The Unknown Heir 606-610

Han feier- Han siyu
Genting hill Villa- The manor


It was loud, coming from a woman, and it looked like she was fighting with someone outside.

Not to be outdone, everyone's eyes all looked towards the doorway.

They saw a woman with heavy makeup, who was stopping a youth, cursing.

"Beating up my mother, do you think this matter is over like this? Well, I thought you'd escaped. I was trying to figure out where to find you, but you came to me, you bastard. Up, still daring to come to a grand event like the Invitation Banquet, today, I definitely won't leave your entire body!"

The girl stared viciously at the youth in front of her.

Only seeing this youth, the Su Ranran in the house looked a little different.

It was all planned, oops, didn't think that there would be complications.

Not bad, the youth who was stopped outside the door was the same Chen Hao who came to send an invitation to Su Chuchu.

According to what Su Ranran said, it had to be delivered to Su Chuchu before Young Master Shen confessed.

Chen Hao didn't dare to delay.

He took the invitation letter early in the morning and then rushed over.  

Instead, they ended up running into the woman who had been beaten by herself on the street yesterday,Young Master Guo's girlfriend.

"You better stay away from me, or you'll regret it!"

Chen Hao stared coldly at the ladyboy.

The ladyboy, on the other hand, was just now cursing at Chen Hao and was now being stared at by Chen Hao.

I don't know how, but a cold, bone-chilling chill suddenly enveloped her entire body.

It actually took a few steps back in fear.

However, this could not dispel the arrogant spirit of the girl.

She looked behind her, and her boyfriend's parents were there.

And with great strength.

"Dad, Mom, that's him, he's the one who beat me yesterday on the street and almost beat Guo Qiang, ask Guo Qiang if you don't believe me!"

The girl said.

Guo Qiang said sternly, "Bing's brother was also seriously injured by this guy, he's very good at it Dad!"

Guo Qiang was a bit scrupulous.

"O? So, it's really an injustice today?"

Guo Qiang's father sneered.


He had seen too many powerful people, and he had been a jianghu for most of his life, and he definitely didn't rely on bravery, but strategy!

"Little brother, from what Qiang'er said, you are from out of town, you may not understand the rules of our Willow City, don't do anything too desperate, as much as possible Be careful, or else this Willow City will be easy to get in, but hard to get out!"

As he said that, he smiled amiably.

It was obvious that he was using another means to warn Chen Hao.

"That's right, don't end up, how do you die, but my son, how dare you mess with him?"

Guo Qiang's mother even glanced at Chen Hao with disdain.

"Dressed like a beggar, I don't know where you think you're a beggar from, besides, you dare to come to a place like the feast, and you don't spread the bubbles Peeing on yourself?"

She added.

"What's going on?"

At this moment, the Shen family's housekeeper walked out.

What was the occasion today?

How dare you make a scene here?

Therefore the housekeeper's face was extremely ugly.

"So it's Uncle Shen, it's fine, I just ran into a little brother and exchanged pleasantries, I'm really sorry!"

The girl was about to say something.

Hastily stopped by Father Guo, who was sophisticated enough to explain to Uncle Shen.

What pleasantries, of course, Shen Bo did not believe.

It was just that Guo Xing was also considered to be one of the most important people in Liu City, and Uncle Shen was not going to say anything more.

"No matter what, the face of the Shen family is most important today, Master and Young Master's meaning you also understand, something should not be resolved today, who If you dare to ruin the Shen family's face, you know what will happen!"

Uncle Shen said coldly.

"That's natural!"

"As for you, what do you do for a living? Do you have an invitation?"

Uncle Shen looked at Chen Hao again with a bit of contempt.

At a glance, this person was completely dressed as an outsider, too different from their upper class counterparts.

Naturally, he carried a few points of disdain.

"No, I'm from Jinling, I'm here to find the Su family's eldest miss and to bring her an invitation letter!"

"An invitation? Whose invitation?"

"No comment!"

Chen Hao said.

He was following what Su Ranran had taught him, and as for whose invitation it was, Chen Hao honestly had no interest in reading it, nor did he need to know.

"Uncle Shen, let him in, he's from Jinling, he must be here with a mission!"

Su Ran Ran ran out at that moment, according to the plan, Chen Hao should have been the one to bring her in the door.

"O? Since you're a friend of the Su family, it's easy to say, send it in!"

Because of Su Chu Chu's relationship with the young master, Uncle Shen naturally had to give three points of face.

Su Ran Ran threw out her tongue at Chen Hao and made a face.

Then she pulled Chen Hao in.

This was a small interlude, and the scene was quickly restored to its original atmosphere.

"Just cheap him out like this? I feel bad!"

Guo Qiang looked at Chen Hao and grumbled.

"Don't worry, what's your hurry, I have just made a call to make brief arrangements, for father to assure you that when he enters this auditorium today, he will Won't get out alive!"

A fierce glint flashed in Father Guo's eyes.

And Guo Qiang and the girl looked at each other, gazing adoringly at his father who was proficient in strategy.

As expected, just as Young Master Shen took a deep breath and prepared to begin.

The change regenerated.

Just outside the door of the auditorium, a group of people were rushing towards it.

"Let us in and catch this thief! This thief must be caught!"

There were two dozen people here, righteously angry, like petty traders!

"What are you doing?"

The bouncers tried to stop them, but they couldn't.

"Bastard, what's going on?"

There were so many international curios from all over the world, and the appearance of this scene caused Young Master Shen's face to stiffen and stiffen again.

"We want to see Young Master Shen! Ask Shen to make decisions for us!"

The peddlers swarmed in and broke in.

Upon hearing this,Young Master Shen signaled his men to make way and let them in.

"Do what master? What happened?"

Young Master Shen asked with one hand in his pocket.

"Young Master Shen, it's like this, we're in business, and this person, who stole from us, ran all the way in here to hide, and hurt After several kindergarten students, causing serious injuries to others, we want to ask Shen why he took in a thief!"

The twenty or so people all pointed angrily at Chen Hao.

And also with this statement, many of the big men on the scene looked at each other.

"This thief, actually ran into this place, what is the Shen family doing, letting a thief in?"

"Even kindergarteners can go seriously injured, this man is a beast!"

The emotions of the crowd were stirred up at once.

Because twenty or thirty people were pouring in to arrest one person, no one would demand evidence or doubt the authenticity of this matter.

And Young Master Shen was famous for his violent temper, right now, he was even more on the moral high ground, of course he had to behave well.

"What? How dare you do such a thing, committing so many sins and running away to our Shen family invitation banquet to hide, you! Simply looking for death!!!"

Young Master Shen coldly looked at Chen Hao.

"Not him!"

Su Ran Ran did not expect that so many people would come out to identify Chen Hao, and all of Young Master Shen's killing intent had appeared.

Hurriedly persuading.

Chen Hao, on the other hand, looked indifferently at the group of people who identified themselves, and although they were dressed in ordinary clothes, they were all very spirited, obviously A trainer's origin.

Of course, Chen Hao took a glance towards the side of the Guo family's father and son, and instantly understood what was going on!


Chen Hao did not explain.

Since the Guo family's father and son dared to openly frame themselves on such an occasion.

Then the injured child was believed to be being operated by them right now as well.

To be able to smear and frame so systematically in a short period of time.

It seems that the Guo family father and son, did not shy away from doing similar things.

Wanting to use the Shen family's knife to kill their own enemies?

"Someone, drag it down and scrap it first!"

Young Master Shen coldly shouted.

Immediately, dozens of Shen Family guards all stepped forward to deal with Chen Hao.

"Wait a minute, there must be a misunderstanding in this matter, he would never do such a thing!"

Su Ran Ran stood up and said.  L

Yesterday, Chen Hao saw righteousness she and Su Chuchu is seen, how could she hurt a child to steal something?

Moreover, Su Ran Ran had been conducting location sharing with Chen Hao today, and where Chen Hao was was always under Su Ran Ran's control, so it was easy to arrange.

Chen Hao was all seated at a Dex not far from the hotel.

How come?

So Ran wondered, they must have made a mistake.

"O? Miss Sue, how can you be so sure?"

At this time, Guo Xing stood up and said.

"Yes sister Ranran, you can't say anything if you're not sure!" Young Master Shen looked at Su Ranran.

"Ranran, what are you doing!"

And Madame Su was even more anxious.

Originally just now, she had been asking Su Ranran why she had brought this D-Silk in, and then the current scene happened again, Madame Su was feeling humiliated.

And humiliatingly humiliated.

Su Ran Ran wanted to say of course I know where he has been all morning.

But couldn't say anything about it.

Immediately it was direct.

"Naturally, I'm sure he won't do any of that chicken-and-egg stuff, and you, knowing who he is and where he comes from, are here today to do the Of what?"

Su Ran Ran had a flash of wisdom and instead stood up and said loudly.

This time, the entire audience was once again quiet.

All looked towards Su Ranran's side.

"Let me tell you, he is from Jinling, and today, he is here to deliver a special letter to my sister for a Jinling's great young man. Invitation's!"

So Ran shouted.


This time, the audience was even more silent.

Because subconsciously, everyone felt that the great young master of Jinling could not be offended.

The head of the Shen family, Shen Nianhua, stood up at this moment.

"Second Miss Su, he's sending a letter for Jinling's Great Young Master? Oh, look at his costume, he doesn't look like one of the young master's men, does he? Besides, which young man is he sending invitations for?"

Shen Nianhua asked calmly.

"Hmph, the reason why his costume is so ordinary is that, the Jinling young master who sent my sister an invitation is extremely mysterious and low-key . And, this young master, his surname is Chen!"

Su Ran Ran pinched her waist.

"Jinling Young Master Chen!!!"


This statement was like throwing a bomb into the crowd, ten tons of it.

The whole arena just exploded!


The entire audience, including some of the international curiosities on the high platform.

All of them had to stand up.

Unbelievably wide-eyed.

Jinling Young Master Chen, legendarily owned half of the world's assets.

It was the most mysterious top-tier Major.

Within business, who hadn't heard of his name.

Moreover, who dared to sit as usual when hearing his name.

The mysterious and low-key major youngster, surnamed Chen.

In Jinling, only he, Eldest Young Master Chen, is like this!

The scene was not calm.

Su Chu Chu, was also shocked by Rannan's heart thumping.

She knew Ran Ran's general plan, that was to make Young Master Shen never to pursue his own thoughts from now on, is to give him, find a strong competitor.

Knowing the difficulty and retreating, let him know that you,Young Master Shen, are not the only bull in this world!

But I didn't expect that my sister would say so much.

Involving Jinling Young Master Chen in this.

Guo Xing's entire family was also scared and didn't dare to speak.

Even Guo Xing's legs were trembling a bit.

Because this Young Master Chen's men, he was very powerful.

Come to think of it, only Young Master Chen's men could be like this.

So then, you've messed with Young Master Chen?

Wouldn't that be doom and gloom?

The Guo Xing family, thinking of something, could not help but become extremely pale.

Lady Su, on the other hand, was originally angry at her daughter.

Right now, listening to her daughter's words, it was as if she had reached the pinnacle of her life.

What the what?

No wonder the two girls were so mysterious this morning, Jinling Chen has a crush on his daughter Chuchu.

And specially invited his eldest daughter to the banquet?

This this this..Young Master Shen is a piece of shit in comparison...fuck it, you want to chase my daughter too?

Madame Su's excited heart was dark.

The Shen family father and son on the stage looked at each other.

They were all a bit nonchalant.

Especially Young Master Shen, intense jealousy and powerlessness swept through his body.

It was as if he had suffered a lightning strike, shattering his plans, shattering his hopes, shattering everything he had.

And yet, he had to thank the lightning strike.

Because he couldn't resist it, he didn't dare to show any resistance.

Not only were they confused.

At this moment, Chen Hao was also confused.

Fuck, the owner of the invitation was actually himself?

"Miss Su Er, this gentleman, is he really here to deliver an invitation to Young Master Chen?"

Shen Nianhua tried to calm himself down.

"That's still false!"

Su Ran Ran brought out the exquisitely crafted invitation to show everyone.

"See, it says that it invites my sister, Su Chuchu, to come to the Genting Villa in Jinling for a catch up! Genting Hill House? I don't have to tell you this, do I?"

Su Ran Ran.

"Genting Mountain villa, is two years ago, Young Master Chen spent eight hundred million dollars to auction, is the most expensive villa in the country, it is built on top of the mountain, as if As if in the clouds, it's a divine experience!"

Some of the country's biggest curiosity, at the moment, can't help but envision it.

"Yeah, that villa, with someone to look after it, usually someone who wants to go take pictures can't! Last month I went on a trip to the Golden Mound and was interested in seeing Genting Mountain Villa, ahem, unfortunately, not qualified enough!"

There were also big men who shook their heads and laughed bitterly.

"This handsome guy is really handsome o!"

There were even many ladies who looked at Chen Hao and cast a favourable gaze.

"Yes, worthy of being one of Young Master Chen's men, with such a handsome appearance, one can't help but be impressed at first sight!"

The ladies were all excited.

"Dare I ask this gentleman, we need to make a final confirmation, how many rooms are there in Genting Hill Villa?"

Shen Nianhua asked.

He had to confirm it.

"Huh? Surname chen, you actually dare to question Young Master Chen, aren't you afraid of offending him?"

Su Ran Ran blushed all of a sudden.

Because she didn't even know how many rooms there were.

And Su Chuchu was also clutching her palm tightly, a burst of nervousness, if she was recognized, then she would undoubtedly be the most humiliated one today.

I told you long ago, Shen Nianhua is shrewd as anything, how could he be so easily deceived?

Su Chu Chu was anxious inside, and sweat began to appear on her forehead.

"There are a total of thirty-six rooms, divided into three upper, middle and lower levels, because Young Master Chen came from a literary background, the middle level, collecting famous works from all over the world, also Including old paintings, famous western paintings and other artwork, behind the top of the hill, a large cloud hot spring pool was built that could accommodate over 200 people! "

"There are also workstations for medical, catering, entertainment and other related staff! And helicopter lift landmarks!"

However, it was heard that Chen Hao was now, in fact, very familiar with explaining the internal facilities set up in the Genting Mountain Villa.

Su Ran Ran and Su Chu Chu, incredulously looking at Chen Hao!


Chen Hao spoke in great detail.

It was as if this Genting Mountain villa, he had lived in it and lived for a continuous amount of time.

Otherwise, how could he be so familiar with it?

Su Chuchu and Su Ranran were both looking at him in extreme surprise.

And the people of the Shen family, including those at the scene, were all a little pale at the moment.

A flash of emotion flashed across Shen Nianhua's face.

The eyes that looked at Chen Hao became more and more respectful, for some reason, he understood some of the Genting Mountain Villa's situation, and not only did he speak with precision, but he was also exceptionally detailed.

By now, no one dared to doubt the authenticity of Chen Hao's identity.

"So it's a noble guest who has come, the Shen family has been negligent in welcoming you, I hope you will forgive me!"

Shen Nianhua quickly stepped down from the stage and bowed slightly to Chen Hao, not to honor the current letter delivery Chen Hao, but to express his respect for Young Master Chen.

Su Ran Ran also showed a touch of emotion towards Chen Hao.  

Originally was about to reveal his foot, didn't think that this little beggar, the insight is really quite powerful.

As for Guo Xing and his son, they could no longer sit still.

At this moment, they had the guts to rush over to Chen Hao and kowtow their heads, begging for this youth's forgiveness.

"He... he's actually one of Young Master Chen's men!"

The girl was also a little scared.


Guo Xing turned around and smacked a big mouth right on, swelling the other side of the girl's face and falling to the ground, almost fainting.

"Bastard, you've given my Guo family and brought about the destruction of my family!"

Guo Xing gritted his teeth.


And at that moment, a young man stood up and said.

"Well? How is it wrong?"

Shen Nianhua asked.

"A few months ago, I went to the South Seas to discuss business, and I heard some rumors, because Young Master Chen's home, a year ago, was in the South Seas It seems like a major event has happened, that is,Young Master Chen has broken away from the Chen family and mysteriously disappeared!"

"And Genting Mountain Villa, it was even transferred to some Mo family half a year ago, even the Spa Villa, but now, why would  Young Master Chen What about suddenly returning and inviting Miss Su to Genting Mountain Villa for a catch up?"

"I just asked my friend in the South Seas, and it is said that Young Master Chen's whereabouts are still unknown to this day!"

Youth Way.

And boldly raised his own question.

"Hiss...also right!"

Shen Nianhua suddenly thought of something and only reacted at once.

Su Ran Ran, on the other hand, was confused again.

Looking at the questioning youth with a grumbling face.

Damn it, you've obviously muddled through, why are you talking too much, fuck!

She was desperate to get angry.

"May I ask this gentleman, is Young Master Chen already back in Jinling?"

Shen Nianhua looked to Chen Hao and asked.

"Not yet, but in the meantime, he'll be ready to go back!"

Chen Hao said.

But apparently this statement was somewhat unconvincing to the questioning youth.

He was about to ask again.

As a result, he was interrupted by Shen Nianhua raising his hand.

"Be at ease everyone, whether Young Master Chen has returned or not, it's useless for us to discuss it now, we might as well wait quietly for the arrival of this mysterious guest! As soon as he comes, we'll see what happens. Because, he is the Chen family!"

Shen Nianhua suddenly smiled.


These words aroused strong interest.

Could it be that Shen Nianhua was hooked up with the Chen family?

"This gentleman, then since you are one of Chen's men, do you know who the guest is coming today? Did Young Master Chen not tell you to come with him?"

Shen Nianhua asked again.

He was an old jianghu, and if he was too powerful an existence, he wouldn't dare offend anyone.

Therefore, he was still respectful to Chen Hao.

Chen Hao, on the other hand, shook his head, "I don't know who will still come. Chen just asked me to deliver the invitation!"

Chen Hao said, while also wanting to see, the Chen family coming? Who could it be?


That's odd!

The crowd was discussing.

"Hmph, brother, think about why I dared to target you directly just now, because in the South Seas, someone once impersonated Young Master Chen to cheat, and as a result was The Chen family found out that this man's family, on this account on the earth, now if you are impersonating, before you lose your way and stay alive!"

The questioning youth stepped forward.

And Su Ranran swallowed spittle in fear.

This matter, it seemed, was a little too big.

How should it end?

Especially when she heard that impersonating Young Master Chen  might lead to the extermination of his family, Su Chuchu was also nervous.

Later, people from the Chen family would be coming.

"I'm not impersonating!" Chen Hao retorted forcefully.

"That's enough!!!"

And Su Chu Chu stood up at this moment.

The entire audience quieted down once again and looked at her.

Su Ran Ran knew that she might have made a mortal disaster, and was now too frightened to speak.

Lady Su also saw something, and now all the excitement from earlier was gone, and what there was was also fear.

After all, to be exterminated, who could resist the Chen family ah?

"I'll be honest, this invitation, it's a fake!"

Su Chuchu bit her lips and threw the invitation on the ground.

Looking at the words written on it that invited Miss Su Chuchu to Genting Mountain Villa for a narrative, this one was like a mocking smile that was constantly ridiculing her.

It made her heart couldn't take it anymore.


And the entire audience, the atmosphere was once again fired up.

Shen Nianhua was slightly startled.

Guo Xing was even more nearly paralyzed, it was as if he had just been crushed by Tarzan, his own shit was flowing, and now when he was about to be crushed and burst, the boulder on his heart was suddenly gone, such an exciting process, even a person could not stand it.

"I...I'm going to change my pants!"

Guo Xing said excitedly, as if he had been reborn.

He hurriedly ran out to change his pants, and then came back to watch the good show.

"Daughter, what's going on here?"

Madame Su's eyes were filled with tears in her haste.

Su Chu Chu let out a long breath.

"I knew that Shen Yang was going to propose to me today and I didn't want to say yes, so I came up with this idea to deceive everyone so that Shen Yang could I'm a man of the world, you don't want to think about how many beautiful women there are around Jinling Chen, he would invite me to Genting Mountain. Villa?"

Su Chuchu said it all in one breath.

Of course, stopping all the blame on herself.

"Sister me!"

Su Ran Ran also cried.

"If the Chen family comes later and wants to pursue this matter, then it will all be on my head, impersonating this matter, I'm the one who ran it! Nothing to do with my family!"

Su Chuchu said.

"It's all because of you, you son of a bitch, you've killed our Su family!"

And Madame Su was mad, as if she had experienced the ups and downs of her life in just a few minutes.

All the anger she had poured out onto Chen Hao's head.

Grabbing the candy on the table, she crazily smashed it towards Chen Hao's body.

And there was a hush from the crowd.

Everyone looked at Chen Hao and the hypocritical Su Chu Chu with contempt!

Su Chu Chu shed two lines of tears, stopping the hysterical Madame Su.

On the other hand, Chen Hao's face was extremely indifferent.

He bent down and picked back up the invitation that Su Chuchu had thrown on the ground.

Looking towards Su Chu Chu.

"Now, I officially announce that this invitation is true and valid, so if Miss Su has time, why don't you go to Genting Mountain in Jinling and have a chat!"


There was silence once again....


"What did you say?"

And the weeping Su Chuchu looked at Chen Hao with some incredulity and asked, as if she hadn't heard clearly.

"Hahahaha, is it possible that this person is scared silly? Who does he think he is? Is it Chen?"

"That's right, and a formal announcement to invite Su Chuchu to Genting Mountain Villa for a catch up? Is this kid here to be funny?"

"Not even taking a piss to see what you're made of!"

A few ladies now could not help but despise said.

And Guo Xing was now back with a brand new pair of pants.

Looking at the crowd taunting Chen Hao.

Guo Xing's father and son were also very excited today.

Even the girls were oblivious to the pain of being slapped just now.

"Dad, this kid is finished, he didn't say anything about impersonating Young Master Chen servant, but now he seems to be impersonating Young Master Chen, let's see how he dies!"  One second to remember to read the book

The girl said viciously.

Just as the situation was becoming more and more difficult to control.

"VIPs arrive!"

The lobby door was suddenly pushed open.

The waiter shouted loudly.

The entire scene, once again, was silent.

Because this time, it was the Chen family who had come.

On and off the stage, everyone sat up.

Their eyes were united as they looked towards the door.

Chen Hao also looked.

He saw more than fifty Maybachs parked on the red carpet outside the door.

They were standing in two rows on either side of the red carpet.

The doors opened and a black-clothed bodyguard stood respectfully.

Everyone on the scene was a little frightened by this scene.

Immediately following, a middle-aged man stood on top of the red carpet and faded away.

Shen Nianhua, along with the Shen family, trotted over towards the door in three steps.

Everyone at the scene, even more, stood up.

Because the one who came, was a true big shot in the business world.

"Mr. Li, I've been waiting for you day and night, and I've finally brought you here!"

Shen Nianhua's waist was bent to ninety degrees.

The sons of the Shen family even bowed.

"Shen is polite, Li had something to do, he was late!"

The middle-aged man said.

The group then stepped into the lobby.

"Mr. Lee!"

"Mr. Lee!"

"Hello Lee!"

Everyone nodded to the middle-aged man in greeting.

Su Chu Chu also looked at the Chen family.

Indeed, as soon as they appeared, the aura seemed to become different.

Even every one of the Chen family's bodyguards carried an intimidating aura about them.

For the first time, Su Chuchu felt afraid.

She was afraid that if that incident just now was revealed, the Su family's fate might change.

Mrs. Su was also afraid, standing with her head bowed at the moment, like a primary student who had made a mistake and was waiting for the class teacher to reprimand her.

But it was afraid of what was coming.

"Mr. Li, there is something I must mention to you, just now before you came, someone impersonated Young Master Chen to scam!"

At this time, Guo Xing stood up.

First, he wanted to reveal himself in front of Li Zong, in case of merit, then the Guo family might gain unprecedented development.

Secondly, take care of this brat in passing and avenge his son.

"O? Is there such a thing?"

Head Li's expression was suddenly grim.

Even the forty or fifty bodyguards who followed in behind him were all frowning, and the Chen family bodyguards, naturally, would have special seats in the hall.

And Young Master Chen's status in their eyes was extraordinary.

Whoever dared to disrespect Young Master Chen would have to die!

"Did the man check it out?"

General Manager Li asked in a cold voice.

Guo Xing was delighted, after all, he had just changed his pants, and he resonantly ran up to General Manager Li.

"General Manager Li, that person is far away and close to the sky, it's him!"

Guo Xing pointed at the side of Chen Hao.

The girl and Guo Qiang are also rushing over to perform: "Yes Li, it's this kid, waving around, the scene can be Testify that you just invited Su Chu Chu to the Genting Mountain Villa party?"

"Simply asshole!"

Just listen.

General Manager Li shouted furiously, then turned around and looked in the direction of their fingers.

Just as the crowd all sucked in a breath of cold air, preparing to watch General Manager Li go berserk.

However, they found that Li was actually shaken all over and stayed on the spot.

The Chen family's bodyguards, even more, were all stunned.

"Whatever happened to him, I'm the one who let him impersonate me, General Manager Li, if you want to punish me, punish me, he's just following my orders!"

And Su Chu Chu bit her teeth and stepped right out.

Lady Su was dying of anxiety.

Obviously, she had already dumped the pot, so why did the silly daughter come out to take the blame again.

"You're crazy Chu Chu, why do you want to speak for this toad?"

Mrs. Sue said urgently.

"I'm not crazy; I made him come, and I'm responsible!"

Su Chu Chu said.

Only the mother and father hadn't finished arguing.

"Young Master Chen !"

With tears in his eyes and his whole body trembling with excitement, Li had a hard time getting those two words out of his mouth!

"See Young Master Chen!!!"

The bouncers, however, even bowed in unison and shouted in unison.

This shout was so cavernous that it seemed to shake the entire large restaurant left and right.

Everyone was blinded.

The Shen family's father and son were wide-eyed.

And the Guo family father and son, who had a wicked smile, were even more incredulous, their mouths open as if they could stuff duck eggs!

Chen...Young Master Chen?

Did I hear that right?

The atmosphere froze.

"Zhenguo, long time no see!"

Chen Hao didn't expect that the Chen family member who came this time was actually Li Zhenguo.

Li Zhenguo was so loyal to him that he wouldn't have been able to escape from the Southwest if he hadn't tried his best to save him back then.

And later on, after Chen Hao returned to the Chen family, he handed over a lot of power to Li Zhenguo with ease.

But some time ago, Chen Hao had been entangled in the events of the Mo family, and the business had long since stopped asking questions, let alone seeing Li Zhenguo.

"Yes Young Master Chen, it's been a long time, I'm really excited to see you!"

Li Zhengguo smiled.

Su Chu Chu, Su Ranran, and Madam Su, were now dumbfoundedly looking at Chen Hao.

It would never have occurred to them that the person they regarded as a beggar was actually the famous Young Master Chen ah.

"You... you're Young Master Chen?"

Su Chuchu swallowed her saliva.

Chen Hao smiled at her and nodded, "Well, that's why I said that this invitation is in effect, when you have time, you can go to the Jinling Genting A tour of the villa, not a bad view!"


Shen Nianhua was now kneeling directly.

"Young Master Chen, my eyes are clumsy, I didn't recognize it, and I repeatedly questioned it just now, Young Master Chen forgive me!"

Shen Nianhua was extremely smart and was now panicking to apologize.

The Guo family father and son, on the other hand, wouldn't even apologize anymore.

Because Guo Xing, who had just changed his pants, was once again shitting himself.

It's over, the Guo family is finished!

"Zhen Guo, this family is extremely vicious, if you help me clean them up, let them go bankrupt overnight with billions in debt, I want to With your current influence to do it, it shouldn't be difficult!"

Chen Hao looked at Guo Qiang and the others and sneered.

"That's natural!"

Li Zhenguo also sneered, then ordered his men: "Find out all their Guo family partners, all of them cut them off! Terminate the partnership and bankrupt whoever doesn't!"


The bodyguards immediately went to do it.

And this, was the Chen family!

Everyone sucked in a breath of cold air, no one would doubt the truthfulness of what Li Zhenguo had just said.

Chen Hao looked towards the Guo family: "Don't you guys like to build your happiness on the pain of others? It's good, too, and I'm happy to see you in pain!"


Chen Hao did not expect that this trip to Willow City would result in such a big episode.

As for what Shen family's invitation banquet and their cooperation with Li Zhenguo, Chen Hao didn't ask about it either.

The business matters were left to Li Zhenguo to take care of, and Chen Hao was very relieved.

After the invitation banquet ended.

Chen Hao traveled with Su Chuchu and the others.

"Miss Su, I don't know if you're still angry at my previous presumptions. I've been trying to explain to you that at the time, I really did recognize you as my girlfriend, Su Tongxin, and that's why I was so disoriented!"

Chen Hao looked at Su Chuchu and said.

Just now, Su Chu Chu had stood up to take responsibility in such a dangerous situation, it was enough to show that she was an extremely good girl.

"What's still angry, as long as Young Master Chen is willing, don't say you hug her, even if you give my daughter..."

At the side, Mrs. Su was excited.

But before she finished speaking, Su Chuchu seemed to know what her mother was going to say, and now looked at her grudgingly.  The first website

Only then did Madame Su realize that she was too radical and hurriedly stopped talking.

"Mom, Younter Chen has something to say to his sister, so don't disturb her!"

Su Ran Ran hurriedly pulled her mother away.

"It's okay, on the contrary, I was nonetheless not angry, and I wanted to thank you for telling me something!"

Su Chuchu didn't expect the once imaginary Young Master Chen to be such a refined and obsessed with love boy, she smiled.

"O? Told you one thing?"

Chen Hao asked with a smile.

"Ummm, once upon a time, I always suspected that the world, already full of lust, and long gone from true love, all love . It's all fake, it's all hypocritical, I thought, every guy goes to love a girl, just to get her rou by all means! Body, I'm disappointed in love, and I'm always confused!"

Su Chuchu said.

"But what, the moment you held me, you held me so tightly, and even though I didn't know you at the time, I could feel that you must be Love this girl you're looking for so much, and are so afraid she'll walk away from you again!"

"And that was the moment I realized that there is still true love in this world! I'm jealous of that girl you love, her name is Mu Han, isn't it?"

Su Chu Chu looked at Chen Hao and asked.

Chen Hao nodded his head.

"Can I ask you for one more thing? Young Master Chen?"

Su Chuchu asked.

"Just say so, as long as I can!"

"I'd like to hear your story with that Tongxin of yours...?"

Chen Hao pondered for a moment, so he told Su Chuchu.

Time passed quickly, and Chen Hao finished telling her everything.

Su Chuchu nodded her head very contentedly.

"I see, so love, it doesn't take much!"

Su Chuchu smiled, "Right, you said you need a drop of my blood? Although I don't know what use this drop of my blood will be to you, Young Master Chen, but since you need it, of course I'm fine with it!"

After saying that, Su Chuchu bit her index finger through, and a drop of blood flowed out.

After Chen Hao put it away, he cast a grateful look at Su Chu Chu.

"In the future, if there's anything you need me for, you can always find me, thank you really Miss Chu Chu!"

"Thank each other, we're friends now, don't say thank you anymore, and Young Master Chen, I truly wish you the best of luck to find the Mu Han, I wish the two of you an early reunion, and on your wedding day, remember to invite me to the wedding banquet!"

Su Chu Chu's eyes shone with tears.

"Yes, there will be that day, thank you for your blessings!"

After saying that, Chen Hao turned around and left.

And Su Chu Chu took a deep breath, looking at Chen Hao's distant back, her heart suddenly felt a bit empty.

"Sister, how did you two talk?"

"Yes daughter, why did Young Master  Chen just leave like that? You've met him once and you have no story?"

Mom was also concerned.

"Mom, even though I'm impressed by this boy, no matter what I do, it's not going to work out between the two of us! Because he loves his girlfriend, a lot!"

Chen Hao's refined temperament, coupled with some ripples between himself and Su Chu Chu, did indeed make Su Chu Chu's heart flutter.

However, she knew clearly that she had no chance!

The rest can only be a blessing from the heart....

On the helicopter heading to Jinling.

"Is everything all right in Jinling after I left?"

Chen Hao looked at Li Zhenguo and asked with a smile.

"Everything is fine, Genting Mountain Villa, after you killed the Mo family, I had it repaired as it was, and now it's already the same as the original Exactly the same, the Jinling Commercial Street, Hot Springs Villas, was also taken back by us, and I was back to preside over Jinling a year ago! All is well!"

Li Zhenguo said.

"After treating Miss Hanfield according to your formula, she has now recovered, and by the way, she is no longer a netizen and has transitioned to doing The actress, along with her former popularity, which we pushed for, is now considered a top-tier star!"


"By the way, where's Xiaonan?"

Chen Hao remembered Ma Xiaonan.

At the time of separation, he was facing a manhunt and his life was uncertain.

We would never see each other again.

But this time, he had to go back to see her.

Now that he had obtained a drop of the Supreme Yin Blood, I'm afraid it would be difficult for Yun Qing to find him.

As long as she didn't act in a high profile manner, it would be difficult for her to discover her whereabouts.

"Originally, I was going to let Miss Xiaonan start a company and gave her a large sum of money! She said she didn't want to start a company, and she refused to do so. I continue to give her money, she thinks it's just like that, what you gave her,Young Master Chen, is already enough!"

"Her dream was to be a teacher, and now that she's finished her teaching certificate, she's teaching in a high school! Alas, I was going to build her a luxury school, but she refused too!"

Li Zhenguo shook his head and laughed bitterly.

"That's how Xiaonan is, she's not one of those girls who thinks about money all day long, she never feels like money, just Like with me too, whether I was rich or poor, she always thought of me as her best friend!"

The corner of Chen Hao's mouth lifted up in a pleased smile.

Li Zhengguo looked at Chen Hao, wanting to say something, and lowered his head again!

"Say what you want to say!"

Chen Hao looked at her.

"Actually, Miss Xiaonan is really nice, back when you were in trouble, Miss Xiaonan and Miss Han siyu traveled all the way from the mainland to the South Seas to find out about you The news that the family was being forced by the Mo family at that time, and Miss Xiaonan and siyu didn't suffer!"

Chen Hao nodded his head heavily.

"Even now, Miss Xiaonan actually contacts me every week, and every time, she asks if there has been any news from you lately, this It's been that way for a year and a half!"

Li Zhengguo said.

A flash of emotion flashed across Chen Hao's eyes .

How could he not understand some of Xiaonan's feelings towards him....


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