The unknown Heir 856-860


The tower door fell, and Chen Hao subconsciously turned around to take a look.

At this time, the entire Heavenly Van Tower was pitch black, with not a single light at all.

Just as Chen Hao was in doubt, a glimmer of fire burned from the tower, gradually becoming brighter and brighter as if it was a burning fire.

Under the firelight, an old man dressed in white walked out.

"May I ask who you are?"

Seeing the old man arrive, Chen Hao was curious.

"I am the Star Realm Traveling God of the Sky Continent, this is the last thread of my Yuan Soul that I have stored in the Heavenly Van Tower, and it was your arrival that summoned me out! "

The Astral Realm Traveling God's Origin Soul stared at Chen Hao and narrated.

"You are the Astral Plane Traveling God? Why do you say that it was my arrival that summoned your primordial soul?"

Chen Hao was dumbfounded and a little surprised.

He did not expect that the person in front of him was the legendary ancient Astral Realm Traveling God.  


The Astral Wanderer laughed lightly and extended his own hand to snap his fingers.


In an instant, the scene inside the tower changed into a vast cosmic star.

The Star Realm Wandering God waved his hand again, presenting a scene right in front of Chen Hao.

There was a mess and ruins everywhere in the scene, countless skeletons fell to the ground, and the sky was shrouded in heavy black mist, looking incomparably terrifying.

What the hell was going on here?

Chen Hao's mind was racing.

"Youjin, what's going on in this picture?" Chen Hao hurriedly asked curiously towards the Astral Plane Traveling God.

As soon as Chen Hao's words fell, only a number appeared in the picture.

The number was 300, and what secret was hidden within it?

What secret was hidden within it, and what did the number 300 represent? One after another, doubts surfaced in Chen Hao's mind.

"This is the world after three hundred days!"

After a pause, the Astral Realm Wandering God spoke up towards Chen Hao to tell him.

After hearing this, Chen Hao was suddenly shocked, his expression becoming extremely incredulous and his eyes slightly widened.

"Three hundred days later in the world?" Chen Hao was suspicious.

"That's right, what you are seeing right now is what will happen in the world in three hundred days, after three hundred days, the Ancient Demon God will awaken and completely rule over the entire world, not only the Sky Continent, but also the Realm and the other continents will not be able to hide from the Demon God's rule."

The Astral Realm Traveling God spoke in a heavy tone as he narrated.

Chen Hao felt like he was listening to a story, feeling too much like a myth.

But Chen Hao knew that what the Star Realm Traveling God was saying was definitely not a lie, it was definitely all true.

"Travelling God, what does that have to do with me? Is it possible that I could have a way to save the whole world?" Chen Hao's reaction was swift, immediately asking towards the Astral Realm Traveling God.

Since the Star Realm Traveling God was showing him this, it meant that it must have something to do with him, could it be that he was going to become the savior of the new generation?

But it was indeed just as Chen Hao had thought.

"You're right, you'll be the savior of the entire world, and only you have the ability to resist the Ancient Demon God!"

The Astral Realm Traveling God stared at Chen Hao with a very determined look as he replied.

Chen Hao felt incomparably surprised to hear it, thinking how he had become a savior for good reason.

And he didn't even know what any of this had to do with him.

"Why me?"

Chen Hao continued to pursue the question, he wouldn't stop until he asked for clarification.

"Because there is an Ancient Will hidden within you that can help you use it to resist the Ancient Demons, and as long as you can develop it, then you can save the entire world!" The astral traveler patiently explained.

"How do I develop it?" Chen Hao immediately asked.

After saying that, the Astral Realm Wandering God spread out his hand and a scroll appeared in his hand, handing it to Chen Hao.

The scroll had a depression on it, something should be missing to open this scroll.

"This is the Celestial Star Scroll, you must obtain the Xuan Spirit Jewel Stone to put it here in order to open it, but the Xuan Spirit Jewel Stone is an ancient object that no one has ever found, if you can find the Xuan Spirit Jewel Stone, then you can open this Celestial Star Scroll, and you can develop that will in your body!"

The Star Realm Traveling God looked at Chen Hao with a serious look on his face as he explained the narrative.

Chen Hao received the scroll and took a meaningful look at it before placing it in his storage ring.

"Then what exactly is this Heavenly Van Tower's trial?"

After putting away the scrolls, Chen Hao was confused again as he asked the Astral Realm Traveling God.

Didn't you come in to participate in the trials, why do you feel like you're now here to take on a mission.

"The reason why I created the Heavenly Van Tower to conduct trials is to find the arrival of the Destined One, now that you've arrived, you naturally don't need to conduct trials because all the trials in here are useless to you, I'll teleport you directly to the top of the tower!"

The Star Realm Traveling God instantly answered Chen Hao's question.

After his voice fell, Chen Hao instantly moved to the top of the Heavenly Van Tower.

At this time, everyone who was outside.

"It seems that a bright light has appeared at the top of the tower!"

At this moment, someone had a sharp eye and noticed the bright light at the top of the Heavenly Van Tower at first.

Seeing this scene, Sumeru and the four great masters revealed surprised expressions, they did not expect Chen Hao to have ascended to the top.

This bright light was exactly what could only appear after ascending to the top.

Over the centuries, the Heavenly Van Tower had never been topped before, and Chen Hao was the first person to do so.

Inside the tower, Chen Hao arrived at the top of the tower.

Only a sword with a white light was erected on the top of the tower, and as Chen Hao arrived, the sword began to undergo constant vibrations as if it was telepathic.

"Chen Hao, this is the Star Profound Sword, from now on it will be your own personal weapon, there is also a Star Profound Sword manual on the side, I hope you can learn all the moves in the manual, then your strength will be even higher!"

The Astral Realm Traveling God appeared in front of Chen Hao once again to narrate.

After hearing this, Chen Hao thought it was too incredible, so he immediately walked forward slowly.

"Extend your hand and place it on the hilt of your sword!"

The Star Realm Traveling God instructed towards Chen Hao.

Chen Hao flinched and stretched out his hand, placing it on the hilt of the Star Profound Sword as instructed by the Star Realm Traveling God.

In the next second, Chen Hao's hand tingled slightly, and a tiny wound immediately appeared in his palm, and a drop of blood from the wound dripped down onto the hilt of the sword.


In an instant, the Star Abyss Sword emitted a light and agile sound, and the entire sword began to swiftly spin.

After a few seconds of spinning, the Star Abyss Sword broke free of its restraints and leapt straight out, taking the initiative to enter Chen Hao's hand.

Chen Hao held the Star Profound Sword tightly in his hand and felt a powerful force rush straight from his hand to the location of his dantian.

This feeling was about to break through!!!!

The strong energy continued to impact on Chen Hao's dantian.

Chen Hao immediately sat down and closed his eyes tightly, feeling the restless energy in his body, trying to subdue and suppress it with the strength in his body.

But despite that, Chen Hao was unable to do so.

"Right, don't I have the Heavenly Spirit Fruit!"

In a rush, Chen Hao then fiercely thought of something.

After thinking about it, Chen Hao immediately took out a Celestial Spiritual Fruit from his storage ring and decisively ate it in large mouthfuls.

After eating a Celestial Spiritual Fruit, Chen Hao felt a cool and soothing sensation in his body, and the energy seemed to be eliminated.

That's right, under the effect of the Celestial Spiritual Fruit, Chen Hao had managed to break through the ninth stage of the Real Person Realm's cultivated soul and had entered the first stage of the True God Realm's strength.

At this moment, Chen Hao felt full of power and much stronger than before.

"Congratulations, Chen Hao, congratulations on your breakthrough into the True God Realm, you now possess the ability to transform into a god, your strength will skyrocket by several times after entering the realm, but the ability to transform into a god can only be used in the most extreme situations, it's considered a last resort to save your life!"

The Primordial Soul Astral Realm Traveling God that existed on the side looked at Chen Hao to congratulate him.

Transfiguration was a unique ability that could only be possessed after entering the True God Realm.

To put it bluntly, it was a last resort for self-protection that could instantly and rapidly increase one's strength by several times, and was used for the final battle against the enemy.

Of course, there were pros and cons to everything, and although the God Transformation ability was powerful, the entire person would fall into a state of extreme weakness after using it, taking a long time to recover, so it should never be used unless it was absolutely necessary.

"Thank you for reminding me, You Shen, I will definitely not disappoint your high expectations!"

Chen Hao then immediately thanked the Star Realm Traveling God deeply and bowed.


"Chen Hao, remember, in three hundred days, everything in the world will depend on you!"

Only the Astral Realm Traveling God left a word of instruction towards Chen Hao, and then his Yuan Soul disappeared before Chen Hao.

The Star Realm Traveling God's final Yuan Soul mission had been accomplished, so he could finally step into the empty dust at ease.

Now all the burdens fell on Chen Hao, Chen Hao was the savior of the entire world, but of course only Chen Hao himself knew all this.

At this time, the door of the Heavenly Van Tower had opened.

Chen Hao slowly walked out of the tower, emitting a powerful atmosphere all over his body, and the moment he walked out, flying dust swept around him. It pounced towards everyone in the surroundings.

When Sudha, who was sitting on the high seat, saw this scene, he too could not help but raise the curve of a satisfied smile on his lips, he knew that Chen Hao had succeeded.

Time came in the afternoon.

In the main hall of the Sky Academy, Chen Hao stood in the main hall, with Sumeru sitting on top and the four great masters sitting to the side.

"Chen Hao, congratulations on being the first person to successfully ascend to the top of the Heavenly Van Tower, I'm sure you know everything!"

Summers smiled amiably and looked at Chen Hao and said.

"Master, the four great masters, I'm sure you should know about what will happened in three hundred days!"

Chen Hao took a look at the four great masters seated around him, and then he looked at Sumi again in response.

Hearing Chen Hao's words, the four great masters also turned their gazes towards Sumeru.

"Good, you sure do know all this, you are the chosen one, so Chen Hao are you ready?" Sumeru nodded indisputably, staring intently at Chen Hao and asked.

"Master, the four great masters, I'm ready, but I have to find the Xuan Spiritual Treasure Stone first!"

Chen Hao looked determined and spoke with a resolute tone as he replied.

The Xuan Spiritual Treasure Stone, this was the main thing Chen Hao went in search of right now.

As long as he found the Xuan Ling Treasure Stone, he could open the Heavenly Star Scroll, then he could develop the hidden will in his body, so that he could go to resist the Ancient Demon in three hundred days.

"Well, Chen Hao, you go ahead, but remember you only have three hundred days, if you can't find the Xuan Spiritual Treasure Stone after three hundred days, then the entire world will truly be destroyed!"

Sumeru did not refuse, his expression was heavy, and he looked at Chen Hao urging.

"Master, I understand, but I don't want to go alone, I want to bring a few people with me to search!" Chen Hao was then the one to propose towards Sumeru again.

It was indeed a bit lonely to go alone, so of course Chen Hao was going to bring the four of his friends along to follow him in search of the Xuan Spiritual Treasure Stone.

"Okay, no problem, go pick the right people yourself!"

Sumeru quickly promised.

After saying that, Chen Hao and Sumeru said goodbye to the four great masters and left the great hall to make preparations.

After Chen Hao left.

"Dean, do you think he's really okay?" Di Zang was a little worried as he looked at Sumeru and asked.

Such a heavy burden was a little too heavy to place on Chen Hao's body.

"We must trust him and give him all the support he needs, or else the world will truly be finished!"

Sumeru didn't go head-on to answer the words of the Earth Store, but instead gave a deep reminder towards the Earth Store.

The four great masters nodded their heads in understanding for a while and didn't ask any more questions.

At this time, Chen Hao returned to the Eastern Court Pavilion.

He saw Zhou Nuo and the three of them sitting inside, resting and chatting.

When they saw Chen Hao return, the four of them quickly smiled and praised towards Chen Hao, "Chen Hao, you're really too good to have made it to the top, now you've become famous throughout the entire Sky Academy, so many people worship you!"

Chen Hao heard these words but was unconcerned because there were more important things waiting for them to do right now, rather than having to care about these petty things.

"Everyone listen to me, I need your help, I am leaving the Lingkong Academy to search for a thing called the Xuan Spiritual Treasure Stone, I have received permission from the dean and the four great masters to bring a few people along, I wonder if you are willing to go with me?"

Chen Hao immediately stared righteously at the four of them and opened his mouth to propose.

Hearing Chen Hao's words, the four of them were stunned in place, they did not expect this to come so suddenly.

"Xuan Spiritual Treasure Stone? What is that thing? Why do you suddenly have to leave the academy to search for it?" Lin Zilan was a little surprised and asked.

"I can't tell you this for now, but I will definitely explain it to you when the day comes, I just want to ask you now, would you like to go with me Chen Hao? Perhaps this journey will encounter many difficulties and dangers, if you are not willing I won't force you, I can go forward alone!" Chen Hao did not explain, but continued to look serious and asked.

Such an important matter Chen Hao didn't dare to laugh.

Hearing Chen Hao's words, the four of them were all looking at each other.


"Chen Hao, no matter where you go, I'm willing to go with you!"

In the next second, only Zhou Nuo looked at Chen Hao and said.

"Right, Brother Chen, I'm with you too!"

"We'd all like to be with you!"

With Zhou Nuo's statement, Lin Zilan and Gao Zicheng as well as Lei Lie also immediately expressed their willingness to follow Chen Hao to search for the Xuan Spiritual Treasure Stone.

Hearing the four's replies, Chen Hao felt a warmth in his heart.

In fact, Chen Hao also thought that they wouldn't follow him, after all, they had only just met each other, it was indeed a bit unreasonable to let others follow him out to venture out.

But now? The fact that the four of them had agreed so readily showed that they really did consider Chen Hao as a friend and had shown a strong level of trust in him.

"Alright, I, Chen Hao, am here to thank a few of you, let's all pack up our luggage, we'll leave in an hour!"

Chen Hao instructed the four of them towards Zhou Nuo with gratitude.

Since the four of them were willing to follow Zhou Nuo, then of course it was time to get ready to go.

One more minute of treasuring would be one step closer to finding the Xuan Spiritual Treasure Stone.

Don't look at the fact that there were still three hundred days left, but in fact, one day passed very quickly, Chen Hao knew that he himself had to hurry up, after all, he still had no clue at all as to where to start looking for traces of the Xuan Spiritual Treasure Stone.

After hearing Chen Hao's instructions, Zhou Nuo and the three of them immediately dispersed to prepare for packing their bags.

An hour later, five of them had finished preparing, and then they went to the main hall to say goodbye to Su Mi and the four great masters and left the Academy.

After leaving the Academy, five of them first went to buy a lot of food and drink, which was considered to be sufficient preparation for the next journey.

After purchasing everything available, the five of them officially set sail.

"Where are we going first?"

Zhou Nuo was confused and looked at Chen Hao and asked.

Chen Hao hadn't even told them where they should look, so it left all four of them a little confused.

After hearing this, Chen Hao opened the map and did some checking.

After looking at it for a while, Chen Hao pointed to a spot on the map and said, "Here, let's start our search from here! The Southern Wasteland!"

The Southern Wasteland was a barren realm located in the southern location of the Overland Continent, and it could be said that there was no human habitation at all, and very few people dared to venture into it.

However, since Chen Hao had made his choice, the four of them naturally did not have any opinions and all of them agreed.

As soon as the decision was made, the five of them immediately made their way towards the Southern Wasteland.

It was half a day's drive.

It wasn't until dusk that Chen Hao arrived at the border between the Southern Wilderness and the Sky Continent.

When they arrived at the border, the entire border was devoid of any buildings or people, it was completely desolate and barren, and at dusk, it was incomparably gloomy, causing people to feel a slight sense of fear.

But despite this, none of them could stop Chen Hao's five people from advancing.

Chen Hao was not afraid of this.

The five of them stepped straight into the Southern Wasteland.

After walking for a while longer, until the sky was completely dark and lightless, only then did the five people stop under a loess stone wall to rest for a while.

"Look, you guys, that moon can't even shine on the Southern Wasteland, it's just staying on that side of the Overcast Continent!"

It was then that Zhou Nuo burst out in alarm, pointing her finger at the bright moon hanging high in the distance.

Seeing this scene, Chen Hao and the others also felt very magical and strange.

It seemed that this Southern Wasteland was truly extraordinary, with such a weird kind of wonder, the moon could not shine, the moon was inaccessible, and the five of them could only sit in the Southern Wasteland and gaze at the bright moon.

"Brother Chen, come and see, there is a stone tablet here!"

Immediately after that, a call from Lei Lie came from one side.

When Chen Hao and the four of them heard it, they immediately walked over quickly and arrived at Lei Lie's side.

They only saw a stone tablet erected in front of them, with several large characters engraved on it.

"Southern Wilderness Beast Realm!"

Chen Hao stretched out his hand to dust off the stone tablet and read out the large characters engraved on it.


In the next second, as soon as Chen Hao finished reading, only a loud and angry roar came from above the five of them, a roar that cut through the sky and resounded throughout the Southern Wasteland, which could be described perfectly with the idiom of earth-shaking.


As the roar fell, a huge shadow leapt down from the stone wall and landed heavily in front of the five of them.

The ground around Chen Hao's five people was shaken, almost leaving them unsteady, such a strong force was indeed somewhat terrifying.

(I just translated it to Chen's five people to be easy for me✌🏽)

"What is this?"

Zhou Nuo stared at the beautiful eyes and asked towards Chen Hao in some fear.

Chen Hao stared intently at the huge black shadow in front of him, which looked like a lion-like figure and was bigger than all five of them combined.

"This should be the Beast of the Southern Wilderness!"

Chen Hao opened his mouth to explain.

It was unexpected that the five of them had unexpectedly arrived where the Southern Desolate Beast's realm was.

It must be because their voices just now had disturbed this Southern Wasteland Beast, causing it to awaken, and that was why it was so angry.

"I can't even see what this thing looks like in this pitch-black!" Lin Zilan said with a tight frown.

Without the moonlight shining, the five of them couldn't see anything around them, and could only see what was within a meter of their eyes.

"Don't be afraid, I have a way!"

Chen Hao reassured towards the four people.

After saying that, Chen Hao immediately took out the talisman paper and ink brush from his storage space and quickly depicted the talisman, then threw the depicted talisman.

The talisman paper floated down into the air and instantly ignited a blazing fire that lit up the entire surrounding area.

Under the illumination of the firelight, the huge shadow in front of the eyes finally revealed its true appearance, a lion with golden hair all over its body, the lion cracked open its mouth, its smart, sharp teeth exposed, and its eyes filled with rage stared at Chen Hao & his people.

However, this lion did not directly attack the five of them, as if it had been waiting for something.

" Why isn't it attacking us?"

Lin Zilan was a bit puzzled at the situation.

As Lin Zilan's voice trailed off, the lion lunged all of a sudden, coming straight at the five of them.

"I'm going, Brother Lin, you're really no one's ravenous mouth!"

Gao Zicheng on one side immediately glared at Lin Zilan and grumbled at Lin Zilan with no good feelings, he was really right, and the lion immediately launched an attack right after saying that.

"Spread out, I'll deal with him!"

Chen Hao shouted hurriedly at the four of them, and then he himself stepped in with an arrow and charged towards the lion.



The lion's mouth let out a fierce roar as it raced towards Chen Hao.

After the sound, the lion jumped up, and its huge body pressed down towards Chen Hao.

Of course, Chen Hao wouldn't give it the chance to do so, immediately sliding over and slicing underneath the male lion's abdomen.


Taking advantage of this opportunity, Chen Hao blasted a palm directly onto the lion's back.

With just one slap, Chen Hao shook the lion and sent it flying several meters away.

Don't look at the huge body of the lion, but its movements were clumsy and slow, not worth mentioning in front of Chen Hao's speed, only to be taught a lesson by Chen Hao.

However, Chen Hao did not want to kill the lion, but rather wanted to subdue it.

If such a huge lion could be subdued by himself, then it would be another good thing for Chen Hao.

After being shaken off, the lion rolled on the ground several times, shook its body and climbed up again, turning its head to stare at Chen Hao, its mouth continuously emitting a low roar.  

It wasn't stupid and knew that it wasn't a match for Chen Hao, so it no longer dared to attack Chen Hao rashly.

Chen Hao, on the other hand, slowly took two steps forward and pointed at the lion and shouted, "I'll give you two choices, first, either follow me obediently and I'll be your master, or I'll kill you now and cook and eat you, I haven't tasted the lion's meat yet, your choice!"

At this moment, when the lion heard Chen Hao's words, it suddenly calmed down, as if it was in deep thought.

Divine beasts like this all had psychic abilities and could understand what people said.

After a while, the male lion once again lowered his voice.

"Yo, still not convinced? Do you think you're a match for me?"

After hearing the voice, Chen Hao snorted in disdain again and mocked at the male lion.

To be honest, it would only take one easy move for him to kill this male lion, but he was now giving the male lion another chance.

If this male lion was still stubborn, then Chen Hao wouldn't be merciful anymore, and if he wasn't willing to follow him, then there was no point in keeping it, so he might as well just kill it decisively.


Having been told so by Chen Hao, the lion actually snorted coquettishly, and his entire body slumped down, leaving his head to the side to no longer look at Chen Hao, appearing to be very arrogant.

"Yah, you're still playing scoundrel with me, aren't you!" Chen Hao poked fun at it, thinking that the lion was really like a child.


At this moment, a shadow flew out of Chen Hao's body and landed directly in front of the male lion.

In an instant, the lion immediately shrank into a ball, appearing to be very good and docile, lowering its head and looking at the shadow that was constantly dancing in front of it with its eyes wide open.

That's right, this shadow was not something else, it was the Little Green Dragon that existed within Chen Hao's body.

The appearance of the Little Green Dragon instantly made the lion become obedient and quiet, and it simply did not have the same momentum as before.

This caused the five of them to be surprised after looking at it, they did not expect this little green dragon to still have such an ability and be able to deter such a large male lion.

"This little green dragon's identity is definitely not simple, it must be much more noble than this male lion, that's why it can deter the male lion!"

Lei Lie walked up to Chen Hao's side and narrated towards Chen Hao.

I saw the Little Green Dragon let out another sound from its mouth before it turned around and flew back to Chen Hao again, staring at Chen Hao and constantly twisting its body as if it was asking for something from Chen Hao.

Of course, Chen Hao understood Little Green Dragon's meaning, and could only helplessly compromise, "Alright, alright, I know what you mean, it's just that I want the Heavenly Spirit Fruit, I'll just give it to you!"

After saying that, Chen Hao took out a Heavenly Spirit Fruit from his storage ring and gave it to the Little Green Dragon.

However, the Little Green Dragon did not stop there, shaking its body even more frantically and continuously turning its head towards the male lion lying on that side.

Chen Hao immediately understood, it seemed that the Little Green Dragon wanted to give the lion a Heavenly Spiritual Fruit as well.

Who let this Little Green Dragon be his divine pet, he could only spoil it.

Reluctantly, Chen Hao took out another Celestial Spiritual Fruit and gave it to the Little Green Dragon.

Only then did the Little Green Dragon hold the two Heavenly Spiritual Fruits in its mouth, quickly flew to the front of the male lion, placed one of the Heavenly Spiritual Fruits under the lion's mouth, and then swallowed and ate the Heavenly Spiritual Fruits in one bite.

The male lion raised his head and took a curious look at Chen Hao, then he took a look at the celestial spirit fruit in front of him, and after confirming that there was nothing strange, he swallowed the celestial spirit fruit in one bite, as if he was afraid of being snatched away.

After swallowing the Celestial Spiritual Fruit, the lion instantly became happy, and its body gradually became about the same size as Chen Hao and the others, and its personality also became docile.

The lion then walked up to Chen Hao's heels and leaned down to cling to Chen Hao's legs, constantly rubbing his fur against Chen Hao to express his submissiveness to Chen Hao.

"Hey, you bastard, a single Heavenly Spirit Fruit can buy you off, if I had known that, I wouldn't have wasted my energy fighting you!"

Looking at the actions of the lion in front of him, it really made Chen Hao laugh and cry.

But it was good now, the lion had obeyed himself, which meant that he himself had another pet to accompany him.

It was just taking out two more Heavenly Spirit Fruits, which really made Chen Hao feel a bit distressed, after all, Heavenly Spirit Fruits were very precious, Chen Hao only hoped that in the future, this male lion wouldn't have the same need to consume Heavenly Spirit Fruits as the little green dragon, otherwise these hundreds of them wouldn't really be enough.

"Brother Chen, that one just now is the legendary Heavenly Spirit Fruit, right?"

Lei Lie then looked surprised as he asked towards Chen Hao.

Lei Lie had already heard of such a good thing as the Heavenly Spirit Fruit, but he did not expect Chen Hao to possess it, which truly made him feel envious.

"That's right!"

Chen Hao smiled in response.

But since they already knew all about it, Chen Hao did not want to keep it to himself, and immediately and decisively took out four Heavenly Spirit Fruits to hand to each of them.

"Here, I'll give one to each of you as well, it might help you to improve!" Chen Hao said generously, after all, the four of them were all his good friends, and were willing to follow him to find the Xuan Spiritual Treasure Stone, so of course Chen Hao had to thank them properly.

Seeing Chen Hao give them the Celestial Spiritual Fruit, it was a pleasant surprise for Zhou Nuo and the three of them to receive the fruit and eat it immediately.

After taking the Celestial Spiritual Fruit, all four of them broke through, Zhou Nuo entered the second stage of the Realm of True Men, Lin Zilan finally broke through into the Realm of True Men, Gao Zicheng entered the fourth stage of the Realm of True Men, and Lei Lie entered the eighth stage of the Realm of True Men.


After simply resting for the night in the Southern Wasteland, the five of them continued on their journey.

Nothing else happened this night, it was very quiet.

However, none of the five of them stayed yesterday in the Southern Wasteland for too long, after all, the Southern Wasteland was indeed not a safe place, and they would rather choose to leave early.

Chen Hao took out his map and chose the next place to search, the Blood Dragon City behind the Southern Wasteland.

Blood Dragon City was an ancient town on the Overland Continent, and it was heard that an ancient Blood Dragon existed in this city, and a Blood Dragon Pearl existed on the Blood Dragon, and those who could obtain the Blood Dragon Pearl could possess the strength of a Blood Dragon.

However, Chen Hao wasn't after the Blood Dragon Pearl, so he wasn't too interested in it, but mostly he was looking for the Xuan Spiritual Treasure Stone first.

After a morning, the five of them arrived at Blood Dragon City without incident.

Right at this moment, a few men on tall horses came gallantly galloping in from the entrance of Blood Dragon City.

The first thing you need to know is that they can't be a simple person.

The five of them, were standing at the entrance of the city, it was good that they were quick to react, otherwise they would definitely be bumped into by this group of people.

"who are these people? So menacing!"  

Lin Zilan was a little upset as he asked suspiciously.

"People from the Hong Li Hall!"

Only Lei Lie spoke up at this point.

Hearing Lei Lie's words, the four of them immediately turned their gazes towards Lei Lie, they did not expect Lei Lie to know.

"Hong Lie Hall?"

Chen Hao was slightly suspicious after hearing this.

The four of them  had really never heard of this Hong Lie Hall, after all, they had only just arrived in the Overcast Continent.

"Hong Lie Hall is a powerful force in the Overcast Continent located in Blood Dragon City."

Immediately afterwards, Lei Lie spoke up again and narrated towards the four of them.

It was only after Chen Hao heard it that he understood.

"Then these people are definitely not good people!"

Chen Hao said with a very decisive affirmation.

Lei Lie could not help but nod his head slightly for a while and did not respond, but rather yield to Chen Hao's words, indeed these people of the Hong Lie Hall were not good people.

Indeed, the Hong Lie Hall was a very famous existence in the entire Blood Dragon City, doing all sorts of harm to the gods and having powerful forces behind them, making the atrocities they did even more widespread and rampant.

Therefore, the best way to encounter such a person was to avoid them and not to provoke them, lest they bring unnecessary trouble to themselves.

Afterwards, the five of them entered the Blood Dragon City and then began to wander around inside.

It had to be said that Blood Dragon City was in no way comparable to the Sky Academy, the two were simply worlds apart.


Right at this moment, a sharp woman's voice entered the ears of the Chen Hao & his  people.

Instantly, the five of them were immediately attracted and hurriedly looked in the direction of the voice.

At a glance, the five of them saw four men dragging this young girl towards the side alley, and constantly tearing at the girl's clothing.

The five of them saw this and looked at each other.

They did not expect such an atrocity to happen in broad daylight.

As the saying goes, when you see an injustice, pull out a knife and help each other, this was something Chen Hao was best at.

Without even thinking about it, Chen Hao quickly rushed towards the alleyway with Zhou Nuo and the three of them.

When they arrived at the alleyway, they saw that the four men had already torn the girl's clothes into pieces, and each of them seemed to be as wild as a tiger or wolf.

This made the five of them look incomparably furious.

Chen Hao hated people like this the most.

"All of you, stop!"

In the next second, Chen Hao pointed at the four men and shouted angrily.

When the four men heard Chen Hao's roar, they immediately reacted and turned around to stare at Chen Hao with sunken faces.

"Get lost, mind your own business, you have no business here!"

One of the men just glared at Chen Hao and cursed angrily.

"If you don't get out of my way, I'll chop you up!"

Another man drew the long knife at his waist to scare and warn the five of them.

"You four bastards, bullying women in broad daylight, you really aren't good!"

Chen Hao stared coldly at the four people and scolded them back, not giving them a good look at all.

"Yo, kid, I think you're really tired of living, do you know who we are? We are Blood Dragon City's Hong Li Hall, and if you offend us, I see that you really don't want to leave Blood Dragon City alive!" The man with the knife snorted at one point.


Chen Hao sneered.

"I don't care who you are, if you know what's good for you, let this woman go, or else I'll let both of you die here!"

Chen Hao was not afraid to fear these people and directly let out a harsh warning.

This made the four people of Hong Lie Hall furious, they didn't expect a young kid to dare to threaten them like this, and to treat them so disrespectfully.

"Kid, since you're looking for death, then don't blame me for being rude!"

Another man shouted furiously.

After saying that, the four of them drew their long swords at the same time and charged directly at the five of them.

"You guys don't move, let me deal with these four people!"

Chen Hao gave a reminder to the four men behind Zhou Nuo, his face calm and composed as he said.

The four of them did not have any objections, they knew that Chen Hao was very powerful, more than enough to deal with these people.

Only a cold, sharp chill flashed in Chen Hao's eyes.

Until the four people from the Hong Lie Hall were about to arrive before Chen Hao's eyes, Chen Hao moved!

Chen Hao disappeared from the eyes of the four of them in one fell swoop, which caused them to be shocked, they didn't expect Chen Hao to suddenly disappear.

When the four of them were searching for Chen Hao's figure, Chen Hao had appeared behind the four of them at an unknown time and instantly drew his sword and cut out a sword qi.

As the sword qi slashed through, the four men's heads landed on the ground and blood splattered.

Chen Hao used just a single sword to easily kill these four people.

The strength of these four people was not enough to fight against Chen Hao, knowing that Chen Hao could have reached the True God Realm by now, but it was not to be underestimated.

It was only after finishing off these four people that Chen Hao walked over to the young girl and pulled her up, taking out a jacket from his storage ring as well and draping it over the girl's body, appearing very warm and considerate.

"Thank you, I'm willing to repay you with myself!"

The young girl immediately thanked Chen Hao and expressed her willingness to follow Chen Hao.

However, Chen Hao smiled calmly and responded, "No need to thank me, you don't need to repay me, be careful in the future, there are some gold coins here, take them and find a way to leave."

After saying that, Chen Hao pulled out a handful of gold coins from his storage ring and handed it to the girl.


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