The Unknown Heir 626-631


The next day.

Shen Nan's twentieth birthday party was very much in her family's hands.

Despite the recent period of time, the family's business had suffered a career crisis.

But her family, on the contrary, still wanted to use this to wish her happiness.

So a small birthday banquet is like a large family gathering.

Longteng Hotel, Shen Nan's parents chartered a large private room that could accommodate thirty people.

Not only Shen Nan's family and classmates, but also his uncle and cousins all came with their families, making a total of thirty people.

The family business was in the doldrums, and everyone wanted to flush out the bad luck.

"Second brother and second sister-in-law, you're really lucky to have given birth to a beautiful woman of Nan Nan's temperament. Enjoy your blessing, Nan!"

Third Aunt Shen Nan looked at Shen Nan's parents and smiled.

"Enjoy the blessings? What's the blessing, Old Three, you all know the family's current affairs, it's a mess, we still have to think about the rest of our lives ah!"  

Shen Zhonghua shook his head bitterly and smiled.

At the mention of this, the great uncle and third uncle also sighed.

"But don't be too anxious, right now our business isn't as bad as we thought, if we can get a sum of money to incorporate, then It's a sure thing. I've heard that the Wang family's Mr. Wang Peng is now madly in pursuit of our Nancy. You know... What kind of power is in that Wang Peng young master's house?"

The third aunt changed the subject to Shen Nan at this time.

By the way, the eldest and the third family are also people who can't afford to be unprofitable, how can they bring their families over when Shen Nan, a little girl, is celebrating her birthday?

To be fair, it's not because Shen Nan has the benefit of this.

But that's right.

Shen Zhonghua and Wang Guifang have all heard about Wang Peng Da youngster's pursuit of Nan Nan.

His Wang family is now remarkable, but it's a listed company, and the family has the background of the Jinling Business Group.

It's now a hot enterprise in Jinling.

Anyone who meets the Wang family will have to give three points of face.

If Shen Nan could be with Wang Peng, and Wang Peng would then put in a few good words with his father, it would be a nine-tenths sure thing that the Shen family would turn from danger to peace.

It was precisely with this in mind that her uncle and third uncle all came to celebrate her birthday.

"And I also heard that Nan Nan invited Wang Peng today!?"

Third Aunt smiled again.

Wang Guifang laughed, "Sister, you're better informed than I am, how did you know that Nan Nan had invited Wang Peng Da Shao to come?"

Aunt San laughed awkwardly.

"I just heard that, didn't I!"

"That's good, for those who don't know, you've been keeping an eye on Young Master Wang Peng Da too, but your daughter Fang Fang won't be so lucky . To be fortunate enough to get to know someone like Wang Peng, and that Fang Fang is excellent, but in order to win the favor of someone like Wang, it takes Trying harder, don't you think so, Fanfan?"

Wang Guifang looked at the third aunt's daughter, the same age as Nan Nan.

Just now, the third aunt had mentioned Young Master Wang Peng Da  many times and knew his whereabouts like the back of her hand, which couldn't help but cause Wang Guifang's scruples.

Afraid that this third daughter-in-law had something in mind and was recommending her daughter in front of Young Master Wang, could it be that she was trying to steal her son-in-law from her?

Hmph, don't even think about it.

Thinking of this, Wang Guifang continued to strike.

"By the way sister, there's one thing you may not have heard, just yesterday, before Nan Nan's accident, that Young Master Wang had another time with our Nan Nan Where's the heartfelt confession? Kneel down to Nan Nan in front of all those people! But unfortunately, Nan Nan is too stubborn a child to agree!"

"Yeah, Nanny is awesome!"

The third aunt's face couldn't help but flicker with embarrassment as she praised somewhat bitterly.

"Young Master Wang, inside please!"

And at that moment, the waiter opened the door of the box.

A handsome boy in a small white suit and tie was seen walking in with flowers in his hands.

"Hello Uncle Shen, hello Auntie Wang!"

The handsome boys were handsome and extraordinary, greeting each of them at the moment.

This boy was exactly Wang Peng.

Yesterday, he learned that Shen Nan had invited him, not to mention how excited Wang Peng was.

So today, he dressed up with extra care.

Showing the essence of the youngest.

The Shen family even kept praising him.

Let Wang Peng face with a touch of pride.

And put him in the head seat.

It was also at this time that Wang Guifang suddenly remembered that her daughter was actually not there?

"By the way, where are Nan Nan and Yuan Yuan? They didn't seem to be here just now, did they?"

As Wang Guifang spoke to Wang Peng, she asked Nan Nan's four remaining roommates.

"Nan Nan just went down to pick them up with Yuanyuan!"

The roommates said as they drank their juice.

"A pickup? Who is it? Isn't Wang already here? You just didn't touch it?"

Wang Guifang was puzzled.

You could say that, but Wang Shao was the protagonist of the day.

"No, Dragon Hotel is owned by one of my uncles, every time I come here, I always take the special VIP passage, I should have known that Nan Nan is waiting for me down there I'm going through the front door!"

Wang Peng's face flashed with a touch of excited joy.

Last night, he heard his father chatting about something that had happened to Shen Nan's family, which was probably the main reason why the Shen family was sticking up for him.

After all, but their Wang family had the backstory of the Jinling Business Group.

But any, companies that were connected to the Jinling Business Group, what status they were in Jinling, this was needless to say.

Anyway, Wang Peng understood that it was only a matter of time before he would get this girl Shen Nan, maybe tonight.

"Oh my, I say, Wang Shao, you are taking the VIP passage, so wouldn't it be a waste to have Nan Nan waiting down there? Just wait, I'll call Nan Nan up here!"

Wang Guifang laughed out loud.

"Auntie Wang don't fight, seriously, I feel really bad for making Nan Nan wait down there for so long, I'm going down there now, to look for Nam Nam, pick up Nam Nam!"

Wang Peng shook his head slightly and smiled.

Thinking yesterday, he still needed to kneel down and court Shen Nan, but now that he knew the details of the Shen family, Wang Peng also had a very strong bottom.

Now, he stood up and walked towards the bottom.

"Wang Shao, Auntie will accompany you down together!"

How Wang Guifang couldn't even kiss Wang Peng enough, as if this was her own son-in-law.

"Let's go, let's go down and look for Yuanyuan and the others too!"

Four girls at the moment slurp, together down for air.

And again by the street in front of the hotel.

Two girls are waiting anxiously.

"I go, Nan Nan, can we stop waiting, I reckon, as soon as you told him about the Dragon Hotel yesterday, he himself is afraid, he already understands the To the gap before you, and even to the extent of saying that he's never been to an occasion like the Dragon Hotel before, very timid! Don't dare come!"

Yao Yuanyuan held her shoulders speechless.

To be honest, in the beginning, she had a good impression of Chen Hao, but then, something happened that made Yao Yuanyuan's impression of Chen Hao decrease drastically.

Even though he saved himself yesterday, Yao Yuanyuan still despised him somewhat from the bottom of her heart.

Don't blame yourself for being realistic, it's just that you're not good enough... Hmph!


"No, he said he'd come, and it was with that in mind that I agreed with him that we'd meet in front of the hotel !"

It could be said that Shen Nan was no less than a goddess level.

She was rather thoughtful in considering things.

Just as Yao Yuanyuan said, Chen Hao might have really never been to this kind of five-star hotel and would be shy or something, so Shen Nan said that she would wait for him at the door and they would go in together!

But the agreed time was to meet up at nine in the morning, and now, it was almost nine forty, and Chen Hao hadn't even come yet.

He didn't reply even when I sent him a WeChat.

Shen Nan thought to herself, is it true that he's not coming.

By the way, yesterday he told himself that he wanted to prepare a special gift for a friend.

Who is this friend?

Could it be one of the girls next to him?

In other words, he doesn't like himself at all?  

If Chen Hao was just an ordinary D-Silk, then Shen Nan wouldn't be so remembered.

But, people had flashes of brilliance in Chen Hao, he was a good fighter and was now a hero in people's eyes.

He was just an excellent person.

Therefore, Shen Nan would worry about obsessing over whether he was fond of himself or not.

This was a subconscious thought in the hearts of many girls, and it was understandable that eighty percent of girls, especially the pretty ones, would have this kind of psychology.

"Nan Nan! I'm really sorry to have kept you waiting, but I just took the VIP lane!"

At this moment, Wang Peng came down with Wang Guifang, along with four other girls.

From far away, he saw that Nan Shen was looking around with Yao Yuanyuan towards the sides of the street, thinking of her doing that to herself yesterday and now to herself, Wang Peng's heart had a sense of satisfaction.

"Nan Nan you don't know, people Wang Peng also prepared a gift for you carefully, I was going to call you to go up, but where is family Wang Peng It had to come down to you!"

Wang Guifang said with a smile.

"Oooo, thank you Wang Peng, you and my mom go up first!"

Nan Shen smiled perfunctorily at Wang Peng.

As soon as he said this, Wang Peng's face instantly turned green!

Wang Guifang was also stunned.

Something was wrong with the mood.

Why did her daughter look like she wasn't waiting for Wang Peng?

And Wang Peng was also aware of it in hindsight.

"Nan Nan, who are you waiting for?"

Wang Guifang's tone was extremely bad now.

"I'm still waiting for a friend of mine, he hasn't come yet?"

Shen Nan said subconsciously.

"Him? This...male he female she?"

Wang Guifang asked.

And Shen Nan had already taken it upon herself to walk towards the roadside outside again, wanting to see why Chen Hao hadn't come yet.

Wang Guifang looked to Yao Yuanyuan.

"Yuanyuan, who are you waiting for?"

So, Yao Yuan Yuan put yesterday's photo shoot with Chen Hao, and then the afternoon accident, a series of things to Wang Guifang told.

Only then did Wang Guifang understand that her daughter was waiting for a poor boy.

Wang Peng took a deep breath, full of jealousy.

Wang Guifang also discovered the change in Wang Peng's face.

She hated it so much that she gnashed her teeth.

This daughter of his own, how can he be so indiscreet, which is lesser and which is heavier can't tell?

Now go over and viciously go and count your daughter....

Plus, Chen Hao.

After Chen Hao received the invitation to the birthday banquet last night, he was naturally extremely attached to it.

And it was also prepared early.

If everything went smoothly, he would drive over by himself and be able to arrive on time by eight-thirty.

Chen Hao was only driving an ordinary car.

Like what luxury sports car didn't even drive.

Because Chen Hao felt that the misunderstanding with Shen Nan was now lifted, and it wasn't with money, let alone mixed with any interests.

As long as he attended her birthday and gave her a well-prepared gift, the matter would be done.

Also, Chen Hao thought that it was quite vulgar to show off his wealth by driving a luxury car.

Shen Nan is different from Su Chuchu.

From some details, it was discovered that Shen Nan, the little girl, was somewhat money-conscious, while Su Chuchu's people didn't care about money.

In case you are driving a luxury car today, Shen Nan might not become so sincere because she is rich.

Then obtaining the blood of the Supreme Yin would be ineffective.

According to what Bai Xiaofei said is that there's no need to show wealth to her.

So today, Chen Hao was driving an ordinary small car of over a hundred thousand.

But on the road, it just happened to run into a big traffic jam.

And just now, a bang.

A driver in front braked sharply.

Chen Hao immediately stopped the car.

But a voluptuous woman driving a Porsche and wearing a hat in the back was so nervous that she mistook the accelerator for the brake and hit Chen Hao's buttocks in no time.

Having another traffic accident in this big traffic jam, Chen Hao was really drunk too.

"Bastard, you don't have eyes, do you know how to drive? How do you say stop!"

The voluptuous girl was carrying a bag and had a cigarette in her mouth, but she came over and bit Chen Hao back.

"Big sister, look carefully, you're the one who bumped me!"

Chen Hao didn't think that there were actually people who were so unreasonable, and he was really speechless.

And the demonic girl heard Chen Hao call her big sister.

It was like hearing thunder in silence and being struck by a bolt of lightning all over her body.

It shook her entire body.

Her entire face was about to be twisted.

"You... who are you calling out for big sister?"

She raged.

"Aren't you just driving a little sports car? What are you fooling around for? I've seen too many poor pussies like you, you don't even look, what kind of car is that, what kind of car is this, I'm telling you, you better pay me! Money, or I'll call my husband and make you look good!"

The girl said with a face full of resentment.

Chen Hao smiled bitterly and shook his head.

On the scene, the traffic jam was too blocked to walk anyway.

Many people rolled down their car windows to watch the fun.

The horn was honking loudly.

And this girl is also really quite social, and today Chen Hao's one big sister, if Chen Hao's mouth is not chopped off, the girl seems to be all unwilling.

And really called his husband.

Not long after, his husband opened a large Hummer and directly crossed the sidewalk.

Came to the scene of the accident.

Behind him were a few brawny men with inch heads, one with a golden chain around his neck.

All of them had their hands in their pockets and were holding cigarettes in their mouths while still twisting their necks and making popping noises.

"Honey, that's him! He stopped the car on purpose to let me hit it!"

The girl hurriedly said.

"Kid, you've got some guts, you dare to target my woman, do you not want to hang around in Jinling anymore? Do you know who I am?"

The middle-aged man at the head of the group, with his bag between his legs and a large gold watch on his hand, said coldly.

"I don't know!"

Chen Hao shook his head and took out his phone to check the time.

"I Nima!"

The few brawny men behind the middle-aged man, who were spouting fragrant words, took a step towards Chen Hao.

"Then brother you're finished today, I'll make you unable to stand up!"

The middle-aged man said viciously.

"Who told me not to stand up?"

Chen Hao glanced at him.


The middle-aged man spoke up.


Chen Hao looked at him and shook his head and laughed.

The middle-aged man, on the other hand, realized afterwards that he had been tricked and looked furious.

The big man behind him also reacted.

"Me Nima!"

They slammed their cigarette butts into the ground and came around towards Chen Hao....


A few big men instantly gathered around and tried to fight.

Apparently similar things had definitely never been done by them.

The girl also wanted to take advantage of the thugs grabbing Chen Hao and go over there to skewer him two big mouths to take out her anger.

But I didn't expect that the first big man had just rushed over.

Chen Hao raised his leg and swiftly kicked him in the stomach.

That person was a small two hundred pounds in weight.

He flew out more than twenty meters away.

It ruthlessly smashed into the Humvee.

With a bang, the window glass of the Humvee, all shattered and scattered all over the ground.


The girl was so shocked that she squealed.  

The middle-aged man at the side was also momentarily startled.

It was only a poor kid, but I never thought that he was so powerful.

The remaining people all didn't dare to move again.

Because the one who had just moved had shrunk into a ball of pain all over his body, foaming wildly in his mouth.

The might of a kick almost killed him.

Who dared to move again?

And when Chen Hao looked at the time, since the traffic accident, plus the traffic jam that was so long ago, it was now 9:40 pm, so much time had passed since the appointed time.

Shen Nan should be waiting anxiously.

What girls hate most is when men don't keep their appointments.

This was what Bai Xiaofei had told yesterday.

It was also the figure that made Chen Hao think of the day that Su Mu Han waited for his agonizingly long wait.

If she really couldn't arrive again, then the goodwill she had accumulated yesterday could be all gone at once.

Chen Hao was nervous in his heart.

No, we can't consume any more!

Chen Hao's eyes could not help but move slightly.

Looked at the middle-aged man who was still staring stupidly at him, not daring to move.

He then picked up the phone and called Li Zhenguo.

"Mr. Li, send someone to fly a helicopter over right now, I'm going to a birthday party, and it's inconvenient without a means of transportation . Yes, now!"

After that, Chen Hao hung up the phone.

The car was so jammed, he definitely couldn't wait any longer.

And using the divine method, Chen Hao could arrive quickly.

But wasn't it impossible to be overly exposed now.

Walking to it would delay the time again.

All having no choice, Chen Hao could only fly a helicopter to get there.

"A helicopter?"

Many passersby on the side of the road heard clearly what Chen Hao had just called.

They were scrupulous about Chen Hao's kung fu and didn't dare to laugh out loud.

But they all covered their mouths and looked at Chen Hao like idiots.

"Is this man sick, and he's even fucking flying a helicopter over here?"

"Is it hard to be good at it and train yourself to be limber and simple-minded?"

A lot of people laughed.

And the middle-aged man had just come back to his senses.

Damn it, after so many years of making his way in the world, how could he be scared alive by a kid?

No way!

The middle-aged man made a wink.

While Chen Hao was looking at his phone.

Let the remaining few men gather around him.

And they all had small knives out in their hands, the very sharp kind.

Ready to stab Chen Hao on the spot!

In the end, only waiting for this middle-aged man to give the order, the four of them all sabered together!

Now, several people were ready.

The middle-aged man had red eyes and was preparing to give a command.


Steeply, the sound of a helicopter was heard in their ears.

It was as if there was a kind of magic that made a few people shake their bodies.

It was fixed.

"There really is a helicopter!"

The passersby even shouted.

On the road, many people got out of their vehicles and looked into the sky above the helicopter, which was like a huge hovering falcon, it was whistling and was about to land.

The wind was blowing, as if it could swing people's lips apart.

The black falcon-like helicopter found its way to Chen Hao's location.

Even more so, it blatantly landed on top of this car Chen Hao was parked in.


The middle-aged man as well as the woman were all dumbfounded.

Because on top of the helicopter, there were several big words printed on it, and that was Jinling is a business group!

He's from the Jinling Business Group, and he's no slouch!


That's tough!

The middle-aged man sweated coldly.

"Young Master Chen!"

A youth came down from above the helicopter.

Respectfully, he made his way out of the cockpit.

"Well, you take the car back, and these other douchebags around me, find out where they came from and give them some punishment!"

Chen Hao put the phone away and commanded.

"Don't worry Chen!"

The man nodded.

And Chen Hao was about to leave.

Seeing a big man with a small knife in his hand, he was almost at the position of his waist.

Chen Hao glanced at him, and he was sweating coldly, not daring to move.

Showing a bashful smile, "Young Master Chen!"


Chen Hao smacked the big man out of the way with a big slap.

"Such an adult, who are you scaring with such a small knife!"

Chen Hao was once again speechless.

The rest of the matter would naturally have its own hands down to take care of.

Chen Hao flew the helicopter and sailed away.

Only the wildly shaken passersby were left behind, howling.

This scene, simply!

Chen Hao drove the helicopter, naturally, the journey was unhindered.

Soon, it arrived at the Dragon Hotel.

However, Chen Hao did not eye-catchingly park the helicopter downstairs, but directly on the roof of the hotel.

Then, he jogged down the building.

It was only when he dialed Shen Nan's phone that he realized that Shen Nan was still waiting for him at the door.

"Chen Hao? How did you get out of it?"

After Chen Hao ran over, Shen Nan was surprised to see Chen Hao running out of the hotel.

"Oooo, I came from behind!"

Chen Hao could only reluctantly explain.

Shen Nan also understood that he must have been a little embarrassed to walk in through the back door because he was afraid that there were a lot of luxurious and expensive people coming in and out through the front door.

"Is that him?"

And when Wang Guifang saw Chen Hao, she was in a bad mood.

Right now, she was counting her daughter and hadn't finished counting yet.

According to her will, whether or not this person saved her daughter, this was secondary, at worst, wait until this family crisis passed and give him a sum of money.

And do not owe him this kind of favor.

What does it mean to let him come to his daughter's birthday?

Wang Peng looked even more jealous at Chen Hao.

So the person Nan Nan was waiting for was this kid.

Not only did she invite herself, she also invited him.

No matter what, Chen Hao had been treated like a rival by Wang Peng.

Thinking of how Nan Nan was waiting for him just now, Wang Peng felt even worse.

After all, he was so good, so rich, and Shen Nan she didn't even look at him at all.

"It's good that you're here, it's almost ten o'clock! Let's get in there!"

Nan Shen looked at Chen Hao with a slight smile and said.

"Let who in? Let him in too? Nanan, are you not in your right mind or not?"

Wang Guifang cursed hatefully.

Wasn't this a deliberate attempt to irritate Wang Peng?

If Wang Peng gets angry about this and even leaves you, then our Shen family will have missed a great opportunity to turn over a new leaf!

But how could it be that Shen Nan had already gone in with Chen Hao.

Wang Guifang hurriedly went after them.

In the end, only Wang Peng was left with a fierce face.

"Good boy, it's surprising that you can let Shen Nan treat you like this, I've been chasing her for half a year and she hasn't even given me a positive accent, and now, you're just Two days of acquaintance!"

Humiliation swept through his body.

Wang Peng gritted his steel teeth and took out the phone now....


Shen Nan's birthday dinner this meal, the atmosphere has changed since Chen Hao came.

In particular, Wang Guifang's mood, with the remaining thirty years of menopausal symptoms all gathered on this day outbreak, to describe is not too much.

The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you're looking for.

To Wang Peng is cold and indifferent.

If this development continues, it would be troublesome if she offends Wang Shao.

For this, I'm afraid that if this mother of mine doesn't want to do something about it, it won't work.

I can't watch my daughter walk step by step into the abyss, right?

So the main meal, Wang Guifang to Chen Hao nose not nose, eyes not eyes.

"The Buddha is coming!"

That's when the food finally started to be served.

The waiter also came up with the main dish of today's birthday banquet. 

And the manager followed suit and walked in.

This manager was a middle-aged fat man, and in order to show his respect for Wang Shao, he decided to personally share this meal and come to explain it in detail.

This could be said to have given the Shen family too much face.

Wang Guifang greatly felt that there was glory on his face.

Many restaurants in Jinling Chen Hao ate almost the same, before, right, I heard that the Dragon Hotel's Buddha Jumping Wall was extremely famous, but Chen Hao hadn't been here much.

This dish was also the first time he had eaten it.

"This gentleman, do you know how to Buddha Jumping Wall?"

And just as Chen Hao was about to taste it, this lobby manager first exchanged glances with Wang Peng, then coldly looked towards Chen Hao and interrupted.

"Don't know much!"

Chen Hao shook his head.

"Hmph, you look like you're from the countryside, right? First time in our hotel?"

The manager's tone carried a touch of sarcasm.

And many of the people present, including a few of the girls, could not help but put down their chopsticks.

It was obvious ah, this manager seemed to be particularly on target.

Because in the past, where was the hotel manager who spoke to guests like this?

"What do you mean? Like it's the first time you've been here and done something wrong?"

Chen Hao also tasted the meaning of it, and now raised his face to look at him.

"Buddha's Jumping Wall is usually served to the most precious and high-end guests of this hotel, and to you, who has never seen anything in the world at a glance, eat the It's just a waste, someone get off this dish!"

The manager faded with his hands behind his back.

"By what?"

Shen Nan, on the other hand, had a flash of anger on her face, this manager was not only looking down on people, but also too dismissive of them.

How would she know again that this was Wang Peng's deliberate arrangement.

Wang Peng's noble position as Young Master Wang Da carried a lot of weight here.

The manager also knew it in his heart.

By befriending Young Master Wang, his business path would be very smooth in the future.

Quite the contrary, by humiliating this kid, he would be able to befriend Wang Shao, how could the manager let go of this opportunity?

Wang Peng just smiled coldly as he looked at the scene in front of him.

"Wait a minute!"

Chen Hao put down the chopsticks in his hand.

Looking at this manager with a jovial face.

"You're open for business, you can't go too far in everything, it's fundamental to get a foothold in the mall, take every customer seriously, this It's more the duty of every businessman, manager, to overdo it, isn't it?"

Chen Hao asked with a sneer.

"Hmph, kid, I use you to teach me a lesson, look at your poor look, everyone here deserves to eat our hotel's food, just you don't, look at Wang Shao and For the sake of Miss Shen Nan's face, it's good that I don't blow you out! Still licking my face and lecturing me? Take a piss and look at yourself!"

The manager drank with a cold face.

These words were sufficient for him.

And this was exactly the effect that Wang Shao wanted to see.

Stinker, playing with me? Let's see what you have to say to me.

"Someone, where's security? Throw this ungrateful man out of our hotel and give me a sign on the front door of the hotel that this man and dog will not be allowed to enter from now on!"

The manager shouted to the outside.

In a short time, those security guards seemed to be ready, rushing in from the room four or five at once.

Obviously, they had already planned for this.

"I was going to give you some leeway, but now, you're the one who doesn't want it!"

Chen Hao looked at this manager and smiled coldly.

"Chen Hao, don't do anything!"

Shen Nan, on the other hand, was terrified.

She knew that it must be Wang Peng who was secretly playing dirty and deliberately making this manager humiliate Chen Hao.

And if Chen Hao did it to beat up this manager.

Then Wang Peng must have a way to fix Chen Hao.

So Shen Nan wanted to dissuade Chen Hao.

"Do it? Oh, I'm not ready to fight this patsy, at first, he was worth a few licks from me, but now? It's not worth it!"

Chen Hao sneered.

"Kid, I think you're tired of living, someone, carry me away and throw me out!"

The manager sneered.

Then looked to Wang Guifang and the others.

"Mrs. Wang, Mr. Shen, I'm being rude today, but I just can't bear to see such a vulgar person sitting with you, so please forgive me!"

Wang Guifang stood up immediately and smiled.

"No, no, the manager is joking, some things you just have to help yourself, as for some irrelevant people, we don't want to care!"

Wang Guifang glanced coldly at Chen Hao.

And Chen Hao had already taken out his phone and sent a text message out.

Those few security guards were also ready to come over and rack Chen Hao away.

Chen Hao said, "There's no hurry this moment, wait a moment, your boss from above should come over!"

"Mr. Chang? He's coming? Damn, what is our Zhang's status, you a text message, want our Zhang to come over, you do not just report it, haha, I tell you. Reported information ends up in my hands, brat, and there's a time for you to be stupid!"

The manager laughed.

Several security guards all laughed as well.

"You really think you're something!"

Wang Guifang ate her food, rolled her eyes, and also poured a cup of boiling water violently on the floor, right at Chen Hao's feet to vent her frustration.

Just as the manager was about to remind the bouncer to do it.

His phone suddenly rang.

The manager snorted lightly and took out his phone to look at the number and was stunned.

"Mr. Zhang?"

He was startled.

"And it's really Uncle Chang calling?"

And Wang Peng flipped through his watch at the moment and couldn't help but shake his head and laugh.

I thought to myself that this kid is really two-timing, and the report phone call could be made to Uncle Zhang's side.

Longteng International Hotel.

It was a large family-owned company with the Jinling Strip at its core, and the model used a national chain.

But bar, the reporting channel at the top is not accessible to anyone who wants to get in touch with it.

As this lobby manager said, the reporting information, has to flow through his side first.

That's why, he dared to be so unscrupulous.

What kind of waves could a poor kid make?

However, Zhang was always the manager of the Jinling headquarters, so the lobby manager would not dare to slow down.

After nodding to Wang Peng, he hurriedly ordered the connection.

"Yes yes yes!"


"I...I know!"

The lobby manager said just three words, but his face was a little white and beads of sweat were coming out on his forehead.

Obviously, it was nervous.

Wang Peng asked, "Uncle Zhang has some friendship with my father, could it be that Uncle Zhang is really training you because of a kid? How about I ask my dad to call my Uncle Zhang?"

"Which is because of this brat, it's because headquarters didn't know what was happening, all hands on deck, and Zhang said that they would be assembling at the Dragon Hotel soon Even the chairman of the board, who is convalescing in the hospital, his old man is coming!"

"Geez, how has the company ever been in this situation, I've got to get ready for the big boys' visit!"

The lobby manager was excited.


Within the lobby, for a moment, all the staff members were in full dress and solemnity, even the hotel staff.

All were assembled in the lobby on the first floor of the hotel.

Hearing that the old man of the chairman was coming.

Everyone was excited, there had never been anything like this before.

The lobby manager, Yang He, also tidied up his suit.

Standing on the side ready to greet.

He was already nervous to the extreme.

"Auntie Wang, Uncle Shen, I know quite a few uncles from the Dragon Group, I want to go down and pay a visit or they are coming Now that I know I'm not going down, I might be blamed for my ignorance!"

Wang Peng in the box now put down his wine glass and looked towards Wang Guifang and said.

"That's right, that's right, Wang Shao knows so many big names, Longteng Group is a listed group, when someone comes from there, he should always pay a visit! "

"Right Wang Shao, our Shen family's biggest business is a chain of fine fast food restaurants, although it can't be compared to the Longteng International Hotel, but It's all in the catering industry, I wonder if Mr. Wang can introduce that Mr. Zhang in passing, it would be good to hand over a business card to deepen the impression!"  

Wang Guifang asked apologetically.

"That's no problem Auntie Wang, although I don't know Chairman Wang Hua of the Dragon Group his old man, I'm more familiar with Zhang!"

Wang Peng stretched out his hand, revealing the gold watch he was holding.

He then stood up with his wallet.

"Yes, yes, it's also extremely good to exchange business cards with Mr. Zhang and get to know each other briefly, let's go too!"

The third aunt and the others also laughed.

Then they stood up, and the crowd headed towards the door to prepare to walk.

And within the lobby, not long after, it was already filled with large cars and small vehicles.

The top management of the Dragon Group's headquarters, no matter if it was the personnel department or the finance department, as long as they were top management anyway, all of them had already come.

Everyone assisted an old man who was seventy years old and walking a bit trembling to get off.

"Chairman Wang!"

Manager Yang was almost on his knees when he was surprised.

"Quick! Upstairs in room 602!"

And Chairman Wang Hua's whole body trembled and rushed to his own personal assistant.

Behind him, Mr. Zhang is even more pale to help the chairman up.

Manager Yang looked as if this was not to inspect, kind of like to pick up the driver, what's going on?

Room 602, isn't that Wang Peng's room?

The Shen family members who were preparing to get off the elevator, but they also just happened to bump into Chairman Wang Hua.

Wang Guifang was about to bow to express her respect, but the other chairman didn't even look at her.

To everyone's surprise, Wang Hua walked directly into his 602 compartment with the help of his assistant.

And in the next moment, something even more surprising to the crowd happened.

As soon as he reached the door.


With a single sound, Chairman Wang Hua actually knelt straight down, and then knelt all the way into the box, with even more tears on his old face and his whole body trembling.


Wang Guifang swallowed incredulously.

And Wang Peng was also confused.

"I didn't know Young Master Chen was coming, I deserve to die, I deserve to die!"

Wang Hua had attended some large chambers of commerce back then and had witnessed Young Master Chen's demeanor at the chamber.

Now, he received a call from the Jinling Group's superior, saying that his men were trying to drive Young Master Chen away, asking him what Wang Hua's situation was.

Wang Hua couldn't believe it and rushed over from the hospital.

At a glance, who else could it be if it wasn't Young Master Chen sitting at the far corner of the wine table?

The reason why Longteng Group has been entrenched and developed so steadily all these years is because of Mr. Li's care and attention.

If you offend Chen, Dragon Group will be finished!

"Chairman Wang, are your men very powerful? I was merely trying to eat a bowl of Buddha's Leap, and he was just going to send security to blow me out!"

Chen Hao laughed bitterly.

"I already know!"

The chairman burst into tears before standing up slowly with the aid of his assistant.

"Where's Yanghe?"

The chairman looked at Mr. Zhang.

And Yang He is at the door, with Wang Guifang and the others, watching the incredible scene in front of them together.

Hearing the chairman call.

Yang He trotted over.

"Chairman, your old man's body is delicate, how can you kneel to this brat, I'll find someone to do him?"

Yang He was vicious.

The chairman blew his beard and glared.

Shouted at Chairman Zhang, "Beat it, smash your mouth!"

Mr. Zhang Mori said, "Yes!"

With a wave of his hand, several of the chairman's personal bodyguards came straight in.

Pressed Yang He to the ground.

There was even one bodyguard who brought a stick.

"Chairman, what did I do wrong?"

Yang He was aggrieved.


A sound, and a solid stick had been taken to the mouth.

Suddenly, the nose and mouth were full of blood.

Yang He's face was full of tears.

And the people on the sidelines saw it, especially Wang Guifang and the women, they were simply terrified, had they ever seen such a scene?

Bang! BANG!

The bodyguard is not a moment to stop, ruthlessly smashed towards the manager's mouth.

Straight smashed teeth flying, spraying blood froth.

In the end, the smashed are almost human-like ghosts.

Yang He lay on the ground, his body twitching!

"Mr. Zhang, what's going on in this matter? Is it possible that this Yang Hua has eaten a bear's heart?"

The chairman glanced at Yang Hua and then looked at Mr. Zhang and asked.

"I've just asked some of Yang Hua's assistants, and the only reason he dared to do this is because this Wang Peng, who called Yang Hua beforehand, called Phone!"

General Manager Zhang's tone was cold.

Even though he knew Wang Peng, he also knew Wang Peng's father.

But now the Wang family could basically be sentenced to death.

Mr. Zhang naturally wanted to cut ties.

Before the words could be heard, a bodyguard had already grabbed Wang Peng and pulled him over.

"General Manager Zhang, what are you doing? My father is..."


Before he finished speaking, he had already received a solid smack in the mouth.

"Trapping me in the Dragon Hotel, it's really intolerable, give me a thousand smacks!"

The chairman said.


Wang Peng was blinded.

The bodyguards had taken their turns.

Straight hitting Wang Guifang and the others were frightened.

"Chen Hao, what... what's going on?"

Shen Nan was also afraid, not expecting that a reported text message from Chen Hao would be such a big problem.

And when Wang Guifang saw clearly what was going on inside, she swallowed a mouthful of saliva wildly, afraid that she would also be beaten.

It was then that she also walked over to Chen Hao's side.

Now, it was obviously safest to stand next to Chen Hao.

Soon, Wang Peng had been beaten with blood all over his face, and his four or five bodyguards' hands were all swollen, while Wang Peng was lifted and thrown out of the hotel.

The chairman repeatedly apologized, only to let Chen Hao's heart a little bit easier.

But Wang Guifang is doubly surprised.

What's the matter?

Just because of a single report text message, the chairman of the board was allowed to go so far as to poison Wang Peng.

This is simply beyond common sense.

Something was wrong! Years of experience told her that something was definitely wrong!

And the chairman was extremely afraid of him.

Now he quietly pulled his daughter Shen Nan aside.

She had to ask Chen Hao what his origin was.

Why did they call him Young Master Chen? He can't be Jinling Chen, can he?



"White Dash, what are you doing? Why are you angry at one moment and now laughing?"

Hu Huimin asked.

"Read the novel ah, really speechless, this author said there is only one shift today and tomorrow, but happy that on the fifteenth he said there is an outbreak, all In preparation for the days of the fifteenth. And the author promises that after the 15th, everything will be stable again!"

Vivian Hu said



"Chen Hao, have you eaten enough?"

The next birthday banquet was extremely rushed.

It was mainly because after what had just happened, no one dared to speak again, especially Wang Guifang who kept her mouth shut obediently.


On the way out the door, but Shen Nan called out to herself.

"My mother wants me to ask you, what do you do, Chen Hao?"

Shen Nan asked softly.

She was also extremely curious.

After all, everyone had seen that Chairman Wang Hua's attitude towards Chen Hao just now.

"Me? I don't know what exactly it does!"


But Nan Shen laughed.

The more I felt that Chen Hao was mysterious.

"You... can't be the mysterious Jinling Young Master Chen from the Jinling legend, right?"

Shen Nan asked again softly.

And Wang Guifang and the others were all standing behind Shen Nan, and at the moment they were all holding their breath to look at Chen Hao.

They were waiting anxiously for this answer.

Chen Hao smiled bitterly and shook his head.

"Yes or no it doesn't matter, fellow student Shen Nan, in fact, all along, I've been wanting you to do me a favor, I don't know if you have taken my As friends?"

Chen Hao seriously looked at Nan Shen.

He felt that the time had come, and from the way Shen Nan was looking at him, Chen Hao could easily spot it.

It seemed that this girl had already developed some other kind of feelings for him.

If it continued to develop, it was undeniable that Chen Hao would hurt this girl.

"Your Shen family's crisis will soon receive a stream of financing, and at that time, fellow student Shen Nan, you will no longer have that much to worry about . You can go have sex and do things!"

Chen Hao said.

Wang Guifang and the others took a deep breath.

If it had been an hour ago, when Chen Hao said such words, Wang Guifang would have thought they were fake.

But now, it really couldn't be in true.

"Of course I take you as a friend, and from the moment you saved me, I already consider you as my good friend, one who is full of Secretly a good friend, and now that you've helped our family, I'd like to do something for you if I ever get the chance, very much!"

Shen Nan's last three words were heavily bitten.

Because before for Chen Hao bar, it was just gratitude, not quite that aspect of feelings.

But now, especially just under, Shen Nan witnessed Chen Hao's different style.

She was attracted, deeply attracted by the mystery in this boy as well as that powerful aura.

As long as Chen Hao was happy, she certainly wished to do something for him.

Even going a step further was what Shen Nan wished for.

And Chen Hao saw that she had heartily agreed.

He was extremely excited.

"However, you have to promise me one thing as well!" Shen Nan said again.

"You say!"

"After I help you, you're going to tell me who you really are, and I don't want you to hide anything from me, okay?"

Nan Shen looked at Chen Hao and smiled.


Chen Hao painfully agreed.

When Chen Hao suggested that he needed a drop of blood from Shen Nan's finger, Shen Nan and Wang Guifang and the others were extremely confused though.

But it didn't affect anything though.

A drop of Supreme Yin Blood was handed over to Chen Hao.

And everyone was expecting that Chen Hao would be able to explain what had just happened.

Chen Hao wouldn't play coy either.

Presently, he smiled bitterly.

From his pocket, he pulled out a small instrument.

Gently pressed it down.


Two soft noises.

Then the crowd heard a non-stop buzzing sound coming from above the roof.

It seemed... it seemed to be the sound of a helicopter.

Followed by it.

Sure enough, a helicopter was seen rising from the roof.

It was heading towards Chen Hao's location, traveling automatically and falling slowly.

A black, falcon-like helicopter, its appearance instantly startled all the people.

This one, at least 100 million or more, right?

And Chen Hao, flying a helicopter?

Shen Nan also covered her mouth in disbelief.

All of this seemed to have been explained.

The helicopter landed and Chen Hao entered the cockpit.

Looking at Nan Shen, he smiled, "The answer, I've already told you, if there's anything in the future, by all means, go to Li Zhenguo!"

Chen Hao smiled slightly, then directly drove away.

"Oh my god, Jinling Young Master Chen! Chen Hao is really Jinling Young Master Chen, developed, our Shen family is developed!"

Wang Guifang danced with joy.

Only Shen Nan's heart was empty, as if she had lost something important....

The second drop of Supreme Yin Blood finally arrived.

You've done your best!

And Chen Hao felt inside the bottle, the supreme Yin breath brought to him on top of the blood drops.

In his heart, he was surprised and happy.

After receiving the Heavenly Baptism, and then facing Yun Qing, I will not be helpless.

My strength will be maximally refined.

Thinking about it again, the Sacred Water Covenant has already arrived soon, Grandpa and his group of clerics are already searching for the location of the Sacred Water Covenant, I just don't know how they, are doing!

Actually, Chen Hao wasn't worried about his grandfather.

Mo Canglong's cultivation was extremely strong and was considered the best within the clan.

And he was controlled by himself and had grandpa in control of his life and death.

Therefore, he would definitely help grandpa.

And then there was the whereabouts of the white-clothed woman.

Now, only the whereabouts of the white-clothed woman.

Once he had settled this destiny, he would be able to successfully find the Woman in White, and the mystery of the Sun Alliance was all about the Woman in White!

Close! It's closer!

Chen Hao couldn't help but think to himself.

Piloting the helicopter all the way, Chen Ge sprinkled droplets of blood onto the jade talisman.

The jade talisman then began to sense around.

Above, Chen Hao was also calmly feeling the location of the Earthshaking Stone.


Not long after, Chen Hao suddenly heard a roar.

This roar was extremely strange, not like it came from the outside world, but resounded deep within his own heart, thus running through his entire body.

Boom! Boom!

This voice is constantly ringing at your brain.

The body is even beginning to communicate with the outside world.

There was a mysterious force that was sending out resistance, resisting itself from going forward.

Chen Hao knew that it was the Zhentian Stone.

The Zhentian Stone was a positive yang object, and it naturally rejected the supreme yin blood.

"Found you!"

Chen Hao was delighted.

The helicopter turned sharply downward.

It landed at a mountain.

"Cloud Peak Mountain?"

Chen Hao landed halfway down and found it.

Wasn't this his own home, Genting Mountain Villa?

The Emotional Shockstone has been buried inside the Genting Mountain.

Walking down from the helicopter.

The feeling in the bottom of his heart grew stronger and stronger.

Chen Hao had been certain.

The arrival of himself also caused the Genting Mountain to tremble non-stop, and many plants, in fact, began to dry up instantly.

It was the release of the positive Yang Qi that had dried up the moisture of these plants!

Chen Hao held back his surprise and immediately called Li Zhenguo.

Since he had asked Li Zhenguo to prepare for this, the project could start as soon as Li Zhenguo received the news.

In order to hurry, Li Zhenguo brought in thousands of engineering teams.

24 hours, multiple directions to start the work, not stopping for a moment until the surface of the mountain was penetrated and found what Young Master Chen needed....


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