The Unknown Heir 846-850

Chapter 846

"This fruit is a heavenly spirit fruit, a holy fruit!"

The crown woman then spoke up and introduced it towards Chen Hao.

The Heavenly Spirit Fruit was a century-old holy fruit of the Overland Continent that could be used to give people to replenish their own energy, repair injuries, and was also fundamental to the pharmaceuticals of the Overland Continent.

"But why is it interested in the Celestial Spiritual Fruit? I endowed it with flesh to eat, but it is insensitive in the slightest." Chen Hao, still somewhat confused, stared at the crowned woman and asked.


The Crown Woman smiled lightly.

"This little green dragon is one of the divine beasts of my Overcast Continent, you should have captured it in the challenge, right? Its food is not meat, but this heavenly fruit!"

Immediately afterwards, the crowned woman continued to patiently explain things towards Chen Hao.

It was only after hearing this that Chen Hao fully understood.

"The fact that this little green dragon has chosen you as its master means that you yourself are truly extraordinary, and I hope that you can cultivate it properly, and when it grows up, it will definitely bring you incredible rewards!" The crown woman reminded him in a long-winded manner.

Even if the crown woman didn't say this, Chen Hao understood in his heart that he would certainly cultivate the little green dragon properly.  

After saying that, the Crowned Woman waved her hand and instantly placed hundreds of Heavenly Spirit Fruits that were plucked from the side of the Heavenly Spirit Tree in front of Chen Hao.

Chen Hao was dumbfounded at the sight, not understanding what the crowned woman meant.

"What are you?"

"You and I are destined for each other, and the little green dragon even more so needs the Heavenly Spirit Fruits for food, so consider these Heavenly Spirit Fruits as my gift to you!" The crowned woman narrated with a slight smile.

After saying that, the Crowned Woman immediately leapt up and flew away.

As the Crowned Lady left, Chen Hao reacted from his surprise and hurriedly stored all the Heavenly Spiritual Fruits in his own storage space.

Only after all this was done, did Chen Hao leave the manor with the Little Green Dragon.

At this time, the little green dragon had already eaten and drank at a full pace, and directly fell into the storage space and exhaled to sleep.

"Hey, you little guy, you're the one causing trouble, I'm the one cleaning up the mess, but you're good now, you're still sleeping so recklessly, I really don't know if you're the master or I'm the master!"

Seeing the little green dragon sleeping, it suddenly made Chen Hao feel a little helpless.

However, there was nothing Chen Hao could do about this little green dragon, who let this be his own pet, he had to spoil his own pet.

After leaving the manor, only Zhou Nuo and Lin Zilan had been waiting outside the fence for a long time.

It was only when they saw Chen Hao return safely that their hearts came down with a sigh of relief, fearing that something would happen to Chen Hao.

"Chen Hao, are you alright? No injuries?" Zhou Nuo even stepped forward and carefully measured Chen Hao's concern.

Chen Hao shook his head slightly and replied, "It's fine, it's all a misunderstanding!"

Hearing this, Zhou Nuo and Lin Zilan were reassured, if something happened to Chen Hao, then the two of them were really going to be very sad.

"Right, Zhou Nuo, brother Lin, what exactly is the purpose of our visit to the Overcast Continent?"

Chen Hao then looked at the two with some curiosity and asked.

To be honest, Chen Hao did not know what he wanted to do in the Overcast Continent, not having any direction at all.

"Hmm? Doesn't Brother Chen know the purpose of coming to the Overcast Continent?"

When Lin Zilan heard this, he looked at Chen Hao with some suspicion and asked, looking slightly surprised.

"I don't know, do you guys know?"

Chen Hao frowned at the question.

Lin Zilan and Zhou Nuo looked at each other and they both nodded their heads.

"Chen Hao, the purpose of us coming to the Overcast Continent is to enter the Overcast Academy to study and become a more powerful and stronger monk!"

In the next second, Zhou Nuo stared intently at Chen Hao and replied.

"The Sky Academy?" Chen Hao was suspicious for a moment.

Then Zhou Nuo and Lin Zilan gave Chen Hao a detailed introduction about the Overgrown Academy.

The Lingkong Academy was the largest monk academy in the Lingkong Continent, every ten years, talents from different continents would be selected to enter the academy to study, thus becoming the most powerful monks, and those who excelled could also become the Chief Bachelor of the Academy, which was the highest honor.

This was why whenever the Overcast Continent opened, there would be so many people wanting to enter.

Only Chen Hao, as an Earthling, certainly didn't know this news because the Overcast Continent wasn't open to Earth, but to the Realm.

It was only after listening to the two of them that Chen Hao came to a sudden realization.

"Then what does it take to join this Overcast Academy?"

Chen Hao was curious and continued to pursue the matter.

Since this Airy Sky Academy was so powerful, Chen Hao wanted to really enter to see what it was all about, and maybe even encounter some magical opportunities.

"You need to pass the test of the Overgrown Academy to enter!" Linzi Lan replied.

"When will the test be conducted?"

Chen Hao continued to ask.

"Three o'clock in the afternoon!" Lin Zilan took off to answer.

Chen Hao looked at the time, it was already 2:30 pm, and there was still half an hour left before the test.

"It's 2:30 now, there's still half an hour left, so let's hurry!" After reading it, Chen Hao immediately proposed towards Zhou Nuo and Lin Zilan.

Naturally, Zhou Nuo and Lin Zilan didn't have any opinions and immediately nodded their heads to agree.

After saying that, the three of them immediately headed towards the Lingkong Academy.

3:00 PM.

Lingkong Continent, Lingkong Academy.

There were already many people gathered outside the main gate of the Lingkong Academy, as many as a thousand people.

Although they had been screened through the initial challenge of the illusion, there were still many people who remained and had come to join the Overcast Academy.

However, the number of people recruited by the Lingkong Academy each time was only two hundred, which meant that only two hundred people had to be eliminated from the thousands to join the Lingkong Academy, which was a great competition.

Chen Hao & his companions had arrived at the Overgrown Academy.

"It looks like a lot of people came to participate this year!"

Seeing such a sea of people, Zhou Nuo couldn't help but exclaim.


As soon as the words fell, only a softly ringing bell sounded, precisely from the Overgrown Academy.

Swish, swish, swish!

As the bell sounded, four figures instantly flashed out on the gate.

These four figures were the four guards of the Sky Academy, specifically responsible for guarding the safety of the Sky Academy, and each of them were extremely terrifying as their strength had reached the True God Realm.

The appearance of the four guards instantly caused the entire scene to fall silent.

Powerful aura swept over everyone's hearts at once, feeling like there was a nameless strong pressure against them.

The three of them were naturally no exception, despite Chen Hao using his powerful consciousness, Chen Hao was still somewhat unable to withstand facing the True God Realm powerhouses, after all, the difference in strength was too great, it seemed that there were still many strong people in this Lingkong Academy, and it was truly worthy of being the most powerful existence in the Lingkong Continent.


Immediately afterwards, a man in a blue fairy suit descended from the sky and landed steadily in front of the crowd.

Upon seeing the man's arrival, the entire scene became even quieter.

"Everyone, I'm the examiner of the Lingkong Academy, my name is Yun Kon, and I'm also the examiner in charge of testing your tests, you can only enter the Lingkong Academy if you pass the test with me!" Yun Kon looked at everyone in front of him and narrated.

After saying that, Yun Kon waved his hand and instantly a wave of air was created throughout the surrounding area and two huge tournament stages appeared in front of everyone's eyes.

"There are a total of two tournament stages, one for men and one for women, all of you line up to face off one by one against the trialists sent out from our academy!"

"Those who can withstand three moves will enter the academy's elite class!"

"Those who can withstand two moves will enter the inner class of the academy!"

"The one who can withstand a single move then can only enter the academy's introductory class!"

"If you can't withstand even one move then please leave on your own accord!"

It could be said that this selection was actually very simple and quick.

And it made Chen Hao feel like there was no difficulty to speak of at all.

"Brother Chen, are you confident?"

That's when Lin Zilan looked towards Chen Hao and asked.

Chen Hao revealed a confident smile and responded towards Lin Zilan, "Of course, how about you, brother Lin?"

"Same, which class do you want to go to?"

Lin Zilan asked again towards Chen Hao.

"Elite class!"

Chen Hao immediately spoke.

Since he was going to enter the Sky Academy, he was bound to go to the best class, otherwise what was the point of that.

Hearing Chen Hao's words, Lin Zilan also nodded his head, he was now becoming more and more interested in Chen Hao, he felt that Chen Hao was definitely not lying, but really had strength.

"Chen Hao, then I'll go to the women's side to line up first, and we'll meet again after it's over!"

Zhou Nuo then looked at Chen Hao and suggested that she was a girl, so she could only go to the women's tournament stage for the test, but of course she couldn't stay with Chen Hao on the men's side.

"Fine, you go!"

Chen Hao smiled slightly and nodded his head towards Zhou Nuo in response.

Afterwards, they waved goodbye, and Zhou Nuo and Chen Hao each headed to their own queues.

The queue on Chen Hao's side could only be described by a proverb, a big long queue.

There were more people coming to the selection than on Zhou Nuo's side, and many of them were those who had failed in the past and would only come to the selection again this time.

"Fuck off!"

Just at this moment, an angry voice sounded from behind.

Then I saw a young man in blue brocade with a hangtag on his waist walking over menacingly with two men.

Along the way, the two men behind them were pushing and shoving the people around them, and anyone who was in the way was being beaten and scolded, and no one dared to stand up against them.

Upon seeing this man, Chen Hao furrowed his brows.

What he hated the most was such an uncaring male.

At this moment, a small fatty standing two people away from Chen Hao was directly pushed to the ground by those two men.

"Dead fatty, who told you to get in the way!"

The blue brocade man glared angrily at Little Fatty and roared.

The little fatty subconsciously shrank his head, patted the dust on his own buttocks and stood up to retreat to the side.

"Hmph, a piece of trash, daring to get in the way of this young master, this young master is going to teach you a lesson!"

The man in blue brocade seemed to see this little fatty as easy to bully, and then he came to his feet. }

"Come on, give me a fight!"

The man in blue brocade then ordered the two men behind him.


The two underlings immediately responded.

After saying that, the two men prepared to swing their fists at Little Fatty.

At this moment, a figure quickly flashed past and directly in front of Little Fatty.

"Bang Bang!"

The figure came out with two quick kicks and directly kicked out the two men.

Seeing this scene, the blue brocade clothed man was also fiercely shocked, he didn't expect that someone would dare to stand up and beat up his own men.

That's right, this person was none other than Chen Haop.

"Three men bullying one man, what kind of a  man is that!"


Chen Hao stared at the man in blue brocade and snorted in an icy tone.


"Who are you? How dare you meddle in this young master's affairs, I think you're tired of living, aren't you!"

The blue brocade man glared at Chen Hao and asked fiercely.

Chen Hao was not afraid of these people.

"A passerby, just not used to seeing people like you!"

Chen Hao replied in a very bland manner.

"Kid, do you know who I am? My young master is Zhao Yan, the great young master of the Realm Jingzhou Zhao Mansion, if you know what's good for you, kneel down and apologize to my young master, let this matter go, or else. Hehe, this young master will make you eat your heart out!"

Zhao Yan reported himself, full of pride and tilted his head up towards Chen Hao in warning.

"I don't care who you are, we're all human, why should you be able to bully people!"

Chen Hao looked at Zhao Yan with disdain and snorted.

"Hey, kid, see if you're really tired of living, then don't blame this young master for teaching you a lesson, I'll let you know what it's like to offend this young master!"

Hearing Chen Hao's words, Zhao Yan sneered.

The words fell, and Zhao Yan swung his fist towards Chen Hao.

Zhao Yan was also a cultivator and seemed to have studied martial arts, which could be seen from his attack stance.

But was it compared to Chen Hao, he wasn't on the same level at all.

Before Zhao Yan's fist reached Chen Hao's face, Chen Hao directly kicked him out.

Chen Hao's kick was extremely fast and was completely beyond Zhao Yan's ability to react.


Zhao Yan fell heavily to the ground, estimating that the buttocks had really fallen quite lightly.

The surrounding people were also looking at Chen Hao with astonishment.

They didn't expect Chen Hao's skills to be so strong, and the moment he had just struck was simply too fast.

" You dare to hit me, I'm telling you, I will not let you go!"

Zhao Yan still still hardened his scalp and roared angrily at Chen Hao.

After hearing this, Chen Hao wanted to continue going up to teach Zhao Yan a lesson, but he was stopped by a hand.

Only a youth with clear eyebrows came out from behind Chen Hao's back.

"Brother good body, ignore such a person!"

The youth smiled and looked at Chen Hao as he narrated.

"You are?"

Chen Hao looked suspiciously at the youth and asked a question.

"In the Lower Realm Imperial Forest Crow House, Takako City!"

The youth immediately spoke out his identity and name towards Chen Hao.

Upon hearing the name, it suddenly shocked everyone around him.

"Imperial Forest Ufu, my god!"

"I didn't expect it to be Young Master Gao Da of the Imperial Forest Ufu!"

"I can't believe that Gao Dada came to the selection this time!"

"Yeah, it's unbelievable!"

For a while, the surrounding people were all talking about it.

Hearing this, Zhao Yan's eyes widened.

Facing Gao Zicheng, his status was nothing at all, it was the rhythm of a small wizard.


"My name is Chen Hao!"

Chen Hao also politely introduced himself towards Lin Zilan.

"Brother Chen, Fang is a good fighter!"

Gao Zicheng boasted again towards Chen Hao.

"Oh, where, just a road trip!"

Chen Hao also said in response with a faint smile, which was an understatement.

When he looked at Zhao Yan again, he found that Zhao Yan had quietly left at some point.

However, Chen Hao didn't bother with Zhao Yan anymore, there were plenty of people like Zhao Yan anyway, and he couldn't teach them all a lesson.

"Brother Chen, could you be interested in being a friend?"

Gao Zicheng then proposed towards Chen Hao, wanting to get to know Chen Hao.

After hearing this, Chen Hao, of course, did not have any comments, and directly nodded his head and agreed.  

Soon, the selection contest officially began.

Chen Hao, Lin Zilan and Gao Zicheng were not in a hurry to go to the competition, but watched from below first.

As the old saying goes, if you know yourself and know your enemy, you will never be in danger.

Chen Hao stood below to see what kind of strength those people sent out from the academy would have, and also to analyze how to deal with them.

Chen Hao's inner thoughts weren't to bear three moves, his thoughts were to defeat the opponent, which was what a strong man should do.

Three strokes was simply too much to look down on as well.

Only a young man dressed in blue robes walked up at this time, holding a folding fan in his hand and looking poised.

After Chen Hao looked at it, he couldn't help but laugh in his heart, what kind of people are these, how can any cat or dog come to the selection, it's too spicy.


As a gong sounded, the first trial match officially began.

The blue-robed youth immediately rushed towards the tester in front of him, spreading out the folded fan in his hand and waving it out.


In the next second, the blue-robed youth was directly kicked by the trialist and landed on the stage.

"Fail, next!"

Yun Kon didn't even glance at it and immediately opened his mouth to shout.

Seeing this scene, the people below were also talking, no one had expected this trialist on stage to be so strong.

But in Chen Hao's opinion, he was actually nothing, it was just that this blue robed youth was too weak, and that was why he was killed with a single move.

If he couldn't even withstand a single move, then he was truly out of luck.

But most of the next people who kept going up for selection were dried up with a single move.

Half an hour passed, only one person had withstood a single move to enter the introductory class, the others were all beaten down by a single move, it was simply an unbearable, miserable pace.

Yun Kon, who was sitting in his seat, was also leisurely at ease and couldn't help but start shaking his head, feeling disappointed with the selection.


It then spoke impatiently once again.

"Brother Chen, go up and try?"

Just then, Lin Zilan looked at Chen Hao and asked an interesting question.

After hearing that, Chen Hao nodded his head as well, and then he raised his hand and shouted, "I'll do it!"

All of a sudden, everyone threw their eyes towards Chen Hao's body.

When they saw Chen Hao's physical qualities, everyone around them also thought that Chen Hao was definitely going to be knocked to the ground with a single move.

In full view of the crowd, Chen Hao walked up to the tournament stage and stood in front of the tester.

"There is no difference between you and those people, I advise you that it would be best if you just admit defeat, lest you get knocked down to the ground by a single move from me just like those people!"

The trialist standing in front of Chen Hao stared at Chen Hao and mocked him with disdain.

Chen Hao's brows furrowed as he listened.

Motherfucker, how dare he underestimate himself, then Chen Hao would definitely not let him get away with it.

"Is that so? You haven't even fought me yet, so how do you know I'm not your match? Maybe you're going to get laid by me?"

In front of everyone, Chen Hao retorted back at the trialist with great vigor.

"Kid, big words can be said by anyone, it seems that you are really looking for death, so don't blame me for being rude, report your name!"

After hearing this, the trialist also roared with an angry glare at Chen Hao.

"Chen Hao, what about you? Let me know your name, in case I beat you down, I'm afraid that I won't recognize you the next time I meet you in the academy."

Chen Hao similarly asked a question towards the trialist.

"Hmph, listen up, I'm the leader of the fifth level elite class of the Lingkong Academy, my name is Ge Yunfeng."

The trialist immediately spoke his name towards Chen Hao.

After speaking, a gong sounded and the competition officially began.


Only to see Ge Yunfeng instantly seize his body and swiftly rush towards Chen Hao.

Ge Yunfeng's speed wasn't slow, at least it was already at the third stage of the Mortal Realm, so it could be said that it wasn't weak.

However, he was still somewhat weak against Chen Hao.

Of course, Chen Hao wouldn't give his true strength away, he would only need to use the strength of the second stage of the Realm of Mortal Kombat's cultivated soul to defeat Ge Yunfeng.

Ge Yunfeng smashed down on Chen Hao's face with a heavy punch.

Everyone around also seemed to have seen the end of Chen Hao being knocked down with one punch.

Unfortunately, this image would not come to pass.

All that was seen was Chen Hao dodging with a sideways movement, allowing Ge Yunfeng's fist to fall short.

"Oh my god, he actually dodged the first move!"

When the people below saw this, they all screamed out.

When Ge Yunfeng heard these voices, he felt even more unhappy, feeling that he was ashamed of himself, that it was his own shame that he couldn't beat down Chen Hao with one punch.

After that, Ge Yunfeng immediately reacted, leaping up, that is, a flying kick blast towards Chen Hao, making some killing moves, it seemed that he wanted to completely kill Chen Hao's rhythm.

But Ge Yunfeng had really underestimated Chen Hao's strength.

Once again, this leg fell short and didn't hit Chen Hao's body.

"Second move!"

Once again, shouts rang out from below.

At this time, even Yun Kon, who was sitting in his seat, had an expression of surprise on his face, he didn't expect Chen Hao to be able to carry the second move in Ge Yunfeng's hands.

"Oh, there's still one last move left , it's up to you if you can defeat me!"

Chen Hao then stared at Ge Yunfeng with a very strange smile and mocked him.

After hearing this, Ge Yunfeng became even angrier, he felt that Chen Hao was humiliating himself.

But the truth was that he wasn't even a match for Chen Hao, which he himself had already seen, but he couldn't just admit defeat like this, or he would definitely lose face, so Ge Yunfeng decided to use his full strength to deal with Chen Hao.


Ge Yunfeng smiled coldly.

"I'm going to defeat you completely with this move!" Ge Yunfeng's face was gloomy and very confident in his preaching.

Chen Hao, on the other hand, stood still and stared at Ge Yunfeng with a calm face, he felt that Ge Yunfeng was just lying, it would be a fool's errand to try to defeat him with his strength.


As his words fell, Ge Yunfeng stomped on the ground, his entire body leaping up like a tiger.

The floor of the competition platform was collapsed by him, enough to see that Ge Yunfeng's strength was very strong.

He attacked towards Chen Hao with the force of a tiger descending from the mountain.

Chen Hao did not panic, waving his big hand and turning his body, he quickly blasted Ge Yunfeng with a kick.

Ge Yunfeng's entire body was instantly kicked out in midair, and he flew right out of the tournament stage, falling heavily to the ground.

Everyone present was shocked to see this scene.


"This man is so powerful, he can actually defeat the trialists!"

All of a sudden, there were all sorts of shouts of discussion coming from below, and everyone had a great sense of admiration for Chen Hao.

In an instant, Chen Hao became the most eye-catching person in the entire scene.

Not to mention the people around him, even Yun Kon, who was sitting on the side, was surprised.

He didn't expect Chen Hao to be so strong that he could easily defeat Ge Yunfeng, who was at the second stage of the Realm of Mortals cultivating his soul.

Yun Kon then stood up and stepped forward to stand beside Chen Hao.

"Congratulations on successfully passing the test, you will become a student of the elite class of the Lingkong Academy!" Yun Kon looked at Chen Hao and narrated.

Hearing this, Chen Hao also nodded his head towards Yun Kon and thanked him, "Thank you, Master Yun Kon!"

Afterwards, Chen Hao walked off the stage in the spotlight, and everyone cast envious glances at Chen Hao, but they knew they couldn't be as powerful as Chen Hao to defeat Ge Yunfeng.

Soon, the competition continued, but the tester was a different person, not Ge Yunfeng.

After Ge Yunfeng was defeated by Chen Hao, he suffered a small internal injury, so he couldn't continue the trial for the time being and left to recuperate, but Ge Yunfeng was incomparably disgruntled and angry inside, thinking that he would definitely make Chen Hao look good.

After a day of testing and competing, it finally came to an end.

Lin Zilan was assigned to the introductory class, Gao Zicheng was assigned to the inner door class, and Zhou Nuo was also assigned to the inner door class, but the only person assigned to the elite class was Chen Hao.

Other than Chen Hao alone being assigned to the elite class, there was no one else who could enter the elite class like Chen Hao.

There weren't many people who could enter the elite class, and this time, only Chen Hao was the only one eligible among the thousands of people, which was enough to see how strict the Lingkong Academy was.

There were only a few dozen members of the elite class in the entire Lingkong Academy, and everyone's strength was above the fifth stage of the Realm of Reality.

The strength of the Dean of the Overgrown Academy had reached the seventh stage of the True God Realm's cultivated soul, already stepping into the void and being able to transform into a heavenly and earthly existence, which was the ability that the True God Realm possessed.

Some of the other instructors and masters were also between the first and fifth stages of the True God Realm, each extremely strong, so that was why the Sky Academy was the most powerful existence in the entire Sky Continent.

At this time, the Overgrown Academy, within the great hall.

A few Sky Academy's Grandmasters were sitting in it talking with the dean.

Grandmaster Yun Kon then walked through the door into the great hall and came to sit down respectfully in front of several people.

"Dean, Masters, this year's recruitment test has ended, the introductory class received four hundred students, the inner class received two hundred students, the elite class. The elite class admits. Admit one person!" Only Master Yun Kon reported the data of this student recruitment assessment to the dean and the others.

Hearing Master Yun Kon's words, the four clerics seated around them all suddenly revealed a look of unexpected surprise, they didn't expect the number of students recruited today to be so small, and only one person from the elite class had even qualified.

"Yun Kon, can no one in the elite class except one person be able to withstand three moves?" An old man in a purple robe sitting off to the side spoke up and asked towards Yun Kon.

This purple-robed old man was called Master Dizang, with the strength of a True God Realm third stage cultivating soul, and was one of the elite class clerics of the Lingkong Academy.

"Gentlemen, Dean, I'm sorry, with all due respect, this only student who was able to enter the elite class didn't bear three moves to join, but defeated our trials to join, and is very strong, having reached at least above the fifth stage of the True Spirit Realm."

After Yun Kon heard this, he immediately opened his mouth to tell the four clerics and the dean.


"Defeated our tester?" Master Dzogchen was fiercely surprised.

The other three Grandmasters also looked at each other, they did not expect the person who could enter the elite class this time to be so incredibly strong.

Over the years, no one had been able to defeat the trialists sent out, and Chen Hao was truly the first.

"Yun Kon, what is that person's name?"

That's when Dean Summers opened his mouth and asked towards Master Yun Kon.

"Chen Hao!"

Master Yun Kon replied.

"Good, and you bring him to the main hall to meet us!" Summers commanded towards Master Yun Kon.

"Yes!" Grandmaster Yun Kon responded and then immediately exited the main hall.

A short while later, Master Yun Kon brought Chen Hao into the main hall.

"Dean, Master Sovereign, he is Chen Hao!" Master Yun Kon introduced Chen Hao behind him.

"Chen Hao, this is Dean Sumeru, these four are the elite class clansmen of the Lingkong Academy, Dizang, Tianpu, Yunxi, and Gujun."

Master Yun Kon then introduced each of them to Chen Hao.

After hearing this, Chen Hao immediately bent down and bowed in greeting towards the Suds in front of him, "Cadet Chen Hao has met the Dean and the four Grandmasters."

Looking at the Chen Hao in front of them, Sumeru and the Four Patriarchs also showed their satisfaction, feeling that Chen Hao still knew how to be polite.

"I heard that you defeated the trialists this time, right?" Summers slowly spoke up, staring at Chen Hao and asking.

Chen Hao immediately nodded his head and replied, "Yes, Dean!"

"Over the years, no one from my Overcast Academy has ever been able to defeat a trialist, you are the first, can you tell what realm your true strength is at now?" Summers continued to ask towards Chen Hao.

Chen Hao hesitated and opened his mouth to answer, "Dean, my current strength is at the fifth stage of the True Man Realm cultivating soul."

Of course, Chen Hao didn't tell the truth, in fact, his strength had already reached the Ninth Stage of Realm Realm cultivating soul, but he had been hiding his strength and didn't really give out his strength."

"Well, good, no wonder you were able to defeat the trialists, the strength of a Real Life Realm fifth stage cultivating soul is already powerful enough to be a strong presence in the elite class as well!"

Sumeru nodded his head in satisfaction and praised towards Chen Hao.

"Thank you, Dean for the compliment!" Chen Hao smiled and thanked Sudama.

"Well, since you are now a member of the elite class, you are free to choose one of these four clerics to be your tutor in the Overworld Academy!" Sumi then commanded towards Chen Hao to make his choice.


When he heard the dean's words, Chen Hao took a glance at each of the four clerics seated around him.

The four clerics also straightened their bodies and sat themselves down, expecting Chen Hao's choice.

After looking at them for a while, Chen Hao hesitated to make a choice.

This caused Sudama and the four clerics to reveal their doubts.

"Chen Hao, are you unable to make a choice?" Sumeru opened his mouth and asked towards Chen Hao.

Chen Hao raised the corner of his mouth in an unpredictable curve of a smile as he stared at Sumeru and replied, "Dean, is there no other choice other than these four clerics?"


"Kid, could it be that you're looking down on our four great masters?"

Chen Hao's words instantly made Master Dzogchen get mighty angry, glaring at Chen Hao and questioning him.

Actually, Chen Hao didn't have that in mind.

"You are mistaken, Master Dizang, I am not looking down on you four masters, but I wish there were better options." Chen Hao calmly stood in place towards Master Dzogchen and explained.  

"Oh? Well, what other options do you want? "

Sumeru looked at Chen Hao interestingly and asked, he felt that the young man in front of him was really special.

"I wonder if the dean has any thoughts of taking in sitting students?"

Chen Hao then immediately opened his mouth to propose to Sudama.

"You brat, the dean is the dean of the Lingkong Academy, how can you be the one who can be so reckless!" Grandmaster Dizang shouted at Chen Hao again.

Master Yun Kon on the other side had also already turned pale and became terrified, he did not expect Chen Hao to dare to say such words.

Who was Sumeru? The Dean of the Sky Academy, that was a supreme status existence, how could he easily accept a sitting student.

However, Sudama wasn't angry with Chen Hao's words, instead, he revealed a satisfied smile.

"Chen Hao, you really have a lot of guts, you're the first person to dare to make such a request in front of me, not bad, really good." Sumeru's words were not to blame Chen Hao, but rather a burst of praise towards Chen Hao.

Hearing Sumeru's words, the four Grandmasters and Master Yun Kon also revealed looks of shock and surprise.

It was the first time they had seen that Sumi would be so interested and fond of a student.

"Good, I've never personally accepted a sit down student in my life, so today I'll make an exception and accept you as the only student of my Sudama sit down!"

Immediately afterwards Sumi stared at Chen Hao and promised to accept Chen Hao as his sitting student.


The faces of the four clerics were dumbfounded.

This result was truly completely unexpected by the four of them.

It was unexpected that Summers would really be willing to make an exception for Chen Hao.

"Thank you, Dean. No, thank you, Reverend Master!" Chen Hao also hurriedly addressed his respectful thanks towards Sumi.

Since he had already entered the Academy, of course he wanted to be the most powerful one.

In this way, Chen Hao's status and identity in the Sky Academy was instantly extremely high.

After saying that, Sudarshan flew out a golden token from his sleeve and landed in front of Chen Hao's eyes.

"This is your exclusive token, and a symbol of your status in the Lingkong Academy, you are the only sitting student of my Sumeru, and can have all the learning resources of the entire academy!" Sumeru directly gave Chen Hao's status symbol along with his rights.

The dean's sitting students, how noble their status, of course, in the academy can be said to be the rhythm of the horizontal.

The main thing was that Chen Hao could freely own and enjoy all the learning resources of the entire academy, so that Chen Hao could learn a lot of techniques and secret methods, thus improving his own strength faster.

"Yun Kon, you go sort out the East Garden Pavilion, from now on, that will be Chen Hao's personal residence!"

Then Suda instructed Yun Kon again.

"Yes, Dean, I will immediately bring Chen Hao forward!" Yun Kon agreed without even thinking about it.

After saying that, Yun Kon left the great hall with Chen Hao.

After the two left, the four great masters looked at Sumeru, and the four of them were clearly quite unhappy.

"Dean, why did you take that Chen Hao as your own sitting student?" Di Zang was very puzzled as he asked towards Sudama.

The Sky Academy had never set this precedent before, but this time, an exception was made because of a Chen Hao, and it was also because the dean himself spoke up, which truly made their four great masters not understand.


"Don't you see? That brat's strength is actually not even at the fifth stage of the Realm of Reality cultivated soul, but he's deliberately hiding his strength!"

Sumeru smiled lightly and explained to the four great masters.

As the four great masters listened, they were suspicious.

"You're saying that brat is deliberately hiding his strength, so what is his true strength?" Master Dzogchen continued to ask with some small surprise.

"At the very least, it has reached the strength of a ninth stage cultivating soul, and even shows signs of breaking through to the True God Realm!"

Sumeru directly spoke out a sentence.

"If that's the case, then this kid will be the most talented student in the history of my Lingkong Academy" At last, Master Dizang was no longer in doubt, and changed his attitude to say.

It was a pity that such a student wasn't his own, but had become the dean's sitting student, otherwise he would definitely have more status and bragging capital in the academy.

But Master Dzogchen had also long been thinking about it in his heart, thinking that he had to get on good terms with Chen Hao.

At this time, on this side.

Chen Hao was led by Grandmaster Yun Kon to the Eastern Garden Pavilion of the Lingkong Academy.

The East Garden Pavilion had always been used as an empty room to store some debris, but now that Chen Hao had become a sitting student of Sumeru, of course, he needed a place to live that reflected his status, so he couldn't live with the students of the Introductory Inner Sect, which was a bit low status.

"Master Yun Kon, is this place all unoccupied?"

Looking at the dust-covered pavilion in front of him, Chen Hao asked towards Master Yun Kon.

Master Yun Kon immediately nodded his head towards Chen Hao and replied, "Yes, it's better not to call me Master, you are now a sitting student of the dean, but your status is different!"

"Hehe, Master Yun Kon's words are important, although I'm the Dean's sitting student, I'm still a student of the Lingkong Academy, my status is the same, and you're also a tutor, of course I have to respect you!"

Chen Hao also responded humbly towards Master Yun Kon.


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