The Unknown Heir 836-840


Chen Hao now knew the reason.

No wonder the Thousand Year Bead Ginseng had been hidden from the world and wasn't easy to find, it had been guarded by the Spiritual Bead.

"Thousand year pearl ginseng must never appear in the world, once it does, it will definitely cause a great calamity, you should understand what I mean, right?"

The Spiritual Pearl stared at Chen Hao in a long and focused manner and asked.

Chen Hao understood the consequences of the situation and nodded in reply, "I understand, don't worry, I won't take the Thousand Year Pearl Ginseng with me!"

"Well, that's for the best, but as a token of my appreciation, I'll give you something!"

After saying that, the Spiritual Pearl deftly waved her hand and a small square treasure box appeared in her hand.

The Spiritual Jewel handed the treasure box to Chen Hao.

Chen Hao received the box and was incomparably curious, wondering what exactly the Spiritual Pearl was going to give him.

Curious, Chen Hao opened the treasure box.

Only to see a small pill resting inside the treasure box.

"This is."

Chen Hao lifted his head and asked towards the Spiritual Pearl.

"This is the Returning God Pill, the only one I've been keeping with me, I know that your strength is not simple, there is great power present in your body, perhaps this will be useful to you!"

The Spiritual Pearl looked at Chen Hao and narrated.

Chen Hao was also a little surprised after hearing that, it was unexpected that the Spiritual Pearl was willing to give herself the only Returning God Pill, what a precious gift it was.

"Thank you for giving me such a precious gift, how do I repay you?" Chen Hao looked at Spirit Pearl and asked, feeling that he couldn't just accept something from someone like that.

"I don't need your thanks!"

The Spiritual Pearl faintly opened her mouth to reply.

After saying that, the Spiritual Pearl left the garden with Chen Hao and returned to the house.

At this time, the night outside was already deep and the sky was graying down.

And far beyond the Spirit Mountain was a temporary camp.

The camp was brightly lit.

Ling Qun and the others had safely returned to the camp, but each of them looked incomparably heavy.

Because of what had happened to Chen Hao, each person was distracted and sad incomparably.

Zhou Nuo was even sitting outside alone, gazing at the direction of the Spirit Mountain all the time, she was very much expecting Chen Hao to suddenly appear right in front of her and return safely from the Spirit Mountain.



At that moment, only Zhou Yunshan's voice rang out.

Zhou Yunshan rushed over and walked over to his own daughter, Zhou Nuo.

Seeing that his daughter was fine, the heart hanging in Zhou Yunshan's heart was released.

"Dad. Chen Hao he. He fell down the valley!"

Zhou Nuo fell headlong into Zhou Yunshan's embrace and burst into tears.

Hearing this news, Zhou Yunshan was also shaken.

"What did you say? Did Chen Hao fall down the valley? What's going on?"

Zhou Yunshan looked at Zhou Nuo inquiringly with some difficulty to believe.

If Chen Hao really died, then how was he going to explain to Wo Cheng and the Talisman Union ah.

One had to know that Chen Hao had only just become a first rank talisman master of the Talisman Union, and this unexpected death all of a sudden was simply too shocking and unexpected.

Zhou Nuo then recounted the situation that happened on Spirit Mountain to Zhou Yunshan.

After Zhou Yunshan heard it, it was also really hard to believe.

It turned out that Chen Hao had chosen to face a few white wolves alone in order to save the expedition team, so it was truly a heroic act.

"Nuo'er, don't worry, Chen Hao will be fine, he will definitely return safely!"

Zhou Yunshan patted his daughter's back to reassure her.

Zhou Nuo was also nodding her head vigorously, her heart also wished for this, hoping that Chen Hao must return safely.

At this time, Chen Hao was sitting inside the Spirit Immortal Realm eating and drinking and chatting with Spirit Pearl, not knowing the specifics of the situation outside, nor did he know that Zhou Nuo and the others were anxiously waiting to bring him back.

"Spiritual Pearl, haven't you even gone out? Just guarding this place all the time?"

Chen Hao took a sip of the tea in front of her and looked at the Spiritual Pearl and asked.

Lingzhu shook her head and replied, "It's not that I don't want to go out, but I have no way to go out!"


Chen Hao asked in confusion.

"Because there is a restriction here, I can't break through it to go out, so I can only guard this Spirit Immortal Realm, only others can come in and I can't go out!"

Spirit Pearl looked a little sad at the explanation.

It was indeed a painful thing for a person to be enclosed in a place without access to the outside world, and this stay was for thousands of years.

Chen Hao could not imagine how Lingzhu felt, but he could feel that Lingzhu was actually quite yearning for the outside world.

However, that being said, Chen Hao did not want Spiritual Pearl to go outside because the outside world was much more sinister than this Spiritual Immortal Realm, and Chen Hao did not want others to discover such a good place like the Immortal Realm.

Moreover, there were still so many thousand year old pearl ginseng in here, if outsiders discovered it, it would definitely cause a sensation and would definitely be out of control.

Some things were best left in a beautiful state all the time, so don't try to break it.

It wasn't until late at night that Chen Hao leaned against the chair on one side and went to sleep.

Chen Hao had a very solid and restful sleep, the most comfortable he had slept in a while, and slept until dawn.

"You're awake?"

Upon waking up, Chen Hao saw Spiritual Pearl sitting in front of him.

"Well, you're up so early too!" Chen Hao looked at the spirit pearl in small surprise and said.

"Alright, since you're awake, I'll take you out of here!"

As Chen Hao woke up, Lingzhu suggested towards Chen Hao.

Naturally, Chen Hao had no opinion, thinking that he hadn't been back all night, I'm afraid that Zhou Nuo and the others must have gone crazy with anxiety.

After saying that, the Spiritual Pearl reached out and took Chen Hao's hand, directly leaping out and flying away with Chen Hao.

The Spiritual Pearl brought Chen Hao to a boulevard.

"You can just go out from here!"

Lingzhu pointed at the boulevard in front of her and commanded towards Chen Hao.

"Thank you for taking care of me yesterday!"

Chen Hao thanked the Spiritual Pearl and then stepped into the forest path.

In an instant, Chen Hao's eyes changed dramatically, finding that he was no longer in the Spirit Immortal Realm, but in a forest at the foot of the Spirit Mountain.

Chen Hao felt incomparably magical, but he knew that this was a secret that belonged to him and he could not tell anyone.

Before long, Chen Hao walked out of this forest, and what caught Chen Hao's eye was the temporary camp, unexpectedly this exit was right in front of this temporary camp.

Chen Hao returned to the camp, only to see Ling Qun and the others discussing gravely in their tents, completely unaware of Chen Hao's return.

After a while, Zhou No suddenly looked outside the tent and was stunned, dumbfounded in place, as Chen Hao was standing safely in front of her at the moment.


"Chen Hao!"

In the next second, Zhou Nuo shouted out loudly at once.

Hearing Zhou Nuo's shout, Ling Qun and the others in the tent all turned their heads to cast their gazes over.

Zhou Nuo's eyes were moist, and she immediately rushed up and directly grabbed Chen Hao and hugged him tightly.

Ling Qun and the others also rushed out, and were pleasantly surprised to see Chen Hao.

"Chen Hao, you. Are you alright? Any injuries?"

After hugging Chen Hao for a while, Zhou Nuo quickly measured Chen Hao's entire body and asked with concern, fearing that Chen Hao would be injured.

Chen Hao shook his head and replied with a smile, "I'm fine, I'm not hurt!"

"You scared me to death!"

Zhou Nuo was again pounding Chen Hao with her little hand and complaining.

The scene of seeing Chen Hao fall into the valley yesterday really almost made Zhou Noor's heart jump out.  

But now seeing that Chen Hao was fine at all made Zhou Nuo really let go of the stone that was hanging in his heart.

Ling Qun and Wang Peng also came up and patted Chen Hao's shoulder.

"What's going on?"

Ling Qun asked towards Chen Hao surprised.

"Oh, I had a great life, I fell down and was just caught by a big tree!" Chen Hao found a way to explain to make sure the matter regarding the Spiritual Immortal Realm was not told.

Hearing this explanation, Ling Qun and the others did not doubt it, as long as Chen Hao could return safely.

Since Chen Hao returned safely, none of them needed to go to the rescue, and they soon packed their bags and evacuated the Spirit Mountain, returning to the Earth Capital.

Returning to the Zhou family in the Earth Capital, Zhou Yunshan was relieved to see Chen Hao's safe return.

"Master Zhou, Zhou Nuo, I may have to return to Earth for a while!"

As soon as he returned, Chen Hao suggested towards Zhou Nuo and Zhou Yunshan.

"Ah? You're going back?"

When Zhou Nuo heard this, she turned a little pale and asked.

This time Zhou nuo had completely gotten her used to being by his side, not wanting Chen Hao to return to Earth.

Now hearing Chen Hao say that he wanted to go back, made Zhou Nuo really somewhat unable to accept it.

But she also knew that she couldn't stop Chen Hao.

"Chen Hao, when will you go back then roughly?" Zhou Yunshan asked towards Chen Hao.

"It'll probably be a while, it's been a while since I came to the Realm, I have to stay at home with my family before I say anything." Chen Hao explained towards Zhou Yunshan after a light smile.

"Well, that's right, family members do need to be accompanied, okay, it's fine, this is your home in the Realm, you can come back whenever you want, we'll waiting for you!" Zhou Yunshan nodded his head firmly and looked at Chen Hao to remind him.

Hearing Zhou Yunshan's words, it truly touched Chen Hao somewhat, in the realm other than his own master, only Zhou Nuo and Zhou Yunshan were so good to him.

It was just that. He just couldn't go to be with Zhou Nuo himself.

Soon, Chen Hao said goodbye to Zhou Nuo and Zhou Yunshan and left the Realm and returned to Earth.

Returning to Earth again, the feeling on both sides was completely different, and returning to Earth made Chen Hao feel more warm and familiar.

After all, Earth was Chen Hao's true home.

After returning to Earth, Chen Hao immediately returned to Xuan Yang Palace.

It had been a long time since he had seen his family and Su Tongxin, and he truly missed them.

But when Chen Hao returned home, he didn't see Su Tongxin and his sister except for his own family.

"Mom and Dad, where did Tongxin and my sister go?"

Chen Hao immediately asked towards his parents in confusion.

"Oh, it's like this, your sister went to Lingzhou with Tongxin, and I heard Tongxin say that she seems to have found her real parents, the Su family of Lingzhou!"

Chen Nearing replied narrating towards Chen Hao.

"Lingzhou, the Su family?" When Chen Hao heard this, he was suspicious.

Then, Chen Hao left Xuan Yang Palace after telling his parents one more thing and left for Lingzhou alone.

At this time, the Su Family in Lingzhou.

I saw Su Tongxin and Chen Xiao standing in the Su Family's residence hall.

The Su Family, in the entire Lingzhou was one of the giants, with a huge business chain.

Only for Su Tongxin's arrival, it really caught the Su Family a little off guard.

"You said your name is Su Tongxin?"

Standing in front of Su Tongxin was a gorgeously dressed woman with heavy makeup who stared at Su Tongxin questioningly.

"Yes, my name is Su Tongxin, and I'm here to find my own father, Su Zhen!"

Su Tongxin replied with a firm look in her eyes.

"Hmph, my father is Su Zhen, I've never heard him say that there is another daughter in existence, I think you're probably here to make trouble!" The woman snorted coldly and pointed at Su Tongxin in anger.

This woman's name was Su Hong, the second miss of the Su family, the daughter of Su Zhen, the head of the Su family.

"Isn't it until your father meets with me!" Su Tongxin didn't bother with Su Hong's words, but gave a faint reminder.

Her purpose of coming here was to find Su Zhen, she learned from Master Ghost Calculator where her real parents were, so she left immediately, Chen Xiao wasn't able to have Su Tongxin come alone, so she accompanied her.

However, I didn't expect that it was only just after arriving at the Su family that the two of them would encounter a closed door and also encounter Su Zhen's daughter, Su Hong.

Not long after, only a middle-aged man and woman came out from inside.

"Little Hong, what's going on?"

The middle-aged man questioned towards Su Hong.

"Father, you're here, this woman says she's your daughter and says she must see you!"

Seeing Su Zhen's arrival, Su Hong immediately narrated towards his father.

"What? You're the only one of your father's daughters, where's the other one!"

Without waiting for Su Zhen to open his mouth, the woman standing next to Su Zhen opened her mouth in a cold and angry manner.

This woman's name was Liu Caifeng, and she was Su Hong's mother, Su Zhen's wife.

When Su Zhen's eyebrows sank, he cast his gaze towards Su Tongxin and Chen Xiao.

The moment Su Zhen saw Su Tongxin, it suddenly made Su Zhen's heart startle and the corners of his eyes twitched slightly.

To be honest, Su Tongxin was quite similar to Su Zhen.

"You're the Su Family Master Su Zhen?"

Su Tongxin stared at Su Zhen and asked.

"Yes, I am!" Su Zhen did not hesitate and answered immediately.

"You and your mother really look alike!" In the next second, Su Zhen couldn't help but scream out.

Hearing this, Su Hong on one side and Liu Cai Feng on the other instantly turned pale.

"Dad, what do you mean? Is there another woman out there for you?" Su Hong immediately looked at Su Zhen and questioned him.

Liu Caifeng also pulled Su Zhen violently and asked angrily, "Su Zhen, what do you mean by that? Do you really have a woman outside? Is this woman really your daughter?"

Su Zhen didn't know how to explain it at this point, but he knew he wouldn't be able to escape this day, which eventually came, and he still had to face it and deal with it.


At this point, Su Tongxin wasn't  going to say anything and just turned around and left with Chen Xiao.

Su Zhen didn't go to stop Su Tongxin, he didn't know what to do.

After Su Tongxin left, Liu Caifeng and Su Hong, mother and daughter, pulled Su Zhen to sit on the sofa and questioned him.

Only from Su Zhen did Liu Caifeng learn that before Su Zhen married herself, Su Zhen had a woman named Mu Yuhe, who was Su Tongxin's mother, but later because Su Zhen's family refused to agree to the two of them being together, Mu Yuhe left with the newly born Su Tongxin without knowing where to go.

Only this matter had always been something that had sunk into Su Zhen's heart, and he had never mentioned it.

He also thought that one day Mu Yuhe and Su Tongxin would appear again, but he never thought that it would be this time to meet in such a situation.

After Liu Cai Feng and Su Hong listened, the mother and daughter were both angry.

Su Tongxin's appearance completely put them mother and daughter in a crisis atmosphere, feeling that Su Tongxin had come to compete for the Su family's property and wanted to come and squeeze them out.

Of course, this was all in their mother and daughter's minds, and Su Tongxin didn't think of it that way at all.

After leaving the Su family, Su Tongxin and Chen Xiao returned to the hotel.

Su Tongxin sat alone by the window leaving tears in her eyes, she didn't expect her own father to be such a person.  

Chen Xiao was also sitting beside Su Tongxin to reassure her, this kind of thing was actually really hard to accept.

"Tongxin, don't be too sad, you still have Little Hao with you, we're all your family!" Chen Xiao tenderly stroked Su Tongxin's back to comfort her.

Su Tongxin immediately threw herself into Chen Xiao's embrace and cried loudly, crying loudly enough to make one's heart break and ache.

At this time, this side.

Su Family.

Su Hong and Liu Cai Feng were sitting in the room, mother and daughter seemed like they were discussing something.

"Little Hong, this Su Tongxin must have a purpose for appearing, rather than having your father meet with her, we should find someone to finish her off first so that she can't threaten us!" Liu Cai Feng looked at Su Hong with a sinister expression and suggested.

"Yes, mother, you're right, this woman is definitely here to fight for the family's property and wants to have a place in the Su family, she must not be allowed to succeed!" Su Hong also expressed her agreement with her mother's eyes, and her look revealed a strong hatred.

Afterwards, Liu Cai Feng came close to Su Hong's ear and muttered something, and the sinister smile on their faces as they spoke became even deeper.

A conspiracy was quietly being born.

On this side, Chen Hao had arrived in Lingzhou and contacted Su Tongxin to find out the location of the two, and immediately rushed over towards the hotel where the two were.

Arriving at the hotel, Su Tongxin and Chen Xiao stayed in the room.

As soon as the door was opened, Su Tongxin fell headlong into Chen Hao's embrace, just as compassionate as a frightened white rabbit.

Afterwards, the three of them sat down, and Su Tongxin told Chen Hao about the Su family's situation.

It was only after Chen Hao heard it that he suddenly understood that Su Tongxin's father was a man with two feet on two boats.

"I think since your real father has already formed a new family, then forget it, no need to go looking for him, such a father is not worth taking!" Chen Ge said towards Su Tongxin.

To Chen Hao's words, Su Tongxin also agreed.

"Ding Dong!"

At this moment, Su Tongxin's phone sounded a message alert.

When she opened her phone, it was a message from an unfamiliar number.

"Su Tongxin, this is Su Hong, I want to ask you out to meet and talk!"

The person who sent the message was none other than Su Family Su Hong.

"Su Hong wants to meet me!" Su Tongxin raised her head towards Chen Hao and told Chen Xiao, her face showed surprise, it really was a small surprise that Su Hong would take the initiative to ask her to meet.

"I'll go with you! Let's see what she's trying to do!" Chen Hao immediately suggested towards Su Tongxin.

He felt that this Su Hong was definitely not as simple as meeting, and definitely had an ulterior motive.

With Chen Hao following her along, Su Tongxin was certainly relieved, even without Chen Hao, Su Tongxin's own strength would be enough to deal with Su Hong.

After making an appointment with the location, Su Tongxin left the hotel together with Chen Hao.

The place where Su Tongxin and Su Hong were to meet was a remote park.

Chen Hao didn't show up, but hid in a hidden place to keep an eye on things, while Su Tongxin went to meet with Su Hong alone.

In the park, Su Tongxin and Su Hong successfully met.

"What are you looking for me for?"

Su Tongxin opened the door and asked towards Su Hong.

"Oh, I'm looking for you just to get to know you, you're my sister after all, as a sister you naturally want to get along with your sister, right?" Su Hong laughed lightly and looked at Su Tongxin to explain, but there was a great deal of intrigue hidden behind this smile.

Su Tongxin stared at Su Hong, feeling that Su Hong was completely different from the attitude she had when she saw herself yesterday.

This made Su Tongxin feel that Su Hong definitely had a problem and must have some purpose.

"Su Hong, just say what you have to say, don't beat around the bush, I know you have hatred for me, you won't want to understand getting along with me!" Su Tongxin directly dismantled Su Hong's face and spoke in a cold tone.

Su Hong was dumbfounded, and she did not expect Su Tongxin to see through her thoughts so easily.

Since that was the case, Su Hong chose not to hide it and stretched out her hand to clap.

"Swish, swish, swish!"

Just from the surrounding bushes, a few people with small knives came rushing out.

These people were all arranged by Su Hong to deal with Su Tongxin, she wanted to make Su Tongxin completely disappear from the world so that no one would steal her position in the Su family with her.


Su Tongxin saw the situation and sneered.

"Su Hong, is that all you're good for? Did you really think I was coming back to compete with you for status?" Su Tongxin knew Su Hong's thoughts well and snorted in disdain.

"Su Tongxin, I can't be blamed for this, who let you find yourself to be a threat to me, so I had to get rid of you!" Su Hong's sinister face stared at Su Tongxin and preached.

After saying that, Su Hong waved her hand towards the surrounding people she had brought with her.

The few people around all rushed towards Su Tongxin.

Su Tongxin was just about to make a move, and instantly a shadow of a person quickly flashed by.


A shockwave shook out, and the few people Su Hong had brought with her were all killed on the spot.

When Su Hong saw this, she stared at them, her face gradually becoming frightened, where would she have thought that Su Tongxin would still have helpers in existence, she had really missed the boat.


After finishing off the gang, Chen Hao cast his gaze on Su Hong's body.

At this time, Su Hong was already scared silly, her entire body completely stagnant in place, not daring to move a single step.

"You. Don't you come over, me. I'm a member of the Su Family!"

As she watched Chen Hao walk towards her step by step, Su Hong's voice trembled as she said fearfully towards Chen Hao.

Even at a time like this, Su Hong hadn't even forgotten to show that she was a member of the Su family, and trying to threaten Chen Hao with the Su family could only mean that she really didn't have a brain.

"Chen Hao, forget it!"

At this time, Su Tongxin came forward and pulled Chen Hao to show him a sign.

After all, Su Hong was still a woman, but was still her own father's daughter, and she still didn't want to go do anything to Su Hong.


Hearing Su Tongxin's words, Chen Hao nodded his head slightly and responded.

"Su Hong isn't it, listen up, if you and your Su Family dare to do anything to Tongxin again, I'll make sure your Su Family disappears from Spirit State, I'll do what I say!"  

However, Chen Hao still had to give Su Hong and the Su family a warning, or else they would think that he and Su Tongxin were really easy to bully.

Su Hong listened and nodded her head for a while, not daring to say anything.

After saying that, Chen Hao quickly left with Su Tongxin.

As for the dead people, I'm sure Su Hong and the Su family naturally had a way to deal with them, and besides, the Su family wouldn't dare to announce it, after all, they were the ones who recruited them.

Only after Chen Hao and Su Tongxin left not long after, did Su Hong dare to call her mother, Liu Cai Feng, to tell her the situation .


After leaving, Chen Hao left Lingzhou with Chen Xiao and Su Tongxin .

They were the only ones who left Lingzhou so that Su Hong and the others could not do anything with them at all, and they did not know where they were.

After a day and a night, the three of them finally returned to Xuan Yang Palace.

Once they returned, Master Ghost Calculator found Chen Hao.

"Master Ghost Abacus, is there something important about finding me in such a hurry?" Chen Hao looked at the Ghost Calculator in confusion and asked.

"Chen Hao, the gate to the other world has opened, I was trying to ask you if you want to go forward?" The devil calculator looked at Chen Hao and asked.

This caused Chen Hao's face to show a touch of surprise when he heard it.

It was unthinkable that another world really existed in this world.

"Master Ghost Abacus, where is the gate to the other world?"

After a pause, Chen Hao hurriedly asked.

The Ghost Abacus stretched out his hand and gestured in front of himself, and instantly a blue light flew out of his fingertips and headed towards the distant sky.

"The entrance is at the Boundary's through stone tablet!"

The ghost calculator then spoke of the exact location.

"But Chen Hao, if you're going to choose to enter another world, then you have to be prepared to lose something!" Only to hear the Ghost Abacus give another emphatic reminder towards Chen Hao.

Chen Hao nodded his head in understanding.

The next day, Chen Hao left the Xuan Yang Palace after saying goodbye to Su Tongxin and his own family and departed for the Realm Tongtian Stone Stele.

The news of the opening of the Tongtian Stele had spread throughout the Realm, and countless people had come to the Tongtian Stele.

This was a very important opportunity for everyone, and being able to travel to another world for an adventure was an encounter that only came around once every few decades.

On his way to the Realm, Chen Hao used the Sound Transmission Talisman to deliver a message to Zhou Nuo.

The moment Zhou Nuo learned that Chen Hao was also heading to the Tongtian Stele, not to mention how happy she was that she was also heading to the Tongtian Stele, Zhou Nuo immediately set off on her journey to the Tongtian Stele to wait for Chen Hao.

In the afternoon, Chen Hao and Zhou Nuo met up smoothly.

As soon as they met, Zhou Nuo hugged Chen Hao tightly, not caring about the people around him.

Chen Hao was also already used to Zhou Nuo's actions, and he knew that he couldn't refuse her.

"Chen Hao, how did you know the news of the opening of the Tongtian Stele?"

Zhou Nuo was very curious and looked at Chen Hao and asked.

It was reasonable to say that people on Earth could not know about the opening of the Tombs, only people from the Realm could know.

"Oh, someone told me!" Chen Hao smiled faintly and explained simply.

In all seriousness, Chen Hao was now considered half of the Realm, after all, he had learned his secret talisman abilities from the Realm.


At this moment, only a light sound sounded.

That's right, this was the sound made by the opening of the Tongtian Stone Stele.

The Tongtian Stele began to shake majestically, then a vortex of light gradually appeared on the stele, the vortex became larger and larger, and the light became brighter and brighter, until it formed a large entrance to the passage before stopping.

Immediately afterwards, from the vortex-like passage came out a few people in strange costumes, completely different from the people from Earth and the Realm, they were from another world, called the Sky Continent.

There was a secret passage between the Sky Continent and the Realm, which would only open once every few decades, for one year at a time.

During this one-year period, the Realm and the Sky Continent could come and go freely, which was considered the day when the two worlds met.

But no one from the Overcast Continent ever left to travel to the Realm, only people from the Realm would travel to the Overcast Continent, and this was the case every time it opened.

"Everyone, today is the day when my Overcast Continent and the Realm meet, I am the Overcast Continent's Guardian Officer, Hollow Ming, but this year is somewhat special, not everyone can enter the Overcast Continent, it is necessary to obtain a qualification to enter, this is the newest rule of our Overcast Continent!"

Guardian Hollow Ming looked at everyone below and spoke about the rules this time.

After hearing this rule, everyone was talking about it, thinking that this year's rules were too strict, everyone could enter and leave freely in previous years, so why did they make new rules this year?

As soon as the words fell, Kong Ming waved his hand, and a brand new vortex channel appeared beside the original one.

"The only way to get out is to defeat your consciousness or collect five stones. Only those with five stones are eligible to enter the Sky Continent. The object of the obtained voucher!"

"Now all of you will have half an hour to enter it and prepare, after half an hour the passage will close and the challenge will officially begin!"

Kong Ming described the rules in detail.

As soon as he finished, the surrounding crowds became agitated and swarmed into the entrance of the "Challenging Illusion", everyone was eager and ready to accept the challenge.


"Chen Hao, let's hurry in too, some of the good places have been taken over by people who are late!"

When Zhou Nuo saw this, he immediately proposed to Chen Hao.

Chen Hao nodded slightly and stepped into the passage with Zhou Nuo, transforming his consciousness into the "Challenge Fantasy Realm".

When they entered the illusion world, they saw a dense jungle in front of them, just like a fairyland, but Chen Hao knew that this was just an illusion world, in fact, they did not know what kind of dangers were hidden around them.

And no one knew exactly how big this illusion was, it was definitely not just a forest place.

Not bad, indeed.

There were several big places in the "Challenge Fantasy", forests, deserts, ancient cities, snowy lands, and everyone's consciousness appeared in different places.

But Chen Hao and Zhou Nuo were luckier, they appeared together at the same time, which showed that the heavens had favored them both.

With fifteen minutes left until the challenge opened, Chen Hao and Zhou Nuo still had time to wander around inside a bit, walking through the forest and chatting.

"Chen Hao, the two of us have to collect a total of ten divine Stones to qualify to enter the Overcast Continent, which means we have to defeat ten people!"

Zhou Nuo looked at Chen Hao to analyze the situation.  

Chen Hao nodded his head indisputably and responded, "That's right, to be honest this rule is also a bit surprising, I didn't expect there to be such strict controls on entering the Overcast Continent!"

"That's not true, once upon a time the Sky Continent and our realm could come and go at will, there were no such restrictions and rules!"

However, Zhou No shook her head and explained, but that was all once upon a time, it was a different time now.

"Anyway, apart from the two of us being a team, I'm sure there are many other people teaming up and not excluding people with high strength, after all, there are many strong people in your realm!" Chen Hao carefully examined the surroundings saying.

The people who entered this illusion were all from the realm, only Chen Hao was a person from Earth, and there were countless strong people on the realm that were extremely well hidden, so it seemed that this time in the illusion should be a good experience.

But the good thing was that both Chen Hao and Zhou Nuo were not weak, and they could still easily resolve any ordinary person when they ran into them.

As long as they didn't run into someone who was at the seventh stage of True Soul to True God realm cultivation, that wasn't much of a threat to the two of them at all.

"Challenge countdown!"

That's when a hollow tone sounded in the sky.



"Eight. Seven. Six."

As the countdown of the last few seconds began, Chen Hao and Zhou Nuo looked at each other before leaping up together, directly onto a tall tree in front of them.

The two of them stood on the trunk of the tree and covered their bodies with leaves, so it was impossible to detect their presence without looking closely.

After all, neither of them knew exactly what dangers existed around them, and it was best to wait and find the right moment to make a move, rather than moving forward rashly.

There were thousands of people participating in this challenge, and even if the illusion was large, the chances of encountering each other were high.

"Countdown is over, the challenge begins!"

Empty Bright announced the start of the challenge, and then the sky immediately fell silent, the entire surrounding seemed extremely quiet, not a single movement, only the sound of the wind rustling the leaves.

But soon, many people were eliminated and defeated, most of these people were weak and didn't know how to hide themselves, so they were immediately stalked and fallen prey after entering them.

"Chen Hao, it's not a good idea for us to keep hiding here like this, right? With the strength of the two of us we should take the initiative and look for some people who are weaker for being left alone!"

Zhou Nuo looked at Chen Hao and suggested, feeling a little suffocated to be hiding like this, however they were both already at the strength of the Realm of the Realm.

Hearing Zhou Nuo's words, Chen Hao also felt that it made sense.

"Fine, then let's take the initiative and gather the divine stones and leave early!" Chen Hao did not oppose Zhou Nuo's proposal and directly agreed to it.

After saying that, the two of them flew down from the tree together.

"Swoosh Swoosh!"

No, as soon as the two of them landed, a few arrows flew out from the surrounding trees.

Fortunately, Chen Hao and Zhou Nuo were very quick to react and immediately dodged, and the arrows hit a tree in the back.

Immediately afterwards, three men with crossbows rushed out from the surroundings to come and surround Chen Hao and the two men.

"Hey, big brother, it looks like we're really lucky to have met our prey so quickly!" One of the bald men just smiled sinisterly towards the scarred man on the side.

The three of them had just been quietly groping their way forward around the area, and all of a sudden they saw Chen Hao and Zhou Nuo flying down from the trees, so they knew that their chance had come and immediately made their move without hesitation.

"Heh, it's only two people, it's not enough for the three of us to share!"

The scarred man snorted with disdain.

"Yeah? But the three of you are score enough for the two of us!"

Hearing the scarred man's words, Chen Hao said this with a wry smile curving his lips.

The sound fell, and a sword qi instantly cut out.

On the spot, these three men were defeated by the sword qi.

After defeating them, the bodies of the three men turned into three divine stones that appeared in front of Chen Hao and Zhou Nuo.

Chen Hao stepped forward and took the three divine stones in his hand, keeping one for himself and handing the remaining two to Zhou Nuo.

"Here, these two are for you!"

Zhou Nuo was dumbfounded, she didn't expect Chen Hao to distribute the two God Stones to her like this.

"Chen Hao, it's better for you to take them all, after all, you're the one who killed them all!"

Zhou Nuo hurriedly refused towards Chen Hao, she felt that this was the loot Chen Hao got from the kill, she hadn't done anything, so how could she take it?

"It's fine, you can take it first, I'm fine!" Chen Hao placed the two divine stones in Zhou Noor's hands and said.

Zhou Nuo had no choice but to agree, but her heart was incomparably touched.

This was considered an encounter, but these three people came as a gift of heads for the two of them, so of course Chen Hao had to smile, or else he would be a fool.

As the saying goes, don't want at the door, treason.

Afterwards, Chen Hao and Zhou Nuo continued to move forward in search of their next batch of prey.

But after walking for about almost an hour, neither of them had met anyone, which made them feel incomparably confused and surprised, thinking whether everyone had already been killed?

But it had only just begun, thousands of people, how could the challenge end so quickly.

In desperation, the two could only continue their search until they came to a river before stopping.


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