The Unknown Heir Chen 636


"You are? "

Chen Hao looked at her indifferently, something was wrong with this way of greeting, right?

Is this woman mentally ill?

And when Wei Guifang and the others saw that Shen Yanli had actually hit the back of Chen Hao's head, they were also trembling with fear.

Trotting over, they stood behind Shen Yanli.

"Pretend! Chen Hao, keep pretending with me! "

Shen Yanli.

"What pretend? Do we know each other? "

Chen Hao was speechless.

It was also really hard to remember that he knew this girl ah.

"Haha, good, let me give you a heads up then, let me ask you, did you go to elementary school in Pingan County? Pingan County Elementary School No. 3? " 

Shen Yanli asked with a sneer.

"Well, how did you know? "

Chen Hao nodded.

"Hahaha! So were you in class 2 in third grade? "

Shen Yanli asked again.

"Good! "

Chen Hao also felt that something was wrong, who was this woman? Even she knew what class she was in.

She was absolutely right, for six years in elementary school, Chen Hao had been in the second class from the first to the sixth grade.

"Ahahahahahaha, grandmother, did you hear that, I told you, I know him! "

Shen Yanli cheered.

And Wei Guifang had witnessed the whole process, so naturally she knew.

Turning over her face was faster than turning over a book at the moment.

There was a contemptuous sneer on her face.

"You are? "

Chen Hao looked at her suspiciously.

"I'm Shen Yanli, huh? What? Pretend you don't know? I moved to your shitty elementary school in the third grade and became your class president. You're the only poor guy in my class. Have you forgotten? ? "

"Once a boy stole a classmate of mine to frame you, I splashed you with water and had my dad bring someone to block you for a few days to scare you into not Go to school! "

Shen Yanli despised it.

Shen Yanli?

Chen Hao just remembered that she was originally Shen Yanli.

She had indeed transferred to their class in the third grade and became their airborne class president, but when she was a kid, she dressed the best and was the class president, so everyone was afraid of her.

Of course, she had never looked up to Chen Hao either.

I remember the most impressive time.

It was the incident of splashing water.

At that time, a kid in her class stole her eraser, which was very beautiful, and then framed herself for it.

She got angry.

It was winter, and she splashed hot water directly on her face.

Nearly disfigured herself.

It wasn't that Chen Hao was afraid when she didn't go to school those days.

Rather, it was that Chen Hao went to the health center to apply the potion.

She simply hated this vicious class president to death.

Only after fifth grade, she changed schools and had already faded out of Chen Hao's life.

Oh, how small this world really is.

Why do you always manage to run into your classmates? Now, even a long forgotten elementary school classmate could be encountered.

Chen Hao could not help but smile bitterly.

"It's you, I remember now! "

Chen Hao nodded.

"Oops! It's you, I remember now. Chen Hao, you're not still pretending to be me, are you? I haven't seen you for 20 years. You've grown up. How dare you impersonate Chen? "

Shen Yanli's eyes suddenly grew cold and stern.

"What? You're impersonating Chen? "

The crowd was also shocked.

All of them felt incredulous and looked at Shen Yanli.

"Don't believe me yet, this man, is not some Young Master Chen at all, his name is Chen Hao, from the Pingan County countryside, he grew up a little poor boy! Well, I'll have the old photos found for me right away and you'll see if you look through them! "

In elementary school, there were group photos taken.

Shen Yanli has always had the habit of keeping them.

Taking it out for everyone to see, wasn't it Chen Hao when he was a kid?

"Fuck, it's really Miss Shen's elementary school classmate, and she's dressed so badly? "

The crowd was shocked after reading this.

"Xinhua, I can't believe it, you're usually quite spirited, I can't believe that you do this kind of thing without a lower limit, we all know that Tongxin You're sad that he's gone, and you're disappointed that he's not talking to you anymore. You want to find your way back in the business world. Face, but also can not do such a bottomless thing ah, we are so old, you are so? "

Wei Guifang laughed out loud.

The people around them changed their faces all of a sudden as well.

Others were sitting next to Su Guoqiang to offer tea to get close?

The smile was now restrained, and a disgusted face left the stool.

Like everyone else, he looked at the Su family with a scowl.

"What fake? He's Young Master Chen, Wei Guifang. Don't talk nonsense! "

Zhang Xinhua was angry.

"Hahaha, up to now you are still talking tough, if you really want to find someone to play Young Master Chen to mix face, then fine, at least find someone like my granddaughter son-in-law You're so talented, but what have you found? "

Wei Guifang laughed.

"That's right, get a poor pimp to play Chen Shao, can he play that kind of feeling? Su Tongxin, you Su family, all day long Su Tongxin, has disappeared, and you still imagine that Young Master Chen will take care of you! "

"Think your Tongxin is a fairy? "

Shen Yanli's jealousy also rose.

After all, her own husband had gone to ask Su Tongxin kiss.

"Shen Yanli, I don't know what your situation is, but it's best not to go talking about Mu Han! "

Chen Hao was cold-faced.

"Haha, you won't let me say it, I'll just say it, the old ones are shameless, the young ones are shameless too~! And you've got this poor guy pretending to be poor on purpose to disgust us, right? "

Shen Yanli scolded and finally looked viciously at Tang Ran.

"Who are you calling shameless? Shame on you! "

And Tang Ran angrily stood up and pushed Shen Yanli who was chattering and abusing Sujia.

And Shen Yanli, where was she being treated like this.

Miss temper came up and raised her hand to hit towards Tang Ran's face.

Saying that, Chen Hao rushed over, blocking in front of Tang Ran, grabbed Shen Yanli's wrist and directly threw it away.

"You dare to hit me too?!"

This time, Shen Yanli's eyes were going to glaze over.

What an ambitious leopard, who are you Chen Hao?  You're just a poor little punk. Now you've come here to impersonate Chen. You think you're Chen?

If I had been bitten by a tiger, I would have felt glory instead.

But now, it was like being arched by a pig, both humiliating and unpleasant.

The surrounding crowd was also completely stunned.

No one could believe that this country boy dared to treat Shen Yanli like this.

"I haven't hit you yet." Chen Hao said coldly to Shen Yanli, "I'm only protecting Tang Ran, and besides, Shen Yanli, don't you think you've gone too far? You're not giving yourself any room? I, Chen Hao, am here today, I won't let you touch anyone in the Su Family, and if you still dare to speak out, I don't mind actually fighting!"

"Hahahahaha, Chen Hao, pretend! How dare you hit me if you keep pretending? This is a big joke, I'd like to see how you actually hit me."


As soon as she finished speaking, a slap came straight over.

This time, all the people were blinded.

One had to know who Shen Yanli's father was!

"Good for you, you really dare to hit me, you stinking beggar? You're done, you're done!"

Shen Yanli was like a mad woman.

"Security, security! Beat him to death, and my uncle will take care of anything!"

Shen Yanli yelled at the top of her lungs.

At once, a group of security guards came around with sticks in their hands.

And Shen Yanli covered her face and looked viciously, as if she really wanted to break Chen Hao's legs today, it was hard to vent her hatred.


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