The Unknown Heir Chen 621-625

Chapter 621

"Wow. Young Master Peng!"

Many of the little beauties who were eating throughout Dex were stunned by the romantic scene in front of them.

What girl doesn't like romance?

And what girl hasn't spent countless nights fantasizing about such a divine scene?

The prince charming in your heart, with flowers in hand, kneeling in front of you to pursue you, as if every girl has a freezing point in her heart, which freezes her original fiery heart.

The first thing that you need to do is to make sure that you have the right person in your life.

Every girl has this longing.

Now that this scene was happening right in front of everyone's eyes, the girls seemed to be ignited with envy and jealousy.

The same was true of Yao Yuanyuan and the other girls.

They were excited, and were very sensible about making way for a blank area.

It is even more to take out the phone to crazy video.  The first website

Only Shen Nan sat there, a little uncomfortable all over, she gently lingered her hair behind her ears, her pretty face couldn't help but flash a blush.

"Wang Peng, what are you doing?"

She was full of shyness.

"Nan Nan, you understand my feelings, I've liked you for a long time, I swear I'll take good care of you for the rest of my life, please be my Girlfriend, right?"

Wang Peng said with a serious face.


The whole room was instantly on a little high.



Many people began to shout.

Wang Peng's face also flashed with a touch of confident pride.

"I've told you, I have no thoughts of falling in love right now!"

But Nan Shen was ungrateful, her face getting hotter and hotter, while she just stood up, took her bag and turned around.

"Nan Nan! Namaste!"

Wang Peng didn't expect Shen Nan to leave just like that, and was now filled with shame.

It was as if this bright rose was all mocking him.


Wang Peng heavily slammed the flowers to the ground.

Still unwillingly, he chased after Shen Nan.

And Yao Yuanyuan and the others followed to watch the fun.

"Get up and open!"

When she passed by Chen Hao, Yao Yuanyuan even pushed Chen Hao away in a despicable manner.

If it wasn't for Nan Nan's mood being disturbed by this brat, maybe by now, they would have all agreed to Peng Shao!

The girls thought to themselves.

"See, our Nan Nan is so hard to chase, Peng Shao is so rich and so good, Nan Nan didn't even say yes, just your kind of How dare you ask for contact information? Get out of here!"

There was even one girl who said rudely after giving Chen Hao a glance.

Then they all left.


Chen Hao couldn't help but sigh in his heart, when did he want to chase after this Shen Nan, he only wanted to explain to her and make a friend, it would be nice to be able to lend himself a drop of the Supreme Yin Blood.

Now it was good that the situation was troublesome again.

Chen Hao was hesitating whether he should chase after her now and then dwell on it.

At his back, however, there were three or four youths sitting there, drinking Coke.

Three or four of them, more like spectators, were very calmly witnessing the entire process.

"Chief, see, this kid I guess should also want to chase after that what's-his-name Nan, haha, but his reaction is a bit slow, and was called by that What Wang Peng's shortcut has gotten there first and is now regretting it!"

A young man laughed.

"Damn, when I see this kind of wimp guy I get angry, I just want to beat him up, chasing girls, you have to be bold, shameless, what Girls can't touch it!"

The other youth also did.

"What's the matter old Zhang, you go over and teach him? When I was in college, I heard you were a lover too!"

The youth that they called the leader, at this moment, patted Old Zhang's shoulder.

Only, he was staring at Chen Hao's back, but there was a glint in his eyes.

"Hmph, just teach him! Do you believe that I only need three moves to get him to court that girl? How about ten dinners?"

Old Zhang said.

"I don't believe it, you have to be careful, this kid is in a state of broken heart, you go over to him, maybe he will beat you up! Of course, if he promises you, I'll buy you ten dinners!"

The other youth giggled.

"Hit me? I'll make him ten fucking hands!"

Old Zhang said that he stood up and walked towards Chen Hao.

And Chen Hao was preparing to leave at this time, still he had to find this Shen Nan.

"Hey, kid stop!"

Suddenly at this moment, one person behind him approached him.

And Chen Hao clearly felt that one of his hands was trying to forcefully pat his shoulder.

Chen Hao subconsciously became protective.

The moment that person's single hand fell.

Chen Hao's shoulder shook slightly.


And Old Zhang tried to grab Chen Hao's shoulder to meet up with the force.

Just watch his figure shake and fly straight out.

One after another, he smashed over a dozen tables and chairs.


Old Zhang fell on his back and his entire arm went numb.

And the two youths were also now standing up with wildly changing faces.

Old Zhang's skills were clear to them, and it wasn't blowing that ordinary people would make them no match for ten pairs of hands.

This man was so powerful!

The head and the youth both had wild eyelids.

"Kid, stop right there, hitting someone and trying to run away!?"

The two of them also came up as they spoke.

Trying to grab Chen Hao.

The result was Chen Hao lending his strength and a piece all letting Chen Hao throw out the Dex.

They fell onto the street and fell to their knees.


Chen Hao said coldly, not even looking at them, and was about to leave.

"Young Master Chen?"

But at that moment, the leader who had climbed up saw Chen Hao's front body clearly, and was now filled with astonishment.

It wouldn't even move.

And when he heard this voice, Chen Hao's body shook slightly.

It could not help but turn back sharply.

Seeing this person, Chen Hao's indifferent face surged into an excited smile.

"Bai XiaoFei?"

"Young Master Chen!'s you!"

The man in front of him was none other than Bai Xiaofei, who was in the army.

He jumped up in excitement.

"Bai xiaoFei, long time no see!"

Seeing an old friend, Chen Hao was also extremely surprised.

The two came to a big bear hug, more than two years have not seen, Bai Xiaofei when the excitement are going to cry.

It turned out that Bai Xiaofei had gone to the army because of the Mo Jian incident in Jinling.

In the army, itself is very good foundation Bai Xiaofei progress especially big.

After the end of the recruit company, even more into the special company to participate in training.

Now back to Jinling again, is to accept some tasks in the body.

It just so happened that when performing the mission, he came to Jinling University here to eat something, and that's why there was a scene now.

"At that time, everyone thought that something happened to you, Jinling is even more changed, I came back the day before yesterday, heard about some things, originally It's to find out where you are,young Master Chen, but Mr. Li has gone to Willow City on a business trip!"

White was excited.

A few people sat down again at Dex.

After two years of not seeing, Chen Hao saw Bai Xiaofei, black and strong, and his body had long since departed from the recklessness of playing in a piece at that time, becoming more mature and stable.

Now it was still a small head, quite so.

Chen Hao is also very happy that this brother of his has grown.

There was naturally endless topics to chat about.

After chatting for a good long while.

Only then did Bai Xiaofei looked at Chen Hao and asked.

"Brother you're not righteous, the brothers were worried about you all night, but you're good, now you're back, the first time not to inform us You're so recent that you've actually come to Jinling University to pick up girls!"


"You know me, I'm not in the mood to pick up girls, but I came here this time because I have something I want this girl to truly help me!"

Chen Hao shook his head with a bitter smile.

He didn't say these things about the Blood of the Most Yin because he didn't want Bai Xiaofei to worry for him.

He and Yonghao had helped themselves too much, and now that it was hard for them to all stabilize, Chen Hao didn't want them to get involved in these muddy waters of their own again.

He just gave the general idea to Little Fei.

"Hahaha, so that's how it is, it's easy to do ah brother, you don't know, chasing girls brothers are experts!"

Bai Xiaofei laughed.

Chen Hao was speechless, "It's not chasing, it's just getting her to help me sincerely!"

"I understand, it's similar to the chase!"

"It's also fortunate that I met you kid, I know you're full of devious ideas, help me think of something, I'm running out of time! Now she's misunderstanding me again! I don't even know what to do!"

Naturally, Chen Hao has his own shortcomings.  

For him, picking up girls was not something he was good at.

In the past, Chen Hao was an honest and low self-esteem student in school, and he blushed when he met a girl.

It was purely a coincidence that Yang Xue and he were planted by chance.

So, now it was even harder for Chen Hao to exchange for Shen Nan's true heart without any foundation, than it was for him to reach heaven.

"Of course it's no problem, but brother, now brother has also encountered a tricky situation with a mission, and that guy is counting mudlips , hunted him down a few times, but let him slip out from under his nose!"

"No, we've got him rounded up in the Golden Mile now, and we're still searching for him!"

Bai Xiaofei sighed.

Naturally, he was true to Chen Hao.

This Chen Hao didn't even need to be doubted.

I can also see that Bai Xiaofei is now really mentally exhausted by that thief.

I just saw that you're already very good, what kind of thief is so powerful? And get away with it under your noses?"

As soon as he said that, Bai Xiaofei's face turned red with shame.

And yet, you're good at it, but you didn't even have the ability to fight when you met brother just now!

Now Dash said.

"By the way, this man is a beast, a flower thief who has done many cases already, and due to the lack of manpower in pursuit of him, put us Tune in too!"

"Actually bar, it's not hard to find him, the hard part is catching him, our strategy now is to cast our nets and set up to drive him into our net!"

"Yes! If you can get a lock on his location, then give him to me and I'll help you catch him!"

After hearing this, Chen Hao laughed and said.

"Fuck, really? Brother you're willing to do it?"

Bai Xiaofei was pleasantly surprised.

"That's right, catching thieves, it's a good thing to contribute, of course I'm obligated to do it!"

Chen Hao said with a smile.

And that was exactly when.

Bai Xiaofei's walkie-talkie rang.

A message came from it.

"No. 1 No. 1, Wang Mang has been spotted on the Jinling Yuan North Street trunk road, he has committed another crime and kidnapped two girls and robbed the A car is on its way to South Street. You're ordered to go to South Street immediately! Please reply if you receive!"


Bai Xiaofei's three men stood up immediately.

"Brother, he's been spotted!"

"Okay, then let's go!"

Now that Shen Nan's whereabouts had been found, Chen Hao wasn't worried that she would run away.

And she wanted to get Shen Nan to forgive herself in a short time and truly give herself a drop of the Supreme Yin Blood.

Not to mention, it really couldn't be without Little Fei's idea.

Naturally, Chen Hao wouldn't help Little Fei just because of something like this.

When he saw a brother in trouble, Chen Hao would not hesitate to lend a helping hand and do his part.

This was how they cast their nets.

After pushing the thief closer to the net.

They would quickly fasten the buckle.

And this node was South Street.

The little flying car drove very fast, and after five minutes, it had already rushed to the South Street this.

At the same time, a lot of people were also coming towards South Street.

Because here on South Street, there were only five people, and there was an extreme shortage of manpower.

"How's it going?"

After getting out of the car, Bai Xiaofei met up with them.

"We've locked on to Wang Meng's target, he'll be rushing to South Street soon, we're going to intercept him here, how come we've come to you guys Three? I thought you said you hired a helper."

And the head of the group was a tall woman.

She looked to Bai Xiaofei and asked.

Chen Hao, on the other hand, was just now getting down from the car, where he was observing the surrounding terrain.

If he was going to block him, he had to know the surroundings, the possible escape route of that flower picker.

Although Chen Hao was extremely skilled and had great confidence.

But bar, from what Fei said, that thief was indeed very cunning.

Chen Hao did not dare to be too careless, especially when working for a friend, one had to be attentive as well.

After all, he couldn't use his inner strength right now, or else he would be able to instantly kill that thief even if he let him run a few kilometers first!

After recording each of them now, Chen Hao walked down.

"Chen Hao? How are you?"

Only as soon as Chen Hao got off the bus, the woman standing with Bai Xiaofei was not extremely surprised.

At the same time, there was also another youth with a touch of jealousy in his eyes who came to the woman's side.

"Hu Huimin, Shen Junwen?"

Chen Hao looked at them and laughed bitterly in his heart helplessly.

This world is really too small, isn't it.

I still remember the last time we met, a year and a half ago, when I dressed up as Ah San and went to sweep the Situ Family.

And Hu Huimin and Shen Junwen's mission at that time was to investigate some of the crimes committed by the Situ family over the years.

At that time, after saving the people themselves.

A fire burned down the Situ family.

At the same time, left some of the evidence of the crime behind, and gave these large bags, Chen Hao together with Hu Huimin.

And affixed a note from Hu Huimin herself.

Sort of in passing to help an old classmate.

After that, they were separated, and Chen Hao didn't ask what happened to Hu Huimin.

I didn't expect that she had already returned and was promoted!

Beside him, on the other hand, was Shen Junwen.

Both of them knew Chen Hao's identity, especially Shen Junwen, whose face was beaten up.

Seeing Chen Hao again at the moment, it was somewhat like a childhood shadow had broken out.

"Chen Hao, it's been a long time, I only heard about it after I came back, you broke away from your family and then something happened, I didn't expect you to be now Safe and sound!"

Hu Huimin looked at Chen Hao unexpectedly.

Only the sense of shock that she felt when she knew Chen Hao's identity was gone from her eyes.

Instead, it was as a superior person.

"What are you working on now?"

"No work, came back to run some errands and help Dash out a bit!"

Chen Hao looked at her and smiled bitterly.


Hu Huimin and Shen Junwen were surprised at the same time.

They both looked at Bai Xiaofei again, "He... can't be the helper you hired, right?"



Bai Xiaofei nodded with a proud expression.

With big brother's presence, it would be difficult for this flower picking thief to fly even if he took wing.

Without seeing it, one wouldn't even know how powerful big brother Young Master Chen was now.

To say that the most surprised was of course Bai Xiaofei.

When he was with Young Master Chen in the past,Young Master Chen didn't know how to fight.

But now, simply!

Even Bai Xiaofei would not hesitate to believe that that legend from the military zone would not be Young Master Chen's current opponent.

"Is it really him?"

Hu Huimin and Shen Junwen were both shaking their heads with a grin.

"Team Bai, you're not going to joke with us again, are you? Yes, we know that Chen Hao used to have a distinguished family, and you, as the youngest youngster of Jinling, must have played well with this former youngster Chen, but You should know that the man we're chasing is Wang Meng, he's not only cunning, but he's also very skilled and ruthless, tell me now, you... The helper invited is Chen Hao?"  One second to remember to read the book

Hu Huimin was really convinced.

On the phone, quite Bai Xiaofei's tone was very excited, nine out of ten, don't know and thought he had invited that legend of the military district.

But I didn't expect that it was actually him.

"Team Hu, you don't know this clearly, with my brother here, don't worry this Wang Meng, it will be hard to escape again today!"

Bai Xiaofei hurriedly explained.

And it was at that moment.

Several people's radios sounded at the same time.

"Target has appeared, intercept quickly! Over!"


A few people were ready to go.

And already a number of folk* are arriving, quickly laying barricades!

Hu Huimin was even more rigorous, shaking her head at Chen Hao, "The murderer is vicious, stand away from him!"

Then, it was time to lead people towards South Street.

There were no waves in Chen Hao's eyes.

It didn't matter as far as being looked down upon by Hu Huimin.

After all, he was only here to help his brother today.

Chen Hao raised his head towards the highway.

As expected, a black Passat was speeding like crazy on the highway, while there were many* cars chasing after it.

And this Passat's driving skills were very good.

In just a few short breaths of time, relying on the car skills several times to get rid of the * car blockade.

It was coming towards the South Street entrance at a rapid pace.

Because this South Street, with short, flat hills on both sides, didn't have much range of movement, if it could be blocked here, then Wang Meng would be unable to escape even with his wings.

Hu Huimin held her breath.

Shen Junwen was also grim to wait.

"Damn, what a trouble!"

And Wang Meng, who was driving, naturally saw the blockade zone ahead.

There was a blockade in front and a chase behind.

Now there was no way to retreat, the only way was to go in hard.

"Let us go, please!"

And the two beautiful girls in the car were tied up hand and foot, one of them was crying in fear.

The camera in her hand was even dropped in the car.

"Stop it stop it stop it, it's so annoying! If you don't shut up, I'll kill you!"

Wang Meng drank coldly.

He was in his thirties, with a scar on his face, and when he spoke, it was very hideous.

And when he drank, the girl in the car really stopped talking.

Wang Meng saw that the environment was quiet, before he looked straight ahead.

The corner of his mouth lifted up a disdainful smile.

"Relying on a broken belt to stop me, it's just a dream!"

He laughs.

It was about to rush over.

Suddenly, the king suddenly swung the steering wheel to the left.

The car crashed directly into the mountain on the side.

At that instant, the steering wheel quickly turned around.


The car made an ear-piercing grinding sound that could shatter one's eardrums.

But it was the sight of the entire car flying through the air at once.

It went straight over the roadblock and sped rapidly towards the south.

Shen Junwen was dumbfounded, Hu Huimin was also dumbfounded, how is this possible?

It took a lot to get him here, and then he got away with it?

But Chen Hao looked at the man, and the corners of his mouth lifted up in a smile.

It was kind of interesting.

Beside the road, there was a motorcycle at the moment.

"Bai XiaoFei, borrow the car!"

A buddy threw over the keys during the conversation, and Chen Hao got them in his hand.

The motorcycle started quickly and flew away like an arrow.

The arrest operation still continues.

The first thing that you need to do is to take a look at the newest version of the newest version.

Chen Hao, however, was riding a motorcycle, sandwiched between the two.

"Bastard, so good at riding!"

Wang Meng saw through the rearview mirror that Chen Hao was getting closer and closer to him, and could not help but curse in exasperation.

The two girls in the car, on the other hand, also stared at the person who was chasing after them.

"It's him!"

One of the girls swallowed her spit.

"Nanny, it's the guy who broke our camera!"

The girls were busy.

That's right, these two girls aren't bystanders, it's Yao Yuanyuan and Shen Nan.

It's really unlucky today.

Originally, I was happy to take some group photos with my roommate.

I'm so happy!

But first, this unsightly boy broke the camera for them, and made Shen Nan pay for it with two thousand yuan.

That was bad enough.

Then they went to Dekkers again, ready to eat something and take pictures again in the afternoon.

But the boy and Wang Peng disturbed Shen Nan's mood again.

After everyone left, they went directly to the north alley side to prepare to take photos.

Unexpectedly, the fugitive caught Shen Nan and himself without saying a word.

The company has been in the process of developing the new product for the past two years.

By now, Yao Yuanyuan and Shen Nan are terrified, they don't know where this thief is taking them!

Especially when I think of the plot above certain movies, where the two are used as hostages and end up being fugitives from justice....

Don't think about it, it's scary! Both of them were in deep despair and fear.

But now, this boy had caught up with them on his bike, causing Yao Yuan Yuan and Shen Nan to simultaneously raise hope.

"Kid, play with me, you're still young!"

Wang Meng cursed in his mouth.

At this moment, he took a glance towards the motorcycle behind.

The result was a shock.

"Fuck? Where are the people?"

It was a blink of an eye to see the motorcycle heading towards the front with inertia, but the people on it were gone.


At that moment, Wang Meng heard a loud bang from the roof of the car.

The entire canopy of the car was instantly lowered.

People were in the car?

When Wang looked up at the skylight, he really saw a harmless face, smiling at him.

"Bastard! You die!"

Wang slammed the steering wheel, trying to throw Chen Hao off.

However, Chen Hao was as if he was immobilized by a coiled pine, and wouldn't move a muscle no matter how hard he tried.

When he looked up and saw the front, it seemed to be a kindergarten.

Chen Hao knew that he couldn't play any more tricks on him, and that he would lose more than he gained if he was in danger.

Right now, both hands moved together.

One hand grabbed the cockpit door handle, and one hand directly broke the sunroof.

Bang Bang!

The cockpit door, which was directly pulled down by Chen Hao alive, was thrown aside.

"Fuck, hell!"

The cool breeze whooshed in, deforming Wang Meng's face.

Wang Meng stared in horror.

And at the same time, the handbrake was pulled by Chen Hao.


Sharp, screeching brakes were heard.

The two girls in the car crashed towards the front.

The car also braked violently before hitting a large tree.

The airbags spread out and the king was knocked to the ground.

"Hell! Hell!"

Wang Meng shouted in terror.

And it was precisely this scene that was clearly seen by Hu Huimin and the others who were chasing after them.

Hu Huimin swallowed her saliva, her mouth slightly open in disbelief as she looked at Chen Hao....


Really, no one would believe that what they saw before them could actually be true if they hadn't seen it with their own eyes.

How could an ordinary person have the strength to pull the car door open and ignore the speeding car?

How strong a body and balance would be required.

No one in the world could do it!

Hu Huimin could not have imagined even more that the once skinny, weak, high school classmate who had to think about how to make money to go eat every day had become this.

Despite the fact that he had been a Young Master Da.

But he had gotten so good at it that he had almost become a god.

Not to mention the Shen Junwen at the moment.

He was sitting right next to Hu Huimin, and he had a full view of the scene just now.

Especially the way Hu Huimin was looking at Chen Hao at the moment, how to say it?

It's like a little girl who hasn't had her first love yet, who dreams every day of having a hero in her life, and every pregnant A young girl will have such a big hero in her heart.  

And now, through her eyes, Shen Junwen had read that the big hero in her heart had appeared.

Once upon a time, Shen Junwen thought that the big hero in Hu Huemin's mind was herself.

After all, she had won the taekwondo championship.!

A touch of unspeakable jealousy burned up in Shen Junwen's heart.

But then again, Chen Hao had now single-handedly lifted up Wang Meng who had fallen to his knees.

The danger had been completely lifted, and there were no casualties in the slightest.

Only, because this was near the kindergarten, there were too many parents coming to pick up their children.

The kindergarten was now out of school.

This caused the crowd on this side of the scene to grow more and more crowded.

The police had to raise the cordon.

"What's happening?"

"Dad, what is it?"

Some kids shake their dad's hand and ask questions.

There were also uninformed parents asking.

"What else could it be, that flower picker Wang Meng, who has committed more than a dozen consecutive crimes in our Jinling, has been caught by this young man! "

"Damn, y'all didn't even see how this young man grabbed him, it was like Superman!"

There were male parents, trembling with excitement, saying at every turn that they hated to let the world know that he had just witnessed the entire thrilling process.

And there were also female parents, who didn't even care about their children at the moment, running over to video Chen Hao with red faces.



The children even shouted at Chen Hao.

"Good catch!"

There were also parents who were indignant.

All of them looked at Chen Hao adoringly.

Wang Meng was thrown to the ground by Chen Hao, and Bai Xiaofei immediately grabbed the kid.

"Damn it! I'm fucking seeing ghosts today!"

Wang's horror hadn't receded yet, and all the time he was pressed into the police car he was looking at Chen Hao crying and shouting.

This guy, doesn't follow the laws of physics in the slightest ah....

"Brother, good job, you don't know, just chasing after you, my heart was in my throat!"

Bai Xiaofei looked at Chen Hao enviously.

And Shen Junwen saw that Hu Huimin wanted to go over and say something to Chen Hao, looking shy.

Presently jealous.

"Well, now that we've got the man, we should call it a day, Huimin, why don't you go back to the car?"

Shen Junwen took a deep breath and commanded.

But Hu Huimin didn't seem to hear.

She walked straight to Chen Hao's side.

"Chen Hao, you... you're not hurt, are you? It was too dangerous just now!"

Hughie Min.


Chen Hao responded indifferently.

Hu Huemin wanted to say something concerned before saying anything, but the words were on her lips.

After all, just now, she had looked down on Chen Hao, thinking that he was here to cause trouble.

Or to be precise, from the beginning to the end, in high school, to the bar encounter later, even if she knew Chen Hao's background in Sinan.

This entire time, Hu Huemin had never really looked up to Chen Hao in her heart.

Until today, this somewhat unfamiliar Chen Hao stood in front of her.

Hu Huemin's heartbeat accelerated.

She had even developed admiration for Chen Hao, the kind of admiration she felt in her heart.

Naturally, Chen Hao didn't need to show off anything in front of Hu Huemin, he didn't even need to look for vanity from her.

At this moment, it was as if he remembered something.

Turning around, he looked at the two girls in the car.

Because while on the roof of the car, Chen Hao heard one of the girls scream.

It wasn't a bystander, it was Yao Yuanyuan and Shen Nan.

Especially at this moment, that strange feeling of yin and yang attracting each other.

It made Chen Hao rush to the car.

Due to the inertial impact just now.

Right now, Yao Yuan Yuan and Shen Nan felt like their bodies were falling apart.

It was originally two little girls, and there were no seat belts, and just now the two of them flew out, although they only hit the front seats.

But this impact is not two little girls can withstand.

Yao Yuanyuan is now wowing in the car and crying. She has no image of a lady anymore.

"It's okay, you two come out first!"

Chen Hao walked to the front of the car and looked at the two without smiling bitterly.

It was also really coincidental.

"Thank you!"

And Shen Nan covered her shoulders, gently tidied her hair, and nodded as she looked at Chen Hao and smiled.

There was nothing that could enhance the goodwill between two people more than one person giving up his life to save another.

Shen Nan was, although she still hated Chen Hao before, but now, well, she had developed a certain good feeling towards Chen Hao.

The two girls, were also victims.

In the end, the police just came over to ask a few questions, and then let them go back to rest.

Bai Xiaofei and the others had a lot of things to do, so Chen Hao didn't ask him to accompany them.

Chen Hao sent the two girls back to school, and this time Shen Nan did not refuse and gladly accepted.

Only looking at Shen Nan's haggard face, she was too badly frightened.

Chen Hao could have kept an extra eye out this time and didn't mention the matter of the Supreme Yin Blood in this stall.

Otherwise, if she had guessed that she had saved her just to ask for the Supreme Yin Blood.

That good feeling would have been gone as well.

"Chen Hao, thank you so much for today, we treated you badly before, I apologize to you!"

Shen Nan looked at Chen Hao and smiled.

Chen Hao was slightly startled.

I thought that Bai Xiaofei could ah, and really guessed that this girl should express some apologies and gratitude to herself later.

When I separated from Bai Xiaofei just now, Bai Xiaofei did explain a few words to Chen Hao. As long as he was able to use these words, he didn't need to ask for contact information directly.

Thinking about some of the words he had told himself, Chen Hao directly repeated them.

"It's fine, no need to be thankful, we've met again and again, it's also fate, maybe it's destiny that I should be fortunate enough to be able to today Save you!"

Chen Hao said with a smile.

And Shen Nan's breathing was clearly a little quicker at the news .

A blush flashed across her pretty face even faster.

Looking towards Chen Hao, the corners of her mouth lifted up in a beautiful curve.

But no words were spoken.

She nodded, "Then we'll go back to rest first, goodbye!"

I didn't move after saying that, but my eyes were looking at Chen Hao.


Chen Hao didn't think that some of the details Bai Xiaofei told him would really all come true with Shen Nan.

He said that the more goddess-like the girls were, the more they would play the game of lust.

They actually enjoyed the process of being pursued and cared for by boys.

Even if you saved Shen Nan today, according to Bai Xiaofei's guess, Shen Nan would never take the initiative, on the contrary, she would simply chat with you for a few moments and then leave.

Waiting for you to retain her.

That's why goddesses are often harder to chase, they like the process.

And this slight movement of Shen Nan was exactly as Bai Xiaofei guessed.

According to the script Bai Xiaofei had given.

At the moment, Chen Hao nodded with a carefree expression.

"Well, you've all been injured today, go home and get some rest, just as well, I was going to give a friend of mine today, to prepare an Special gift's, I've got work to do, goodbye!"

After Chen Hao finished speaking, he turned around and faded away.  A second to remember to read the book

"One! Two! ......."

Chen Hao counted five in his heart, if Bai Xiaofei didn't lie to himself, he should be shouting at the moment.

"Right, Chen Hao you wait!"

Shen Nan shouted.

As expected!

"What's wrong?"

Chen Hao asked.

"Chen Hao where did you learn such good skills, I just want to learn some simple women's self-defense techniques! Do you know anything about this, and do you have a suitable recommendation?"

Shen Nan said.

Yao Yuanyuan also nodded, "I want to learn too!"

"Oooh, so, I do! I'm pushing this public seed number to you on Weixin! It's my friend, he follows these all the time!"

Chen Hao now finally understood the hearts of these girls.

The words that Bai Xiaofei had just taught himself were very rich in content.

Especially that sentence that he was about to go prepare a special gift for someone else.

It was called an anti-desire, and with this premise of heroic rescue, it was completely possible to carry it out.

After adding his friends, Chen Hao pushed Bai Xiaofei's public number to them.

Because on his public number, it's all about fighting and stuff like that.

The two ears are the lowercase pinyin of Bodhi with 666 added after it is Bai Xiaofei's, or just search the name.

In fact, Chen Hao is clear that she wants to learn any women's self-defense technique is fake.

It's true that you want to keep a useful and likeable boy around to be considerate and pursue yourself.

This kid, Bai XiaoFei, really had some tricks up his sleeve.

After parting with them, Chen Hao couldn't help but admire it in his heart.

It was also considered to be seeing things and thinking of people.

Why didn't I understand Tongxin's feelings at first?

At that time, the two of them were on the phone every day, and every time Tongxin said he wanted to sleep.

He would say that he would go to sleep, good night.

Now it seems that in fact, Tongxin is not trying to sleep, but wanting to make herself retain her.

Wanting to feel that there's someone who's been hanging on to her, wanting to be with her, with you in mind!

Of course Tongxin wouldn't do this to other boys, Chen Hao understood that she only had herself in mind....

And looking at the days, there were only three days until the middle of the month arrived, and it was getting more and more urgent.

Tonight, we have to go and talk to Bai Xiaofei, now that we have a good start though, we must also have a next step to take.

"Nan Nan, why do I see that Chen Hao doesn't look like he likes you? You said you wanted to learn women's self-defense, but you were really pushed for a male medium."

Yao Yuanyuan said.

"What's wrong with that, I do kind of want to learn it now, you don't know how brave he was when he saved us just now, girls vs. Heroes, all without resistance, now look, I think there's a hidden side to that Chen Hao, it's quite mysterious!"

Nan Nan laughed softly.

"Wow, Nan Nan, you're not falling in love with Chen Hao because he saved us once, are you? And you know what, Nan Nan, Chen Hao he's very good, but he doesn't look like he's rich, if, I mean if. What about your family if you two are really together because of the fate of this thing?"

Yao Yuan Yuan considered a lot.

"But you said that you didn't want to fall in love, but now, with all the things that have happened in your family, you definitely need to find one that can fix it Your family's economic crisis, in comparison, I think Wang Peng is the most suitable!"

"His family, after all, runs a company, and it's all listed, there's plenty of money, you just have to be his girlfriend, he told his father One voice, it's perfectly fine for your family's family crisis to be averted, but it's different when you're close to Chen Hao!"

The two of them were on their way back, Yao Yuanyuan analyzed.

Actually, now Shen Nan said that she liked Chen Hao that was far from it, that she was particularly fond of Chen Hao and was particularly curious about him.

Nor do they rule out the idea of having that aspect.

But as soon as Yao Yuanyuan said that, Shen Nan instantly calmed down.

It was true that he was somewhat optimistic about worshipping Chen Hao.

But since last month, when something had happened to his own family, I'm afraid that he had no choice.

One must find a rich and powerful one by one's side.

As Yuan Yuan analyzed, right now, with no money and no connections, you can't do anything.

And the reason why she still rejected Wang Peng today was that Shen Nan still wanted to run into Wang Peng for a few more rounds.

What to do? On the one hand, there was the family, one that he didn't like, but could help his family, Wang Peng.

On the other, there was Chen Hao, who he had feelings for, but was of no use to the family!

Shen Nan was in a deep tangle.

"Don't think about it so much Nan Nan, tomorrow night will be your birthday, do you know, Wang Peng's confession failed today, he still hasn't given up Instead, I think that you have made Wang Peng lose face today, and if tomorrow your Birthday banquet, to be able to invite Wang Peng, he can be happy to the heavens!"

Yao Yuanyuan said.

"Well, I know, but I still want to invite someone for my twentieth birthday!"

Shen Nan bit her lip and said.

"It can't be Chen Hao, right?"

Yao Yuan Yuan stared at him.

"Well, he saved us today after all, if it wasn't for him, the two of us might have been what our fate is now, always show your gratitude !"

Shen Nan gently bit her lips and said.

Remembering that she had gotten down from the car, because of her leg injury, Chen Hao had thoughtfully assisted her.

As if, that freezing point in his own heart, slowly began to melt!

The two of them said to each other, and it was back to the dormitory to check in with their roommates.

As for the woman's self-defense technique, no one was interested in learning it.

Yao Yuanyuan directly deleted the public middle number.

Only in the evening, her head started to hurt, it should be because she was hit in the head in the car, Shen Nan and the others accompanied her to the hospital again to check....

And that night, Chen Hao was also subjected to a birthday message from Nan Shen inviting Chen Hao to go as well .

Mid-tenth of the month was approaching, and as Bai Xiaofei had judged, his own supreme Yin blood should be obtained tomorrow, and the Shockstone was calling out....


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