The Unknown Heir Chen 591-595


Chen Hao did not dare to imagine going on, especially the black qi mane that ran without a trace.

It was even more like a time bomb hanging over Chen Hao's heart.

"By the way, where is Tie Cheng?"

Chen Hao suddenly reacted.

"The Young Sovereign has been in a severe coma, he suffered mostly external injuries and his leg was severely damaged, but he woke up half a month ago and is still unable to Get out of bed!"

The bouncer.

"That's good!"

The acquaintance with Tie Cheng was a bit dramatic, except that before he was about to pass out, Tie Cheng risked his life to come over and protect himself, which made Chen Hao's heart very touched.

"Apart from us two, have you found anyone else? Miss Gu Yu Xiao did you detect her signal?"

Chen Hao asked.

"Young Master Chen, we have also searched for seven days and seven nights and have not found any trace of Miss Gu!"  

The bodyguards said.

Chen Hao listened and felt some hidden remorse in his heart.

Originally, by taking her into the sea, he was supposed to protect her.

However, he almost couldn't even protect himself, and even more so, he caused Gu Yuxiao's life and death to be unknown.

If she didn't follow her, she might have been fine too.

Chen Hao tightened his grip.

Originally, he thought that he could already rampage across the Earth with his current strength.

But I didn't expect that it was just a matter of lying to himself by fishing for the moon in the water.

A few little ghost flowers would have left him defenseless, and if it wasn't for the good people who had arranged to meet him beforehand, he would have been buried at the bottom of the sea!

The most unfortunate one is Gu Yuxiao.


Chen Hao's face was pale.

And seeing such an expression on Chen Ge's face.

Inan Fang's original color of joy was gone, and there was only endless loss.

How could she be so fortunate to have Chen Hao remember her so well.

Hehe, if it was herself, I'm afraid Chen Hao he wouldn't be sad, right?

Chen Hao sized up the Eternal Coffin, it didn't look like it was a fake.

What he had saved himself, was it the woman in white again or not?

Now the problems are one after another, grandpa knows the history of the Ghostly Flower, and when he meets grandpa, I'm sure he'll understand some of the mystery.

Yes, now that a month and a half has passed, grandpa's path to the Holy Water Covenant has long since opened.

I don't know what the situation of grandpa and the other master masters is now.

The original appointment was to follow the same path as grandpa and the others after finding the female corpse in the near future.

But now, the female corpse was still lost somewhere....

Bang, bang, bang!

Suddenly, outside the manor, the screams of several bodyguards rang out.

It was followed by the sound of a wooden door crashing.

"What are you doing? Can't come in without an invitation!"

Chen Hao hurriedly ran out.

At first glance, his bodyguards were confronting a young girl of about twenty years old.

A full dozen bodyguards, lying on the ground with their chests covered, had been beaten to death.

And the young girl's expression was indifferent, as if she was a stranger to the world.

"Looking for death!"

The bodyguards swarmed again.


Just seeing the young girl raise her hand, one by one was like a kite with a broken string, directly flying out and falling down.

"Back off!"

Chen Hao's eyelids jumped hard as he looked at the scene before him.

Hurriedly, he drank his men to stop them from making another move.

This woman was wearing makeup, her eyeshadow was the color of purple and black, and her lipstick was darker.

She had a very pretty posture.

And it was only now that Chen Hao could see clearly that she, in fact, was Yun Qing.

It was the Yun family's Yun Lin's niece, that little sister Yun Qing who possessed a good heart!

When I saw her last month.

She kindly helped herself when she was prevented from entering the house by the Yun family's children.

Chen Hao felt that she was quite sweet and warm at the time, a good girl with a good heart like her was no longer available in this world.

But now that she was looking at it, the temperament on Yun Qing's little sister had changed too much.

Previously gentle, now a little more arrogantly fierce and poisonous.

Moreover, she was just an ordinary girl.

Now, where did she get such a powerful inner strength that even herself had to be willing to bow down.

Chen Hao was astonished.

"Sister Yun Qing, what are you doing?" Chen Hao asked tentatively.

"I'm here to see you!"

Yun Qing had her hands behind her back, her eyes penetrating a ghostly look at Chen Hao as if she was looking at someone she hadn't seen for a long time.

"Thank you sister Yun Qing for your good intentions, but the way you came to see me is a bit excessive, isn't it?"

Chen Hao looked at the bodyguards who were lying on the ground wailing.

"Who let them stop me, if I wasn't worried about you getting angry, I would have chopped their heads off, all in your face, imagine that . How important you are to me!"

Yun Qing said as she walked towards Chen Hao with a charming face.

No one, ever, would treat a person's life as if it was child's play.

Not to mention the sister Yun Qing who would be sad for half a day if a kitten or puppy died.

"Wait a minute! You...aren't Yun Qing? Who the hell are you, little sister Yun Qing wouldn't be like this!"

Chen Hao asked in a cold voice.

"You'll always be like this, no matter what I do, you'll always be suspicious of me, I'll cheat, but I'll never lie to you , even now, you still suspect me of everything I do!"

Yun Qing's eyes suddenly became extremely resentful and said.

"I don't know what you're talking about, but I know you're not Yun Qing's little sister!"

"Is it cloud clear important? The important thing is that the two of us will be together and no one will take you away from me!"

Yun Qing suddenly smiled proudly.

Coming to Chen Hao's side.

Yun Qing carefully stared at Chen Hao's face and wanted to raise her hand to touch Chen Hao's face, but Chen Hao hurriedly took a step back.

Yun Qing's hand hung in the air.

She looked at Chen Hao and smiled.

"Okay, no more teasing, I'm going to explain why I'm here, I'll give you a day to prepare, tomorrow is a good day for the two of us to Marriage!"


Chen Hao was surprised.

"I have a fiancée, how can I marry you, and I'm three or four years older than you!"

Chen Hao knew that Yun Qing had undergone a great change and wasn't even Yun Qing anymore.

But Chen Hao couldn't see through the strength in her for a moment.

Chen Hao did not want to tear off the veil until he had to.

"I don't care, in any case, we'll get married together tomorrow! I will announce to the world this marriage of ours!"

After saying that, Yun Qing turned around and left.

"Wait a minute! Who do you think you are, that Little Song has what he loves, and you're talking about getting married?"

And Fang Hanan stood out and drank.

Yun Qing, who had reached the door, suddenly stopped walking.

She turned her face slightly sideways and glanced obliquely at Fang inan.

"I hate any woman around him, and even more so, I hate women like you who dare to go against my wishes!"

Her voice was cold, sending chills up her spine.

Steeply, she probed her palm and slightly inhaled.

Inan Fang's entire body floated over towards her.


Chen Hao immediately reached out his hand to stop her.

But before it touched Inan's arm, it encountered a powerful internal energy.

But first, it encountered a powerful internal energy.

There was a loud bang.

Chen Hao was instantly shaken back several steps.

The tiger's palm was torn raw, and the veins of his entire arm were exposed.

And Fang Hanan, who had now reached Yun Qing's side, was strangled by her....


So strong!

Chen Hao's heart marveled.

Yun Qing's current stamina was very different from what Chen Hao was usually exposed to, and it was only a light contact just now.

Chen Hao had discovered the difference.

The stamina between himself and her was like sewage in a rotten pool meeting extremely high end pure water.

Whether it was superior or inferior, it was clear at a glance, the difference, was just too great!

And Yun Qing's hands were slightly hard at the moment.

Inan Fang's face instantly held red.


Chen Hao hurriedly stopped them.

There is no denying that if Yun Qing wanted to, she could kill him at any moment.  

"Don't worry, I can see that you care about her very much, and I'm not going to just kill her, I'll wait for your answer, and as for her, I'll take her first Up!"

When Yun Qing gently touches Fang Hanan, he immediately faints and is taken away by her.

Chen Hao chased out with Fang Dan.

They saw that the Yun family's fleet was waiting, with several bodyguards standing by.

They brought the unconscious Fang Hanran to the car.

And just before Yun Qing sat in the car, she turned her face towards Chen Hao again.

"You can't hide from me, and I won't miss you again, wherever you go!"

After saying that, Yun Qing entered the car and the team left.


Fang differed with a worried face.


And Chen Hao was now suddenly spitting out a mouthful of blood.

"Young Master Chen!"


Zuo Zhongtao and the others immediately gathered around.

Chen Hao had just regained six or seven points of strength after being severely injured by the Ghostly Flower, and just now, he had touched Yun Qing's strength in order to save Fang Han Han.

It was too strong!

Nearly knocking Chen Hao's entire body's strength away!

With the old injuries and new injuries added together, Chen Hao couldn't help but feel his qi and blood swell.

Of course, even the self at the peak was unable to block this Yun Qing's strike.

"She's too powerful senior brother, I see, unless our master is here, it's hard to be hostile!"

Zuo Zhongtao said.

"Yes!" Chen Hao shook his head bitterly.

"How she could have such strength at such a young age is unbelievable!"

Fang different also exclaimed.

"It's not her strength, Yun Qing I know, as for who she is, I think my guess is about right!"

Chen Hao endured the sharp pain in his chest.

"Who is it?"

Zuo Zhongtao and Different Fang asked in unison.

Chen Hao did not say anything, but glanced at the location within the manor where the Eternal Coffin was stored....

"Whoever she is, since this was started by me, I won't let anyone close to me get hurt, Inan, I'll bring her back !"

At this moment, the Yun family.

"Miss, it's here!"

The caravan stopped and the driver looked at Yun Qing who was sitting in the back with his eyes closed.

Looking at the non-angry Yun Qing, the driver, as well as a few of the Yun family's bodyguards, were doubly surprised.

It was because Miss Yun Qing's change was really too big.

About half a month ago, the Yun Qing-san who discovered it seemed like something wasn't quite right.

Locking herself in her room for a long time, and this morning, she let the family convoy depart with her.

The tone used was still that of an order.

I had never seen Miss Yun Qing like this, but it was this tone of command that made everyone's whole body shake, and had to obey, because her aura was too powerful.

Getting out of the car, they walked into the Yun Family Manor.

And the Yun family was apparently a small family event today.

The people were all here.

Yun Fei was anxiously pacing back and forth.

She was rushing to pick up a friend at the airport today, but the fleet was actually taken away by Yun Qing.


Yun Qing was just a daughter of Third Uncle's family, with little status.

How dare she use the family convoy that only she could use, simply!

Yun Fei was very angry.

At this moment, seeing the convoy stop, Yun Qing walked out from above.

"Father, I think this Yun Qing in Uncle Sam's family should really be disciplined, she's getting more and more disrespectful and has no rules!"

Yun Fei said.

Yun Lin didn't say anything either.

"Missy, my daughter, I will speak of him!"

Yun Qing's parents were busy justifying their daughter.

"She's using the family resources, you guys say it's your business! I need to teach her a lesson!"

Yun Fei was angry.

Then saw Yun Qing actually walked towards her room without even saying hello.

A room full of people, she also didn't seem to see.

Yun Fei got even angrier, "Hey, hey, Yun Qing, you didn't see us? And, I will question you as to why you used the family convoy without permission."


Yun Fei said here and saw the bodyguards escorting a woman in.

Seeing this woman, Yun Lin and the others were all shocked.

"Miss Fang! This this this..."

Yun Lin's face was pale, it was hard to send that one away, now, he actually kidnapped his girlfriend, isn't this causing their entire Yun family?

"You actually brought Miss Fang back again?"

Yun Fei was surprised as well.


And facing Yun Fei's questioning with the Yun family, Yun Qing stared up at Yun Fei.

Instantly, Yun Fei wanted to fall into an ice cave, and being looked at by her like that, she was actually inexplicably shocked and frightened, her whole body trembling.

"From now on, everything in the Yun Family belongs to my dispensation, including you! Stand down!"

Yun Qing drank coldly and raised her hand.

Yun Fei's entire body flew out.

And it was with this drink that a compelling coldness enveloped the entire Yun family, and everyone dared not speak, including Yun Lin!

As if that was an order that had to be obeyed!

Yun Fei fell to the ground, and was too scared to get up, swallowing saliva and looking at Yun Qing in horror as she left with Fang Qunan....

"I've seen Yun Qing before, she's gentle and kind. My grandpa, sister and Doctor Zuo are all safe because of her help, not you. This is so barbaric!"

Yun Qing brought Fang Hanran to the room, and Fang Hanran stared at her and asked coldly.

"Aren't you... afraid of me? Not afraid I'll kill you?"

Yun Qing, however, looked at her with interest.

"Don't be afraid, I died, I died for Little Song, I died for my beloved, I'm willing, I won't be afraid of you! If you're trying to blackmail me into marrying Song to your poisonous woman, then you're really wrong, because once you open your mouth to blackmail, I'll be It will turn into a corpse, leaving Song with no worries!"

Fang Hanan did not show any weakness.

And Yun Qing's eyelids jumped fiercely, as if she had been greatly stimulated by these words.

"Why? You're a young lady, there are many men in the world, why do you love him so much? Or even to die for him? Give up everything you have for him, and without hesitation! Why!?"

A flash of jealousy flashed in Yun Qing's eyes, as if the words had caused her some painful memories.

"Because I love, I would do anything for him, no need to dwell on it at all!"

Fang Qunan said.

"I wouldn't believe in love, and I wouldn't believe that a woman, especially a woman in a higher position than him, would Give up all to him because I can't do it...and it's because I can't do it that I've been miserable all my life again!"

Yun Qing clenched her fist tightly as the force caused the sharp nails to plunge into her palm, bringing a piercing pain....


"I understand that you are acting so radically because you don't know what love is, and all that so-called fame and fortune is just a bubble, it's all... It's something unreal, and you won't be happy even if you get a lot!"

"For within you, there is emptiness, and you keep losing what you love, and the fame and fortune you've traded for it can't really make up for that Everything, you will suffer, and keep suffering!"

Although Fang Hanan didn't know who Yun Qing standing in front of her was, it wasn't something she cared about, and it was obvious that she was very, incredibly powerful, but she had a fatal weakness.

She should be very hurt emotionally.

And when Yun Qing heard that, she couldn't help but stare at Fang Hanannan in amazement, she wanted to kill Fang Hanannan, so that Fang Hanannan would face the fear of death and show her ugliest side.

But she was wrong, Fang Hanan's indifference made Yun Qing feel like a loser.

It was as if she had overcome herself.

"You're very clever, these words, they also speak to my heart! I want to tell you a story, and you help me tell it to the two little girls in this story, who are they right and who are they wrong! If you can make sense of it, I might even let you go!"

Yun Qing sat down beside her and her face finally flashed with emotion.

Fang Clan looked at her.

"They, are a pair of twin sisters, but they are not the same as twin sisters in your sense of the word. They both look exactly the same. The eldest is called Qing Yan, the youngest is called Zi Yan, two sisters, who grew up with a very good relationship, sharing blessings and hardships together!"  

Until they were sixteen years old when they met a boy.

He was very good and hard-working, a teenage genius of the time, and remarkably handsome.

These two sisters, at the same time, fell in love with him.

Only, as you said about the so-called love, only to find out later that at the very beginning, this young genius, in fact, was in love with the older sister, Qing Yan.

At that time, the three of them were holding hands, watching the sunrise and the sunset, it was really beautiful.

But Qing Yan wasn't satisfied, she wanted to keep it all forever, have it all, and mainly wanted to monopolize it all.

And she felt that her sister, in the future, would be the culprit who would ruin it all.

Because since childhood, the two sisters would be put together and compared, the younger sister was smart and clever, while the older sister, no one would ever praise her.

At first it was nothing.

But after she had him, she began to pay attention to her sister, who was better than herself, and it was easier for others to see her shining point.

So, Qing Yan began to alienate her sister.

When she arrived, she started to target her again.

Ziyan would always let this sister of hers go.

But the more she gave way, the stronger the sparkle in her.

So Qingyan wanted to gather all the glitter on her body.

She tried her best to cultivate, to fight for everything, and by any means possible.

Until later, she was completely consumed by fame and fortune.

She lost herself and forgot about her first heart.

At that time, an incident happened, Qing Yan did too much, everyone was her enemy, her sister even completely broke with her, even to the end, he whom she had always loved was also hostile to her.

At that moment, Qing Yan lost everything.

At that moment, Qingyan lost everything. Her whole body was enveloped in anger and resentment.

Later on, Qingyan had lost him completely, because he had been with Ziyan for many years and they had developed a deep affection for each other.

At that time, Qingyan was completely baptized by jealousy.

He and his sister Ziyan began to fight, which was a fight that lasted for a long, long time, and the resentment of both of them grew deeper and deeper, and either you died or I died!

Qing Yan, in fact, had a chance too.

If that time, she was willing to give up all fame and fortune to save him, she might have eased up.

However, Qing Yan hesitated at the most critical moment.

At the critical moment, it was Zi Yan who jumped to his side and fought to the death.

Qing Yan was defeated, defeated very thoroughly.

She was unwilling, ever unwilling, she would never admit that she was weaker than Zi Yan, she wouldn't....

At this point, Yun Qing's eyes had turned red.

Just listening to her story, although not much was revealed, but Inan Fang could feel that she cared a lot about that childhood boy, about this grudge.

"That Qing Yan, that's you, right?"

Fang Hanran asked tentatively.

One could imagine how distorted the woman's psychology would become from the mass rebellion, and the loss of her love and affection actually looked a little pitiful at the moment.

"Oh, it doesn't matter if it is or not anymore, anyway, I'm with her, till death do us part! And what I want, I'll get!"

Yun Qing clenched her fists tightly.

"But what does this have to do with Chen Hao?"

Fanny asked in surprise.

"You won't understand if I tell you, I just want to tell you this simple story, I won't tell you the details of what happened, you're quite Smart, I won't let you analyze my weaknesses! Oh!"

Yun Qing said coldly.

"You have this guarded mentality towards everyone? Does that include to him?"

Fanny asked.

"Yes, to him too, so then he alienated me!"

Yun Qing said.

"But this time, I'll win, and I'll win thoroughly!"

Yun Qing took a deep breath, her face instantly turning into that cold feeling again.

"Miss Yun Qing..."

And at that moment, a servant came over.

"What is it?"

"Young Master Chen Hao wants to see you!"

Servant Road.

Yun Qing took a deep breath, and on her face, she couldn't help but shine with a pleased pride.

"I knew he would come!"

Yun Qing looked at Inan Fang and said, "Men, take Miss Fang down to her room and serve her there, without my order, Miss Fang is not allowed to leave the room! Half a step!"

She gave a command, and then she carried her hands and walked towards the outside.

Outside the living room, Yun Qing said a word, and Yun Lin and the others hurriedly left to make room.

Chen Hao was sitting on top of the living room.

Seeing Yun Qing, Chen Hao stood up.

"Miss Yun Qing, I don't know what kind of past and connection we have with each other, but these things, regardless of my friend's business, please let her go! Up!"

Chen Hao asked.

"You came just to get me to let your friend go?"

And Yun Qing's originally delighted face was suddenly suddenly covered with cold frost.

The words that were spoken even made the air in the entire house cold.


Chen Hao.

Yun Qing looked at her coldly.

"I can roughly guess your identity, I don't know what you have to do with Sister Baiyi, nor do I know that you and that Heavenly God Brother are What grudges, anyway, I look exactly like him, but I'm not him, and I'm not going to love the woman in white that I love so much. , only one person, in fact, we, don't really have anything to dwell on!"

Chen Hao stood up and looked at her and said with a pleading tone.

Because Chen Hao had conducted a careful analysis, the mourners had said in the epitaph about what had happened on Stranger Island, and that a person who looked exactly like the woman in white had appeared, but was not the woman in white.

The eight people on the island were the ones who were brutally killed by her.

Therefore, Chen Hao doubted that the one who was rescued by himself was the woman from that night, and looking at Yun Qing's current strength, it really looked like the description.

"Are you trying to trick me?"

But Yun Qing didn't believe it at all, on the contrary, Chen Hao's explanation infuriated Yun Qing....


"I'm not lying to you, I'm telling the truth, I'm really not the one you're looking for!"

Chen Hao looked at her.

But after thinking about it, Chen Hao decided that he would rather not tell her that he knew about Brother Tian Shen's whereabouts.

Because it was now very clear that the female corpse that he had rescued was not the white sister he was looking for at all.

She even existed within another Neptune Palace.

Until she was actually found, it was better not to say anything about the whereabouts of Big Brother Heavenly God.

"Any way you say it, I won't believe it, let me ask you, how have you thought about us getting married tomorrow?"

Yun Qing stared tenderly at Chen Hao.

"How can something like getting married be child's play, and there is no love between us, so what can we do even if we get married?"

Chen Hao smiled bitterly.

"Oh, you're saying that you don't have any feelings for me anymore, right? Your heart is all about her?"

Yun Qing's eyebrows curled.

Chen Hao didn't say any more.

"I see, I understand what you mean, fine, very well, but remember, just because you don't love me now, doesn't mean you won't love me in the future either , one day I'll have you stand before me and come begging in all sincerity!"

Yun Qing stared at Chen Hao with a deadly stare.

Then, she saw a movement of her wrists, each pointing swiftly at Chen Hao's shoulders, as well as the direction of the Heavenly Spirit Cover.

She was extremely fast.

And as soon as she did, there was a force that bound Chen Hao, making it impossible for Chen Hao to react.

Chen Hao looked at Yun Qing, who carried a single hand, as if she was a queen, "What have you done to me?"

"I clicked the three main points of your body and sealed your internal energy, now you are no different from an ordinary person, I can give you enough If you want to regain your original strength and want to take a step closer to finding the answers you are looking for, you can come to us. I proposed, and of course, if you want to propose to me again, you must kneel before me!"

Yun Qing's pair of beautiful eyes stared coldly at Chen Hao.

She took a deep breath and treated Chen Hao to a deliberately fierce look, "Go back and think it over slowly!"

After saying that, he turned around and left.

The Yun family, however, all stood outside the door and listened respectfully.

Yun Lin was even colder sweating, he had thought that the Witch Saint Sect was the most powerful, but he didn't expect that an even more powerful Young Master Chen Hao had come.

Young Master Chen Hao should have already made it to the top.

It was hard to send this God of Killers away, but as a result, the Yun Family had welcomed the even more terrifying Yun Qing.

Yes, everyone was already guessing in their hearts that this Yun Qing was simply not the well-behaved Yun Qing from before.

She had become a different person.

And Chen Hao, right now, already felt like he couldn't use any of his strength.

And without the strength to resist, the injuries on his body were causing him even more pain.

There was always a way to deal with her!


Chen Hao speculated in his mind.

He was about to turn around and leave, while Yun Fei looked at Yun Qing who hadn't gone far yet.

Her eyes glazed over and she hurriedly came to Chen Hao's side.

She roared viciously, "Hmph, you scumbag heartless man, let down our family Qing'er's beautiful intentions, and still dare to come here to flaunt your power, see me! No killing you!"

Knowing that Chen Hao had no strength left and was so weak.

Yun Fei raised her hand to fight.

She was merely trying to show her good intentions in front of Yun Qing.

As a result, the slap hadn't even fallen.

It was just grabbed by someone.

It was Yun Qing.

"Hit him? You deserve it! Get out!"

It was casually slammed by Yun Qing and thrown straight away.

Yun Qing glanced at Chen Hao obliquely, "One day, you'll understand my feelings for you, I hope you won't fail me! Because if I can't get what I can't get, I'll destroy it, and no one will ever get it!"

Chen Hao almost left the Yun Family with his body in tow.

Never thought that he had encountered such a difficult opponent this time.

Chen Hao even tried a few times to simply tell her the whereabouts of the Heavenly God and let her go on a quest.

That way, one could get rid of it.

But Chen Hao's intuition told him that he couldn't do that.

Because that god really seems to have some connection with her.

What's more, Inan Fang was still in her possession.

Returning back to Strange Island Manor.

Only then did Chen Hao see that before the manor, there seemed to be a crowd of people around.

It was a group of people in strange costumes.

There were nearly a hundred.

The entrance to the manor was blocked off.

On the ground, there were dozens of Chen family bodyguards that he had brought with him lying on the ground.

"Young Master Chen is back!"

"Young Master Chen!"

And the bodyguards were delighted to see Chen Hao.

Zuo Zhongtao and Old Master Fang also came along.

"Little Hao, this group is from the Witch Saint Cult, the leader is the Saint Lord, they want to see you!"

Fang was different.

Needless to say, Chen Hao knew what they were here for!

"You're Chen Hao?"

On the side of the Witch Holy Cult, the leader was an old woman.

She was over eighty, but she was radiant.

There were very few wrinkles on her face, not showing any old age at all.

She was the Holy Master of the Witch Sacred Sect, Tie Hong, who had heard that a very powerful young man had come to Stranger Island.

The person who beat up the Holy Cult was not even qualified to fight back.

What's more, he had kidnapped her grandson.

In the several hundred years of the Holy Sect, this kind of thing had never happened before.

Therefore, Tie Hong personally came to the door today.

"I am!"

Chen Hao nodded.

"You? Sick and weak? Is it really as powerful as the legends say?"

Tie Hong's eyes narrowed: "Cut the crap, Chen Hao, other people are afraid of you, but I, Tie Hong, won't be afraid of you, hand over my grandson, and we will Take your time settling this score!"

Tie Hong coldly said.

"I didn't kidnap Tie Cheng, he was the one who was willing to stay, I also take him as a friend, no matter what decision he makes, I will support it, if If he wants to go back with you, I won't stop him. And, of course, if he refuses, you must not take him, for he is atoning for his sins!"

Chen Hao said.

"What a mouthful! Little Chen Hao, you really think you're somebody, let's just say that today you'll learn the power of my Sorcerer Sect! Second Elder, you go!"

Tie Hong waved his hand.

Immediately, an old man with an indifferent expression and over sixty years old stepped forward.

He was called Tie Hongxiang, the second elder of the Sacred Sect.

At this moment, his eyes slightly glazed over as he leapt straight towards Chen Hao.

"Even with him, he wants to deal with senior brother, senior brother will destroy him with one hand!"

Zuo Zhongtao smiled faintly.

However, there were less than three rounds of fighting with the Ironwood Army.

It was evident that Chen Hao figure had gone haywire.


In the end, he was even kicked in the chest by Tie Hongxiang, and Chen Hao flew straight out.

Spitting blood from his mouth.

"I thought you had a lot of power, trash, but it turned out to be a bluff!"

Tie Hongxiang laughed out coldly.

"He... is not a match for Tie Cheng at all, I don't know what means he used to take Tie Cheng away, Second Elder, and save wasting time with him Mouths, kill them all!"

Tie Hong coldly said.


Tie Hongxiang looked at Chen Hao with a cold smile and lifted his right palm.

"Rubbish, even you are worth a wasted trip, go to hell!"

"Stop it!!!"


It was about to fall and smash Chen Hao's skull.

Chen Hao also thought that he was finished and would just nestle here and die.

But right at this moment.

A roar made Tie Hongxiang's fierce palm did not fall.

It was Tie Cheng's voice.

Just saw Tie Cheng, leaning on his double crutches, jumping over hurriedly.

"Stop, don't hurt mister!"

Tie Cheng shouted.

"Grandmother, Second Elder, don't hurt Mister! This matter has nothing to do with sir!"

Iron City poofed to his knees and said.

"Sir? It's ridiculous that you worship a rich young man as your master. If word gets out, you'll lose all the prestige of our sect. This beast is ruined!"

Tie Hong's cheeks twitched.

What she valued most was the name, people could die, but the Holy Religion's prestige could not be denied!

"It was I who willingly followed Sir! Moreover, I never cared about this Young Sovereign's status, my greatest wish now is to be an ordinary person, since following the Mr. around, I know that I actually function, I can live happily, I've gradually come out of my old haze, I want to Atonement!"

Iron City was on his knees crying and begging.

He was telling the truth.

In the past, he had been living under the shadow of hurt and repentance, he was extreme, hating everything, and he had been unable to find a way out.

However, since Chen Hao made him face a real death, and pulled himself back from the ghost gate.

At that moment, Tie Cheng came to a great realization.

He felt that he had found a way to free himself.

He was willing to atone for his sins and do good deeds, and by following Chen Hao, he could do a lot of things.

At the same time, he had also made many friends.

Now, it was already possible to mingle with Master Zuo and even this group of bodyguard brothers.

Just yesterday, a few of the bodyguard brothers, even pulled themselves in for a drink.

Master Zuo found out and trained a few of them.

But Master Zuo was just pretending to be angry, because soon after, he also joined the drinking game.

Too cozy, life can actually be like this.

In fact, Tie Cheng also understood the purpose of Master Zuo and the others coming to drink with him in this stall, that is, they also knew about their own business.

Because even if he followed Chen Hao, Tie Cheng was still inferior.

He was a sinner, a dude who couldn't stand the young saint.

And Master Zuo's idea was to take himself as a friend, we were all Mr. Friend's brother, and we would have to work together in the future.

Tie Cheng felt that he had completely gotten out of his previous shadow.

"Absurd, truly absurd, the young saint master of our holy religion can actually say such words!"

A touch of killing intent even emerged in Tie Hong's eyes.

"For the sake of you being my grandson, I can give you one more chance, as long as you kill this Chen Hao, I can still make you back as a young Holy Lord!"

Tie Hong stood up and coldly said.

Chen Hao looked at this vicious woman.

It was a pity that she was now, having her strength sealed by Yun Qing.

Chen Hao clenched his fist tightly.

"Do it!"

Iron Red warned Iron City again.

"No way, even if I die, I'm not going to hurt Mr. Exactly your grandmother, why do you want to kill so much, I've declared a break from the From now on, I have nothing to do with the Holy Church! Will you just spare us?"

Tie Cheng knelt down and kept kowtowing, blood had already seeped out on his forehead.

"What a jerk! Fine, if you won't kill it, then I'll be the one to personally kill this trash!"

Tie Hong was extremely angry.

Raising his right palm.

The figure moved, extremely fast, and struck towards Chen Hao's head.

This palm, now that Chen Hao had lost all of his strength, was impossible to resist.


But in the end, it was still chopped on top of the skull.

Chen Hao was red-eyed and startled in place.

Because Tie Cheng flew over and blocked in front of him.

His skull shattered, blood spurting wildly from his mouth.

Tie Hong, on the other hand, had clearly seen Tie Cheng pouncing over, but she still made a deadly move.

"Tie Cheng!"

Tie Cheng fell in front of Chen Hao.

Chen Hao looked at him with red eyes.

Zuo Zhongtao and Old Master Fang also rushed over.

Blood foam kept spilling out of his mouth.

"Mister, it hurts!"

Tie Cheng trembled.

Chen Hao covered his blood-drenched head.

"It's okay!"

Chen Hao squeezed out his strength and tried to save him.

"No... it's useless!"

Iron City was foaming at the mouth with blood, "Sir, I... I think I saw Little House! After all these years, she's still the same person we met when we were eight years old, and she's still so pretty and smiling!"

"She's rowing and says she's going to take me with her to the sea and to the sea and then to the sunset!"

"It's good to see her again."

Tie Cheng trembled.

"Lou... I... I miss you so much..."

Before he could finish, Iron City's hand, a drop....

"Iron City!"

Master Zuo also shouted loudly.

But Iron City, it had snapped....

And looking at this scene.

Tie Hong just disdainfully shifted his gaze to the side.

In Tie Hongxiang's eyes, there was even a trace of complacency, and now well, with the addition of oil and vinegar himself, he had really made the Old Saint Lord angry.

Now that the Young Sovereign is dead, the future successor of the Saint Sect, huh....

Tie Hongxiang's mouth was filled with a cold smile.

Chen Hao looked at these people with rage.

"He has already gained a new life and is seriously atoning for his sins, so why are you still hurting him, he is your grandson after all, the bloodline is the same!"

Chen Hao raged.

"Having disgraced my Witchblade Sacred Sect, you deserve to die!"

Tie Hong coldly said.

"I heard Tie Cheng say that Little House who grew up with him back then was also killed by you, you snake hearted old woman, sooner or later, you I'll die a horrible death!"

Chen Hao coldly warned.

"What?! Looking for death!"

When Tie Hong heard the old woman, it was as if her tail had been stepped on.

Anger was raging.

He was about to come over and behead Chen Hao again.

Suddenly, a black car sped past.

It was the Yun Family's car.

The one that came down was also the Yun Family's driver.

"And slow down!"

The driver came over and said.

"The Clouds? How dare you stop me from doing something?"

Tie Hong frowned.

"Miss Yun Qing, would like to have the Tie Hong Holy Lord walk with me!"

"What? Yun Qing? Who is she? How dare you command me?"

Tie Hong became even angrier.

"Oh, don't get angry, Sovereign Tie Hong, Miss Yun Qing said that you will understand naturally if you read this!"

The driver directly threw a box to Tie Hong.

When Tie Hong opened it, his whole body shook wildly and his face changed at once.

"I...I...I'm going with you to see Miss Yun Qing!"

Tie Hong was like he had seen something remarkable.

Hurriedly bending down and bowing.

And the driver looked at Chen Hao again, "Mr. Chen, Miss Yun Qing asked me to ask you again how you are considering it? If you haven't lost your way yet? I'll put you at the disposal of the Second Elder of the Voodoo Sacred Sect!"

"You go back and tell her that I'll make her miserable for the rest of her life, even if I die! She'll never get what she wants in her life!"

Chen Hao was talking about the Celestial God.

"Good, Second Elder, this young master Chen Hao is in your hands, don't harm his life!"

The driver addressed Tie Hongxiang again.

Although Tie Hongxiang underestimated the Yun family, but now, even the old sage was actually so sincere and fearful, he didn't dare to slow down even more, moreover, he was now having a matter that he wanted to ask Chen Hao....


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