The Unknown Heir Chen 581-590

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Su Muhan- Su Tongxin
Dao - said
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In less than an hour, Old Master Fang and Zuo Zhongtao were sent to the apartment.

Only when they were delivered, the old master was very sick, and Fang Yi was also in a severe coma.

Chen Hao didn't have time to exchange pleasantries with Zuo Zhongtao, and immediately gave him a new prescription for the two to be treated by Zuo Zhongtao.

Chen Hao then went out on the street, it was now evening, it was reasonable to say that that Young Saint Lord should almost be here.

Walking down the street, the street was even more lively at the moment.

The pedestrians were all immersed in an atmosphere of cheering and jumping for joy.

This Voodoo Sacred Sect, just hearing the name gave people a feeling of evil thoughts.

What on earth had it done to make so many people come to worship them.

Chen Hao slandered inwardly.

Soon, it was at the entrance of Yun Lin's Yun Family Manor.

The Yun Family Manor, as the reception point for the arrival of the Young Sovereign tonight, the place was even more surrounded.  

Many of the Yun Family's young sons and daughters were even standing at the entrance, taking charge of some important guests.

"That man, why did you just enter, who let you in?"

But when Chen Hao walked in, he was stopped by a few young men and women.

"Yun Lin didn't tell you guys that I would come?"

Chen Hao could not help but ask.

"Who are you to dare to call my uncle by his name, today's guests, all of them are respectable people, all of them are over half a hundred years of age ! Kid, I've seen plenty of you fish in troubled waters like this!"

A youth drank coldly at Chen Hao.

"Don't talk to him like that, look at him, he looks like he's from out of town, maybe he's just watching the many people coming in and out of the Yun family, and So generous, just wanted to go in and have a look, don't be so mean!"

Right at this moment, a good-looking girl looked at Chen Hao and said, and smiled at Chen Hao.

What can I say, once the little girl saw that Chen Hao had an extremely good figure, mainly because of his face, it was another kind of special easy-going, giving people a sense of elegance! Clean-cut looks.

Sort of right on eye contact.

So he helped him out with a few words.

It's the same situation as if some guys see a pretty girl and are willing to help her.

"Do you want to come in?"

The girl looked at Chen Hao again and asked with a smile.

She was in her twenties, had a ponytail, and smiled sweetly.

Only, Chen Hao didn't answer her.

"This way, just in case we need manpower inside, you come in with me!"

After saying that, the girl acted like a big boss and pulled Chen Hao in.

"Hmph, little sister is so kind, usually a kitten or puppy is dying will cry, just now it must be me scolding this brat too harshly, let the It's really not like the Yun family at all for her to have developed pity!"

The young man said.

And Yun Qing had already brought Chen Hao into the manor.

"This is it, that's Uncle Yun, I spoke to him, if you need any help, just help, I'm going out Entertain the guests!"

Yun Qing smiled at Chen Hao and waved her hand before walking away.

"This little girl, her heart is nothing like the Yun family she encountered, her enthusiasm is a bit too much!"

Chen Hao couldn't help but smile helplessly and bitterly, feeling in his heart that this little girl was quite interesting.

Helplessly because, because she was so overly enthusiastic, so enthusiastic that she was too embarrassed to tell her that she was here to kill!

Some people, aren't they hard to refuse.

"That who, Uncle Yun called you here, right? Come here and pour us some water!"

At this time, outside of the manor, many tables and chairs were set up.

At one of the tables, a few young men and women were drinking water and chatting, and they said to Chen Hao without any courtesy.

Because, just now, when Yun Qing led him in and explained things to Uncle Yun who had complicated chores, they knew that this was the new odd-job man! .

Chen Hao couldn't help but frown . Slightly angry.

However, he just did not reject her because of Yun Qing's enthusiasm, which was equivalent to promising her.

It was not good to attack.

Now while staring at the door, he walked over, picked up a teacup, and coldly poured water for these girls who were heavily made up.

"Kid, I didn't think that you're quite clear looking, but not my favorite dish, it's just Yun Qing who likes you like this!"

A girl said.

"You're not Sunny's little white boy, are you?"

Another girl asked.

"Hmph, even he deserves to be Sunny's little white boy, I pooh!"

Another girl scowled.

They first discussed Chen Hao for a moment, and then they brought the topic back.

"Hahaha, I'm so happy now, finally, someone has taken the blame for me!"

One of the girls who was a little older and didn't have many cars with Chen Hao spoke up at this moment.

"What black pot, sister Yunfei?"

They asked.

"Ugh, there's actually something you guys don't know about, well, now that I'm okay, it can't hurt to tell you about it!"

Several girls all curiously put their ears together.

"Actually, our Yun family has been having a kind of secret deal with the Young Sovereign of the Holy Church!"

"What kind of deal?"

"That is, every year, dozens of beautiful women are sought out for the Young Sovereign, and a few of them are also from our Yun Family!"


"What! Is this really fake?"

"What else could be false, father has told me, this search for a beautiful woman, there was originally one for me, but I never thought, three months ago, not What's another beautiful girl from the Fang family, haha, father betrayed her to protect me!"

Yun Fei said.

"This... is truly unimaginable, the Young Sovereign is actually this kind of person!"

"Yeah, I originally thought that the Young Sovereign was white and flawless, but it's such a disgusting secret, it's a really big secret, once it's exposed, he's finished Up, the people of Stranger Island are the most taboo about such things!"

"I'm just happy today, actually, right, this matter isn't even a secret in the eyes of our Yun Family, and a few people on Stranger Island!"

Yun Fei said.

"Actually, I heard some rumors earlier, but it's really not a secret!"

A girl also said.

"But what? There's something else you don't know, Father has hidden it from the whole family, and only I've seen it!"

Winfield said again softly.

At the same time, there was a little sadness.

"Cousins, what are you talking about?"

At this time, Yun Qing walked in along with the few dudes who were just outside the door and sat down playfully.

At the same time Yun Qing also waved her hand at Chen Hao in greeting.

"Qing'er you guys sit down first don't interrupt, Fei is telling us a secret!"

"What secret?"

"That's what happened this afternoon, something happened to that unworthy brother of mine, Yun Long, and do you know Master Mo? ?"

Yun Fei said.

"Of course I know!"

"Master Mo and my brother, they were carried back, they came in through the back door, when I was trying to run out the back door to play, Just in time to bump into it!"

The Yun family all knew that Yun Fei and Yun Long had a bad relationship.

Because Yun Long was the only son, the only male, Yun Lin doted on him extraordinarily and snubbed Yun Fei.

"I go, why is Yun Long injured, and we've all seen Master Mo's skills, in Stranger Island, who can deal with him?"

The crowd felt incredulous, even a few young men were wildly horrified as they asked.

"I don't know, I just heard my father talking to a few of his servants, it seems like he mentioned Young Master Chen, that Young Master Chen, it seems like he has a great history! "

Yun Fei whispered.


"Young Master Chen?"

Several of the girls were startled.

"I think I've heard that name somewhere, but I can't really remember it!"

"Well, I did investigate it specifically to scare you to death by telling you!"

Winfield said.


"I've heard people say that this Young Master Chen is exceptionally powerful and possesses wealth that is simply unimaginable to ordinary people, in short, how much can you want Money, as much as he can come up with for you right away!"

Yun Fei's eyes couldn't help but feel a little envious.

"Seriously? And such a rich young man?"

A few boys burst out in envy and jealousy.

"That's natural! Not only is he rich, but this Young Master Chen is also very capable, not something you family dude can compare to!"  

Yun Fei couldn't help but look at his several brothers and shook his head.

"If it's incomparable, it's incomparable, and we don't dare to compare with him!" Several men lowered their heads.

"Actually, I rather think that even if a man is rich, he won't go through life completely carefree, as long as he's a human being, no matter if he's With or without money, there are worries. Maybe this Mr. Chan has worries that we don't have. You guys don't have to. Ashamed of yourself!"

Yun Qing was smiling sweetly at the moment.

Her words seemed to always be able to make people feel like spring breeze, and the mood of a few boys was instantly better.

Chen Hao, on the other hand, looked at this Yun Qing, but the more he looked at her, the more he liked her, used to seeing girls like Yang Xue Zhao Yifan, this kind of Yun Qing, indeed has been rare in the world.

Yeah, even if you had half the wealth of the earth, so what?

All the same, you can't change your destiny, your family's destiny, and you can't even protect the woman you love.

As long as you're human, you'll have troubles!

Chen Hao pondered the words, and it was because he was distracted.

When pouring the tea for Yun Fei again, the tea accidentally leaked out and all of it flowed onto Yun Fei's clothes.

"Ah! Bastard Bastard!"

Yun Fei was scalded and stood up immediately, like a fox whose tail had been stepped on.

"You bastard, are you blind?"

Yun Fei looked towards Chen Hao and roared.

And it was this roar that attracted the attention of many people at the scene.

And Yun Fei was even more enraged, raising her palm to smack Chen Hao.

In her eyes, this boy was nothing more than a servant, and now, actually daring to offend himself in public, Yun Fei's violent temper was not easy to provoke when it came up!

Only when Yun Fei's palm landed half a centimeter away from Chen Hao's cheek, a steep, needle-like stinging energy came through her own palm.

Instantly, Yun Fei's palm drew blood.

It was like hitting a cactus.

"It hurts! Ouch! My hand!"

Yun Fei covered her palm and cried.

"Bastard, you dare to stick a needle into our Faye, you're looking for death!"

A few of the boys didn't understand what was going on, thinking that it was Chen Hao who was plotting, when they got angry.

There was still a need to fight.

"Stop, you guys, what are you doing!"

Suddenly at this moment, a frightened, yet incomparably furious voice sounded out, immediately stopping the few people who were about to do it.

And the crowd at the scene also quieted down.

The reason was that this person was Yun Lin, the head of the Yun family.

Yun Lin saw Chen Hao, who was standing with a negative hand and an indifferent expression.

With a pale face, he rushed over in three steps.

"Pah! Snap! Pop!"

Smacked three loud slaps in succession.

Smacking the three boys nearly down.

"Dad, what are you doing, the three of them are just trying to take it out on me, look at this dog slave breaking my hand!"

Yun Fei saw the three cousins being beaten and jumped to her feet in anger.


And Yun Lin smacked Yun Fei in the face with a backhand.

"Dare! What kind of dog slave, I don't even know how you all, how you'll die!"

Yun Lin's mouth twitched.

Yun Fei was crying.

"Dad, why? It was this dog slave who hurt me!"

Yun Fei was unconvinced.


Another resounding slap: "Bastard, still daring to speak out of turn, apologize to Young Master Chen!"

Yun Lin gave a vicious warning.

Then he looked towards Chen 
Hao and bowed respectfully, "Young Master Chen, my little girl is ignorant and almost offended Young Master Chen, I hope you'll forgive me!"


Yun Fei didn't expect that her father would actually bow to this slave.

And the several youths were all stunned.

Unbelievably, they looked at the scene before them.

"For the sake of this Sister Qing'er, I won't be bothered with them, but just advise your daughter, in the future, don't just smack the Someone else's face!"

Chen Hao said coldly.

Looking towards Yun Fei.

Yun Fei instantly blushed pretty: "You... you are Young Master Chen? The one from the South Seas, the mysterious Young Master Chen?"

She swallowed.

That legendary divine presence, that was him?

"Stinky girl, it's a good thing Young Master Chen didn't bother with you, you guys, apologize to Young Master Chen!"

Yun Lin hurriedly said.

Other people only drew the line that Chen Hao was a rich young man, but only those who had experienced his terror would know ah!


Although she felt incredulous, Yun Fei knew that this one was real when she looked at her father's attitude, and now, Yun Fei blushed and bowed her head to apologize to Chen Hao.

At the same time, a pair of beautiful eyes couldn't help but flow, slightly observing Chen Hao's expression as he looked at her.

Perhaps, this simple clash could spark love with this Young Master Chen who possessed countless wealth?

But she thought wrong, Chen Hao didn't even look at her!

Then they looked elsewhere, much to Yun Fei's disappointment.

The rest of the people were even more afraid to speak.

Only Yun Qing fluttered her large eyes and looked curiously at Chen Hao.

And at this moment, the crowd outside suddenly became noisy again.

Chen Hao and Yun Lin's attention then turned to the outside as well.

It was then that they saw that there were thirty-two people in strange costumes, carrying sedan chairs, coming towards this side.

The sedan chairs were huge.

It was like a living room.

There was a large chair placed on it, and on top of it, a young man in a black robe was seated.

Next to the sedan chair, there were two older men.

As they walked along, pedestrians were saluting towards them.

This formation, which Chen Hao had never seen before, was even more domineering than the ancient emperors traveling in the past, but it was thirty-six people carrying a sedan chair.

"Is he the Young Sovereign?"

Chen Hao coldly said.

"Yes, Young Master Chen!"

Yun Lin wiped the cold sweat from his forehead, now he was the worst of all.

Caught between two Death Gods, the slightest mistake would wipe out his entire family, and he didn't dare to offend anyone.

Now, as he performed a welcoming salute to the Young Sovereign, he respectfully answered Chen Hao's words.

The rest of the people also all performed a welcoming salute towards the Young Sovereign, and to put it plainly, they bowed down 45¬į.

The two old men on either side of the sedan chair nodded their heads in satisfaction when they saw everyone's performance.

However, when they looked towards Chen Hao's side.

But their eyebrows were furrowed in unison.

Because Chen Hao was looking at them coldly with his hands in his pockets as well...


"How dare you, seeing the Young Sovereign, you don't even have a welcome salute?"

One of the old men stood up and drank.

Chen Hao did not reply, only looking at the young saint lord on the sedan chair who had been keeping his eyes closed and seemed to be enjoying all of this.

Even now that the old man was shouting harshly, this young saint lord did not open his eyes.

"Insolent, how can you not answer when you are asked?"

The old man took a step forward.

It was about to strike.

The old man was suddenly startled to discover that Chen Hao's figure, had actually disappeared from the spot?


He was in great fear.

And by the time he reacted, a strong palm, lying on his shoulder.  

The shoulders were as if they were being crushed by Tarzan.

Knees directly on the ground, the floor tiles deeply caved in.

"Let me salute, you salute me almost!"

Chen Hao smiled coldly.

"Big brother!"

The other old man on the side, on the other hand, was also moving, but he just flew over and pulled out a violet clay pot in his palm.

This should be a type of compulsion technique.

It was to deal with Chen Hao.

But Chen Hao was swift, and without waiting for him to react, he had already taken several mouthfuls out in succession!

The old man instantly lay on the ground.

There was no strength to fight.

And then, that high and mighty Young Sovereign, finally slowly raised his eyes.

"You're not bad, but you shouldn't have offended today!"

The Lesser Sovereign looked at Chen Hao and smiled bitterly.

"How about an offense?" Chen Hao retorted.


The Young Sovereign spoke these words indifferently.

And as soon as the people around them heard this, they fell backwards.

They knew that the Young Sovereign was going to kill someone!

"Today, before entering the hall, according to the group training, I can't get my feet off the ground, but... I can just as easily kill you!"

The Young Sovereign's tone was extremely indifferent, as if he was looking at a mole cricket.

At the same time, Chen Hao is also quite some serious about him up, looking at the kid breath, there is nothing remarkable.

However, listening to his words, there are vows, could it be that he left something behind?

"Can you kill me without taking your feet off the ground? I'd like to see what you can do!"

Chen Hao's voice fell.

Then he directly made a move.

And when he did, he used six points of strength, knowing that normally, Chen Hao only had three points.

The Light Feather Sword transformed into a sword mane that was like a rain of lingbao, and the sword qi was invincible.

It instantly blasted into this large sedan chair.


And the eyes of the Young Sovereign, which were originally narrowed, suddenly opened completely.

His face even turned pale and colorless all of a sudden.

He was usually quite arrogant, defeating many experts of the Holy Sect, and these two old men were actually his own servants.

Originally, he had decided what method to use to kill this person, while forming a scruple on the surrounding people.

But to his surprise, this person was actually so strong.

Not good!

He was so shocked that he used all his strength to flash wildly.


The palanquin became shattered all of a sudden, debris flying everywhere.

On the other hand, the Young Sovereign, although he had already been unable to care about the ancestral rule that his feet could not land on the ground, he was still shaken by the violent waves and flew out alive.

A mouthful of blood spurted out, spraying all over his face.

It felt like his internal organs, had been ruined!

So strong! The horror!

He was horrified.

His limbs trembled.

And Chen Hao came towards him with a tight frown.

"Do you have any more tricks up your sleeve?"

Chen Hao also asked incredulously.

"Spare... spare my life, I am the Young Sovereign, and behind me is the entire Holy Church!"

The Young Sovereign's limbs went limp and crawled backwards in a mess.

"Is that really all?"

Chen Hao was once again horrified, and also wanted to laugh a little.

Laughing was naturally laughing at himself, but he had just been bluffed by this kid, thinking that he was really some hidden expert.

Why else would he speak so wildly!

It turned out to be a young martial artist who had just recently condensed his inner strength.

"Young Sovereign, I haven't heard much of your story, you've done quite a few sins over the years."

Chen Hao stared coldly at him.

"I... I..."

He stammered.

Steeply, with a sudden twist of his gaze, then with a fierce wave of his robe, Chen Hao flashed backwards in a smooth motion.

At the same time, he stretched out his hand and grabbed it.

What he ended up grabbing was merely a black robe, and this Young Sovereign was actually without a shadow.

"Golden Cicada, a bit of fun!"

Chen Hao smiled faintly.

At this moment, with the slightest movement of both ears, it was that he had detected the Young Sovereign's trail.

Chen Hao quickly chased after him.

He chased after him until he reached a dense forest.

It was already dark, and there were no street lamps in this direction.

The light was extremely dim.

"Strange, this brat's scent is clearly nearby, where did he hide?" Chen Hao could not help but be surprised.

His eyes closed slightly, and by the time Chen Hao opened them again, they had already turned green.

He swept around and finally fixed his gaze on the small wooden barrel used to irrigate the saplings at the side of the forest.

With a smile on his lips, Chen Hao walked over to the barrel.

There was a lid on the barrel, and when I kicked it open with my foot, it was full of water.

Only at this moment, this water was trembling slightly.

Chen Hao squatted down, "The Golden Cicada Escape, the Collarbone Technique, these are all escape skills, I'm also proficient in witchcraft, there's no such thing in here! How did you learn this kung fu from your Witch Sect? It seems that there are no decades to practice this kind of kung fu at all!"

Chen Hao looked at the barrel and said in shock.

The water shook even more violently.

Chen Hao helplessly shook his head and put his hand in, his fingers touching the? hidden in it at once. A certain acupoint of the Lesser Sovereign.

Hearing a bang, the Young Sovereign's entire body directly spread out.

It swelled the entire bucket.


The Lesser Sovereign was lying on the ground and was now coughing violently.

"You... who the hell are you? We're both the same age, so why are you even better than my grandmother!"

The Lesser Sovereign looked at Chen Hao in horror and was on the verge of tears.

"Don't you care who I am, if you don't answer my questions honestly, I'll make your death painful!"

Chen Hao patted him on the shoulder in warning.

"This... this is not our Holy Religion's kung fu, it was taught to me by the Goddess when I was eight years old, when I was swimming in the sea, to run for my life!"

The Lesser Sovereign was terrified and hurriedly spoke up.

"Divine Sister?"

Chen Hao was astonished.

This Young Sovereign, who was indeed the same age as himself, according to reason, even these two kung fu techniques did require decades of hard work, and nine times out of ten, he would not be able to train in this realm in his lifetime.

Other than Master Qin Bo, Chen Hao really couldn't think of a second person in the world who could give such a double effect with half the effort.


"So you, this fairy sister, taught you so many things to make you evil? Like, rape and pillage? If I hadn't come to Stranger Island, I'm afraid my friend would have been killed by you!"

Chen Hao's eyes were hidden with killing intent.

If he hadn't revealed these two stunts to Chen Hao, I'm afraid that he would have, by now, turned into a corpse.

"I... I know that I've done a lot of evil over the years, but that wasn't my intention, because I hate, I hate women, all women are Hate!"

Lying on the ground, the Young Sovereign gripped the straw tightly...


The Lesser Sovereign lay down on the ground as if he had remembered some unspeakable pain and said.

"You... still hate women?" Chen Hao could not help but look at him coldly.

"You might not believe me when I say it, because on the surface, once I was born, I was the Young Saint Lord of the Holy Sect, and how many people envied . But what can I say, after all these years, I'm not happy living at all! And I've hated her since I was a kid, so by association, I hate all women!"

The Lesser Sovereign continued.

"That woman, she's my mother!"

Chen Hao's eyelids couldn't help but jump slightly.

In the world, everyone only loved their mother, and Chen Hao had never heard of hating his mother in such a painful way.

And from this Young Sovereign's eyes, Chen Hao saw a strong sense of pain in his eyes.

Could it be that this wolf-hearted, dog-lunged apprentice really had some bitterness?

"Why do you hate your mother?"

"At the age of three, when I was just starting to remember things, I saw my mother kill my father, and, right in front of me! "  

The Lesser Sovereign said painfully.

"I still remember my father's face, and before he died, he tried to hold my hand, but I was about to die of fright at the time! And she, with no remorse, ignored me even more, for so many years, that scene back then, like a spell, has been tormenting me! "

"And Grandma, she disliked me and called me an evil son! I believe that if I wasn't the only son of the Tie family, I would have been killed by my grandmother and mother, and I follow their surname, the Tie family of the Witching and Hunting Sacred Cult. Man, poor thing, I still don't even know my father's last name!"

The Young Sovereign looked up, "I know you must think my family ties are confusing, hehe, my father is in the family, I take my mother's name , my grandmother, actually!"

"Since I was a child, I've always thought women were bad things, but I also knew that the women I hurt, they were innocent, Really, every time I hurt them, I repent for a long time and want to make it up to them, but I can't as the Young Sovereign. As Grandma commanded, we are a holy religion, above all others, and treat others as they should be killed!"

"But I can't do it, I really can't! But Grandma preferred me, to learn to kill!"

"And the eve of my escape when I was eight years old was the beginning of this evil path I've been on since then."

"Because at that time I was in the first grade of elementary school, I met a particularly kind-hearted girl, her name is Xiaolou, Li Xiaolou, she is the one who made me start to shake, there are actually still good girls in this world, although at first I resisted her, but later, her warm kindness gradually moved me, the two of us began to study together, play games, huh..."

He suddenly smiled bitterly, "We even made a promise that we would get married when we grew up, and I clearly remember that day on the way home from school. She said this to me, and I ended up asking her, so will you kill me later? Xiaolou giggled all the way. At that time, what did one know about love! It was just a joke, but I haven't seen Lou since that night she was murdered, and I found out later that the killer was My grandmother!"

At this point, the Lesser Sovereign cried into tears, his hands gripping the dirt on the ground tightly.

"I told myself that I was going to run away, that I was going to get away from these two people, so I rowed alone, taking Little House's ashes with me, and traveled on In the middle of the ocean, Lou said that she loved to sit on the boat and watch the sun go down. I'm going to help her make that wish come true!"

"I don't know how long I rowed, and I couldn't see the way back at all, but the sun was going down, and I thought I was going to starve to death at sea. That's when I ran into the fairy godmother! She was extraordinarily pretty and gentle, just like Lou's character. She was dressed in white, standing on a wooden boat, playing a flute, as if she were a fairy."

Hearing this, Chen Hao couldn't help but gaze even more intently.

Because Chen Hao had been taught mind-reading by Qin Bo, as long as he was weaker than himself, he couldn't escape his eyes.

Obviously, this Young Sovereign was not lying right now.

Especially now with the mention of the woman in white.

It caused Chen Hao to get an idea.

According to the environment the Young Sovereign was talking about, it was that time, who would be rowing a wooden boat on the vast ocean and playing a flute on it?

This woman in white must be extraordinary!

Chen Hao guessed.

"She saved me, and taught me these skills, the Bone Shrinking Technique, the Golden Cicada Escape, and the Turtle Breath Technique, and said that I should practice them in secret, so as not to let the Others know that when it comes later, you can control your own destiny!"

Iron City finished and wiped his tears.

"It's a really good feeling to be dying and telling it all, I don't have to carry that burden anymore, thank you, after listening to my Narrate, except that before I die, I want to ask one last favor of you!"

Iron City Road.

"What's the favor?"

Chen Hao asked.

"I've hurt a total of seven girls over the past few years, and when I'm dying, I want to beg for their forgiveness so that I can completely rest in peace . I'm also going to meet Xiaolou!"

Iron City said.

The tone was very sincere.

Chen Hao nodded, not making a sound.

It was considered a tacit agreement.

It seemed that this Tie Cheng, really still had a trace of repentance.

Every girl's home address, she remembered.


In front of a farmhouse, a pale Iron City kneels down to an ordinary family of three. This was someone's daughter who had been harmed.

"Young... Young Sovereign, how does this... how does this make?"

And those three families were terrified.

"I want to beg for your forgiveness, I know the mistakes I've made are irreparable, but I'll do anything for you, even if it means hitching a ride on my The life!"

The Lesser Sovereign said.

"No, no, no need!"

The girl was afraid at the sight of him, and now hid behind her parents, shaking her head one after another.

"Please, let me do something!"

Iron City knelt and begged.

"You can make him do anything you want, even if it means letting him die! So, pick one thing..."

Chen Hao stood aside and addressed the other family.

"No, no, no, no need to die, if Young Sovereign you... you have to do it, then... then help us fill up the water tank!"

The mother pointed to the water tank.

"Huh?" Tie Cheng was stunned.

Then nodding busily, he came to the well and quickly filled up the water tank.

"That's good!"

People were afraid of what they said, but at the same time, seeing the Young Sovereign who had gone majestic at the moment, it also made a family of three relax at least half of their hearts.

"This is one million, I don't have much savings, here you guys!"

Iron City ended up putting up money to compensate people again.

And so on.

Chen Hao took Tie Cheng and ran through the seven families above Stranger Island.

In the end.......


Arriving at the manor where Chen Hao was staying, Tie Cheng kneeled down to Fang Han Nan again.

"Ah! Little Song"

And when Fang Hanan saw him, he immediately hid next to Chen Hao.

"Miss Fang, even though I didn't hurt you, I hurt Old Master Fang and your family, they almost lost their lives for me, please Miss Fang Forgive!"


Fang Hanran looked at Chen Hao in confusion.

It was only with hindsight that she understood that this unstoppable Young Sovereign had been subjugated by Chen Hao.

"I've done too many wrong things, I'm sorry!"

He pinned his head to the ground.

Although Inan had still wanted to kill him before.

But when she saw how miserable he was now, she said.

"You don't have to apologize to me, the ones who should be apologizing are the ones you've hurt, my family, this time it's just a shock, but those people . It's different! Chen Hao is willing to punish you as much as you want, I only listen to Chen Hao!"

Fang Hanran looked slightly towards Chen Hao.

Sometimes girls were like this, if they were just unsure if they were in love at first, then when she had already developed a strong psychological attachment to this boy, she was almost certain to have fallen in love.

And now, this is the mentality that Fang Hanan has towards Chen Hao.

Why is this bridge of heroes saving beauty most likely to cause a beautiful woman to fall in love.  

To put it bluntly, it's about showing up when she needs it most, carrying her burdens for her, and thus she develops a sense of dependency adoration trust and other good feelings!

Chen Hao seemed to have sensed some of the meanings in Inan Fang's mouth and could not help but jump slightly.

After all, he did not have that layer of meaning right now.

As for the current Tie Cheng, seeing his sins washed away, he crawled towards Chen Hao on his knees.

"Young Master Chen, all my wishes are fulfilled, thank you so much, now, you can take my life, I have no regrets!"

Tie Cheng said in a heartfelt manner.

"I didn't say that I want to kill you now, on the contrary, I also want you to do something for me!"

Chen Hao looked towards Tie Cheng.

"Young Master Chen, you say!"

Tie Cheng looked gratefully at Chen Hao.

"I'm going to search for the Sea King's Palace and desperately need helpers, especially one like you who is proficient in turtle breath, shrinking bones, and being able to survive in the sea for a long time Helpers, will you?"

Chen Hao asked.

"To be able to follow Young Master Chen and work for him, Tie Cheng is willing, finally, I, Tie Cheng, can live like a normal person, I Willing to follow Young Master Chen!"

Tie Cheng was surprised and delighted.

"You want to think about really giving up your identity as a Young Sovereign?" Chen Hao asked.

"Give up! I give up!"

Tie Cheng did not hesitate.

Chen Hao listened to him finish all that he had to say, and then with him unraveled the knot that was pent up in his heart.

And spared his own life.

Tie Cheng was already grateful.

In particular, there was a trait in Young Master Chen that Tie Cheng couldn't say what it was, but in short, it moved Tie Cheng.

He felt as if it was only by following Young Master Chen's side that he was not living in this world for nothing.

"Alright, in that case, you follow me to the Sea King Palace! Just as well, I also want to investigate if the woman in white who saved you back then is related to the person I'm looking for!"

Chen Hao nodded his head.

And at this time.

Gu Yuxiao brought a middle-aged man to within the living room of Chen Hao's room.

When he saw Inan Fang, who was very close to Chen Hao, he also saw that Inan Fang was handsome and not weaker than himself in any way.

For some reason, there was a sudden uncomfortable feeling in Gu Yuxiao's heart.

At the moment, the tone actually became quite a bit worse for no apparent reason.

"Chen Hao! The man you're looking for is already here, and Mr. Young has brought all the information from the island back then!"

Gu Yuxiao said coldly, and then stood to the side.

Inan Fang, on the other hand, was also carefully examining this beautiful woman who was following Chen Hao.

Both women, in an instant, seemed to be in a certain state.

"Mr. Chen!"

And this middle-aged man, holding the information, said.

"Mr. Young, please sit down."

This Mr. Yang, named Yang Tianhua, works in the Cultural Bureau of Stranger City, and can be said to know the history of Stranger City from ancient times to the present, if you want to investigate the origin and history of Stranger Island, it's him.

After a brief acquaintance.

Yang Tianhua then also began to get to the point.

"Hearing that Mr. Chen is interested in the history of the founding of Stranger Island, I went to look up a lot of information this afternoon, specifically. This Stranger City, at the earliest, was just a small coastal fishing village with a mere hundred families, and the origin of this history is probably ten thousand years old . The basis is from fossils that were unearthed on the island decades ago..."

"These are very serious and formal, Mr. Young, are there any wild histories of a legendary, but rather well-founded, nature?" After listening, Chen Hao had to ask.

"Wild history? Mr. Chan likes to listen to wild history? If you want to talk about some of the legends and wild history of Stranger Island, that's too much, forgive me Yang, I have a hobby in life, that is, to study the Wild history and gathering evidence to disprove the main history, Mr. Chen has found the right man this time!"

Yang Tianhua smiled.

He then began to explain some long-standing legends to Chen Hao.

"It was about twenty years ago, not long after I joined the workforce, and by chance, I was in the library of the Cultural Bureau and saw a Very quaint books, that is, books with quaint text, which fascinated me!"

"Because the writing of that time was still very different from that of ordinary antiquity, I took archaeology in college, so one professor I was taught the meanings of some ancient words, and they were filled with legends and wild history! How shall I put it, the man who records these legends is, in current parlance, as if he were telling another memoir!"

Yang Tianhua said, "This wild history, taken from the stone tablet by a later ancients, tells of the deeds of an old man, accurately , is the deed of a surviving old man!"

"He said that as a young man he had the privilege of being chosen to go to a special funeral service, and why special, because he was going to bury the A celestial woman, and buried in an even more magnificent place, a palace under the sea!"

Hearing this, Chen Hao could not help but look at each other with Gu Yuxiao.

"What follows is the narrative of the process from the escorting of the coffin, all the way to the top of our Stranger Island, their group of people, plus the master, a total of Thirty-seven men, stopping at Stranger Island because they've encountered a great storm!"

And Chen Hao's eyelids couldn't help but jump slightly.

Wasn't this... the content on those six murals?

Yes, this should be about the process that took place after they came to Stranger's Island.

For when they left the Island of Strangers, the mural shows that the old beggar took with him, twenty-seven men, nine less.

And this text extracted from the tablet is more like the epitaph character life of one of the nine people left on the island, something like that.

Could it be that the nine people left behind did not die? So what the hell happened that would suddenly stay?

"He said: coming to Stranger Island changed his life, and even more so, he saw a scene he'd never forgotten in his life, one night. They were camping, when it was felt that the heavens were falling, and the whole island was sinking, and all the people thought that disaster was coming, and rushed out. Instead, we ended up seeing a huge bronze flying house!"

"Just suspended in the air! The flying house was too big and too big, and most of all, there was someone in it, someone who had walked out, and when the door of the flying house was opened, it was still possible to From inside I heard some people wailing, very miserable!"

"At that time, they people were scared to death, because of that one howl that was screaming, it was hard on the heart..."


They seem to have come with a purpose.

But the Master also seemed to know them.

Later, the Master flew up to the house and talked to them about something.

We don't know what it was about.

But the Master negotiated for a long time.

And Flying House took the Master with him and dived under the water.

That night, we could not sleep.

We had to guard the body of the fairy.

Until the latter part of the night, it was the turn of the nine of us to watch over it.

But at that moment, something happened that changed my fate.

Because, the fairy was alive!  

She actually appeared in front of the nine of us.

She looked a little green and cold at us!

Ask where we're taking her.

"We told the whole truth!"

She seemed angry, and I distinctly remember her saying, "To this day you still want to get me into trouble! Luckily, I woke up!"

And then she went on a rampage and attacked us.

She was...she was terrifying!

In one shot, she killed six people.

I tried to run, too, and she threw her long sleeves around my neck, and then I was flung into the sky, and when I fell, I was bound to be crushed to a pulp!

But fortunately, I was propped up by a tree trunk and fell, only to break my leg.

I was in a semi-conscious state.

That's when I thought in horror, something is not right at all, the fairy she is still in the coffin, who is this crazy beautiful woman?

I don't know what happened to some of my buddies.

They should all be killed by her.

But the good news is that the bronze house was like an explosion, rising up from the sea.

I was so shocked by the shock that I fell unconscious.

When I woke up, I was already in the house of a kind fisherman, only to learn that a total of eight people were killed or injured last night, the remaining people, saved by the master, and I, the survivor.

But also this incident, fell disabled, can not experience the sea breeze, is to settle in Stranger Island, but the master, left a lot of money.

This epitaph goes on to tell the story of how the survivor, after receiving the money, became rich and famous on the island in a few short years.

These things were engraved on his tombstone by his descendants.

"That's how the ancients were, especially like some of the already successful ones, who liked to add to their epitaphs some unusual events, such as Liu Bang's beheading of the White Snake Uprising, etc., but I admire the imagination of the people of that time, and his reference to the bronze flying house would not be Now that's a giant Ascendant in science fiction, right? Haha!"

Yang Tianhua smiled.

"Well, it is indeed a bit absurd, but it accentuates how special he is!"

Gu Yuxiao also did.

But Chen Hao was silent.

After talking with Yang Tianhua for a while longer, Chen Hao had someone send Mr. Yang back after he understood almost everything.

"I'm going back to my room first, you guys should also get some rest and go, we expect that tomorrow, we'll be leaving on our journey!"

Chen Hao said faintly.

Gu Yuxiao called out to Chen Hao, "Wait, why didn't you say anything just now? And not voicing your opinion, are you on to something?"

Gu Yuxiao was actually a very attentive girl, and asked now.

"I noticed that when Mr. Yang was telling about the flying house, your eyelids jumped, you must have some sense in your heart!"

"You're pretty smart, would you believe me if I told you that what that survivor just told me might not be a legend, but the truth?"

Chen Hao.


Gu Yuxiao was stunned.

"Well, very true, things seem to be more troublesome than I thought!"

Chen Hao just left that behind and went back to his room.

But Gu Yuxiao was suddenly startled in place!

Late at night, listening to the sound of the ocean whistling, Chen Hao sat still in bed.

Thinking about tonight's new discovery.

According to the survivor, a woman, a particularly powerful woman did appear and those eight people, were killed by her anger.

Who could she be? What about the reawakening she was talking about?

But from that meaning, it seemed like this woman had a great grievance.

Also, the wailing screams inside the flying house made this person feel memorable, could it be that all the people who were captured by the Sun Alliance were here?

So Mu Mu and Uncle?

Chen Hao was in awe.

As for the woman in white, she should have been surrendered by that mysterious old beggar in the end.

Because the rest of the story Chen Hao knew, the old beggar and the others went on their way smoothly, and after killing an injured dragon, a piece was buried with the fairy coffin.

And returned smoothly.

"Sea King Palace!"

In the end, Chen Hao silently recited the three words, a flash of determination in his eyes.


The tsunami had stopped, but the sea breeze was still strong.

Looking out, the waves were stacked one on top of the other, and the boundless sea surface gave an even more eerie feeling.

At this time, it was already the second day that Chen Hao had set out with the family fleet.

Two days ago, Chen Hao sent his bodyguards to escort them to the sea city, find Yang Wei, and then contacted the Fang family to come to meet them.

Chen Hao was completely relieved that Fang Han's daughter was safe and sound.

Originally, Inan Fang was going to come with Chen Hao.

However, it was too dangerous, this wasn't an expedition, let alone a trip, not to mention the many unknown dangers now, going this way, even a power like Chen Hao wouldn't dare to guarantee that it would be safe!

"Sir, I guess it's not far from where the Sea King's Palace is!"

It was now already noon, and at this moment, Tie Cheng came to the deck here, stood behind Chen Hao and said respectfully.

"Well, back then, the bearing you rowed yourself and drifted to, should be around here as well!"

Chen Hao.

"Mmhmm, at that time I followed the sea breeze, the boat went very fast, and I was adrift for nearly ten more days, and I only had enough dry food on me for three days, and behind the Seven days, I almost starved to death here! Counting the sea miles, it's almost around here!"

Tie Cheng looked around and estimated.

"Combining the clues we got yesterday, I doubt that the Immortal Sister you saw could be the person we are looking for?"

Chen Hao was calculating in his heart.

"I think when we enter the Sea King's Palace, sir will get the answers you want!"

Iron City said.

"Well, hopefully!"

Chen Hao looked into the distance.

According to what was recorded on the map of the Sea King's Palace, it was looking for a bearing in general.

"Huh? Sir, what do you think that is? Like... a ship?"

At this time, Tie Cheng pointed to a spot.

Chen Hao raised his eyes to look, and sure enough, it was a boat, and a large wooden boat at that, and it looked like the oars were not even moving.

However, this boat was going against the current and was moving rapidly towards Chen Hao.

"What's going on?"

And Gu Yuxiao also walked out at this moment, and could not help but ask.

She was also slightly startled when she saw the traveling vessel.


Chen Hao stared at the vessel, identifying the scent mapped out by the ship.

It was startled.

Then in a cold voice.

"Let's get our ship out of the way of it and I'll go up there!"


Just as the two of them were stunned, they saw Chen Hao leap, and in the blink of an eye, he was already on top of the wooden boat.

Chen Hao strode hard.

Huge waves instantly rippled around the wooden boat.

It came to a halt as well.

It was a medium-sized wooden boat, and by the looks of it, it seemed to have a bit of history, and within the cabin, it could accommodate forty to fifty people.

Outside the cabin was a layer of tattered curtain cloth, and although it was sunlit, it was still pitch black inside.

Chen Hao sank his head and sensed it.

Strange, the feeling of a strong breath just now had disappeared.

Chen Hao slowly lifted the curtain cloth and walked into the cabin.

Inside, there was a break room with a corridor in the middle and small staterooms on either side.

Da... da... da... da!  

At this moment, from the bottom control bin, a faint sound of footsteps suddenly came from inside.

Someone, from the bottom compartment, was walking towards the top.

Chen Hao stood there, gazing at it.

It was an old lady with a rickety body and white hair, swaying her body to come up.

She was dressed in tattered clothes.

Her hair was messy.

Her face, in particular, was covered with scars and looked particularly strange within this dark environment.

"Who is your Excellency?"

Chen Hao asked.

"Ghost Duohua!"

She smiled faintly, but this smile, paired with her scarred face, caused Chen Hao's scalp to go numb.

"What the hell Duohua, is that your name senior?"

Chen Hao asked.

"Ghost Duo Flower, two flowers, one flower, one world!"

This old woman said again weirdly.

She seemed to be talking about a strange plant with two blossoms? Sheesh, why do I feel so familiar with this flower, where have I seen it before!

Because a flower with only two blooms was too few.

The more Chen Hao looked at her, the more strange it became.

"Sir! Sir!"

At this time, Tie Cheng boarded the ship together with Gu Yuxiao.

"What are you guys doing here?"

Chen Hao could not help but ask.

"Sir hasn't moved for so long, we're worried!"

Tie Cheng said.

After saying that, the same Gu Yuxiao were both sizing up the old woman at the end of the corridor.

Tie Cheng wiggled his eyebrows.

But at this moment, Gu Yuxiao raised her hand and tidied her hair, breathing a little sharply.

"What are you worried about, you guys go back first!"

Chen Hao said.

This old woman was so weird that Chen Hao couldn't even see through her details, Gu Yuxiao and Tie Cheng stayed here, Chen Hao was worried that they would be in danger instead.

At this moment, the old woman suddenly laughed coldly.

This laughter was like a crow's call, and it was particularly oozing.

Just as Chen Hao's scalp was numb from hearing it, suddenly, a lot of purple flowers floated up in the corridor, these flowers looked very strange.

It was because it only had two petals, and on top of each petal, it looked like a human face.

Seeing these flower petals, Chen Hao instantly remembered where he had seen them before.

The Hall of Souls!

On that island of my grandfather's, there was a garden dedicated to growing this kind of flower, and at that time, I felt strange and asked Wimber.

Wimber said it was a nameless flower, a historical seed left within the ancient West, and it actually grew.

Grandpa planted them as works of art.

Because of this nameless flower, it only blooms twice.

Originally, its name was called the Ghost Flower.

Suddenly at this time, on top of the ghost flower, and fine pollen overflowed.

A different kind of fragrance was emitted.

And a sniff of this fragrance.

Gu Yuxiao and Tie Cheng, shook their heads, and all of a sudden, they fainted on the ground.

"The pollen is poisonous!"

Chen Hao was shocked.

He was about to strike at the old woman.

It felt like his limbs were slightly limp and his brain was feeling dizzy.

"How is this possible? I'm already immune to all poisons!"

Chen Hao drifted with a wandering mind and dropped to one knee at once.

The dizziness was getting stronger.

And the old woman, with a wry smile on her face, slowly walked towards Chen Hao.

"I can see that your physique is different from normal people, but the Ghost Duo Flower, itself a foreign object, is just right to deal with you!"

The old woman smiled.

Chen Hao felt like he couldn't control himself anymore and was about to faint.

Now, trying his best to gather the last of his mind.

"Break the army! Breaker!"

He shouted silently in his heart.

Steeply, the breakers flashed out swiftly from their sleeves, leaving behind only a white light residue.


The old woman did not expect that Chen Hao actually had such a powerful method.

By the time she reacted, it was simply too late for her to dodge.

The Breaker directly sliced through one of her arms.

Stabbing her over onto the ground.

And as she fell to the ground, steeply, the intense dizziness that the pollen brought to her disappeared all of a sudden.

So, it was... not poison!

Chen Hao finally had the power again, and also reacted at once.

It seemed to be a spiritual power attack method.

And this pollen, as if it was a medium.

His own mental power had just been controlled.

The old woman looked surprised.

Then, she climbed straight up and crashed towards the window of a room.

The window crashed through.

The old woman jumped into the sea.

By the time Chen Hao chased her out again, the old woman had already disappeared.

Tie Cheng and Gu Yuxiao, on the other hand, only slowly woke up.

The Chen family bodyguards also boarded the boat.

"Take Tie Cheng Gu Yuxiao away from here, in addition, explore the sea floor and search for her, she is injured, she will leave traces anyway!"

Chen Hao's face was also slightly pale at the moment due to the mental attack.

The Chen family bodyguards immediately responded to the order and went to investigate immediately.

"Who is she? It's as if, just deliberately waiting for us again, and it's not far from the Sea King's Palace!"

Chen Hao looked at the sea surface.

But one thing was certain, she was intentionally preventing everyone from entering the Sea King's Palace.

Or rather, to prevent me from entering the Sea King's Palace!

Also, this weapon she used was actually a flower.

Back then when I saw it at my grandfather's place, I still only thought of it as a strange plant, but I didn't expect it to have such an effect.

At this time, an alarm suddenly sounded within the Chen family's ship's cabin.

More than a dozen Chen family ships searched collectively on the surface of the sea.

Finally, they found the old woman's location.

"Young Master Chen, that old woman has dived to the bottom of the sea, and the sonar detector has also detected that at the deepest level, there seems to be a large metal building!"

The bouncer ran over excitedly.

"That old woman, it looks like she's heading for this building!"

"If nothing else, this should be where the Sea King's Palace is! You guys are in charge of meeting us at the surface, we'll go down and check it out, by the way, are you two okay?"

Chen Hao looked towards Gu Yuxiao and Tie Cheng.


Tie Cheng said.

"Okay, with the water avoidance stone in your mouth, we'll go down, you two, right behind me!"

The three of them entered the sea and swam towards the bottom of the sea.

As they were all carrying scientific equipment, the data transmitted was accurate as to the location of the old woman and the location of the Sea King's Palace.

It wasn't difficult for Chen Hao to find them.

Having swum to the aid of the water avoidance stone, Chen Hao and the three of them were very fast underwater.

Not long after, a dark, yet only half a person high hole appeared before everyone....


Chen Hao swam in with the two of them.

This cave, though the opening was narrow, as if it was in the shape of a gourd.

When they swam in, they discovered that there was another world inside.

Until Chen Hao and the others arrived at a different cave entrance.

Chen Hao was surprised to find that this cave entrance was actually filled with ghost flowers.

Around it, pollen was overflowing.

"Hold your breath!"

Chen Hao told them.

Chen Hao looked at the equipment dashboard and on it, the old woman's figure had disappeared, and that was where it had disappeared.

She must be inside.

This old woman was very cunning, and if she wasn't careful, she would get caught.  One second to remember to read the book

And it was at this time that Gu Yuxiao and Tie Cheng both suddenly felt uncomfortable at the same time.

Comparatively speaking, the pollen at the entrance of this sea cave was even denser.

Even Chen Hao's deliberate control was somewhat unable to resist the strong spiritual impact brought about by the Ghost Flower.

That old woman, she must be playing a trick!

Soon, Tie Cheng and Gu Yuxiao, both of them fell into unconsciousness.

And facing a powerful spiritual shock.


In the end, Chen Hao could not hold back even more, and felt the space in all directions, all distorted.

On the eve of unconsciousness, he saw an ugly and strange face appear in front of him....

Dark and senseless.

It was only after an unknown amount of time that Chen Hao woke up leisurely.

This stimulation to the brain and spirit was no different from the pain that he had caused when he flooded into the memories of some of the Heavenly God's martial arts techniques.

The crowd was still at the bottom of the sea, and if it wasn't for the water avoidance stone, they would have to drown now.

Tie Cheng, on the other hand, was pale and was still in a severe coma.

Chen Hao endured the headache and went to look for Gu Yuxiao again.

But it was only then that he discovered.

Gu Yuxiao had actually disappeared?

What's going on?

Chen Hao carried the Iron City, and couldn't help but sober up a bit.

Quickly searching back and forth in the tunnels, but there was no sign of Gu Yuxiao at all!

She's not going to get hurt, is she?

Chen Hao had hidden self-reproach in his heart.

But now was not the time to hesitate.

Because he was still alive, the Sea King's Palace was right in front of him, and maybe Gu Yuxiao had floated into the tunnel in front of him.

With this hope in mind, Chen Hao called out to Tie Cheng to wake up.

The two of them continued to advance.

It was unknown how long they had been swimming in this tunnel again.


Suddenly, the surrounding giant waves surged wildly, as if there was a huge force that was crazily sucking Chen Hao towards it.

Tie Cheng looked at Chen Hao, indicating that it was the underwater undercurrent, but this huge force was too great, and although Chen Hao was flexible underwater and used his strength to resist it.

However, it was simply impossible to resist.

Their bodies were madly surging towards an increasingly narrow hole.

"Bone Shrinking Technique!"

The space was getting smaller and smaller, from the original height of one person to now only the height of a four or five year old baby, and the hole, was still shrinking.

Chen Hao reminded Tie Cheng.

Both of them cast Shrinking Bone at the same time.

Adapt to this environment.

If not, spare Chen Hao such a terrifying physique, he would be squeezed into a puddle of flesh by this tunnel.


Finally, the suction force came to an end.

The two of them were inertia, thrown into this space.

What surprised Chen Hao was.

Here, there was actually no more seawater, it was completely a dry space.

While Tie Cheng was extremely injured, Chen Hao pulled him up.

"Sir, I was useless!"

Tie Cheng was weak.

"It's fine, because we... seem to have arrived at the Sea King's Palace!"

Chen Hao patted him on the shoulder, then his eyes had already been startled, looking at everything in front of him in surprise.

Tie Cheng also turned around and looked towards this space, and even more so, opened his mouth at once.

Because in front of him, there was an incomparably brilliant palace.

It was like a submarine dragon palace.

Chen Hao was somewhat dumbfounded.

In the center of this palace, there was a huge platform, five or six meters up, and there was a crystal coffin suspended.

It was also an immortal coffin!

Chen Hao was astonished.

It turned out that the woman in white had also been buried in an immortal coffin after parting with the God of Heaven.

They had been separated from each other since then.

But they can't see each other forever.

That old beggar, what does he want?

"Sir, there are murals all around, and by the looks of it, there are narratives of these events!"

At this moment, Tie Cheng pointed at the surrounding murals and said.

Chen Hao glanced at this white-clothed woman's Eternal Coffin, then glanced at the murals around it.

Like the desert dungeon, this palace, too, was filled with murals.

After a cursory glance, Chen Hao was indeed telling the story of the burial of the white-clothed woman.

And the few murals that followed could not be called murals anymore, they were all abstract texts.

It was just that these texts were not recognizable to Chen Hao. It was very different from the text of the murals he had seen before.

As for the murals, most of them spoke of the journey of the burial and the history of the female corpse.

These Chen Hao understood.

"Cave Clan writing?"

And Tie Cheng now finished reading the murals and came to these stone walls here.

"What kind of caveman?"

Chen Hao looked towards Tie Cheng.

"Sir, the Cave Clan is an ancient tribe, this is their exclusive script, at home, I have a beast skin Cave Clan literature volume that has been collected down and when I was a kid, my grandmother made me learn the meaning of some of these characters!"

Tie Cheng said.

Chen Hao's eyebrows couldn't help but raise slightly, "So, you can read it?"

Tie Cheng gave a rough glance: "At most, you know five or six points, the rest you have to guess!"

He scratched his head.

"It's better than I can't read it, but take a look at the writing on it, what kind of things are they talking about?"

Chen Hao patted him on the shoulder.

Tie Cheng watched very seriously.

After a period of one tea.

Only then did he say, "What is being said on this is too mysterious, as if it is telling a prophecy..."

"And there's a phrase that's been mentioned several times..."

Tie Cheng scratched his head and pointed to these words, going to read them word by word.

"The phrase means that the flowers bloom into two, each, a world, and the answer you want is within one of them!"

"Two blossoms, one flower, one world?"

Chen Hao.

"Yes yes yes sir, that's right!"

Tie Cheng was busy nodding his head.

Again, that weird old woman was also saying that, and Chen Hao detected it with his mind, the old woman wasn't here at all.

Could it be that while we were unconscious, she had already left?

It didn't make sense, with that suction out there so strong, she couldn't even get out against the current herself, let alone her.

Of course, that wasn't the point.

One flower, one world, is to say that the ghost is a flower, how to comprehend this sentence?

Chen Hao frowned, "What else did it say in there? Where do you get that from that looks like a prophecy?"

"Sir, because the text seems to be saying that after ten thousand years someone will come and take the Celestial Fairy and take her to follow the long-lost The lover gets back together. In the meantime, the man will find his answer, only it will be an answer that seems far away, but very close..."

Tie Cheng said, "The specific words, I can see that it was very difficult for him to translate them.

But still, Tie Cheng said, "Because he holds the key that takes away the Eternal Coffin... the key, only he can actually open the Eternal Coffin!"


"Well, those words, the meaning they represent, would be something like a key!" Tie Cheng said.

Chen Hao pondered, "Could it be, referring to this thing?"


"What is it?" Tie Cheng asked curiously.

Chen Hao carefully pulled out a square wooden box from his pocket.

This wooden box was handed to himself by Yang Wei, another old beggar who handed it to Yang Wei's ancestor eight hundred years ago.

He had already calculated at that time that he would go in search of the Sea King Palace.

And made people wait until he appeared.

Now, could it be that this old beggar has also calculated that after ten thousand years, he will also come and take away this immortal coffin and the woman in white, so that he can reunite with the other himself?

Or is it that the old beggar from ten thousand years ago is simply the same person as the old beggar from eight hundred years ago!

Chen Hao shuddered, this matter didn't dare to think about it.

However, there was one thing Chen Hao could see, according to him, as long as he could reunite the woman in white with his other self, then he would get the answers he wanted, and would the matter of the Sun Alliance be exhaled?

"What else did he say? Iron City you try to read as much as you can!"

I'm not going to be able to do that.  

"He also seemed to say that something bad was going to happen in the world soon, and that a lot of people were going to die because of it...everyone Can't be stopped! And it is destiny that the prophecies in him will be fulfilled one by one! As for the rest, sir, I...I just can't understand it!"

Iron City sighed.

Many people lost their lives because of this? Prophecy?

What would be the bad thing?

How you look at it, you feel like the words on the stone wall are all washed away.

But just because you couldn't read it now, it didn't mean later.

Chen Hao forcefully recorded the words on the stone wall.

Then he brought Tie Cheng and came to the mural this.

And the last one of the mural was about how as long as you could get the key to open the living door, you would be able to find a place to go out.

The so-called key, which is also reflected in the fresco, is really the gold fish tail pattern in the wooden box.

After recording all these things one by one.

Chen Hao walked towards the centermost coffin.

Tie Cheng also followed behind.

She had always heard from Barbra about how this woman in white in her dream had a fairy-like quality, and Chen Hao had never seen her.

Now that she was here, she really wanted to take a good look at how this beautiful woman who had descended from the sky looked like.

The coffin lid was pushed halfway open.

A cool, gloomy cold air came over.

And when the cold air dispersed, the woman inside the coffin appeared in front of the two.

"Sister Immortal?"

Iron City is both surprised and amazed!

A face of excitement.

It seemed that Chen Hao's initial guess was right, the one who had saved Tie Cheng was this woman in white, but she, how did she survive?

Inside the coffin, it was clearly a Yin beauty.

She was dressed in a spotlessly white white dress.

Indeed, Chen Hao must also admit that she was probably the most beautiful woman in the world, bar none.

Because even if she was so peaceful right now, she couldn't hide the whiff of immortal spirit that emanated from her body.

Even if she really had any flaws, this Immortal Spirit Breath would automatically help her repair the same.

"It's really this beautiful!"

Chen Hao was startled.

In his heart, he said.

"Unfortunately, even if you're beautiful, you belong to that person who's exactly like me, and I, I just want to find my Tongxin and Second Uncle, we A family can be reunited, of course, I'll help you reunite with him first, and if I do, I'd like you to help me, sister, even if it means giving A little hint is fine with me, as long as it gets me to them!"

Chen Hao said to the white-clothed woman inside the coffin.

Then, Chen Hao withdrew his gaze.

Closing the coffin lid back up.

From the overhang, he pulled Tie Cheng and leapt down, turning around.

Finally, Chen Hao saw a groove in the center of the high platform.

The shape of this groove corresponded to the fishtail pattern in his hand.

It seemed that by putting the fishtail pattern in, one could find the exit of this palace.

Chen Hao secretly said.

He was about to put it on.

Suddenly, Tie Cheng suddenly screamed.

"Mister you look, there's a coffin there!"

Tie Cheng pointed to a certain place that was filled with a ghostly light.

At a glance, sure enough, a black giant coffin, whose entire body was bound by thick chains, was quietly lying in this corner.

The chains were as if they were trying to lock up the things inside that were about to come out.

It was a bit frightening in one's heart.

No wonder Tie Cheng was shocked.

"Strange, above the mural, why doesn't it show the origin of this coffin?"

Chen Hao was astonished.

There were also a few suspicions, like the small coffin that had tumbled down from the ship, which also did not appear here, and the giant dragon that was buried with it, here, where they were nowhere to be seen!

"Never mind that for now, Tie Cheng you stand farther away, when the exit opens, there will be a huge amount of seawater coming in, I have to take care of the Eternal Coffin, you Remember to stay behind me!"

Chen Hao.

Tie Cheng nodded heavily.

Now, Chen Hao had only one purpose, that was this woman in white, the rest, if he couldn't find ideas Chen Hao didn't have the energy to look for them either.

Now, the fishtail pattern was placed on top.

A golden light flashed.


Then, the entire palace began to sway.

Trembling violently, as if the sky and the earth had collapsed.

The crystal coffin, at this moment, was even slowly falling.

It was held up by Chen Hao with one hand.


However, the expected birth door did not open at the moment.

Rather, the immortal coffin unceasingly began to tremble.

Even the chains of the black lacquered giant coffin in the darkness began to tremble.

Then, a strange scene happened.

Just saw the chains crumbling in every direction.

And the crystal coffin, even more, wanted to fly out.

From all over the walls, the ghost flowers actually started to permeate and grow at a speed visible to the naked eye.

"This this this..."

Iron City was terrified, "It's those ghost flowers again!"

And the ghostly flowers quickly filled up, spilling out large amounts of pollen.

At the same time, the intense dizziness struck again.


The palace walls cracked, and seawater began to gush wildly towards it.

Chen Hao's entire body trembled in pain.

But he held onto the Eternal Coffin tightly.


The stone pillars collapsed and fell everywhere.

Chen Hao's legs weakened and he knelt straight down.


Tie Cheng was hit by a giant pillar, but still climbed trying to come over to assist Chen Hao who was already weak from the irritation of the ghostly flower.


Until all the seawater broke through the entire Sea King Palace.

Chen Hao could no longer bear the shock brought by the Ghost Duohua, his eyes went black, and he couldn't help but faint.

The moment Chen Hao fainted, he clearly saw that in the corner, that big black coffin, the chain had completely broken, and the coffin lid had been flung aside.

A black, dense mane of Qi directly penetrated out.

And on the surface of the sea, the Chen family fleet.

It was already late at night, and suddenly, lightning and thunder struck, and the waves were running wildly.

The shaking ships were about to become unstable.

The sea breeze was howling ghostly, as if it wanted to lift all the ships.

The sea was tsunami....

"What to do? Chan is still in there? This tsunami is like an undercurrent at the bottom of the sea! Can you detect what's going on down there?"

The Chen family bodyguards were anxious.

"All the ships have no signal! The radar is jammed too!" Someone shouted.

And at that moment, a black qi mane suddenly burst out from the sea.

It swept all the way up into the high altitude.

"What is that?"

This black mane, which cut through the sky, was like a meteor, falling towards a certain direction.

The Chen family's bodyguards, standing on the deck, all saw this strange scene.

"It can't be a misreading, right?"

Someone was surprised.

"How is that possible!"

"Okay, we've got a signal again, we're connected to Chen!"

The bodyguards were excited.

But the sea breeze was increasing.

Chen Hao's brain, was stabbed blank.

He could no longer control his body, but he still had only one thought left, and that was the Eternal Coffin, which he held tightly.

It was unknown how long he had been unconscious.

When Chen Hao woke up again, he found himself lying in the room.

I... I'm not dead yet?

Chen Hao muttered to himself.

"Little Song, you're finally awake!"

Inan Fang, who had been sitting beside Chen Hao, was so excited that she was about to cry when she saw that Chen Hao was awake.

Not long after, Grandmaster Fang, Zuo Zhongtao, and a few key bodyguards all poured in.

"Young Chen, you've finally woken up!"

They were excited.

Chen Hao shook his neck, "How long was I unconscious?"

He asked.

"Young Master Chen, you've been in a coma for a month and a half!"

Several of the bodyguards were worried.

"What? A month and a half?"

Chen Hao stared at him.

"By the way, where is my Eternal Coffin?" Chen Hao was shocked.

The bodyguard was busy saying, "Young Master Chen, that's to say about this immortal coffin, it was brought back by you, but... alas, anyway, go over and take a look! Bar!"


Listening to the narration of the several bodyguards.

Chen Hao thought to himself that he had actually been unconscious for a month and a half, and the shock that the Ghost Duo Flower had brought to him seemed even more powerful than he had imagined.

Unlike the attack methods of experts like Mo Canglong.

The Ghost Flower, acting as a medium, inflicted powerful mental damage on people.

Although his own flesh had been hardened to the point of being extremely refined, his spiritual strength was far from being attained, and this time, he almost died from being severely injured by the Ghost Duo Flower.

Rather, the scene before the Sea King Palace itself went unconscious was still fresh in one's mind.

That big black coffin seemed to have popped open.

A black qi mane came through, while he was holding the Eternal Life Coffin tightly.

Since the Eternal Life Coffin was still there, what else could it be?

Chen Hao rolled over and arrived within a room in the backyard that was under the key care of the bodyguards.

Pushing open the door, the Eternal Coffin was being placed right in the center.  

Chen Hao pushed the coffin lid open, only to discover that the coffin was actually empty, Sister White was gone!

"Young Master Chen, when we salvaged you, the Everlasting Coffin was right next to you, we salvaged it together, and at that time, the woman in white inside the coffin was still In, and seven days ago, there was a change of heart, and the woman inside vanished overnight, as if she had vanished from the face of the earth, only to be Leave this coffin!"

A bouncer came up and said.

"This is unimaginable!"

Old Master Fang was also there.

They had gone to Ocean City before and everything had settled down.

Just as they were about to leave to return to the southwest, the bodyguards suddenly came looking for Zuo Zhongtao, saying that Young Master Chen was injured and had fallen into a severe coma.

Therefore, the group did not leave and came directly to Stranger Island to visit.

Old Master Fang, who was nearly a hundred years old, was also incredulous at the scene before him.

Chen Hao was also amazed, could it be that the mourner's narrative back then was true, and that the woman in white in the coffin could really come back to life?

Chen Hao carefully examined the Eternal Coffin.

A ghost flower placed right in the center caught Chen Hao's attention.

Seeing this thing, Chen Hao subconsciously wanted to take a step back, really hurt by this thing.

It was neatly placed, as if, it was left here specifically by people.

"Yes Young Master Chen, only this nameless flower is left behind!"

The bodyguard was ashamed.

Chen Hao looked at him in a daze, "What? You recognize the Nameless Flower?"

This kind of flower was very rare, the first time Chen Hao saw it was on his grandfather's island, but at that time, it was just treated as a kind of flower and she was not taken seriously.

Chen Hao had also never put any thought into this kind of flower.

Therefore, the fact that a bodyguard from his own family, who was not from the Hall of Souls, was able to recognize it made Chen Hao a little surprised.

"This... was told to me by Old Master Fang!"

"O? Grandpa Fang, do you recognize it?"

Chen Hao looked at Fang different.

"Naturally, I recognize you, when I was young, I was only nineteen or twenty years old, I was extremely close to your grandfather, that year, I was with you Grandpa's a friend from the war. He showed me these flowers! You're saying this is exclusive to the Chen family? I asked him what it was called and he said it was an anonymous flower! A flower full of strange mysteries! At the earliest, a totemic flower belonging to some magical country in the West!"

Fang was different.

"My grandfather had this flower then, and he knew the weird mysteries of it?"

Chen Hao's heart was shocked when he heard this.

Because when he asked himself about this flower on the island before, Uncle Wen's explanation was that after Grandpa founded the Hall of Souls, he went to the West, the Great Northwest, and accidentally obtained the seeds, and planted it as an art collection, not knowing the wonders of it at all.

But now, Grandpa Fang's words have pushed things forward a few decades, and it's unique to our Chen family?

These were simply two completely different statements.

"Of course, nameless flower, two blossoms, one flower, one world, that's what this old boy told me at the time, and it blinded me!"

Old Master Fang shook his head and laughed bitterly.

"There's that phrase again!"

Chen Hao grew more and more suspicious, how come Grandpa's words were exactly like that weird old woman's?

Presently, Chen Hao listened carefully to Old Master Fang's narrative.

"When I asked him what this meant, what was meant by one flower and one world, he told me that a space could be based on this nameless flower's style, divided into two identical spaces, and what you enter either space, what you see, hear, and even how it feels to you is The same, but it's two completely different spaces, and thus, two flowers bloom, one flower, one world!"

"But Grandpa, how can there be two identical but completely different spaces?"

Fang Hanran stood by the side, and could not help but question.

"Yes, I also asked him at that time, and he gave me an example, like this room we're standing in, right, the nameless flower has a kind of Wonderful effect, that can modify the spirit and the senses of man, you feel different, the nameless flower will be through its strange spirit The control makes you feel the same, you see this room, and when you're standing in the middle of another room, the nameless flower can make you feel the same The other room is exactly like this one!"

"So you should understand that I didn't understand it at the time anyway, and jokingly thought of the dotted line as a strange power for a while Criticism!"

The first time I saw it, I was so despondent that I thought it would be a mistake.

However, after the speech, Fang Dan and Fang Hanan found that Chen Hao's face suddenly turned extremely pale.

It was even uglier than when he was unconscious.

"Chen Hao, what's wrong with you?"

Different Fang and Fang Hanan asked in unison.

Chen Hao knitted his eyebrows.

"So this is the true meaning of One Flower, One World, at that time, that old woman had clearly entered the cave, and she did not have a gold fishtail pattern There is no reason to be able to get out of the other side of the Sea King's palace, and cut yourself to blocking her in the hole."

And woke up again after the coma.

When myself and Tie Cheng entered the Sea King Palace, there was no trace of the old woman inside at all.

Moreover, there was an additional large, dark coffin.

Yes, at that time, he was still wondering why he hadn't seen the bones of the giant dragon, and there was no narrative on the mural about the large, dark coffin.

Everything made Chen Hao feel weird.

But Chen Hao was only thinking of taking the woman in white and the immortal coffin.

But when he opened the tomb door according to the established procedure.

But the sky and the earth collapsed.

It was different from the scene on the mural as well.

How could he be so nonchalant at that time? It was as if there was a force that was grabbing onto his vulnerability, his urgency, fueling it.

Chen Hao pondered.

Of course, that wasn't the point.

What was most deadly was that Chen Hao was now very worried, very worried.

What he had entered, was it the real Sea King's Palace or not, and was the woman in white that he had encountered really?

What if it's really one flower and one world?

He entered another dimension himself.

Then...who was the person you rescued yourself from?


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