The Unknown Heir 632-635


Soon, thousands of workers were already in place.

Since the mountain was going to be opened up and broken down, the Genting Mountain Villa must also be demolished.

And this news was also observed by those who were interested and quickly spread to the internet.

In a short while, it caused a huge debate in Jinling City.

"The Genting Mountain Villa is going to be demolished?"

"Yeah, I go, an 800 million villa that says it's going to be demolished, it's just too rich!"

A crowd of fans have said.

However, the management of Genting Mountain Villa had not received any news before.

Because when Li Zhenguo was about to do something, there was no need to greet these subordinate departments.

But in the eyes of the management, the Genting Mountain Villa was not as simple as an ordinary residence.

It had taken the efforts of many engineers, and rather than being a building, it was more like a work of art.  

"Who told you to tear it down? How dare you! Do you know whose place this is?"

A woman of about twenty-six or twenty-seven years old, now looking angrily at a construction foreman, said.

"Oh, who told us to demolish it? Of course it's Mr. Li, if you have any questions, you can just go to Mr. Li!"

The foreman smiled coldly.

It made the woman take a deep breath of anger.

She looked up at the crowded construction team on top of the hill and furrowed her brow, then walked towards the top.

There was a loud bang.

She had just come up just in time to see one of the walls of the Genting Mountain Villa directly destroyed.

It was already too late to stop it.

Right now, a heartbroken heart cursed this group of rude people.

And Chen Hao was also within the garden of the Genting Mountain Villa.

"Young Master Chen, the earliest the work will take is two days and two nights!"

Li Zhenguo looked towards Chen Hao.

"I understand, Mr. Li, you just work hard for the next two days, keep an eye on things here, and let me know the first time you hear anything!"

Chen Hao said.

"I understand Young Master Chen!"

At this time a bodyguard hurriedly ran over.

"Young Master Chen, there is a woman outside causing trouble and blocking the progress of the project, she also belongs to the Jinling Group, I request, is it possible to Use of force to forcibly evict?"

The bouncer asked.

"Bastard, even Young Master Chen wants to do something and someone dares to stop him, whoever it is, blow me away!"

Li Zhenguo Mori said.

"She...she said her name was Tang Ran, just mention his name and you'll know it, Mr. Li!"

The bouncer.

"Tang...Tang Ran?"

Li Zhenguo was stunned and looked at Chen Hao.

Who was Tang Ran?

It was Su Tongxin's second cousin.

It was equivalent to Young Master Chen's sister, and this time, even if Li Zhenguo had any great anger, it was all gone at once.

Tang Ran was indeed not something he, Li Zhenguo, could mess with.

And when Chen Hao heard her name, he was also slightly shocked.

Sister Tongxin?

With Tang Ran, there were quite a few interactions before.

And she had a very good relationship with Tongxin.

In the past two years or so, Chen Hao naturally wouldn't just conceive of Tongxin and her own family, and likewise, the situation of Mu Han's family, Chen Hao hadn't forgotten to care.

Anything that could be compensated, Chen Hao would make it up.

Allowing the Su family to live a carefree life for several lifetimes was all Chen Hao had been able to do so far.

However, although Chen Hao had also returned to Jinling and was now here in Jinling as well.

But for Tongxin's family, Chen Hao always felt an unspeakable sense of guilt.

No matter what, Tongxin had followed her, and now that she was missing, it was always because she hadn't taken care of her properly.

So Chen Hao never knew how to face them.

Chen Hao wimped out and faced them, wimping out into a ball.

Right now in front of the villa door.

"You guys let go of me! Let go of me!"

Tang Ran was being racked out by several bodyguards, struggling for his life.


And at this moment, a voice sounded, and it was Chen Hao who approached.

"Chen Hao?"

Tang Ran was also extremely surprised to see Chen Hao.

Since her sister's disappearance, she had never seen Chen Hao again, and even more so, she had never heard of Chen Hao again.

In Tang Ran's eyes, huh, his own sister's disappearance.

And who was he, Chen Hao?

He is the eldest youngest of the Chen family, with a fortune of a million dollars.

How could he still keep on thinking about his sister?

Maybe he had already put his sister's life and death out of his mind.

He just sent a Li Zhenguo out to appease their entire Su Family.

Li Zhenguo said that no matter what the Su family had to do, they could seek their help and they would definitely do their best to help the Su family.

But the Su Family's family members and friends all understood that this was just a polite remark from someone, Young Master Chen, to show his regret.

After Tongxin disappeared, what relationship did the Su family still have with Chen Hao?

It's gone, there's no relationship at all.

Of course, with Tongxin missing, their Su family would not even go up to this relative, and had always refused to support Li Zhenguo.

If they didn't want to demolish the Genting Mountain villa, Tang Ran wouldn't be so angry, let alone take on Li Zhenguo.

There was another layer of reason.

The Genting Mountain Villa was originally Chen Hao and Su Tongxin's wedding room.

But now? Oh!


Tang Ran's entire body was ignited with anger.

But right now, it was seeing this boy again.

He seemed to have matured so much more than before, and was also much sturdier.

His entire body exuded an air of superiority.

"Cousin Tang Ran, don't be surprised! How have you been?"

Chen Hao said with a slight nod of his head.

"Oh, I dare not trouble young Chen to think about it, and Tang Ran, when did she become young Chen's cousin, our Su family, can't afford to climb up! A relative like Young Master Chen!"

Tang Ran spoke coldly in a cold voice.

"Bastard, how do you speak to Young Master Chen?"

And a group of bodyguards heard the sarcastic meaning of Tang Ran's words and immediately drank.

"None of your business, all of you back off!"

Chen Hao said coldly.

The group of bodyguards left respectfully.

Letting go of Chen Hao's words, they carried a chill of their own, making the heart awe-inspiring.

Even Tang Ran was infected by this voice.

Surprised, he looked at Chen Hao, this boy, in just two years, how could he have changed so much?

At that time, he was still a bit cowering, now, he has become this.

"I know Cousin Tang Ran you have some misunderstandings about me, Tongxin is missing, I didn't take good care of her, I have a lot of responsibility, do you think that I You've already forgotten Tongxin, haven't you?"

Chen Hao looked at Tang Ran.

Tang Ran said indifferently, "What? Haven't you forgotten?"

From his pocket, Chen Hao carefully pulled out a small fragrance sachet.

And seeing this small scent sachet, Tang Ran was stunned.

This was exactly what Su Tongxin had given to Chen Hao in the first place, and she had made it with her own hands, when she had followed her mother to learn the workmanship, but unfortunately, the embroidery was not decent, and after trying to embroider it for an entire night, she still had a pair of small mandarin ducks embroidered crookedly.

At first because of this, Tang Ran was about to die of laughter.

She said that she would give this to the boy she loved the most, and that the person she loved the most would definitely not dislike her poor handwork!

But for now, this fragrance bag Chen Hao still had with him.

"I won't forget every detail of our lives, and I won't forget Tongxin, I've been trying to find it as long as it will allow me to find the Her, I would travel to every corner of the world, even to the ends of the earth! So Cousin Tang Ran, you've misunderstood me!"


"Are you telling the truth?"

Tang Ran listened to Chen Hao's explanation and saw that Chen Hao had taken out the fragrance bag that Tongxin had given him.

It was also somewhat believable.

Furthermore, she knew the previous Chen Hao, and always felt that he wouldn't be that kind of person.

"In the past, I tried to help you guys as much as possible, I didn't dare to stand in front of you, and then again, I didn't take care of her properly! Cousin Tang Ran, I just heard from Zhen Guo that you have never accepted my gifts?"

This was something that Chen Hao had not thought of.

"Well, our whole family feels that since Tongxin has disappeared and you are not married, we, the Su family, naturally have the Su family's Dignity, why would you take your stuff? It was Grandma who disagreed!"

Tang Ran cleared up some misunderstandings with Chen Hao.

Naturally, he also told Chen Hao about the Su family's recent situation.

It turned out that ever since Su Tongxin's accident.

The entire Su family was also covered with a thick layer of gloom, and for a long time, it had depressed the Su family to the point where they couldn't breathe.  

Just the banter of the crowd's eyes and drool.

It seemed like they could drown every Su family member.

The Su family had never announced to anyone that their future granddaughter-in-law was Jinling's great young master,Young Chen, because of Chen Hao's special status.

Of course, all of the Su family's family and friends only knew that Su Tongxin's boyfriend was very powerful, the kind whose family's wealth wasting particularly powerful, and had bought a villa worth one hundred million dollars for the entire Su family.

This alone made the Su family's friends awe and jealous. Desperately sticking up for the Su family in an attempt to befriend this mysterious Su Tongxin boyfriend.

But ever since Su Tongxin's accident, the entire Su family has changed.

The Su family's old lady Zhang Xinhua, Su Mu Han's grandmother, who is still a strong and shameless person, retired the villa Chen Hao had given them and returned to live in the original place.

Even the company, also rejected Chen Hao's charity outright.

Hehe, granddaughter is missing, what is this Su family of his, in the eyes of others, Young Master Chen?

Why are you licking your face and stammering?

This kind of thing the old lady Su couldn't do.

So, they ended up choosing their original lives. If someone wanted to see the joke, then so be it!

"So, it was you guys who thought I'd given up on Tongxin long ago, right?"

Chen Hao took a deep breath and said with some guilt.

He was so focused on searching for Tongxin and his second uncle that he had really neglected Tongxin's family, and a strong tinge of self-reproach emerged in his heart.

"Mm!" Tang Ran nodded.

"Uncle Su, are Grandma and the others okay? You take me with you, I want to go see them!"

Chen Hao was serious.

"How else can it be good? Today is a birthday gift for one of Lou Lou's ex-sister's children! Did you know that after Tongxin's accident, she's never seen Lou Lou again! But now, oh, she's having a birthday party, but she's repeatedly invited all of our family over!"

"Anyone with clear eyes knows what Wei Guifang means, isn't it just that back then, Mu Han was with you, and our Su family rejected Wei Guifang's grandson The proposal of marriage, which had left them with a grudge, was now so great that her granddaughter had married well and her grandson had married well, so she strongly invited the Just to show it off in front of grandma! If I hadn't heard that Genting Mountain Villa was going to be demolished, I would have been there!"

Tang Ran bit his lip.

"Since you know they have ill intentions, grandmother still insists on going?" Chen Hao said.

"Of course, grandmother said to stand firm when beaten, the Su family has never done a single bad thing, the Su family is open and honest, since their family Why don't you go, if you're invited?"

Tang Ran said.

"Alas, but by the way, grandma has become too stubborn over the past two years! For grandma's birthday yesterday, she missed Tongxin, and said that as long as Tongxin didn't come back, she wouldn't have a birthday for a day!"

"Let's go, you'll be going to the birthday banquet later anyway, so I'll go with you!"

Chen Hao said.

The family Wei Guifang was in was the Xiao family.

It is similar to the Su family and the two, both used to be ordinary enterprises in Jinling that were not too big or small, but they have developed extremely rapidly in the past two years.

The villa environment is very good, it is the recent high-end villa area in Cloud City, the price is at least 80 million above, for Cloud City, in addition to Genting Mountain Villa, and a small number of villas, it is already very high-class.

At the same time, when the Su family's old lady Zhang Xinhua brought the Su family to Wei Guifang's house, there were already many guests, all of whom were new faces.

As Zhang Xinhua had said before, their Su family had now lost Tongxin, and even so, their Su family wouldn't cower and hide in their home without daring to see anyone.

As soon as everyone entered, they saw that a radiant old lady in her sixties was being supported by someone walking towards Zhang Xinhua and the others.

And the people supporting her, one side is a small boy, one side is a small girl.

Those who knew that this was her doing her birthday, those who didn't know thought that the old Buddha of Cixi had been reborn!

She was the current family member of the Xiao family, old Mrs. Wei Guifang Wei, who was very close to Zhang Xinhua when she was younger.

How to say it? It is often the most difficult to describe this kind of relationship between the girlfriends who grew up together.

At that time, the two like to compare each other, as a child to compare whose clothes look good, after going to school to compare who has better academic performance, into society, but also to compare who has a good job, who married a good husband, older it, but also to compare who has a stronger family.

Climbing to compare whose children are more promising.

These two, they were the kind of people who climbed from childhood to old age.

"Xinhua, you're late ah, I just finished showing my old sisters the birthday gift that came this time, or you can go see for yourself later, I still have to Calling guests yet, that whole house is full of them. By the way, it's not too late, a few of my granddaughters-in-law and grandsons-in-law haven't sent it yet, so I'll be just in time for them to send gifts later."

As soon as Wei Guifang saw that Zhang Xinhua had really come, she smiled with joy, letting loose as if the sky was exceptionally blue today. She said with a humble face.

Piled up all over the house? This made Su Guoqiang look embarrassed.

And Zhang Xinhua's face was even more ugly, and could only compensate by smiling and saying, "Guifang, you're really having a good time now, remember when you were young . Your family doesn't have any money, it's your family that gives people gifts, and now it's good that they're all giving you gifts!"

Zhang Xinhua returned unwillingly.

Let's Wei Guifang's expression was stagnant.

But the two old ladies had lived as human beings, and having emotions wouldn't go beyond the surface.

"Hey." Wei Guifang sighed and said, "I'm also following to enjoy the blessings, it was only a while ago that my granddaughter-in-law gave me a new car, you say I'm so old What's the point of giving me a car when you're in your sixties?"

When saying this, Wei Guifang took a special look at Zhang Xinhua, thinking that his grandson was very fond of Su Tongxin, haha, but then, there was some very powerful rich second generation in the Su family who became Su Tongxin girlfriend, causing his grandson to suffer for a long time.

Not to mention the grandson, even she was miserable for a long time.


But now it's good, her granddaughter is missing, that rich second generation of people, they have already forgotten about their Su family.

"Xinhua, you're regretting it now, at first my grandchild, but he was chasing after your granddaughter Tongxin ah."

"Alas, I know you can't do anything about it, after all, how can there be a family to make decisions about the children now, otherwise Tongxin wouldn't be It would be so good to gamble and go to some Hong Kong Island to further your studies, and maybe now you're already married to my grandson, and they've opened a company together."

As soon as Wei Guifang said this, many of the surrounding guests shook their heads in sighs.

Pity, pity!

Many people echoed the words.

And the entire Su family, their faces turned the color of pig liver.

Especially Su Guoqiang and Wang Huimin, missing is their daughter, and Wei Guifang this old woman repeatedly took Tongxin to say things, brought up the sadness of the two, when the eyes are wet red.

And Su tongTon is Zhang Xinhua's most beloved granddaughter, since childhood, when the heart is like an overturned five-flavor bottle, sad, jealousy, all the emotions gathered together, not taste.

In the past, Tongxin and Xiao Ge together, these people know Tongxin's boyfriend is rich, that flattery, but now, afraid of wanting to get back, are eager to see their Su family now lively it?

The old lady sat down at the table without words.  

For more than an hour, the Su family sat here, seeing the expressions of the people around them, many of them were sitting on pins and needles.

Just as the Su family was feeling embarrassed to the point of shame, suddenly, a servant came from outside the manor.

He was followed by a man and a woman, and it was Chen Hao and Tang Ran.

Because the grandmother's health had been poor recently, Tang Ran had been accompanying the grandmother to serve her recently.

If it wasn't for the fact that when everyone went out together today, they were shocked to hear that the Genting Mountain villa had been demolished, she would have been here to keep her company.

Only to come back now.

"Chen Hao?"

And when the Su family saw the person next to Tang Ran, they all opened their mouths wide in surprise.

Because this boy wasn't a bystander, it was actually Chen Hao?

Makes you feel like you're living in a dream?

Chen Hao, why is he with Ran Ran?

And today, why would Chen Hao come?

Everyone looked over in great surprise.

"Isn't this Tang Ran? What took you so long? Who's this guy next to you? It's not your boyfriend, is it? "

And as Wei Guifang was so familiar with Zhang Xinhua, she naturally knew Zhang Xinhua's family members and friends very well.

Tang Ran was her niece, another one of her favorites other than Su Tongxin.

Now that she saw that this girl had come, Wei Guifang naturally wanted to make some inquiries.

And soon, Wei Guifang's grandson, Xiao Jun, came over with his new daughter-in-law, and granddaughter, Xiao Qian, with her husband.

"Grandmother! "

"Grandma! "

They shouted in unison.

At the same time, Xiao Jun skimmed his gaze to Tang Ran again.

"So it's Sister Ran Ran coming over, after such a long time, Sister Ran Ran seems to be pretty again! "

Xiao Jun laughed bitterly.

"Who is Sister Ranran? Honey, did you know her well? "

Beside Xiao Jun, the woman who was dressed very flamboyantly said.

"Oooo, this is what I told you before, that cousin of Su Tongxin's, of course, she almost became my cousin back then, pity ah! "

Xiao Jun sneered.

"I got it! "

The girl said coldly.

Apparently, Xiao Jun had told her about his previous door-to-door marriage proposal.

"Xiao Jun, why are you only greeting Tang Ran, look at this guy next to you, he is Ran Ran's boyfriend. "

Wei Guifang looked at Chen Hao for a moment to check him out, dressed extremely ordinary.

The difference with those rich second generation dudes was simply too far.

She didn't know how the always arrogant Tang Ran could have found one like this.

Now, naturally, she raised her voice to let everyone get to know each other piece by piece.

"Oooh, so it's cousin-in-law! I've seen it! "

Xiao Jun smiled faintly.

Nor did he have any intention of shaking Chen Hao's hand.

Only then the girl in his arms was staring up and down at Chen Hao.

There was always a feeling that something was wrong with Chen Hao.

"Ran Ran is excellent, this boyfriend of Ran Ran's is also excellent, let me introduce him to everyone! "

Wei Guifang said again.

"Sorry Granny Wei, he's not my boyfriend, today, much less as my boyfriend! "

Tang Ran said.

A glance at the Su family.

The Su family was sitting on a table.

At this moment, they had all opened their mouths without speaking, just looking straight at it.

Even the old lady Zhang Xinhua was extremely shocked and hadn't reacted yet.

"O? Not your boyfriend? In what capacity did that come?"

Wei Guifang thought, what's the pretence!

"His name is Chen Hao, and he's here today as Tongxin's fiancé, he's here on behalf of Mu Han!"

Tang Ran stood beside Chen Hao and explained.

"What? Su Tongxin's fiancé? How is that possible? Didn't Su Tongxin go missing? Her old boyfriend broke up with her a long time ago!"

Wei Guifang said.

After all, Su Tongxin's boyfriend was too powerful in the past, creating a very strong psychological shadow on everyone.

Now when Tang Ran said this, it also made the surrounding banquet guests, all of them quieted down and quietly looked towards this side.

"Su Tongxin's boyfriend? Fiancé? Is this really fake?"

"What's going on?"

The crowd discussed.

"Although Tongxin is not here, but today since Grandmother Wei has invited all the people of the Su family, I have been in a relationship with Tongxin for several years and have also settled on a Marriage contract, considered half of the Su family, I'm here today, Grandma Wei, you don't blame me, right?"

Chen Hao said.

Said the marriage contract was Chen Hao's excuse, but in the beginning, the two of them were determined under a verbal marriage contract, originally planned Mu Han finished the Hong Kong Island study trip, Chen Hao was engaged to Tongxin, but as a result....

Only these words were heard by Wei Guifang, as well as the surrounding guests.

They were all a little blinded.

"I go, with that boyfriend that Su Tongxin has been talking about? A very rich boyfriend? Is that him?"

"He's coming!"

Wei Guifang couldn't help but feel a little nervous all over.

"No blame, no blame, it's our Wei family's honor that you're here!"

Wei Guifang hastily retracted her hand from the two golden boys and girls.

In front of him, what do you have to pretend ah.

And Chen Hao and Tang Ran had already walked over to Zhang Xinhua's table with them.

"Grandmother, Uncle Su, Aunt Wang, I'm back!"

Chen Hao looked at them and smiled.

"Young Master Chen! We..."

And only then did Zhang Xinhua wake up like a dream.

They Su family thought that after two years, of course Young Master Chen had already forgotten about them.

"No matter what happens to Tongxin, in the future, I'll have everything!"

Chen Hao walked up to them and said to the Su family.

Some of the Su family members, such as Su tongxin's sister, Su Ying, were all a bit emotional and cried.

In these two years, they had been wronged so much!


The Su family was touched to hear this, including the old lady.

Only then did they realize that everyone had misunderstood Chen Hao in the first place, and Tongxin, too, hadn't misjudged anyone.

Because of Chen Hao's arrival, the entire atmosphere of the scene was dramatically reversed.

There were gradually more people who began to come over to the Su family to offer tea and communicate their feelings, and there was no lack of flattery from some of them.

"Old lady, why didn't you send an invitation to your birthday banquet yesterday, everyone went to give you a birthday ah, alas, it's a pity ah, later on . I'll make it up!"

Some of the CEOs said.

And the drama turned around to see so many people start to get close to Zhang Xinhua at his birthday banquet.

The one who felt the worst would have to be Wei Guifang.

Originally, she was going to show off her grandchildren-in-law, as well as her granddaughter-in-law.

Now it's a good thing that people's Su tongxin's former very powerful boyfriend is back.

Even she, she was going to be respectful.  

And even more amazement is to follow!

"Young Master Chen? What? Old lady, you call him Chen Siu? Which Chen? "

The people who went to offer tea to Zhang Xinhua were shocked to hear this.

It also made the entire scene instantly silent.

What kind of existence Young Master Chen was in Jinling, there was no need for this to be said.

It could be imagined what kind of impact these two words brought to everyone.

"Which other Young Master Chen could it be, naturally it's Jinling Young Master Chen! I just got back from Genting Mountain Villa before I met Chen Hao there!"

Tang Ran glanced at these people, then answered his grandmother's question.

Genting Mountain Villa? Jinling Chen?

Everyone was all nonchalant, and there was a clatter and the sound of various stools going to the bottom.

Because in that instant, almost all of them stood up together.

All were scared silly already.

Even Wei Guifang, who was standing on the side, almost didn't come up with a breath.

"Really fake? That extremely rich and powerful boyfriend of Su tongxin's is actually Jinling Young Master Chen?"

"I guess it can't be faked, don't you all forget that Su Tongxin is from Jinling University, and Young Master Chen is also from Jinling University, and Su tongxin's boyfriend Particularly rich, and so is Young Master Chen, these two, it's the same person, it should be Young master Chen!"

"Everyone should have figured out long ago that Su tongxin's boyfriend is actually Young Master Chen! "

Everyone was surprised.

Have regretted, why do not engage in good relations with the Su family, if so, soaring to the sky already.

Wei Guifang up and down, trembling and being held by the golden man and woman, is going over to greet.

God, this is Young Master Chen ah!

He also claimed to be the son-in-law of the Su family.

No match, no match at all!

The original blue sky of Wei Guifang, with white clouds, is now as if dark clouds and thunder were rolling.

It was desolate inside.

"Something's wrong, how come the more I look at him, the more familiar I feel? "

And Xiao Jun was ready to go over and bow and kowtow or something to show respect.

At this time, his wife Shen Yanli was confused.

"What's wrong Yanli? Don't look familiar. Go over there and apologize to Mr. Chen for our delay. He's Mr. Chen! "

"No! No, Grandma, don't worry! I doubt it. He's not Chan. "

Shen Yanli pulled at her grandmother.

"Huh? Why? "

"Because I always felt as if he were one of my classmates from when I was a kid, and the more I look at him now, the more he looks like! "

Shen Yanli was firm.

"The same... classmate? "

Xiao Jian and the old lady were surprised at the same time.

Feeling that this was simply a fantasy, firstly, there was no such coincidence, and secondly, although Shen Yanli's family background was powerful, how could she be Chen Shao's classmate?

"What classmate? Cleopatra, you can't joke about such things! Su Tongxin's boyfriend grandmother is the one who understands, it's really great, even many people already suspect that Su Tongxin's boyfriend is Young Master Chen! Now that he's revealed his identity, he mustn't offend, or he won't be able to live in Jinling! "

Wei Guifang anxiously patted her thighs straight.

"Yes Yanli, you need to think about it, what classmate? There's no mistaking it! "Xiao Jun said.

"I won't be mistaken, he's most likely one of my elementary school classmates, back then, my father developed his power, starting with Pingan County first Underground forces, I was in elementary school in Ping An at the time, I remember there was a Chen Hao in my class, I think there was a Chen Hao in my class, I just said his name. I just felt familiar, and at one look at his bar, I felt familiar again, but I can't specifically remember what he looked like after all these years. So I didn't dare to confirm! "

"But now, I feel almost as if he should be! "

Shen Yanli squinted her eyes to make sure.

"I remember that Chen Hao in my class, the family was particularly difficult, too poor, too poor, I also remember that back then, the two of us still had one more time A little crossover! "

"Do you think, grandmother, that it could be the Su family, deliberately looking for someone to fake it? "

Shen Yanli asked softly.

The old lady's heart thudded.

Not to mention, it's really possible!

"Actually, for this birthday banquet, I thought that the Su's who invited Zhang Xinhua would definitely not come, because she must have known that I was showing off to her . But she's here, and you see, she's been acting so strong since she got here! Tang Ran, on the other hand, had excused himself from coming until now, and had suddenly brought Su Tongxin's boyfriend with him! "

Wei Guifang said analytically.

"Anita said so, I seem to understand a bit more, so this Zhang Xinhua had prepared for this moment and waited for it, but also deliberately let me It's embarrassing! "

Wei Guifang seemed to have insight into all of this and said in her heart.

This old demon woman, how ruthless!

Xiao Jun and Shen Yanli also felt that Grandma's analysis was reasonable.

"But Yanli, we can't act rashly on this matter, we have to make sure if this is actually that classmate of yours ah? "

Wei Guifang was still a little scared, if she got it wrong, this oolong would be too big.

"Haha, grandmother, don't worry, I've made sure now, since you're not worried, I'll make sure again for you, small sample, before the poor And now you're pretending to be Chen! "

Shen Yanli's face was despicable.

She had already decided that this Chen Hao was her elementary school classmate Chen Hao, only to prove it to the old lady, so of course Shen Yanli was unscrupulous.

She walked over with a swagger.

Because that table of the Su family, there were already quite a few people lined up around the table to offer tea and communicate their feelings.

"Out of the way! "

Shen Yanli faintly drank.

"Miss Shen! "

The guest nodded and smiled.

Shen Yanli's background was not simple, her uncle was a famous underground leader of the Jinling generation, no one would dare to offend Shen Yanli.

They, the merchants, dared not to do so even more.

Chen Hao, on the other hand, didn't care about these people outside.

At the moment, he was engrossed in chatting with Su Mu Han's parents and grandmother.

Saying that he had been on a general search for the past two years, Chen Hao never gave up his search for a moment.


And as he was saying that, Chen Hao suddenly received a blow to the head.

This made Chen Hao a little blinded.

There weren't any martial artists here, so naturally he had already relaxed his guard, and he didn't feel any killing intent approaching, but he didn't expect that he was actually being plotted against.

When he looked back, it was that new wife of Xiao Jun's who was holding his shoulder and looking at him proudly...


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