The Unknown Heir Chen 596-600


Tie Hongxiang directly ordered people to arrest Chen Hao.

"I'm asking you, do you have the secrets of the ancient witchcraft method hidden on you?"

Inside a secret room, Tie Hongxiang asked coldly.

"The secret book of the ancient witchcraft and parasite method? Why do I have it on me, it's something from your Witch Cult!"

Chen Hao looked at him indifferently.

"Stinker, still pretending to be garlic! I have planted parasites on Tie Cheng's body with an ancient secret method, this kind of parasites will poison a person's heart and make him act in a radical way. Eventually living and dying of madness, this ancient secret technique was given to me by chance by a chance, but just now I saw By the time he was in Iron City, the ancient secrets had been lifted from him, and he regained his mind, if the old woman hadn't slapped him to death. All my plans have been foiled!"

Tie Hongxiang looked angrily at Chen Hao with red eyes and grabbed him by the collar.

"Quickly say, is there someone among you who also knows the Ancient Mysterious Method?"

Indeed, that day when he hunted down Tie Cheng and caught him in the woods.

Chen Hao used mind reading to discover that Tie Cheng's heart wasn't bad, and that he was always repenting inside.

However, it was obvious that he had some uncontrollable demons.

The trauma from his childhood might have caused him to become radicalized.

But it definitely wouldn't turn out like this.

At that time, Chen Hao felt that something was wrong.

Only then did he discover that he had been planted with heart devouring parasites, which were extremely poisonous and planted in extremely clever and versatile places, and if he didn't master certain The method, or mastering the subtleties of this ancient secret method, was simply not visible even to experts in the use of parasites.

Chen Hao was proficient in the art of witchcraft and parasites, all of which had been taught through Qin Bo.

Naturally, it had to be more orthodox than what these people had learned.

Afterwards, he found an opportunity to remove the parasite poison from Tie Cheng's body.

This matter, Chen Hao did not tell Tie Cheng either, wanting to wait until he had completely recovered before telling him.

This was also the reason why, Chen Hao would be very kind to him, because his nature was extremely simple and kind.

But now, it was too late, Tie Cheng was dead.

Died because of himself, and even more so, killed by this Tie Hongxiang from the middle.

Chen Hao looked at him with a touch of murder in his eyes.

"Not answering my words, and still looking at me with a murderous face? Good, very good, I've got a way to make your loser talk! Although I can't kill you, I want you to suffer the utmost humiliation so that you will beg for your life and die!"

Tie Hongxiang's eyes were wide open.

"Someone, tie him up for me and hang him in the harbor for the exhibition of ten thousand people, and when he wants to talk at some point, let him down! Hahahahaha..."

Tie Hongxiang tilted his face back and laughed.

Already, there were men, holding Chen Hao down and tying Chen Hao up in five different ways.

Sure enough, at the port, they hung Chen Hao up.

Passing pedestrians were watching.

Discussing, "Heavens, isn't this the same young master Chen ** from the beginning?"

"What's going on here? How did Young Master Chen become like this?"

"You don't know, the truth is that the Witchblade Sacred Sect is very dirty inside, it was Young Master Chen who discerned them and uncovered their deception, even the Young Sovereign . All of them have reformed and followed Young Master Chen, declaring that they have broken away from the Witchblade Holy Cult!"

"Moreover, Young Master Chen also provided the Yun family with many economic projects, and now many of the projects on Stranger Island are invested by Young Master Chen to start development, Young Master Chen is the Good man!"

Some pedestrians said.

But all the people did not dare to speak out loud, for the two minions of the Witching Sacred Cult, who were watching from below, would use parasites and kill the them.

Only, many of the pedestrians did not choose to leave, and although they did not dare to save each other, some chose to accompany them.

At this moment, a car slowly passed by here.

"Miss Yun Qing, look, it's... it's Young Master Chen!"

The driver was startled to see the people being hoisted up on the port.

Yun Qing hurriedly lowered the window, and her heart fluttered.

She wanted to use her strength to put Chen Hao down.

But then she told herself.

This was just right for her heart, only when he really couldn't take it anymore, this person, would understand how good she was to him, he It will come to beg for mercy.

So, to that end, even if it hurts a little, you have to endure it.

"Well, see, whatever we're doing, drive!"

Yun Qing re-closed her eyes.

The driver didn't dare to say more and drove off.

"Gotta find a way to regain strength! At this rate, the Holy Water appointment will be missed, but right now, there's no way to contact Grandpa!"

Chen Hao pondered in his heart.

It had been late into the night.

The minions guarding Chen Hao were afraid that someone would come to the rescue and drove away all those who remained behind.

The harbor was somewhat silent.

Chen Hao looked up at the moon in the sky.

It was already midday.

Time was almost up.

Now that he urgently needed to break through this seal, he couldn't care less.

Tie Cheng's death was a lesson.

I won't let anything happen to any of the people around me again, because of me!

Because in the afternoon, in Chen Hao's mind, he had finally thought of a way to break through the seal.

At first, the ring-shaped jade pendant at the side of the God of Heaven had inputted many mental memories into his mind.

Although Chen Hao had imprinted them in his mind and tried to practice them, he found that apart from some techniques he could learn from, he couldn't practice any of them.

But there was one heart technique.

It could quickly allow himself to gather a force that he could use to break through the three seals.

However, this heart method belonged to an evil power, and if one was not careful, it would corrupt one's character just like the power of the dragon and elephant.

Moreover, the methods were somewhat cruel.

Chen Hao had been thinking all afternoon about whether or not to take the risk, but after thinking about it, there was no way out, Zuo Zhongtao and the others couldn't have another accident.

And all that was needed to practice this kind of heart technique was to practice at midnight.

Chen Hao had already become enlightened.

Practicing it was naturally not a difficult task.

Seeing that the hour had arrived.

Chen Hao, who had made up his mind, decided to practice it and give it a try.

Now suspended in the air, Chen Hao closed his eyes and rested, following the route of the Heart Technique, manipulating it to flow through his body's meridians.

After circulating for a week.

Chen Hao discovered that he could already use his soul idea.

Then, it could be sacrificed to break the army!


Chen Hao mused in his heart.

Whoosh! The breakers flew out from Chen Hao's sleeve.

It pierced straight through the rope that tied Chen Hao.

Chen Hao landed on the ground in one fell swoop.

However, his body was a little weak and he almost didn't stand still.


Chen Hao let out a long breath.

"Fuck! Why did the rope break! Wow, so this kid hid a dagger, fortunately the second master sent us a few more to keep a 24-hour watch, otherwise, still... Really let this kid escape!"

The people of the Holy Church were seven in total.

They looked at Chen Hao and sneered.

Chen Hao had already put away the breakers.

Although the next tactic was extremely cruel, Chen Hao had no choice in order to break through the seal.

"Kid, are you tying yourself up? Or do we tie it? I see you, you simply have an itchy skin, and you want to escape!"

One of the minions leading the group hung around and came over.

Trying to pat Chen Hao's face and teach Chen Hao a lesson.

Just look at Chen Hao operating his magic door, he fiercely lifted his head and grabbed the minion's head in one fell swoop.


A strange sound was heard.

It was seen that this minion, as if he was being sucked by some great suction, his entire body's flesh was surging towards his head.

And both of his gills were deeply shrunken within his facial bones.

He let out a painful scream.

The face went from pale white, and even more rapidly turned purple-black, even the body was shrinking.

Until in the end, it directly turned into a cloud of ash that was crushed by Chen Hao and swayed with the wind....


The remaining six, all looking foolish, screamed in terror....


This evil heart technique is called Soul Devouring, and relies on sucking in a person's life force to quickly allow a stamina to condense within one's body.

The more one sucked in, the more one would naturally condense.

And these few minions obviously didn't expect Chen Hao to have this skill, it was already too late to escape, and like a law, they were sucked into a pile of black ash by Chen Hao at once.

Chen Hao looked into the deep night in the distance, and a fierce color flashed in his eyes.

Now, he had recovered 30% of his strength.

He also knew in his heart that even at his peak state, he would never be a match for Yun Qing.

His first priority now was to find the woman in white, so he had to get rid of her.

And with Yun Qing's prowess, dealing with her would not be an easy task.

Chen Hao had already made up his mind to seek advice from the Ghost Calculator again.

What he had calculated had already come true one by one.

On that day, he had said that he still had a long-standing destiny that had yet to be fulfilled.

And this Yun Qing could very well be his own destiny.

If the Ghost Reckoner could calculate this far, then he must have good advice!

"Save Grandpa Fang and the others and leave quickly!"

Chen Hao's eyes flashed with a glint of brilliance, and without stopping, he headed to the land of the Witching and Gnosis Sacred Sect.

"Stop, what for? How can you trespass on the Holy Cult of Voodoo?"

Chen Hao rushed to the foot of the hill and was immediately stopped by a minion standing guard at the gate.

Chen Hao made a decisive move and directly snapped the neck of one of them.

The other one was scared silly.

"Where is Tie Hongxiang?"

Chen Hao grabbed another person.

"Second Master, Second Master he is drinking with his friends at his mansion!"

The minion said.

"Where are the old man Fang and the others that he locked up?"

Chen Hao asked in a cold voice.

The momentum was very strong, and coupled with the fierce and decisive action just now, the minion knew that his life hung in the balance.

"If I tell you, brother, don't kill me!"


Tie Hongxiang Residence.

He was playing cards with a few friends.

Tie Hongxiang has three major hobbies in his life, except for his obsession with witchcraft and parasite methods.

That is beautiful women and mahjong.

And, he especially loves the atmosphere of playing cards.

The large living room was turned into a chess and card room by him.

In the middle of the living room, there were a few beautiful and voluptuous women who were dancing.

Just when Tie Hongxiang was immersed in the atmosphere and his heart was cozy.

There was a bang.

The door of the room was violently pushed open.

A small boy, who was being grabbed by the shoulders, was seen walking in with the people behind him.


When Tie Hongxiang looked up, it was actually Chen Hao.

It made him suspicious in his heart.

"So it's you trash, I can't tell, you're really good at it, you were actually able to escape and sent to the door, could it be that you're looking for death? No?"

Tie Hongxiang sneered and continued to play cards.

He had fought against Chen Hao during the day and found that he wasn't as powerful as the legends, so he couldn't help but feel contempt.

The few poker buddies of his were also not moving, all playing cards with full body infusion.

It was as if Chen Hao was a joke.

"This is that Young Master Chen? Who am I to think it's a yellow-haired kid...Er Cakes!"

Someone sneered.

"Father, so this is the man who killed the Young Sovereign, well, I was just about to go see him hanging in the harbor in a miserable state, but I didn't expect him to be If he escapes, so be it, let me personally take him into custody and await my father's punishment!"

Behind Tie Hongxiang stood a young man, his face extremely white, but the corner of his mouth was filled with a touch of fierceness.

"Fine go, but don't kill him, I'll keep him, he's still of great use!"

Tie Hongxiang faintly said.

The young man walked straight towards Chen Hao with a contemptuous face, "Kid, you're thinking wrongly, facing our Witching and Demon Sacrifice Sect, there is only submission, never! There are no conditions to speak of, I'll get tired of shagging you today and see that you don't hand over what my father wants!"

The young man smiled morosely.

Directly made a move.

Chen Hao, who was even faster, shifted his figure and directly pinched his head.


With a wave of his hand, this head was instantly torn off by Chen Hao and tossed aside, blood instantly spurting wildly.

On the skull, there was still this young man's shocked and unwilling expression of surprise.


The crowd of people who were playing cards, including Tie Hongxiang, were suddenly startled.

Especially Tie Hongxiang, his heart was wildly shocked and incomparably pained at the same time.


Tie Hongxiang's entire body trembled and stood up fiercely, his heart dripping blood in pain.

He absolutely never thought that Chen Hao, who was unarmed in his eyes, would have such power?

It was too late to regret, his only son had already been killed by him.


This bloody scene caused the dancing girls to scatter in fear.

The little boy next to Chen Hao took the opportunity to turn his head and run away, he knew Chen Hao's power well.

But after running out a dozen meters.

Chen Hao stretched out his hand and sucked.


The blood in the little boy's entire body seemed to have been burst open all at once, and although he was standing in place, the blood had all soared out of his body, creating a strange mist of blood in the air that was spreading everywhere.

And his entire body had become a black, dried corpse!

The horror, the cruelty, the sight of it was beginning to make everyone's heads spin.


And the several tables of poker players in the hall, seeing this scene, the only thought in their hearts was to run.

Everyone could see that he had come to seek revenge on Tie Hongxiang, and although he was a poker player, there was no need to accompany Tie Hongxiang here to die together.

And it was a miserable death.

At once, these people made birds and beasts wanted to disperse.

But it was useless, tonight, Chen Hao had planned to leave no one alive.

The murderer who killed Tie Cheng was right in front of him.

Tie Cheng's death made Chen Hao both sad and blamed himself, and Tie Cheng had died to save himself.

Even though it had nothing to do with these people.

But for some reason, Chen Hao just wanted them to be buried together, it was as simple as that.

Not one of them would be left behind!

The Chan Singer mid-breaker is out.

They ran fast, but the breakers were faster.

Before they reached the door, these people's heads were already on the ground.

Tie Hongxiang's whole body trembled.

The anger of his son being killed had now been completely replaced by terror.

Standing in front of him, it was as if he was not a person, but a God of Death who killed without blinking an eye.

The aura he had was automatically frightening.

It was as if disaster was coming and people were thinking of nothing else but living!


Tie Hongxiang was filled with astonishment and knelt straight down.

"Chen... Young Master Chen, spare my life!"

He shuddered.

"You're obsessed with the ancient voodoo mysteries? And you want to see, well, there's a secret method in the ancient voodoo parasites that's very poisonous, and I'll plant it in you, and they'll slowly... Corrode you until your whole body's insides rot away a little bit and turn into a puddle of rotting flesh, and you learn slowly!"

Chen Hao flexed his finger and a strange black mane instantly didn't enter Tie Hongxiang's eyebrow.

Listening to Tie Hongxiang's screams in his ears and looking at the corpses on the ground, Chen Hao's face was indifferent.

"Iron City, you died because of me, your revenge will be avenged!"


Chen Hao went to rescue Old Master Fang and the others.

Tie Hongxiang was trying to force himself to hand over the secret method of the ancient witchy parasites, not only torturing himself, but even the old master was hardly spared.

However, their situation was clearly not that serious.

Only that although the old master's internal illness had healed, the successive strain shock and torture was too much for this ninety year old man to bear.

By the time Chen Hao brought them out, the old master had already fallen into a coma.

Zuo Zhongtao followed Chen Hao with his weary body in tow.

"Brother, are you leaving? Where to?"

After hearing Chen Hao's words, Zuo Zhongtao couldn't help but ask.

"I'll go find Master Ghost Calculator, I'll have the Chen family guards escort you all the way back to the southwest quickly, Stranger Island here, I can't stay!"

A helpless bitterness flashed across Chen Hao's eyes.

Yun Qing was too strong, if she couldn't escape, she might be trapped by her for the rest of her life, then finding Mu Han and Second Uncle could almost be a distant prospect.

Chen Hao had to find a way.


Zuo Zhongtao wanted to say that Senior Brother would let me follow you, but then he thought that following Senior Brother would do little more than drag him down.

Now he wanted to stop talking.

Chen Hao patted him on the shoulder.

"I understand what you mean, but Sister Fang Yi and Grandpa Fang can't do without treatment now. Let's go first, if I can get through this calamity, I will dedicate my time, together with you, to heal Sister Fang Yi and Grandpa Fang!"

Chen Hao.

Zuo Zhongtao nodded his head heavily.

"Senior brother, be careful in all things!"

"Well, take care, and goodbye to that!"

Chen Hao said, then turned around and disappeared into the jungle, and in the blink of an eye, there was no trace of him.

Meanwhile, the Yun family.

Inan Fang was carrying a cup of ginseng tea on the living room table, and took a look at Yun Qing, who was resting on the bed with his eyes closed.

At the very beginning, Yun Qing did have the thought of killing Fang Hanan.

However, after a short time together, especially after the words that Fang Hanan had said to her, Yun Qing slowly, actually fell in love with this girl.

Although she didn't say so, Yun Qing wanted to keep Fang Hanan by her side.

Even if it was just to talk to her when she was in pain again, it would be good to talk to her.

On the other hand, Fang Hanan treated her out of a kind of inexplicable sympathy.

She is not a good person, but as a woman, Fang Hanan understands the pain of loving someone but not being able to be together.

Aren't herself and Chen Hao the same?

The feeling of loving but not being able to do so, I'm afraid only these two women, in their hearts, understand.


Yun Qing's eyes, which were cross-legged and settled, suddenly opened all at once.

The eyes flickered.

"No good, he's escaped!"

Yun Qing stood up with a flying body.

Inan Fong tried to ask, "Who are you talking about?"

"Who else could it be? Chen Hao!"

Yun Qing's face flashed with a strange color.

He had already sealed his meridians and had no inner energy, how did he get rid of the Witchcraft Sacred Sect?

It seems that I really underestimated you a bit.

You always say you're not him, but you're almost as cunning as he is!

Yun Qing's mouth flashed back.

And as soon as Fang Hanan heard that Chen Hao had escaped, a large stone hanging in her heart finally landed on the ground.

"Don't rejoice too soon, do you think he'll escape me? No! Never, this time, I'm going to keep him firmly tied to my side and make him my man!"

Yun Qing looked to Fang Hanran and smiled proudly.

Then went straight out and was gone in a flash.

Besides, Chen Hao, he was proficient in Water Escape, plus the gain of the water avoidance stone.

After escaping from Stranger Island, he took the sea road and headed towards the sea city Pan Long Ridge.

But soon after, he just discovered that his breath seemed to be locked.

And no matter where he went, this breath that was locked on him would follow him!

Could it be an act of God?

It's fate that I can't find Mu Han and Uncle!

Chen Hao was anxious within.

This Yun Qing that he had rescued, how many supernatural powers was she proficient in, she was afraid that apart from Master Qin Bo, she was the one that he had seen truly Masterful. It's terrifying!

Chen Hao fought with all his strength, he didn't dare to give up, even if there was only a slight chance.

Three o'clock in the morning.

Finally, Chen Hao arrived at the foot of Ocean City's Pan Long Ridge Mountain.

And the scent that had locked itself in was growing stronger and stronger.

Chen Hao knew in his heart that she was afraid that she would soon be coming after him!

A breath of air rushed up.

The result was a scene in front of him that startled Chen Hao on the spot.

This was because the entire Panglong Daoist Temple was already empty.

Inside the Daoist Temple, it seemed as if it had been emptied for at least some time, as some of the tables had begun to have a faint dust on them.

Chen Hao used his mind to feel the atmosphere of the Dao Guardian.

To be sure, there was not a single figure.


Standing within the back hall where the ghost counters had brought themselves at that time.

Chen Hao's face was full of loss.

It was as if it was hard to start a big fire to keep himself warm, but at this particular moment, someone poured a pot of cold water towards the top and instantly extinguished the pot of fire.

How could Ghost Calculator and the others suddenly leave?

Chen Hao was suspicious.

"Chen Hao... Chen Hao..."

At this moment, a baby voice sounded in the living room, shouting his name.

Chen Hao was immediately alert and searched with his mind.

But there was no sign of anyone.

"Chen Hao... Chen Hao..."

This baby-like tone of voice whispered again.


A wooden board slowly cracked open from the middle.

Then, a bamboo board robot made of bamboo boards pieced together like a small armor appeared before one's eyes.

She was uniquely shaped, and although she was assembled from bamboo, she looked lifelike, resembling a four or five year old girl, and two pigtails.

Her eyes, shining with a green light.

"Chen Hao..."

She barked.


"You're finally here, I've been waiting for you until the power was going out!"

The little girl.

"Wait for me? Are you conscious?"

Chen Hao was astonished.

"Of course there is consciousness, it was Master Ghost who left me behind to wait specifically for you, I am a mystical work he produced, more than a computer A little bit of intelligence! My name is Little Bamboo!"

She said.

"Hello Bamboo, so Master Ghost has counted on me to come, does he have something to say to me?"

Chen Hao asked.

"Yes, when you came here, Chen Hao, the Ghost Master asked you several times to tell your own destiny, but you didn't agree and the Ghost Master couldn't But after you left, the Ghost Master used the palm print you left behind to do the fortune telling. One fate, he already knows everything, and one of the cause and effect, may also involve the lives of nearly a hundred people up and down the Daoist temple, so the ghosts The Master and the others have long since left, leaving me to explain a few things to you that might help you through this crisis!"

Little Bamboo said.

"Master Ghost has a heart of gold, but I was a bit arrogant and cocky back then, may I ask Little Bamboo, which ones are those?"


"The Master said, Chen Hao you have encountered a difficult situation, do not be chagrined, for, this is your destiny, and as long as your destiny remains unsettled, your mind The answer to the question will not be solved in a day, it is unavoidable, Chen Hao you can only face it bravely!"

Xiao Zhu said.

Chen Hao nodded his head, that day's Pan Long Guan talk, actually spoke ten sentences, seven sentences Chen Hao did not take to heart, but in the end, all of them came true.

Chen Hao was a little ashamed.

"Your destiny is more powerful than you think, if you encounter her, remember not to confront her, that way, you'll only bring down those close to you The Master has been waiting for you to come to him, but he didn't wait for you. If he told you then, it would stain the Taoist temple. Karma. But this karma is not all that can't be broken by the door!"

"She's not so much human as she is part of some sort of energy group, and while she's powerful, she also has her Achilles' heel, and that heel is. Every time around the 15th day of the middle of the month, her breath fatalism is minimized, going from strength to strength, a time that is Your best moment in dealing with her!"

Chen Hao listened and nodded, speaking each of these words down.

"However, even if she is extremely weak, my inner strength can't hurt her in the slightest!"

Chen Hao frowned and asked.

"Of course, your internal strength, which has not undergone the baptism of the Heavenly Dao, and your ordinary internal strength, does not possess the Heavenly Dao's positive Yang Qi, so your inner strength Even if she's strong, it's useless against her, because her energy is the energy of positive yin, and ordinary mundanes can't do anything about it!"

Kotake said.

"As long as Chen Hao you can find a stone called the Shockstone, touch it with both hands and suck the essence of the sun and moon, then the Shockstone will help the You complete the Heavenly Baptism, your inner energy, and thus can complete the Ascension!"

The Shaking Stone?

"The Earthshaking Stone is a kind of spirit stone produced by the heavens and the earth, it hides within the mountain and draws the essence of the heavens and the earth, the stronger it becomes, it is the strongest The positive yang energy of heaven and earth! Get it, and you might get through this crisis!"

"But what is the location of the shock stone? How do I find it? Besides, I'm not able to look for it, she's already coming after me right away and I have nowhere to run!"

Chen Hao was annoyed.

"These, the Master has already calculated and prepared a response for you, Chen Hao, and what I am about to say, Chen Hao, you will have to write down one by one Mind!"

Little Bamboo said.

Chen Hao nodded.

"The reason you can't escape her lock is because Chen Hao the masculine energy in you is different from the norm, no matter where you go, she will always be able to Sense getting, that's why you can't get rid of her, so hide the masculine energy in your body and find the Shockstone!"

"As for the hiding method, you need to find two people of the Supreme Yin Physique and obtain this living blood from them, no need for more, only take from each of them One drop will suffice. These two drops of blood, one to hide your yang energy from her lock, and the other to sense the specific location of the Earthshaking Stone. Yin and Yang clash, if you get close to the Zhentian Stone, the stone will repel! That's when you'll be able to find where the Shockstone is!"

Little Bamboo spoke in great detail.

"Master Ghost has taken the trouble, how do you find that Supreme Yin Physique? What's a live blood drop again?"

Because once the blood is removed, it has become dead, Chen Hao puzzled.

"Living blood drops, it's simple, that is, the person you take the blood from, willingly gives it to you, she is willing to help you, then her blood, is active With the spirit, as otherwise, it is dead blood, and dead blood is useless!"

Little Bamboo continued.

"As to where the two constitutions are and where the vibrating stones are hidden, the Master left four lines of poetry from the Nine Dragons divination, which contains this Three things are hidden within two cities, you must refer to this for yourself."

"Green hills into the ancient deserted city, a bend of weeping willow to rise again. The successes and failures of the soldiers are repeated, and the people of the dynasty are struggling to make a living."

Xiao Zhu said.

And these four verses, naturally, were not difficult to beat Chen Hao, who came from the Department of Literature.

Chen Hao muttered and pondered in his heart.

A moment later, Chen Hao already had an answer in his heart.

The green hills enter the ancient deserted city, and a weeping willow is rising again. The two lines should refer to a location called the Willow City, a city located in the far south.

And the place where the repeated soldiers succeeded or failed, the people of the dynasty struggled to make a living. These two lines were barely thought out as Chen Hao was too familiar with them and should be referring to the Jinling where he grew up.

Willow City and Jinling, it seemed that the three things he was looking for were in these two cities.

"The Master said that since Chen Hao you are a Supreme Yang body that has not been baptized by the positive Yang, so the Supreme Yin body, when you two meet, you will certainly There will be a collision, so don't worry about that."

"Here are two more jade talismans, one of which will help you temporarily hide your yang energy and get rid of her lock, but you have to Get to where you're going quickly, this jade talisman doesn't last!"

"The other one is a jade talisman that tests whether the Earthquake Stone exists in the city or not, and once it senses the Stone, the talisman will burn. It can help you confirm it quickly, the only condition is that you can't use your inner energy until you find the Zhentian Stone, remember! Chen Hao, your time is very limited, so you must hurry!"

Little Bamboo said.

After saying that, out of Little Bamboo's mouth came a small box with two jade talismans lying inside.

"Okay, I got it!"

Chen Hao took the box out of her mouth.

"You should leave, it will be too late if you don't!"

Little Bamboo said again.

Chen Hao walked to the door and turned around again, "By the way, did Master Ghost Calculator tell you where he has moved to now? How am I supposed to find him?"

Little Bamboo said, "The Master says that if there is no fate, there is no need to meet again, and if there is fate, we will always meet again!"

"Wait Chen Hao, there's one more thing that the Master wants me to tell you!"

"What words?"

"Watch out for the people around you!"

"Watch out for the people around you? What do you mean?"

Chen Hao was busy asking.

Little Bamboo's eyes, however, were now dimmed, and it was clear that she was out of power.

Chen Hao didn't have time to ask any more questions, because right now, that sense of locking had turned into a sense of envelopment.

She was already here!

Chen Hao hurriedly crushed one of the jade talismans, unable to use his inner energy, he only had to quickly run to the back of the mountain and descend from behind.

And shortly after Chen Hao left, the gale suddenly blew.

The windows and doors of the entire Daoist Temple trembled violently.

It seemed to be within a violent and restless environment.

Not long after, a wonderful woman had already stood in front of the Daoist Temple.

She searched hard.

Only, it was with a furrowed brow.

"Strange, I could clearly feel his scent just now, why now, it disappeared without a trace?"

The woman frowned.

If it wasn't Yun Qing, who else could it be....


"Impossible, even if he regained his strength, he wouldn't be able to hide his scent at all, he couldn't escape my lock, why! Someone must have helped him! Get him away from me again!"

"Trying to make me miserable again, he must know I can't be losing him before someone deliberately works against me!"

"But Chen Hao, no matter how far you run to the ends of the earth, I will still find you, you can't escape!"

Yun Qing mumbled under her breath, her eyes had become extremely resentful and turned blood red.

And she was even shaking with anger.

The strong killing intent caused the entire Daoist Temple to seemingly be covered in a layer of frost in an instant.

And at this moment, Chen Hao had already run down the mountain, and looking back, fire was raging above Pan Long Ridge and spreading everywhere towards the entire Pan Long Mountain.

There was no doubt that after dawn, this place would become a ruin.

Chen Hao had even more respect for Master Ghost Calculator in his heart, he had anticipated all of it.

Only, what did he mean when he finally told him to be careful of those around him?

Alas, bitter thoughts were not fruitful, and Chen Hao didn't have the heart to think about it, although he couldn't use his inner strength, but his endurance Chen Hao was still extremely strong.

He ran to the harbor of the sea city at night, took a passenger ship back to land, and then transferred to a train, heading straight to where Huaxia Liu City was.


Three days later.

Willow City.

This city, somewhat similar to a small ancient capital city, had a street with even more ancient-like buildings all on both sides.

It even retained many ancient traditional operas.

On the street, for example, Chen Hao saw shadow puppet theatre performers selling traditional snacks.

At this moment, a line of luxury motorcade was stopping at the street, and the pedestrians saw it and avoided it.

Because a look at this situation can tell which family's youngest or daughter is traveling.

They don't want to approach because they don't want to get into trouble.

The people watched from afar.

From the car, two beautiful young women came down.

One of them was very young, like a woman's sister, about eighteen or nineteen years old, handsome in appearance, not yet mature, but already had a relatively hot body.

The older one, on the other hand, was about twenty-three years old.

Tall, with a petite figure.

The moment you get off the car, the two beautiful and touching faces, but also the moment to attract the attention of many people around the watchers.

Resting on the faces of the two, they seemed to have lost consciousness, and it was difficult to move their eyes.

Two women, too good looking!

The crowd was in awe.

"Hmph, Chu-chu, look na, these men's eyes are so annoying!"

The eighteen-year-old girl's pouting mouth said.

"Can we still have a pleasant shopping trip!"

And the girl named Chuchu, obviously to be mature and stable, more with ladylike temperament some, "No one treats you as dumb, I've been in a bad mood lately, that's why I dragged you out to go shopping, you don't need to care about other people's gazes, enjoy your shopping!"

Chu Chu said.

After saying that, the two girls put on their masks and walked hand in hand towards the inside of the street.

And a few bodyguards followed from afar behind.

The men who were staring at the girls, who received stern warning gazes from the bodyguards, withdrew their eyes with resentment and scattered away.

Of course, the arrival of the two women didn't cause much of a stir.

The crowd was still having as much fun as they should.

At this moment, Chen Hao had just walked out of a clothing supermarket.

He had changed his outfit for himself and was wearing a simple, casual outfit.

Ready to just buy some random snacks on the street to fill his stomach!

After all, although Chen Hao was rich, but in the end, even if he deliberately dude, he was lying to himself because he was not the kind of person who was extravagant and unrestrained in his bones.

An ordinary life was what Chen Hao really wanted.

Since he was going to search for someone with a Supreme Yin Body, Chen Hao came to Willow City and either wandered around the train station or the lively commercial street, always going wherever there were many people.

Today was the same.

It was quite lively, and there were quite a few stalls selling some of their own ancestral small pendants, and the kind of radios from the 70s.

"Young Master, I need money urgently, this is our family's ancestral jade, my mother left me, in order to the child's medical treatment, I have no choice but to Sell it for at least fifty thousand dollars, how can you sell it for fifty dollars!"

Just then, Chen Hao saw a number of people surrounding the front, watching the fun.

Chen Hao had sharp ears and heard that something wasn't quite right, so he also went over to take a look.

It was just in time to see the scene in front of him.

"Damn, just this piece of broken jade wants fifty thousand more, this young man has never seen any jade pendant, this piece of yours, at a glance, is fake, and actually dares to take it out! Cheat money? Fifty dollars, that's a bargain, if you get annoyed, I won't give you a dime, and I'll have to beat you up!"

The rich young man kicked him away.

This was a middle-aged man, followed by his youngest daughter.

Right now, in order to prevent this young man from taking the jade away for fifty dollars, this middle-aged man had knelt down and begged bitterly.

The general idea was pretty much understood by Chen Hao.

This middle-aged man, the eldest daughter had a serious illness, urgently need money, had no choice but to sell the ancestral jade pendant cheaply, the result of the jade pendant by the rich young man's girlfriend, want to buy, but do not want to give him so much money, but also blackmail him.

The middle-aged man had no choice but to kneel down and beg, grabbing onto the rich young man's pant leg and not letting go.

"Hmph, didn't you hear? My husband is an expert in the field, your jade looks fake, we don't call the police to arrest you even if it's cheap, you still don't let go!"

And beside Rich young man, the woman with the heavy makeup, began to use the sharp corner of her LV bag, ruthlessly and continuously smashing towards the middle-aged man's face.

"This jade pendant, it's worth at least 100,000, I have no choice but to sell it cheap, you guys won't buy it, please give me back the jade, I won't sell it!"

The middle-aged man cried out.

"Not for sale? You've got my 50 bucks, and I've got the jade pendant too. That means the deal is done. If you don't want to sell, you can pay for it. Two hundred thousand to me!"

And that girlfriend was now holding the jade in a cold voice, "As long as you give my husband 200,000, then I'll give you back this piece of broken jade! You catch it!"

After saying that, the woman threw the jade pendant in the opposite direction.

The middle-aged man hurriedly crawled over and tried to catch it.

But how could he catch it.

The jade pendant fell to the ground with a cracking sound.

"Ah! My jade!"

The middle-aged man was bleeding from the corners of his eyes from the girl's bag, and was now startled to kneel in place, and it felt like the sky was going to fall at that moment!

"Hahaha! Look, you're the one who didn't catch it, so don't blame me!"

The girl applauded happily.

"You broke my jade, you compensate me!"

The middle-aged man jumped towards the woman.

He was choked and held in place by several of Young Master Fu's bodyguards.

Young master Rich coldly walked over with both hands in his pockets and patted the middle-aged man's face.

"As long as my girlfriend is happy today, she'll do whatever she wants, and if you dare to spoil her fun, believe it or not, I'll make a phone call and make you Your daughter can't even stay in the hospital and she's screaming for a place to go?"

Young Master Fu coldly warned.

And as soon as the middle-aged man heard this, he gave up struggling, and the feeling of weakness swept over his body, tearing his hair in frustration: "I was wrong, I was Fake jades, I'm...I'm out to scam money! I'll be damned!"


The youngest daughter on the other side rushed over crying to console her father.

"Darling, it's not funny anymore, let's go!"

The ladyboy happily pulled Young Master Fu to sell her adorableness.

But as she was about to leave, the girl suddenly realized that her hair was being grabbed by someone and was rapidly being pulled towards the back.


She screamed in pain....


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