The Unknown Heir Chen 616-620

Chapter 616

Chen Hao threw his stick and all of these people had been put down on the ground.

And Ma Xiaonan also rushed to this side of the car and helped Meng Xi up.

Meng Xi was already a soft and weak little girl, and the scene just now had scared her to death.

She didn't know how she would be able to live if she was really insulted by these people.

Let's even say that she would kill herself.

During this time, Meng Xi had already done too many things against her conscience.

This in itself had a strong impact on her spirit.

"Teacher Ma!"

Seeing Ma Xiaonan, Meng Xi couldn't help but burst into tears and immediately jumped into Ma Xiaonan's arms and cried bitterly.

"Teacher Ma, you're so kind to me, I'm not a person, I'm not a thing!"

She cried.  

"Okay, okay, the teacher knows all about it, and she doesn't blame you, but if she does, it's because your mother is sick and it's so hard at home, so why didn't you talk to What about teacher talk?"

Persuading Meng Xi, Ma Xiaonan's heart was quite frustrated.

She couldn't imagine it.

If Chen Hao hadn't come back, if Chen Hao hadn't come to find her today.

Then tonight, what would Meng Xi, a good and sympathetic girl, experience.

Such a promising girl, her future might be ruined.

Ma Xiaonan didn't even dare to continue thinking about it.

All was fortunate, everything was fortunate.

"Teacher, I stole that money!"

Meng Xi cried out, and she spoke all of it.

At this moment, this girl's heart could no longer hide anything.

She said it all in one breath.

"This money, I didn't dare to touch it, even if I was short of money, I went to work for someone as a tutor, I went to work for someone, I wouldn't touch it, this money is I stole it, it's not clean!"

Meng Xi cried out.

"It's good that you haven't moved, teacher understands you!"

Ma Xiaonan had been there to console Meng Xi.

And Chen Hao, according to what Meng Xi said, went to the side of the door, under a tile.

Found the pile of money Meng Xi had buried inside.

A whole two hundred thousand, not a penny less.

Not to be outdone, Mengxi's character was a bit touching to Chen Hao.

"Alright don't cry, your mother hasn't eaten yet, let's go cook some more food and then send it to the hospital, the teacher will also have to visit your Mom!"

Ma Xiaonan wiped Meng Xi's tears away.

Soon, the meal was prepared and placed back in the thermos.

Chen Hao drove Ma Xiaonan and Meng Xi to the hospital.

As for those bodyguards, they made a phone call themselves and naturally someone returned to deal with the messy scene.

Chen Hao also went to the hospital to see how Meng Xi's mother was doing, and although she wasn't lightly ill, there was absolutely nothing that could be done about it.

Even in Chen Hao's eyes, it wasn't even a serious illness anymore.

Only that it would cost a lot of money to cure it.

This was the main thing that made it difficult to stop Meng Xi.

Chen Hao had advanced all the medical expenses.

And promised Meng Xi that her living expenses and tuition for entering the university would also be sponsored by the Jinling Business Group.

As for Mengxi's mother, when she got better, Chen Hao would also have Li Zhenguo arrange a job for her.

Everything would be fine.

Chen Hao advised Meng Xi.

By the time all of this was dealt with, it was already after nine o'clock in the evening.

Since Meng Xi was really too stimulated today, Ma Xiaonan stayed by her side and kept chatting with her.

As for Chen Hao, a grown man, he didn't know how to persuade this little girl.

He simply took a water bottle and came out to receive water.

It was precisely at this time.

The jade talisman in Chen Hao's bosom suddenly produced a sensation.

It caused Chen Hao's entire body to shake.

The jade talisman had a reaction, indicating that the person with the Supreme Yin Body was right next to him.

Chen Hao was delighted.

Hurriedly, he looked around.

But to Chen Hao's disappointment, the sensation quickly dissipated without a trace.

It was as if it had just been an illusion.

"What's going on? Why not?"

Chen Hao was amazed.

Greatly disappointed.

Just now, the jade talisman's reaction was very strong, so it meant that the person with the Supreme Yin Body was very close to her.

But it suddenly dissipated, indicating that she had already left.

Chen Hao ran back down to the hospital and quickly searched the surrounding area, but he still found nothing.

By the time Chen Hao returned.

Ma Xiaonan just happened to walk out.

"Meng Xi has fallen asleep in the companion bed, she's been too stressed and tired this whole time, Little Song, let's go too."

Ma Xiaonan.

"But then again, I have some concerns about the safety of their mother and daughter!"

"Don't worry, I've asked my bodyguards to covertly protect them, just don't worry!"

"Ummm, Mengxi said she'll tell the police the truth tomorrow, Song, I hope you can protect her, she's already poor, stop Let her be hurt a second time!"

"Everything is with me!"

And listened to Chen Hao's words.

Ma Xiaonan nodded her head heavily.

A different look even flashed in her eyes.

Because as long as Chen Hao was there, she would feel incomparably solid, and even if the sky fell, Ma Xiaonan wasn't afraid, because of Chen Hao.

She was even thinking about how happy she would be if she and Chen Hao were together, married, and living together.

She didn't want anything, let alone Chen Hao's money, she just wanted the two of them to be together.

But Ma Xiaonan knew that Chen Hao still had the missing Su Tongxin in his heart.

Himself... couldn't be so selfish.

There was an unspeakable pain that surged up to her heart, and the more caring and considerate Chen Hao was, the more this heartache grew.

Afterwards, Chen Hao sent Ma Xiaonan back, and Xiaonan's mother recooked the meal, eating there before Chen Hao returned to the mountain villa.

"Hubby, how's it going?"

On the other hand, Yang Yan petulantly questioned her husband.

"Damn, it's really evil, Big Head and the others can't get in touch, I went to the hospital to check, that Meng Xi's mother seems to have processed a transfer . Not in that hospital bed anyway, what the hell is going on here?"

Yang Yan's husband couldn't help but frown and say.

"Maybe Big Head and the others were having a good time and forgot about it, and then Meng Xi's mother couldn't wait for enough money to pay her hospital bill, so she might be kicked out of the hospital. I'll call Big Head later and ask, it's been so long, even if I'm happy, I'm done being happy!"

Yang Yan said.

"Well, I've also already used many of my connections to check out that brat's history, and when I find an opportunity tomorrow, I'll let him get a taste of my power ! It's only strange that they, all of them, haven't gotten back to me by now."

Yang Yan's husband sneered.

At this time, a lot of text messages came to his phone.

It was as if these people had discussed and sent them to him in one piece.

Yang Yan's husband hurriedly picked it up and read it.

"Damn it, what does it mean?"

Yang Yan's husband finished reading the text message and his brows furrowed.

"What's wrong honey?"

Yang Yan said petulantly, as long as her husband helped her get rid of Ma Xiaonan, then Yang Yan felt like she had no more desires.

"These people, and I actually sent the exact same text message, the content of the text message is only three words."

Yang Yan's husband shook his head.

"Those three words ah?"

"Good luck!"


The next day, Yang Yan went to the school with her husband.

Yang Yan went directly to the school with her husband.

It is not that Ma Xiaonan called a man to back him up, right? So Yang Yan also called her own husband to back her up.

And with her husband's car swinging there, just the momentum alone could scare that man on Ma Xiaonan's side to death.


The main bar is still last night, in addition to those strange text messages, and then there is no reply from Big Head all night.

This made Yang Yan's heart prey to anxiety.

They didn't answer their phone calls, and they weren't at Mengxi's doorstep, so where could they go.

Big Head and the others have always done things steadily, there's no reason why they wouldn't go out to have a good time after doing things, not even a message?

This made Yang Yan feel something was faintly wrong.

So bring your own husband.  

But she knew the situation at Mengxi's house, and her place, there would be no problem.


Yang Yan's husband parked the car directly under the school building.

The latest model of BMW 7 series attracted a lot of people's eyes.

"Look quickly na, oh my god, is that Teacher Yang's husband? So handsome, in a BMW 7 Series!"

"Fuck, actually her husband but a big young, family background is very cool, and you see Miss Yang usually dress what is quite social. of, even if you're looking for a husband, you'll never find a layman!"

"Tsk, tsk, rich!"

Many boys can't help but discuss this car.

After all, most of the boys still hold an extremely desirable state to the car.

The most discussed thing, besides the game, is what kind of car is good.

Of course, Yang Yan took her husband's arm and stood in front of the car for a while, she enjoyed the most when others looked at her with admiration and envy.

"Hi, how are you, Teacher Shen, so early?"

Yang Yan pretended to get something in the car while greeting affectionately with some female teachers who had come to work.

"Teacher Xu, how are you doing this morning?"

Yang Yan smiled.

"Yah, Teacher Yang, is this your husband? This car, it looks like a new car, huh? It's not cheap at first glance!"

A few female teachers also replied enthusiastically.

But one by one, all of them were a little unhappy in their hearts.

Well, what's the derring-do, it's just having a rich husband and a nice car, what's the big deal!

But scolding in the heart, there was always some sense of envy and jealousy.

How other people's lives were so good.

And look at myself, simply can't compare!

A few female teachers, all standing in place, said this to Yang Yan.

Not long after, many male teachers also came over.

"BMW 7 Series, the newest model of 2020, just went on sale not long ago, how handsome!"

They couldn't help but long for it.

Yang Yan and his husband just kept chatting with them.

Finally, some of the female teachers couldn't help but say.

"When will you be able to use this car and drive us around, Mr. Yang?"

"Anytime you guys want to go, I'll have my husband chauffeur us wherever we want to go!"

Yang Yan said with a smile.

"Teacher Yang is so nice, thank you so much!"

"Well, now you know that I'm good to you, although I'm usually a bit headstrong, but I'm quite good to people, my personality That's it. Straightforward. It's not like she's a teacher. She's a hypocrite. The school district around here, 150+ sq ft duplex, I'm really drunk, where does she get the money to buy such a nice house in that condition? , there's no need for me to tell you about this!"

Yang Yan coldly said.

"Ahem, maybe people have found a rich husband too?"

A male teacher said.

"Cut, just her? And I'm not afraid to tell you that I already met her husband last night when I was investigating the bursary, and guess what?"

Yang Yan said

"What's wrong?"

"Her husband, who's just a lowlife, and money? At best, a working man!"

Yang Yan was disdainful.

How could he compare with her husband?


And suddenly this time, the surrounding students who had come to school, let out a loud scream.

This scream, they all seemed to be fainting.


On Yang Yan's side, many male and female teachers looked towards the school entrance at the same time, wanting to see what was going on.

They all stared at each other, spitting out fragrant mouths.

Yang Yan also looked, and now couldn't help but cover her mouth.

"What a cool luxury car!!!"

The crowd marveled.

Just saw a cool and pulling Lamborghini sports car, a hundred times cooler than that multi-million dollar luxury car, slowly driving towards the campus school building.

Even many high school students, who didn't care about the school's rule of not allowing cell phones, took out their phones to take pictures.

"Rambo! Tens of millions of dollars worth of Rambo!"

Yang Yan's husband, however, was all but opening his mouth at the moment.

"Whose husband is this? And whose father is driving the car?"

Many male teachers exclaimed.

"This car, it is said, is a limited edition bar, and there are not hundreds of them in our entire country!"

Someone who knew what he was doing said immediately.

And Yang Yan's face was a bit unpleasant.

Especially when this car was driving towards them.

In this way, the shine of this brand new BMW 7 series of her husband was completely knocked off.

"Hubby, do you think you would know the driver driving the car, socially, you know so many people?"

Yang Yan looked at her husband and asked.

And the female teacher on the side was jealous again, indeed ah, Yang Yan's husband was too strong.

"Let's see and say, although I know a lot of rich businessmen in Jinling, there are areas that I can't cover, but when I see them, I should know that he is Who. That's right Yanyan, give me my business card!"

Yang Yan's husband tidied up his suit and hurriedly said.

"Okay husband!"

Yang Yan hurriedly cheerfully took out business cards from the car.

And to the female teachers: "They business people are like this, to meet some senior CEOs, all have to exchange business cards, bring the It could be a business opportunity, and you won't understand if I tell you!"

Hearing Yang Yan's words, one female teacher was furious.

And the luxury car finally drove over.

It was parked on the other side of the BMW 7 series.

The teachers and students held their breath as the crowds watched.

They wanted to see who the owner of this car was.

And the car door was soon raised automatically.

A young man, with one hand in his pocket, was seen walking down from the car.

On the other side, an extremely beautiful woman came down from the passenger side as well.

Seeing this one man and one woman.


Yang Yan, who was holding a pile of business cards in her hand, was suddenly shaken, and the cards all scattered on the ground.

It was as if she had been struck by lightning.

Her soul was shattered and her brain was completely blanked out.

The scene in front of her brought her like a distorted space, making her feel like she was about to faint.


And the students there screamed even more.

The female teachers shouted even more in shock.

"Miss Xiaonan, it's you guys!"


Not bad, the two were naturally Chen Hao and Ma Xiaonan.

Yang Yan just felt like her outlook on life was about to be turned upside down.

It was originally thought that Ma Xiaonan didn't have much backstage, and her husband was so powerful, getting rid of her wouldn't be a matter of minutes.

And when she saw Chen Hao yesterday, Yang Yan felt that Chen Hao was just an ordinary person, and there would be a day when he would suffer.

But never would have thought that he was rich, especially rich!

Now full of sweat, do not know how to respond.

And not long after, a police car even more Xu drove into the campus.

Compared to yesterday, there were two more police officers.

"Teacher Ma, Teacher Yang Yan just so happens that you are also here, there is a new development in the matter, let's still go to the principal's office to talk again, right?"

One of the policemen looked coldly at Yang Yan.


Yang Yan had an uneasy feeling in her heart.

The crowd entered the headmaster's room.

The atmosphere in the Headmaster's Office also made Yang Yan feel a little strange.

It was as if everyone's gaze towards her had all changed.

"There has been a new development in the matter, we have obtained strong evidence that suspects that this bursary theft case is the work of someone behind the scenes who ordered the students . And the methods of coercion used are even more brutal!"

The policeman told the principal.

"Good work, comrade policeman!"

Yang Yan's heart thudded, and her face suddenly turned extremely white.

With a glance at her husband, she swallowed her saliva like a cry for help.

She finally knew where her uneasiness was coming from.

But Yang Yan's husband immediately took an angry step backwards.

Fuck, this matter is definitely not daring to be managed, on the one hand, this youth in front of him, his identity is definitely not simple, he can't afford to offend.

On the other hand, if you continue to manage it, it would be difficult for you to get out of it.

And also at this time, there were a few security guards at the entrance walking back and forth indistinctly.

The policeman suddenly changed his words and took out an arrest warrant: "Teacher Yang Yan, we suspect that you and your husband are under serious suspicion, serious Break the criminal law, please come with us!"

The policeman's voice came out.

Yang Yan's husband was instantly shocked.

"It's all this woman's business, no matter what I do!"

After saying that, Yang Yan's husband pulled his legs out and ran.

As a result, he ran to the door and was held down by a few security guards to death.


Yang Yan also went crazy and started running towards the door.

Obviously, they all know what they have done, once caught in, not a decade or two don't want to come out.

The few security guards at the door, only to assist in holding down Yang Yan's husband.

Unexpectedly Yang Yan also ran towards the outside.

Just saw Yang Yan run to the hallway, all the students who came to class didn't know what happened, she was about to run down the stairs.


An electric baton flashed with a blue light.

It was the one Chen Hao pulled out from the security guard's pocket.

It was a swift strike at Yang Yan.


Yang Yan screamed, her whole body trembling, directly lying on the ground with convulsions.

"Ah! Isn't that Miss Yang Yan?"

"God, why are so many people arresting her?"

The students covered their mouths and retreated.

And Chen Hao saw that Yang Yan was subdued, and when they didn't come over, he crouched down and struck another blow at Yang Yan.


This time, Yang Yan directly urinated and defecated.

"If it wasn't here, I would have broken you into pieces!"

Throwing the electric baton aside, Chen Hao spoke coldly.

According to Chen Hao's temper, Chen Hao wouldn't be Chen Hao if he didn't turn Yang Yan into the same woman as the one in Willow City when he encountered such a heartless person.

This matter was considered resolved, and when it was over, Chen Hao and Ma Xiaonan went to the hospital to visit Meng Xi and the others again.

The only thing is that Chen Hao also specifically stayed in the hospital for a long time, but this time it was very disappointing, the person with the supreme yin body, never appeared again.

Originally, it was thought that she was a doctor or nurse or some kind of patient at the hospital.

But after strolling around the entire hospital, Chen Hao never had that feeling again.

As we watched the days pass by, it was getting closer to the middle of the month.

The whereabouts of that Supreme Yin Body Woman were still unknown, and Chen Hao was anxious in his heart.

After sending Ma Xiaonan back to the school.

Chen Hao was thinking about simply going to the nearby school academy or something.

Go around once more.

It doesn't make sense, according to what Master Ghost said, we would definitely cross paths if we ran into each other due to our special physiques!

Presently, Chen Hao spent the morning driving around several high schools as well as several university colleges.

But there was still nothing.

"Jinling University!"

In the end, Chen Hao drove to the alma mater of Jinling University here.

This was the last school in Jinling, if not, in a sea of people, Chen Hao really didn't know where else to search.

Seeing many students pointing at their cars.

Chen Hao was also a little embarrassed to return to his alma mater.

It shouldn't have been so high-profile.

So, Chen Hao turned his car around and wanted to park in the small forest where he had parked his car.

In the end, when he went over, he found that there were several cars across the original parking place.

Here, there were even a lot of rich girls dressed up in flowery outfits, and those sports car Ferraris and whatnot.

There were quite a few people around here, and it looked as if two rich young men had a conflict.

"Just this car of yours, also dare to park here, shame not, this one of mine, two million or so, humph!"

One of the rich young men.

"Wow! Yang is so handsome!"

"This is a cool car too!"

A group of girls enviously looked at Young Master Yang.

The other rich young man, his car was only more than eight hundred thousand, the girls here, speaking for him naturally did not.

A touch of inferiority sprang up on his face now, and he drove away without getting angry.

The ones who come here are usually the owners of luxury cars, and I don't know when this grove has become the location of dazzling cars and pretending.

There are too many little girls and boys and whatnot here every day.

And Young Master Yang saw that he had forced the man away, and a touch of pride sprang up on his face.

He was about to pull the car in.

At this time, a rousing motor roar could be heard, followed by an even more cool Lamborghini, swinging across the place.

And the appearance of the Lamborghini directly pushed the atmosphere to the highest level.

A young man in seven-piece pants and sunglasses was seen stepping out of the car.

"Fuck off, this car also deserves to be parked here? This one of mine, five million!"

He chewed his gum and shouted.

"Whoa! It's Lu!"

"Lu is so handsome!"

The girls are flirtatious again.

As you know, there was once a mysterious rich young man's top-of-the-line luxury car here, and it was with this car that the mysterious rich young man chased the whole school's goddess.

So this legend spread and became popular.

The western grove had also become a place to show off the car.

"Yang Shao, what are you looking at, why don't you give way to our brother Lu Yuan and let him park the car in?"

"Yeah, this is the perfect spot for brother Lu Yuan to stop!"

The girls looked at Yang Shao with contempt.

Yang Shao pursed his lips, and a touch of inferiority emerged on his face as he drove off with an angry smile. And it was also a scene that attracted a lot of people, there were nearly a hundred people around now.

"This bunch of little farts, money, at such a beautiful age, should be used to do the most meaningful things..."

Chen Hao looked at the scene in front of him and shook his head with a grin.

Then he stepped on the accelerator, and the Lamborghini rushed towards the crowd at a furious speed....



The sound of the motor rages on.

The Lambo comes to a blatant halt in a blizzard of wind and foliage.

And it was the appearance of this car.

The entire atmosphere of the scene was frozen for a moment.

"This, this... Lamborghini Reventon?"

Everyone could not hide the shock on their faces.

It was as if the scene in front of them was just a dream, and when the dream woke up, there was nothing left.

The Reventon, 18 million.

Initially, that mysteriously rich young man's luxury car was a limited edition Reventon, 18 million.

And now, an identical one has actually appeared.  

It's like a legend that people have been hoping for a long time, thinking it would never come true.

But one day, the legend suddenly becomes a reality.

And it's right in front of you.

Young Master Lu was also confused and forced.

Just felt instantly overwhelmed.

"This, this, this is too heroic!"

Young Master Lu secretly.

Was about to move out of the parking space.

And Chen Hao, stepping out of the car.

The girls were all screaming hysterically.

What's more, many of them put their hands in their mouths, and some of them scratched their faces raw.

It was so shocking, simply!

"Wow, how many tweets do you have, brother?"

"Do you have a girlfriend, brother?"

The girls gathered around and said.

"Dasho, we're leaving!"

Some of the boys, too, quickly tried to move away from the car to make room.


Chen Hao looked towards them and coldly shouted.

Everyone was instantly shaken and pinned in place by this voice!

"I ask you, what's the point of comparing them here?"

Chen Hao coldly said.

Presently, several boys lowered their heads, unable to speak.

"When you're rich, there will still be people who are a thousand times richer than you, and when you perceive that you are richer than others, there will still be people who are a thousand times richer than you, and can always be Compared to what?"

"What's the point of running here to show off when you have all this energy to spend on going to spend time with your family and your loved ones?"

Chen Hao faintly said.

The faces of a few boys all blushed and nodded their heads heavily.

"That's right, it's still this young master, Lu Yang, how can we compare to this young master?"

"Dasho, now that I've met you, I know what it means to be mature and stable, so charming, you're so right!"

Several girls gathered around towards Chen Hao, and even more girls looked at Chen Hao with water in their eyes.

Imploringly, they said.

"And you guys!"

Chen Hao pushed away one of the girls who was rubbing against him.

Coldly pointing at them.

"Look what you're wearing. So you're the one who's wearing a T-shirt with no pants underneath? A girl's house, and shame on you!"

"That that, you're even more outrageous, you're wearing a string on your shirt, right? Can't you be more ladylike if you leak everything to others!"

Chen Hao was simply furious.

Especially after meeting this group of young boys and girls from the gold-worshipping society.

Chen Hao just wanted to tell them to cherish the people and everything in front of them, and when there was nothing, go regret.

Immediately, Chen Hao cape was a scolding.

Several girls were even cried by Chen Hao's scolding.

"All scattered scattered!"

Chen Hao waved his hand and drove all these people away.

He parked the car himself and thought to himself, "What's wrong with this society now?

It's great to have money!

If money could do anything, he wouldn't have to keep searching like this.

Looking towards the campus, Chen Hao still had to continue his search for the Supreme Yin Physique and took a step into the campus.

What had just happened was merely a small episode.

Returning to the campus after two years, Chen Hao's heart was full of thoughts.

How does a saying go, life is like a circle, turning and turning, no matter if you are poor or rich, in the end, you will always return to the original starting point.

Everything in the beginning.

It was here that it all began.

It was here that I got the news that I was the first heir to the Chen family.

It was also here that you ran into the girl you loved the most.

The milk tea shop in front of the campus was still there, and the owner was still the same boss.

I remember the initial encounter when Su Tongxin bought milk tea because she didn't have her wallet and paid for it herself.

It's a good thing that you can't be sure that you're going to be able to get a good deal on your own.

There's nothing earth-shattering, and there's nothing bitter and deep.

It's just that, I like you, you like me, I want to be with you, very pure.

But all the beauty, it's all gone.

There was even a different kind of hope for Chen Hao, which was that he wouldn't go to be the heir of any Chen family.

Go be a poor student yourself, Su Tongxin doesn't mind being rich or poor.

How nice it would be for the two of them to be together, find a job after graduation, or wait until they earned enough money to open a milk tea shop, get married, have children, and have a nice family.

Alas, thinking about it, Chen Hao laughed bitterly.

How can one know when one is worried!

"Hey, hey, hey! You've been staring here for five minutes, handsome, have you been up to something?"

And just as Chen Hao's thoughts were dancing in confusion, a girl with a ponytail arrived in front of Chen Hao at some point.

Sweeping her hand in front of Chen Hao's eyes, she asked with a bit of a smile.

"Hm? What's going on?"

Chen Hao turned back to her.


The ponytailed girl couldn't help but laugh all of a sudden.

This guy was silly, and he was seen staring here in broad daylight, what was he thinking about?

The woman said: "Our roommate is going to take a dormitory photo in the lake, want to find someone to help us take a photo, handsome do you have time ah, come over to help us take a photo. Take a picture, right?"

The girl looked at Chen Hao who looked quite innocent and had eyes for Chen Hao.

"Oooo, okay!"

See the girl was already handing the camera to herself as she said that.

Chen Hao didn't have the good sense to refuse, that in itself wasn't a difficult thing to do.

"Well na, be careful o, this camera is very expensive, by the way, can you use it?"

Girls look at Chen Hao bar, dressed in ordinary, but also worried that he would not use, give random press broken.

"Will use!"

Chen Hao nodded.

At this moment by the lake.

There are five or six girls, Ying Ying Yan playing with each other.

The weather is excellent today, the sisters agreed to come out to take pictures, which will not soon go into the second year of it, or to the first career to leave a thought.

And around it, although there are people, but it, mostly couples walking in the lake, also some hold together you nibble her she nibbles you.

It's also embarrassing to go looking for them ah.

"What's going on with the circle, I see she has found it, how come she hasn't led him over?"

"Over here over here, hey look she's still a handsome little guy if she finds it!"

Some girls were laughing at the moment.

"Pfft, I didn't see handsome, commonplace, I guess!"

Some girls also shook their heads.

"Come on, what are you guys thinking, people are here to take pictures for us, be polite to them!"

Standing in the very middle, a long-haired girl at the head of the group couldn't help but smile.


Plus, after Chen Hao came over.

These girls thanked Chen Hao as well.

Chen Hao, right, because returning back to Jinling University brought back special memories for him.

So it was somewhat distracting.

"I'll shoot when I'm ready ah?"

Chen Hao said.

"Get ready!"

The girls all smiled and posed.

Chen Hao brought up his camera and adjusted the angle.

"One, two, three, fuck!"

Suddenly, Chen Hao couldn't help but shake his whole body, because a little too excited, Chen Hao even threw his camera all over the ground after spitting out fragrance .  A second to remember to read the book

With a snap, the camera's lens was slammed into two pieces.

Because just a moment ago, the moment Chen Hao gathered his mind, he felt that the jade talisman on his body, as well as his mind, had suddenly created an extremely strange feeling.

And this feeling was exactly the same as the one that he had encountered Su Chuchu.

And looking at the scent of the long-haired girl at the very center of the crowd, Chen Hao was simply badly surprised.

Because the second girl with the Supreme Yin Body had been found.

It was really just as the Ghost Calculator had said, the supreme yin to yang opposites attract each other, and as long as they could get close, they would definitely cross paths.

Now that was it, you've found yourself in the right place.

So the other one, she was in Jinling University!

Chen Hao could not help but let out a long breath.

However, the six girls were open-mouthed and all were dumbfounded.

This camera, over fifty thousand dollars, was actually... actually dropped by this boy just like that!


Yao Yuanyuan was the first to react.

She just felt like the sky was spinning, like the whole sky had become dark.

Because she was the one who rented the camera! If you break it, you must pay for it!

"Son of a bitch, you actually threw our camera away like that!"

Yao Yuanyuan rushed over in anger and had to shove Chen Hao.

The rest of the girls, however, were all angry.

Think about it, the styling was all set up, and it was all quite happy, but it turned out to be such a mess, it's not good for anyone's heart.

"Success is not enough! Yuan Yuan, how could you find a boy like that, really!"

The girls didn't have good white eyes Chen Hao.

And Yao Yuanyuan was so anxious that she was about to cry.

"It shouldn't be broken, this kind of camera, every part, has a corresponding protection device, let me see!"

The long-haired girl at the head of the group was now gently pulling her hair behind her ear.

Checked back and forth.

And reassembled the camera again.

Only after all the fall just now, the lens had slight wear and tear, and it was estimated that it would only cost a couple of thousand dollars!

The long-haired girl.

"Hmph, what a rage, what bad luck, how did God let me run into him, so many people on the street, who am I not good enough to find, and how It would have biased him, and if we hadn't, we might have finished taking pictures!"

Yao Yuanyuan was going mad with anger.

"How much will you have to pay? I'll pay for every penny!"

Chen Hao hurriedly said.

"Hmph, you said ah, pay fifty thousand!"

Yao Yuanyuan raged.

"Oh my, still fifty thousand, two thousand is good enough for him to take, what bad luck!"

The girls.

"Well, I'll pay you back!"

Saying that, Chen Hao wanted to take out his phone and transfer fifty thousand to her.

The result was embarrassing.

Chen Hao felt all over his body, but he didn't even have his cell phone.

It's only then that I remembered that I had just left my phone in the car because I wanted to scold the group of creepy brats.

I didn't take anything with me and left.

After looking through his pockets, it seemed like he only had seven or eight hundred in cash, and he didn't know when he stuffed it into his pocket himself, after all, Chen Hao already had no concrete concept of money.

"Chen, I thought you were so cool, really!"

Yao Yuanyuan scowled.

"Alright, alright, let's stop taking pictures, let's go fix the camera problem and then go eat Deuces..."

The long-haired girl at the head of the group shook her head and said.

"Just let him go like that, how do we pay for it na!"

Yao Yuanyuan was unforgiving.

"Forget it!"

Seeing more and more people coming around to see what was going on.

The long-haired girl just felt quite embarrassed to be watched by so many people, so she pulled her sisters away.

"Wait sister, what's your... contact information? Leave me your contact information and I'll get the money to you later!"

Chen Hao hurriedly looked towards the long-haired girl at the head.

And Yao Yuanyuan and the others were even more stupid.

Fuck, dropping our camera, but asking for contact information from Nan Nan.

What kind of boy is this?

Everyone understood that this boy was looking at Nan Nan's pretty face and did it on purpose, right?

Who isn't a little jealous of a girl.

Now looking at Chen Hao with a scowl and anger.

But Nan Nan didn't want to be bothered with him anymore and didn't want to be watched by so many people, so she pulled her sisters and left.

"Rub, this brother, Shen Nan but the department's flower, really can ah, how many rich young confessions have failed, you actually still want to Contacts?"

"That's right, you had the opportunity to take a picture of someone and you behaved so badly, go regret it!"

Quite a few of the onlooking boys poked fun at him.

Chen Hao ignored them and just shook his head with a bitter smile of his own.

It must have been the cause of the supreme yin to yang opposites attracting each other again, disturbing his own heart.

It was the same as when he ran into Su Chuchu before, he didn't control his emotions for a moment and did something so disorienting.

What you clearly broke was someone else's ponytailed girl's camera.

But in the end, you hurriedly went to ask the long-haired beauty for her contact information?

Anyone would have found it annoying!


Chen Hao slapped himself on the head.

Too anxious!

Only a few small misunderstandings had arisen, but Chen Hao was still very happy.

After all, the Supreme Yin Physique had been found, and the Earthshaking Stone was even more exhilarating.

The middle of the month would soon be here.

At last, his own efforts were not in vain!

Presently, Chen Hao watched Shen Nan and the others leave and chased after them.

And Shen Nan with their roommates.

Really, although the freshman year was only less than a year, but really what kind of boys had seen it all.

Because in the department, whether it's classmates or seniors.

There were simply too many who confessed to Shen Nan and pursued her.

Shen Nan was also bored with some people and never agreed.

For example, just now that boy bar, do things badly, but also frostily rushed to himself to ask for contact information.

It was really annoying.

Shen Nan and the others handled the camera themselves, it was the money Shen Nan took out.

And then a group of people went to the university campus Dex, ready to eat something, and then look to a mountain view that outside the school, looking for a special person to take pictures of them.

Chen Hao also followed them up, Chen Hao must express his apologies.

Because they had misunderstood themselves, he wasn't the kind of person they thought he was.

"It's him again, how annoying!"

And when the few girls saw Chen Hao, they were all speechless.

It could be said that all the girls had an extremely bad impression of Chen Hao.

And just as Chen Hao was about to stiffen his scalp and explain.


Inside the Dex, suddenly several bouquets of petals were burst open, and for a time, pink petals flew in the sky, the romantic atmosphere, rendering the entire Dex, and everyone in the Dex.

Immediately following, a handsome and handsome boy in a small suit walked in with roses in his hands and bypassed Chen Hao to come beside Nan Shen and the others.

"Nan Nan, I prepared this especially for you, do you like it?"

The boy said, holding the flowers in his hands and getting down on one knee.

A romantic confession ceremony!


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