The Unknown Heir Chen 604-605

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"Bastard, after offending Young Master Guo, you can still be leisurely, is it not because you have nine lives that you have such great courage!?"

A full eighteen people, holding blades in their hands, surrounded Chen Hao.

A bald head at the head of the group laughed coldly.

"Probably scared out of their wits, knowing our Young Master Guo Da's fame, they couldn't hide even if they wanted to, beating up Young Master Guo Da's woman, destined to meet their fate in the This!"

A few of them laughed uproariously.

"You're just in time, if you have a favor to ask, what would you normally do to get this person to help you willingly, of course , you had some misunderstanding with her beforehand, and then when you made your request, you didn't know how to ask?"

Chen Hao saw them.

At the moment, he was sad.

Because of his own impulsiveness, he hugged Su Chu Chu.

She was very messianic.

If she didn't have this impulse of her own, she might have given herself a drop of blood as long as Chen Hao sincerely begged, but now things were delayed at a rather awkward point.

And pleasing the girl was not something that Chen Hao himself was good at.

What should be done?

Chen Hao asked them.

Baldy and the others looked at each other, they were all a bit confused.

They were here to cut people down, even if you don't pee your pants in fear, you have to react a little, right?

Because they were no longer ordinary bodyguards by Young Master Guo side, but the level of guards hired by the entire Guo family at a high price, these eighteen people, every one of them had mercenary experience and at least thirty to forty lives on their hands.

Usually, as soon as they opened their mouths, the murderous aura around their bodies would gush out wildly, and they wouldn't need to take action at all.

But this youth in front of them was as if he was sick.

"What nonsense, you're not afraid at all after offending Young Master Guo? Oh, but later, you'll die a horrible death!"

The bald head snapped harshly, his body surrounded by murderous aura.

"Looks like you guys don't know either, I was going to ask you guys! Oh!"

Chen Hao smiled bitterly.

Just now, he had been thinking hard about his countermeasures, and as for what Baldur was saying, he did not take it to heart.

It was only at this moment that he remembered.

"O right, you guys are that Young Master Guo people, he told you to kill me?"

Chen Hao came to his senses.

"Fuck, brother, this kid is playing us!"

The dozen people were all angry.

The bald one's face full of cross flesh shook even more angrily together and waved a big hand.

"Think you're the best after dealing with a few ordinary bodyguards. Guys, chop him up and show him our Awesome!"

Suddenly, seventeen people raised their machetes and slashed over towards Chen Hao.

Bang, bang, bang!

A succession of loud noises continued to be heard.

Chen Hao's figure was extremely fast, ignoring the blades in their hands.

Although Chen Hao couldn't use internal strength.

But in terms of skill and strength, how could this group of ordinary people be a match.

Almost in the blink of an eye.

These people's thighs and arms were all bent in an extremely exaggerated manner, and one by one, they lay on the ground howling in pain.

Just like the kind of roosters used for New Year's Eve in the countryside with their wings bitten in their mouths, the intense twisting pain made everyone howl incessantly.

And the whole thing was clean.

Baldy stood there, looking at the dozen or so brethren who had just been alive and kicking.

There was an icy tingle in his back.

Amazing, so cruel!

Originally, they thought that the eighteen of them would chop this young man from outside the country into mincemeat and scare him to death alone.

But to their surprise, he was actually an expert, an expert that sent chills down one's spine.

And the other side.


A few noises, chasing after Biao who came to beat Chen Hao and the others.

The sticks in their hands were directly unsteady, and they all fell to the ground just like they had rehearsed beforehand.

Because their brains were all blank, the expressions on their faces were wonderful.

Brother Biao stared at them and swallowed spittle desperately, feeling his mouth too dry at this instant.

It was too strong! Simply!!!!

The crowd is wildly exhilarated!

After Chen Hao finished cleaning up after these people, his gaze eventually rested on the cold sweating bald head.

The bald head was being stared at by this gaze.

A damp heat was instantly felt in the lower half of his body.

Poof lost his blades and knelt straight down.

"Big brother spare my life!"

He said.

"Or that question from earlier, how do you go about seeking a girl's forgiveness and getting her to help you in good faith? I have a feeling you'll understand!"

Chen Hao walked up to his bald head and gently touched his bald head and asked, just like an old man, doting on a child asking questions.

"I... I feel that if there is a chance, you can... you can help her, most of the girls are very soft-hearted, as soon as you help her, her heart will be It's counted, and it's not being counted!"

Bald swallowed hard.


Chen Hao nodded thoughtfully.

A slap smacked Bald Head on the head, "Know why you didn't say anything just now!"

Baldy was scared shitless.

"I...I forgot!"

"You go deliver a message to that Guo for me!"

"What words, brother?"

"Live well..."

After saying that, Chen Hao turned around and left.

As he passed by Piao and the others, Chen Hao knew that they, the Su Family's guards, nodded to them.

Piao and the others nodded along with them and immediately made way.

This drop of Supreme Yin Blood, Chen Hao must get it.

And just now in the park, Chen Hao had used another jade talisman to look at it.

He had strolled all over Willow City in the past few days, but he hadn't found any sensation regarding the Earthshaking Stone.

This was an indication that there was no Zhentian Stone in Willow City.

Rather, it existed in Jinling.

There were only a few days until the middle of the month.

It had to be soon.

Thinking about it, Chen Hao came back to the entrance of the Su Chu Garden.

Wanting to see Su Chu Chu.

"Sister, what are you doing? Why are you always distracted?"

And Su Ran Ran made a cup of coffee for her sister out.

But she saw that Su Chuchu was holding her fragrant cheek, startled out of her mind.

"Hahaha, don't ever tell me that you're thinking about that beggar just now, no no no, that youth!"

Su Ran Ran said with a smile.

Su Chu Chu took a deep breath and didn't deny it like before.

Rather, it was.

"Did you ever feel that that young man gave a strange impression that he was always looking for a girl, and that I, should ask him for The girl he was looking for looked very much like him, and he was so excited to see me that he almost forgot so, Muhammad, that he recognized me as the one he was going to Looking for Tongxin!"

Su Chuchu said.

"Even if it is, so what, hmm, I thought, he liked your sister's beauty, but as it turned out, he was mistaken and didn't let those bodyguards Beating him to death, that unsightly little beggar, is a bargain!"

Because Su Ranran had always thought of Chen Hao as the beggar in some story who fell in love with the main character inside a rich family's daughter, so he had given him this nickname.

"No, I've always wondered if there's a guy in the world who would love a girl to the point of death, I'm with you Same, very doubtful, because no man would be that stupid! But, as he held me tightly, I seemed, to feel his heart, his concern for the girl named Mu Han. The love, it's strong..."


"Honestly, I was a little touched when he hugged me, even thinking about how happy he had to be to love that girl, There's someone who can hold such a grudge for her!"

Su Chuchu's beautiful eyes flashed with a touch of envy.

"Alas, alright, alright, just don't immerse yourself in it and waste your energy thinking about these useless things, if he loves you, I'm still interested in knowing . But for now, it's better to think about going to Young Master Shen invitation tomorrow. It's said that many big shots from Willow City and even the South will be there. And a particularly mysterious guest was invited to come!"

So Ran said.

"Then you go, I won't!"

Su Chuchu flatly refused.

"Huh? You're not coming? Did Mr. Shen specially invite you? And Shen has been chasing you for so long, I heard from Shen's friend that he wants to confess to you again tomorrow?"

"I know what he wants and that's why I won't go, I've told him I have a sweetheart and he's still bitter about it, I'm not interested in him Feelings, and I knew what he was after by going to all this trouble to get me, and girls have good instincts, and he underestimated them. Up!"

Su Chuchu shook her head.

"But if you say you have a sweetheart, he won't believe you, unless you actually find one and stand in front of him and show him that he It'll kill you! If you just prop it up like that, it's not an option at all!"

"I understand what you're saying, but where to find it? I can't just pick anyone, can I?"

Su Chuchu shook her head helplessly.

And Su Ran Ran also sighed depressedly.

She came to the window and looked somewhat depressed towards the outside, she also quite wanted to share her sister's worries.

But at this time, her eyes suddenly widened more and more.

Then with a surprised expression, "Haha, sister, I have a solution, to be precise, I've found the right person!"

She leapt to her feet.

"What candidate?"

"Look, it's that little beggar, he's come to our door again, it's like a delivery!"

Su Chuchu came over to look really.

"Why is he here again? But I understand what you're saying, people have the love of his heart, how can you take advantage of his feelings like this? Letting him pretend to be my boyfriend, definitely not!"

Su Chuchu shook her head.

"Bah, pretending to be my sister's boyfriend, he doesn't have the qualifications yet, so let's leave this matter to me, then tomorrow we'll have a normal Just attend the invitation, I'm sure, that Young Master Shen's scheme won't succeed, and you can also explain to your parents!"

Looking at his eccentric sister, Su Chuchu could only nod half-heartedly.

Su Ran Ran also hurriedly ran down the stairs.

"Little beggar!"

She shouted to Chen Hao.

Chen Hao looked at her, "You called me?"

"Not you or who? Hey, hey, hey, what are you doing in front of our house again? Still want to eat tofu, huh?"

Su Ran Ran said.

"No, no, no, I just want to come meet Miss Su and apologize to her in earnest!"

Chen Hao hurriedly said.

"Hmph, an apology won't be necessary, but if you really feel guilty, do my sister a favor tomorrow, by the way, listen to your tone of voice Are you from the South, too?"

"Jinling people! Help with what?"

Chen Hao said.

"What? That's just great, Jingling! Only you are the right person for the job!"

Su Ran Ran jumped up happily.

She then took in her posture: "It's like this, tomorrow's Shen Family Invitation Feast, I want you to send an invitation for me, in public to my Sister, there's only one line, and it's for everyone to know, especially tomorrow's main character, Shen!"

"How's that? Are you going to help me with this? If you will help, my sister will forgive you completely and be very grateful!"

She said.

As soon as Chen Hao heard this, he was, originally, trying to ask for Su Chu Chu's forgiveness, thinking, to do something for her.

Even Chen Hao wanted to give Su Chuchu a few hundred billion, something that was quite indifferent.

It was just that with money, it was afraid that it would make Su Chuchu hate himself even more, and the loss would outweigh the gain.

Now that it was possible to have such a simple thing, how could Chen Hao refuse?

"No problem!"

"Well, then come to our door early in the morning before you go to the feast tomorrow, and I'll give you the invitations I've produced, and then follow our plan..."

The Shen family, considered to be a big family in Willow City, even in the entire south, was a famous family.

Within Willow City, there were two large families, the largest being the Shen family, the locals rumored that the Shen family was connected to the dragon vein and had connections all over the country.

And although the Su family was also strong, it was one level lower than the Shen family.

The entire Willow City, Mo Mo all treats the Shen family, as a dragon head, and everything must be given seven points of face.

And today, the entire Willow City had their most important day.

It was the Shen family's year-long invitation feast that had been preparing for a year had finally begun.

Early in the morning, the streets of Willow City were lined with luxury cars.

From all over the country, as well as some of the most famous wealthy international businessmen and magnates all arrived.

To participate in this attention-grabbing moment.

The location of the feast was chosen at the Liuzhou International Hotel.

It's the highest standard hotel in Liuzhou City.

Luxury cars from all over the world filled the entire underground parking lot of the hotel.

And at the entrance of the hotel, there was a long red carpet.

The surrounding people were very envious, whoever could walk on the red carpet, it would be worth it to live ten years less.

And the Su family as the local famous family.

Naturally the whole family would come.

Mrs. Su's dress today was even more inventive, with her two beautiful daughters behind her, making her face beaming with pride.

Because she has received a definite news, that apart from the mysterious guest, there is another important event in today's invitation banquet, that is, Young Master Shen will propose to his daughter Chu Chu in public.

This news had been conclusively confirmed.

Once the two families marry at today's highly anticipated moment, it will become the biggest gossip.

Even quite a few families were affected by this rumor.

Many people came to congratulate Lady Su.

Only Ran Ran's eyes looked around and kept stealing smiles.

Greeting the rich merchants from all over the world, time passed quickly.

Not long after, noon was approaching.

Rich merchants from all over the world have taken their seats within the lobby.

At the top of the lobby, there was a high platform, and on the high platform, there were many celebrities from all over the world sitting.

The only thing that was somewhat lacking was.

At the moment when everyone was eagerly awaiting the arrival of the mysterious guests.

But news came that the guest had some problems on the way and might be delayed in arriving.

It couldn't help but make everyone a little disappointed.

And perhaps to ease everyone's disappointment, the eldest youngest of the Shen family, decided to use a different method to mobilize everyone's emotions all together.

His gaze couldn't help but look towards the direction the Su family was sitting.

And Mrs. Su was filled with excitement, was the moment that she was expecting her daughter to come early?

The scene, too, was all curiously looking at Young Master Shen, and it suddenly quieted down....

"Son of a bitch, it's you!"

It was only just quiet when I heard a noise from outside....


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