The Unknown Heir Chen 691-695


"Well, that's the first time you've ever wanted me to follow you around, and I certainly do!"

Yun Qing smiled flirtatiously.

And Chen Hao similarly nodded and smiled at her.

Naturally, Chen Hao would not mention a single word to her about Midnight's attempt to save the white-clothed woman tonight.

If she didn't compromise a little and was destroyed by her to recall the soul of the white-clothed sister, she would lose more than she gained.


"Aquatic, where the hell is that snake hole? Do you remember it or not?"

An hour later, the crowd was off, Shui Sheng, plus the curious Su Ruoxi, and Yun Qing who was following Chen Hao.

A few people arrived within the mountain.

"Of course I remember, but the place is rather hidden, let me think about it!"

Shuisheng scratched his head and now stood on a mound

"Found it, this is it!"

Shuisheng numbly leaped down, picking apart a dense grassy forest, and a circular hole close to a person's height appeared in front of everyone.

When Shuisheng was a child, he had gone into the mountains with his friends to play and found this big hole.

It was a bet on who dared to enter.

After going in, Shuisheng found a super-sized snake skin, thus gaining supernatural powers because he ate a fruit inside.

So this hole, Aquatic called it the snake hole.

At the beginning, everyone needed to enter with a bow.

When they walked a certain distance, it was a clear opening.

Inside, Huma was a huge stone chamber.

And this very large snake skin appeared right in the center of the cave, and it was not hard to imagine that this serpent was no weaker than the one you saw in the desert dungeon.

"This is it!"

The waterbender was as familiar as home, looking around the dark cave and smiling now.

And turned on the searchlight, making the entire slightly dark stone room a little brighter.

And Chen Hao was finally able to see more clearly, everywhere in the cave, there were indeed some odd paintings carved into it.

And within one of the stone slits, there was also a demonic plant, but on this plant, there was no fruit.

"This is the same plant I picked the fruit from, except there's no fruit yet! It's like, ever since I picked that one when I was a kid, it hasn't knitted!"

Shui Sheng said.

"It's really weird, it's called the Spirit Sacred Fruit, it's an ancient spirit, it only opens its fruit once at a time, you're lucky you ate it! ! It's just that the utility of this Spirit Sacred Fruit must not be too high on Earth, where the aura is thin!"

Yun Qing clearly knew him, and smiled now.

"Well, Suisheng got some supernatural abilities as a result!"

Chen Hao said.

His eyes, however, had already been drawn to the stone paintings within the cave.

It could be seen that these stone paintings were so old that they couldn't even be described with the word old, but old was the most appropriate term.

Chen Hao finished browsing through all the contents.

He greatly felt strange.

Because, from the stone painting, Chen Hao saw that there were many strange people depicted in it.

For example, there was one person who was obviously in human form, but he had a pair of wings, and even more bizarre, there were people with three eyes.

Also, there were many birds and beasts in there, but these birds and beasts, I don't know if they were intentional or not, they were very large.

There's a creature that's like a bat drawn on it.

Its size was just particularly huge.

Chen Hao thoughtfully remembered, when he had gone with Gu Yuxiang to get the water avoidance stone, he had found a giant bat in that mine cave, which had the head of a human.

It had a human head. It was very similar to the one on the mural.

At that time, I thought it was a cultivated bat demon, but now, could it be an ancient creature that survived?

And there are just too many weird aspects.

"Do you know what world this depicts? Is this Earth too?"

Chen Hao asked.

Yun Qing was also fascinated by what she was watching, before she heard Chen Hao ask a question.

"Yes, this is Earth, but it seems like tens of millions of years ago, the legendary age of a civilization that Earth once had. I had learned about it among some of the information in the realm! This should be a prehistoric civilization, to be precise, it seems to be the short-lived and incomparably glorious cultivation that once existed on Earth!"

Yun Qing said.

And Su Ruoxi let it go as if she was listening to a heavenly book, she was also looking stupid.

If it wasn't for the fact that Chen Hao had cut through many things, he would probably be stupid now as well.

He had already heard that Earth had experienced many prehistoric civilizations, and before the dinosaurs, it was as if there had existed an exceptionally human civilization.

And the dragons, too, had survived in that era.

It was just that this era was short-lived.

"Could it be that the murals from that period have been left behind until now?"

Chen Hao asked curiously.

"If it is a normal mural, of course it cannot be preserved now, you now, use your Xuantian True Qi, act on this mural and see What's changed?"

Yun Qing gazed at it.

Chen Hao didn't know as much as she did, so he had to listen to her and use Xuan Qi, skimming right over the top.

"Ah! It's changed, it's really changed, Chen Hao, look, above the mural, there are so many people and so many messages again!"

Su Ruoxi shouted in surprise.

Chen Hao also saw that all the murals seemed to have all manifested at the moment.

"I think it was an artisan from that era who used the method of mindfulness to store the murals in such a way, the artisan from that era Naturally, they can't be regarded as ordinary with the current craftsmen, who also have powerful abilities, and this storage method, some sects of the realm They're also being used, and as long as there's real energy present, they'll manifest!"

"I don't think this serpent is anything extraordinary, it's relying on its own true energy to nourish part of it!"

Yun Qing explained.

"So that's how it is, it seems that the rumors are not all empty, when there really is such a strange civilization."

Chen Hao nodded, "Hm? Now looking at this mural, it looks as if the people and even the beasts on it are doing another ritual, and the people and the beasts, as if they were never There's never been such harmony, and they've all come from all over and are worshipping this huge statue!"

Chen Hao tentatively translated.

"I seem to get it, it's supposed to just show this small area of their lives, and in their kind of civilized age, it can be made to be The only one who does it so religiously is probably the legendary one, right?"

Yun Qing had a heavy face.

"Which one?"

As expected, Yun Qing didn't bring it for nothing, she really knew a lot.

"This is also the legend of the Realm, because the Realm is the place that most resembles the prehistoric cultivation civilization that Earth once was, but of course, only similar to That era, too, was far from it, in other words, any person in that era could dominate the realm, let alone the current Earth! !"

"And the legendary man, I've read in an ancient source in the Realm that he seems to be the first to reach immortality since the birth of civilization A golden-bodied realm cultivation civilization powerhouse, invincible! I'm afraid that only he is able to make the Five Elements worship him so!"

"Indestructible gold?"



Yun Qing nodded, "That's right, the indestructible golden body is a realm that only exists in legends, once you become an indestructible golden body, then From then on, one could live with the heavens and the earth, and nothing more could truly destroy him! He was the only one in the civilization back then who had reached this legendary state of affairs! Of course, it's just a legend!"

"Then according to you, this canon he has existed even now, but back then as civilization died, he died with it Has it?"

Chen Hao asked curiously.

"Yeah, he should have perished as well, I reckon he is not an indestructible golden body, but a great power with extremely ungodly strength, so It is the only way to be revered by so many!"

Yun Qing explained.

"What about the Sun Alliance, what do you know about the Sun Alliance? This organization should belong to your realm, right?"

Chen Hao asked the question he was most concerned about.

"Sun Alliance? By the way, it doesn't belong to the realm, let alone to any party, but to an extremely mysterious and powerful organization, and within the realm, it seems like there is a A base dedicated to them. They're strong. I just know they're as strong as the Lord. Tens of millions of years ago, among that once-dead civilization!"

"But I read some of the historical murals above, and it tells that your bodies were found from a sacred tree which , dangling from the sky, accompanied by many other bodies, including Brother Celestial's!"

"You seem to know quite a bit. Yes, we fell in a heaven and earth catastrophe from the realm, and we also suspect that when we were The question of whether the catastrophe of the past life could be directly related to the Sun Alliance, of course, even if you were at the peak of your last life. Not daring to investigate, and you, who died fleeing from the realm to Earth, didn't realize that I had actually been following you!"  

Yun Qing smiled faintly.

"So then, what is the Realm like now, and what exactly is the Sun Alliance, even you can't investigate it clearly?"

Chen Hao could not help but feel disappointed.

"Well, he's an organization that can't be messed with, if you want to investigate, I suggest you better give up on the idea, even if you're back on top Can't compete with that!"

Yun Qing reminded.

She didn't go to ask Chen Hao what the Sun Alliance was doing, only a well-intentioned warning.

"One last question, in the beginning, you had been buried in the Sea King's Palace, and the leader responsible for escorting your corpse, that old man, do you still Remember? On the midway island, you had come out to kill, when it was this leader of the old man who subdued you!"

Chen Hao thought about the clues he had gotten before and asked.

"I really didn't see it, you actually know so much about it, the old man you're talking about is the Faceless Daoist, right, of course I remember him, otherwise He, and I will not be sealed for ten thousand years!"

A haze flashed across Yun Qing's eyes.

"Faceless Daoist? Based on my guess, it doesn't seem like he had a short life span, or was it some of the things that happened afterwards that were the work of his descendants? His supernatural powers are so vast that he seems to be able to understand the ancient and modern world, for the most direct judgment, which was eight hundred years ago, was that he had predicted the happened today!"

Chen Hao asked.

Yun Qing nodded without hesitation, "Indeed, the Faceless Daoist is the truly strongest person I have seen so far, and he seems to be the same as the The Sun Alliance has some connection, and I even suspect that the Faceless Man is the Sun Alliance, and that he is proficient in too many mind-boggling magical powers. Moreover, he would not have any descendants, I presume that he is still alive to this day, I just don't know, where he exists!"

"I think that's why you and the Nine Luo King, you don't dare to act too loudly, right? You're not sure if he's dead or alive!"

"Or so to speak!"

Today, Yun Qing explained many things to herself that she had never heard of before.

However, this Sun Alliance was like a veil of mystery, no matter how hard one tried, it could not be lifted.

But one thing was becoming clearer and clearer.

That was the existence of certain secrets in oneself that many people coveted.

Therefore, no matter if it was the Nine Luo King, the Ancient Family, or Yun Qing, they all had a purpose in approaching themselves.

It felt like what Yun Qing understood was all about their realm.

She didn't know as much as her own master, Qin Bo.

But Qin Bo hadn't appeared since that goodbye, where could he have gone?

Also, who is the mysterious person who gave him the password to go to the desert to find the Eternal Coffin?

Now, the mysteries behind the curtain seemed to be many, but it made Chen Hao feel clearer and clearer.

Because he always felt as if these people were approaching him with only one purpose.

They stayed within the snake cave for a long time again.

Su Ruoxi also took pictures very curiously, and only after an hour, a few people came out from inside the cave.

"Are you coming back with me?"

Yun Qing looked at Chen Hao and asked.

In her heart, the alliance that Chen Hao was talking about was a tacit approval of the two of them being together.

Yun Qing's gaze towards Chen Hao also had a bit of a softness to it.

"There are still some things I need to understand, and when I'm done with them, I'll come to you!"

Chen Hao said.

"Good, then I'll wait for you!"

Yun Qing said with a smile.

Then, she only saw her figure shake, and then she disappeared.

"Chen Hao, is she a human or a ghost?"

Su Ruoxi came over in surprise.

"Half man, half ghost!"

Chen Hao let out a long breath as he watched the direction she disappeared.

Chen Hao brought Su Ruoxi back to the shantytown to meet up with Li Ba and the others.

I thought that Uncle had returned, but Mumu said that he still hasn't returned yet.

Chen Hao abdominal slander, where the hell did uncle go, what took him so long!

At the same time.

Yun Qing had also returned to a manor where she was.

On the outskirts of the manor, all of them were her Three Saints, tightly guarded.


Seeing Yun Qing coming happily, many of the men were confused, when had the master she was actually so happy?

"Well, nobody came over to mess with me the last two days I was gone, right?"

Yun Qing faintly spoke.

"Master, it wasn't!"

"What about Miss Fang?"

Yun Qing asked again.

"Reporting back to the master, Miss Fang has been staying in her room and hasn't come out, I have instructed my servant to take good care of her!"

That subordinate.

"Very well, then go and invite Miss Fang out, I have something to tell her!"

Saying that, Yun Qing entered the manor.

She wanted to tell Inan Fang that Chen Hao had agreed to be with her.

She said before that Chen Hao only loves one person and won't be with other girls, so she should ask her if it's still the same now.

I don't know why, perhaps it was because she had been lonely for tens of thousands of years, but Yun Qing unconsciously treated Inan as a sister who could speak her mind.

Although this so-called sisterly relationship was particularly strange, she finally had someone to reveal her true feelings to, right?

"No good! Oh, no! Master!"

And at that moment, a servant hurried down the hall.

"What is it?"

Yun Qing frowned.

"Miss Fang she... she..." the servant was too scared to speak.

"What's wrong with her?" There are underlings coldly drinking.

"This morning, obviously still in the room, the small delivery of breakfast, but now, Miss Fang actually disappeared, the personal girl Xiao Hong also unconscious Up!"

The servant was sincerely terrified and poofed directly to Yun Qing, kneeling down and saying.


"What did you say? She's missing?"

Yun Qing could not help but feel angry.

"Master forgive me, I remember, just now Miss Fang was still in the room, and there was still movement, I didn't care, who knew to go in and take a look , Crimson is unconscious, and Miss Fang is missing!"

Hong is the personal maid Yun Qing has arranged for Fang Han Nan.

When she arrives at the room, she finds that Hong is unconscious.

Inan Fang had disappeared.

Yun Qing closed her eyes slightly and did some deep reverie.

Then, she opened her eyes.

"She should have just been left, I'm sure she can't run too far yet, immediately go after her in four directions!"

Yun Qing coldly drank.

Everyone trembled and immediately led the chase.  

And a big river's edge.

"Let go of me, you...who the hell are you?"

Fang Hangsan struggled away from a middle-aged man's hands and asked quite scrupulously.

This man had a strange appearance, and just half an hour ago, he suddenly appeared in his room, and without saying a word, he just knocked Red unconscious, and then flew all the way with him.

He was too fast.

This feeling made Fang Qunan feel as if he was flying.

Apart from Chen Hao Yunqing, Fang Hanran had really never seen anyone who could be so like this.

Therefore, this Fang Hanran was afraid.

Especially now, he had brought himself to a large river that was surrounded by tall jungles on all sides.

"Me? Naturally the one who saved you!"

The middle-aged man smiled slightly.

"Do you know Chen Hao? Did Chen Ge ask you to save me?"

Inan Fang couldn't think of anyone other than Chen Hao who could know such an expert.

"Sort of, even if he doesn't say anything, I'll still save you!"

The middle-aged man laughed bitterly.

He carried an oddly large bag on his back, his back was somewhat hunched, and his face, more like it had been burned, was full of scars.

He created a sense of fear.

However, when he said this, it filled Fang Qunan's face with joy.

"So, you know Chen Hao? Where is he now, and why doesn't he come to my rescue himself?"

Fanny asked hastily.

"He is with me now, busy with some important matters of his own, and I know that you are a piece of his heart, and if you have been kept by that The woman is holding on, and you know how Hao is, he can't sleep or eat!"

Middle-aged Uncle said.

Hearing this, Fang Hanan was happy again, it seemed that she still had some place in Chen Hao heart, at least. He would always worry about himself.

Fang Hanan suddenly realized that what she wanted might not be too much, and that she was already feeling very satisfied when Chen Hao cared for her like this.

"No, this uncle, but just now you said that even without Chen Hao, you would have saved me!"

Fang Hanran asked in shock.

For some reason, at this moment, after a brief exchange with this middle-aged man, Fang Hanran found that he was not terrifyingly dangerous, especially his eyes, the way he looked at himself was particularly soft.

This kind of soft gaze could easily give people a sense of affection.

"Oh, inan, you and your aunt look very much alike, almost exactly the same, and with Si zyue, your cousins, you also extremely resemble each other!"

The middle-aged man turned his head and smiled slightly.

"You... how do you know my name? And you know my aunt and Si zyue? Who the hell are you?"

This sentence really boggled the mind of Fang Hanran.

"Of course I know, I probably know everything about the Fang Clan better than you do!"

The middle-aged man smiled bitterly.

As he spoke, he carefully pulled out a photo from his bosom, and when Fang Hanan took a look at it, it was precisely Si zyue.

Fang Hanan was an extremely smart girl.

She was surprised and looked carefully into the eyes of the middle-aged man.

No wonder, when she looked at him just now, she always felt a sense of affection.

It wasn't until now that Fang Hanan reacted to the fact that his eyes were extremely similar to Chen Hao's.

And the face shape, too, had a divine resemblance.

Combined with what he had just said.

Inan Fang's whole body was shaken.

"Could it be that you are my aunt's husband, Chen Hao's second uncle? My missing aunt?"

Inan Fang asked tentatively.

"Oh, inan, you're as smart as your aunt."

The uncle smiled slightly.

"Ah! It really is..."

Fang Hanan covered her mouth in surprise.

" uncle, haven't you disappeared long ago? How come now? And Hao, how did you become like this?"

Fang Hanan asked in awe.

Later, she had heard from her aunt that her uncle, Pingan Chen, was a standard refined and beautiful man.

Only now that she saw him, it was no wonder that Fang Hanran was astonished.

"I had to do this in order to escape, and it's better to hide myself away, it's easier to investigate things!"

Chen Pingan's eyes regained that old silence.

"So, even Chen Hao doesn't know your true identity? I didn't know you were the second uncle he'd been looking for?"

Fang Qunan said.

"Of course he doesn't know, I still haven't found out whether that person is good or bad, so for now, I'd rather not reveal my identity to Hao , so that you can still help him in the dark all the time!"

Chen Pingan laughed.

"Is it good or bad to check what people?"

Inan asked.

"You can't know about this either, or else all my efforts will be in vain if it is accidentally leaked. Inan, today's meeting with you is also Accidentally, you remember to keep this a secret for me!"

Chen Pingan said.

"Good aunt!"

In fact, Chen Pingan had always been a calm person.

For the sake of his own investigation, even if he missed it immensely, Chen Pingan had restrained himself from meeting his family.

Until he learned from Chen Hao that Inan had been captured by Yun Qing.

In these few days, he secretly investigates where Inan is.

Today, he waits for an opportunity to rescue Inan.

But her appearance is too much like her aunt.

It made Chen Pingan suddenly have a lot of thoughts and couldn't help but reveal his identity to Inan.

"Then where are we going now?" Fanny asked.

"Don't you want to see Chen Hao, I'll take you to see him, according to my estimation, he already went back!"

Chen Pingan said.

Fang Hanan nodded heavily.

But just turned around and followed his aunt a few steps.

Chen Pingan suddenly paused in his steps.

The original quiet eyes, through a touch of gloom, coldly swept around.

"Inan, I'm afraid we'll have to be slightly delayed for a little while before we return!"

Chen Pingan said.

"Huh? Why?"

"Because I don't want to be tracked all the way to our house, and these people, they're going to ruin it there, so I'm going to spend a little bit of money here. Time to fix them!"

The corner of Chen Pingan's mouth curled up in a smile.

"But aunt, where are there people around here?"

No matter how much Fanny looked, she couldn't see the slightest trace of people.

"They're fifty miles away, splitting into four groups heading in four directions, and there are more than a dozen of them, chasing after us."

Pingan Chen's eyes flashed with a dark green look.

It frightened Fang Hanran.

"Uncle, you can see clearly what is happening fifty miles away?"

She was surprised.

"Oh, no matter how far away it is, uncle can still see clearly..." Chen Pingan laughed bitterly.


The group of people were moving very fast, and in a short time, Inan clearly heard the sound of footsteps.

Then, they saw a dozen people leaping out from the jungle.

"Found them! Quick, surround them!"

The leader of the group shouted excitedly, if nothing else, this was a great achievement, they were the first to find Inan Fang.

Everyone's eyes shone brightly, thinking that the fruit of victory was in front of them.

"Uncle, what should we do? They're all very good!"

Inan looked tight, having spent a long time with them, Inan knew their strength well.

"Oh, just keep them here, inan you lean back!"

Chen Pingan smiled slightly.

Then, opened the backpack on his back.

A large bow made of black gold appeared in front of Inan Fang.  

Right now, it was seen that Pingan Chen had a bow and arrow in his hand.

At the moment, they were still two to three hundred meters away from this side.

But Ping An Chen shot the arrow directly.

A stream of light was seen to slice through, the light instantly hitting the crowd and ricocheting back and forth between the dozen or so people.

A cloud of dust rose and by the time it settled, the dozen or so people had all fallen to the ground.

This stream of light, which had been transformed back into a bow and arrow, returned to Pingan Chen's hands.

"Uncle, you're amazing!"

Fang Hanran took a deep breath.

"They're all dead?"

"No, I saw that they did not do anything malicious to you, so, just knocked them out, at least for three days, they will not wake up Come here!"

Ping An Chen smiled faintly, "Alright, let's go, Little Hao will be very happy to see you!"

By the time Pingan Chen returned with Fang Hanran, it was already dark.

Chen Hao had been preparing for tonight's Soul Summoning and was overjoyed when he saw Uncle returning with Fang Hanan.

Chen Hao was simply overjoyed.

"Uncle, inan, you?"

Chen Hao is pleasantly surprised.

When Fang Hanan was captured and he was able to escape, this had always made Chen Hao's heart anxious, always worried that something would happen to Fang Hanan, but now it was good, Fang Hanan was finally saved.

"I saw that you've been missing her, so I helped you save her, so that you can be relieved of a piece of your heart!"

The uncle looked at Chen Hao and smiled.

"Chen Hao!"

And after Fang Hanan saw Chen Hao, she could no longer control her emotions, and immediately threw herself into Chen Hao's arms and cried.

"Alright, you're alright to save, I was also reaching some compromise with Yun Qing and was going to change you out, uncle more than just finished my Heart attack, that's a big help!"

Chen Hao smiled.

"Hm? What's that noise in the cellar?"

Uncle was now alarmed.

"Li Ba, bring up the ancient wind!"

Chen Hao said to the force bully in the cellar.

Soon, Li Ba came up with the sickly Gu Feng.

Uncle first looked at Li Ba with a flash of color in his eyes, and then looked at the tortured Gu Feng.

"Brother Chen, Grandpa Chen, when are you going to let me go back? I'm a wreck now, so why don't you treat me like an ass and let me go?"

He begged bitterly.

"This brat, the young master of the Ancient Family, Gu Yuehong loves him very much, and now that he's in my hands, I'm going to use him against the Ancient Family! "

"Good little Hao, that gives you an extra chip in your hand!"

"His name is Li Ba, and he's a friend I made when I was in the Pill King Valley!"

"By the looks of it, he's a master of extraordinary strength!"

Uncle put away the wisp of color in his eyes and nodded his head with a pleased smile.

"Looks like your journey has been worthwhile and rewarding! Hao, what are you going to do with these?"

Uncle was talking about the altar.

Chen Hao was going to recruit Sister White's soul here, so he told Uncle about it.

"Since it's going to be midnight, it's still early, and it's rare for us all to get together, so why don't we have dinner together!"

Uncle was obviously very happy today.

"Yes, a reunion meal!" Fanny smiled.

"A reunion dinner?" Chen Hao was a bit confused and said.

"O, look now that Uncle is back, I'm back too, Hao you've found this good helper again, shouldn't we have a reunion dinner , anyway, uncle saved my life, I treat uncle as a member of my family!"

Fang Clan knew that he had almost let his mouth slip and hurriedly rounded back.

"That's true, uncle not only saved your life, but also my life, hehe, I've always taken uncle as my own family too, right, eating A reunion dinner! Tonight, I'll cook for myself!"

Chen Hao laughed.

"Chen Hao I'll help you!"

And at this time, the Li Mu Mu on the side and Su Ruoxi said almost simultaneously.

And these words also made Su Ruoxi and Li Mumu somewhat embarrassed.

How to say it, Li Mumu had some good feelings for Chen Hao, and this good feeling came more from admiration for some of Chen Hao qualities.

There was also Chen Hao's strength.

A handsome appearance naturally belonged to part of it too.

And Su Ruoxi and Chen Hao were obviously first acquaintances.

She, on the other hand, had a too strong sense of curiosity towards Chen Hao.

It was because he was a top rich second generation, yet, he was extremely mysterious.

If a woman, who was curious about a man, developed a sense of curiosity, then she was not far from an ambiguous process.

Of course, it wasn't that Chen Hao was intentionally hiding something so that Su Ruoxi would always have a curious feeling towards him.

Rather, there were many things that were really impossible to tell clearly.

Uncle naturally took all of this in his eyes.

Another look at the obviously jealous Fang Qunan.

"Little Hao is worthy of being big brother's son, when he really has the style of big brother back then!"

He laughed bitterly in his heart.

The meal was a pleasant atmosphere, but it was also eaten with each mind.

Soon, midnight would arrive.

"This is the first time I've tried this method, and I don't know if it works or not. Miss Su, the next two days may be tough for you, but I guarantee that you won't suffer any damage!"

Chen Hao comforted Su Ruoxi.

Su Ruoxi nodded her head, then sat on the side and closed her eyes gracefully.

Chen Hao, on the other hand, even sat cross-legged, circulated the Heavenly Xuan Gong, borrowed the power of the Dragon Blood Jade Pendant, and began to try to summon Sister White's soul.

Meanwhile, the Ancient Family's secret room.

Above the Crystal Eternal Coffin.

A faint light was flickering.

Then, a white shadow flickered.

The figure of the white-clothed woman gradually appeared and slowly sat on top of the crystal coffin.

Her eyes revealed a touch of expectation that had been missing for a long time.

"Why did you come out today? Could it be that you're lonely and want someone to talk to?"

And with a flash of black mane, the Nine Luo King also appeared before the Eternal Coffin.

His mouth was filled with a cold smile.

"Nine Luo King, I advise you one last time, don't do something useless, there are some people that you, can't touch, some destinies . And something you can't change!"

The white-clothed woman looked at him and shook her head with a bitter smile.

"I hate this look on your face, I'm telling you, after tonight, my soul can already condense into substance, and by then, even without using the I don't have to worry about you running away if the formation seals you!"

The Nine Luo King coldly said.

"Cultivating your ghost body by sucking in other people's yang energy, King Nine Luo, after all, you came from a domain door of the realm, and you're now possessed by the Self-destruction!"

The white-clothed woman was already looking at him with some pity.

Just as the Nine Luo King was about to say something.

Suddenly, it was to see that around her, there was a great display of light, while from the outside world, there was also a light that shone directly through the stone wall, and the two rays of light quickly merged into one.

"This... what is this? Why would you ignore my phalanx!"

The Nine Luo King was taken aback.

"As I have just said, this is my last advice to you, I hope you remember my words and do not do evil, or you will perish at your own peril!"

The white-clothed woman said.

After saying that, the light in front of her body manifested even more dazzling.

And the Nine Luo King attempted to cast a spell to organize it.

But he found that he couldn't even get close to this light.

"What kind of power is this!"

He was wildly horrified, and his face had become extremely fierce .

Another intense flash of light was seen, while the figure of the woman in white wrapped in it, ignoring the formation and directly disappearing with the light....


Chen Hao's side was also glowing brightly.

This change caused Pingan Chen to be slightly alarmed.

This jade pendant in Little Hao's bosom was extremely extraordinary, and it was really unknown what kind of terrifying power it possessed, but it was able to be so, and This jade pendant was indeed a little too compatible with Little Hao!

It was seen that the light emitted from the jade pendant shot up into the sky as Chen Hao used the Heavenly Xuan Gong to draw it.

It was like a pillar of light.

It penetrated the heavens and the earth.

In the surroundings, even more so, the wind was swirling and flying dust was everywhere.

"What a mighty force!"

Power Tyrant was simply wide-eyed and frightened on the side, saying.

And not long after, this white light began to slowly shrink until, it slowly returned to this courtyard.

At this moment, Chen Hao's body was almost overstretched, and his head was full of weak sweat.  

He braced himself to stand up from the ground and looked at Su Ruoxi who was deep in thought.

He couldn't help but shake his head, "Li Ba, just now I have tried my best to use the Heavenly Xuan Gong to borrow the power of the jade pendant to communicate forward, but It doesn't look like it's bearing fruit, does it?"

Chen Hao eyed the crowd.


If things had gone well, Su Ruoxi would have produced some reactions by now.

However, when Chen Hao looked at the crowd, he found that the gazes of the crowd were all looking back at him in shock.

Including the always calm and steady uncle, who was now staring at something a little different at the moment.

"What's wrong?"

Chen Hao was astonished.

"Young Master Chen, it worked! It worked! She's right behind you, she really is a celestial fairy!"

Power Tyrant said tremblingly.

Chen Hao subconsciously turned back.

His eyelids jumped even harder.

In front of his own eyes, there was a white-clothed woman suspended before his eyes.

She had a cool face, but she was too beautiful, so beautiful that it made one's heart palpitate.

The Yun Qing that she had seen in the coffin before, although their looks were almost identical, for some reason, the true sister in white. But it was so light and dusty.

And Chen Hao's turn back was also the cause of a long-lost smile on his white mouth.

This smile seemed like it could be revitalized.

It made one feel like a spring breeze.

And this was only a smile that could only be reserved for Chen Hao, or a heavenly god.

"After tens of thousands of years, I never thought that we would meet again in such a way!"

Smiling, she floated in front of Chen Hao and lifted her white wrist, caressing Chen Hao's cheek.


Chen Hao couldn't help but swallow spittle, "Sister Bai Yi, I... I'm not your husband, my name is Chen Hao, and I'm only twenty-five years old!"

"You'll understand later, when you remember the past!"

White said.

"My name is Zi Yan, I know you won't remember my name now!"

Luo Ziyan spoke softly.


Chen Hao subconsciously nodded his head.

Chen Pingan, however, was looking at Luo Ziyan in his eyes, and in addition to the shock of seeing the original, there was, surprisingly, a touch of reverence.

I really couldn't understand how Little Hao had gained the favor of this Heavenly Immortal's daughter.

One had to know that she and the Sky War God were an hereditary couple and had an extremely high status in the realm!

When Fang Hanan looked at her, she felt a strange sorrow in her heart, because this woman was so beautiful that even Fang Hanan was jealous of her! up.

"Sister Ziyan, you're still just a soul mind and weak, I've already helped you find an adaptive body, you can temporarily possess her Body!"

Chen Hao withdrew his thoughts and said.

"Fine, but I only need to borrow her for one night to restore my Primordial Spirit, and after that, I will temporarily live in the Dragon Blood Jade Pendant!"

Luo Ziyan smiled slightly.

"Live in a jade pendant?"

Chen Hao took out his Dragon Blood Jade Pendant.

"Well, since you've come to search for me by all means, I'm sure someone must have said something to you to take my corpse and go with the A joint burial of the bodies of the skies, right? In fact, the purpose is within this Dragon Blood Jade Pendant, a purely natural adaptation that I can cultivate within!

Luo Ziyan explained.

"So, do you know who that mysterious person is, Sister Ziyan?"

"I can only guess in broad strokes, but I can't be sure, exactly, until I seek out the skies and have you complete your complete fusion, and then With the power of the Dragon Blood Jade Pendant, you're not far from restoring one of your peaks!"

Luo Ziyan said.

"Restore one of my peaks?"

Chen Hao, on the other hand, was a bit confused.

But the meaning, Chen Hao understood, she wanted to return to the era of the Lynx War God?

So you, yourself, are really the reincarnation of your warrior brother?

Chen Hao was more and more horrified.

When it truly came to this point, in Chen Hao's heart, it was still somewhat hard to accept.

If he really recovered, would he still be the same person he was now?

"Of course, there was too long a gap between you, and all I could do was return its primordial spirit to its rightful place, and I think you've restored the skies' A small part of the memory, but it would be almost impossible to recover all of it!"

"So, even if the Primordial Spirit returns to me, I'm still the same person I am now?"

Chen Hao seemed to have let out a sigh of relief.

"In a manner of speaking, what, you like the current you so much, you don't want to be the old Ling Xiao again?"

Luo Ziyan was a bit curious instead.

"Yeah, I like the current me, now that I've experienced so much, I rather like the old me when I was a poor student even more, compared to the God of War, I'd rather be an ordinary man!"

Chen Hao smiled bitterly and spoke what was on his mind.

"But there are some things that you can't counteract! Nor can it be changed, since it happened, you have to face it!"

Zi Yan said.

"I understand, and I'm on a dead end now too! All I can do is try my best to do my best!"

Zi Yan smiled in delight.

In the middle of the conversation, she saw her figure faintly shake.

A white light was seen, and it instantly disappeared into Su Ruoxi's heavenly lid position.

Not long after, Su Ruoxi opened her eyes.

Only compared to the usual Su Ruoxi, her eyes at this moment had a completely different style.

Chen Hao knew that this was Luo Ziyan's successful possession.

"Before you revert back to what you once were, I'd better call you Little Hao, right?"

Luo Ziyan opened her mouth.

She then looked at the crowd.

Among them, Uncle and Li Ba both had reverent looks.

There were also a few beautiful girls who looked at themselves revealing intense surprise.

Luo Ziyan smiled and said, "I can come back smoothly, by the way, I can't do without everyone's help, from now on, we'll be friends at Here, Zi Yan thanks everyone!"

"You're welcome, Sister Celestial Immortal, this is what I should do, it's a lifelong honor for Li Ba to work for you and the God of War!"

Power Tyrant smiled coyly.

"It's just that this place now is not a place for us to stay for long, and the King of Nine Luo already knows that I was rescued by Little Hao, and I believe that with his Smart, he'll know what's going on soon enough and track it down, it's not safe here anymore!"

Luo Ziyan said.

"I also thought of this, so, this morning, I asked Li Ba and Mumu to settle the entire village with the Other new neighborhoods live inside, and I'm worried that someone will follow me here!"

Chen Hao said.

"Well, that's why we have to leave quickly, right now!"

Luo Ziyan said.

Saying, as if she remembered something.

"By the way Hao, there's something else I need to tell you!"


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