The Unknown Heir Chen 641-645


Besides, even if they had a suggestion in mind, they wouldn't dare to speak up.

If it's fine if they save the children, they will be rewarded.

But if the treatment doesn't work and they can't save the children, they will be the guilty ones, won't they?

Who wants to take the fall for this?

"What do the others have to say?" Lin Zhonghua's gaze swept over the doctors present one by one, prompting a question.

No one answered, and all those who came in contact with his gaze unconsciously avoided it.

In his heart, he sighed slightly.

It seemed that his practicing career would end here.

"I have some ideas." Someone suddenly spoke out and broke the deadly silence of the conference room.

Hearing that someone was willing to make a suggestion, the eyes of the twenty or so doctors present all gathered on the person who spoke.

He was sitting in the corner at the very edge of the conference room and would have been ignored by almost everyone if not for his sudden voice.  

Even if someone occasionally shifted their attention to his face, they would think he was a disciple of Master Ma Jin or a driver's secretary or something like that.

"Who's this guy?"

"Could it be Master Ma's disciple?"

"It's not like that, Master Ma has only taken on two disciples!"

The crowd looked at Chen Hao and discussed.

Chen Hao, however, ignored them, having just seen those images on the big screen.

Plus, the organs were rapidly failing.

There was no need to think about it, this was exactly what one would do after being hit by their own soul devouring technique.

No more than Tie Hongxiang and the others, at that time, they were drained alive and sucked into a pile of ash by themselves.

Because he had received Qin Bo's exercise, Chen Hao learned things especially fast, and that Soul Devouring Technique had been practiced by himself.

Only then could it have this kind of power.

And now, it was obvious that someone had only learned a general idea and started to rely on this technique for cultivation.

Who was so vicious?

Chen Hao's face was extremely ugly.

Only that Chen Hao had said that he had an idea before, everyone was a bit angry plus despicable.

"Mr. Chen Hao, do you have a solution for this strange disease?"

But Ma Jin was surprised.

Bowing to Chen Hao, he said.

And seeing how Master Ma Jin actually treated this young man with such respect, it was obvious that this was not his driver ah?

What's the situation?

To say that it was still President Lin Zhonghua who was seasoned, he saw something.

Looking at Chen Hao, he asked, "Chen Hao, do you have anything you want to say?"

"There." Chen Hao said.

Chen Hao didn't even care about these people's gazes, he came today mainly to save these hundred infants.

Now, he faintly said, "This isn't a disease at all, but rather having someone suck their qi and blood, causing a massive organ infection and failure!"


The audience was in an uproar!

If it wasn't for the fact that the occasion was so serious, I'm afraid that many people would have laughed out loud.

"Young man, your name is Chen Hao, right? Do you watch too many movies? Don't talk nonsense if you don't know what you're talking about. What do you think of being sucked into the bloodstream, you think you're a vampire? And those newborns stay in the NICU all the time. Know what a NICU is? The NICU is completely isolated from the outside air."

"Hairless guy, I was hoping you had some good advice for us, but I'm afraid if we publicize this, it will cause a Social panic."

"Master Ma Jin, who is this man?"

Someone couldn't help but look at Chen Hao with an angry face, while curiously asking Master Ma Jin.

"Everyone, calm down!"

Ma Jin hurriedly dissuaded them.

To be honest, Chen Hao's claim that they had been sucked out of their qi and blood was simply unheard of, and even Ma Jin had jumped.

But having seen Chen Hao's methods, he was extremely resilient.

"Hmph, master, I already said he was just a coincidence, he's no good at all, this kid is so young, what can he know, running here to act in a movie right ?" Liu Wang muttered. It was a small voice, but everyone in the conference room could hear it.

He was just jealous of Chen Hao, and the way he looked at his long time crush's senior sister, Zhao Bailing, at Chen Hao.

He was dying of anger.

Couldn't wait for Chen Hao to make a fool of himself in public.

Ma Jin's face darkened, and after sweeping a glance at him, he said, "You shut up, if Mr. Chen Hao says so, he must have his The reasoning, to see what Mr. Chen Hao is going to say, perhaps, is true."

Chen Hao's face was gloomy. Anyone who was accused like this would feel embarrassed.

"In this world, there are so many things you don't know!" Chen Hao coldly said.

"Mr. Chen Hao, is there a cure?" Ma Jin chose to believe Chen Hao.

"There. Acupuncture. Supplemented by herbal medicine. Of course. As soon as possible. If all of the baby's organs fail, there's nothing we can do about it."

"This is too messed up." Someone said angrily, "Master Ma, you can't joke with the lives of over a hundred children. What does he, a hairy kid, know?"

"You have a better idea?" Master Ma Jin looked at him coldly and retorted.

"None. But we can't try it easily either. What if those newborns are given herbal medicines and their condition worsens? You should know better than to mess around with those kids' bodies." Someone argued reasonably.

In his eyes, allowing Chen Hao to heal was 'tossing around nonsense'.

Lin Zhonghua looked at Chen Hao and wondered if he should believe him. However, seeing Chen Hao's clear and determined eyes gave a strong sense of conviction.

Could it be that he really had something to fall back on?

"Let him try." Lin Zhonghua finally made up his mind. Of course, he didn't have a better choice.

"Try? That's putting it lightly. If something goes wrong, whose responsibility is it?"

"At my expense."

"At my expense!"

"At my expense!"

Ma Jin Lin Zhonghua and Chen Hao said at the same time.

The three of them couldn't help but look at each other.

"Alright. Since you all agree, then whatever you say is fine." It was not good for everyone to say anything.

Since there were fools who were willing to take responsibility, then just go ahead and try.

They didn't care if those kids lived or died, as long as they kept their positions.

"Master? Really don't think about it, this isn't messing around, over a hundred lives, this isn't Old Lady Sue alone!"

Liu Wang's jealousy intensified when he saw that the dean was all for it.

How is this possible?

And isn't Master old and confused that he would believe such a statement?

"Liu Wang, I was wrong about you!"

But Ma Jin glanced at Liu Wang with an angry face.

It left Liu Wang stunned.

"Master, I just don't want this brat to ruin your reputation! You're a military healer!" Liu Wang said.

"I never take me as any kind of miracle doctor, it's all what the patients call me, if fame saves lives, then I'd like to have as much fame as I can throw out there How much fame! Liu Wang, you're thirty years old, you've studied medicine for so many years, you've all learned the wrong things, you'll never be successful in the medical field!"

Ma Jin sighed long and sorrowfully.

Said Liu Wang's face turned green.

"I don't believe he can cure it!"

"What if I heal them?"

Chen Hao looked at him coldly, this guy had been chattering at him all the way here, he was really annoying....


"Huh? How about what? If you can cure them all, I'll just do whatever you tell me to do!"

In Liu Wang's eyes, this was simply impossible.

Over a hundred infants, all of them still only had one breath left.

And Liu Wang had specifically said all of it.

After Chen Hao nodded, he didn't bother with him anymore.

He changed his clothes and came to the isolation room.

And only three people could go in there, the dean and Ma Jin.

They followed Chen Hao all the way in.

Inside the isolation room, when Chen Hao came in, all the babies had stopped crying.

It was very quiet.

Their faces were black and their whole bodies began to rise.  

But the lips are all torn.

There was only one breath left.

It's really a Soul Devouring technique!

It was a complete state of being hit by the Soul Devouring Technique, they should have hit not quite a third of their power.

That's what caused the swelling all over the body, that's when the water all evaporated to the surface.

It resulted in a high fever that wouldn't go down.

"This is too cruel!" Chen Hao said viciously in his heart.

And to heal them, Chen Hao had no choice but to say that acupuncture was just the fundamental to ensure that the qi and blood could run smoothly next.

One had to use the Soul Devouring Technique, speaking qi and blood to compensate to them through another way.

And if that happened, their identities would leak out, and the shock stone hadn't been fully excavated yet.

Once the leak is exposed and Yun Qing comes to the door, he is no match at all.

But without rescuing them, these children wouldn't survive the night!

Chen Hao bit his teeth in hatred.

Regardless, it was important to save these lives first, he had sucked in too much of the qi and blood of adults, figuring that it should be enough to save these children's lives.

As for the leakage of true qi.

He could have used the Supreme Yin Blood within the Jade Talisman to deal with it for another night, now was Yun Qing's vulnerable period, she shouldn't be as terrifying as before!

A sure note.

Chen Hao immediately began to act.

First, he used the silver needles in his hand to quickly prick several acupuncture points on the baby's chest, such as the Tiantu, Guan Yuan, and Vulture Tail.

Deep and shallow, stabbing or picking. Stabbed eighteen stitches in a row, and pulled out the needles in quick succession. There was no gap between them, like a magic show. It made Lin Zhonghua, who was standing beside him, dumbfounded.

It was simply frightening.

A glance at Master Ma Jin, who was engrossed in this middle needle technique of Chen Hao.

And then Chen Hao reached inside the blanket and held their wrists, using the Soul Devouring Technique to regulate and replenish their qi and blood.

"Alright, next, cover up the blanket. Then take off the 002 bed baby's clothes. Be quick. We don't have much time!" Chen Hao hurriedly said.

"That's good?" Lin Zhonghua asked with wide eyes.

"All right. Next."

"Okay...okay." Lin Zhonghua nodded his head as if pounding garlic.

"Destiny Needle Technique? Is this the Destiny Needle?" Outside the glass wall, one of the old Chinese doctors in the expert group first had a glazed expression, and then squealed out in astonishment.

"Old Li, what kind of destiny needle technique?" Someone asked unhappily, but looking at the way that brat stuck the needles, he seemed to be really good at it.

"The Divine Destiny Needle Technique, it's a great skill that's been lost, and among the rumors, only old man Wu Sanfeng is proficient in three needles!" The old Chinese doctor apparently did not notice the vice president's expression and explained with an excited face.

"Could it be that he's Mr. Wu Sanfeng's disciple, no, old Mr. Wu Sanfeng is only proficient in three needles, and this kid, he knows seventeen or eighteen needles ah . That's too scary!" There were also old Chinese doctors who did know some of the allusions to the Destiny Needle Technique.

Immediately clapping their hands, their eyes widened in surprise.

"At such a young age, how could he know such a profound needle technique?" More people are incredulous.

"There's no mistaking it. He uses the Destiny Needle Technique, which I had seen Mr. Wu Sanfeng perform at the seminar a few months ago, and the first three needles are simply identical. Using a sharp needle one inch and six minutes long, three lifts and three leaks, and then closing the needle with the 'phoenix style', it can nourish the body and expel the miasma and dampness." He explained in surprise.

"However, it is said that the Divine Order Needle Technique requires the use of internal energy, does this person still possess internal energy?"

"Hmph, he's the only one who still knows internal energy? Maybe it's just a semblance. Let's talk when we have the results." Liu Wang sneered, even as his heart twisted and cried out, "Never heal! Don't cure it!

Chen Hao in the quarantine area had no idea that the people outside had sparked an argument because of the stitches he had made, and he gathered all of his heart and mind and kept giving and receiving stitches.

His originally pale face was now even more bloodless, and his forehead oozed large droplets of sweat, which then pooled into small streams that slid down his cheeks, looking very tired.

After all, Chen Hao had to input too much Qi and blood.

However, he was extremely fast.

In a short time, over a hundred infants were all regulated by him.

The babies' faces, where there were still traces of ebony, had appeared white, and then were constantly recovering towards redness.

The puffiness of their bodies and the elasticity of their skin were also appearing.

Even above the vital meter, their breath of life was growing stronger!

"Ah! This this this..."

Lin Zhonghua was excited and old tears welled up.

Ma Jin also had wet red eyes.

Because they saw a common result, that is, these babies were saved and out of danger.

Unbelievable, simply unbelievable!

They clasped their hands and let out a long breath.

"Mr. Chen Hao simply has the ability to bring the dead back to life!"

After they finished their inspection, their admiration was evident.


Chen Hao became a little weak.

He didn't want to hear these praises, he had healed them and it was a virtue.

Moreover, what Chen Hao was thinking about now was, who was actually doing the evil in Jinling? Stronger or weaker than himself?

If we don't find this man, he'll do more harm!

Moreover, Chen Hao had just exerted his inner energy, so I didn't know if Yun Qing would still know, but by all accounts, she was at her most vulnerable right now.

But no matter what, it was only true that she was now hurrying to the Villa of Cloud Peak Mountain.

At that time, the Zhentian Stone was getting closer and closer to Qingshi, Yun Qing wouldn't dare to get close to it, right.

So Chen Hao hurriedly walked out.

When the people outside heard that the children were out of danger, they all looked at Chen Hao with excitement and admiration.

Especially Chen Hao's one hand Destiny Needle Technique, some of the old Chinese doctors wanted to kneel down and worship their master.

"It's really powerful, you kid is lucky!"

And Liu Wang said with a cold face.

Chen Hao was going to leave, but when he heard him speak, he stood still.

"Do you still remember what you promised me just now?"

Chen Hao asked in a cold voice.

"What?" Liu Wang was stunned.

"That's right, I did what I asked you to do!"

"Yes, Dr. Liu, we heard you promise!"

The crowd looked at Liu Wang.

"Hmph, I, Liu Wang, will do what I say, what do you want me to do?"

Liu Wang pretended to be a righteous man.

Still pretending!

Chen Hao despised him with a glance, "Fart it!"

"What did you say?" Liu Wang was stunned.

"I said for you to fart, a hundred loud farts for everyone to hear!"

The crowd guffawed.

"How... how is this possible? Do I fart all I want?"

Liu Wang felt strongly insulted.

"Why not? Just a hundred asses, simple, I'll help you!"

Saying that, Chen Hao raised his hand to jab at one of his acupuncture points.


A fart in response!


And put in succession.

Liu Wang's face was almost green with shame, but he couldn't control it at all.

Smoked the crowd, all covering their noses, outside the isolation room, put as if all the dust.

"Pfft...pfft la!"

Finally, a strange voice sounded and Liu Wang cried, It's over, it's over!

Chen Hao, who also covered his nose, had already fled.

When a group of old Chinese doctors tried to chase after him, they found that Chen Hao had already disappeared, but it turned out that he had used Liu Wang's fart to go first.

Plus, Chen Hao had left the hospital all the way.

It was now late afternoon, and it was almost dark.

Chen Hao drove, ready to hurry to Genting Mountain Villa.

So along the way, Chen Hao drove extremely fast.

When the car drove outside a dense forest, Chen Hao made a slight pause, slammed on the brakes, and stopped the car.

The place was already somewhat desolate.

And in the middle of the road, there was an old woman squatting with a fire paper in her hand, and she was putting it into a fire pan.

Chen Hao's eyelids jumped fiercely.

It was obvious that Chen Hao knew this old lady....


Chen Hao recognized who this person was right away!

"We're really in the wrong!"

Chen Hao stepped out of the car and looked indifferently at the old woman in front of him!

"The hundred or so infants were caught in the Soul Devouring Technique, did you do this?"

Chen Hao coldly looked at her and asked.

"Soul Devouring Technique, do you think you're the only one who knows it? It's a pity you showed up too early, if not, I could have gone back tonight to suck more of the baby's essence blood, and my cultivation would have gone even further! "

The old lady finished burning the paper money and slowly stood up!

A pair of cold, stern eyes stared at Chen Hao!

"Chen Hao, you're great, that day, it was me who underestimated you, and it was because of my carelessness that you were able to take advantage of the opportunity and slaughter my holy religion Too many lives, today, you won't be able to escape no matter what, if you know what you're doing, come back with me to meet His Holiness!"

This old woman was no one else, it was the Holy Sect's Patriarch, Tie Hong, at first, she was sealed with strength, giving Tie Hong an opportunity to take advantage of it, and Tie Cheng was killed by her own hands!

I was too busy running for fame to find Tie Hong and avenge my brother Tie Cheng!  

And Tie Hong and Yun Qing seemed to know each other, when they were shouted away by Yun Qing!

"His Holiness? Is it Yun Qing?"

Chen Hao asked in shock!

"That's right, three religions, three of them, have been taken over by His Holiness, and the disciples of the three religions are all over the world, Chen Hao, no matter where you go There's no escaping His Holiness!"

Tie Hong sneered coldly.

"It seems that I was right, I had guessed that someone was trying to force me out after poisoning so many babies but refusing to show up! "

"You've actually become Yun Qing's lackey now, it seems that this Soul Devouring Technique was also taught to you by Yun Qing!"

That's right, Yun Qing and the woman in white, as well as the Heavenly God, they all came from the same place, and the one who was proficient in the Soul Devouring Technique, besides the Heavenly God, that Yun Qing would be right!

" You always thought you were clever, yes, indeed His Holiness taught it to me, and not only to me, but to your brother as well. Learn it!"

Tie Hong laughed coldly!

" Iron City, what are you waiting for, escort them out!"

Tiehong shouted!

Iron City?

Chen Hao heart thudded in disbelief!

Looking towards a forest, one could see a silhouette of a man, bearing down on some people coming out of the dense forest!

And that man is Iron City!

Only the color of his face at the moment made Chen Hao feel very strange!

There's a murderous intent all over!

What's going on?

And it was Tongxin's family, Su Guoqiang, Wang Huimin and Tang Ran that he was holding in his hands!

" Iron Red! That day at the Villa, I was only sealed with strength, do you think, I'm really afraid of you?"

Chen Hao shouted coldly and charged towards Tie Hong!

And Tie Hong was dark and pale, and suddenly, her figure suddenly turned illusory and disappeared directly into the spot!

And Chen Hao's whole body, as if immobilized!

Full stop!

What strength, having seen Iron Red Strength herself, she wasn't this strong back then!

" Go to hell! Killing my holy religion is unforgivable!" Iron Red roars!

The space was distorted and had appeared in front of Chen Hao, slapping out!

Hitting Chen Hao in the chest!


Chen Hao was directly hit by its slap and flew out, the tremendous impact causing the surrounding trees to break at the waist.

Although Chen Hao's body had long since ceased to be an ordinary human body and had now opened his internal energy, he was aware of Tie Hong's strength, but he did not expect that in just a short time, she had become so strong!

Originally her inner strength wasn't as good as her own, but now it far surpassed her, and her inner strength was just too weird!

With one slap, Chen Hao vomited blood and landed directly on his back with a pain that penetrated the marrow.

It was as if his entire body had fallen apart!

However, time didn't give him a chance to relieve the pain at all, and Iron Red pounced on him again, strangling his throat with one hand, as if it was a giant steel pincer.

What Chen Hao saw was a hideous face!

"Although His Holiness asked me to keep you alive, I can't, I want revenge for the Holy Church up and down!"

Iron Red looked hideous!

Chen Hao is even more different!

Now that this Tie Hong was alive and well in front of her, the terror index was even higher.

Under her, Chen Hao had no ability to fight back at all.

It was as if he was a small chicken.

Something was wrong, this was definitely not right, her inner strength was strange, as if she was from the same line as Yun Qing, what had Yun Qing done to her?

"Let him go!"

And the kidnapped Su's family was really scared and shouted out in a hurry!

In just a few rounds, Chen Hao has been beaten and covered in blood!

Tang Ran roared as well!

"Hmph, a piece of trash, not even worth killing him with my own hands, Tie Cheng, is this your big brother, hahaha, I'll let you, kill this for me Ungrateful brat, as for His Holiness, I'll have an explanation!"

However, the Su family's pleas for forgiveness did not move Tie Hong, but angered him even more.

Her words were orders to the people of the Holy Church.

And now Tie Cheng, who was back from the dead, was more like just a dog to her.

A good dog that was very obedient and fierce.

As if, it wasn't her grandson!


Tie Cheng's eyes turned scarlet as he heard the words, and he slowly walked over to Chen Hao's side!

A heavy punch hit Chen Hao's face, it was as if he was running and suddenly hit a flash glass door, Chen Hao felt dizzy, Tie Cheng's inner energy, also transformed, too powerful!

"Well played!"

Tie Hong laughed, the corners of his mouth showing some sarcasm, "Chen Hao, how's it going? Tie Cheng treats you like a big brother, and you treat him like a brother, how do you feel now? Not to mention, this dog, Tie Cheng, is more than enough to kill you!"

Tie Hong laughed sarcastically, an unexplainable leering blankness on his face, "Chen Hao, I just want to show you that being killed by your own brother's own hands! The taste of what it's like!!!"

Saying that, Tie Hong threw the dagger in his hand to Tie Cheng who was blind and only knew how to kill, "Tie Cheng, this is your big brother, you for him Betrayed me, well, Iron City, I want you to scrape him with a knife!"

Tie Cheng's eyes flashed with a frost, raised his dagger and stabbed Lu Yuan's shoulder.

And twisted it viciously!

Chen Hao felt a cold shoulder first, then smelled blood.

"Good job, Tie Cheng, cut off one of his arms." Tie Hong said!

But the double-eyed Tie Cheng held the knife, but he didn't move, how could he not get off this knife, it was as if there was a magic power.

It blocked his further actions!

He just stared into Chen Hao's eyes, and a voice in the underworld told him, No! No!

Said Iron Red and roared, "Iron City! What are you waiting for, do it now!"

"Yes, Master!" Tie Cheng's whole body trembled and said faintly!

His breathing suddenly quickened, and the dagger in his hand was raised, and the dagger went down, the sharp tip, dangling above Chen Hao's head, and then stabbed downwards abruptly!

At this time, Chen Hao's neck was tightly strangled by him and he couldn't even move his head.

Under Tie Cheng's current strength, his resistance was simply futile.

If this dagger stabbed down, where would he be able to save his own arm!

Chen Hao's heartbeat also quickened for an instant, damn, he was still one step away from the Heavenly Baptism, just one step away from tonight!

And now, I didn't deal with Yun Qing, nor did I go to find the woman in white, I was actually, killed by Tie Hong!

The current Tie Cheng looks like nothing more than a puppet after Tie Hong's tricks!

Seeing the dagger falling rapidly, it was about to plunge into the top of his own arm!

Chen Hao's thoughts were like water that had fallen to the ground for an instant, no longer bound by any constraints, and all sorts of memories from all directions, almost like they all poured into the brain at once.

Some people say that at the moment of death, the memories of the past will go through a circle in the brain in just a few fractions of a second.

Perhaps this is what death feels like!

In all the memory images up, suddenly, there was a silhouette but so clear.

Yes, it was Su Tongxin.

Tongxin, is it life or death?

How's it going now, good or bad?

Are they being pampered or are they being abused at this time?

In addition to that, there's Holy Water Covenant Grandpa, Mom, Dad, Sister, and Barbra, could it be that tonight is the day of my doom for Chen Hao?

My Chen Hao is dying? Five horses in a row?

No, I have to live. I have to find her and see her again with my own eyes!

Thinking almost involuntarily, Chen Hao raised his left hand like lightning, he didn't even look at where the dagger was, nor did he look at where Tie Cheng's arm was.

He just raised it into the air like this.

Then, steadily grabbed Tie Cheng's wrist.

The dagger, stopped in the air.

Tie Cheng's eyes were open and bloodshot, his face was hideous, trying to strike!

" Iron City, have you forgotten? You have to atone for your sins! Don't become a tool for Iron Red to commit another crime!"

Chen Hao gritted his teeth and held on!

And it was also this voice that caused the Tie Cheng to be slightly startled, Chen Hao's body was still bleeding, a large amount of blood flowing out!

Dyeing a piece of the jade pendant on his chest all red, and it was also at this time that the jade pendant emitted a strange glow of golden light....


Chen Hao's body suddenly flashed with golden light.

It was as if a super-intense high intensity spotlight had been lit in the darkness, and the golden light instantly sprinkled all over Tie Cheng who was struggling with Chen Hao.


Being illuminated by this powerful golden light, Tie Cheng suddenly let out a scream, and even more black mane kept gushing out from his body.

And as the black mane leaked out, the hostility on Tie Cheng's body continued to drop, even his strength was becoming noticeably smaller.

Not long after, Tie Cheng's entire body was sore and weak, and he was directly lifted to the side by Chen Hao, unconscious.

"Tie Cheng?"

Chen Hao covered his bleeding wound and tentatively called out.

But Tie Cheng was no longer able to respond.

The golden mane, too, had changed into seven colors, like a seven-colored rainbow.

This jade pendant, today is evil!  

Chen Hao was shocked as he looked at the changes brought about by the jade pendant.

"Chen Hao, I can't believe you have a supreme treasure on you!"

And Tie Hong's eyes flashed with a greedy look.

"With this supreme treasure, I will be able to further strengthen my cultivation!"

The glint in his eyes.

Tie Hong was about to do it himself.



There were several voices sounding from all directions.

Immediately following, eight figures, eight extremely fast figures, were seen rushing towards this side.

"Old woman, do you alone deserve to possess this supreme treasure? Chen Hao is ours!"

Eight silhouettes quickly swept by.

They surrounded Tie Hong and Chen Hao.

Their faces were all white, as if they had been dead for a few days, but their voices were extremely loud.

Chen Hao scrupulously looked at them.

These eight, all of them were extremely strong, and each one of them, seemed to have strength that was not weaker than Tie Hong's.

What was going on?

How could there be such a strong existence? And there are so many of them coming out at once!

Tie Hong Tie Cheng, as well as these eight people, the strangest thing would have to be the internal energy on their bodies, which was completely different from what they were cultivating.

It was as if their internal energy was innately with a kind of shocking power.

Listening to what Tie Hong said just now about the Three Religions, it was obvious that there were two forces, they were opposing each other.

One side was Yun Qing's side.

On the other side, it was these eight people.

The only thing that was certain was that these two sides seemed to be coming for themselves.

"Well, let's see if you have the ability to fight for it!"

As he spoke, Tie Hong's pair of cold eyes locked onto Chen Hao and hurriedly swept towards him.

And those eight people moved at the same time, coming at Chen Hao.

Bang, bang, bang!

Just seeing Chen Hao's limbs and shoulders, all of them were grasped by their hands in a death grip.

Pulling on Chen Hao, they actually spun around.

"It's broken, it's all going to break!"

Chen Hao was in excruciating pain.

The limbs were about to be ripped off by them.

"Yup! Jade pendant! Are you a relic? If you can hear my heart, save me again! I don't want to die, and I don't want to be killed by them now in a muddle!"

Chen Hao painfully said in his heart.

He only hoped that his cries would be heard by the jade pendant.

But the jade pendants were slow to move.

And yet, Chen Hao had been stirred up by them to the point where his organs were in disarray.

Blood spurted out from his mouth once again.


Chen Hao roared out in pain.

The veins in his entire body erupted.

Suddenly, a huge force suddenly covered his entire body.


This power leaked out.

It was as if a large explosion had occurred in place.

The strong wave of air bounced a few people out swiftly and violently.

Chen Hao, on the other hand, had black eyes and directly fainted.

When Chen Hao woke up again, he found that he was lying in a room.

And there was a circle of people around him.

Tang Ran, Su Guoan, Wang Huimin and the others were all there.

"Mr. Chen Hao, you're awake!"

Next to himself, on the other hand, was Ma Jin sitting.

Apparently, he had just finished bandaging his own wounds.

"Mmhmm, thank you Mr. Ma!" Chen Hao sat up with his wounds covered.

"Aunt Wang, Uncle Su, did you guys rescue me back?"

Chen Hao only remembered that he was on the verge of being screwed by Tie Hong and the others.

In the midst of a great disaster, he asked Jade Pendant for help again in his heart.

At that time, it was as if he had gained a strength.

What happened after that was no longer remembered.

"Yeah Chen Hao, you were about to scare us to death, they were all shaken out of the room and scattered, so we rushed to bring you back Up!"

Aunt Wang is obviously still a little scared.

Shortly after Chen Hao left from the Su house, Tie Hong brought someone to the door, just as Su Guoqiang Tang Ran and Wang Huimin were serving the old lady and were abducted by Tie Hong.

That's why there was a scene where Tie Hong surrounded Chen Hao.

It seems that Tie Hong has been in Jinling for a few days.

It was also only then that she had found out about her whereabouts.

Chen Hao pondered.

This jade pendant, moreover, seemed to be more than what he had imagined, it had saved his life several times in a row.

"Young master Chen, this time really scared everyone to death, you were carried back covered in blood!"

Li Zhenguo also panicked.

"What a disaster this time! By the way, where is this?"

Suddenly, he felt a strange sensation coming from the surroundings.

Chen Hao could not help but ask.

"It is now the halfway villa here on Genting Mountain, the top of the mountain is being developed, the hole has been pierced, it is estimated that finding what Young master Chen wants will be This hour and a quarter!"

Li Zhenguo reported.

"That's no wonder!"

The jade talisman in his own bosom reacted extremely strongly.


And then, in the next room, a female voice suddenly screamed.

Followed by the sound of plates falling to the floor.

It was as if they had seen something extremely terrifying.

Then a little nurse, who was about eighteen or nineteen years old, came stumbling in.

"Doctor Ma, the man next door has woken up and broken the chains!"

He panicked.


Li Zhengguo's eyebrows furrowed.

Giving a wink to a few bodyguards in the house, the bodyguards immediately rushed over.

"What's going on?"

Chen Hao asked.

"It was the man who tried to kill you with a knife last night, he was unconscious, we carried you back, and soon after, we found that he had followed us to the Genting Mountain! He kept saying, "I'm here to save you, Chen! Shouted many times!"

"We didn't even know if he was friend or foe anymore, so we didn't let Li do it and kill him! Tied him up with a chain, he was weak!"

Wang Huimin said fearfully.

"It's Iron City!"

Chen Hao's eyes shone.

Rolled over and sat up.

He also rushed to the next room.

And only when he went in, did he see that the few bodyguards at the door were all stunned.

Tie Cheng's body was tied up with more than a dozen steel chains made of refined steel.

But Tie Cheng, was using his hands rawly, ripping them off one by one.

The bodyguards were holding electric batons, and none of them dared to do anything, obviously it was the first time to see such a perverted person.

"Tie Cheng!"

When Chen Hao saw him, his face could not help but move.

Tie Cheng, on the other hand, who had heard the voice, was shaken and raised his head fiercely.

"Young Master Chen!"

He spoke extremely slowly, as if he were a child of three or four years old.

But through his eyes.

Chen Hao knew that he was awake and had no idea what method had been used to bring him back to life.

"Tie Cheng, it's me!"

Chen Hao looked towards him.

On that day, when Tie Cheng died to save himself, Chen Hao had always felt guilty, but now he saw that his little brother had been resurrected.

No matter what appearance he had turned into.

Chen Hao's heart was extremely happy....


"Iron City, aren't you...why are you coming back to life now?"

Chen Hao came to Tie Cheng's side and opened his mouth to ask.

It seemed that Tie Cheng also had a lot to say to Chen Hao, and although he was now extremely inarticulate, the meaning of what he said was roughly what Chen Hao had heard.

It turned out.

The original Tie Cheng did have an accident, and Chen Hao buried him with his own hands, but his corpse was eventually taken back by Tie Hong.

And using a secret method, he resurrected Tie Cheng and turned him into a killing tool for her.

This secret method was taught by Tie Hong's venerable master Yun Qing.

By the way, it turned out that their Witching and Insect Sacred Sect had a long-established heritage.

That was that the Sacred Sect was founded back then by Yun Qing's soul, Professor alone, in order to prepare for his own resurrection a few hundred years later.

Hearing this, Chen Hao was able to understand.

Why was it within that manor that day.  

Tie Hong saw a letter sent by Yun Qing's men, the reason why she was sweating coldly in fear.

Yun Qing, was exactly her ancestor's generation.

And Tie Cheng's current resurrection wasn't really a resurrection, but a kind of compulsion technique used by Yun Qing.

In other words, it turned the dead Tie Cheng into a parasite.

To provide him with life force.

This kind of compulsion was full of evil and could make a person's strength skyrocket, which was what Tie Hong was now.

It wasn't even an exaggeration to say that Tie Hong was now half human and half demon.

Tie Cheng also said that there were too many similar to their situation that had been transformed by Yun Qing.

"All this time, I've been like a bystander, watching a movie, as long as I hear Tie Hong's orders, I'm uncontrolled and do the Too many things I don't want to do!"

"But Young Master Chen, the golden light that shines through you is like magic, it cleanses the guilt from all over my body and makes me go from a The viewer, gradually, can go and take control of his consciousness and body!"

Tie Cheng said.

The devil said that his own Yang Qi belonged to the unbaptized supreme Yang breath, and the owner of the jade pendant was inextricably linked to him.

Then this jade pendant is certainly not an ordinary object.

I remember when Tie Cheng choked himself before, the jade pendant's golden light showed up greatly.

And there was a constant black qi mane being reflected on Tie Cheng's body, which should be the evil nature that had baptized Tie Cheng's body.

It should be like this!

"By the way Iron City, who are those eight people? The internal energy in all of you has changed greatly, and those eight people's internal energy is not ordinary internal energy, my qi can't even hurt them You guys!"

Chen Hao could not help but ask in shock.

"They, are from an organization called the Nine Solomon, when I heard Tie Hong give a report to Yun Qing, they seemed to have talked about the Nine Solomon The Three Saints Sect and Yun Qing's are newly emerged forces, and Globo is always against the Three Saints Sect, and they seem to be looking for you too. The whereabouts!"

"Said to capture you, before heading to the ancient city to find the body of the Goddess!"

Tie Cheng coughed.

Although Tie Cheng was controlled, he was still conscious at first, he just couldn't manipulate his consciousness, so he could roughly remember what was happening around him in front of him.

"Going to the ancient city to find the woman in white?"

Chen Hao said in his heart.

"What is this Nine Solomon all about again? I can't believe it's this powerful too!"

Chen Hao became more and more confused.

But Gu , Chen Hao guessed out most of them, Gu Yuxiao's family is the Gu family, back then, Gu Yuxiao and that old woman mysteriously disappeared in the Sea King Palace.

Dead without a body.

Could it be that she didn't die at all.

Instead, like herself, she had gone to another dimension and brought out the real woman in white?

It's not impossible!

Because Chen Hao had people secretly go to the location of the Sea King's Palace to survey over, where the tombs had long since collapsed and destroyed.

"Tie Cheng, do you know where the ancient city is?"

Chen Hao asked again.

Tie Cheng shook his head.

"All I know is that Yun Qing and the others have already gone after learning that the woman in white is in the ancient city and sent me and Tie Hong to catch you, but as for where the ancient city is It's not known!"

"An ancient city? There seems to be a family there called the Ancient Family, I think I heard Master Ning Yuan and the others speak about it a few days ago!"

And Dr. Ma Jin, who had been silent on the side, suddenly spoke up.

"Well? Not bad, if there really is an ancient house, or the place where the woman in white appeared, then it is undoubtedly the ancient city that Tie Cheng is talking about!"

Chen Hao couldn't help but look to Doctor Ma Jin.

"Master Ning Yuan has recently been giving a lecture in Jinling, if Young Master Chen is willing, I can introduce him, it just so happens that he and old Mr. Wu Sanfeng, also It's an old friend!"

Ma Jin said.

"Well, thank you, Mr. Ma!"

Chen Hao nodded his head in greeting.

And just at that moment.

A subordinate hurriedly ran over to report.

"Mr. Li, Young Master Chen! The top of Mount Genting was penetrated and a colorful boulder was found!"

The hand was busy.

"A multicolored boulder?"

Chen Hao's entire body could not help but be shaken.

Presently, he hurriedly sank to sense away, and a positive Yang breath was continuously released.

"It's the Earthshaking Stone!"

Chen Hao was overjoyed.

The Zhentian Stone had finally been found!

"Zhenguo, pass the order down to immediately seal off the perimeter of Mount Genting, no one is allowed to come near it!"

Chen Hao said.

"Yes, Young Master Chen!"

This colorful stone, with its shining light, made many of the workers dumbfounded when it was introduced.

They all wanted to touch the colorful boulder themselves, thinking it was an auspicious omen.

But the colorful boulder was in the middle of a cavern in the ground.

Too many people wanted to go into the cavern to see it for themselves.

Unfortunately, as soon as they went to see the colorful boulder, as soon as they got close to the entrance of the cave, a burning sensation would come over them.

It was unbearable.

"It's too hot, my mother!"

The workers wiped the sweat from their foreheads and said.

"Young Master Chen is really lucky, this boulder, it's estimated to be several hundred million, right?"

There are those who envy.

Looking to steal a piece to take away, but they couldn't even get close.

Not long after, the Chen family's bodyguards arrived, interrupting everyone's thoughts.

They were quickly arranged to descend the mountain.

Within a fifty-mile radius, even the roads were temporarily blocked off.

It was empty.

Chen Hao was alone and had stood at the entrance of the cave.

Looking at the inside of the cavern, a multicolored light was refracted from the Earthshaking Stone.

Chen Hao carried a strong shock in his heart.

What's more, in an instant, it seemed as if there was a strange intent that was communicating with Chen Hao's intent in some way.

"This seems like a cave, huh? A big hole in the mountain!"

Chen Hao watched from the periphery.

The intense burning sensation was nothing more than a smear of sweat on Chen Hao's forehead!

Let's go inside!

Chen Hao endured the pain on top of the wound and jumped straight down.

Although the hole was only the size of a wellhead, after actually jumping in, it was wide open.

The surrounding area was extremely large.

And this hole, how strange it made Chen Hao feel.

It did not seem like it was formed naturally at all, but rather was carved by someone in general.


Chen Hao then swept around with multicolored light, and suddenly, his eyelids jumped hard when he saw a certain place .

The hairs on his entire body suddenly stood erect in an instant....


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