The Unknown Heir Chen 611-615


It's like a bulletproof vest that insulates itself from the outside world and ensures that no one gets hurt.

Once this bulletproof vest was pierced, one of the parties was bound to get hurt.

Therefore, Chen Hao always left it stranded in his heart, believing that time was the cure to untie any knot, and that everything would fade away as the days passed.

Chen Hao did not talk any further on this topic.

"By the way, where is my brother Li Xiao?"

"During that time, I went back to Jinling to seek revenge on Mo Jian, when the entire economic lifeblood of Jinling was plundered by the Mo family and Yonghao was all tortured into beggars At the time, I had only heard that Li Xiao's car trade line didn't go on either, but at that point, I didn't have the energy to be concerned about that!"

Chen Hao said.

"I was just about to mention this, at that time, all your connections and capital,Young master Chen, encountered Mo Jian's hostility, naturally Li Xiao was no exception , his car trading company was soon brought down by Mo Jian, and Mo Jian had sent someone to assassinate Li Xiao!"

"Except that Li Xiao was smart enough to escape Mo Jian's assassination and fled with his fiancée before surviving the Mo Jian incident After that, I returned to Jinling and looked everywhere for news of Li Xiao, but since then, he has disappeared, alas. Now he's nowhere to be seen!"

Li Zhenguo said with a sigh.

"It seems that there are still quite a few problems left over from that time!"  

Chen Hao was silent.

And soon, the helicopter arrived at Jinling.

Beep beep beep....

It was also after arriving in the territory of Jinling that the jade talisman in his own bosom began to tremble with a sound.

Master Ghost Calculator was truly a divine mastermind.

This Zhentian Stone was indeed in Jinling!

However, in order to find the exact whereabouts of the Earthshaking Stone, one had to search for another drop of the Supreme Yin Blood.

According to what Master Ghost said, this drop of Supreme Yin Blood was also in Jinling.

There wasn't much time left until the middle of the month, and if this task was not completed in the next few days.

The supreme yin blood that hid the supreme yang breath of his body would not stay for too long, once the breath was exposed, Yun Qing would come looking for it.

All the work I've done would be wasted!

Chen Hao didn't dare to have the slightest delay.

"Right, when I return to Jinling, I'll try to still act as cheaply as possible, so you guys should do what you normally do!"

Chen Hao said to Li Zhenguo.

After all, Chen Hao needed to search around for himself like he was searching for Su Chu Chu.

It wasn't something that could be obtained by relying on others to search for it.

Now in Jinling,

 "where can I find a populated place with girls ?"

Chen Hao asked.

Li Zhenguo said: "To say that the place with more girls, it's just the school, oh right Young Master Chen, as soon as you ask that, I also remembered . Hot Springs Villa had recently held another event, and with Phil and the girls there filming, there were quite a few celebrities in attendance, drawing a crowd of girls. If we're talking about the place with the most girls right now, our Hot Springs Villa is definitely one of the biggest, and there are people from everywhere, from the south of the sky! "

"Okay, that's great, then go straight to Hot Springs Mountain Resort!"

The helicopter picked up speed and headed straight for the Hills.

If you want to say what would catch the attention of the girls now, the best way is the star effect.

And after Chen Hao heard about it, he even immediately asked Li Zhenguo to contact the popular cream boy to come along.

And told them to give up whatever work they had on hand and work non-stop.

The money they were given was ten times as much, so they naturally happily agreed.

Not long after, the entire Jinling was bursting at the seams.

Female fans from all over the world were rushing to Jinling.

Chen Hao also squeezed into the crowd at Jinling and slowly strolled around.

Only the result was a bit disappointing to him.

It had been strolling from noon to afternoon, and the results were not at all sensational.

In the end, Chen Hao arrived at the back of the mountain, where several film crews were present.

It looked like they had just finished filming and were ready to call it a day.

And a beautiful woman immediately caught Chen Hao's attention.

The corner of Chen Hao's mouth couldn't help but lift up a smile.

Because this girl, wasn't someone else, wasn't it Han Siyu.

Now, she had become a big star, having filmed two relatively successful TV dramas and was active on the screen.

She was wearing an earpiece, and when she finished work, she naturally had a special person to serve her.

She was accompanying her to the Hot Springs Mountain Hotel box.

"Han Siyu!"

Chen Hao shouted, and apart from a few group performers who looked up at Chen Hao, it was as if they hadn't heard anything else.

"Hey boy, there are so many people who come to see Faye every day, how old are you, take your time lining up!"

A few group acts looked at Chen Hao and smiled.

Chen Hao couldn't help but shake his head and laugh bitterly.

Encountering an old friend again, the heart was still somewhat touched, and now, Chen Hao followed up.

"Miss siyu, this is a script written by a little author on the internet called Two Ears is Bodhi, the story is about a D-Silk becoming a rich second generation The Rise story, I reached out to him on microbo, I was wondering if you'd be interested in seeing it?"

The agent took a bunch of scripts and asked.

Han Siyu just glanced at it and couldn't help but leave it out, "Forget it, toss it aside, I don't have time to pay attention to this right now, I'm tired and want to get some rest!"

Han Siyu said.

The agent couldn't say anything.

Now she saw Han Siyu enter the room and she left.

Han Siyu entered the room, and only then could she let out a long sigh of relief.

Although this year's development had been very rapid and she had finally gotten her wish.

But Han Siyu, bar none, always felt that something was missing from her life.

Even if she was given even more, she couldn't be happy.

Was preparing to remove makeup and scrub.

Han Siyu nose, but found that within her room, there was a faint smell of smoke.

She never smoked, so the appearance of a different smell, she could smell it.

And it was also at this time.

Within the room's wardrobe, a large-bellied, balding middle-aged man in a suit suddenly jumped out.


He was full of smoky teeth and was smiling obscenely at the moment.

"Mr. Zhang! You..."

Han Siyu was shocked and retreated.

The person in front of her was the investor, Mr. Zhang.

He had been looking at himself in a very strange way, and now that he was hiding in his room, one didn't have to think about what he was trying to do!

Han Siyu said as she retreated towards the door, ready to escape at any moment.

And Zhang was even faster, running over swiftly and grabbing Han Siyu's arm, and without waiting for Han Siyu to shout, a white towel was already covering Han Siyu's mouth.

Han Siyu felt momentarily weak and limp.

"Siyu, you already know what I mean to you, but why do you always hide from me, I can't take it anymore as I think about you over and over again !"

Zhang threw Han Feier onto the *in one fell swoop.


Han Siyu struggled.

"Don't worry, I'll film the whole process in detail, you be good and obedient, it's fine, if you serve me well in the future, this video will be It won't spread to the internet, otherwise, Phil, you'd be even more famous, hehehehe!"

Zhang's smile became even nastier.

He had been lurking in the room for a long time, waiting for this moment to come.

And also he had already had the video equipment set up by his people.

Everything was ready.

Mr. Zhang began to undress himself roughly, his pants just coming off.

"Mr. Zhang, pose!"

A voice said.

"Well come!"

Mr. Zhang subconsciously turned his head and posed.

But soon, his whole body shook wildly and his eyes widened.

"Fuck, who are you! How did you get in here!!!"


Zhang Dasan hurriedly put on his clothes.

Because there was a man standing in the doorway, and behind him, there were two black-clothed bodyguards, both of whom were carrying cameras.

More professional than the fucking crew camera crew.

How come they didn't have footsteps? There was no sound of the door opening either.

Finished finished, all of what they had just done, without a doubt, had been recorded by them.

If this was sent out, the boss behind Han Feier's curtain would cut himself into five pieces!

Originally, if he was the one who could get hold of this video with Han Siyu, he wouldn't be afraid and could blackmail Han Feier.

"Bastards, stop filming, want to die you guys, where did you get the paparazzi?"

Zhang Dasan cursed madly.

Just wanted to jump over and grab the camera.

The result was a bodyguard raising his leg.  A second to remember to read the book

Zhang Dasan's two hundred pounds of weight flew right backwards and upside down, smashing the dressing table and the mirror of the dressing table.

"Is the recording done yet?"

Chen Hao asked.

"Recorded Young Master Chen!"

The two bodyguards spoke in unison.

"Go down and get ready!"

The two bodyguards nodded once again and bowed slightly in greeting before exiting the room.

Han Siyu saw the person who came in, it was Chen Hao, although she couldn't move, the boulder that was hanging in her heart, finally landed on the ground.

And seeing Chen Hao again, she was so excited that she was about to cry.

"Bastard, you want to blackmail me? Tell me, how much do you want?"

"And I can tell you, Jinling, I have connections, the particularly hard kind, I'll give you $100,000 to delete the video, and this thing today, I'll pretend that nothing happened! Otherwise, humph!"

Zhang Dasan warned coldly.

He has been in the world for a long time, he has not seen any big scenes.

With this kind of doggie in front of him, he would first pay him to pacify him.

Then, secretly arrange for someone to do them over, God forbid, nothing at all.

After Zhang Dasan finished speaking, he very calmly lit a cigarette.

"Young Master Chen, we've arrived downstairs, everything is ready!"

At that moment, the voice of the bouncer came from inside the intercom that Chen was holding.

"Okay, be quick, don't cause a stir!"

Chen Hao said, tossing the walkie-talkie aside.

"What needs to be fast? Kid, did you listen to me carefully, and from what you're saying, you think it's too little? Who do you hang out with? Sign up!"

Zhang Dasan was unsure.

But the more he looked at this person, the more Zhang Dasan said, the less he had a bad feeling in his heart.

"Outside the window, there is a cliff!"

Chen Hao said coldly.

"Yes! You you you...what do you want?"

Zhang Dasan's entire body shook and stared coldly at Chen Hao.

"She is my classmate and my friend, and I swore before that whoever dares to touch the person next to me, I will make him regret ever living in the world! Sooner or later, I'm going to make him pay!"

Chen Hao looked at Zhang Dashan, his eyes filled with a terrifying killing intent.

This killing intent pervaded, causing Zhang Dasan to feel as if he had fallen into an ice cave, his entire body trembling violently, his back chilling cold.

"How dare you, you go and ask about my name, I am in Jinling, I have the strongest relations, I can pass through the sky!"

Only then did Zhang Dashan realize that this person didn't want money at all, just now, in case it wasn't to collect some evidence out.

At that moment, he was so scared that he was about to pee his pants.

However, it was too late to realize it now.

Chen Hao choked him at once, and he leapt up in the air while being thrown out by Chen Hao.

The latter matter was naturally handled by the bodyguards he had just brought along.

Just now, Chen Hao came to the door and was about to knock on it.

It was just in time that he heard movement inside.

At that time, Chen Hao got up the killing intent.

But bar, now that he was back, he couldn't mess around too much.

Thus, Chen Hao went through a procedure.

Now walking over, Chen Hao pulled out a strange incense from his bosom.

After lighting it, he let Han Feier sniff it.

The feeling of softness and weakness in her body was the one that quickly disappeared.

"Chen Hao, thank goodness for you, you scared me to death just now!"

And after Han Siyu was finally able to move, she hugged Chen Hao in a moment of excitement.

It was as if she was afraid that this was a dream, and when she woke up, this person she had been waiting for so long in her heart would go missing!

"It's okay now!"

Chen Hao said.

"It's you, now that you've become a big star, why are you so careless, don't you have a few bodyguards or something around you?"

Chen Hao laughed bitterly.

"I didn't, I've been taken care of by Li and the others, thinking that no one would dare to plot against me, but I was careless! Right Chen Hao, you... when did you come back, when, when I heard about your accident, I had gone to look for you with Xiaonan! And then..."

It was like Han Siyu had remembered something extremely terrible.

"Alright, let's not even talk about those things, it's all in the past, and I know all about it, now, we're all safe with each other, it's already pretty good!"

Chen Hao looked at her with a grateful face.

"Then you came back today, is it... did you come back specifically to see me?"

Han Siyu asked softly.

She was moved, expectant, to ask, even though she knew it was impossible.

"Sort of."

And Chen Hao didn't go and say anything ambiguous to her to coax her, just being truthful.

It was true that he wasn't specifically here to see her, but rather to search for the people of the Supreme Yin Body.

But not exactly, once deceased people, Chen Hao also missed and wanted to visit them.

"O, I'm relieved to see that you're safe and sound!"

Han Siyu's heart couldn't help but swirl with disappointment.

"By the way, how is Xiaonan doing lately? You've been filming in Jinling, have you been in touch lately?"

Chen Hao asked.

"Xiaonan? We've been in touch lately, and I used their school for a few scenes a while back, and a few students from her class, and I also What about having them perform, I tried to keep Xiaonan by my side, but she said it's good that she's now a teacher I did! Bought a house around the school with her mother!"

Han Siyu said.

"I know that!"

"Ugh, but the last two days, it seems like Xiaonan had some kind of trouble, and I called her to come out to dinner with me and didn't even have time to come, If it had been before, she would have come long ago, but she's sullen now, so I asked her what it was, and she won't say anything!"

Han Siyu tidied her hair and walked over to pour Chen Hao a cup of water.

"Okay, then you rest today, I'll go see her again, tomorrow, I also plan to go back to our Jinling University alma mater, if you're interested in , we can go back together and see!"


Han Siyu didn't know how happy she was.

And hearing Ma Xiaonan moping, Chen Hao firstly wanted to visit her, and secondly, she was around the school, as long as it was a school, Chen Hao also definitely had to go around as well, after all, he had to go to a place where there were many girls to find the Supreme Yin Body.

Exactly a piece up.

Thinking about it, Chen Hao left the Hot Spring Villa and drove that Lamborghini of his to go in search of Ma Xiaonan....


The place where Ma Xiaonan lived wasn't far from the Jinling First Middle School she was in.

It was a newly built neighborhood.

As for which location, Han Feier told herself all about it.

Chen Hao drove to the place.

It also happened to be at the entrance of the community.

Chen Hao saw Ma Xiaonan, who had returned from shopping for vegetables, and was talking to a man and a woman while carrying the vegetables.

Among them, Ma Xiaonan was talking while the man was using a notebook to record something.

It looked like two plainclothes policemen, who were trying to understand the situation from Xiaonan.

What's going on?

Chen Hao couldn't help but say in his heart.

Of course, while driving slowly towards Ma Xiaonan's side.  

Chen Hao was still in a deep state of mind as he sensed the nearby campus for any girls with supreme yin physiques.

It wasn't long before the two of them finished getting to know each other and shook hands with Ma Xiaonan separately before driving to the inside of a middle school not far away.

Xiaonan's expression looked extremely lost, carrying her food and heading home.

Counting the days, it must have been a year since I met Xiaonan in the southwest.

Now, Xiaonan, who has become a teacher, has added a few more mature and intellectual charm than at that time.

She still had long hair and fluorescent white skin.

Chen Hao drove after her.

Pee pee!

Honked the horn.

Ma Xiaonan turned slightly sideways and looked at the luxury car that was following her.

A touch of impatience flashed in her eyes now and quickened her pace.

She hated these boarders rich second generation, in the future money will be great!


And Chen Hao couldn't help but smile bitterly.

Still, he continued to follow.

"Pee! pee!"

This time Chen Hao overtook the car in front of Ma Xiaonan and honked his horn again.

"You're sick! Get out of here!"

Ma Xiaonan cursed angrily.

Although, this luxury car had already attracted a lot of onlookers when it entered the community, and even a number of girls had started to slowly follow the car to take pictures.

But bar, Ma Xiaonan was not like them at all.

In the face of teasing, all she showed was anger.

"So temperamental!"

And at this moment, the window was down, and Chen Hao was looking at Ma Xiaonan with a smile on his face.

Ma Xiaonan heard this voice.

Suddenly, her entire body was violently shaken.

It was as if her entire soul had just been viciously torn apart.

It made her feel like the entire world had become distorted and unreal!

Did you mishear yourself?

Ma Xiaonan turned her head in disbelief towards the owner of the luxury car.


The fresh vegetables that I had bought in my hand, I didn't hold it steady for a moment and just dropped it on the floor.

A wisp of tears that had been missing for a long time, began to swirl in her eyes.

She had spent countless nights, no, it could be said that she was always missing Chen Hao, missing Chen Hao, missing the familiar voice that could ring in her ears again.

She was often distracted, remembering her initial encounter with Chen Hao in college, when she had a good feeling for Chen Hao, he was a good man, a kind-hearted person, a person with a special charm.

In her eyes, even though Chen Hao, in college, was so bad in the eyes of others, Ma Xiaonan felt that he was still glorious, and she could see the sparkle in him!

Even regretting, maybe then, the two of them could have come together, and there would be no more pain of missing her now.

She blushed, excitedly, "Chen Hao? Is that you?"

"Of course I am!"

Chen Hao had stepped out of the car.

Looking at Ma Xiaonan, he smiled.

And Ma Xiaonan could no longer contain herself, rushing over and jumping into Chen Hao's arms.

She thought... Chen Hao's life and death were uncertain, and there was even a worse possibility...

And many people in the neighborhood gathered around.

They were all envious of the scene before them.

"It's good to be rich! You can do whatever you want!"

Some men are envious, said the man.

And it was heard by a woman returning from a walk in the park.

Thought something had happened, all gathered around the door of their homes.

When she saw the scene in front of her, her eyelids jumped hard.

The heroine of the incident was actually her own daughter?

"This young man is just amazing, it seems like he just said a few words and caught this beauty!"

The uninformed discussion said.


The woman was angry.

Thought her daughter was being bullied.

"Son of a bitch, let go of my daughter!"

She rushed over, pulling Ma Xiaonan to her side.

Just about to yell at the Dengtong in front of her, she didn't care about the rich second and third generation, but wanting to get her hands on her own daughter, absolutely not.

"You this..."

But the woman was just halfway through her scolding.

But she stopped talking and turned an angry face, replaced by surprise: "Chen Hao? You're a Chen Hao?"

She surprises.

"Yes Auntie, long time no see!"

Chen Hao couldn't help but laugh bitterly.

"Oh my, I thought someone was bullying Xiaonan, hurry up, upstairs!"

Xiaonan's mother was happy.

After all, his own illness was the one that Chen Hao had healed, and in Ma Xiaonan's mother's eyes, there was more than just a lifesaver.

As the two of them went upstairs.

Ma Xiaonan's mother opened up to pick vegetables and cook, insisting on leaving Chen Hao for a home-cooked meal.

Chen Hao didn't refuse.

Just sat on the sofa and chatted with Ma Xiaonan.

Then Chen Hao asked what was going on with the two downstairs just now.

Only then did Ma Xiaonan smacked her head and said.

"I forgot about this if you didn't mention it, chen, by the way, I had agreed with them to go to the school after bringing up the food, to assist They understand the situation!"

"Understand the situation? Understand what?"

Chen Hao took a look and saw that this was something really wrong with Xiaonan.

At this time, Xiaonan's mother came out.

"It's still not because of that bursary, Xiaonan is not only the head of a class, but also manages the bursary for the entire senior year. What about two hundred thousand, and then, the night before the bursary was awarded, this bursary was lost, and then that woman Yang Yan bit the bullet! It was our Xiaonan who stole it, otherwise where else would we get the money to buy a house!"

"Also, the school was supposed to keep a low profile, but then Yang Yan called the police again, and flatly accused Xiaonan, and now the police are coming to us Up!"

Mama Xiaonan was angry.

"As you know, chen Hao, Xiaonan isn't like that, and to be honest, your people, chen Hao, still want to send money to Xiaonan every time, Xiaonan has refused, would she be greedy for that 200,000yuan bursary?"

"Of course I believe that!" Chen Hao nodded.

"Xiaonan also wants to admit forget it and make up the two hundred thousand, I strongly disagree, this is a matter of character, why should it be cheap for that Yang Yan! "

Mom got angry.

"Who is Yang Yan?"

Chen Hao asked again.

"It's the class teacher in our next class, she's always jealous that I took over the position that belonged to her in the grade, and isn't she catching up again this year Has the title been evaluated yet, and I'm the one recommended in the grade, and she suspects that I'm the one who's pulling the strings and taking everything away from her, so she's got a problem with me Great relevance!"

Ma Xiaonan sighed and said.

"It's still because of that husband of hers who is so powerful that he bullied you, Xiaonan, your temper is just too good, some people are just like that, you She's giving her face too. The more she thinks you're a bully! I told you to look for CEO Li Zhengguo, and you didn't, with Chen Hao backing us up, what are you afraid of!"

"Ugh, Mom, cut the crap, Song, or you can sit for a while, I have to go to school, the police are waiting for me."

Ma Xiaonan said.

"Forget it, I just happen to have to go around your school, let's do it together!"

Chen Hao said as he stood up.


Chen Hao also understood Ma Xiaonan's personality, she would not easily beg others for things that she could solve on her own, even if she could not.

What's more, she felt guilty about the amount of money she gave her by herself.

So when she encountered something, she wouldn't go to Li Zhenguo again.

This silly girl.

Chen Hao drove and brought Ma Xiaonan to the First Middle School.

Placing the car at the entrance, they walked in on foot.

"Hello, Teacher Ma!"

And at that moment, a female student who hadn't gone home yet, carrying her school bag, just happened to run into Ma Xiaonan.

She should be Ma Xiaonan's student.

Dressed in a clean school uniform, I could tell that she was quite pretty, but there was no confidence on her face.

I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to do that.  

And the backpack she was carrying was a little worn out.

"Meng Xi, haven't you gone home yet?"

Ma Xiaonan asked with concern.

And Meng Xi's head buried even deeper.

"Teacher, I... I was left behind by the school to go write about how you stayed at school the day before yesterday and didn't leave, and they said that it was a proof! Sorry, sir! I know you must not have taken that money!"

Meng Xi's eyes were red and her voice was like a mosquito bite as she spoke.

Ma Xiaonan smiled and said, "It's all right Meng Xi, what you said is the truth, the teacher won't blame you, your recent grades are a little unstable, about to It's the college entrance exam, you need to adjust your mind and prepare for the exam with all your might, it's so late, so go home!"

Ma Xiaonan touched her head.

Meng Xi nodded her head and left the campus.

And only then did Chen Hao remove his gaze from her, only no one noticed, and a glint flashed in Chen Hao's eyes.

"She's the best behaved in her class and studies the hardest, and I'm willing to stay and tutor her, she works hard! It's just that she's been in a bit of a bad mood since last month and it's affecting her grades!"

Ma Xiaonan was now, however, a little worried.

"Actually you can't just focus on her studies, if this student is good, as a teacher, you should also care about her life . Like, does she have some hard feelings? Or what's going on in the house?"

Chen Hao looked at Xiaonan and smiled.

"Do you study the profession of a teacher as well?"

Ma Xiaonan asked with a smile.

"And of course, I was a biology teacher for a while? The kind that only reads textbooks!"


Ma Xiaonan was amused by him.

The two of them also came to the principal's office immediately.

Before they even entered the door, they heard a woman spitting in the principal's office.

"It must be her, comrade police, I feel like you all don't need to investigate, I dare use my career to guarantee that there is no one else but her And now, the witnesses are already there, and the physical evidence is their family's newly bought house. I say, how could Ma Xiaonan dare to spend so much money on a house some time ago, I think, she has been thinking about this 200,000 yuan for a long time. A detailed plan!"

"You don't even have to investigate, you just arrest them, you should go to jail, you should go to jail, you should shoot them and shoot them!"

"Teacher Yang Yan, please be quiet, we need to speak with evidence!"

The two comrades looked at Yang Yan speechlessly.

And also at this time, Chen Hao and Ma Xiaonan had come into the principal's office.

This Yang Yan bar, looks more than twenty years old, listening to Ma Xiaonan said, the two of them are considered a piece to the school office.

The only thing is that Xiaonan is the official one.

And Yang Yan, his husband is very powerful.

The first time you come in, you are also subjected to a lot of heavy use.

But the days are long, the ability to see which is stronger or weaker.

So the leadership is more willing to give some heavy responsibility to the capable Ma Xiaonan.

So Yang Yan became jealous.

What's more, she heard a saying.

The boys in the school, who judged the school's number one beauty, actually judged Ma Xiaonan as well.


When Yang Yan heard this, she was already about to go crazy, and felt that her life, as long as Ma Xiaonan existed for a day, would be dark for a day, and there would never be any light to speak of.

"Whew, it's so late, I thought I was worried about going to jail and got scared and fled in the night? Oh, and you brought a man with you. What, are you trying to scare people? And don't look at the virtues of the men you bring, huh?"

Yang Yan said.

And Ma Xiaonan ignored her, walked over and started explaining the situation to the police and the principal.

In the end, they didn't come to any conclusion, but the general idea was that the police would come again tomorrow, and that Ma Xiaonan should just be ready to be on call at any time.

Then the people left.

"Hmph, this matter, without a conclusion, it's not over, I tell you Ma Xiaonan, before I thought you were quite elegant, didn't think it would be so Hypocrisy, even stealing someone's scholarship, what's wrong with that? You're the only one who's judged for excellence, I pooh!"

Yang Yan drank coldly at Ma Xiaonan again.

"What exactly is going on? You should know it very well, and you should be careful not to end up lifting rocks but smashing your own head!"

Chen Hao, however, was now looking at Yang Yan with a cold smile.

Being stared at by Chen Hao's eyes.

Yang Yan suddenly swallowed her saliva with difficulty.

Her face was all of a sudden white.

Ma Xiaonan, on the other hand, was surprised why Chen Hao would say such words?

Does Chen Hao suspect Yang Yan of stealing it and framing her?

But it's impossible, Yang Yan had been away on a business trip for those few days, and she didn't know that the grant had been taken out by herself.

When the grant was obtained, even her mother didn't know, and she was the only one who knew.

Yang Yan only bit herself afterwards.

"You you you...what do you mean? What's lifting a stone to smash your own feet, I'm telling you, if you don't make this matter clear today, I'll make sure you don't leave campus alive!"

Yang Yan said urgently.

"You should understand what I mean, when tomorrow, I will bring out the truth of the matter, and at that time, I hope that some people will not cry!"

After saying that, Chen Hao took Ma Xiaonan with him and left directly.

And a fierce glint flashed in Yang Yan's eyes.

And ran out to make a call.

"Hubby, I've run into trouble, Ma Xiaonan has called for a kid from somewhere, he's bitten me, what should I do?"

Yang Yan said.

"Don't worry, I'll look into this kid's history right now!"

"Well good, this time we'll make sure that Ma Xiaonan is planted, and then that student over there, you find a way to make her behave and shut up!"

Yang Yan was vicious.

"Everything is under control!"

After saying that, Yang Yan hung up the phone.

Besides, after Chen Hao came out, driving wasn't heading back to Ma Xiaonan's house.

"Chen Hao, where are you going?"

Ma Xiaonan asked.

"I was about to ask you the same thing, that student named Meng Xi, where is her home?"

Chen Hao asked.

"Meng Xi? You're going after Mengxi? She's a good kid, and even if she testifies, she's telling the whole truth, and I'd like her to tell these things without intentional Compile some kind of lie for me so that there's no burden on her heart!"

Ma Xiaonan said.

"I know she's a good kid, but she's in something, something very troubling, and one step further and it could be the abyss! Where does she live?"

Chen Hao asked.


Chen Hao was proficient in mind reading.

As long as she was much lower in cultivation than herself, Chen Hao would be able to see through her inner thoughts with a single glance.

And having encountered Meng Xi just now, Chen Hao had actually understood the entirety of the matter.

And this poisonous woman Yang Yan's heart was really crazy, while a woman's jealousy was also really fatal once she got up.

Chen Hao was afraid that something would happen to that girl named Meng Xi, and that was why he brought Ma Xiaonan along to search for her.

Because the story of this matter was considered to be very simple.

It was about a week ago, in the early stages of Yang Yan's study trip.

Yang Yan directly found Meng Xi's house and called her out.

To ask her to do one thing for Yang Yan.

That was to secretly stalk Ma Xiaonan and try to steal her financial aid.

Then plant evidence against her.  

During that time, she would have her husband's men secretly assist.

If Meng Xi agreed, the stolen two hundred thousand, all of it would go to Meng Xi, and with this money, Meng Xi would be able to take it out to treat his mother's illness.

Because half a month ago, Meng Xi's mother became seriously ill.

Her family was poor, and she had no father.

But stealing money was something that Meng Xi couldn't do no matter what.

Until Yang Yan blackmailed her again, and if she didn't do it, she would do everything she could to cut off Meng Xi's scholarship, and even make sure that Meng Xi couldn't even go to college.

She couldn't even get her high school diploma.

Meng Xi's mother's biggest dream was to see Meng Xi go to college.

Meng Xi was afraid and couldn't sleep at night, and every moment was a torture of conscience and an inner struggle.

It wasn't until Yang Yan started to make connections and prepare for Meng Xi's withdrawal from school that Meng Xi had no choice but to agree.

Only then did Meng Xi agree to this request.

During that time, Meng Xi began to secretly follow Ma Xiaonan until she withdrew her money, and then one night, Meng Xi secretly entered the financial room with a key that had been photocopied.

The surveillance, however, had already been cut off by Yang Yan's husband.

And so there was the matter of Ma Xiaonan stealing the money.

At that time, after Chen Hao saw Meng Xi, her heart was actually very simple.

It wasn't difficult at all to read what was in her heart.

It was also because she was a victim and filial and well-behaved, and on the one hand, Chen Hao wanted to help Ma Xiaonan clarify.

Secondly, it was also to save her.

Once she really took two hundred thousand to pay the medical fees, she would definitely not be able to take her university exams, and there would even be jail time, her life would be ruined, and her mother would have to die of anger, and her family would be ruined.

So, Chen Hao felt that this Yang Yan was really too vicious.

At that time in the principal's office, Chen Hao had the heart to kill her.

And after listening to Chen Hao's narration narration.

Ma Xiaonan covered her mouth in fear.

Of course, she believed what Chen Hao said, but she just couldn't believe that even though Yang Yan was targeting her, it wasn't that bad, right?

The terror of the human heart made Ma Xiaonan feel shivers all over her body.

"What about Meng Xi? If it's true, Meng Xi's life could be ruined, she works so hard!"

Ma Xiaonan asked worriedly.

"It's not too late, but I'm guessing that Yang Yan will also send someone to keep an eye on Meng Xi at all times, so we have to hurry!"

Chen Hao's car drove very fast.

It was not long before he arrived at a shantytown here in the suburbs of Jinling.

From afar, he saw Meng Xi's doorstep.

Meng Xi was holding a thermos, apparently having just prepared a meal to be delivered to her mother, and she was locking the door.

Only then, two black cars were the first to stop.

From the car came down a few brawny men, five or six of them, with inch heads, gold chains around their necks, creaking nests still holding bags, one with a cigarette in his mouth, blocking Meng Xi.

"Little girl, in such a hurry to deliver food ah?"

A big man at the head sneered.

"What... it's you guys again, I've already done what you said, why are you still pestering me?"

Meng Xi took a step back in fear and hugged the thermos tightly.

"Hehe, don't be afraid, actually we came, we have no other meaning, mainly, we just want you to never reveal this matter to anyone . After thinking about it, we've only come up with one solution, and that is to shoot you a video that will last forever as long as you don't say anything! Put it among the flash drives, but one day you can't help but say it, and this video, it'll go viral, and you'll be nationally famous!"

The brawny man is laughing.

Already some take out the DVD.

"Don't worry sister, we'll be quick, if you blame O, maybe I'll even give you a wave of money when I'm comfortable and you take it to save your life Wha!"

The big man at the head said, pulling Meng Xi over.

The thermos cup fell directly to the floor.

The food inside, which Meng Xi had carefully cooked for his mother, was all knocked out and scattered all over the floor.

And Meng Xi's mouth, covered by the big man, was stuffed into the car.

The rest of the big men were laughing excitedly at the side.

And just at that moment.

One of the big men's ears was tugged by a hand.


He screamed in pain.

But it was followed by a piercing sound.

The entire ear, was directly dragged off, and instantly, half of his face was blurred with blood and flesh.

Chen Hao threw his ear to the side casually.

In his hand, he was still holding a large iron rod that he had copied up from the side.

It was aimed at the man's head, and the man's head was split open.

Mouth frothing white direct body convulsions fall to the ground.

And also this scene, will be the remaining five people all shocked.

The first big man even climbed out of the car.

It was all fierce.

"Damn it, brat, daring to ruin our business, I see you looking for death!"

The first big man had a cross face.

Directly from his waist, he pulled out a dagger.

And there was already one person who took the dagger and stabbed towards Chen Hao.

Only that Chen Hao was extremely fast.

Reaching out, he grabbed the man's ear again and twisted it.


He screamed in pain.


The ear was once again dragged down by Chen Hao and tossed aside.

Followed by another swipe of the stick, the man's head was smashed flat and flew right out.

"Bastard, together!"

The first big man's eyelids jumped hard.

He was the fastest, and although he weighed two hundred pounds, his movements were not clumsy.

He was smart.

Running over to the flying leg was a kick straight at Chen Hao's head.

Chen Hao was calm.

Wielding a large iron rod, he smashed at the man's leg.


His calves, folded directly with his thighs, and his toes were touching his thighs.

The twisting was frightening.

He even let out a scream like killing a pig.

Lying down in front of Chen Hao, his body twitched.

"I won't even bother to hit you with my fists, one bastard at a time!"

Chen Hao said coldly.

Grabbing this big man by the ear, he directly ripped it off and threw it aside.

This big man was bleeding profusely and was about to pass out from the pain.

The remaining few people realized that this man was very powerful and was no match at all, even the boss was beaten.

And this ear pulling was too cruel!

Throwing the dagger now and trying to run.

But how could they run.

Chen Hao chased after them, one iron rod at a time, and quickly put them down on the ground, dragging away their ears along the way and feeding them a few stray dogs....


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