The unknown Heir 851-855


Master Yun Kon also smiled when he heard this.

His goodwill towards Chen Hao had increased a lot now, after all, he was now the Dean's sitting student, but his status was different.

"Master Yun Kon, I'm a bit bored living here by myself, can I find some people to stay with me? Because I have a few friends in the academy too!"

After some thought, Chen Hao suggested towards Master Yun Kon.

"Er. This."

Grandmaster Yun Kon revealed a puzzled look.

This hadn't happened before in the academy, after all, Chen Hao's identity wasn't the same as those people.

Chen Hao immediately took out a Heavenly Spirit Fruit from his storage ring and handed it to Grandmaster Yun Kon.

"Grandmaster Yun Kon, this is a little bit of kindness from me, so help me out!" Chen Hao pleaded towards Master Yun Kon.

Seeing Chen Hao take out the Celestial Spiritual Fruit suddenly made Yun Kon dumbfounded.

He did not expect Chen Hao to possess the Celestial Spiritual Fruit.

"Celestial Spiritual Fruit, you. Where did you get it?" Master Yun Kon looked at Chen Hao in surprise and asked.

The only place in the entire Sky Continent where the Heavenly Spirit Fruit grew was that place, and of course Yun Kon knew about it, but Chen Hao's possession of the Heavenly Spirit Fruit was a surprise to him.

"Oh, someone gave it to me!"

Chen Hao smiled lightly and explained briefly.

But Yun Kon could hear that Chen Hao was definitely hiding something, but he didn't want to ask about it.

Since Chen Hao was so sincere, he was of course willing to help, and quickly took the Heavenly Spirit Fruit Chen Hao handed over and put it away.

Not everyone could get such a good and precious thing as the Heavenly Spirit Fruit, of course Yun Kon had to take it.

"Chen Hao, tell me, which ones you want to stay here with you, I'll arrange it!"

Then, Yun Kon agreed.

Chen Hao stuck close to Yun Kon's ear and spoke the names of the three are Lin Zilan people.

"Okay, no problem, I'll arrange it right away, but Chen Hao, this is a matter between the two of us, we can't let anyone else know about it, or else the dean and the clansman and the others will blame me!"

Yun Kon didn't forget to remind Chen Hao again.

Naturally, Chen Hao understood this, he knew that this kind of thing was inherently dishonorable, but he also didn't want to live in this place alone.

Moreover, Lin Zilan and Zhou Nuo as well as Gao Zicheng were his friends, so of course the good things had to be shared by everyone, and Chen Hao didn't want the three of them to have a bad time as well.

"That's good, then you wait here for a while, I'll make arrangements for the three of them to come over and join you!"

Yun Kon turned to leave after giving Chen Hao a word of instruction.

Chen Hao sat alone outside the pavilion and waited.

After almost ten minutes or so, only Yun Kon brought the three of them together with Zhou Nuo to the East Garden loft.

"Chen Hao!"

Upon seeing Chen Hao, Zhou Nuo couldn't help but shout, immediately jumping up happily.

"Chen Hao, then I won't bother the three of you, you can clean up after yourselves, you can tell me anything you need!" Yun Kon also did not want to disturb the four of them, so he left with a message to leave.

Seeing Yun Kon treat Chen Hao with such respect really surprised the Zhou Nuo & the others.

"Chen Hao, what did you do to make Master Yun Kon treat you with such respect? And why are you here? What did you call us here for?"

Zhou Nuo asked three questions in a row towards Chen Hao at once.

Chen Hao raised a smile at the corners of his mouth and looked at Zhou Nuo and the two of them and said, "From now on, this is where the four of us live, I'm now the dean's sitting student!"

Hearing Chen Hao's words, the three of them, revealed even more incredulous looks.

"Brother Chen, you're not joking with us again, are you? Dean's Sitting Cadet, really?" Gao Zicheng looked at Chen Hao somewhat questioningly and asked.

"Eh, I knew you guys wouldn't believe it, noh, let me show you what this is, this is an exclusive token given to me by the dean himself, if you still don't believe me, you can ask Master Yun Kon ah!"

Chen Hao quickly took out the exclusive tokens that Sumi had given him and handed them to Zhou Nuo and said proudly.

Now the three of them were considered to believe it, no wonder Master Yun Kon had shown such respect to Chen Hao.

"Chen Hao, you're too good to be a sitting student of the dean, and you live alone in such a nice place!" Zhou Nuo looked at Chen Hao adoringly and praised.


Chen Hao also chuckled lightly.

"But now you can live with me ah, so I won't be lonely by myself!"

Hearing Chen Hao's words, the three of them were pleasantly surprised, not expecting Chen Hao to let them stay with him.

Soon, the four of them simply cleaned up and headed to the dining hall to eat.

The Sky Academy had a special place to eat, just like the universities on Earth, only this was another continent.

When the four arrived at the dining hall, they each fetched their food and sat down together to eat and chat.

"Scram, next is the elite class meal, all of you scram!"

Just then, an angry, cold voice rang out.

These people were all from the elite class, and they looked like they were making people feel arrogant and domineering.

Some of the surrounding students saw this and hurriedly left, no one daring to provoke these people from the elite class.

"Chen Hao, those people are a bit unfriendly, what should we do?" Zhou Nuo then looked at Chen Hao and asked.

Those people were afraid of the elite class, Chen Hao wasn't afraid, after all, Chen Hao was the dean's sitting student, his status was even higher than these people in the elite class, not to mention Chen Hao had the strength, so why should he be afraid of these people?

"Never mind them, let's keep eating!"

Chen Hao said indifferently, and then continued to pipe himself up with his three companions people to eat.

Seeing that the Chen Hao and his companions were still sitting in their seats, the ones from the elite class immediately walked over and gathered around the four of them.

"Hey, you four, you don't understand what we're saying, right? It's our elite class that's dining now, so if you know what to do, get the hell out of here, or don't blame us for being rude!"

An inch-headed man just spoke gloomily and glared at the four of Chen Hao in anger.

The strength of these elite classes were almost all at the third or fourth stage of the Realm of Reality cultivating souls, or something.


As soon as the inch-headed man finished speaking, his entire body was directly shaken away by a force.

It was Chen Hao who took the shot.

"Where are the wild dogs from, this is a public dining area, not the territory of your elite class!"

Chen Hao directly coldly squeezed out a sentence from his mouth.

In an instant, the other elite class students around made preparations to make a move.

For a while, the swords were rattling, the smell of gunpowder was very strong on both sides, and a battle could come at any time.


"Boy, I think you're tired of living!"

The inch-headed man's tone was stern and angry.

The words fell, and the inch-headed man smashed his fist towards Chen Hao's front door.


Without waiting for him to touch Chen Hao, Chen Hao slapped out a quick slap and directly smacked the inch-headed man away.

The inch-headed man fell heavily onto the table, and the table shattered into two halves.

"All of you, stop!"

At this moment, a gloomy voice sounded.

The owner of the voice was none other than Grandmaster Yun Kon.

Grandmaster Yun Kon walked in from the entrance of the dining hall and quickly stepped in front of Chen Hao and the others.

When they saw Master Yun Kon's arrival, everyone quieted down, not daring to do anything else, and the few elite students even lowered their heads.  

"Master Yun Kon!"

The people present also shouted at Master Yun Kon.

Yun Kon walked up to Chen Hao and the others and questioned with a gloomy face, "What's going on? Who told you to have a big fight in the dining hall?"

Despite Chen Hao's special status, Yun Kon still had to appear serious in front of outsiders.

"Master Yun Kon, it was these Elite Class people who started the trouble, we were having a good meal here and they came in and said they wanted to kick us out, saying that it was now time for the Elite Class to eat!"

Chen Hao stood calmly in place and narrated towards Master Yun Kon.

Master Yun Kon's frown tightened as he listened, and immediately turned to stare intently at the elite class students.

"The dining hall is a public area, when did it become a place for your elite class to eat?" Master Yun Kon questioned in a cold voice.

A few of the elite class students didn't dare to utter a word in response, although they were elite class students, they certainly didn't dare to provoke Master Yun Kon's.

"I'm sorry, Master Yun Kon, we were wrong!"

It was only then that the inch-headed man climbed up and carefully opened his mouth to admit his mistake to Master Yun Kon.

But his heart was incomparably angry, feeling humiliated and filled with resentment towards Chen Hao, thinking that he must find a way to get it back.

"Everyone disperse, there will be no next time!"

Master Yun Kong spoke in a deep voice.

After saying that, the inch-headed man quickly left the dining hall with the other few people.

After these few people left, Master Yun Kon turned to the four of them again to look at Chen Hao.

"Chen Hao, you have to be careful with these people, that inch-head is from the elite class under the Dizang Clan Master, his name is Zhao Li, this man is also a thorn in the side of the Lingkong Academy, he often bullies others and is very fond of tricks!" Master Yun Kon reminded towards Chen Hao.

Chen Hao nodded slightly and responded, "Don't worry, Master Yun Kon, I, Chen Hao, am not afraid of these people, the soldiers are here to stop the water!"

"Oh right, Chen Hao, the next will be the academy's competition, you should be prepared!"

Before he left, Master Yun Kong reminded the four of them towards Chen Hao.


Chen Hao nodded his head and responded.

None of the four of them had expected to encounter the academy's competition just after joining the Overcast Academy.

But this time, the competition wasn't so simple.

The competition of the Academy was held every year when new students entered, and was also to test the true level of each student, from the introductory class to the elite class.

Soon, two days passed.

This was the day of the martial arts competition of Lingkong Academy.

Everyone in the academy was gathered in the square, with the introductory class sitting in the east, the inner gate class in the west, and the elite class in the south.

As for Chen Hao, Chen Hao was sitting next to Dean Sumeru's side.

Seeing Chen Hao sitting next to Sumeru really shocked everyone below, thinking about what kind of status Chen Hao had to be to be treated like this.

"Fellow students, today is the day of our academy's annual martial arts competition for new students entering the academy, and just like before, there will be separate competitions from the introductory class to the elite class!"

Then, only Master Yun Kon then came out and spoke towards all the students below.

"Next, I will introduce one more person to you, he is Dean's sitting student Chen Hao, he is also participating in the martial arts tournament this time, you will be dueling with him!" Then Master Yun Kon then introduced Chen Hao.


All of a sudden, the entire scene was sensational, and many people were talking about it.

Who would have thought that Chen Hao would be a Dean's Sitting Student, knowing that no one had ever become a Dean's Sitting Student in all the years, Chen Hao was the first, what kind of strength did this person have.

"Master Yun Kon, if we defeat him, may I ask if we can become a Dean's Sitting Student as well?"

Just then, one of the students from the elite class stood up and asked towards Master Yun Kon.

Master Yun Kon was stunned as he listened and turned to look at Dean Sumeru.

Sumeru pondered, rose to his feet, and spoke, "Fellow students, whoever can defeat him, then he can become my sitting student!"

As soon as the words came out, it caused a stir among all the students below, this was a rare opportunity for all of them.

Thinking that by defeating Chen Hao, they could become the Dean's students, anyone would be willing to do so.

But it wasn't all that simple, because Chen Hao wasn't something they could defeat.

"Alright, the next first match will be the introductory class versus the inner door class, please send students from each side into the center of the square!" Immediately afterwards, Master Yun Kong said to the students.

After saying that, only one student from each side of the Introductory Class and the Inner Class entered the center of the square.

The first match was the introductory class versus the inner class.

In fact, it didn't seem like it was a fair contest, but it was, the distribution of various strengths in the three classes were different, and there would be people with more powerful strengths in the introductory class.

Soon the contest between the two in the center of the square began.

It had to be said that the strength of this participant in the inner class was still good, both in terms of attack and speed was much higher than the participant in the introductory class.

But this introductory class student wasn't a saver either, and wasn't defeated very quickly.

The two sides exchanged blows for a few rounds, and in the end, the inner class participant defeated the introductory class participant and won.

However, the Introductory Class student had actually performed very well, only that there was still somewhat a small gap in strength existing.

"Okay, the first round was the Inner Class Cadet who won, and then on to the second round, it was the Introductory Class Cadet versus the Elite Class Cadet!"

As the first game ended, Master Kon Yun immediately announced that he was entering the second game.

The second match was an introductory match against the elite, which was a big leap!

Instantly, all of a sudden no one on the introductory class side dared to come forward.


"I'll do it!"

At this moment, a voice sounded from the introductory class.

Hearing this voice made Chen Hao feel incomparably familiar and immediately cast his gaze over.

At first glance, it was Lin Zilan.

Chen Hao did not expect Lin Zilan to dare to come forward.

One had to know that this was a competition between the Introductory Class and the Elite Class, and the difference in strength between the two sides was really a bit too great.

"What's your name?"

Master Yun Kon looked to Lin Zilan and asked.

"Lin Zilan!" Lin Zilan took said.

On this side of the elite class, a person had also come out, and it was none other than Bai Lie, who had just entered the elite class.

Bai Lie and Lin Zilan were both from the same realm, but Bai Lie was a bit stronger than Lin Zilan.  

Lin Zilan was in the Reincarnation Realm, while Bai Lie had already entered the Realm of Reality, so there was still a bit of a gap between the two.

Bai Lie's mouth curved in a wry smile, feeling that he could finally abuse Lin Zilan properly.

Also being from the Realm, but the Lin family's power was a bit higher than the Bai family, so that was why Bai Lie had always made him look down on Lin Zilan, feeling that it was ridiculous that a hallowed Lin family youngster was so weak.

"Yo, Young Master Lin, the two of us are finally on the same page this time, but you should be careful, don't blame me for being merciless!"

Bai Lie walked up to stand in front of Lin Zilan, staring at Lin Zilan with a dark smile as he narrated.

Lin Zilan ignored Bai Lie's words, he knew what Bai Lie's heart was for, he must have seen himself coming out, so he deliberately wanted to come out and fight against him, thus taking this opportunity to humiliate himself properly.

Even though Lin Zilan knew that he wasn't as strong as Bai Lie, he wouldn't retreat in fear and would do his best to resist Bai Lie.

"Both sides get ready, the contest will begin immediately!"

Master Yun Kon instructed Lin Zilan and Bai Lie.

Lin Zilan and Bai Lie both retreated to the side, with a distance of about ten meters between them, giving both of them a little room to react.

At this time, Chen Hao, who was sitting up there, looked at the scene below and couldn't help but feel a little worried.

Chen Hao was aware of Lin Zilan's strength, and it was likely that this duel would end with Lin Zilan losing, after all, his opponent Bai Lie was of the strength of the Realm of Mortals.

However, Chen Hao was unable to step in to stop it, who let all of this be the Academy's rules for the competition.

Chen Hao could only think that Lin Zilan had better be able to withstand it and not lose too badly.

"The contest begins!"

Immediately afterwards, Grandmaster Yun Kon gave the order for the second duel to begin.

As soon as the words were out of his mouth, Bai Lie, without saying a word, rushed towards Lin Zilan with great speed.

In the blink of an eye, Bai Lie arrived in front of Lin Zilan, drew his sword and stabbed at Lin Zilan.

The speed of the True Realm was of course quite a bit higher than the strength of the Wheel King.

But the good thing was that Lin Zilan's concentration had been at a high level and immediately reacted by taking a few steps backwards, dodging Bai Lie's first move.

"Heh, it looks like you're still quick!"

Bai Lie smiled coldly, his lips wiping out a disdainful curve, his tone revealing his mockery of Lin Zilan.

Afterwards, Bai Lie leapt up, spun 180 degrees in the air, and attacked Lin Zilan with a sword in his hand like an illusory flower.

Lin Zilan hurriedly drew his sword to parry it.

"Smallpox!" Bai Lie shouted.

This was the name of Bai Lie's move, and the sword shadows fell in chaos like smallpox, simply making it impossible for Lin Zilan to catch the true sword shadows.

After a few seconds had passed, Lin Zilan's clothes were already shredded, with sword marks everywhere, and he looked in a very poor state.

At this point, the winner was already set, and it was clearly Bai Lie who had won the battle.

"Alright, both sides stop, the point is over, the winner is already selected!"

Master Yun Kon immediately shouted and then just announced the results of the contest.

"The winner of the second match is Bai Lie of the Elite Class!"

Lin Zilan was reluctant, but he had no choice but to go and accept the outcome of the match, as his own strength was indeed inferior to Bai Lie's.

"Hmph, Lin Zilan, I'm telling you, you'll always be my underdog, and you'd better go around me when you see me in the academy from now on, or I'll beat you once I see you!"

Then, only to see Bai Lie point at Lin Zilan again in front of everyone there with a cold snort of warning.

As soon as this was said, instantly the whole place came to a shudder, who would have thought that Bai Lie would be so bold as to openly threaten to let out such harsh words, and in front of the dean and the clerics at that.

But this was all normal, and Sudama and the clerics and the others wouldn't pay any attention to it, after all, competition was indeed fierce here, and after all, the elite class did have a higher status than the introductory class.

But Chen Hao didn't think so, feeling that Bai Lie was too ignorant and insolent to generate anger within Chen Hao.

Lin Zilan was his own friend, and Bai Lie was clearly insulting his friend by doing this, of course Chen Hao was upset and decided to seek back dignity and justice for Lin Zilan.

"Okay, going in for the third match next, it will be the Elite Class versus our Dean Sitting Cadet Chen Hao, please ask the Elite Class to pick someone to fight, please ask Chen Hao to come to the center of the square and wait!"

As the contest continued, Master Yun Kon announced that he was entering the third round of the duel.

Chen Hao knew that his chance had come, and immediately stood up from his position and leapt down, landing directly in the center of the square with a light posture, becoming the center of the most focus.

Everyone wanted to see exactly how powerful Chen Hao was.

There was already a lot of discussion and commotion on the elite class side, many people wanted to come out and fight with Chen Hao, and everyone was all over the place.

"Dean, fellow clansmen, I have a request!"

This was Chen Hao, so he looked at the dean and shouted at the four great masters.

"Chen Hao, you speak up!"

Summers instantly opened his mouth to answer.

"Can I pick someone from the elite class to duel against! "Chen Hao made a request.


This caused even more dissatisfaction from the elite class, feeling that Chen Hao was too arrogant, which meant that he was completely ignoring them.

"Good, then you and say it, who do you want to pick?"

After all, he was his own sit down student, of course Sumi would still spoil him, and immediately asked towards Chen Hao.


"Bai Lie! He's the one I'm going to pick!"

As soon as the words of Sumeru fell out, Chen Hao spoke a name straight out of his mouth and pointed his finger at Bai Lie, who had just sat down.

All of them looked at Bai Lie at once, not expecting Chen Hao to pick Bai Lie as his opponent, which surprised them a bit.

Bai Lie, however, was delighted, feeling that his chance had come, as long as he defeated Chen Hao, then he himself could become the Dean's sitting student.


In full view of everyone, Bai Lie slowly rose to his feet.

Bai Lie stepped out in front of everyone and walked straight up to Chen Hao.

"I can't believe you chose me, it looks like the Dean's seated student position is none other than mine!"

Bai Lie looked at Chen Hao with a confident expression as he mocked.

This hadn't even begun to fight yet and Bai Lie was so arrogant and cocky.

Chen Hao, on the other hand, was unconcerned; in his eyes, Bai Lie was nothing more than a jumping clown, and there was no need to be concerned about his arrogance.

The strong would always keep a low profile, not a high profile to show that, that was a foolish thing to do, 

"Both sides, please be ready!"

Grandmaster Yun Kon then spoke up and motioned towards Chen Hao and Bai Lie.

Hearing Master Yun Kon's words, Bai Lie immediately assumed an attack stance, waiting to launch his attack at any moment, and would immediately attack towards Chen Hao as soon as he gave the order.

Chen Hao was incomparably calm and composed, standing in place with his eyes closed tightly without a single change in his appearance.  

When the people around saw Chen Hao's actions and appearance, they also felt that Chen Hao was admitting defeat?

"The contest begins!"

A few seconds later, Master Yun Kon gave an order.


After the sound fell, Bai Lie snatched out his body, drew his sword and stabbed at Chen Hao.

On the other hand, Chen Hao's side was still standing calmly on the ground, unmoving as if he was waiting for Bai Lie to stab him.

The moment everyone thought that Chen Hao was certain to lose, Chen Hao flicked his eyes open, raised his hand, extended two fingers, and instantly clamped down on Bai Lie's sword.

The sharp tip of the sword was only a few centimeters away from Chen Hao's eyes, a truly close call operation.


Bai Lie was dumbfounded.

He tried to draw back his sword, but found that he couldn't, as if the sword was set to die in midair.


In the next second, Bai Lie's sword was bent and snapped with the force of Chen Hao's fingers.

Without waiting for Bai Lie to react from his surprise, Chen Hao blasted out a palm with his other hand and struck Bai Lie in the chest.

Bai Lie flew out on the way, and after making a beautiful arc in the air, he fell to the ground, a smear of blood flowing from the corner of his mouth.

Chen Hao's palm didn't mean to take Bai Lie's life, after all, this was a martial arts contest, point to point, not a life and death battle, so Chen Hao held his hand, otherwise I'm afraid that Bai Lie would have been a cold corpse by now.

"Chen Hao wins!"

Master Yun Kon immediately shouted loudly.

"Pop, pop, pop!"

At this moment, Sudama revealed a satisfied smile and clapped his hands.

Seeing Sumi applauding, the four great masters and the students below them all echoed, and instantly a round of applause rang out.

Chen Hao had won without any suspense at all.

Now everyone knew that Chen Hao was truly powerful, and not just talking, to be a Dean Sitting Cadet was indeed qualified.

"I'm not convinced, I want to compete with him!"

At this moment, a thick voice once again came from the elite class side.

"It's Young Master Lei!"

"Young Master Lei is on the move, it looks like there's definitely a show to be seen!"

"Yeah, Lei is still very powerful, definitely won't be willing to compromise just like that!"

Upon seeing the owner of the voice, a chorus of voices once again rang out around the area.

The person these people were talking about was named Lei Lie, who was the most powerful person in the elite class, and had reached the strength of a real person's seventh stage cultivating soul.

Lei Lie got up and walked out of the area with a gloomy face, walked to the center of the square, stood in front of Chen Hao, pointed at Chen Hao and coldly said, "I, Lei Lie, am going to challenge you, if you win, I, Lei Lie, will willingly obey you, if I win, you get down from this position and become my little brother!"

Lei Lie's words were very arrogant and full of extremely strong momentum.

After hearing this, Chen Hao didn't get angry, instead, he felt that this Lei Lie in front of him was quite interesting.

A person like Lei Lie was rather straightforward, and if he disobeyed, he would just show it rather than do some underhanded tactics, worthy of being respected.

"Yes, I can!"

Chen Hao did not refuse and directly agreed.

Without waiting for Master Yun Kong to announce the start of the contest, Lei Lie came charging towards Chen Hao like a fierce tiger, his momentum as long as a rainbow.

Lei Lie's body was already very strong and huge, and he smashed towards Chen Hao with a heavy punch.

Lei Lie, who had the strength of a seventh stage soul cultivator at the True Human Realm, was already very formidable and much stronger than Bai Lie and the others, making even Chen Hao not dare to relax.

Lei Lie's fist wind was so strong that it felt like the air was shattered to make bursts of sound, which would have to smash the bones to pieces if he hit one of them.

But Chen Hao liked to fight with such an opponent, so that Chen Hao could also test the strength and hardness of his own flesh.

In the next moment, Chen Hao also punched out fiercely.


Chen Hao and Lei Lie came up against each other.

In an instant, the center of the entire square set off a wave of heat and dust, wrapping the two of them in it.

The ground beneath their feet had collapsed and countless stones had been blown up, which was enough to see how powerful the power produced by the two colliding with each other was.

There were simply no people in the entire Sky Academy who dared to fight hard against Lei Lie, and Chen Hao was the first one.

Subsequently, the dust dissipated.

The crowd saw Chen Hao and Lei Lie both standing in the same place, but it was clear that Lei Lie was somewhat pale.

If one was close enough, one could see that Lei Lie's fist had been torn at the tiger's mouth, and blood continued to flow out, drops upon drops falling onto the shattered ground.

A single move could tell the difference between victory and defeat.

The two of them stood in a standoff for a few more seconds before Lei Lie slowly withdrew his fist

"I lost!"

After withdrawing his fist, Lei Li spoke three words out of his own mouth.


As soon as this was said, the scene fell silent.

Everyone was in shock.

Lei Lie had even admitted defeat?

This result was not something anyone could have predicted, knowing that Lei Lie was the strongest existence in the Academy, and now that he had lost to Chen Hao, and he had even admitted defeat on his own initiative, it was simply shocking news.

A discerning person could understand very clearly in their heart that Lei Lie could tell that he was not as strong as Chen Hao with just one move.

"You are truly strong and worthy of my respect!"

Lei Lie revealed a smile as he looked at Chen Hao and preached.

"You're good too, I hope we can be friends!"

Chen Hao also responded with a polite smile and offered his hand towards Lei Lie.

"Of course, it's my honor to be friends with you!" Lei Lie stretched out his hand without hesitation and shook it tightly with Chen Hao.

At this point, the two were like the kind of feeling of sympathy between strong men, often the strong were respected.

Chen Hao felt that Lei Lie was a friend worth making, there really weren't many people who could be as magnanimous as Lei Lie.


"Alright, that's the end of today's competition, tomorrow will be the Heavenly Van Tower's trials, I hope everyone goes back tonight to rest well!"

As the day came to an end, seeing that the sky was becoming darker, Master Yun Kon announced.

The crowd then dispersed.

The Heavenly Van Tower, the most powerful test in the Lingkong Academy, was divided into a total of twenty levels.

No one had managed to make it to the top so far, even Dean Sumeru was only stuck at the eighteenth floor, and the four great masters were only at the seventeenth floor.

Each layer of the test was different, and so was each person's test, so no one knew exactly what kind of test was in the Heavenly Van Tower, and it was impossible to cheat.

At night, Chen Hao was called to his bedchamber by Sudama.

"Master, you're looking for me!"

Chen Hao respectfully walked into his bedchamber and greeted Sumeru who was sitting on the zen platform meditating.

Sumeru slowly opened his eyes and looked at Chen Hao in front of him, revealing a smile.

"Ah Chen Hao, your performance this afternoon was very good, I'm very satisfied with my master, but are you ready for tomorrow's Heavenly Van Tower?"  

Just listening to Sudama, he first praised towards Chen Hao and then inquired with concern.

"Master, I heard Master Yun Kon briefly describe the Heavenly Van Tower, but I would like to know exactly what kind of test is here? Please also ask your master to give me tips!"

Chen Hao immediately asked towards Sumi with confusion and curiosity.


Summers smiled faintly.

"This Heavenly Van Tower was created by the Ancient God of the Sky Academy, the Star Realm Traveling God, and ever since the Star Realm Traveling God stepped into the empty dust, the Heavenly Van Tower has become the most iconic existence of the Sky Academy, and all scholars who enter the Sky Academy must pass the test of the Heavenly Van Tower, and only then can they truly become students of my Sky Academy!"

"As for the tests inside, I can't tell you about that, the Heavenly Van Tower is magical, and the tests are different for everyone, only you will know after you go through it yourself!"

Sumeru didn't reply to Chen Hao's words, but instead spoke with great emphasis towards Chen Hao and recounted some specific information about the Heavenly Van Tower.

"Master, from what Master Yun Kon said, you also only stayed at the eighteenth floor right?"

Chen Hao cautiously asked towards Sudama.

"That's right, the Heavenly Van Tower gets more difficult the further you go, the eighteenth floor was decades ago, and I haven't entered the Heavenly Van Tower since then!" Sumeru replied with a slight nod of his head.

Hearing Sumeru's words made Chen Hao more and more curious, thinking that he must have a long journey.

Since Sumeru could only remain on the eighteenth floor of the Heavenly Van Tower, he himself must surpass Sumeru and must ascend to the top of the Heavenly Van Tower to prove himself.

The times were changing, but it didn't mean that the future generations couldn't do it.

Immediately afterwards, Sumeru took out a brocade bag from his own sleeve and handed it to Chen Hao.

"Master, this is?"

Chen Hao saw the situation and asked suspiciously.

"This is the brocade bag I obtained from the Heavenly Van Tower back then, and I have never opened it, now I am giving it to you, it might help you when you enter the Heavenly Van Tower, but it can only be opened and used in the most critical moments, so be sure to keep my words in mind!" Summers face was serious as he reminded towards Chen Hao.

"Yes, Master, I remember!"

Chen Hao naturally nodded his head.

After the conversation was over, Chen Hao left Sumi's bedroom.

Shortly after Chen Hao left, Sumi waved his hand and instantly a picture of the starry sky appeared before his own eyes.

The diagram was overflowing with a single star, but nothing could be seen beneath the starlight.

"The star map is disordered and the starlight is broken, it seems that this is destined to be a calamity for my Overcast Continent to come!"

After looking at it, Sudo couldn't help but sigh a bit, his expression becoming very confused and hurt.


But then, a dazzling white starlight suddenly appeared in the star map, very prominent and dazzling.

"Could it be that Chen Hao is the saint who can save my Overland?"

Upon seeing the starlight, Sudon was surprised inside.


Soon, Chen Hao returned to the East Garden Pavilion .

"Brother Chen Hao!"

Just after arriving at the door, only a familiar voice sounded behind Chen Hao.

The owner of the voice was none other than Lei Lie, who had just fought with Chen Hao this afternoon.

"Brother Lei, is there anything else you want to find me for at this late hour?"

Seeing that it was Lei Lie, suddenly Chen Hao asked with some suspicion, not expecting Lei Lie to take the initiative to find him.

"Oh, brother Chen Hao, I'm here to chat with you, are you interested in having a little drink together?"

Lei Lie laughed lightly and shook a bottle of wine in his hand as he said it.

Chen Hao smiled and nodded his head as he said, "Fine, then come inside!"

After saying that, Chen Hao brought Lei Lie with him into the loft.

After entering the loft, he saw the three of them, Zhou Nuo, sitting inside.

"Chen Hao, you're back!"

Seeing Chen Hao return, Zhou Nuo immediately got up and said.

"Well? Isn't this Brother Lei!"

When they saw Lei Li, they also screamed out at once.

"Hello guys!"

Lei Lie also politely greeted the three of them .

Immediately afterwards, several people sat down together to chat and drink.

Wine, this kind of thing was the best way to make friends, and in a short while Chen Hao and the four of them became completely good friends with Lei Lie, and the five of them met each other happily, laughing and chatting as if they had known each other for a long time.

It wasn't until late at night that the five of them fell asleep in the loft.

Early the next morning, along with a ray of light entering the loft, Chen Hao's & the four people woke up.

Today was the day of the Heavenly Van Tower's trials, and all new students who had just joined the Lingkong Academy had to participate in the trials.

Of course, the first to bear the brunt of it was Chen Hao.

As the dean's sitting student, Chen Hao was naturally the first to take the lead.

At 9:15 a.m., all the students were gathered under the Heavenly Van Tower.

Looking at the tall Heavenly Van Pagoda towering above the cloud peaks, one felt that it was so magnificent.

"Today is the day for new students to enter the Heavenly Van Tower, all new students will enter it to undergo trials, no matter what your results are, only those who have undergone the Heavenly Van Tower trials will truly be qualified to become students of my Overgrown Academy!"

Only Master Yun Kon stepped out and shouted loudly to the crowd below.

"The first to enter the Heavenly Van Tower to undergo the trials is Dean's Sitting Student Chen Hao!"

After hearing this, Chen Hao got up and went to stand in front of the Heavenly Van Tower's tower door.


The doors of the Heavenly Van Tower opened with a loud bang, and a pitch-black environment inside was presented before everyone's eyes, so no one could see exactly what it was like inside.

Without saying a word, Chen Hao stepped out and stepped into the Heavenly Van Tower.

As Chen Hao entered, the tower's doors immediately fell down.


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