The Unknown Heir Chen 637-640

Chapter 637

"We have a guest with a gift! Presented to Grandma Zhang of the Su Family!"

At the ceremonial table at the door, a welcoming guest stood up and shouted.


And it was this scene that caused the scene to quiet down.

They all looked up towards the entrance.

Even Wei Guifang, who was shaken by the news, cast her gaze this way.

Shen Yanli and the others even looked at each other, while at the same time, they saw some curiosity in each other's eyes.

What was the situation? There is a guest bank to give a heavy gift and it is named to the old lady of the Su family.

A guest re-gift, that's a crushing guest gift!

It's also an extremely rare gift!

It wasn't just the preciousness of the gift, but more importantly, the status and identity of the person who could give the guest a heavy gift was by no means ordinary!  

Because it has been a rule since ancient times, when ordinary gifts were given, the welcoming tent was only credited.

In the case of a large gift, the welcome desk would stand up and thank the host for the gift.

But if you give a big gift, the reception desk should not only stand up, but also shout loudly.

But, similar to this type of guest gift, there is also a form of re-gifting.

The tabernacle all needed to meet each and every one of them and follow the rules, so they were also read out together.

The Xiao family looked at the scene in front of them in surprise, and Shen Yanli's anger at being slapped just now was temporarily suppressed.

Now covering her face and sneering, "How shameless, giving gifts at our Xiao family's birthday banquet, I guess, you guys did it on purpose, right? Deliberately giving yourself gifts for fear that my grandmother will mock you, right?"

Shen Yanli said grimly.

"Zhang Xinhua, I used to take you as an opponent, but now, your hypocrisy simply leaves me speechless, having lived for a long time, Lili That's right, you're a shameless old man! Anything can be done!"

Wei Guifang also cursed.

The surrounding guests looked at the Su family, and all of them were also even more despicable.

"Haha, well, I'd like to see what gifts this poor devil can bring you guys."

Shen Yanli sneered.

The security guards even turned back.

The people at the scene also held their breath, both nervous and curious as they waited for the ledger to further announce.

"One top-grade gold and jade jewelry set!"

"What?" The crowd was startled by the news, some were startled, the golden jade was still top of the line, how could it be over ten million.

"Chinese clothing flowing all over the place!"

Everyone's mouths all opened wide.

"The Royal Nine-Twist Incense True Sandalwood One!"

"I'll go!" The crowd rose again.

They listened, every one of them feeling creeped out.


"A set of mansion villas worth $300 million!!!"


The last item, the whole room exploded straight away and everyone's hair stood on end.

One by one, each gift, worth millions or more, was read out from the mouth of the tent, one by one, it was really The momentum was like a rainbow.

Especially the mansion, which was worth 300 million dollars, brought the atmosphere of the whole place, to the highest tide.

At the same time, everyone's heart also had the two questions that concerned them the most.

Who gave this gift?

Shit, is this a real gift? Not to mention the Su family, everyone on the scene, do have the courage to take out these gifts.

Even if it was the Su Family's own gift, this full eighteen pieces, plus the villa, it was at least several billion.

Fuck, how much money does the Su family have in total?

Even if it's just to save face, you can't get that much money?

"Zhang Xinhua, are you crazy? That's not how you blow a brag!"

And Wei Guifang was really shocked by these heavy gifts just now, returning to her senses at this moment.

Looking at Zhang Xinhua, he laughed loudly.

The surrounding guests all laughed into a ball as well.

However, their smiles soon diminished as they saw that just before the manor, there was a helicopter buzzing in the sky.

There was a helicopter buzzing along.

The helicopters were divided into six rows, each row was a good count of three.

And the price of each helicopter was already expensive.

Everyone was dumbfounded.

Until this helicopter slowly landed.

A group of people walked down from the helicopter.

Holding in their hands, it was those 18 gifts.

Of course, the most expensive 300 million mansion was in the form of a contract.

"How is that possible?"

Wei Guifang was once again startled.

"Young Master Chen, the gift has been delivered, here's the list!"

And the bodyguard respectfully walked up to Chen Hao, bowed and said.

"Do something for me, let grandmother pass!"

Chen Hao looked towards Zhang Xinhua.

"Grandmother, yesterday was your birthday, I didn't go into it, this is my birthday gift to you!"

Chen gave a smile.

"Young master Chen?"

And the crowd was shocked to hear the bodyguard so and so.

Especially Shen Yanli.

"He's Young master Chen?"

Shen Yanli and the others were completely stunned, unbelievably brushing together to look at Chen Hao, how, could it be him?

He was nothing more than a poor man from the small county of Jinling.

Any of the pieces in it were luxury items to him.

"I don't believe it!"

Shen Yanli shouted.

Rushing over to open them all and read them all, especially the real estate contract for the 300 million mansion.

After reading them, she swallowed with difficulty.

Really, it was actually all true.

Wei Guifang also ran over to look at it, and it was really all true.

How was this possible?

"Song, why did you buy so many expensive gifts? "

Zhang Xinhua was really terrified.

"These, are my and Mu Han's intentions, I hope grandmother will smile! "

Chen Hao said.

Zhang Xinhua burst into old tears.

Especially that line about my heart with Mu Han, Zhang Xinhua knew that Chen Hao's heart was always Tongxin.

Tongxin she did not choose the wrong person.

She had found one who truly loved him, and still remembered her after all this time.

Zhang Xinhua himself also knew that although he had to gamble every time he celebrated his birthday.

But to find Tongxin, it was no longer possible.

Now with Chen Hao's words, Zhang Xinhua would have a restful mind even if he died in the future.

Although his granddaughter's fate was miserable, there was someone who had always loved her.

Truly, even if she died in peace, it was naturally not because of these precious gifts that she could feel this way!

She, Zhang Xinhua, was not yet like this.

And Wei Guifang was stupidly standing there.

Just felt her cheeks hurt raw and had offended Young Master Chen to death.

By now, who still suspected Young Master Chen's true identity ah.

"Young master Chen, we were wrong, we were blind, forgive us Xiao family! "

Wei Guifang begged.

If you offend Young Master Chen, you really won't be able to live.

"Xiao Jun, all of you kneel down as well! "

Wei Guifang hurriedly scolded.


Xiao Jun directly kneeled.

He also tugged on Shen Yanli's skirt, making her kneel as well.

"Hahahahahaha! "

Shen Yanli suddenly let out a loud laugh.

"You're Young Master Chen? I don't believe it! You've already admitted that you were the one who was poor when you were in elementary school, but now you're the one with all the money! The Jinling Young Master Chen? How did you end up with this life? No way! I don't believe it! You must explain today! "

Shen Yanli was hideous.

Chen Hao took a sip of red wine and the bodyguard immediately handed over a white towel.

Chen Hao wiped his mouth and looked at her coldly, "Such an awesome life, does it need to be explained? 


Shen Yanli relies on her family background and is defiant.

And now that she ran into Chen Hao, it really taught her to die. And that last sentence is what Chen Hao deliberately said to her, to let her know, don't think that you are the only one in the world who is more awesome than you are! The large number of people.

And the entire Xiao family, including Wei Guifang, was terrified into silence.

The next so-called birthday banquet had been completely meaningless.

Soon after, Chen Hao and the Su family left.

This morning's incident was just a short moment though.

But to old Mrs. Zhang Xinhua, Old Lady Lao said that it was as if she had experienced the ups and downs of life.

It made her somewhat gassy, and as a result, in the middle of the road, she suddenly fainted with numbness in her four legs, dizziness in her head with a strong headache, and directly fainted.

This scared the Su family to death.

Because Chen Hao had first gone to Genting Mountain Villa to see the progress there. Then prepare to head to the Su family.

The mountain was being mined extremely fast, even faster than expected, and it was estimated that tomorrow, the Earthshaking Stone would be ready to be released.  One second to remember to read the book

So Chen Hao wasn't beside them.

The Su family had their hands full.

It was good that they were almost home already, because in the past two years, this kind of situation had not happened once or twice, but this time it seemed to be more serious.

There was also oxygen and other equipment instruments at home.

Hastily called the doctor again, Master Ma Jin, and asked him to urgently come to the rescue.

Ma Jin used to be a famous doctor in the military area, with excellent medical skills.

He was in his sixties and had only returned home professionally this year, serving as a professor in a hospital and taking up the position of vice-chairman of the Medical Association.

And he brought his two disciples, a man and a woman, with him.

It was just in time to bump into Chen Hao who had come forward.

The two of them nodded and considered themselves to have greeted each other.

And as soon as Chen Hao entered the door, he saw Su Guoqiang and the others rushing into a ball.

Only after asking did they find out.

It turned out that the grandmother had just been on her way back, and her old habit had been committed.

And the three people who came in behind him were the doctors who came to see her.

"Is grandmother in her room? I'm going to check it out, I didn't realize it was such a rush!"

Chen Hao said.

Actually, Chen Hao had already seen that there was something wrong with the old lady's body when he met the grandmother just now.

It was just that he didn't break it at that time.

He would have healed himself anyway.

He said that he would first go to Mount Genting and then come back, and then come back either to catch up on old times, or to give the old lady a medical treatment.

"Wait a minute, what are you doing? Where are your manners? My master is here, there's no need for you to show your face here!"

And at this time, behind Ma Jin, a young man in his thirties said coldly.

"Senior Brother, don't be like this, this brother should also be here to see the sick, right?"

And the girl standing behind Ma Jin smiled slightly at Chen Hao.

Chen Hao smiled at her as well.

Only his heart was remembering his grandmother's illness.

Chen Hao didn't say much and asked Su Guoqiang.

"Uncle Sue, how long has Grandma been sick for?"

Immediately, Su Guoqiang talked about the old lady's illness.

It turned out that the disease had been going on for some time.

Every once in a while, it would strike, and once it did, there would be intervals between the attacks, and it would keep cycling several times before the attacks were complete.

This kind of miscellaneous disease also went to see, but they did not see any results.

During this time, found the Ma Jin divine physician and asked him to come over to heal.

The man and woman behind Ma Jin were his disciples.

The male was around thirty years old, named Liu Wang.

The female was around twenty-three years old and her name was Zhao Bailing.

As time passed, the Su family became familiar with them.

Only that even when the Ma Jin divine Doctor came, he still hadn't seen any results by now.

"Grandmother's illness shouldn't be too big of a problem, I'd better go in and have a look!"

Chen Hao naturally had full confidence in his heart.

And Liu Wang's face was green. A listen to Zhao Bailing said this may also be a doctor, Liu Wang generated hostility, could it be to choke the line, and this kid is younger than himself. He actually said it's not a big problem when his own master can't even see it.

Damn it!

"Young man, it's best not to be too full of words." Liu Wang's eyebrows furrowed slightly, clearly very dissatisfied.

"Yes Chen Hao, I've never heard that you know how to see a doctor, Auntie didn't mean anything by it, but when did you learn the art of medicine?"

Wang Huimin didn't mean to look down on Chen Hao, it was just that healing the sick and saving lives was no small matter.

Chen Hao used to be a student in the literature department, and although he was a noble youngster, he wasn't proficient in everything, so when Chen Hao said that he was going to heal and save people, although the Su family was willing to believe Chen Hao, they were also faintly worried.

To the point that there was no other meaning.

Chen Hao shook his head and laughed bitterly, the three teachings, he was very proficient in everything, not to mention these simple medical techniques.

But naturally, Chen Hao would not blame Aunt Wang and the others.

They didn't understand their own changes over the past two years, and it was perfectly normal for them to have such speculations.

Without chatting, words were exchanged and the crowd headed towards the room.

"Doctor Ma, my grandmother has woken up!"

"Chen Hao, you're here too!"

Tang Ran had been waiting in the hospital room without taking a step away, and when she saw Chen Hao walk in, she smiled and said.

"Doctor Ma, Doctor Liu Wang, Doctor Bailing, and Chen Hao, you're here!"

Inside the room, the old woman said somewhat weakly.

"Doctor Ma, I've had this disease for two years, and it comes on and off, and the attacks seem to get worse and worse at a time, and the number of attacks is increasing Much."

The old lady asked.

Of course, she couldn't have imagined that Chen Hao came in to see her as well.

Thus speaking to Ma Jin about her recent illness.

"Every time I have a seizure, the seizure lulls me awake in less than an hour, but then I wait a little longer, and then I have another seizure, and the cycle keeps going on Four or five times before it stops, and I can't hold on any longer!"

The old lady sighed.

"Don't worry, Old Lady Su, my master has been studying this condition of yours for some time, it's very strange, but my master has finally studied It's better to come out with some results and show them to you now than to have some people who don't know what they're talking about spewing all over the place!"

Liu Wang said with a smile.

At the same time, he glanced at Chen Hao.

"Oh, if you look at it now, I'm afraid you can't see anything." The old lady smiled somewhat helplessly, "I also had a doctor look at it before, and after the examination, all the features were normal, not diagnosed in the slightest, only the I can only see the symptoms when I have a headache."

"Oooh, right!" Liu Wang said with some embarrassment. Then stood back.

"Put horse divine doctor, you have researched a countermeasure, can you help me diagnose and treat me right away now? I really don't want to be in such a hard place!" The old woman begged.

Ma Jin was silent.

"Grandmother there is no need to worry, wait another hour and five minutes and you should have a seizure, and it will also have to wait until you have a headache, I Think this Dr. Ma Jin to use his methods!" Chen Hao said as he looked at the watch on the wall.


"Huh? Chen, how do you know I'll be sick in an hour and five minutes? Counting the time, it's about the same!" The old lady looked slightly alarmed.

"There's still an hour until noon, the temperature rises and the virtual fire rises, causing the Qi and blood to infuse, which can easily trigger migraines." Chen Hao explained with a smile.

The old lady smiled and nodded with Chen Hao, expressing her admiration, "I never thought you would know this, cheC Hao!"

And Liu Wang at the side snorted coldly, a little upset.

Ma Jin did take an unexpected look at Chen Hao, could it be that this young man really knew something about medicine?

Just as Chen Hao had said, soon, as noon approached, the old lady who had been laughing and talking suddenly turned extremely pained, her face crackling with sweat as she clasped her head with both hands.

"Old Lady Su, hold on for a moment, I'll give you the needle right now." Song Zheng reached out his hand to test the old lady's pulse, then took out a needle bag from the medical kit and took out several silver needles, showing that they were aimed at the old lady Several acupuncture points were pierced down, followed by a few needles on the head and shoulder.

And this hand operation was also a slight shock to Chen Hao, no wonder this Ma Jin's name was so well-known in the military area, he was really good at it, huh?

"Little brother, can you tell what kind of needle technique I'm performing?"

And Ma Jin asked as he performed the needle.

"Master, how can he know when you're redundantly asking him?"  

Liu Wang coldly said.

"Not necessarily ah, Chen Hao just now was able to tell the exact time, and specifically to the minute, now, as Chen Hao said, a The hour and five minutes on time seizure shows that Chen Hao has extremely good eyesight!"

Zhao Bailing, on the other hand, smiled slightly at Chen Hao.

"But it's just the Ghost Gate Needle Technique! What's there to guess!" Chen Hao looked at him and smiled.

And? Hearing Chen Hao call out his stitches, Ma Jin was also a little surprised, especially when Chen Hao said a but, making him feel a little angry, when God arrogantly said, "Not bad, you still have some knowledge."

After Ma Jin's set of needle sticks, the pain on the old lady's face visibly eased.

"Haha, Master, truly worthy of being a military divine doctor, the results of months of research have finally come true!"

Seeing the painful color on the old lady's face fade, Liu Wang couldn't help but feel relieved and looked proudly at Chen Hao.

"Where where where." Ma Jin smiled lightly.

Before he could finish his sentence, the old lady, who was originally looking moderate, suddenly shook her body, clasped her head with both hands again, and let out a low roar of pain, and it was even worse than before.

The faces of the people in the room full of people instantly changed, and Ma Jin was startled, looking at his silver needle and saying to himself, "Impossible!"

He said he hurried forward to test the old lady's pulse, his face was instantly pale, and his pulse was even jumping up and down, sometimes oddly.

"Doctor Ma, think of something quickly." The Su family members who came in on the side were also anxious, this was obviously, much more serious than the first attack just now.

The grandmother's face, already from pale, to purple green in the development.

Su Guoqiang's anxiety jumped straight.

Ma Jinton was also in a state of panic, not knowing what to do at all.

Chen Hao saw that the situation was critical, an arrow scampered up and quickly removed the silver needles from the old lady's body, then took six silver needles and pierced each of the six acupuncture points on his neck and shoulders.

As soon as Chen Hao entered the house just now, he had already seen the illness on the grandmother's body.

Only Chen Hao wanted to see if this Ma Jin was living up to his reputation or not, and if he was able to heal Grandma's illness successfully, he wouldn't have the trouble to grab any results from him.

But now, no more. Chen Hao had to make a move.

"Heaven... Heaven's Mandate Needle Technique?"

Ma Jin's mouth dropped open in disbelief.

"Not bad, you still have some insight." Chen Hao motionlessly threw Song Zheng's words back at him.

With only a few stitches from Chen Hao, the old lady's entire body instantly relaxed, the pain in her head suddenly disappeared, and her face grew red.

"How are you feeling, Mom?" Su Qiangguo's face was overjoyed, he didn't expect that chen Hao still had this kind of technique.

Although Su Guoqiang and the others didn't know anything about medical arts, but theway chen Hao used the needles just now, and the way God Doctor Ma performed the needles, everyone had seen it.

Anyone with a discerning eye could tell that chen Hao's needle technique was much more powerful than this Divine Doctor Ma's.

"Much better."

The old lady squeezed out a weak smile, her breathing becoming steady, and the housekeeper hurriedly came over to wipe the sweat off his face.

And Ma Jin, as well as Liu Wang who was behind him, were all pale.

Ma Jin did not expect that someone would actually use this kind of lost needle technique, originally thought that this kind of needle technique had disappeared long ago. It was completely shocked at the moment.

Liu Wang, on the other hand, was purely jealous.

He was a few years older than Chen Hao, had visited famous masters since childhood to study medicine, and was from a science class, but found that he actually knew less than this brat?


Especially right now, Zhao Bailing was actually smiling as she looked at Chen Hao.

One could not help but feel jealous.

"Master, this brat is just a coincidence, what real talent can he have!" Liu Wang coldly said.

"Chen Hao, where did you learn these medical techniques?"

Wang Huimin was also surprised.

And Ma Jin raised his head towards Chen Hao at the news. He also wanted to know.

"We'll talk about this later, grandmother's illness, it's not too serious, I'll write a few prescriptions for grandmother to catch and take for a year, and then It can be eradicated!"

Chen Hao smiled.

"What? Great!"

The Su family all rejoiced.

"Mr. Chen Hao!"

And Ma Jin was also standing up at this moment.

Ever since Chen Hao had just performed the Destiny Needle, Ma Jin had been respectful of Chen Hao.

"Doctor Ma, what is it?"

Chen Hao looked at him.

"Please forgive the old man for being presumptuous, may I ask Mr. Chen where did he learn this Destiny Needle Technique? Do you know old Mr. Wu Sanfeng of the military district?"

Ma Jin was confused.

"I don't know... As for where I learned it from, I can't tell you!"

Chen Hao said calmly.

Uncle Qin's identity was extremely secretive, so naturally he wouldn't say it out easily.

"The Divine Destiny Needle Technique is a needle technique that has been lost for many years, and old Mr. Wu Sanfeng, by coincidence, learned three of the needles and forged the myth in the military, it was thought that he would be the only one to pass it on, but I didn't realize that someone could do more than him, and so young. Unbelievable!"

Ma Jin exclaimed.

"You mean, someone else would too?"

This sentence, however, caused Chen Hao to be stunned.

The Heaven's Mandate Needle Technique was just one of the things that Qin Bo had taught himself.

At that time, Uncle Qin had once told himself that this kind of needle technique had already been lost.

In the world, only Uncle Qin and himself knew it. Not even his own junior brother could.

Qin Bo's words were always accurate.

And he wouldn't joke to deceive himself or rely on this to elevate himself.

How could anyone else?

"That old man, Wu Sanfeng, also knows this kind of needlework? Are you sure?"

Chen Hao could not help but question.

"Of course, the first three stitches of his line stitches are identical to Mr. Chen Hao... By the way, it was really a great opportunity after Mr. Wu's old age that he met a man and helped that man, and in order to thank Mr. Wu Sanfeng, he gave the first three chapters of the stitches..."


"You mean someone gave him the first three chapters? Do you know who that man is?"

Chen Hao asked in shock.

"Mr. Chen Hao, this old man has never seen it before, but old Mr. Wu Sanfeng told me about it, but from what he said, he seemed to I've known that mysterious man for a long time, and it seems that he came to the military area to ask for Mr. Wu's help in placing something, in order to... Thanks to him, he was given the first three chapters of the Destiny Formation, which, think about it, is more powerful than even Wu Sanfeng Sr. respect, and certainly not young, except that I couldn't think of anyone that Mr. Wu would have such respect for, or even Worship?"

Ma Jin said.

This sentence made Chen Hao's heart beat faster.

Because he had guessed an answer.

Could it be that it was Uncle Qin?

Uncle Qin is the only one who can.

"About when did this thing happen?"

"Eight months ago!"

Ma Jin said, not sighing, "In just eight months, old Mr. Wu Sanfeng's medical skills have already reached the point where he's out of his depth, of course, Mr. Chen Hao you are even more unbelievably brilliant!"  

"Eight months ago?"

No way, is it really Uncle Qin?

Qin Bo has been missing for a year and a half.

At first half a year after learning the art himself, he received a token and left in a hurry.

This departure is a full year and a half of disappearance, allowing himself to be killed in the future, and how to find out about him, he could not find out.

It was as if he had evaporated from the earth.

But there was one thing that was certain.

That was that Qin Bo was strong, extremely strong.

Much stronger than Mo Canglong, much stronger than Grandpa and the others.

Even himself, even at his peak, was no match for him at all.

And if one could see Qin Bo.

I definitely wouldn't have to be so passive.

"By the way, if it's convenient, could you help me introduce old man Wu Sanfeng?"

Chen Hao asked.

Regardless of whether it was Qin Bo or not, Chen Hao had to give it a try.

What's more, it was the most likely that it was Uncle Qin who would appear.

"This is of course no problem, I'm sure Old Mr. Wu, will also be eager to meet you, Mr. Chen Hao, yes, Mr. Chen is proficient in the art of Mighty Medicine . I've got a difficult case, I really can't do anything about it. It's no worse than Mrs. Su's, so I'll recommend Mr. Chen Hao to me. I'm willing, but can Mr. Chen Hao help the old man and save the lives of those hundred children?"

"Not to help me Ma Jin, but to save those 100 children! If I could, I would kneel down to Mr. Chen Hao!"

Ma Jin said, about to kneel down.

He was held back by Chen Hao.

"Over a hundred children? What's going on?"

Chen Hao was amazed.

"Is Doctor Ma Jin talking about the strange flu that our city, the last two days, has been disliking? Over a hundred children, their lives are in danger, and no one has been able to diagnose them yet!"

Vivian Wang said.


Ma Jin was busy saying.

"What can you tell us about their general symptoms?" Chen Hao asked.

He never flaunted himself as some kind of good guy hero though, nor would he agree to this simply for Ma Jin to help him introduce that Wu Sanfeng.

It was actually more than a hundred children, producing the same symptoms and in danger.

If he could cure them but didn't go to help, Chen Hao would never forgive himself even if he died.

Right now, Ma Jin said the symptoms.

This said, Chen Hao's heart was even more thumping.

No way?

These symptoms were somewhat like those produced by one's own soul devouring technique that consumed a small portion of blood energy.

Which is what flu?

Why is it so evil?

Soul Devouring was a technique remembered in your own mind.

It was an evil technique.

On that day, I had no choice but to perform this evil technique.

How could someone be hit by the Soul Devouring Technique now?

Could it be that there are others besides yourself?

Chen Hao was puzzled.

But there was no time to think about it.

He had to go first to determine if these children were in the Soul Devouring Art or not.

"It's not too late, I'll accompany you guys!" Chen Hao was busy.

"That's great Mr. Chen Hao, it's just as well, the dean and the others are holding a research meeting, so come with me first to hear the symptoms and I'll take you to the isolation room! "

Ma Jin said.

Soon, Chen Hao arrived at the hospital.

In the hospital hall, many parents could be seen crying.

Yes, after all, the blow caused to a family when something like this happened was catastrophic.

Chen Hao followed Ma Jin, the four of them, all the way to the conference room.

Ma Jin, due to his high status, brought people in and didn't even bother to ask questions.

They all also got up to Ma Jin and greeted him one by one.

Chen Hao found a seat to sit down while a piece of news was playing on the conference room's large screen.

"More than a hundred babies and toddlers in the isolation room are collectively reported to be in critical condition, and more than a hundred fragile lives that have just arrived in this world are in danger."

"The condition has been occurring for three days. More than one hundred infants and toddlers have fever and vomiting at the same time, and according to the case book, more than one hundred newborns all have different degree of lung infection, which led to widespread organ failure, and the hospital said the cause of the infection was under further inquiry. It's supposed to be an invasion of a new virus."

What played next was the state these babies were in when they fell ill.

The hostess, her pretty face filled with worry, looked up at the towering hospital building and said, "The hospital has been set up to include the A number of medical experts make up the emergency rescue team. Hopefully, they will be able to save these more than one hundred tender but suffering little lives with their wonderful hands."

"Dear viewers, let's pray for these more than a hundred lovely children!"

Lin Zhonghua, President of the First People's Hospital of Jinling, turned off the television and said to the crowd present.

"Everyone is aware of the serious situation we are facing. If this becomes a reality, it will be a disgrace in the history of medicine and the biggest medical malpractice scandal in the world. The hospital's credibility no longer exists."

"All of you here are experts in this field. There are affiliated hospitals, and there are highly talented people who have been drawn from other hospitals. On the verge of death, with the expectations of the government and the people on their shoulders. I'm not going to talk so much nonsense, so let's all talk and see what can be done to save the lives of these more than a hundred children."

"Until the bacterial culture results are out, we don't have any good solutions. It's just a matter of diagnosing and administering medicine. If we can't even get a diagnosis, how can we use the medicine?" The middle-aged doctor wearing glasses said in a bad tone.

It's really bad luck to be sent here to do this ghost work.

If it succeeds, it's fine, both fame and fortune, being widely reported by the newspapers, not to mention the possibility of being commended by the hospital when they return.

If you fail, your future will be ruined.

More than a hundred children ah - thinking about the fact that he would be responsible for this medical accident, I felt a chill down my spine.

"Looking at the pulse, it looks like a lung infection. But all the antiviral drugs have been used. It still hasn't gotten any better, which is questionable." An old Chinese doctor spoke out.

After they finished speaking, there was silence in the conference room.

This two-sided viewpoint of one Chinese and one Western was exactly what was on the minds of the people present.


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