The unknown Heir Chen 646-650


Chen Hao subconsciously took a hurried step back.

And seeing that he did not move at all, only closing his eyes peacefully, Chen Hao then calmed down.

In front of Chen Hao, in a corner of the cave, right now, there was a person sitting on his knees, he was wearing a robe, and his hair had turned white.

This person was full of redness and had his eyes closed, as if an old monk was settling down.

In the cold within the mountain, there was a person sitting, who looked like he was still alive, anyone would be shocked.

A handful of floating dust in hand, he was peaceful.

Chen Hao tentatively walked over.

Tried his nose.

Only then did he discover that he was no longer breathing.


And it was precisely as soon as Chen Hao approached that he saw the red face of the Old Tao, which instantly turned black.  

Followed by shriveled skin.

In the blink of an eye, it turned into a dried corpse.

Chen Hao hurriedly dodged away.

After looking at the shocking stone that was a full man tall, he looked at the dried corpse.

In his mind, he guessed.

Could it be that apart from giving one a heavenly baptism, the Earthshaking Stone.

Another effect was to keep one eternally young?


Chen Hao recalled that the two times he had seen the Eternal Life Coffin, it had been colorful and identical to this Zhentian Stone.

Could it be that those stones at the bottom of the Eternal Life Coffin were transformed by the Earthquakes, right?

Chen Hao could not help but associate.

Looking down now, it was again evident that there was a row of small seal inscribed in front of the old way!

Like his suicide note.

Chen Hao came from the literature department, so naturally there was no problem knowing this.

It seemed like a suicide note from his life.

"I am Heaven's Mandate, and at the age of sixty, I stepped into the Ancestral Mastery and was fortunate enough to participate in the Covenant of Sacred Waters, but unfortunately, the journey was treacherous and learned of the Sacred Waters' The secret of the agreement is so important that I have fled here in a hurry, but I've run out of oil, and I'm sad! The promise of holy water, if you go there, you can't go back! If future masters read this, they must remember it! Stop everything!"

Just write this.

It turned out that this Old Dao, back then, was also at the level of a master who participated in the Covenant of Sacred Waters.

And it was also a figurehead, but he actually escaped alive.

He mentioned discovering a major secret of the Sacred Water Covenant, but the fact that the secret wasn't written down made Chen Hao feel a little anxious.

Indeed, the Covenant of Sacred Waters was extremely mysterious, and as long as one went there, one rarely returned successfully.

However, the Covenant of Sacred Waters had the greatest mystery regarding the Sun Alliance.

With a death curse on himself, nothing could stop Chen Hao, and even if he died, he had to see what secrets the Holy Water Covenant held!

This hole in the ground was within the mountain.

Having searched around by myself, the surrounding area was all sealed.

The big hole on the top floor was still the one I sent someone to make.

How did this old dao get in?

Chen Hao was puzzled.

But now, it was not the time for Chen Ge to think about this.

Now out came Yun Qing's Three Sacred Religions, and that whatever Nine Solomon.

Their aims were all too strong.

And Sister Baiyi, she absolutely must not fall into their hands, or else her own merits will be routed!

The Shaking Stone!

After Chen Hao paid his respects to the old path.

He came to the side of the Zhentian Stone.

The sensation of the Dao became even stronger when he touched the Earthshaking Stone up close.

Chen Hao raised his hand to caress it.


A wave of heat energy that swept through the body was released from the Earthshaking Stone.

And it quickly circulated through Chen Hao's body .

And Chen Hao's pores continued to open as if he was receiving this baptism....

Before you knew it, three days had passed.

"Hmph, old witch, you're not dead yet, if it weren't for you, Chen Hao would have been in our pockets long ago!"

Near Genting Mountain, a few figures leaped over.

It was those eight people.

Outside plus Iron Red.

A few days ago, they had besieged Chen Hao.

As a result, they were severely injured by the jade pendant on Chen Hao's body.

At that moment, it was as if the stamina on their bodies had been sealed with life.

The nine of them were all a little afraid.

Afraid of being killed back by Chen Hao.

After all, that magic weapon on Chen Hao's body was just too powerful.

Later, after they fled and slowly pondered, they remembered some details.

Chen Hao wasn't able to fully harness that magical jade pendant.

And a few people's strength had recovered.

Each of them thought about going to seize that jade pendant first.

Then take Chen Hao away.

From there, they came to Mount Genting.

Unexpectedly, they ran into each other again on the way.

It was another tangled fight along the way.

"Old witch, it's really bad luck to run into you, no matter what, Chen Hao and the jade pendant, we are bound to get them!"

Saying that a few people started fighting again.

Until they fought next to the Genting Mountain restricted area.

The bodyguard saw that it was them and was also scared.

Hurriedly informed the top.

In the middle of the conversation, a few people were extremely fast, from the bottom of the mountain, until they fought to the top of the mountain position.

"It's you guys!"

At the top of the mountain, Tie Cheng had been guarding the place for many days.

Seeing them, especially seeing Tie Hong, Tie Cheng's eyes flashed with an intense hatred.

And this was what made the Tie Hong and the others stop.

"Hmph, traitor, what a surprise, Chen Hao actually has a way to restore your sanity!"

Tie Hong was full of killing intent.

Tie Cheng clenched his fist: "This is the chance for Young Master Chen to be able to give me revenge!"

The Tie Hong in front of her was her own grandmother, but she, how had she ever taken herself as her grandson.

In her eyes, she was just a dog.

From start to finish, it was just a dog.

She was willing to kill herself and turn herself into a monster that was neither human nor ghost.

Tie Cheng hates it!

"Hmm, revenge? Tie Cheng, are you afraid that after following this Chen Hao, your brain is the same as his, right? Trying to get revenge on me?"

"Well, I turned you into an insect parasite just so you could be a tool for me to kill, but how dare you betray me, then I'll make you Kill again, this time, five horses apart!"

Tie Hong's eyes were cold.

"Even if you can't defeat it, even if you die, today you don't want to take half a step inside!"

Tie Cheng stood up without fear in the slightest.

"Hahaha, old witch Tie Hong, do you want us to help you clean up the portal, in that case, Chen Hao will be yours for now and the jade pendant will be ours? How? It looks like Chen Hao is underground in the cave ahead!"

The man laughed sardonically.

"Strange to think of, today, I'll take all of Chen Hao, the jade pendant, and this traitor's life!"

Tie Hong Sen smiled abruptly.


Her voice had not yet fallen.

Her face suddenly became extremely fierce.

With a flash of her figure, she attacked towards Tie Cheng.

Tie Cheng could only resist for a few rounds.

Especially by Chen Hao's jade pendant, it had forced out too much hostility.

Tie Cheng's fighting power had been greatly inferior to before.

Within a few moves, he was slapped in the chest by Tie Hong.

Spitting blood at his mouth, he smashed heavily on a boulder, and the boulder shattered.

Tie Cheng, whose face was full of blood, slowly stood up from the ground again.

This palm, Tie Hong had made a deadly hand.

But unexpectedly, Tie Cheng's legs trembled, yet he still stood up.

"Unless you step over my corpse!"

Tie Cheng had a face, only his eyes were white, the rest of his face had all been blood stained red, but his eyes, however, were piercing with fortitude.

"Hahaha, old witch, no, such a fierce slap and he's still not dead? Do we really not have to do anything?"

Eight people were holding their shoulders aside one by one, mockingly.

"Hmph, just one more slap and I'll have his entire body's meridians broken, dead!"

Tie Hong roared and struck again with a palm.

Tie Cheng viciously gritted his teeth.

"Hit back!"

And just when Tie Cheng knew that he was bound to die.

A voice suddenly sounded as if in his ears, but it seemed to be ringing in his own heart....


Tie Cheng didn't care anymore, now raising his hand to counterattack directly towards Tie Hong.


Tie Hong sneered, and even more so, he used all his strength, and with one strike, he was bound to break Tie Cheng's meridians all over his body.


However, a palm and a fist opposed each other.

A roar was emitted.

Tie Cheng stood on the spot, not moving a muscle.

On the other hand, Tie Hong was like being hit by a hundred-grade tornado, his whole body exploded and blood sprayed all over the sky.

The figure flew out backwards, smashing a dozen sturdy trees one after another.

What's more, it dragged out a long blood trail on the ground before finally stopping.

Her limbs were already full of blood.  

The internal organs were even almost shattered.

Now, they raised their heads in shock and looked at Tie Cheng incredulously.

" is this possible?"

She was spurting blood.

And those eight people, who had been watching the show with their shoulders hugged, were now a bit dumbfounded.

All of them were startled.

Tie Cheng did not even expect that his punch would have such power?

No, not myself!

Tie Cheng, holding his heavily injured body, looked back, and only then did he see that Young Master Chen had appeared behind him at an unknown time.

It was only when he saw Young Master Chen that Tie Cheng suddenly had a strange feeling.

Young Master Chen's skin had undergone major changes, becoming even more crystal white, and the strangest thing was Young Master Chen's hair, had turned into a purple-black color, with violet mist lingering around him.

Standing next to Young Master Chen, these hidden purple mist, as if there was an invisible pressure, involuntarily sweeping the whole body.

It caused Tie Cheng to tremble a little.

"Young Master Chen!"

Tie Cheng's heart finally landed on a big stone.

"Tie Cheng, I almost dragged you into this again, you should retire first, I'll heal your wounds later!"

Chen Hao faintly spoke.

"The Heavenly Baptism of the Earthshaking Stone? Already successful?"

Tie Cheng nodded excitedly.

Chen Hao smiled slightly, "Mm! It worked!"

Now, Chen Hao's internal energy had completed the Heavenly Baptism brought by the Earthshaking Stone, and was the Heaven and Earth's positive Yang Qi.

Facing Yun Qing Tie Hong and other people with Yin Qi physiques again, Chen Hao no longer had to worry that he was helpless in front of them and couldn't even hurt someone's sweat hairs.

"Chen Hao! How did you get so strong? I see, it must be the power that the magic jade pendant brought to you!"

Tie Hong was horrified with a bloodied face.

"I told you, that jade pendant is definitely not a mortal item, we're rich, capture Chen Hao, we take the jade pendant privately!"

Those eight people had greedy eyes at the moment.

They were so confident that they wouldn't care about the great changes that had occurred on Chen Hao's body.

What they wanted was the jade pendant on Chen Hao's body.

"If you guys want it, you can come and get it!"

Chen Hao looked towards them and faintly smiled.


Among the eight, the one leading the group waved his hand fiercely.

The remaining seven pounced at Chen Hao like vicious dogs.

Only, Chen Hao couldn't hurt them before, could he still not hurt them now?

Chen Hao struck extremely fast, in the blink of an eye.

Before these seven people even touched Chen Hao, their necks were snapped by Chen Hao's raw power of positive yang.

They died in one piece.


In the end, the man came to his senses.

Calm down completely.

Not an opponent!

He shocked himself by telling himself.

Right now, he directly wanted to run.

But as soon as he turned around, there was a powerful suction force that sucked him up into the air.

He couldn't resist at all.

The meridians of his entire body were being devoured by a terrifying force.

Until finally, the man fell from the sky and smashed heavily onto the ground.

"Young Master Chen spare my life!"

He rolled over and climbed up, his whole body trembling as he knelt in front of Chen Hao.

It had only been three days, and the Chen Hao in front of him was like a new person, too strong!

As the saying goes, a good man doesn't eat the immediate loss, so let's find a chance to escape first.

"Young Master Chen spare my life, I have a major secret to tell you!" The man took a deep breath and said tentatively.

Chen Hao lifted his foot, but he directly stepped on his head.

This person swallowed his spit before saying, "As long as you promise to spare my life, I am willing to tell all!"

"Sorry, I'm not interested!"

As he spoke, Chen Hao pushed on his foot.

There was a loud bang.

This man's head was crushed alive by Chen Hao!

Brain spill!

And the concealed weapon he was about to pull out of his sleeve was never fired in time!

Finally, Chen Hao looked at Tie Hong, whose limbs were all shattered.

Tie Hong was full of fear and was holding her body up, trying to crawl away.

"Young Master Chen, leave her to me!"

And Tie Cheng came up and said.

Chen Hao nodded.

"Tie Cheng, Rebel Son! How dare you kill me? Aren't you afraid that the heavens will strike?"

Tie Hong's red eyes raged.

"You're wrong Tie Hong, even if you are inhumane to me, I won't become a brute without humanity like you, I certainly I won't kill you myself. I asked you to hand you over to me, but before you die, I want to ask you something... this question is hidden from me. For years in my heart, I wanted nothing more than an answer!"

Tie Cheng walked up to Tie Hong.

"In your eyes, is there still any affection in your eyes or not?"

Tie Cheng asked coldly.

"Kinship? Oh, no, anyone who dares to get in my way will die, everyone!"

Tie Hong raged.

The words just fell.

She looked at Tie Cheng who was clenching both fists.

Suddenly, she drew all her strength and tried to attack.


A stream of light, however, passed directly through her neck.

It brought her flying out alive, and a fist-sized hole appeared in her neck.

After she landed on the ground, her eyes were already sightless, clearly dead beyond death.

Chen Hao retracted his broken army and walked over to Tie Cheng's side.

"She has long since devoid of humanity, do you still expect her, to be able to do any good deeds before she dies? I know you've been holding a grudge about your father, about Little House, but now it's over!"

Chen Hao patted him on the shoulder.

Tie Cheng clenched his fist and nodded heavily.

"Then Young Master Chen, what should we do next?"

Tie Cheng asked.

"Mr. Ma Jin knows that Master Ning Yuan, he knows about the Ancient Family, I would like to visit him, this Ancient Family is mysterious in every way They knew about the woman in white and were trying to find her by all means, but now the Sea King Palace had been destroyed. Gu Yuxiao's whereabouts were unknown again! If she's really dead, why can't I even find a body after I've had people looking for her for so long?"

Chen Hao.

"I see, Young Master Chen, are you suspecting that the real Immortal Sister may have been taken away, and most likely brought to the Ancient Family?"

Tie Cheng nodded.

"Well, for the next few days, you can rest assured that you will recover from your injuries."

And when Chen Hao said that, he also took a deep breath, he saw that his purple-black hair, as well as the purple mist lingering on his body, was dissipating, and slowly, Chen Hao returned to his normal appearance.

After going through the Heavenly Baptism, it really did help too much to fundamentally improve the internal strength!

And the next day.

Inside a large auditorium in Jinling.

Grandmaster Ning Yuan was giving a lecture on charitable donations.

Grandmaster Ning Yuan was an extremely famous and enlightened monk in China.

Therefore, his presence was also a boiling sensation.

There were even some young people among them, as there were many young people who had grown up reading Master Ning Yuan's Chicken Soup for the Soul.

According to Mr. Ma Jin's intention, it was to have Master Ning Yuan come alone to meet Young Master Chen.

But it was rejected by Chen Hao, Chen Hao didn't want to change someone's Master Ning Yuan's schedule, besides, many people had prepared for this fundraiser for a long time, Chen Hao wasn't in a hurry for this hour or two, how could he use his identity pressure to make someone cancel just because he said so.

Thus, Chen Hao also came to the scene to watch, waiting for Master Ning Yuan to finish his lecture.

"Chen Hao?"

And when Chen Hao walked into the entrance of the scene, his own shoulder was suddenly tapped....


"Xiaonan? What are you doing here?"

It was Ma Xiaonan who called out to him.

It said it had been several days since we'd seen each other.

"It's Master Ning Yuan giving a lecture today, and I'm in charge of bringing the best students from our grade over to attend."

Ma Xiaonan said with a smile.

"What a coincidence!"

Chen Hao laughed.

"How about you Chen Hao? You're interested in this kind of activity too?"

Ma Xiaonan looked at Chen Hao and asked.

Every time she saw Chen Hao, it was always a surprise for Ma Xiaonan.

Even during the countless nights of tossing and turning, Ma Xiaonan wanted to give Chen Hao a call.  

Ask him what he's up to and how he's doing.

After all, Ma Xiaonan herself had fallen in love with this boy from avoidance, not knowing since when.

Chen Hao also knew a piece of her heart for him.

But she was also aware that until she found Su Tongxin, any feelings were subtle and insignificant to Chen Hao.

His heart was simply not in it anymore.

But Ma Xiaonan didn't give up, and was even prepared to follow wherever Chen Hao went.

"I've come because I have something to talk to Master Ning Yuan about!"

Chen Hao didn't have anything to hide.

Today was also a coincidence, as the two of them chatted, they were ready to go in and find a seat.

Just at this moment, Chen Hao's phone rang.

Upon looking, it was Ma Jin calling himself.

"What's up Mr. Ma Jin?"

"It's like this, Young Master Chen, when I heard you were coming, the organizer of this event, Mr. Hu Da Rong Hu, paid extraordinary attention to it, and made a special trip for you to talk to Ning Yuan. The organizers want me to ask you if I can come over after the master has arranged the VIP seating. Oh!"

Ma Jin said.

"No need, I'm with my friend now, when Master Ning Yuan finishes speaking, Mr. Ma Jin you help me arrange a private meeting with the master Just fine, trouble!"

Chen Hao smiled.

"Okay Young Master Chen!"

Ma Jin could be said to have admired Chen Hao to the core.

To be able to help Chen Hao was now an honor for him as well.

Now, after hanging up the phone, Ma Jin could only shake his head in regret at Hu Dareng who was nervously rubbing his hands.

Hu Dareng wiped the sweat from his forehead and couldn't help but feel disappointed.

This time, it could be said that he had missed an important opportunity to cross paths with Young Master Chen.


"Are you going to be busy? If something comes up, just go ahead and get busy!"

Ma Xiaonan sat down with Chen Hao on this side next to her student.

Looking at Chen Hao, he asked.

That being said, Ma Xiaonan was a little nervous, afraid that Chen Hao might actually go busy.

"Not busy!"

Good old Chen Hao smiled.

The two of them chatted and waited for the opening.

And Ma Xiaonan was also putting all her thoughts on Chen Hao, not caring about the few male students running amok behind her.

Just then, there was a bang.

A boy ran to fight with another boy for his phone, and ended up accidentally knocking over the wine tray served by the waiter.

That alone didn't matter, just as a beautiful woman with a middle-aged man on her arm passed by the waiter.

The red wine poured right over her.


The woman barked.

Full of anger.

Whoever came to such a grand event, didn't all dress very carefully and beautifully, after all, it was a chance to shine.

But now, the top of their clothes were soiled and humiliating.


And the male student was really unintentional, and now apologized immediately with some nervousness.


Only, before he could say anything, he was smacked solidly across the face by the woman, deafeningly loud.

The male student was flummoxed.

"Sorry and that's it? What blindness!"

The woman cursed angrily.

"I...I didn't mean it!"

Male students were slapped in public, immediately attracting the attention of too many people.

Being stared at by so many people, in public.

The humiliation of the moment came to mind.

And looking at this couple is rich and can't afford to provoke, the male student shy actually choked up.

"Shit! Either on purpose or on purpose?"

The woman's husband, who is not to be messed with at first glance, lifted his leg and kicked the boy in the stomach again.

The boy was kicked to the ground.

The crowd sobbed looking at him.

Tears were not one to be shed.

"Hmph, my clothes, a full hundred thousand yuan, I definitely can't wear them now, you have to pay me for this!"

The young woman said coldly.

" family doesn't have that much money!"

The boy was afraid.

"Well, poor loser, then why do you come to such occasions? The sight of a loser like you makes me sick!"

The woman said, smacking slap after slap towards the boy's face.

The boy's eyes were filled with tears and he let her hit him, not daring to resist.

"Teacher Ma, Liu Hao is being beaten!"

And then, many of the students in the class saw what was happening, and a few girls rushed over.


Ma Xiaonan turned her head to look, but, at the entrance of the auditorium, there were a lot of people around, and Liu Hao, a student in his own class, was standing crying, being slapped by a woman.

He clenched his fist tightly and lowered his head, tears dropping down.

"Don't fight, don't fight, can't you talk to each other?"

Ma Xiaonan hurriedly ran over.

Pulling the boys behind her.

The few male students who took Liu Hao's phone were also honest, and had only wanted to tease Liu Hao, but didn't expect to cause so much trouble.

Liu Hao bar, the family is quite poor, but the person is honest, study hard and hard, but needless to say Ma Xiaonan also knows that it must be these few snatched his phone, and teased Liu Hao again.

Now Ma Xiaonan looked at the woman and said.

Only when they looked at each other, they were all stunned.

"Ma Xiaonan?"

"Mei Wang?"

Apparently, the two of them knew each other.

"Whew, remember after we graduated from high school, didn't you go to Jinling University? How come now, you've become a teacher?"

Wang Xiaomei could not help but sneer, and there was even a hint of looking down on her.

After all, some people were like that. Feeling that their life is materially superior, they will have a strange sense of superiority over others.

"Well, how did Liu Hao offend you? You're going to slap him in public like that?"

And Ma Xiaonan obviously understood what kind of person Wang Xiaomei was, and didn't exchange pleasantries with her or anything like that, especially since she was insulting people like that, making Ma Xiaonan angry already.

"Hmph, who told him to spill red wine on my body, how expensive are my clothes? Can he afford to pay for it?"

Wang Xiaomei coldly said.

"Can't afford to pay for it, that's a matter of money, let's talk about it another time, I'll ask you, why did you hit him like that?"

Ma Xiaonan stared at her and drank.

And Wang Xiaomei was also shocked by Ma Xiaonan's righteous words.

Indeed, no matter how much money it was, it was all about money.

Hitting him herself was nothing more than a display of superiority.

Being asked by Ma Xiaonan was a guilty pleasure.

And the crowd all looked at Wang Xiaomei.

Making her heart a rush of anger, when the rich man's temper came up, she shrugged her shoulders helplessly and also spread her hands: "I want to hit him again, what can you do?"

And Wang Xiaomei's husband turned over and looked at his Rolex watch, straightened his suit, and stood a step ahead.

"My name is Zhenxiang Li! Is..."


And he didn't finish his sentence, he suddenly received a heavy slap on the face, his mouth was drawn crooked, and his figure even flew straight out, smashing over a dozen tables one after another.

The people around him were screaming.

Naturally, Chen Hao couldn't stand it and came over and took action.

And Wang Xiaomei looked at her husband, who was already meat and vegetables, teeth falling out.

Angrily, "You... you're looking for death, you... why did you hit my husband?"

Chen Hao looked at her indifferently, "Who told him why his last name is Li and not Zhang, so I beat him up!"



Wang Xiaomei was literally spitting blood.

This person, doesn't make any sense at all!

"Hubby hubby! Are you okay?"

Wang Xiaomei gave a warning glance at Chen Hao and Ma Xiaonan and hurriedly ran to the middle-aged man's side.

Right now his mouth was full of blood.

But Chen Hao didn't hit him hard, he was still conscious.

"Call Mr. Wu, quick! We can't let this kid get away! I'll kill him!"

The middle-aged man said fiercely.

Wang Xiaomei looked angrily at Ma Xiaonan and Chen Hao, "You two are finished, don't run away!"

Finish and start making calls.  

"The one who got beaten up is Mr. Zhang, right? Mr. Zhang from Dahua Real Estate?"

At this moment, the surrounding people were whispering.

"Why not, General Manager Zhang is a ruthless man, engaged in real estate development, that's black and white, and General Manager Zhang is the cousin of General Manager Wu. This, this, isn't it just beating up a poor student, is this young man so bad that he dares to take action against Mr. Zhang?"

"It's over fuck, this is a real bummer!"

There was sobbing all around.

There was sympathy, and there was watching with a sense of humor.

And soon, the surrounding discussion suddenly diminished too much.

Because a middle-aged man, was walking towards this side with a few of his men.

Naturally, everyone knew this middle-aged man, and he was Wu Da Rong.

A real estate curry!

"What's going on?"

After Wu Dairong came over, he drank in a cold voice.

Especially when he saw that Mr. Zhang had been beaten up like this, it directly disgraced him.

Here, there was actually someone who didn't give him face?

You want to die!

Wang Xiaomei hurriedly added to the story.

Then she sneered and held her shoulder towards Ma Xiaonan.

"Ma Xiaonan, weren't you quite righteous just now? Fine, now you're going to be a little more godly and show me what you're made of, huh?"

Wang Xiaomei looked at Ma Xiaonan with a smug face.

"And you and you, you're all finished, your home addresses will all be found out later, leaving your whole family wondering how you'll die ?"

Wang Xiaomei was cold and stern.

As if to tell the crowd again, see, this is what happens when you offend her.

And the boys were so scared that their legs were trembling.

Especially, that Wang Xiaomei was not only looking for trouble, but also his family.

It was even more frightening.

"Fine ah you, how dare you hit someone here in my territory? What a way to live!"

And Wu Da Rong's face flashed with anger as he listened to the discussion around him.

"She's the one who hit my student first!"

Ma Xiaonan retorted harshly.

Wu Da Rong, you shouldn't just listen to Wang Xiaomei's family's words, right? Doesn't he make any sense in front of all these people?

"Beaten students? Which student did you hit?"

Wu Da Rong asked coldly.

Then his gaze fell on the beaten boy's body.


Only, to everyone's surprise.

Instead of understanding, Wu Da Rong raised his hand and smacked the boy's face with a heavy slap to the mouth.

This time, the hit was even harder, directly smacking the boy to the ground.

"Is this how you hit him?"

Wu Da Rong looked at Ma Xiaonan with a sneer and asked.

"You! You!"

Ma Xiaonan's face was white with anger.

"Hmph, today, the event is hosted by me, and I don't care to embarrass you, but if you dare to move on my head, you must not be taken lightly . Tell you what, call all of your family here, kneel before my brother, beg his forgiveness, and I'll let you go!"

Wu Da Rong Wu coldly said.

"Wu Da Rong Wu is overbearing ah, when something happens, never against you personally, but directly at your whole family! That's tough!"

"These guys, they're finished!"

The crowd said.

"Teacher, let's go!"

The boy who was beaten was crying at the moment, his family was difficult, his parents were not easy to work, but now he actually called his parents over to kneel.

Powerlessness and fear swept over his body.

Make boys a little tremble.

"Go? It's not that easy? The meeting is about to start, so don't waste my time. And call all your school administrators, your families, and beat me up! There has to be an explanation, brother!"

Wu Da Rong fixing people, that was a complete and total set.

Even the other students were so scared at the moment that they didn't dare to breathe.

This matter was a big deal.

"Ma Xiaonan, you understand now, don't you? Some people can be messed with, and some people you can't mess with at all!"

Wang Xiaomei held her shoulders in a sharp voice.

"Forget it, if you're really going to call for someone, just call my family over!"

And Chen Hao looked at him coldly.

Originally, Chen Hao didn't want to make things worse, so he planned to teach this Wang Xiaomei and that middle-aged man a lesson.

But now, since someone wanted to make things worse, Chen Hao didn't mind.

And looking at Chen Hao's provocative gaze.

Wu Dalong sneered, "Fine, then call out to me, I'd like to see!"

Saying that, Chen Hao dialed a number and went out.

And ten minutes later.

A lot of luxury cars came down outside, even the ZF cars all arrived.

And what kind of people were coming?

Almost all the business giants of Jinling were here.

"Mr. Li?"

Wu Da Rong's face had already stiffened, while Wang Xiaomei was also shocked.

This...person, what kind of person is it na?

Wu Da Rong swallowed his spit and sighed in his heart.

"I've called for the people, why don't you go tell them?"

Chen Hao glanced at Wu Da Rong with a sneer.

"Young Master Chen, has this man offended you?"

Li Zhenguo came up to ask.

Upon hearing the word Young Master Chen, Wu Da Rong's pants nearly peed.

Fuck, Young Master Chen?

Yes, Dr. Ma Jin had previously said that Young Master Chen was here.

And he had strongly invited it himself.

But now, the one you have offended is Young Master Chen?


Wu Dareng was so scared that he couldn't catch his breath.

And the surrounding people, too, exploded all of a sudden.

Originally there were quite a few people around here.

But many of them respectfully made way for a large path after hearing about Chen Hao's identity.

Chen Hao brought Ma Xiaonan and a group of students to sit down beside his original seat.

"He turned out to be Young Master Chen, Ma Xiaonan actually has such a patron!"

Wang Xiaomei was also terrified.


And Wu Da Rong raised his hand for a loud slap on the mouth.

"Damn it, bitch, you've got me in trouble this time!"

Wu Dairong was annoyed.

I had the heart to kill Wang Xiaomei.

This was a small incident.

What kind of outcome awaited Wu Dairong, he naturally knew in his heart.

And the lecture, although the host was silly, still continued to hold.

Soon, two hours passed.

Ma Jin heard about what had just happened and hurriedly came towards Chen Hao.

"Young Master Chen, I'm really sorry that you were almost wronged!"

Ma Jin said, "This Wu Da Rong, also really deserves to die!"

"Alright, over there, by the way, how are the arrangements with Master Ning Yuan?"

Chen Hao asked.

"Master Ning Yuan is already waiting for Chen in the box, I came over to invite Chen over!"

Ma Jin said.


Inside the box.

Chen Hao and Ma Jin walked in and saw Master Ning Yuan sitting cross-legged beside an incense burner.

He was resting his mind with his eyes closed.

"Young Master Chen, you're here!"

Hearing the sound of Chen Hao's footsteps, Master Ning Yuan opened his eyes.

After simple pleasantries.

Chen Hao was also asking directly about his intentions.

Beforehand, Ma Jin had also expressed his intentions to Master Ning Yuan.

It was to find out about the whereabouts of the ancient city.

Grandmaster Ning Yuan knew that Chen Hao was the one who had donated the largest amount of money this time.

And earlier, Chen Hao saved more than a hundred infants, Master Ning Yuan also heard all about Ma Jin's story.  

He, himself, was extremely respectful of Chen Hao.

"The ancient city you are asking about, indeed, the old monk knows where this place is, decades ago, the old monk went to the ancient city with his mentor who had long since gone west . And that experience is still fresh in the old monk's mind to this day!"

Master Ning Yuan faintly devoured a mouthful of clear tea.

Looking at his expression, it was as if that experience had really made him feel some kind of thrilling emotion.

He looked towards Chen Hao and smiled.

"Chen, I wonder if you'd be interested in hearing about it?"

"Master just say so!"

Chen Hao nodded his head.

Thus, Master Ning Yuan was the one who slowly told the story.

This story was about a past event that happened forty years ago.

At that time, Master Ning Yuan, who was in his twenties, went with his master, Ancestor Xuan Bei, at the invitation of a mysterious hereditary family, to untie the knot for an old patron.

The old patron was in the ancient city, a small town within a mysterious mountain.

They have been isolated from the world for generations, and naturally, no one has ever dared to go there to offend them.

Because this ancient city had existed for thousands and thousands of years.

Inside, there were endless secrets and mysteries.

From ancient times to the present, only a handful of people, as well as those from the hidden clans, would know about this small city and interact with them.

Master Ning Yuan's master was one of them.

That day, they arrived at the foot of the great mountain.

They encountered a stubborn and ruthless young man.

That youth, in order to enter the Ancient Family, used all sorts of vicious means to force them out.

He killed many people in the nearby villages.

The people around him kept dying because the Ancient Family refused to receive him.

Moreover, this man is not only ruthless, but also tricky.

My master and I just happened to come across him trying to kill ten children, so we took action to stop him.

My master fought with him for one day and one night before he was subdued. My master saw that he had killed too much and wanted to kill him to save the people.

He said that he was forced to do so because he wanted revenge.

He begged my master to spare his life.

So my master softened his heart and promised to keep him alive for the time being and bring him to the mountain.

If the young man was really evil, my master would kill him again.

The young man thanked me repeatedly.

He had great wealth and immediately promised to repair a splendid temple for his master.

However, my master refused.

The three of us, were able to travel together and brought him into the ancient city as well.

"Then he won't secretly plot against the ancestor when he enters the ancient city, will he?"

When Chen Hao heard this, he couldn't help but question.

Master Ning Yuan shook his head with a bitter smile, "A secret plan? Does he need it? We've all been fooled by him, and so has our master!"

It turned out that the youth was a fraud then.

He was too good at hiding his strength, making Master think that there was no problem in subduing him no matter what.

In fact, he had seen that I had come here with Master in response to the Ancient Family's distant.

That's why he was deliberately defeated and begged for forgiveness from his master.

Because he was extremely strong, but he couldn't do anything about the Ancient Family.

It was already late at night when we entered the ancient city.

And he revealed his true nature and began to proceed to slaughter the Ancient Family that welcomed us.

My master saw this and hurriedly took action to subdue him.

But he was no match for him at all.

In order to save me, my master tried his best to cover up and let me escape to the ancient family to seek help.

At that time, that youth, in the blink of an eye, had already killed eighteen people.

Moreover, he would use demon magic, and in his hand, he had a very strange kind of flower.

One of them, was imprinted on my chest.

At that time, I felt that my soul was about to be scattered.

Intense dizziness swept over my entire body.

But I knew that I couldn't fall down, because Master was still waiting for the Ancient Family's rescue.

I gritted my teeth and kept crawling forward.

Behind me, on the other hand, there was the constant sound of someone dying tragically.

He was too strong, his power was too terrifying, and everyone was no match for him.

I don't know how long I crawled, but finally, I seemed to see the ancient manor.

And at that time, I really didn't have the strength.

It was as if the kind of flowers on my body had been devouring my life.

But the good thing was that I saw the old woman of the ancient family and they sprung up.

It turned out that the youth whose entire body was splattered with blood had chased after them.

It came to the ancient house.

I was almost unconscious at that time, but I still heard that youth's voice.

It seemed like he was asking for something from the Ancient Family.

And asking the ancient family to hand it over.

And the Ancient Family, with whom he also had a grudge.

A war between the two sides.

As for what happened later, I heard it from a servant of the Ancient Family.

That youth was defeated and had his strength sealed and fled the ancient city in a hurry.

The Ancient Family, on the other hand, sent people everywhere to hunt him down.

The Ancient Family, that was an existence that was feared by the four hidden clans.

The commotion was so loud that the Ancient Family ordered the Hidden Clans to search for him, and the Mo Family as well as the Nangong Family and other Hidden Clans at that time were crazy to find him.

Of course I also wanted to find him, because my master, was brutally killed by him.

At that time, I only wanted revenge.

At that time, he was around thirty-five years old.

It was hard to imagine how he had such a strong power.

"And in the end, did you find him?"

When Chen Hao heard this, he couldn't help but ask.

Master Ning Yuan shook his head, "It's as if he has vanished from the earth, hehe, he has killed so many people, not only the ancient family, the nearby villages and everything that has seen him has also been brutally murdered by him, but he has disappeared, a blood debt that no one can be found to pay!"

"So what did he go to the Ancient House to take away? Can you make him so deranged?"

Chen Hao could not help but ask.

"This is a secret from the Ancient Family, the Ancient Family didn't tell me, but I have a sneaking feeling that it's related to that weird petal he hit me with at first Relevant!"

Master Ning Yuan said.

"Spooky petals?"

Chen Hao asked in shock.

Master Ning Yuan then revealed himself at his shoulder.

On it, a clear flower petal imprint was printed.

And the instant he saw this flower petal.

Chen Hao mischievously stood up.

"Ghost Duo Flower!"

This flower petal was not exactly a ghost flower.

Chen Hao had been tortured by this kind of flower, and the sight of it right now, even though it was an imprint, also made Chen Hao's scalp feel a little numb.

"What? Do you still know this one, Chen?"

Master Ning Yuan was a bit surprised though.

"I heard a friend tell me that this time I'm going to the Ancient Family to find someone, the Ancient Family, with a friend of mine!"

Ma Jin had already told Master Ning Yuan that he was looking for the Ancient Family's purpose, which was to find and save people.

Thus, it was no surprise that Master Ning Yuan heard it.

Of course, although Chen Hao was extremely calm on the surface, his heart had already been surging wildly.

"Strange, that old woman has a ghost flower, and although grandpa doesn't know what a ghost flower is, he used to treat it as a collector's item Raised, and now, that murderous, poisonous man from back in the day, also has a ghost flower and can use it more than that old woman! Within the Sea King's Palace, a large number of ghost flowers also exist!"

This made Chen Hao's head spin.

Could it be that there was something hidden about this ghostly flower as well?


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