The Unknown Heir 831-835


"Team Wang, The two of us are just ordinary people, and we're also afraid of death."

Wu Ke fidgeted and lowered his head, not daring to look Wang Peng in the eyes, and said in a low voice.


When Ling Qun heard that, he was furious again.

"Then am I to understand that the two of you are trying to sneak away because you're afraid of death?"

Chen Hao stood to the side as well as down the well.

To be honest, he didn't have much goodwill to say about Wu Ke and Lu Ming at all.

Having been told so by Chen Hao, Wu Ke and Lu Ming felt even more ashamed and lowered their heads, their faces reddening.

"Team Wang, people like them should be arrested!"

Ling Qun was very angry and suggested towards Wang Peng.

Wang Peng looked at Ling Qun and spoke indifferently, "Forget it, they're just afraid of death, it's not a crime!"  

Arresting them was going to be somewhat unnecessary, after all, it wasn't like Wu Ke and Lu Ming had done anything criminal, it wasn't enough to go and arrest them.

"Alright, if you guys are really afraid of death, then leave!"

Wang Peng didn't want to force Wu Ke and Lu Ming either, and spoke towards them in an icy tone.

After saying that, Wang Peng left with his men, and he chose to let Wu Ke and Lu Ming go.

Rather than letting such cowardly and deathly people follow them as a burden, it was better to let them leave earlier to avoid unnecessary trouble.

"Thank you, Team Wang!"

Seeing that Wang Peng was willing to let them go, Wu Ke and Lu Ming were not to mention how excited and happy they were, and they knelt down to kowtow.

After glancing at the two of them with cold eyes, Ling Qun turned his head and returned to his tent with a cold snort.

Chen Hao also didn't bother with the two of them anymore before carrying his backpack and entering the tent where Ling Qun was.

"I never thought that the two of them were such fearful people, I'm so angry!"

Seeing Chen Hao come in, Ling Qun, still in a state of rage, cursed.


Chen Hao gave a light laugh.

"Actually, I understand them, after all, they have no experience in exploring, it's normal to be afraid of something so dangerous!" Chen Hao looked at Ling Qun and explained.

"Oh? What about you? Why aren't you like them?" Ling Qun, on the other hand, looked at Chen Hao with suspicion and asked.

In his opinion, Chen Hao & Wu Ke should be in the same category as Lu Ming.

It was a pity that everything was a mistake for Ling Qun to think.

"I'm different from them because I'm a cultivator!"

Chen Hao looked confidently at Ling Qun's sermon and spoke out his identity.

"You're even a cultivator!"

Hearing Chen Hao's words, it suddenly made Ling Qun get up and stare at Chen Hao in surprise.

"That's right, because there's a good friend of mine in the expedition team, so even if I risk my life, I'm going to go forward and rescue her!"

Chen Hao looked at Ling Qun with a firm gaze as he preached.

Ling Qun also nodded in satisfaction and extended his hand towards Chen Hao.

"I'm sorry for my bad attitude up front, I hope we can cooperate with each other in this rescue!" Ling Qun took the initiative to apologize towards Chen Hao.

Chen Hao wasn't the kind of person who liked to be calculating, besides, he felt that Ling Qun was also a nice person, very courageous and adventurous, worthy of being a professional explorer.

"Formal introduction, Chen Hao!"

Chen Hao also said with a smile as he shook Ling Qun's hand tightly.

"Ling Qun!"

Ling Qun smiled in response.

The two of them then lay down and talked and laughed.

It wasn't until around three o'clock in the morning that the two of them gradually fell asleep.

It wasn't until the next morning, seven o'clock.

The rescue team was all assembled and ready to depart for Spirit Mountain.

The entire rescue team was fifteen people in total, with Ling Qun as the pioneer, walking at the front of the team, followed by Chen Hao, and then Wang Peng and his team members.

The team went upwards, but the weather around the Spirit Mountain was still very good, not particularly bad, which also allowed the rescue team to move forward more smoothly.

However, the higher they went, the lower the temperature became, and the air pressure gradually increased.

Wang Peng and his team members had to pull out oxygen masks to put on their heads, not forgetting to hand one to Chen Hao along the way.

"Thank you, Team Wang, I don't need it!"

Chen Hao declined Wang Peng's kind offer and didn't go for the option to wear an oxygen mask.

This kind of air pressure was nothing to Chen Hao.

Ling Qun was the same, with his great experience in expeditions, he was already used to high pressure, so he didn't need to wear an oxygen mask to breathe.

"Chen Hao, why don't you put on an oxygen mask, the higher you go up, the lower the air pressure will be, the thinner the air will be, I'm afraid you won't be able to handle it!" Ling Qun turned to look at Chen Hao and warned towards Chen Hao with some concern.

Chen Hao shook his head and responded towards Ling Qun, "Don't worry, I don't have to wear a mask!"

It was true that Chen Hao didn't need to wear a mask, the True Qi in his body could always help buffer his body and wouldn't let Chen Hao feel the harsh cold, and it would also allow him to keep breathing at all times.

Hearing Chen Hao's words, Ling Qun didn't go on to say anything more, but inside, he was already impressed with Chen Hao and felt that it was really different.

Soon, the rescue team arrived at the pre-stop resting position after more than three hours.

"We are currently located at an elevation of nine hundred meters above sea level at Ling Mountain, according to the previous detection, the last location where the expedition disappeared was located at an elevation of three thousand meters, so we are still two thirds of the way there!"

After taking a temporary break, Wang Peng took a look at the positioning and narrated towards the crowd.

"Team Wang, we must arrive before the weather becomes harsh, once we wait for the weather to change, we won't be able to move forward, the weather conditions in Spirit Mountain are much harsher than we would have imagined!"

Ling Qun looked at Wang Peng and reminded him.

There were still two thousand one hundred meters left, a distance that seemed very close, but was still very far away.

To know that they had only advanced 900 meters in three hours, not even half of it had been reached, and the higher they went, the more uneven the terrain of the Spirit Mountain would be, there would be more steep walls that existed, and the slightest mistake would be the rhythm of falling down the cliff valley.

After a brief rest, the rescue team set off again.

Before long, the rescue team encountered a dilemma, there was surprisingly no path in front of them, which meant that they had to climb up the steep wall in front of them.

Chen Hao took a look at the hundred-meter abyss at the bottom, and it could be said that it was a heart-pounding pace.

But there was nothing they could do, the steep wall in front of them was the only way forward, they couldn't go back the way they came and find another way, as that would waste too much time and energy.

Fortunately, Ling Qun, an experienced explorer, was there, so this steep wall was not a difficult task for him at all.

Ling Qun took out a hooked rope and threw it towards the rocks on the top of the steep wall, and then he easily climbed up with the rope.


The steep wall in front of him was not a difficult task for Chen Hao.

Chen Hao jumped up to the top of the steep wall with a few meters of height.

Seeing this scene, Ling Qun, Wang Peng and the others were surprised, never imagining that Chen Hao had such a powerful bouncing ability, worthy of a cultivator.

Wang Peng and the others, on the other hand, followed Ling Qun's ropes one by one and climbed up one by one.


At this moment, a thunder rolled from the sky.

After the sound of thunder, dark clouds filled the sky and the color of the sky changed drastically in a short while.

Seeing this let the crowd know that the weather in Spirit Mountain was starting to change greatly.

"Everyone, hurry!"

Wang Peng was  the last one, so he gave anxious orders towards his own team.

Wang Peng was the only one left, he was the last one up and was trying to grab the rope and climb up.  

However, accidents always came unexpectedly, the rope snapped due to constant friction, and Wang Peng's entire body fell towards the bottom of the abyss.

"Team Wang!"

The team members shouted loudly.

When Chen Hao saw this, he immediately took the rope from his waist and flew out.

The rope quickly flew towards Wang Peng and tightly lassoed Wang Peng's body.

"Quickly help!"

After seeing this, Ling Qun immediately rushed to Chen Hao's side and shouted.

The team members also pulled the rope tightly, and with a concerted effort they finally pulled Wang Peng up.

It was so close that Wang Peng was about to lose his life in the abyss.

It was good that just now in the nick of time, Chen Hao made a quick move, or else it was really unthinkable.


Wang Peng sat paralyzed on the rock, gasping for air in some fear.

His back was now in a cold sweat, and he was really about to be scared to death just now, thinking that he was really going to be finished.

"Team Wang, is everything alright?"

Chen Hao squatted beside Wang Peng and asked towards Wang Peng with concern.

Wang Peng shook his head slightly and replied with a palpable heart, "I'm fine, Chen Hao, thank you so much, if it weren't for you I really would have died in this abyss!"

"You're welcome, it's what I'm supposed to do, we're all teammates!"

Chen Hao smiled faintly at Wang Peng and responded modestly.

Goose feather snow had already begun to fall throughout the surrounding area and harsh, piercing winds began to blow.

"No good, we need to find a place to settle down first!"

Once Ling Qun took a look at the weather, he immediately hurriedly warned Chen Hao and the others.

Once the weather in the Spirit Mountain changed, it would be impossible to continue on, and they could only choose to quickly find a place to settle down and hide until the snowstorm passed, or else risk their lives.

They hadn't reached the point of risking their lives yet, so they still chose to quickly find a safe place to settle down before speaking again.

After that, the crowd continued on their way.

Soon, Ling Qun found a steep and empty cliff wall underneath.

"Look, there are signs that someone has stayed here!"

Ling Qun immediately shouted towards Chen Hao and Wang Peng right after entering.

Chen Hao and Wang Peng walked up to Ling Qun and looked at the pile of coke in front of them, someone should have made a fire here.

"It should be an expedition that has stayed here as well to escape the blizzard!"

Wang Peng squatted down and inspected the coke before speaking.

"These cokes are still new, they should only be two days old!" Wang Peng continued his analysis.

This should be a good news to them, because the expedition team did not have any accidents.

But this was just a simple guess, whether or not there was really nothing wrong this would have to be further confirmed.

"Alright, let's just settle here for now, after the blizzard ends, we'll continue on our way!"

Ling Qun then suggested towards the crowd, putting down his backpack and sitting down to rest.

Chen Hao did not sit down to rest, but instead looked around the entire cliff wall.

After looking around for a while, Chen Hao called out to Ling Qun and Wang Peng.

"Expert Ling, Team Wang, just now I took a look around, there is no path to take, only this place should be able to climb up!"

"And come and look at this place, there are obviously signs of rubbing here, the expedition should have dangled a rope here!"

Chen Hao pointed to the traces and locations in front of him and analyzed them towards Wang Peng and Ling Qun.

After hearing Chen Hao's narration, Ling Qun and Wang Peng likewise agreed.

"Chen Hao, what are your thoughts then?"

Wang Peng looked to Chen Hao and asked.

"My idea, I'll go up with Specialist Ling from here to conduct a check, and you guys wait here for our news, and when we know we've found the expedition, we'll immediately come back the same way to meet up with you here!"

Chen Hao immediately spoke the thoughts in his heart.

After all, this place wasn't so easy to get up to, it was very steep, more than ten meters in height, and Chen Hao was worried that another critical situation like the one Wang Peng had encountered before would arise.

"Expert Ling, what is your opinion?"

After hearing this, Wang Peng looked at Ling Qun and asked.

"I agree with Chen Hao's suggestion, I'll go up there with Chen Hao and take a look first!" Of course, Ling Qun also agreed with Chen Hao's proposal.

"Fine, since you have no opinion, Expert Ling, let's do as you say!"

Wang Peng agreed to Chen Hao's idea.

Right after that, Chen Hao and Ling Qun immediately started to move, and they packed their equipment bags and arrived at this steep wall of over ten meters in height.

"How are we going to get up this high?"

After taking a glance at the height, Ling Qun looked at Chen Hao with some doubts and asked.

It wasn't so easy to go up at a height of over ten meters, and besides, there wasn't even any place around where one could borrow strength.

But it was a difficult task for Ling Qun, but but not for Chen Hao.

"Expert Ling, look at me!"

Chen Hao revealed a smile and spoke confidently towards Ling Qun.

After speaking, Chen Hao pulled out a talisman paper along with an ink pen from his clothes.

"You know secret talismans?"

Seeing Chen Hao pull out these two items, it suddenly made Wang Peng on the side scream.

As a person of the Realm, of course he knew runic paper and ink brush.

Chen Hao did not respond to Wang Peng's words, but quickly drew on the talisman paper.

After a few seconds, Chen Hao threw out the depicted rune paper, and instantly the rune paper turned into a golden ladder.

"Come on, Expert Ling, you go first!"

Chen Hao gestured a sermon towards Ling Qun on one side.

Ling Qun hurriedly reacted from his surprise and climbed down the golden ladder towards the top.

Wang Peng and the others on the other side were already wide-eyed, they didn't expect Chen Hao to be a talisman master who could make secret talismans, they were really impressed.

Now Wang Peng also finally knew why Chen Hao was so confident in coming to perform a rescue, with a strength like his it should be an honor for their rescue team, without Chen Hao's participation, they were afraid that many things they encountered would have already been finished.


As Ling Qun went up, Chen Hao climbed up as well.

The two of them said goodbye to Wang Peng and the others below and then set off, heading up the Spirit Mountain all the way.

Although it had been snowy and windy outside, the good thing was that Chen Hao and Ling Qun had been advancing underneath the cliffs, so they wouldn't be hit by the wind and snow at all.

"Chen Hao, what do you think the chances of the expedition surviving are?"

As they walked on the road, Ling Qun asked towards Chen Hao.

"I don't know, but I think they must still be alive, they must be trapped somewhere in the Spirit Mountain!"

Chen Hao said hopefully, he want Zhou Nuo and the expedition to be alive, surely he wanted them to be alive.

"Expert Ling, how far have we advanced?"

Chen Hao asked towards Ling Qun.

"We are currently located at two thousand three hundred meters above sea level, seven hundred meters away from three thousand meters, and at our current rate of progress, it will take another two hours to get there!"

The first time I saw it, I thought it would be a good idea to take a look at the information on my watch and the geographical location.  

With only 700 meters left, it was already very close, yet it seemed so far away.


Only then, a rumbling sound resounded throughout the entire Spirit Mountain.

Immediately afterwards, the entire mountain began to shake slightly.

"No good, it must be an avalanche!"

Ling Qun with his vast experience immediately opened his mouth and shouted loudly.

Chen Hao also immediately looked around and discovered a serious problem, that there was no place for the two of them to hide, it was all a stone wall around them.

In that case, then they wouldn't be able to escape the avalanche, and it was very likely that the impact would fall into the deep valley below, then the two of them would really be in pieces.

"Chen Hao, what do we do now? No place to hide?"

Ling Qun was a little anxious as he asked towards Chen Hao.

Even though he was experienced and had a rich history of adventure, he was still somewhat scared and worried when he encountered such a critical situation.

"Don't be afraid, I have a way!"

Chen Hao reassured Ling Qun and then took out his talisman paper and ink brush once again.

Chen Hao quickly drew and threw the talisman paper out.

As soon as the talisman paper was thrown out, a golden light instantly covered both Chen Hao and Ling Qun.

It was said to be fast, but in just that little bit of time, a pitch-black avalanche rushed down and instantly covered Chen Hao and Ling Qun.

Fortunately, Chen Hao promptly used a secret talisman and summoned a golden shield to cover the two of them, which prevented them from being struck by the avalanche.

After a few dozen seconds, there was no movement outside, so Chen Hao was able to scatter the snow covering the outside.


Ling Qun showed his head and breathed a sigh of relief.

"Chen Hao, it's a good thing you're here, or else we'd really be finished!"

Ling Qun was a little too scared to narrate at Chen Hao.

Chen Hao just smiled and didn't say anything before continuing with Ling Qun towards the Spirit Mountain.

The two of them advanced for nearly an hour and a half, finally arriving at the location half an hour earlier than the scheduled time.

The position at an altitude of 3,000 meters above sea level.

Chen Hao and Ling Qun were standing on top of the mountain, looking down on the entire bottom of the Spirit Mountain, a hazy cloud of mist, unable to see anything below.

However, Chen Hao and the two of them did not see any traces of the expedition around them either.

"Chen Hao, there are no traces of the expedition team, did they not have an accident here?"

Ling Qun walked up to Chen Hao's side and asked with a tight frown.

Chen Hao closed his eyes tightly at this point and stood quietly, spreading his divine sense and starting to search the entire mountain.

The range of his divine sense was limited, and he could only search within a few dozen meters and a hundred meters.

Unfortunately, Chen Hao was unable to find the expedition using his own divine sense to search for half a day.

"Chen Hao, do you think there's a possibility that the expedition team has already left here, perhaps they've continued upwards?"

Ling Qun suddenly had a bold idea to preach towards Chen Hao.

After hearing this, Chen Hao turned to look at Ling Qun, and he felt that what Ling Qun said was not without this possibility.

If there were no traces of the expedition even in this place, then it meant that the expedition had definitely left.

"You're right, it's a possibility, let's continue to head up and take a look!"

Chen Hao immediately looked to Ling Qun and suggested.

Naturally, Ling Qun didn't have any comments and chose to follow Chen Hao as he continued to walk upwards.

He now trusted Chen Hao completely and felt that everything would be safe with him, otherwise he himself would have been finished twice just now.

The two of them headed upwards, facing the breeze and snowflakes.

Not long after, they arrived at a location 3,500 meters above sea level.

There was a cave at this location, and it was pitch black inside, attracting the attention of both Chen Hao and Ling Qun.

"How can there be a cave here?"

Ling Qun stood at the entrance of the cave and asked with a puzzled glance inside.

"Let's go inside and see!"

Chen Hao said with a glance at Ling Qun and took a step towards the cave.

Ling Qun followed behind Chen Hao and the two took out a burning stick in their hands and lit up to advance.

The cave was damp and quiet, and from time to time there was the sound of water dripping.

After walking for a while, Chen Hao and Ling Qun stopped, and all they could see was a bright grayish yellow light, like a fire, deep inside, and from time to time, there were people shaking.

Now Chen Hao and Ling Qun looked at each other, thinking that they must have found the expedition.

The two of them quickly walked away and reached the bottom of the cave.

What caught Chen Hao's and Ling Qun's eyes was a group of people leaning against the stone wall, resting on the ground.

That's right, the people in front of them were the members of the expedition team.

Chen Hao swept a glance and saw a familiar figure in a corner, none other than Zhou Nuo.

"Zhou Nuo!"

In the next second, Chen Hao opened his mouth to shout at Zhou Nuo.

Upon hearing the call, everyone in the expedition team suddenly awoke.

Zhou Nuo also turned around sharply and had tears in his eyes.

"Chen Hao!"

Zhou Nuo shouted at Chen Hao and directly and quickly rushed towards Chen Hao, falling headlong into Chen Hao's embrace.

"Chen Hao, what are you doing here?"

Zhou Nuo was incomparably surprised as she looked at Chen Hao and asked, she really didn't expect Chen Hao to be here.

"I heard that something happened to your expedition team, so I followed the rescue team along to find you!"

Chen Hao explained briefly towards Zhou Nuo.

"You're here specifically to save me, right?"

Zhou Nuo's eyes stared deeply at Chen Hao and asked towards Chen Hao with anticipation.

Hearing this, Chen Hao also smiled gently and nodded his head indisputably.


Chen Hao's words suddenly made Zhou Nuo's heart flutter.

In fact, Zhou Nuo hadn't even thought that Chen Hao could come to save her, because she hadn't even told Chen Hao about her trip to Spirit Mountain.

And now that Chen Hao appeared in front of her, it really put her in a very excited mood, showing that Chen Hao still cared about her herself.

"How did you know about this?"

Zhou Nuo stared at Chen Hao curiously and asked.

"I went to your house, your father told me!" Chen Hao replied.

"Then you come over here, what about Master Wo Cheng's side? Wouldn't that delay you from learning the secret talisman?"

Zhou Nuo was still a little worried for Chen Hao, it was hard for Chen Hao to be accepted as a disciple by Master Harvesting, of course she didn't want Chen Hao to lose his chance because of this.


Chen Hao laughed lightly and reached out his hand to touch Zhou Nuo's little head.

"Don't worry, I'm already out of the division, look at this!"  

After Chen Hao reassured Zhou Nuo, he revealed the First Order Rune Master's badge inside his clothes.

"First Order Rune Master badge!"

"You're too good to become a talisman so soon!"

Seeing Chen Hao's badge was another sight that made Zhou Noor brighten with incredible astonishment.

It had only been less than half a month, and Chen Hao had already obtained the badge of a First Order Rune Master, which could be said to be too impressive or to be admired.

"Right, I heard your father say that you came to Spirit Mountain this time to search for an ancient medicinal herb called Thousand-Year Pearl Ginseng?"

Right after that, Chen Hao was curious again and asked towards Zhou Nuo.

Zhou Nuo nodded and replied, "That's right, the Thousand Year Bead Ginseng is an ancient medicinal herb that only grows once every few thousand years, it grows on the Spirit Mountain, it is said to grow during this time, that's why we came to look for it!"

"However. We didn't find it, and we ran into a big avalanche... what a godsend... destined not to let us find the thousand-year-old bead ginseng!"

Zhou No spoke and sighed in frustration.

"Life matters!"

Chen Hao stared at Zhou Nuo and reminded her.

"But do you guys know what the Thousand Year Bead Ginseng looks like?" Chen Hao remembered something and asked in confusion.

"Of course I know!"

Zhou Nuo instantly replied and quickly took out a picture from his backpack and handed it to Chen Hao.

On the picture was a white ice crystal flower, which looked very white and flawless, giving one that extremely precious feeling at first glance, no wonder Zhou Nuo and the others had come to look for it.

"What is the use of this ancient herb?"

Chen Hao continued to ask, presumably this ancient herb must have some special utility, it couldn't just be simply rare and precious.

Everything had value and utility, it couldn't be that it could have great value without a little use.

"It is said that Thousand-Year Pearl Ginseng can be used to make a medicine called the Returning God Pill, which can bring the dead back to life!"

Zhou Nuo leaned close to Chen Hao's ear and whispered softly.

"Seriously?" Chen Hao was a little unconvinced by the question.

Although he was now a cultivator and there were many unknown and mysterious things in this world, the pills that brought back the dead were still something that Chen Hao didn't dare to believe in, even they cultivators didn't have the ability to do so.

Zhou Nuo also shrugged her shoulders, she had heard about this claim and didn't know if it was true.

At that moment Ling Qun walked over to Chen Hao and Zhou Nuo's side.

"Chen Hao, after checking, apart from a few of the team members who suffered some minor injuries, the rest of them are fine, we can pack up and leave here!"

Ling Qun reported narrating towards Chen Hao.

"Good, then let's get out of here!"

Chen Hao naturally did not have any opinions and agreed.

Now that the expedition had been found, then of course it was necessary to return the same way to meet up with Wang Peng and the others, and then go down the mountain.

As for this so-called Thousand Year Bead Ginseng, although Chen Hao was curious, he didn't want to risk his life to find it, and besides, Chen Hao didn't know what use this Thousand Year Bead Ginseng was for.

Then, with the help of Chen Hao and Ling Qun, the expedition team regrouped and followed the two of them out of the cave, heading back the way they came to meet up with Wang Peng and the others.

As the saying goes, going up the mountain is difficult and going down is easy.

Chen Hao and his team went down, going down nearly half the height in half an hour.

It would still only take ten minutes to rendezvous with Wang Peng and the others.

Right at this moment, a few white wolves suddenly rushed out from the surrounding mountains.


"There's a wolf!"

Seeing the appearance of the white wolves, some of the people from the sudden expedition shouted out, immediately panicking and frantically rushing towards the mountain.

When Chen Hao saw this, he shouted towards Ling Qun, "Ling Qun, take the people and go first, I'll deal with these white wolves!"

Hearing Chen Hao's words, Ling Qun responded loudly, "Good, take care of yourself and make sure you come back safely!"

As soon as the words fell, I saw those white wolves charging towards Chen Hao, directly knocking Chen Hao down into the valley with them.

"Chen Hao!"

Zhou Nuo was dumbfounded and stood at the edge of the cliff, losing her voice and shouting.

Watching Chen Hao fall into the valley along with those white wolves made Zhou Nuo's heart ache.

Ling Qun also didn't know how to express it, so he could only pull Zhou Nuo away quickly.

Back at the initial place, Ling Qun had the expedition team go down one by one.

"No, I have to go back to find Chen Hao!"

Zhou Nuo spoke to Ling Qun and then prepared to return to find Chen Hao.

Of course Ling Qun wouldn't let Zhou Nuo go back, tying Zhou Nuo's hands and then letting him down with a rope.

"You let go of me, I'm going to find Chen Hao, he must still be alive!"

Zhou Nuo struggled as she shouted loudly, trying to break free.

Her eyes were flooded with tears, which kept dripping down from the corners of her eyes, and she looked very hurt.

"What's going on? Where's Chen Hao?"

Seeing that only Ling Qun had come down alone and no sign of Chen Hao, Wang Peng quickly asked towards Ling Qun.

Ling Qunton lowered his head and only spoke after a while, "We encountered some white wolves when we were coming down the mountain, Chen Hao went to fight the white wolves alone in order to cover us, then. Then he was pounced down the valley by the white wolves!"


Hearing this news, Wang Peng was dumbfounded.

This news was really too shocking, who would want to even encounter such a thing.

But now that the expedition team had successfully rescued them, their mission was complete.

"Let's go down first, we'll re-organize a new rescue team to save Chen Hao when we get down there!"

Wang Peng looked at the crowd and narrated.

Hearing Wang Peng's words, the crowd didn't have any opinions, they knew that the situation was now critical, they didn't have enough manpower, they couldn't continue to turn back to find Chen Hao, they could only send the expedition to the camp below safely before saying anything else.

As for whether Chen Hao was alive or dead, no one knew yet....

At this time, deep in a bush in the hinterland of the Spirit Mountain, only Chen Hao could be seen lying quietly on it.


And lying around Chen Hao were several corpses that were those of the white wolves.

The white wolves had fallen down the valley and died straight away.

But Chen Hao's body was incredibly hard, so nothing happened at all.

After a while, Chen Hao woke up and opened his eyes to take a look, seeing that he was safe and sound also made him happy.

Chen Hao immediately walked out of the bushes, took out a small knife, and cut off a piece of flesh from a white wolf to take away as food for himself.

After walking for a while, Chen Hao was amazed by the scene in front of him.

What came into his eyes was a place that was out of this world.

It was the first time Chen Hao had ever seen such a beautiful place, one that did not exist in the entire outside world.

Walking in it, Chen Hao felt as if he was walking in a fairyland.

"Who is the visitor!"

At that moment, a soft female voice sounded around.  

The sound fell and the person appeared.

A woman in a white gauze dress lightly leapt out of the forest and landed in front of Chen Hao with a long sword in her hand, pointing it at Chen Hao in front of her.

Chen Hao was slightly stunned, not expecting anyone to still exist in such a place.

The woman in front of him looked beautiful and flawless, floating and dancing with a graceful and fresh demeanor.

"I accidentally fell down from the Spirit Mountain and got lost in this place!"

After a pause, Chen Hao explained towards the woman.

After hearing this, the woman's eyebrows furrowed slightly as she looked at Chen Hao suspiciously and asked, "You were not injured in the fall from Spirit Mountain?"

Looking at Chen Hao's entire body without any places of injury, it really made the woman a little suspicious.

"I'm a cultivator, so this height isn't a problem for me, that's why I'm not injured!" Chen Hao explained, speaking of his identity.

"You are a cultivator?"

The woman asked another confirming question.

Chen Hao nodded his head, looking very determined.

Staring at Chen Hao, the woman felt that it wasn't as if Chen Hao was lying, so she chose to believe Chen Hao's words and put the sword in her hand down and put it away.

"May I ask who you are? Why are you here? What is this place again?"

After seeing the woman let down her guard, Chen Hao asked her three questions in succession.

To be able to have such a fairy realm in this Spirit Mountain, this place must definitely not be simple, it must have great secrets existing.

"My name is Lingzhu, I am the guardian of this place, this place is called the Spiritual Immortal Realm!"

The woman faintly opened her mouth to reply, speaking her identity and the name about this place.

"The Spiritual Immortal Realm?"

Chen Hao was astonished.

It was unthinkable that a place like this still existed in the Boundary Lands, the Boundary Lands could be a truly mysterious place with many secrets that had yet to be discovered.

The spirit pearl then left with Chen Hao and flew together to a house located in an extremely secluded area.

"This is my residence, so you can rest here for the night, and I will take you out of here tomorrow!"

Spiritual Pearl narrated towards Chen Hao.

"Spiritual Pearl, how long have you been living here?"

Chen Hao asked curiously towards the spirit pearl, thinking that the spirit pearl should not be from the real world, it looked rather like an ancient kind of immortal.

"Two thousand years!"

In the next second, the spirit pearl spoke out a number.

Chen Hao stared at her, thinking that he had misheard it.

Two thousand years. It was simply frightening to Chen Hao that the spirit pearl in front of him had lived for two thousand years and looked as young as a little girl.

Exactly who was this spirit pearl that had stayed in this place for two thousand years.

For two thousand years, this place hadn't even been discovered by anyone.

If it wasn't for Chen Hao's accidental fall into the valley, he probably wouldn't have been able to discover this place.

"What are you doing in Spirit Mountain?"

After Chen Hao had finished asking questions, it was Spirit Pearl's turn to ask.

"I'm here to search for an ancient medicinal herb called Thousand-Year Pearl Ginseng!"

Chen Hao brought the purpose of Zhou Nuo and the others towards the Spiritual Bead to answer.

"Thousand year pearl ginseng, what do you need it for? Is it to return the Pill?" As soon as the Spirit Pearl heard this, her brows instantly furrowed as she looked at Chen Hao and asked.

"You know?"

Hearing this from the Spiritual Pearl, Chen Hao knew that the Spiritual Pearl definitely knew about this Thousand Year Bead Ginseng.

"The Thousand Year Bead Ginseng is a precious grass of my Spiritual Immortal Realm that only grows once every thousand years, and now it's time to grow!" The Spiritual Pearl replied to narrate.

This made Chen Hao feel even more unbelievable upon hearing it, he didn't expect that the thousand year old pearl ginseng that Zhou Nuo and the others had searched so hard for was in this Spirit Immortal Realm, no wonder they couldn't find it on the Spirit Mountain.

"To be honest, I don't know much about the Thousand-Year Pearl Ginseng either, it was my friend who came to the Spirit Mountain to look for it and encountered danger, so I came to look for her, but I didn't expect to come here unexpectedly!"

Chen Hao didn't want the Spiritual Pearl to misunderstand that he had come for the Thousand Year Bead Ginseng, so he quickly explained towards the Spiritual Pearl.

On the surface, Chen Hao could tell that Lingzhu's strength wasn't particularly strong, it was only the first stage of the Mortal Realm cultivated soul, so Lingzhu couldn't defeat him at all.

But Chen Hao wasn't that kind of evil person, so naturally, he wouldn't strike at the Spiritual Bead for the Thousand Year Pearl Ginseng.

"Come with me!"

The Spiritual Pearl took a deep look at Chen Hao and gave a sign.

After saying that, the Spiritual Pearl led Chen Hao to a large garden, where there was a place in the garden, which was filled with ice crystal flowers growing inside.

That's right, these were the Thousand Year Bead Ginseng.

"These are the Thousand Year Bead Ginseng!"

Lingzhu pointed at the thousand year old bead ginseng in front of her and introduced it towards Chen Hao.

Chen Hao looked at the Thousand Year Bead Ginseng and it was exactly the same as the picture that Zhou Nuo had shown him before.

"Can I ask about the specific use of the Thousand Year Bead Ginseng? Why is it so precious?"

Like a student, Chen Hao stared up at the spirit pearl and asked.

"Oh, the uses. The use of the Thousand Year Bead Ginseng is to make the Returning Spirit Pill, a use that can bring the dead back to life! Do you think its precious?"

The Spiritual Pearl smiled faintly and patiently explained to Chen Hao.

After listening to the Spiritual Pearl's explanation, Chen Hao understood, it seemed that everything that Zhou Nuo had said before was true and not a legend, this Returning God Pill really existed, it was just that it needed to be made from thousands of years of Pearl Ginseng!

"Has the Returning Pill ever appeared?"

Chen Hao asked again towards the Spiritual Pearl.

The Spiritual Pearl did not answer Chen Hao's words, but instead took out a scroll from her sleeve and handed it to Chen Hao.

Chen Hao looked puzzled and took the scroll and opened it to read it.

After looking at it for a while, Chen Hao's face gradually became incredibly surprised, and the color of surprise on his face grew stronger and stronger.

What was recorded on this scroll was about the number of times the Returning God Pill had appeared and where it had been used, from ancient times to the present, the Returning God Pill had appeared a total of three times, and every time it appeared, it would cause a great calamity, which could be said to be ominous.


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