The Unknown Heir 651-655


Listening to Master Ning Yuan's narration, Chen Hao was baffled.

But there seemed to be a voice in the underworld that told itself that the ghost flower, it seemed, was also pulling some secret within.

But these doubts in his heart, Chen Hao did not intend to reveal all to Master Ning Yuan.

And Grandmaster Ning Yuan was a light-hearted and elegant person.

Now, even more so, he had long since detached himself from the youthfulness of the past and had put aside the hatred in his heart.

Concentrating on Buddhism.

He extremely admired Chen Hao for saving over a hundred babies, and thus, whenever Chen Hao asked a question, he would answer it.

Even to the end, he decided to write a special letter to introduce Chen Hao to receive the Ancient Family smoothly!

This would save Chen Hao a lot of unnecessary trouble.

Grandmaster Ning Yuan was somewhat connected to the Ancient Family despite having little contact with it because of his master.

Having received Master Ning Yuan's letters, Chen Hao was grateful to him again and again.  

And so he took his leave.

On the way back, Chen Hao combined what Master Ning Yuan had said and combed through the recent events in his heart, as he felt that the recent suspicions were really too much and too mixed.

It was making his head spin.


At first, it was Tongxin's disappearance, and it had been confirmed that it was the work of the mysterious Sun Alliance.

Tongxin's disappearance was exactly the same as Second Uncle's mysterious disappearance back then.

It was the Sun Alliance that had captured Second Uncle and Su Tongxin separately.

All the mysteries started here.

Not to mention Tongxin.

Second Uncle Chen Pingan was carrying the prophecy of the Chen family's demise, and he had, back then, thoughtfully tried to go to the Fang family to find the other half of the jade pendant. Only to give up halfway and be captured by the Sun Alliance.

As for Grandpa, he was also made to take the Sun Diagram with him by the 'Prophecy of the Fall of the Chen Family', and lived a life of seclusion and disappearance back then.

The Sun Diagram was inextricably linked to the Sun Alliance.

As for himself.

It was the 'death prophecy'.

One's self would be cut into pieces, thus leading to the fulfillment of the 'Prophecy of the Chen Family's Annihilation'.

At this time, there was also a 'mysterious man' who always had no road surface, but was the one who had helped out several times!

He guided himself to the Eternal Coffin, and eventually found the god who was exactly like himself, and then he kept guiding himself to the Looking for the woman in white.

He was telling himself that the one who could save him, could it be the woman in white and that god?

Ask them to help break the death prophecy on themselves?

As for the end, it was the Covenant of Sacred Waters, which was probably the last piece of shade for the Sun Alliance's mystery.

As long as one was able to go to the Holy Water Covenant, one could gain a lot of things that one did not know.

But after attending, I'm afraid that one would never be able to return.

Moreover, Chen Hao would have to have a name to participate in it.

All of the things, combined like this, Chen Hao found that they were all tied together by a single thread that was deadly, the Sun Alliance!

Second Uncle Tongxin disappearance, the Mystery Man, the Chen family, the Sun Map, the now-appearing Gu family, Yun Qing, and the never-appearing King of Nine Dragons. As well as the Heavenly God's descent incident back then, and yes, there was also the missing Qin Bo.

They were all related to the Sun Alliance.

Chen Hao thought and couldn't help but let out a long breath.

These things were like a cloud of darkness that enveloped and covered him, depressing Chen Hao to the point where he couldn't breathe.

It was more like falling into a bottomless abyss, the deeper he sank, the more he struggled, the more mysteries he found himself in!

But Chen Hao would not give up, even if it meant death.

He would give an answer to his family, to Tongxin, and even to himself!

This Sun Alliance, as if it was devouring people, was watching Chen Hao step by step towards its maw with eerie eyes open.

But Chen Hao, would not be afraid!


Three days later.

Chen Hao took Tie Cheng with him, and the two set off on their journey.

The ancient city was located because it was within a large mountain, and the area where this large mountain existed was a place called Tai City.

Tie Cheng's injuries were already almost well.

Thus bringing him along, Chen Hao took the letter and arrived at Tai City at dusk that day.

"It's about to get dark, are we still going into the mountain?"

Tie Cheng asked.

"Let's find a hotel to stay in first, and tomorrow morning, we'll go back into the mountains!"

Chen Hao looked at the sky.

He also looked at Tai City.

It seemed to be a mountain city as well, surrounded by towering mountains all around.

So, Tie Cheng found a hotel and got two rooms.

Putting the luggage simply.

The two of them went out to a small restaurant outside to eat.

Ordered a few local specialties.

Only after they had enough wine and food did they return to the hotel.

Only to be shouted at by the front desk attendant.

"Two gentlemen, I'm so sorry!"

The waiter came over with an apologetic smile.

"What's wrong?" Iron City asked.

"It's like this, because the hotel is going to be full, so we checked the two of you out of your room, here's your luggage, it's been left at the front desk Watch over!"

Already booked the room.

Then also already checked in.

As a result, the hotel *🤷🏽‍♂️* went right into the room without any notice to take the guest's luggage out and forcefully checked out.

This was simply unreasonable.

And the waiter must have known this as well, so his face couldn't help but blush.

"What? Refunds for us? Where's your manager?"

And Tie Cheng couldn't help but look full of anger and roared at the waiter.

The frightened waiter retreated one after another, and his eyes could not help but glance at a woman who was sitting in a corner of the hall, drinking tea with a few bodyguard-looking people.

"No need to yell at her, I'm afraid this wasn't her idea either!"

And as Chen Hao swept a glance at the woman who was faintly drinking tea, he almost understood what was going on.

"I have two friends from abroad coming over, and this is the best hotel in Tai City, so I've asked the waiter to check you out, and you guys If you want to live, go find something else!"

The woman on the couch said with a cold gaze.

At the same time, she somewhat despicably glanced at Chen Hao and Tie Cheng.

"What are you? How dare you back out of our room? Who do you think you are when you say you'll back out?"

Tie Cheng furiously took a few steps towards the woman.

The woman, however, had a teasing smile on her lips.

The four bodyguards beside her, however, had already stood up.

They walked towards Tie Cheng.

"Stinker, open your eyes and see, this is Miss Ximen, don't you want to live?"

The bouncer snorted.

"I don't care about the west or east door, who let you into either of our rooms without our permission?"

Tie Cheng clenched his iron fist, and he wanted to strike.

And the bodyguard heard Tie Cheng's insulting words and was also ready to strike.

"Forget it Tie Cheng, we're new here, don't cause any trouble, since your friend Miss Ximen is coming, we'll just take a step back! "

Although Chen Hao was also angry, he had no desire to care about these trivial matters.

Now patting Tie Cheng's shoulder and pulling over their luggage, the two of them wanted to leave.


As a result, a bouncer kicked Chen Hao's suitcase directly, and it flew out, smashing the fish tank in the lobby.

The sound of shattering glass and water flowing resounded through the lobby.

"You guys still want to leave?"


"Kneel down and kowtow to our Great Miss Simon, maybe the Great Miss will spare you once she's happy!"

The bodyguard snaps.

"Brother, be forgiving, don't go too far, and we mean no offense!"

Chen Hao said.

Walking over, he picked back up the luggage that had been kicked away by the bouncer.

Then tried to leave again.

"Hmph, did I say I'd let you guys go? Who just said Miss Eastgate and Miss Westgate? Da, smash his teeth for me!"

And the woman coldly stood up.

Tie Cheng was very angry and held his anger.

And a bodyguard sniffed and directly kicked the suitcase that Chen Hao had picked up again.

"Looking for death!"  

The four bodyguards spoke in unison.

Saying that, they pulled out their throwing sticks and smashed them towards Chen Hao and Tie Cheng's head.


Chen Hao didn't want to be bothered with them though.

But this Ximen family was too arrogant and overbearing.

Who could take this stick to the head, who could take it from a normal person.

They had forcibly checked someone out before, and now they were beating someone to the knees.

Even a person couldn't endure it.

"Do it!"

Chen Hao said to Tie Cheng.

And the furious Tie Cheng, who had already been unable to hold back.

Both arms were raised.

Letting the four iron rods smash on his arms.

Bang, bang, bang!

The four flailing sticks were shattered in unison.

The tiger mouths of the four bodyguards were even more ripped apart.


All four of them were shocked.

Even Miss Ximen, who was a little surprised, stood up, clearly a little intimidated.

The next scene was rather bloody.

Tie Cheng was one hand at a time, like a hawk catching a chicken, and in a short while the four of them were beaten out of shape.


The woman just knew to be afraid, where was the calmness she had just now.

" guys really dare to do it, do you know where this is? You don't want to live?"

The woman shouted.

And Chen Hao walked over, lifted the woman's collar, and threw it straight towards the outer door.

Throwing it straight into the large pool outside the hotel.

The woman instantly became a chicken in the soup.

"Ah! You're looking for death, looking for death!"

The woman was furious.

After saying that, not caring about her men, when she saw Tie Cheng walking towards the outside, she was so scared that she hurriedly ran away.

"Damn, and you're a little pussy to bully!"

Tie Cheng cursed.

The people of the hotel, however, had already been silenced.

"Help us make up the rooms we've returned, or tear your hotel down!"

Chen Hao slapped the table in anger.

"Yes, yes, yes!"

A few waiters nodded their heads like garlic.

The Ximen family couldn't be provoked, but neither could they provoke the two guys in front of them.

Let's just do what people say to do.

After reopening the room, only then did Chen Hao and the two go upstairs separately.

Remembering the scene from earlier, Chen Hao could do nothing but laugh bitterly.

After all, in Chen Hao's eyes, there were hardly any great families or anything like that anymore.

Arriving at the floor, the elevator doors opened.

It was just as well that there was a group of people about to take the elevator down.

"Big brother!"

And among the team, one of the youths, upon seeing Chen Hao, shouted in surprise.

Chen Hao looked up.

He was also a little surprised.

"Little Fei? What are you doing here?"

The person in front of him was none other than Bai Xiaofei.

And the group of people around Bai Xiaofei.

There were men and women.

Chen Hao couldn't help but take a second look at them, as they all had a faint inner energy lingering on their bodies.

They were obviously all practitioners.

"Just arrived this morning, big brother, why are you here? Not here to try out too, are you?"

Bai Xiaofei was pleasantly surprised.

"What tryouts?"

Chen Hao questioned.


And then, next to Bai Xiaofei, a girl had to cough coldly.

Reminding Bai Xiaofei to stop talking about it.

"This is my big brother, let's talk about something, you guys go ahead!"

Bai Xiaofei looked towards them.

Chen Hao had wanted to nod and say hello to them.

After all, were they Bai Xiaofei's friends.

Then again, none of these people looked at Chen Hao, nor did they have any intention of greeting him.

They all just went straight into the elevator.

"Who are all those people? The military?"

Arriving at Chen Hao's room, Chen Hao couldn't help but ask in confusion.

In particular, what Bai Xiaofei said about the tryouts made Chen Hao a little curious.

"Not all of them, they're martial arts elites from all over the country, recommended up by the Martial Arts Association, as well as elites from our military district . And this time, there are a lot of good people coming from the international side!"

Bai XiaoFei said.

"There's a joint tryout event here?"

Chen Hao asked.

Bai Xiaofei lowered his voice, "No, we're going to be auditioned by an ancient secret family, and every year, the military district and the Martial Arts Association, there are The very few slots, like the army's some kind of soldier king or something like that, where they have superior abilities, are the result of attending tryouts, although I was The weakest, but I was lucky enough to get one of the spots!"

Bai Xiaofei chuckled.

"Could it be that you're going to the Ancient House?"

Chen Hao was somewhat aware of it.

According to what Master Ning Yuan said, the Ancient Secret Family, here, where else could it be but the Ancient Family?

Bai Xiaofei was startled, "Brother, you know about the Ancient Family too?"

Chen Hao nodded with a bitter smile.

"Yes, it's the Ancient Family, this is something that was not even accessible before, and it's only just become clear to me that this world hides something that many of us don't even Know the secrets, and this ancient family is one of the secrets, I wonder how many people with great abilities have been trained!"

"This time I was able to get a place through the selection thanks to the breathing method you taught me the other day, big brother, in just a few days, my constitution Massive rise!"

Bai Xiaofei showed off his muscles.

There was something that Chen Hao had taught Bai Xiaofei when he helped him finish catching thieves.

It was more useful for him to have this kind of overpowering physique when he was in the military.

And these things, well, originally, Bai Xiaofei couldn't talk about them, they were highly confidential.

But big brother Young Master Chen's strength, Bai Xiaofei had already seen it, so he had nothing to hide from Chen Hao.

"Right big brother, you're here?"

Bai Xiaofei asked again.

"We have a similar purpose, and I'm going to the ancient house!"

Chen Hao laughed truthfully.

And at that moment, Bai Xiaofei's phone rang.

Bai Xiaofei pressed the connection.

A girl's scolding voice was immediately heard from inside.

"Hmph, Bai Xiaofei, you came to Taicheng, didn't you say you wanted to invite me to play? I've been waiting downstairs with my sisters for a long time, why haven't I seen you yet?"


"All right, all right, later!" Bai Xiaofei directly hung up the phone.

"Hehe, it's one of my college classmates, he knows I'm here in Tai City, he came over to see me for fun, and tonight Tai City is hosting a feast and wants to Follow me in the venue for fun!"

Bai Xiaofei explained.

Chen Hao and Tie Cheng looked at each other and smiled, who knows what you kid is up to again.

"Right big brother, speaking of we, we haven't played together for such a long time, the last time we met, you were also so busy, otherwise, let's go out together. Turn around and go to the ancient house together tomorrow!?"

Bai Xiaofei asked expectantly.

To be honest, Chen Hao didn't want to go, but seeing this expectant gaze from his good brother, Chen Hao couldn't resist.

Yeah, since graduating from college, there hadn't even been a chance to drink and hang out together since then.

"Fine, let's go for a spin together!"

Chen Hao said with a smile.

And downstairs of the hotel, by the bus stop.

There were four or five innocent and cute girls dressed up, carrying bags and chatting with each other.

"Hmph, coming down later, really, later see if I don't teach him a lesson, thanks, he said there are two more little handsome guys following, sisters . We'll have to take a good look at Ou later and make the first move."

One of the ponytailed girls smiled floridly.


"Hello, Dash! This way!"

And not long after, Chen Hao Bai Xiaofei Tie Cheng three people came down.

Several girls also saw the three.

They hurriedly greeted Bai Xiaofei.

These girls, led by one called Wang Lijie, and Bai Xiaofei were both graduates from Jiangnan University.

After graduation, she returned to her hometown of Tai City to work.

But there was always contact with Bai Xiaofei.

Among the several girls, although all of them were extremely outstanding looking, they could barely be distinguished into a third, sixth, ninth class.

Wang Lijie could barely rank second.

This was because among the girls, there was also a long-haired woman with often shawled hair, who was a bit more petite, tall, with glowing white skin and light makeup.

When she smiled, she seemed to make the air around her to freeze.  

Some men waiting next to the bus, took out their cell phones unkindly, and the one who took the most pictures was also this tall, beautiful girl.

The actual reason for this is because of the fact that it's a good idea for you to be able to get the most out of this.

Today, everyone came out together to play, ready for Bai Xiaofei to lead them to this feast event.

If it wasn't for the fact that Bai Xiaofei ran into Chen Hao during the period and was eager to chat and catch up with him, I'm afraid the crowd would have already arrived.

"These are the two handsome men you were talking about?"

And Wang Lijie, who was obviously the person with the big grin, now saw Bai Xiaofei lead two 'handsome' men they had been waiting for over, and a look of disappointment couldn't help but flash across her pretty face.

One of them, his face looked a bit livid, cold, and intimidating.

This was too different from the handsome guy one expected.

As for the other one, he only looked like a normal person, and what about his looks, he was indeed very clear.

However, he didn't have the wild and handsome appearance of a broad-minded young man like Bai Xiaofei, but instead had a sense of elegance.

This was also somewhat different from his own expectations.

Obviously, this kind of boy was more like suitable for marriage, not for a boyfriend.

Too boring!

Several girls thought to themselves at the same time.

"Well, what are you guys looking at!" And Bai Xiaofei didn't think so much about it, after all, it was already fun to be out with Young Master Chen again.

Everyone chatted along the way.

It was off to the place where the feast was being held.

Chen Hao could also see that most of the girls' attention was focused on Little Fei.

No one would pay attention to themselves and Tie Cheng.

What was the reason for this?

It was the current Iron City looks that scared them.

As for himself, he was too honest.

On the other hand, Little Fei had always been the kind of debauched and unrestrained character.

Naturally, it attracted attention.

But just ignore it, it's nothing, Chen Hao is out to accompany his brothers to play, and tomorrow he has to head to the ancient city.

It's not like he's looking for a date!

The venue of the feast was chosen in one of the biggest hotels in Thai Town.

It was influenced by the ancient city of the ancient family, which led to the people of Thai City being martial arts enthusiasts who liked to watch boxing fights and such.

Upon entering the lobby of the feast.

It was possible to see that within the large lobby, there was a specially built ring with boxers sparring on it.

And the seat design within the lobby is also very interesting.

There, in the front row, were naturally the most distinguished guests, and Chen Hao saw that it was the same group of people who were with Little Fei.

Only Chen Hao could also see that Little Fei didn't seem to mix well among those of them.

Little Fei didn't want to get together with them.

It was just as well that Chen Hao didn't want to go over and accost them either.

To be honest, this group of people all came with a strong sense of superiority, thinking that they were the best in the world, and as for the others, they wouldn't even look at them.

Chen Hao was even more lazy to bother with them.

So a few people sat at the most remote table here.

Only Chen Hao didn't pay attention, his arrival had attracted the attention of a waiter on the scene, and that waiter couldn't help but sneak a few seconds of Chen Hao's eyes.

After making sure in his heart, he put down the plate and turned

He walked away, and said something into the intercom.

Meanwhile, above the venue.

A dignified and generously dressed woman appeared, attracting the attention of many people.

She smiled with a leaning smile and walked straight to the front of the table, the trial team.

"Brother Duan Fei, you've come!"

She smiled at a man with narrowed eyes among the people at that table.

And once she saw the man named Duan Fei, her pretty face couldn't help but blush scarlet.

"Sister Rain, long time no see!"

Duan Fei, on the other hand, slightly lifted his eyes and his cold face and slightly squeezed out a smile.

"Miss Ximen Yu, you originally promised to come with us, Brother Fei, but when we got off the elevator, you disappeared, leaving We Fei have been waiting for a while!"

Beside Duan Fei, a big man spoke up.

"Never mind, today at noon, something happened that simply made me mad, and I was injured, so when I'm patched up and want to When I went back to find those two guys to settle the score, the two of them ran away. If father hadn't told me to pay attention to this feast, I would have found them in pieces even if I had to go to the ends of the earth to find them!"

Simon Rain said viciously.

"O? Who else messed with Miss Simon Yu? Talk to us and let Fei avenge you!"

The big man next to Duan Fei said with a smile.

"Alas, too bad we can't find them! However, I've taken pictures of them from the surveillance, so I'm sure they won't get too far before we find out where they are!"

Ximen Yu secretly hated it.

He looked at Duan Fei squarely and said: "Right brother Duan Fei, the Ximen family Duan family is a friend of the world, this feast, many friends from all walks of life have come! My father's point is, can you come up to the stage and simply show your hands? The grand finale of the party is now, and I was going to tell you about it this afternoon!"

"You know, now that you're the number one member of the Ancient Family's trial team, having you present will also make our Ximen Family in Tai City, more It's entrenched!"

"You know, Sister Rain, I never show my strength, do you want me to be like those trash on stage with the Do people fight?"

Duan Fei narrowed his eyes and shook his head with a bitter smile.

Apparently, he simply despised the contestants on the stage.

Treating them as trash.

"Yeah sister rain, when have you ever seen your brother Fei show his strength on stage ah, I remember, it was brother Fei who went up to the stage for the tournament When I was twelve, I fought with a master of the Eight Extremes Gate. Fei gouged out his eyes and broke his limbs. End up with a permanent cripple, haha!"

Someone from the trial team said.

And the few women from the trial team, looking at Duan Fei, couldn't help but also show favor, indeed, he was really too strong.

"Brother Fei, can you just treat this as helping me?"

Tears suddenly welled up in Ximen Yu's eyes.

And didn't wait for Duan Fei to speak back.

Suddenly there were several hurried footsteps.

It was several bodyguards coming together towards Ximen Yu.

"Eldest Miss! Found him!"

The bodyguards said excitedly.

And naturally, Ximen Yu knew what these bodyguards were talking about finding.

"Hmm? Where are the people? Could it be that they've already left Taejo?"

Simon Rain was exasperated.

"No, they're both on the scene, we've confirmed! How dare they come to the banquet!"

The bouncer.


Ximen Yu was horrified.

The tears in her eyes became even more intense.

"Well, since Brother Duan Fei doesn't care if her Rain Sister lives or dies and won't help her Rain Sister in any way, even though the two of them are skilled Great, I'll fight them too! "

Ximen Yu choked out.

And when Duan Fei heard that, he couldn't help but shake his head with a bitter smile, "You're always like this, and you're doing this again, well, someone actually messed with my rain sister! and right here, well, you say they're the best, I'll take care of them on stage for you, so that what you want me to do. Am I saying yes to everything? "

"Hahaha, I knew it, brother Duan Fei loves me the most! "

Simon Rain cheered.


At this moment, following the direction of the bodyguard's finger, there were also just those two people.

There were already dozens of bodyguards gathering towards those two.

"Son of a bitch, this time you won't die, Fei, I want you to gouge out his eyes and break his limbs too! "

Simon Rain clenched her fists.

"Yes! "

Duan Fei nodded his head yes.

Plus, Chen Hao's side.

Chen Hao and Tie Cheng Bai Xiaofei's attention was on the ring fighting on stage.

Truthfully speaking, these two combat masters had trained hard, and their skills were even richer, and the spectacle was extremely high.

"Young Master Chen, something is not good, these bodyguards seem to be coming for us, I saw that little pussy at noon today! "

The first time I was in the hospital, I had to go to the hospital.  

"Well, I've seen it already, as soon as we walked in, someone was watching us, but I didn't expect that girl surnamed Ximen to be quite unreasonable ! "

Chen Hao could not help but smile bitterly.

"Brother, is something wrong? "

Bai Xiaofei also saw the hint.

Softly, he asked.

"It's nothing, let's see what they want! "

Chen Hao faintly said.

"Little Fei, why are you calling this man big brother? "

And Wang Lijie was now pulling Little Fei's arm and asking.

How did it feel, this Chen Hao, as if he was even more powerful than Little Fei, and Little Fei was like a younger brother in front of him?

"Don't ask questions you shouldn't ask, take it honestly, when the fight starts, you guys run aside, they won't be embarrassed without you You guys! "

And Bai Xiaofei clenched his fist, waiting at any moment for Chen Hao to give the order to start a direct fight.

As for the venue, everyone wasn't an idiot.

Seeing so many bodyguards flooding in at once, who dared to speak ah, all of them quietly looked over towards this side, wondering what was going on.

"Bang! "

And at this moment, the sound of a red wine bottle landing on the floor broke the silence.

A bottle of red wine exploded directly next to Chen Hao's table.

A woman, who was raging, came over.

"Well you two, I've been looking everywhere for you, I thought you had run away, but I never thought that you would actually dare to come to the feast held by my house? "

This woman was precisely Ximen Yu.

At this moment, she was laughing coldly.

Today, she wanted to take revenge in front of everyone.

To avenge her former shame.

"This time, save me the trouble of looking for you everywhere!"

Simon Rain said with a sneer.

"With these few goods? Not that I'm talking about you, but ten times more won't help!"

Iron City laughed.

"Who ah so powerful? Ten times more, that's five or six hundred people, and even if it's five or six hundred pigs, you can't catch them clean in one go, right? Since you're so powerful, we really need to see it, let me ask you, do you dare to come up and compete with us, Brother Fei?"

The big man walked over with a teasing mockery on his face, and as he spoke, a killing intent spread over his body, causing the air around him to become a little colder in an instant.

"Know what's interesting kid, to have the chance to compete on the same stage with Brother Fei, of course, being ruined by Brother Fei is enough for you to brag for the rest of your life There are a lot of martial arts associations on the scene, you can ask how famous Duan Fei's name is!"

The big man chuckled.

"Duan Fei?"

The crowd's bodies shook wildly at this statement.

Duan Fei's cultivation was famous in the Martial Association, and even when he was in his teens, even ordinary Grandmaster-level existences were no match for him.

This son's talent was simply terrifying as hell!

And everyone had already seen that a young man filled with the air of a king was slowly walking up to the high platform with narrowed eyes.

And then, he coldly pointed at Chen Hao under the stage.

"Listen to Sister Rain say that you are especially good at fighting, come up here and accept my challenge! Let me see it." Sweeping the unscrupulous gazes of the people on stage, Duan Fei just shook his head and laughed bitterly.

Bai Xiaofei, on the other hand, obviously didn't expect that this Ximen Yu could actually call out to Duan Fei to fight for her?

Beads of sweat were already oozing out on his forehead now.

"Sorry, I'm not interested!" Chen Hao had no choice but to spit out two words.

On this trip, Chen Hao didn't want to be too extravagant, and all of these people were related to the Ancient Family, and what was going on in the Ancient Family right now, Chen Hao didn't know, so Chen Hao didn't want to be sharp.

"No interest? I don't think you dare, do you? Bastard thing, I didn't see you wimp out like this when you hit me today at noon. Facing Fei's challenge, you don't even dare to fart." Ximen Yu snorted coldly, her heart extremely angry.

At the same time, she was also really looking down on Chen Hao somewhat.

She was the eldest miss of the Ximen family in Tai City, how could she have ever suffered such an insult.

In fact, the Ximen Family's people had also already gone to the hotel to intercept Chen Hao and the two, but unfortunately, they were not at the hotel.

Ximen Yu thought that the two had escaped after learning of their strength.

They hadn't thought that they hadn't left and actually had the guts to come to the feast held by their own family.

It was really a waste of time to find them.

This time, the two must be made to look good in order to take out this bad breath from their own mouths.

"What? Chen, how dare you disrespect Brother Fei? It's only right that Fei has you as his opponent and that you were crippled by Fei's own hands, but you dare not disobey?" At this moment, beside Duan Fei, that big man stepped forward, popped over, and looked at Chen Hao furiously.

His name was Liang Yu, and having heard a brief introduction from Bai Xiaofei, he was one of the core members of their trial team this time, and his strength was extraordinary, but he had always followed Duan Fei's lead.

Now Chen Hao openly rejected Duan Fei's invitation to challenge.

In Liang Yu's heart, it was like slapping him with the same feeling.

Duan Fei was obviously a little upset as well, his narrowed eyes slowly opened and he was frowning over.

"So what if i don't give face?" Chen Hao looked up at him with a seeming smile.

"You..." Liang Yu's face turned red with anger, and now he wanted to hit someone.

Bai Xiaofei hurried to Chen Hao's side.

Although Young Master Chen was now extremely strong, especially the strength he showed when he caught the thief, Bai Xiaofei was greatly surprised.

But Young Master Chen had now offended Duan Fei, the monster.

This made Bai Xiaofei nervous, knowing that even if that Wang Meng was difficult to deal with in the beginning, if it was this arrogant and unbelievable Duan Fei who had taken action, that Wang Meng wouldn't be able to perform many rounds at all.

So if Duan Fei and this Liang Yu made a move at the same time, he was really worried about Young Master Chen's safety.

"Brother Fei, Brother Yu, there might be some misunderstanding here, so to give Little Fei some face, let's sit down and talk, shall we?"

Bai Xiaofei said.

"Let's come over for a drink, and we'll meet whatever compensation you want!"

Bai Xiaofei could only beg in a low voice in order to keep Young Master Chen from being hurt.

"Little Fei, I understand your good intentions, but sit down with them and talk, I don't have time!" Chen Hao patted his brother Fei's shoulder, of course he knew that Fei was saying this for his own safety.

But what Chen Hao said was also the truth, he now just wanted to settle the matter and do his part.

To cause less trouble.

It could be said that on some matters, Chen Hao could make as many concessions as he could.

Presently, Chen Hao looked at Ximen Yu.

"If you have any grievances, you can ask your father to go to Jinling and find Jinling Young Master Chen, I think you will get an answer you want !"

Chen Hao sneered.

"Eh? Jinling Young Master Chen?"

And as soon as Chen Hao said this, the entire scene, again, was shocked....


"Jinling Young Master Chen?" Ximen Yu was also shocked.

"Impossible, hmm, do you know you're going to die and impersonate that Young Master Chen?"

Ximen Yu said in a turn of phrase.

The gazes of the girls who came with Bai Xiaofei, however, changed and changed as they looked at Chen Hao.

"Presumably, now that he has offended Miss Ximen, the only way to keep an extra life is to impersonate Young Master Chen, otherwise, he will be an invalid today !"

Someone was talking.

And looking at Chen Hao trying to leave, Liang Yu was the first to come over and stood on the high platform, looking at Chen Hao coldly.

"Stinky brat, if you take one step forward, I'll have your blood splattered on the spot!"

Liang Yu snapped in a cold voice.

"Liang Yu is also a major expert in the Martial Arts Association, so it seems like you're biting on this impostor, Young Master Chen, today?"

"I guess this kid is so hateful that he dares to impersonate Young Master Chen, he's just looking for death!"  

Many were righteously indignant.

"How about that, are you brave enough to take it a step further? Either that or promise to fight me first!" Liang Yu asked with a sneer.

"You guys still have to participate in the Ancient Family's tryouts tomorrow, there's really no need to fight me." Chen Hao shook his head.

"Haha, what, you're a punk like you can still hurt me?" Liang Yu was confident.

And as if Chen Hao's words were the biggest joke ever, Liang Yu sneered.

"It seems... "Chen Hao looked at him with a seeming smile. "Are you definitely going to fight me?"

"What, scared?"

Ryau came over and poked him in the chest with his finger.

"Don't tell lies if you're afraid, then break your hand and scream in front of our Miss Ximen Yu."

Chen Hao snorted, "What I'm afraid of is that you're not enough for me to beat."

"I'm not enough for you to fight?" Liang Yu simply suspected that he had heard wrong.

He turned around and said loudly to the people around him, "This kid said I'm not enough for him to beat, do you guys think it's funny?"

As soon as Liang Yu said this, the crowd was in an uproar.

"How dare he say that Liang Yu is not his opponent, he's too crazy to impersonate this kid Young Master Chen."

"Liang Yu is the second best expert in the younger generation of the Martial Association, besides Duan Fei, who dares to say that he's a sure winner?"

"People might be hidden martial arts experts? Haha!"

The people around them saw a good show and listened to the hand and came over to watch.

Many people had some pity for Chen Hao before. After all, from the size comparison. Liang Yu was a little over 1.9 meters tall and Chen Hao was only 1.7 meters tall, so at a glance, he was on the weaker side. People naturally sympathized with Chen Hao.

As a result, as soon as Chen Hao said this, many people felt that he was a bit ungrateful.

First, he had offended Miss Ximen without saying anything, and now he was speaking out of turn.

What a death sentence.

Bai Xiaofei also sweated a bit.

You know, these people could be the best of the best.

"Come on, let's see how I'll fix you." Liang Yu hooked his hand at Chen Hao and provoked him.

Then, he shook his neck and simply moved his arms and legs.

Each punch seemed to be faintly carrying the force of a dead tiger.

Unexpectedly, Chen Hao gave a disdainful cold snort.

"Flower Fist and Leg."

Not only did Liang Yu's face change as soon as this sentence was uttered, but also the Martial Association's people and Duan Fei's face also sank. 'Flower Fist and Leg'? The irony wasn't just Liang Yu alone, but it involved the entire martial art.

The surrounding spectators also completely lost sympathy for Chen Hao.

It was valuable for people to know what they were doing, and to be stubborn at a time like this would only make others look down on them.

"Go on, give him some credit." Someone shouted indignantly from the stage.

"Kid, you're looking for death."

Liang Yu rushed straight down with an angry shout.

He was indeed very fierce compared to an ordinary person, whether it was a flying kick or a side kick, it was simple and powerful. If a kick hit the head, it would easily knock the person unconscious.

The crowd even dodged in all directions for fear of being injured by Liang Yu.

But Chen Hao just calmly put his hands in his pockets and let him have several side kicks and high kicks in a row.

Seeing that he kept hitting him hard, he didn't grunt and fiercely lifted his foot high, chopping down like a giant axe.

Liang Yu was so shocked that he instinctively put his hands in front of his body, and as a result, he was chopped to his knees, and his entire body was smashed to the ground by Chen Hao's kick.

Luckily there was a soft pad on the ground, otherwise this would have left him lying in a hospital bed for half a year.


The crowd on the sidelines was shocked.

Bai Xiaofei was even closer to staring his eyeballs out.

He all thought that Chen Hao was going to be tyrannized by Liang Yu, even though Young Master Chen, whose strength wasn't bad, this Liang Yu, after all, had received special martial arts training since childhood and was different from ordinary people.

But it turned out that Chen Hao had beaten down Liang Yu with a light kick?

"Liang Yu is too weak, he can't even clean up that kid."

"Looks like he's not bragging, he's really got two brushes."

The people in the audience were talking, and the way some people looked at Chen Hao had changed.

People had thought that he was a dead duck with a tough mouth, but even Liang Yu had been defeated, so it seemed that he still had some stamina.

And this scene also made Ximen Yu's face change slightly.

I didn't expect Chen Hao to win, and win so easily, she knew Liang Yu's strength, but she couldn't even take a single blow from him?

Ximen Yu secretly hated.

Only Duan Fei's eyebrows furrowed.

He walked over and looked at Liang Yu, both arm meridians were diagnosed, while both knee kneecaps were all shattered, when the pain fainted, before turning his head somewhat squarely to Chen Hao.

"You're not bad, but you shouldn't have hit him so hard, and his journey in the martial arts is over! So, you didn't just simply offend my sister Rain!"

"Let's not say that he initiated the provocation. Just those kicks he took earlier, what do you think would have happened if I'd gotten hit?" Chen Hao faintly said.

Duan Fei's eyebrows furrowed again.

A normal person's roundhouse side kick would cause mild damage if it hit the head. But Liang Yu was a little over 1.9 meters tall and weighed over 200 pounds, if his full force kick hit the head, if it was an ordinary person, no matter how bad it was, he would be a vegetable! Pacing.

Chen Hao was technically quite merciful to him.

Duan Fei stood up.

"Very well, since you have such strength, you fully deserve to die at my hands!"

Duan Fei said coldly.

The entire audience stared at this statement, Duan Fei was in a hurry, there was a lot of excitement to be seen now.

"You still want to fight me?" Chen Hao narrowed his eyes.

After seeing that kick of his, this Duan Fei still dared to come forward, it seemed that his previous performance wasn't his true strength ah.

"You have to know that I won't be able to stop when it comes to a real fight." Chen Hao faintly said.

"Hmph, you really think you can beat our Duan Fei ah."

As soon as Chen Hao said that, someone below was dissatisfied, and Ximen Yu snorted coldly.

"Yeah, I didn't see how powerful his kick was just now, it was just a bit faster and more powerful." The other girl picked up on the mouth.

Although Chen Hao had neatly defeated Liang Yu before. However, everyone was still confident in Duan Fei, after all, the strength Duan Fei had shown over the years had conquered countless people.

Even the heart that Ximen Yu had raised was put down, Brother Fei made a move, this person will die!


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