didn't expect that he would strike so harshly.

He also thought that if he didn't say anything, Chen Hao wouldn't kill him, or at most torture him.

But he was wrong!

Chen Hao threw the corpse into the river.

"Forget it if you don't!"

Chen Hao looked at the river and the bodies floating on the bridge.

But he also fell into some contemplation.

As of today, there were already three forces that wanted to take his life.

The two known factions were Yun Qing and that what's-his-name Nine Luo King.

And these seven people that you have beheaded tonight, their internal energy, obviously also appeared to have changed greatly.

Tie Hong, the eight demons, their internal energy had also changed, but in different ways.

This was also the case with these seven people now, and they were different from the Three Saints Sect and the Nine Luo King as well.

In other words, there was still a force that wanted to capture them, and their location and identity had been exposed.


And at this moment, Chen Hao saw a few strange flower petals suddenly floating out from the river corpse.

These petals were all too familiar to Chen Hao.

It was the Ghost Flower?

They're all wearing ghost flowers!

Could it be that these people are from the Ancient Family?

Chen Hao speculated.

Was the Ancient Family trying to arrest themselves?


Inside the cabin of the small wooden boat.

A woman's coughing sound suddenly rang out.

It also startled Chen Hao.

When he lifted the curtain and looked, there was a woman lying inside.

She was clearly unconscious, and it looked extremely like she had been attacked by Ghost Duohua for her mental strength, and she was coughing with a tight frown.

Of course, that wasn't what surprised Chen Hao the most.

What surprised Chen Hao even more was.

This woman was actually Gu Yuxiang....


"Gu Yuxia?"

It's really her!

So she's not dead!

When they first met on the way to the Sea King's Palace, Chen Hao had saved her many times.

Only what had been nagging at Chen Hao and blaming himself inside was that at first, outside the entrance to the Sea King Palace, several people had all passed out from the impact of the Ghost Flower.

By the time they woke up again, Gu Yuxiang was already gone.

He himself had also sent people to the surrounding seas to carefully search for more than a month, but no one was alive and no corpse was found.

At that time, Chen Hao speculated that it was possible that she wasn't dead and had been rescued, and that she had found the corpse of the woman in white!

After all, Chen Hao knew that Gu Yuxiang was also searching for the woman in white.

Unexpectedly, all of his suspicions had validated most of them at the moment.

Why was she here?  

Isn't she an ancient?

With doubts.

Chen Hao cast a clear and mysterious method.

Soon after, Gu Yuxiang's face looked far too good.

With a movement of her beautiful eyes, she raised her eyelids slightly.

When she saw Chen Hao in front of her, Gu Yuxiang was first shocked, then fiercely pulled on Chen Hao's arm.

"Chen Hao, someone is out to get you, run!"

She shouted urgently!

"You mean, are they?"

Chen Hao helped her up and showed her the bodies floating on the river.

"You killed seven of them?"

Gu Yuxiang was incredulous.

"Well! If I'm right, they're all members of your ancient family, right?"

Chen Hao asked.

Gu Yuxiang lowered her head, a blush flashed across her pretty face, "Mmhmm, the seven of them, they are the seven experts of our ancient family, I didn't think that They actually followed me and knocked me unconscious with a ghost flower, so I knew that he was going to do something about you!"

"It seems there was a lot you weren't honest with me about at first, and I can only see now that at the time, you weren't exactly So weak, only, at that time, I couldn't see that you possessed this strange inner strength, and all that you did, was it all an act?"

Chen Hao was clear.

"Yes, I lied to you, but Chen Hao, after we met, I had no intention of harming you, not at all!"

Gu Yuxiang hurriedly said.

It was as if she was afraid that Chen Hao would misunderstand.

"Do you think, I'll still believe you? The ancient family's grand dame!"

Chen Hao smiled bitterly.

"Whether you believe it or not, in short, this is not a place to stay for long, you come with me to a place to hide first, then I will slowly explain to you!"

Gu Yuqi said.

He Looked at her eyes.

It looked very sincere.

But Chen Hao wasn't the Chen Hao of two years ago, the more beautiful the girl, the more she would deceive people.

Once upon a time, he had been tricked by this beautiful woman.

Now, Chen Hao had to be on guard in his heart.

In case he fell for her ways again, it would be hard for him to pull away.

I could tell that Gu Yuxiang's inner strength was extraordinary, but the current her was no match for himself.

Of course, it wasn't her that Chen Hao was afraid of, but the Ghost Duohua!

"I know you're scrupulous about the ghost flowers, now, I'll throw them all away, I'll follow you, with your ability to slay the seven masters of the Ancient Family of strength, there's no need to be afraid of me, right?"

As if answering Chen Hao's inner words, Gu Yuxiang pulled out the ghost flower from her bosom and sprinkled it onto the river one piece at a time.

"You should finally believe it now, right? I asked you out, I originally wanted to explain these things to you, but I didn't expect that Grandma she sent someone to follow me!"

Gu Yuxiang said.

Said with a little wet red eyes.

"I really didn't want to harm you! Chen Hao!"

"Well, I'm not afraid of your tricks when you don't have the Ghost Duo Flower on you, but at worst, we'll die together!"

Chen Hao sucked in a breath and faintly said.

Then he grabbed Gu Yuxiang's shoulder.

From the boat, she leapt straight onto the shore.

Gu Yuzha told Chen Hao where to hide, and Chen Hao grabbed her all the way and hurriedly ran towards it.

Chen Hao had to be more cautious.

The Nine Luo King and Yun Qing, he still didn't have the strength to deal with at the moment.

Not to mention, there was this mysterious and unpredictable ancient family.

The two of them made their way inside a cave on the far outskirts of the city.

Chen Hao sealed several blood veins in Gu Yuxiang's entire body.

"Oh, by now, you still won't believe me, or think that I would harm you, right?"

Gu Yuxiang suppressed the loss in her heart and took a deep breath.

"There are some people that I only choose to believe once, not a second time!"

Chen Hao said coldly.

"Go ahead, you promised to tell me the truth about what happened!"

"I understand, but I'd like to ask one more question, you saved my life three times before and helped me, and even more after my accident, you kept on sending We searched for more than a month, and instructed the local fishermen to report to you as soon as they found me. Are these, to get the answers you want from me, or for some other reason?"

Gu Yuxia's eyes were wet red as she stared at Chen Ge and asked.

It turned out that she knew all of this that she had done, and saw it in her eyes.

"At first, I promised to take you to the Sea King's Palace, half because I was afraid that you would be dangerous alone, half because I wanted to get clues from you, and then, even more It's guilt that I promised to take you with me and didn't come out with you, and I blame myself! So I'm doing everything I can to try to find you!"

Chen Hao said.

At first, Chen Hao helping her was indeed selfish.

But what about the back, what to say.

A little girl, let her come back alone, Chen Hao is not too tolerant.

So he took her with him, but he didn't expect that she would be buried in the sea, and for that, Chen Hao blamed himself for a long time.

Had he known that, he would rather not have those secrets, and would not have taken her with him.

As Gu Yuxiang listened, the corners of her mouth lifted up in a comforting smile.

That, at least, let her know that Chen Hao had taken himself as a friend.

And this affection for Chen Hao was in addition to that damned marriage stone of the Ghost Master.

That was the successive times Chen Hao had saved each other.

It made Gu Yuxiang, who was supposed to assassinate Chen Hao, finally unable to do so.

Otherwise, Chen Hao wouldn't have been able to reach the Sea King Palace.

Of course, at that time, Gu Yuxiang couldn't be said to have fallen in love with Chen Hao, she just couldn't bear it.

Until after her own accident, she secretly appeared.

Seeing that Chen Hao had almost turned the ocean upside down in order to find himself.

And he sat on the shore, sitting quietly for a day and a night.

Always looking at the sea.

Only in the end, did he throw a small trinket that he had recovered from the sea and was wearing, into the sea.

I could tell that Chen Hao was feeling guilty and self-conscious at the time.

He had taken himself as a friend.

Even this feeling, which Gu Yuxiang had always found sweet, had never been done to himself.

It was only when she thought about the bits and pieces she had spent with Chen Hao that she finally realized.

That marriage stone of the devil's plan was really evil.

She actually started to think about this boy every day, worrying about his safety.

The more she thought about it, the more anxious she became, tossing and turning....

Is it true that my own love will end in tragedy, that I fell in love with someone who couldn't possibly love me?

But no matter what, Gu Yuxiang vowed that after lying to Chen Hao once, he would never lie to her a second time.

"Okay, I'll tell you the truth I know! After telling you, all the affection between us will be made known from now on, hehe, I'm afraid we won't be able to be friends in the future!"

Gu Yuqi took a deep breath....


Gu Yuqi began to narrate word by word.

It turned out.

From the very beginning, this was a game, a game against Chen Hao.

She was sent here by the Ancient Family, and apart from finding the woman in white in the Sea King's Palace, she also had a mission, which was to capture Chen Hao and bring him back to the Ancient Family without being noticed by anyone.

Thus, she used the bitter meat trick and pretended to be injured to attract Chen Hao's attention.

Originally, Gu Yuxiang also planned to act, but she never expected that Chen Hao would impress her in some details.

It made her unable to make a move.

In the end, the two of them went to the Sea King Palace together.

And that old woman was no one else, it was the head of the Gu family, Gu Yuxiang's grandmother, the Gu family's Imperial Mother.

She understood Chen Hao's weaknesses and used the Ghost Duohua to severely damage Chen Hao.

And was worried about killing Chen Hao, so the Ancient Family's Grandmother had sealed her strength at that time.  

And at that time, the Imperial Grandmother was about to do it.

Gu Yuxiang flicked her hand through her hair and even gave a warning to Tai Granny with her eyes, if you try to hurt Chen Hao, I will die immediately in front of you.

Several times, she signaled to the great-grandmother not to make a move.

Only then did the Gu family's Imperial Grandmother get angry and pretend to be injured and leave directly.

However, Chen Hao must not be allowed to find the whereabouts of the woman in white.

This was because the Sea King's Palace was made based on the principle of the Ghost Duo Flower.

There were two completely identical worlds inside.

Therefore, at the entrance of the Sea King Palace, the ancient grandmother used a secret method to lure Chen Hao into another unknown world.

As for himself, he was led by the Imperial Grandmother into the real Sea King's Palace.

And took away the body of the woman in white.

"I understand, but there's still a doubt, at that time, my men didn't detect any traces of life from you two!"

Chen Hao asked.

"The Ghost Flower has very profound secrets on it, not only can it do interference to one's spiritual power, but it is also capable of magnetic field A certain amount of interference, with the ghostly flowers for cover, even if a man is standing in front of us, Grandma has a way of making sure he can't see us. "

Gu Yuqi explained.

"Then what is your ancient family doing searching for the white woman's body at every turn? And what are you trying to catch me for?"

Chen Hao finally asked.

"I just heard the grandmother briefly mention to me that you and the woman in white have a great connection, and that you guys have a great hidden The secret, whoever holds this secret will be the first to control the extremely powerful!"


Chen Hao was confused.

No wonder there was a Nine Luo King who had been watching him, and now the Ancient Family was also watching him.

So their intentions were actually here.

But could there be any secrets on himself?

As for this, it was clear that Gu Yuxiang was unclear.

"And Chen Hao, you have to escape as soon as possible, whether it's the Three Saints or the Nine Solomon, even our Ancient Family, you're no enemy, once the Fall into their hands and you will live or die!"

Gu Yuqi said.

"Moreover, Nine Solomon also sent an extremely powerful person called 'Black General', who is not like a human, he is so terrifying that even Grandma is extremely scrupulous, so once you enter the Ancient Family, you are bound to be unable to escape!"

Ancient Yuzha seriously carried a strong sense of fear.

"Black General, even your Ancient Grandmother is extremely scrupulous?"

Chen Hao was startled.

He was able to see that he originally thought that Mo Changkong was the strongest, but he didn't expect that there was always Mo Canglong.

But now, what he saw was only the tip of the iceberg, there were still many things on Earth that he hadn't touched!

"My great-grandmother said that he was a corpse that had been transformed by the King of Nine Dragons, possessing consciousness and taking orders from only one person, he was more like the A Poison King, once attacked by him, his body will be infected with a severe poison, and even if he escapes, it will be impossible to cure!"

"When they first came to the Ancient Family, our Ancient Family once fought a battle with the Nine Solomon's, and all eight elders of the Ancient Family were defeated by this Black General, suffering from a severe poisoning If it wasn't for the compromise with the Nine Luo King, I'm afraid that the Ancient Family would have suffered extinction, so Chen Hao you must hide when you meet him!"

Gu Yuqi warned very seriously.

It could be heard that she was speaking the truth, and all of her words carried a deep fear.

"Why would the Nine Luo King come to the Ancient Family? Could it be that they also knew I would be coming to the ancient house?"

Chen Hao questioned.

"I don't know, that could be one of the reasons, they have another purpose, it seems like they are here for the ancient mountain of the ancient city! In our ancient mountain, every few years, some strange phenomena happen!"

Gu Yuqi.

"What strange phenomenon?"

Chen Hao was curious.

"That's not something I can touch."

Gu Yuqi shook her head.

Now, everything seemed to be clear.

Indeed, there were now three forces that were searching for his whereabouts.

And these three forces, currently though, had awakened themselves to the Heavenly Dao.

This just showed that one wouldn't even have the strength to fight when facing them.

Moreover, just one Yun Qing himself couldn't even fight.

Not to mention the fact that there was now an additional Ancient Family with the Nine Luoans, as well as the Black General with the Nine Luo King.

Chen Hao realized that his current situation had become extremely dangerous.

At any moment, he might be caught by them.

"Anyway, you can hide as much as you can, and by telling you this, I'm paying back the piece of friendship you had for me in the first place, and the next time I see you, we are The enemy! Take care~!"

Gu Yuqi faintly looked at Chen Hao.

Then, she directly turned around and left.

By the time Gu Yuxiang quietly returned to the ancient home.

She suddenly discovered.

In the large lobby of the Ancient Family, there were actually people from the entire clan sitting inside.

The head of the group was an old woman.

As soon as Gu Yuxiang entered, the gazes of all the clan members were also all looking at her.


A touch of nervousness flashed across Gu Yuxiang's face, after all, she had snuck out today.

And this matter, Grandma must have known about it already.

"Since returning from the Sea King's Palace, the Imperial Grandmother has grounded me, this period of time, and it's also really bored me to death!"

The grandmother seemed to be smiling.


And Gu Yuxiang hurriedly knelt down.

"Grandma, I know you know all about it, I went to see Chen Hao and ruined your plans, but I... just wanted to repay Chen Hao's kindness And already! Chen Hao he is a good man, not what you said, a vicious man, he is especially kind at heart, Grandma, let him go!"

Gu Yuxiang's eyes were wet and red.

And these words made the entire Gu family's eyes stern.

The old lady even looked angry.

"Bastard! It seems that my fears were not wrong, you girl, you are possessed by ghosts, their Chen family, all of them are not good, and he, Chen Hao. Good at disguises, he is using you to find the Sea King's Palace, and you, you actually sneak out behind my back to give him a message? If it wasn't for the old woman, you wouldn't have escaped tonight! Family Law!"

The old lady's mouth twitched as she cursed.

Apparently, she already knew about the death of the seven masters.

"Will the plan work? Grandma, what do you mean?"

But when Gu Yuxiang heard this, her whole body shook wildly.

"Hmph, that Chen Hao has come to Tai City, do you think, Grandma would still let him run away?"


"Come, detain Missy in her room, keep her under strict guard, and from today onwards, don't leave the room for half a step!"

When the old lady of the ancient family, Gu Yuehe, gave an order, Gu Yuxiang was directly taken into custody.

And this time for Chen Hao, she was determined to win!

At this moment, it was already late at night.

Chen Hao learned of the three major forces' plan to capture him, and didn't dare to stop for a moment, rushing at a rapid pace.

He planned to find Tie Cheng first, then take him with him and they would leave this place together.


When Chen Ge was about to leave the suburban area and enter the urban area.

The surrounding forest suddenly sounded.

It was as if there was some kind of animal that was rapidly moving through the jungle, causing the surrounding branches and leaves to sway.

Chen Hao stopped.  

Four down alert.

Something tells him there's someone nearby!

And it was also at this time that a cold, bone-chilling chill suddenly enveloped Chen Hao and locked itself firmly in place.

The chill became even more compelling.

From his own back, it covered his entire body.

Was himself being watched?

Chen Hao's forehead was covered in sweat.

This feeling of fear had never been experienced before, as if it was a signal from his own body, instinctively.

Chen Hao slowly raised his head.

It was then that he saw that it was on top of a large tree right beside him.

A big man, about two meters tall, was standing above with his shoulders hugged.

By the faint moonlight, Chen Hao could see it clearly.

His face was a kind of purple-black color, and his lips were an even richer purple, but his eyes were scarlet.

Above and below his body, there was even a black Qi.

It was alive like a corpse!

He was staring at him without moving a muscle.

The piercing chill coming from his body was because of him!

"Black General?"

Chen Hao was horrified.

Subconsciously super-retreating a few steps back.

Just by looking at his momentum, he had suppressed Chen Hao's entire body.


With a soft sound, the Black General's massive body was seen trampling lightly on the branches and leaves.

The entire body then resembled a cannonball, catapulting straight towards Chen Hao.

The speed was extremely fast.

Straight towards Chen Hao.

Danger signals sounded in his own brain.

Chen Hao tried his best to hastily retreat.


Black would fall to the ground and the ground shook.

He revealed his hands.

His hands were like ten claws made of steel, ebony texture all over, each one, like the fangs in the mouth of a hungry wolf.

Just as Gu Yuxiang had told himself, he was not a person, but a weapon, a corpse transformed weapon.

"Want to run? It's not that easy? Come back with me! My master and Mrs. Gu are waiting for you!"

The Black General made a sound like a crow.

As he said it, he was already walking quickly towards Chen Hao.


And Chen Hao used his inner energy and struggled to offer up the broken army.

The Broken Army had opened up.

And this black general's entire body was as if covered in steel.

The only way to deal with him was to break the army.

The speed of the Broken Army was swift and turned into a stream of light that shot straight towards his neck.


But I didn't expect that the normally tried-and-true magic weapon breakers would be lightly caught by the Black General's two iron claw-like fingers right now!

"Come back with me!"

He gently tossed the breakers to the ground.

Again in a cold voice.

Chen Hao stared at him, his face full of incredulity, this man was too strong!

Then looked at his figure again.

It came straight at Chen Hao.

A large, powerful hand slapped towards Chen Hao.

Chen Hao couldn't dodge and was hit by him, flying straight backwards.

His whole body's tendons and bones ached and numb, his throat was sweet, and a mouthful of blood even spurted out.

His internal organs seemed to have been hit by this slap, and were deviated from their original positions.

He smashed heavily on the ground and rolled a few times before stopping.

Chen Hao tried to gather his internal energy, but it was found that it had already been broken by him, and he was severely injured and unable to gather it.

It was finished!

Is he going to fall in Taejo this time?

Jade pendant?

Chen Hao was tempted to ask for help, hoping that the jade pendant would be able to save his life in a time of crisis like before.

But this time, no matter how much he cried out, the jade pendant was indifferent.

The black general came over with a cold face.

With a single hand, he lifted the heavily injured Chen Hao up.

"If you want to kill me, I'll torture you before I take you to meet the master and Old Lady Gu!"

The black general said coldly.

Then with a hard throw, Chen Hao flew out, breaking seven or eight sturdy trees in succession before stopping.

Chen Hao felt his bones make a loud noise.

It was already completely unconscious.

And the Black General clearly had no intention of sparing Chen Hao.

Judging by his appearance, as long as Chen Hao still had a breath left to bring back, he was considered to have completed the task given to him by the Nine Luo King.

And Chen Hao, who had just fought back, had become his enemy in his eyes.

He tormented Chen Hao by various means.

Chen Hao's internal organs were constantly being stirred by this black general, and his limbs were even broken by his fall.

Several times, he had to pass out from the pain.

Chen Hao, however, was powerless to fight back.


With a cold and gloomy face, Black General stomped on Chen Hao, who was spurting blood, and then raised his steel claw and thrust it directly towards Chen Hao's chest.

Chen Hao tried his best to dodge.

In the end, the steel claw sank into Chen Hao's left shoulder.


Intense pain, as well as the severe poison in the Black General's body, entered Chen Ge's body in large amounts.

The pain and dizziness left Chen Hao in a semi-conscious state in an instant.

Chen Hao's lips, moreover, turned black in a flash.

The Black General, on the other hand, kept sneering.


Suddenly, there was a sound of streaming light around.

It was as if arrows were slicing through the air.

"Who is it?"

And the black who tortured Chen Hao would straighten up.

A furious private look.


The sound like an arrow became even more violent.

Then, the black general saw that in the air ahead, there was suddenly a great light.

A light like a meteor was rapidly rushing towards it.

This light, swept away the Qi of heaven and earth, and the entire space seemed to be torn apart by it.

The black general that made it, actually trembled with fear for a moment.


The Black General couldn't care about Chen Hao at the moment, and was so scared that he fell back in succession.

Even more so, he sat on the ground and hastily slipped away.

However, his pupils kept dilating.

Because that stream of light, it was as if it had eyes.

Wherever the black general ran, the direction of the stream of light would follow.

In the end, Black will drag his bulky body and hide behind a large tree.


A loud bang.

The Black General screamed and exploded in place, white smoke billowing.

His entire body, however, was even like a kite with a broken string, flying several dozen meters away.


He screamed, covering his chest that was bleeding black blood, and fled one after another.

He soon disappeared within the vast night.

Chen Hao, on the other hand, only saw it all in a blur.

He was foaming at the mouth with blood, his limbs had long since lost their intuition, and even his own consciousness was gradually fading away.

But on the verge of closing his eyes, he still saw that a middle-aged man dressed in black was walking quickly towards him....

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