The unknown Heir 841-845


Chen Hao and Zhou Nuo both sat down right next to this river.

"How come we haven't seen a single person in half a day?"

Zhou Nuo was a little curious and asked towards Chen Hao.

Chen Hao felt strange about this as well.

"It is indeed a bit strange, is it because the place we are in is too remote?" Chen Hao couldn't help but contemplate.


As soon as the words fell, a water column rushed skyward in the river.

A green dragon rushed out of the river, leaping up into the air and shrieking at Chen Hao and the two with its mouth wide open.

The sound resounded throughout the surroundings.

Zhou Nuo's eyes widened all of a sudden, how could the two of them have thought that such a green dragon existed in the river.

The blue dragon directly launched an attack towards Chen Hao and Zhou Nuo, quickly flying towards the two of them.  

"Watch out!"

Chen Hao shouted loudly.

After shouting, Chen Hao and Zhou Nuo both jumped out towards the side.

Luckily, they reacted relatively quickly and dodged the green dragon's attack, but their original location was already caved in a piece, enough to see how powerful the impact of the green dragon was, wouldn't it be the rhythm of the two of them breaking into pieces if it hit them.

"Didn't we agree that it was just a battle with a human, why did a dragon suddenly appear!"

Zhou Nuo was full of puzzlement and asked.

Chen Hao felt that this should be another challenging test in the illusionary realm, it might have some magical qualities.

"Zhou Nuo, you hide first, I'll deal with it!"

Chen Hao reminded Zhou Nuo, then summoned the sword spirit within his body and transformed it into a sword to hold in his hand, directly rushing towards the green dragon.

When the green dragon saw Chen Hao charging towards him, it caused it to become even more excited, shaking its body and charging towards Chen Hao as well.

"Sword swing!"

In the next second, a roar slashed through Chen Hao.

A red light saber qi sprang up from the sky, instantly running through the green dragon.


The green dragon shrieked up to the sky, then its eyes turned grey and fell down, right into the river.

The green dragon was cut down by Chen Hao.

Then, two brightly glowing objects floated out of the river's surface.

When Chen Hao saw this, he immediately fell down to check.

As he approached, the light disappeared and a Green Dragon Jade Talisman and a Dragon Egg were presented before Chen Hao's eyes.

Chen Hao quickly picked up the two items and returned to Zhou Nuo's side.

After seeing these two items, Zhou Nuo and Chen Hao were very curious and surprised, never thought that they would get such a reward after slaying the Green Dragon, it seemed that this fantasy world was really mysterious.

A little later, Chen Hao put the dragon egg into his backpack, and the Green Dragon Jade Talisman into his pocket.

These two things Chen Hao didn't know what use they had yet, he would study them properly after he finished the challenge and went out, but Chen Hao could tell that they were definitely precious and must have some special use and secret.

"Chen Hao, what was the name of that move you just made? So powerful!"

Zhou Nuo lifted her head and looked curiously at Chen Hao and asked.

The burst of sword qi that Chen Hao had made just now was truly powerful, making Zhou Nuo look at it and feel incomparably stunning.

"I don't know, it just came out of nowhere!" Chen Hao was also a little unclear, and explained with a shrug of his shoulders.

Actually, that move just now was made by the Sword Spirit, but Chen Hao was just unaware of it.

Soon, the two of them simply cleaned up and left the river place, heading towards the other side.

After about ten minutes of walking, the sounds of a fierce fight reached Chs and Zhou Nuo's ears.

Zhou Nuo instantly looked towards Chen Hao and spoke, "Chen Hao, there's a fight going on ahead, it seems to be very intense, let's go take a look!"

Hearing Zhou Nuo's words, Chen Hao expressed his agreement.

When something like this happened, maybe the two of them would have a chance to check for leaks and come up with a mantis plan.

The two of them quickly moved forward and came to hide behind a rock, looking at a small forest not far away.

There were several black-robed men in the grove who were attacking a white-clothed young man.

The young man in white had a reddish shoulder injury, but he was still invincible against four.

However, Chen Hao knew that it would be futile for the white-clothed youth to continue on like this, and he would only end up being killed by the four black-robed men.

But why were the four men hunting down and killing one person? There must be a reason for this.

"Chen Hao, the four of them are bullying one another, should we help out to help?" After Zhou Nuo looked at it, she was slightly exasperated and inquired towards Chen Hao.

It was a virtue to pull out a knife to help an injustice on the road.

At this time, in the small forest.

"Hmph, Lin Zilan, just stop holding out and be good and let us take your divine stone!" One of the black-robed men just coldly snorted in mockery towards the white-clothed youth in front of him.

"Heh, if you want my divine stone, don't even think about it!" Lin Zilan smiled coldly, never yielding to the retort.

"Fine, then you can go to hell!"

The black-robed man shouted furiously and directly signaled to the three people around him, and the four of them attacked Lin Zilan at the same time.

The instant Lin Zilan was about to be struck, a golden light struck from one side, directly shaking the four black-robed men back.


Two figures quickly fell down and blocked in front of Lin Zilan.

"What kind of a good man are four people bullying" Chen Hao swept a glance at the four black-robed men and snorted in disdain.

The four black-robed men looked at each other, they did not expect to kill a Cheng Biao Jin halfway through.✌🏽

"Kid, mind your own business, or you'll be killed together!"

The black-robed man at the head of the group just glared angrily at Chen Hao in warning.

"Oh? Really? Then I'm going to meddle in this nosy business today!"

Chen Hao smiled contemptuously as a cold killing intent flashed in his eyes.

After saying that, Chen Hao quickly threw out two secret talismans from his own body.

The talismans turned into ashes in the air, and in a moment, a blazing fire wrapped around two of the black-robed men and burned them alive.


The remaining two black-robed men were dumbfounded at what they saw.

"You're even a talisman master!" The black-robed man at the head decisively screamed out, his face filled with shock, he did not expect to meet a talisman.

After saying that, the two black-robed men leapt to their feet, ready to quickly flee.

But of course, Chen Hao would not give them that chance.

"Want to leave? It's impossible!"

When Chen Hao saw this, his heart snorted with laughter, then he quickly threw out two secret talismans again.

As soon as the two black-robed men were seen, tree vines appeared on their bodies at the same time, binding them to death and dropping down to fall in front of Chen Hao.

"I'll laugh at your divine stones!"

Chen Hao glanced at the two with cold eyes and faintly squeezed out a sentence from his mouth.

After saying that, Chen Hao brought out his sword and killed the two of them without a hint of mercy, dealing with enemies was to be ruthless, otherwise it was to be cruel to oneself.


After finishing off the four people, Chen Hao bagged the four divine Stones.

In an instant, Chen Hao had gathered five God Stones.

Chen Hao then looked at Lin Zilan behind him.

"Are you alright?"

Lin Zilan shook his head slightly.

"It's fine, thank you for your help, I am Lin Zilan!" Lin Zilan thanked deeply towards Chen Hao and Zhou Nuo and briefly introduced herself.

Hearing Lin Zilan's introduction, Zhou Nuo was surprised.

"You are the second youngest youngster of the Realm Lin Family, Lin Zilan?"

Zhou Nuo stared at Lin Zilan in surprise and asked.

Lin Zilan turned her gaze to Zhou Nuo, unexpectedly Zhou Nuo knew him.

"You are?" Lin Zi Lan asked suspiciously.  

"I'm Zhou Nuo of the Zhou family, I never thought I'd meet the Lin family's second youngest youngster here, what an honor!" Zhou Nuo smiled as Lin Zilan spoke of his identity.

The Lin Family of the Realm was a strong dragon in the entire Realm, and there were experts within the Lin Family like clouds, and some had even reached the True God Realm.

But now a hallowed Lin family's second youngest was even being attacked here, it was a bit humiliating.

"Hehe, Miss Zhou has spoken highly of me, I'm just a trash that the Lin family has given up on!" Lin Zilan, on the other hand, sighed with a helpless, bitter smile.

Although Lin Zilan was the Lin family's second young master, his cultivation was so low that he was only at the Ninth Grade Wheel King Realm by now, not even at the Realm of Real People, so he was collectively known as the useless second young master and had been abandoned by the Lin family long ago.

"Your cultivation is merely temporarily parked at the Ninth Grade Wheel King Realm, and for some strange reason you've been unable to advance."

Chen Hao immediately saw that something was wrong with Lin Zilan's body and stared at Lin Zilan as he narrated.

"This brother has good eyesight, not bad, I don't know why my own body is like this, which is why I've been unable to enter the Realm of Reality, it's like there's a strange breath blocking my dantian inside my body, I can't break through!" Lin Zilan nodded towards Chen Hao and explained.

"But your situation isn't unbreakable, it requires a special method!" Chen Hao narrated again towards Lin Zilan.

As soon as Lin Zilan heard it, a surprised gesture appeared on his face to stare at Chen Hao.

He didn't expect Chen Hao to give him such a reply, which meant that Chen Hao definitely had a way to help him.

"I don't know how to address the brother?"

Lin Zilan instantly asked towards Chen Hao.

"Chen Hao!" Chen Hao said.

"Brother Chen, if you really have a way to help me, I, Lin Zilan, will definitely saddle up my liver for you and be willing to follow you!" Lin Zilan looked agitated towards Chen Hao, completely lacking the kind of temperament of the Lin family's second youngest.

Seeing that Lin Zilan was so sincere and that Chen Hao felt that Lin Zilan didn't seem like a bad person, Chen Hao decided to help Lin Zilan.

"Young Lin is polite, but right now we should still gather five divine stones and leave the illusion first!"

Chen Hao didn't immediately speak of a solution, but instead reminded Lin Zilan and Zhou Nuo.

Right now Chen Hao himself had already gathered five God Stones, Zhou Nuo was still three short, and Lin Zilan had none, which meant that the three of them still needed to gather eight more to defeat.

"Brother Chen is right!" Lin Zilan expressed his approval.

Lin Zilan then briefly treated his injuries before moving along with Chen Hao and the two of them.

However, the next three of Chen Hao's luck was pretty good, and all of them encountered some straw men along the way.

It didn't take long for the three of them to successfully gather the remaining eight divine Stones.

After gathering the divine stones, Chen Hao immediately rushed to the authentication exit and left the illusionary realm after authenticating each of them.

When they returned to reality, Chen Hao had a token in his hand, which was an important proof to enter the Sky Continent.

The three of them couldn't wait to take the token and entered the passage together.

After a burst of white light, They were smoothly transported to the Sky Continent.

Arriving at the Overcast Continent, it really made the three of them brighten up, thinking that the Overcast Continent was too beautiful, it was a continent suspended in the air.

"Yo, isn't this Young Master Lin Er?"

As soon as the three of them arrived, they only heard a sharp and harsh voice sneer from behind them.

Upon hearing the voice, the three of them turned around at the same time to look.

A youth in dark green robe was seen walking right up to them.

"Bai Lie!"

Lin Zilan's brows furrowed as he spoke a name out of his mouth.

The young man in front of him was named Bai Lie, the eldest young master of the Realm Bai family, and his strength was at the first stage of the Realm Realm's cultivated soul.

"I can't believe that wasteful Second Young Master Lin can even enter the Overcast Continent, someone must have helped!" Bai Lie looked at Lin Zilan mockingly as he spoke with an amused expression as he looked at Chen Hao on the side.

The meaning of the words was actually quite obvious, it was to mock Lin Zilan for having entered the Overworld Continent through the help of others.

After saying that, Bai Lie laughed loudly and headed forward, no longer paying attention to Lin Zilan with Chen Hao and Zhou Nuo.

"I've long heard that the Bai family's eldest youngster is a smart-tongued person, but it looks like I've finally seen it today!" Zhou Nuo glanced at Bai Lie's back and snorted coldly, her tone filled with disdain.

Of course Zhou Nuo knew about Bai Lie, it was just that she had never had contact with him before.

However, Chen Hao didn't care about Bai Lie's people, right now they should find a place to land first.

Soon, the three of them arrived at an inn, and after they entered, they realized that they had no currency to trade with.

Of course they had to use the currency of the Sky Continent when they came to the Sky Continent, so the coins of the Realm were completely unusable with those of Earth, and they couldn't exchange them either, so the three of them had to find a way to get money first.

The currency used in the Overcast Continent was gold coins, and everything was traded with gold coins.

The only place where one could get gold coins quickly was the most famous "Gold Auction House" in the Sky Continent.

Everyone who entered the Sky Continent had to first go to the Gold Auction House to sell or auction off their possessions, which was the only way to get gold coins quickly.

Chen Hao and the three of them quickly learned of this information and immediately headed towards the Gold Auction House.

When they arrived at the Gold Auction House, they saw that it was already crowded with people inside and out, all of whom were from the Realm, which could be described as a sea of people.

The people of the Realm were still very different from the people of the Sky Continent, and could be distinguished with a glance, and the people of the Sky Continent were somewhat disgusted and hostile towards the people of the Realm.


Before long, it was the turn of the three of them.

Chen Hao took out the Green Dragon Jade Talisman from himself and handed it to the person in charge in front of him.

After taking a glance at the Green Dragon Jade Talisman, the person in charge was surprised and stared at Chen Hao with some incredulity.

"Please you three, follow me!"

After a pause, the person in charge motioned towards three of them.

After saying so, he led the three of them into the Gold Bank Auction House.

Upon arriving inside, an old man with a golden crown stepped out to greet the three of them.

The person in charge just now handed the green dragon jade talisman in his hand to the old man with the golden crown, whispering in his ear.

The golden-crowned old man was also a little surprised and watched Chen Hao closely.

"Where did you get this Green Dragon Jade Talisman?"

Immediately afterwards, the golden-crowned old man reacted and asked towards Chen Hao.  

Chen Hao hesitated and opened his mouth to reply, "I obtained it after I encountered a green dragon in the Challenge Illusion and slayed it!"

After hearing Chen Hao's reply, the look on the golden-crowned old man's face gradually became even more surprising.

"This Green Dragon Jade Talisman is the most precious item in the Illusionary Realm, no one can ever obtain it, I never thought you would have slayed the Green Dragon, it's truly amazing!" The golden-crowned old man boasted towards Chen Hao.

The words let Chen Hao know that this Green Dragon Jade Talisman was definitely a very valuable item.

"Then is this worth anything?"

Chen Hao asked curiously.


Chen Hao's words made the golden-crowned old man and the one in charge both laugh.

"Worth? I can tell you that this Green Dragon Jade Talisman can be auctioned for at least millions of gold coins, so I don't know if you're willing to conduct an auction!" The golden-crowned old man narrated towards Chen Hao.

Millions of gold coins, this was an astronomical figure, and it really made the three of them feel moved to hear it.

"Fine, I agree to the auction!"

After pondering for a while, Chen Hao agreed to auction off this Green Dragon Jade Talisman of his.

Now they were very short of gold coins, so they could only auction off this Green Dragon Jade Talisman before saying anything, or else they wouldn't even survive in the Overland Continent.

"Okay, since you are willing to auction it, but I have to tell you, we have rules in our Gold Bank, all items that are auctioned will be split by percentage in our Gold Bank, which means that we take three percent of the gold coins and the remaining seven percent goes to you, is that acceptable?"

Seeing that Chen Hao had agreed, the golden-crowned old man immediately spoke up and told Chen Hao about the rules of the Golden Bank.

Chen Hao looked behind him at Zhou Nuo and Lin Zilan, trying to ask the three of them for their opinions.

Zhou Nuo and Lin Zilan also had no opinions, which made Chen Hao nod his head in agreement.

"Okay, the three of you please come with me to the waiting area, we will be auctioning off your Green Dragon Jade Talisman soon!" The person in charge quickly gave a reminder towards Chen Hao and brought the three of them to a hidden area that belonged specifically to those selling, just so that the sellers could hear and see the auction with their own eyes and ears.

Chen Hao and the three of them sat down and waited for the auction to begin.

A few minutes later, the auction officially began.

As soon as the golden-crowned old man stepped onto the stage, he looked at the crowd below and shouted, "Ladies and gentlemen, today I will bring you a few treasures, and then I will reveal the first treasure for you, the Phoenix Feather Treasure Fan!"

After saying that, the golden-crowned old man lifted the red cloth on the first auction item, and a golden fan appeared in front of everyone's eyes, the fan was made with phoenix feathers and looked very exquisite.

"Phoenix Feather Treasure Fan, the starting bid is one hundred thousand gold coins, each bid increase must not be less than fifty thousand gold coins!"

The golden-crowned old man then announced the auction price of the fan.

All of a sudden there was a stir underneath.

"Two hundred thousand gold coins!"

The first to stand up and bid was a man dressed in a gorgeous brocade, and all of a sudden, he directly added 100,000 gold coins, which was really lofty.

"Three hundred thousand gold coins!"

As soon as the brocade man finished raising the price, an obese man on the other side stood up and shouted, raising the price by a hundred thousand gold coins again.

In fact, it was just a broken fan, it wasn't worth such a high price to the chen Hao & his people

After a few rounds, this Phoenix Feather Treasure Fan was finally auctioned off for 600,000 gold coins, bought by the man in brocade at the beginning.

There were a total of four treasures to be auctioned off, and Chen Hao's Green Dragon Jade Talisman was the final one to be auctioned off.

So the three of them waited for an hour or two.

Finally, it was Chen Hao's turn to auction off the Green Dragon Jade Talisman, and the three of them immediately lifted their spirits and stared at the auction room with their full attention.

Only the golden-crowned old man lifted the red cloth on the Green Dragon Jade Talisman and presented it.

"Everyone, this is our final treasure of the day, the Green Dragon Jade Talisman, I'm sure you all must know about this item, an extremely rare item, the starting bid is three million gold coins, each increase must not be less than one million, the auction will now begin!"

As the golden-crowned old man's words trailed off, the auction began with fierce bidding.

"Five million gold coins!"

"No, I'll pay six million gold coins!"

"Cut the crap, I'll take seven million gold coins!"

Everyone on the scene was frantically shouting for a price increase.

In just a few minutes, the price of the Green Dragon Jade Talisman had already been auctioned off to ten million gold coins, and the price had been rising without the slightest feeling of weakening.

It wasn't until the high price of twenty million gold coins that the scene quieted down and didn't dare to raise the price again.

Twenty million gold coins was already the limit, and it was much higher than the expected estimate.

"The Jade Immortal Prince is bidding twenty million gold coins, it seems that there should be no one to compete with him, the Green Dragon Jade Talisman belongs to the Jade Immortal Prince!"

The golden-crowned old man announced loudly, looking towards a young man in extremely royal noble clothes sitting in the front row.

This was Prince Jade Immortal, the prince of the Overcast Continent's royal family.

Twenty million gold coins was just a small amount to him.

"I go, twenty million gold coins, Chen Hao, you've earned it!"

When he saw this, Zhou Nuo looked at Chen Hao in surprise and said.

Chen Hao didn't expect this Green Dragon Jade Talisman of his to sell for such a high price, so what if it was the Dragon Egg? It would be at the pace of breaking a hundred million.

But that dragon egg Chen Hao didn't want to bring it out for anyone to know at the moment, besides, there were already over ten million gold coins, he was currently not short of money at the moment.

Soon, as the auction ended, the golden-crowned old man had three large boxes of gold coins moved and placed in front of the three of them✌🏽, who were stunned to see that many gold coins.

Although Chen Hao was once a wealthy existence on Earth, this was the first time he had ever seen anything in the area of gold coins.


"Chen Hao, how are we going to take so many gold coins with us?"

Seeing so many gold coins, Zhou Nuo was a little surprised and asked Chen Hao.

Three large boxes of gold coins, even if they each carried away one box, it would be difficult, not to mention that so many gold coins were really dazzling, wouldn't it be a rhythm to be robbed if they were discovered.

This was indeed giving Chen Hao a headache, he had to think of a way to do it.

Seeing that Chen Hao was in a dilemma, the golden-crowned old man chose to help Chen Hao.

The golden-crowned old man only took out a small ring and handed it to Chen Hao.

Chen Hao was suddenly stunned, not understanding what the golden crowned old man meant and why he was giving himself a ring.

"What is this you have?"

"It's a storage ring with a lot of space inside, you can put all these gold coins in it so you can easily take them away!"

The golden-crowned old man smiled kindly and amiably as he narrated towards Chen Hao.

"This. I can't take something from you for nothing, I'll give you an extra one million gold coins and this ring is considered my purchase!"  

Of course, Chen Hao was not the kind of person to eat food given in contempt, and Chen Hao did not feel at ease taking something given to him for free, so he immediately proposed towards the golden-crowned old man.

The golden-crowned old man didn't refuse, but in his heart, he felt that Chen Hao was a real person, and after accepting the one million gold coins, he gave the ring to Chen Hao.

Chen Hao took the ring and put it on his hand, gently touching the ring.


An empty hole instantly appeared in front of Chen Hao.

Chen Hao immediately put all of the remaining sixteen million gold coins into it and put his backpack into it as well.

This storage ring was very convenient and was considered a treasure.

After solving the gold coin problem, Chen Hao was ready to leave with Zhou Nuo and Lin Zilan.

But as soon as the three of them took a step, they were stopped by the golden crowned old man.

"Hold on, three of you, there is someone who wants to see you!"✌🏽

The golden-crowned old man looked at the three of them and said.

This caused the three of them to instantly develop a trace of doubt, thinking that they had only just arrived in this Overcast Continent, so who would want to see them?

After saying that, the golden-crowned old man led the three of them to a reception hall in the back, only to see that the Jade Immortal Prince was already sitting there waiting for the three of them.

That's right, it was the Jade Immortal Prince who wanted to see Chen Hao & his companions.

The Jade Immortal Prince had spent twenty million gold coins to auction off the Green Dragon Jade Talisman, of course he wanted to see who exactly was the divine person who auctioned off this Green Dragon Jade Talisman, who was even willing to auction off such a precious treasure.

"You three, this is the Jade Immortal Prince of my Overcast Continent's royal family, it is the Jade Immortal Prince who has auctioned off the Green Dragon Jade Talisman!"

The golden-crowned old man looked respectfully towards the Jade Immortal Prince and opened his mouth to introduce the three of them towards Chen Hao.

Chen Hao looked towards the Jade Immortal Prince, not knowing how to greet him, but he was still a prince anyway, so he had to be somewhat respectful, right?

"Prince Jade Immortal, hello!"

Chen Hao greeted the Jade Immortal Prince.

"Are you the one who sold this Green Dragon Jade Talisman?" The Jade Immortal Prince stood up and stared at Chen Hao with a very curious gaze and asked.

Chen Hao nodded his head and replied, "That's right, it was me, the three of us are from the Realm and we don't have any gold coins on us, that's why I'm selling the Green Dragon Jade Talisman!"

"Don't you know the preciousness of the Green Dragon Jade Talisman?"

The Jade Immortal Prince asked a suspicious question.

About this, Chen Hao really didn't know.

Honestly, if it wasn't for the lack of gold coins, Chen Hao wouldn't have put this Green Dragon Jade Talisman up for sale, and he hadn't even been able to delve into it yet.

But hearing the Jade Immortal Prince's words let Chen Hao know that this Green Dragon Jade Talisman was definitely a special treasure.

Chen Hao shook his head and replied, "I don't know, please tell me prince!"

"This Green Dragon Jade Talisman is the symbol of the Green Dragon, and those who obtain it can possess the power of the Green Dragon, which is the most powerful of the Four Great Beasts!"

The Jade Immortal Prince recounted the matter about the Green Dragon Jade Talisman and told Chen Hao.

After hearing this, Chen Hao & his companions were all surprised, not expecting this Green Dragon Jade Talisman to have such a great effect.

Suddenly, Chen Hao had some regrets about taking this Green Dragon Jade Talisman out for sale.

But now there was no way for him to go back on his words, what he took out was like spilled water, he couldn't get it back, besides, the person who bought the Green Dragon Jade Talisman was still a prince of the royal family of the Sky Continent, it was even more difficult to go back on his words, Chen Hao could only go and admit it.

"Prince, this Green Dragon Jade Talisman is now yours, so even if you tell us this information about the Green Dragon Jade Talisman, we won't think anything of it, please don't worry about that!" Chen Hao looked at the Jade Immortal Prince and replied.

Prince Jade Immortal stared at Chen Hao's eyes, and he could tell that Chen Hao was definitely not telling lies.

"Fine, this prince believes your words!" The Jade Immortal Prince chose to believe Chen Hao's words.

After a brief conversation, Chen Hao's & his two companions left the Gold Auction House.

Although there were some regrets, there was nothing Chen Hao could do about it, there were no regrets in the world, but it was good that they had received a large amount of gold coins, which was a psychological comfort, it was better than nothing at all.

With the gold coins, the three of them were finally able to find a better place to stay and settle down, and they also had a sumptuous dinner.

With over ten million gold coins on their hand, it was enough for the three of them to eat, drink and be merry in the Overcast Continent for the year.

At night, Chen Hao stayed in a room with Zhou Nuo and Lin Zilan in a separate room.

Originally, Chen Hao was going to have one room per person, but Zhou Nuo said that she didn't dare to live alone, so she had to stay with Chen Hao, and Chen Hao had no choice but to agree.

Sitting in the room, Chen Hao took out the Green Dragon Dragon Egg from his storage bag and placed it on the table.

Chen Hao carefully looked at the Green Dragon Dragon Egg in front of him, thinking that could this Green Dragon Dragon Egg actually hatch out a Green Dragon?

"Chen Hao, do you think this dragon egg will come out with a green dragon by then?" Zhou Nuo walked over to Chen Hao and sat down, curiously examining the dragon egg towards Chen Hao and asked.

"It's not that unlikely, but there's no telling when this dragon egg will hatch!" Chen Hao responded indifferently.


Only then, a crisp cracking sound was heard from the dragon egg.

Immediately afterwards, a crack appeared in the green dragon's egg.

Seeing this scene, Chen Hao and Zhou Nuo suddenly revealed astonishment as they stared at the dragon egg with wide eyes.

In the next second, the dragon egg completely cracked open and a green dragon poked out a small head from the egg shell, two eyes the size of Chen Hao's thumb were wide open, staring at Chen Hao and Zhou Nuo in front of them.

"Wow, what a cute little green dragon!"

After Zhou Nuo saw it, she could no longer hold back and immediately screamed out, such a cute little green dragon was really too endearing.


After saying that, Zhou Nuo stretched out her hand and prepared to grab at the little green dragon.


The little green dragon opened its mouth, revealing two small teeth, and roared at Zhou Nuo.

Such an adorable scream was truly incomparably painful.

"You little guy, I'm so gentle and you're still so fierce!" Zhou Nuo pursed his lips and reprimanded at the little green dragon.

The little green dragon seemed to have understood Zhou Nuo's words and immediately shrank into a ball.

When Chen Hao saw this, he couldn't help but smile and then stretched out his hand to cup the little green dragon in his hand.

The little green dragon enjoyed lying in Chen Hao's hand very much, constantly rubbing against Chen Hao's palm, completely trusting Chen Hao very much.

"It looks like it trusts you a lot, look at you touching it with no problem at all!"

Zhou Nuo was a little unhappy to see the situation, and said that she was a beautiful woman in the hall but still couldn't compare to a man.

In fact, this was not the case, because it was Chen Hao who had always brought the dragon egg with him, so the dragon egg had already become familiar with Chen Hao's scent, so the little green dragon inside would take Chen Hao as his most trustworthy person.  

The two of them had stayed with the little green dragon until late at night before falling asleep.

However, after some familiarization, the little green dragon became familiar with Zhou Nuo, not treating Zhou Nuo as an enemy and willing to let Zhou Nuo hug it himself.

The next morning, Chen Hao and Zhou Nuo were woken up by the Little Green Dragon.

The little green dragon was bouncing around on both of their bodies, opening its mouth from time to time to roar.

When she saw this, Zhou Nuo came to her senses, "Chen Hao, it must be hungry!"

But that's a problem for the two of them, what should the little green dragon eat? It definitely wasn't the same as what they were eating.

Chen Hao then put the Little Green Dragon in his storage space, then left the inn with Zhou Nuo and Lin Zilan and went outside to look for a place to eat.

The three of them finally found a restaurant where they ate and ordered a lot of food.

Chen Hao put some meat into the storage space to feed the little green dragon.

However, the little green dragon was lying on the ground, not at all interested in the food Chen Hao put in.

"It doesn't eat, huh? Not even eating meat." Chen Hao was somewhat troubled and confused.

Thinking that this little green dragon wouldn't even eat meat, what exactly was it going to eat?

But Chen Hao didn't want to worry about it for the time being, the three of them would eat their fill first.

After eating, Chen Hao and the two of them continued to search for food for the little green dragon.

Just then, when Chen Hao passed by a magnificent manor, the little green dragon in the storage space started to stir.

Chen Hao sensed that something was wrong with the little green dragon and immediately released it, only to see the little green dragon fly quickly towards the magnificent manor as if it was attracted to something.

"Hey, you little guy!"

It was too late for Chen Hao to try to stop them.

Unfortunately, Chen Hao & his companions had no choice but to leap over the fence into the gorgeous manor and quickly rush in the direction of the Little Green Dragon's flight.✌🏽

When the three of them arrived, they only saw the Little Green Dragon lying under a tree, chewing something in its mouth, and there were still many small scraps on the ground.

"What is it eating?" Zhou Nuo was a little curious.

Thinking that the little green dragon didn't even eat meat just now, but now it was even eating, what was it that excited it so much.

Chen Hao stepped forward and squatted down to check it out, picking up some crumbs on the ground.

"It's crumbs of fruit, it should be eating fruit!"

After checking it out, Chen Hao spoke up.

It was clear that these crumbs were a fruit-like substance.

After speaking, the three of them immediately raised their heads to look upwards.

Upon looking, it was true that there were countless fruits growing on this large tree, and these fruits were emitting a dazzling pink light.

"Wow, what kind of fruit is this, it's so beautiful, so watery!" Zhou Nuoton couldn't help but cry out in shock.

They had never seen such a nice looking fruit before, it wasn't something that existed in the Realm and Earth at all, it could only be seen in the Overcast Continent.

After taking a glance at it, Chen Hao immediately reached out his hand and plucked a fruit.

Placing it in the palm of his hand, Chen Hao actually felt an inexplicable energy gathering in his palm, incomparably mysterious.

"Swish, swish, swish!"

In the next second, just around the three of them suddenly two women flew down wearing white robes with white wings on their backs to come down.

"Who are you guys? How dare you barge in here and steal our holy fruit!"

One of the women then angrily pointed at the three of them and asked.

"Brother Chen, these two are not weak!"

Seeing the two women, Lin Zila immediately sensed that something was wrong and hurriedly reminded Chen Hao.

These two women's strength was at least above the fourth stage of the Mortal Realm.

"Er. Sorry, we didn't mean to intrude!" Chen Hao looked at the two women and explained.

"Cut the crap, it's in your hands, and you still dare to say that it wasn't intentional, see if I don't teach you foreign thieves a good lesson!" The woman with the better figure cursed angrily.

As soon as the words left her mouth, the two women attacked the three of them at the same time.

"You guys go first, I'll deal with them!"

When Chen Hao saw this, he immediately reminded Zhou Nuo and Lin Zilan behind him.

Zhou Nuo and Lin Zilan did not object and immediately backed up and leaped away.

Chen Hao, on the other hand, was fighting with the two women with one sword.

Even though the two women were strong enough to reach the fourth stage of the Realm of Mortals cultivating souls, they were still unable to defeat Chen Hao.


Chen Hao cut out with a sword Qi, instantly shaking the two women in front of him out of the sky.

The two women were slightly surprised, never expecting Chen Hao's strength to be so terrifying, the two of them together were no match for Chen Hao, it seemed like they had met a tough opponent.


At that moment, a halo of light flew in from a short distance away, separating Chen Hao from the two women.

After the halo of light fell, a woman in a phoenix robe with a crown walked out of it, holding a scepter with a pink gemstone at the top of it.

" stop!"

The Crown woman spoke a faint sentence from her mouth.

Chen Hao and the two women had to stop.

"Mage Lord!"

The two women then kneeled respectfully before the crowned woman and addressed her.

"Stand down, I'll take care of it!" The crown woman spoke up and ordered.

After the two women heard this, they immediately got up and left.

After the two women left, the crown woman looked at Chen Hao and asked, "Is that little green dragon your pet?"

After hearing this, Chen Hao looked at the little green dragon, which was still enjoying the fruit, and then at the crowned woman & gave a slight nod in response, "Yes, it's my pet, and I don't know why it's interested in the fruit!"


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