The Unknown Heir 601-603

"Shit looking for death, let go of me!"

The girl was dragged by her hair and went crazy all of a sudden.

Swinging the bag and trying to hit.

The result was a solid slap to the face before it was too late.

There was a heavy slap.

The girl felt the sky spinning, could not distinguish the southeast, northwest, and southwest, and fell down on the side of a noodle stall, the noodle stall was overturned by her! up.

And it was Chen Hao who was beating him up.

Chen Hao witnessed this scene, and his lungs simply exploded with anger.

Having seen arrogance, he had never seen such arrogance.

Seeing a person's grief as a way to make fun of herself, this kind of snake woman, what's the point of keeping her.

"Fuck, rue?"  

And Young Master Fu was confused, this scene happened simply too fast, Young Master Fu didn't even react.

In Willow City, his woman was actually beaten up?

Beaten up?

How is this possible! Who would dare?

But with the benefit of hindsight, Fu Shao glared at Chen Hao with a furious face.

"Bastard, you're simply looking for death, how dare you hit my woman? Do you know who I am?"

Young Master Fu raged.

And all the onlookers on the street couldn't help but take a step back towards the back.

Obviously, this rich young man's identity, many of the local people know, clear under his strength, and that is why the crowd for the scene just now The reason why I dare not speak out.

This young man had acted in righteousness, but the wrong target had been found, and shouldn't have bothered with Young Master Guo!

Yes, Kwok, but he can be a man in Willow City!

Last time, someone accidentally offended Kwok and his whole family was killed that night, what a tragedy!

The passerby said in his heart.

"This piece of jade is obviously real, and people are really in trouble, you are not short of money, yet you want fifty dollars to forcefully buy it away, that's too domineering Right? And if you don't want to buy it, why do you have to break someone's jade pendant, it's their life-saving money! So depraved, do you think this woman should be beaten?"

Chen Hao coldly said.

"Honey, cut him off for me, cut off his arms and legs!"

The girl on the ground finally woke up a little and immediately covered her face and cried out to Young Master Guo.

"Hm should be beaten? You're just looking for death, someone, cut me down!"

Young Master Guo fiercely waved his hand.

Several bodyguards instantly pulled out machetes.

They chopped at Chen Hao's head.

Chen Hao was furious as he watched them do their death.

A strong killing intent steamed up.

However, the tipping point came when Chen Hao suddenly remembered.

He was unable to use his own internal energy, and once he did, the jade talisman's hidden breath of himself would lose its effect.

Only, even if they didn't use their inner strength, these people were no match for him.

Quickly, three times, they covered their broken rib arms and lay on the ground, constantly howling.


Young Master Guo glared, and so did the remaining few bodyguards.

All of them didn't dare to be on top.

This brat was actually so powerful!

And watched as Chen Hao walked towards him.

Young Master Guo panicked and pulled out a handful* from his waist, aiming directly at Chen Hao's head.

"Damn, you love to mind your own business, right, take one more step forward and I'll open* to kill you!"

Young Master Guo's red eyes.

And the crowd scattered with fearful screams all at once.

"And if you dare to move today, this father and daughter, I will definitely not spare them lightly!"

Young Master Guo warned.

Chen Hao took a deep breath, and his inner energy began to fidget faintly.

It was simply too easy to finish off this rich young man in front of him.

All he needed to do was to make a slight movement and his head would fall to the ground.

And what's behind the so-called family, just slaughter it in passing.

But the current self, can't!

Chen Hao took a deep breath.

And watched him not move.

Young Master Guo's mouth lifted up a smirk.

"Give me a fight!"

Shouted to the remaining bodyguards.

The bodyguards swarmed over and were about to come over and slash Chen Hao.


Suddenly at this moment, another pair of black-clothed bodyguards came over.

The drink stopped a few people.

"What are you guys doing?"

Young Master Guo looked at them again and shouted.


The bouncer faded.


Young Master Guo's body couldn't help but shake slightly.

Slowly lowered*.

"So it's the Su family coming!"

Guo Qiang smiled faintly.

The Su family was indeed one of the very few families in Willow City that was stronger than Guo Qiang.

Although Guo Qiang was ruthless, he also knew something about the world and knew the rules, some people could be messed with and some could be left alone as much as possible!

"You can't touch this man, and you can't touch this father and daughter, because they, the Su family's eldest daughter, have already been secured!"

The bodyguards said.

"Well, Miss Su, I'm still..."

And the lady slowly climbed up and was about to get angry.

Stopped by Guo Qiang, he gave her a wink, "Well, since Miss Su has stepped forward, this bit of face is still given by our country . And it's only a few dogs, so let it go!"

Guo Qiang nodded and smiled coldly.

Then holding the girl was about to leave.

Only when he reached Chen Hao, Guo Qiang said softly, "Brother, slowly give me a moment to wait, there will be a day when you cry!"

Then they left.

"This uncle, in this card, there is two hundred thousand, our lady gave it to you, let's buy you this piece of jade!"

The bodyguard brought a box full of 200,000 cash, "Go save your daughter first, that Guo Shao, will not look for you! Trouble!"

"Thank you, thank you Miss Sue for saving my life!"

The middle-aged man was about to be moved to kowtow, but the bodyguard stopped him.

Chen Hao, on the other hand, was somewhat moved in his heart, and had a good feeling for this Miss Su family.

The ones watching this scene from afar at the side were two women wearing masks.

Could it not be the two beauties that were just on the street.

Their convoy had already arrived beside them.

When she came here with her sister just now, she didn't know what had happened and saw the crowd scattering away.

It turned out that Guo Qiang had pulled out a gun and was pointing it at an ordinary young man.

It was only after stopping people to ask questions that they knew the general context of what had happened.

Su Chuchu immediately had people stop him.

And there was the current scene.

She was kind-hearted, and when she saw someone in distress, she could give a hand to help.

It was by this girl's righteousness that Chen Hao was somewhat moved.

Hearing the bodyguard say something about Miss Su.

Hurriedly turned sideways and saw Su Chuchu through the crowd.

Su Chu Chu was wearing a mask, and in the face of Chen Hao's gaze, she just nodded slightly.

She then turned around and got into the car with her sister.

Not even paying attention to the road, at the moment Chen Hao after seeing her, has blanked out his brain.

And her whole body was trembling with excitement.

Because of this girl's eyes, figure, Chen Hao saw her truly, too familiar, and would never forget it.


Chen Hao incredulously finally shouted out these two words.

Because this woman, was Su Tongxin!

And the woman didn't even hear it.

The car started up and hurried away.


Chen Hao looked at the distant car and hurriedly chased after it....


Several bodyguards watched as Chen Hao chased after Missy's car, all of them stunned.

Nor did they listen carefully to what Chen Hao was shouting, worried that Missy was in danger and hurriedly got into the car to chase after her as well.

Su Chuchu's car was driving, and Chen Hao was in hot pursuit behind it.

Inside the car.

"Sister, before you entered the car just now, did you notice that youth?"

Su Ran asked with a smile.

"Which youth?"

Su Chuchu's eyebrows furrowed slightly, her red lips slightly opened.

"That's the young man who helped that father and daughter pair and was pointed at his head by Guo Qiang with a *?"

Su Ran Ran covered her mouth.

"He ah, no ah, what's wrong?"

"You don't know, he just looked straight at you and was standing there, stupid as hell, haha, I saw him before I got into the car The expression, what a laugh, thank goodness you didn't take off your mask, if you had, he wouldn't have been unconscious on the spot?"

Su Ran Ran's smile trembled.

"Just your mouth can say..."

Su Chuchu didn't have a good temper.

However, she also remembered that when she nodded back to that young man just now, his expression was indeed a little different, that expression, silly, and now that she thought about it, it seemed like she wanted to laugh a little.

Su Chuchu thought, the corners of her mouth couldn't help but lift up a charming curve.

"Actually, right, he's quite clear-looking and kind-hearted, he's many times stronger than that Shen Feng, find a boy like that to be the Hubby seems nice too, don't you think sis?"

"Go go go, don't mention which pot."

"Which is it, but seriously sis, what are your fantasies about love? Seriously, I'm asking you seriously!"

"For fantasies of love? I don't know. Actually, for years, my sister has been wondering if there's a guy like that in the world, just like in "The Condor Heroes". Like the Yang Yang, he has only been infatuated with his aunt Xiao Long Nui all his life, and he has been looking for her, even though he is surrounded by beautiful women. He doesn't hold back when he's around, and his goal is clear: to be with the Dragon Lady!"

There was a flash of longing in Su Chuchu's eyes.

"Ah pooh, I don't believe that this world can have such love, and it's just what martial arts novels talk about, where in reality is there a Yang like that The infatuated man, now more, are Zhang Wuji kind of, as long as there are beautiful girls, no matter what happens to people, Zhang Wuji All will get together to people's side, of course, that is, the end turned out to be him with Zhao Min just, I feel Zhang Wuji Zhou Zhi Ruo Xiaozhao he all love, Oh, the reality of such scum the most! If you wait long enough for the one you love, you may have forgotten it long ago!"

Su Chuchu nodded at the words, "What you say seems to make a bit of sense, the boys nowadays are indeed not that stupid anymore!"

"Ahem, can you please not digress from my topic and get down to business, about that boy from earlier, you haven't commented on him yet, I His guess is that he must be in love with you, or maybe he's already started to think about you, or maybe he's still in love with you even though we've left. Following us closely, trying to get a glance at you, really, I have a particularly good eye, I feel like he just looked at you that is!"

Su Ran Ran was a human child.


And then, the driver, who was driving the car, suddenly screamed in alarm.

Su Chuchu and Su Ran Ran both furrowed their eyebrows at the same time.

Girls, on the other hand, hated men who talked dirty.

"What are you doing?"

Su Ran Ran asked in a cold voice.

The driver pointed to the rearview mirror, "That kid, he's really, really coming after us!"


The two beauties were surprised at the same time.

They hurriedly turned around.

At first glance, it was true.

It was really him.

The car was going very fast, but he was desperately in hot pursuit of it.

It was as if he would not stop until he caught up.

Su Ranran covered her mouth, "Oh my god, I never thought there would be such an infatuated person in this world, he took one look at sister you and already It was love at first sight for you!"

And Su Chuchu couldn't help but blush pretty.

Since childhood, there were indeed many who chased after her because of her posture and temperament, but there had never been a boy like this.

To say that there wasn't a single ripple in her heart would be a pure lie.

"Sister, stop the car and see what he is going to say to you, haha, when I see him, I think of a story, a beggar to a The rich lady fell in love at first sight, then wrote a love letter chasing the lady's sedan chair to express her admiration, and what happened. Killed by this lady's family member! Alas, it was bound to be a tragedy from the start..."

Su Ran Ran expectantly.

"What's the parking, don't be nosy, you should watch less of those nonsensical dramas from now on!"

Su Chuchu feigned anger.

"That's right, Missy Second Miss, now that people's hearts are in doubt, who knows if he has any other intentions in chasing Missy's car!"

The driver was indignant up front.

"You shut up and drive your car too!"

Su Chuchu was cold.

And behind him, Chen Hao was still chasing.

He definitely wouldn't be mistaken, because in the world, there couldn't be two people who were exactly the same like the white sister.

He definitely wouldn't be wrong.

This girl seemed to be the one that he had seen at Pan Long Ridge.

The back, the eyes, the gaze, they were simply identical.

It must be her! This time it was definitely not to be missed.

And soon, the car had arrived at the Su Family Garden.

"Eldest Miss, this brat has chased us all the way here, you and Second Miss go in first, we'll block him!"

The driver opened Su Chuchu's car door and said.

Su Chuchu nodded, wanting to say don't hurt him, just ask him to leave, but in the end, the words didn't come out of his mouth.

Just nodded his head.

And Chen Hao had also chased after him.

"Tongxin, is that you?"

Chen Hao shouted.

Indeed, his brain was now blank, he was already thinking of everything.

"What Tongxin, stinky brat, don't even think about pestering our eldest miss, the Su family estate is important, don't even look at what status you have, you actually dare to Wandering! Brothers, blow me out!"

Several bodyguards came around at once and held Chen Hao, trying to throw him out.

However, as soon as Chen Hao struggled, he struggled away from them.

He rushed straight towards Su Chuchu, amidst the startled gazes of a group of bodyguards.

From behind, he hugged Su Chuchu tightly in one go.

"Tongxin, it's really good to see you, you don't know, for close to two years, I've been looking for you!"

Chen Hao hugged her tightly.

It seemed to be afraid that this was a dream.

As for Su Chu Chu, she had wanted to resist, but right now, it was as if there was a magic force that attracted them, and she actually wanted to be held by Chen Hao just like that.

It was as if from Chen Hao's arm, a love could be transmitted, a love that could melt everything.

This love was so irresistible....


And Su Ran Ran looked at the scene of drama before her.

Covered her mouth in surprise.

Fearing to miss it, she even hurriedly took out her phone to take pictures.

No one would have thought that this person would be so crazy, coming up and clinging, too crazy, ahhhh! It's going crazy!

"I...I'm not..."

And after a brief period of calm, Su Chuchu struggled slightly and faintly spoke.

It was precisely this voice that sobered up Chen Hao.

It was not Tongxin's voice.

Chen Hao let go of his hand.

With a strange look on her face, as if she was apologetic, Su Chuchu turned around slightly.

It was only now that Chen Hao was able to see her full appearance.

Her back figure, as well as her eyes, were all too similar to Tongxin.

However, despite the fact that she was also beautiful, but... it wasn't Su Tongxin, it was a mistake on her part.

Chen Hao was startled, and an endless sense of loss emerged within him.

He thought he had just seen the dawn, and he tried to run towards that dawn, but only to discover that below the dawn was another abyss.

How could it be Tongxin, she had already been captured by the Sun Alliance.

"Bastard bastard, how dare you molest our Miss, give me a shot!"

The bodyguards reacted all angry.

The eldest Miss, who was so beautiful that everyone wanted to kiss her, ended up being held tightly by a commoner.

Whether it was jealousy or responsibility.

This group of bodyguards had the heart to tear Chen Hao apart.

Now, taking out their sticks, they greeted towards Chen Hao.

And from great hopes Chen Hao faced endless disappointment again, his head was empty, and he no longer felt pain when the stick hit him.

"My God, that tragic story has really reappeared, the beggar fell in love with the rich daughter, and as a result, he searched for her to no avail and was killed by a family member!"

Su Ran Ran lamented heartlessly.

"Stop! Sujiazhuang Garden, how can you mess up like this!"

At that moment, a beautiful woman's angry voice interrupted everything.

The bodyguards stopped, looked at the beautiful woman, and bowed, "Madam!"

"What's going on? How can you have a big fight at the door?"

This beautiful woman looked cold and stern.

"It was this brat who forced his way into the manor and non... pestered the lady, so we..."

The bodyguards thought about it.

"Pestering Chuchu, just him?"

The beautiful woman took a look at Chen Hao's dress, is a city commoner, in her eyes already with the beggar no different.

The first thing you need to do is to take a look at yourself, and you dare to pester my daughter. Or else, I'll make you disappear!"

Chen Hao did not expect that he would somehow make such a big oolong.

Especially just now, hugging this Su family's eldest miss.

Chen Hao felt somewhat self-conscious.

"I... mistakenly recognized the wrong person, I'm sorry!"

Chen Hao said.

And with this calming down, Chen Hao also finally thought of the reason why he had lost his temper just now.

Apart from the fact that this woman's figure was very similar to Tongxin's, which interrupted his normal thoughts, that was having the most important point.

That jade talisman that you now carried on your own body.

Not only did this jade talisman have the property of hiding one's supreme Yang Qi.

There was also the ability to allow one to find someone with the supreme yin physique.

Little Bamboo had said that solstice yang and solstice yin, the two attract each other, and as long as they met, they would definitely collide.

Yes, that should be the reason.
Especially as soon as Chen Hao recalled the strange sensation that had arisen in his heart when he had just held Su Chuchu.

Chen Hao had been certain that the woman in front of him was the one who possessed the Supreme Yin Body.

He had encountered it himself.

As long as he could take a drop of her living blood, he would be able to safely return to Jinling.

Chen Hao had completely calmed down.

"Chuchu Ranran, you are not allowed to go anywhere at home, look at all the people who have gotten involved back na, I'm going to find you now! Father, he's got a business meeting. You guys stay home and get some rest. Tomorrow, Mr. Shen is hosting a celebration. I heard he's invited a... Special mysterious VIPs come, Shen Shao's entire family and even the ZF of Willow City, is quite important, prefer you also go, prepare well!"

Madame Su patted Chu Chu's shoulder.

She was about to leave, only to discover that Chen Hao hadn't actually rolled over yet.

"Biao, you guys can watch what happens! I don't want to see this man again on my doorstep!"

After saying that, Madame Su glanced at Chen Hao with disdain and left.

The bodyguards headed by Bill and the others all shook their necks, ready to make Chen Hao look good.

Just about to fight.


Su Chuchu shouted, "Let him go, let him go!"

"My lady, but madam..." it was as if something was missing if Bill and the others didn't continue to beat Chen Hao up.

But they had no choice but to comply.

"Bastard, I told you to leave, and you're still not leaving!"

Ah Biao coldly drank.

And Chen Hao looked up at Su Chu Chu: "I'm really sorry about today, I just don't know, can you do me another favor? I was, just now, only rude to you because I recognized the wrong person!"

Chen Hao said.

And Su Chuchu was a little unhappy when she heard this.

It doesn't matter what is said about love or not love.

The main thing is that Su Chuchu thought that you were in love with yourself, and that's why you chased all the way to the bottom, even though you suffered a severe beating.

But in the end, you're the wrong person.

I don't know if you're going to be able to do that, but I'm going to be able to do it.

"Today's incident, just forget about it, you go find the one you like!"

After saying that, Su Chuchu turned around and walked into the villa.

And Su Ran Ran, after making a face at Chen Hao, also went in.

Chen Hao knew that if he were to dwell on the bitterness, the most he would get would be a drop of dead blood.

Alas, there was nothing to do but to leave first and think of another way.

Shaking his head, Chen Hao left as well.

"Biao, look at this brat, he ate our big sister's tofu, it's fine after wiping his mouth clean, we damn well follow the big sister Being around for so many years, it turned out to be cheap for this kid to earn, and I was angry anyway!"

A few bodyguards looked at Chen Hao's back and muttered quietly, clearly not having had enough of the beating just now, meaning that they were not yet finished.

"Hmph, I'm not angry either, brothers, follow him and beat him up again! Let him know that our Missy doesn't just want to hug him!"

Biao said, a few people took their sticks and followed again.

Chen Hao kept walking to a park here, next to it, was a dense forest.

Chen Hao wanted to sit down and enjoy a moment of tranquility.

Let his heart calm down again.

Ah Piao and the others were following from afar.

Only they hadn't had time to do anything yet.

However, they discovered that another group of people were one step ahead of them, walking towards Chen Hao who was sitting on a stone bench.

They were even more ruthless in their hands, holding machetes that were clearly meant to slash Chen Hao.

"Biao, is it Guo Qiang's men? What if you want to cut him?"

A few bodyguards.

"What else can we do, let's see what we can do, although this kid owes a beating, but after all he saved the father and daughter righteously just now, it shows that this kid has a heart of gold. It's not bad, but if necessary, we can save his life, and after we save him, how about we beat him up?"


The crowd nodded in unison....


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