The Unknown Heir 826-830


Talisman union.

Wo Cheng entered with Chen Hao and arrived in the hall.

He was greeted by a man dressed the same as Wo Cheng and the man was accompanied by a youth.

"Master Wo Cheng, it seems that you have received a disciple as well!"

The other party immediately smiled in greeting towards Wo Cheng.

"Master Gao Lie, where are you going?"

The man in front of him was named Gao Lie, and like Wo Cheng, he belonged to the Talisman Union's second rank Talisman Master, and they could be considered brothers and sisters.

However, Gao Lie received his apprentice much earlier than Wo Cheng.

"Oh, Master Gao Lie, where are you going?"

Wo Cheng smiled faintly and responded towards Gao Lie.

"Master Wo Cheng, my apprentice however has produced a Middle Path Talisman, I will take him to see Master Zongcheng and bestow upon him the title of First Order Talisman!"  

Gao Lie looked at Wo Cheng proudly as he narrated.

Inside the talisman union was divided into a hierarchical system, from talisman, talisman master, and grand master, there were four levels.

Only after getting the approval of one's mentor would one be eligible to obtain the title of talisman, and after obtaining the title, it meant that one had a place in the Talisman Trade Union, a symbol of identity.

This was why Gao Lie was so proud and excited.

For such a long time, Gao Lie had already taken on disciples, while Wo Cheng had been slow to find a candidate of his choice, so naturally, he was lagging behind.

Now all of Gao Lie's apprentices were going to go out and get the title of First Order Talisman, while Wo Cheng he had only just harvested his apprentice.

This also made Gao Lie look down on Wo Cheng somewhat, feeling that there was still a big gap between Wo Cheng and himself.

"Then congratulations, Master Gao Lie, but my apprentice will soon be able to obtain the title of First Order Talisman as well!"

Wo Cheng also responded faintly towards Gao Lie, his words filled with confidence that came from his confidence in Chen Hao beside him.

In Wo Cheng's opinion, Chen Hao was going to be more talented than Gao Lie's apprentice and would definitely be able to surpass Gao Lie's apprentice.

"Fine, I'll be waiting, then we can both try to compete against each other to see if it's your apprentice or my apprentice who's better!"

Gao Lie also advanced a war cry towards Wo Cheng.

"Of course!"

Wo Cheng was not afraid in the slightest and directly took the war promise.

Only after saying that did Gao Lie leave with his own disciple.

After Gao Lie left, Chen Hao was somewhat curious and asked towards Wo Cheng, "Master, why are you so confident in me?"

Wo Cheng would smile and open his mouth to explain, "Because I'm sure you can, you're very talented, you'll be a very talismanic master!"

Hearing Wo Cheng praise himself so much, it was really a bit embarrassing for Chen Hao.

Wo Cheng hadn't even started studying yet, and wo Cheng had given himself so much expectation and confidence, so he really had to study hard, he definitely couldn't disappoint him, otherwise he would definitely make him lose face in the Talisman Trade Union, not to mention that Chen Hao want to give him face, he must surpass Gao Lie's apprentice.

Afterwards, He Cheng(Wo Cheng) helped Chen Hao enter the roster in the Talisman Union and get the membership badge, which He Cheng personally helped Chen Hao put on in front of his chest.

Looking at this shining gold badge, Chen Hao was extremely excited.

It was because he was finally a member of the Talisman Union, a disciple of Master Wo Cheng, and could start learning how to make secret talismans.

"Chen Hao, you'll be staying at my place for the next few days, and I'll start by teaching you some of the basics of secret talismans along with depicting strokes!"

"Although you are very talented, there are some things that need to be learned, talent is just a big advantage that you have, you still have a lot to learn, don't be too proud, understand?"

Grandmaster Wo Cheng looked to Chen Hao and gave a long-winded account of his advice.

"Yes, Master Wo Cheng, I understand, I will definitely follow your teachings and work hard to learn how to make secret talismans, I will never disgrace you!"

Chen Hao looked at Master Harvesting(Wo Cheng) with a determined face and nodded his head in response.

Master Harvesting was full of expectations for himself, and of course, Chen Hao would not let him down.

After saying that, Wo Cheng took Chen Hao back to his residence and began the path of teaching and learning.

Time passed quickly, and a few days passed immediately.

During the few days that Chen Hao was staying at Wo Cheng's residence, Zhou Nuo had come to see Chen Hao a few times, but they were all to see how he was doing.

On this day, Chen Hao was sitting alone in the garden practicing by himself.

After these few days of study, Chen Hao had completely grasped the basic essentials about making secret talismans and depicting strokes.

Chen Hao's talent was extremely high, and in just a few days, he was already able to draw Middle Path Talismans with ease, and of the highest quality, which really surprised him.

In the beginning, when he was learning to make secret talismans, he did not have Chen Hao's talent, and he was only able to produce medium-grade Middle Path talismans.

As the saying goes, talent cultivates, and genius creates.

Chen Hao was a genius, needing only a little teaching to quickly comprehend and create some incredible surprises.

At this time, Chen Hao quickly took an ink brush and drew on the talisman paper in front of him, depicting a golden dragon pattern, which Chen Hao had seen in an ancient book of secret talismans, and found it very mysterious and challenging, so he decided to give it a try.

The ancient book was given to him by Wo Cheng to study, and basically, Chen Hao had already learned most of the patterns, except for some of the impeccable quality patterns, and this Golden Dragon pattern was one of those impeccable quality patterns.

Chen Hao had long heard that the Imperfection Secret Talisman was the most difficult to produce, because the techniques and strokes required were extremely detailed and bizarre, so no one was able to produce an Imperfection Secret Talisman.

However, Chen Hao didn't believe in this evil, he felt that there wasn't anything in this world that couldn't be surpassed, it was just that he hadn't found a way.


The first trial ended, and Chen Hao threw the secret talisman with the golden dragon pattern drawn in his hand into the air.

The talisman instantly turned into a golden light and dissipated.

The first time, it failed!

"No, it must be the wrong stroke to depict, I'm going to keep trying!"

Chen Hao was not discouraged, and immediately conducted a short analysis, then it was time to start depicting again.

After a few minutes, the depiction ended and the talisman was thrown out again.

Likewise, the talisman disappeared into a golden light, this time with an extra hint of silver shining in the golden light, seemingly much improved from the first time.

Seeing this scene made Chen Hao's confidence grow, he felt that he was progressing, and as long as he persisted, he would definitely succeed, after thinking about it, Chen Hao still continued to start the third depiction.


For the third time, Chen Hao was again changing a depiction brush path.

To be honest, the Golden Dragon pattern's stroke was truly bizarre, no matter where one started to depict it, there would be different results, and only when one found the real stroke could one depict the supreme quality secret talisman.

After a few more minutes, Chen Hao's third depiction ended.

This time, Chen Hao had made great progress.

Although he did not succeed in depicting an Impeccable Quality Secret Talisman, he had succeeded in depicting an Extremely Precious Quality Secret Talisman.

A silver dragon that shone with a golden glow emerged from the talisman and surrounded Chen Hao's side.

"Chen Hao, how's the practice going?"

At this time, Wo Cheng returned from doing business outside and walked into the back garden to inquire towards Chen Hao.

In the next second, Wo Cheng's eyes widened and his appearance gradually became incredulous, surprise quickly covering his face.

"An extremely rare quality secret talisman!"

Wo Cheng quickly stepped forward and looked at this silver dragon in awe.  

As soon as the words came out, the silver dragon disappeared in front of Wo Cheng and Chen Hao, the effectiveness of the secret talisman had arrived.

The effectiveness of each secret talisman could only last for nearly a few tens of seconds, the maximum was only a minute or two, once the time was up, the effect of the talisman would disappear.

"This. Chen Hao, did you produce this?"

It took a while before Wo Cheng reacted from his surprise and looked at Chen Hao to ask.

Chen Hao nodded slightly and replied, "Master, yes, I produced it!"

"How did you make the extremely rare quality secret talisman? Do you know the stroke of depiction of extremely rare quality?"

Wo Cheng was surprised and puzzled as he asked towards Chen Hao.

It was impossible for a beginner to learn how to depict the stroke of an extremely rare quality in a short period of time, let alone produce an extremely rare quality secret talisman, one had to learn to master each step before they could enter into learning how to depict the stroke of an extremely rare quality.

And now that Chen Hao had directly portrayed and produced an extremely precious quality secret talisman, it was simply astonishing.

"Master, I just kept practicing on my own over here, constantly changing my depiction stroke, and then I succeeded!"

Chen Hao also explained towards Wo Cheng in a very indifferent manner.

Wo Cheng took a glance at the already used talismans all around him and knew that Chen Hao was definitely not lying, all of this was the result of Chen Hao's hard practice along with his achievements.

"Come, come with me to the Ancestor Hall, I'll take you to see the Grand Master!"

Wo Cheng couldn't hold back any longer and immediately preached by holding Chen Hao's arm, and the master and disciple quickly left their home towards the Ancestor Hall.

The Ancestral Hall was where the Chairman of the Talisman Trade Union, the Hall of Talismans, Grand Master Gu Choo, was located.

Such shocking news Wo Cheng must quickly report to Grand Master Gu Chuan, so that Gu Chuan could bestow Chen Ge with the title of First Order Talisman.

Soon, Wo Cheng led Chen Hao to the Ancestral Hall.

They just happened to run into Gao Lie and his disciple Jiang Nan at the entrance of the Ancestor Hall.

"Yo, Grandmaster Wo Cheng, are you here to see the Grandmaster as well?"

Seeing the arrival of Wo Cheng, Gao Lieton sneered towards Wo Cheng and asked.

"Master Gao Lie, why are you here too? Hasn't your apprentice already attained the title of First Order Rune Man?"

Wo Cheng faintly opened his mouth to ask towards Gao Lie, thinking to himself how he could run into this guy everywhere.

Every time he ran into Gao Lie, Wo Cheng would feel an incomparable headache, because this guy always liked to antagonize himself and would also mock himself or show off from time to time, it was really incomparably annoying.

"A few days ago, the Grand Master closed the door, so my disciple's title wasn't obtained, but today I heard that the Grand Master was out of the door, so I hurriedly came, Master Wo Cheng, you didn't bring your disciple to obtain the title as well, did you?"

Gao Lie explained towards Wo Cheng, and then it was back to Wo Cheng's confused question.

"That's right, my apprentice is very talented and improving quickly, so I brought him here to obtain the title!"

Wo Cheng responded confidently towards Gao Lie.

Gao Lie was a little surprised when he heard that, you know that Wo Cheng has only taken on a disciple for a few days ah, this is going to take the title, it's too fast, you know that his own disciples have spent nearly a month or so to be qualified to take the title.

"Master Wo Cheng, this matter of taking the title is no small matter ah, it can't be a joke, are you sure your apprentice is qualified for that?"

Gao Lie stared at Wo Cheng in some disbelief and reminded him.

After hearing this, Wo Cheng naturally knew the meaning of Gao Lie's words, and it was obvious that Gao Lie didn't believe his own words.

Joking aside, Chen Hao had produced an extremely precious talisman, and had learned it on his own without being taught by anyone, with such talent and strength, how could he be unqualified?

Of course, Wo Cheng wouldn't tell Chen Hao's true situation.

"Oh, of course I know that, but I'm sure my apprentice won't let me down!"

Weicheng replied with a light laugh towards Gao Lie.

Gao Lie also sneered in his heart after hearing this, he wanted to see how He Cheng was going to make a fool of himself later, he didn't believe that He Cheng's apprentice could even succeed in a short time.

After a while, the door of the Ancestor Hall opened, and Wo Cheng and Gao Lie entered the hall with their respective disciples.

Inside the hall sat an old man wearing a golden silk dragon robe, and he was the Grand Master of the Hall of Talismans, Gu Cho.

"Wo Cheng, Gao Lie, what do you two come here for?"

Seeing the arrival of Wo Cheng and Gao Lie, Gu Cho slowly opened his mouth to ask a question.

"Reporting to the Grand Master, I am bringing my disciple here to report to you and to acquire the title of becoming a First Order Rune!"

Without waiting for Wo Sung's reply, Gao Lie was the first to report towards Ku Cho.

"Oh? Then what quality of secret talisman has your disciple produced?"

Gu Cho continued to ask.

In order to obtain the title of First Order Talisman, one had to be approved by Grand Grandmaster Gu Choo.

"Grandmaster, my disciple Jiang Nan can already produce a superior mid-grade quality secret talisman!" Gao Lie immediately replied to the sermon towards Ku Cho, his face full of hidden pride.

"Mm. Upper-grade Middle Dao quality. Not bad, quite a little talent, okay, I agree to let your apprentice get the title of First Order Rune Master, you go to the palace and officially enter the roster!"

After hearing this, Gu Choo spoke with a satisfied head.

To be honest, the only talismans that a first-rank talisman could produce were to the upper-grade middle-grade quality secret talismans.

"Thank you, Grand Master!"

Gao Lie immediately brought his apprentice, Jiang Nan, to thank the Grand Master.

"Wo Cheng, what about you? Did you also bring your apprentice to obtain the title?"

Gu Cho then looked to the side and asked Wo Cheng.

"Yes, Grand Master, my disciple's name is Chen Hao, and he can already produce high spirit quality secret talismans!"

Wakefield set up a horse and opened his mouth to tell the story to Guzou.


Hearing these words from Wo Cheng, the two disciples of Gao Lie who were just about to leave stopped in their tracks.

Gao Lie fiercely turned back and stared at Wo Cheng with an extremely incredulous gaze.

"What did you say? Your disciple can produce high spirit quality secret talismans?" Gao Lie asked suspiciously towards Harvesting, not believing what Harvesting said.

In his opinion, He Cheng's apprentice had only just studied for a few days, how could he have produced a high spirit quality secret talisman, knowing that his own apprentice had spent a month to produce a middle path quality secret talisman.

But just because his apprentice wasn't good enough, it didn't mean that Chen Hao wasn't good enough.

"Wo Cheng, how long has your apprentice followed you?"

Gu Cho opened his mouth to ask towards Wo Cheng.

"Back to the Grand Master, five days!"

Woesung answered truthfully towards Kujo.

"No way!"

"Grand Master, this is absolutely impossible, Wo Cheng must be lying, how could his disciple have only studied for five days to produce a high spirit quality secret talisman!"  

Without waiting for Gao Lie to open his mouth, Gao Lie shouted loudly and angrily at Gokchou, not believing any of this at all.

Wo Cheng couldn't help but furrow his brows, his face turning gloomy and turning his head towards Gao Lie.

"Master Gao Lie, just because your apprentice isn't good doesn't mean my apprentice isn't good, I told you my apprentice is talented!"

Questioning Chen Hao was tantamount to questioning himself, so of course Wo Cheng wouldn't just let Gao Lie talk about Chen Hao like that.

Moreover, Chen Hao did have that strength and had seen it with his own eyes, otherwise he would have eaten his fill and come here to find the Grandmaster.

"Gao Lie, you be quiet first!"

Gu Zhu sank his face and ordered at Gao Lie in a mighty rage.

Gao Lie  didn't dare to utter a word and quieted down, keeping his mouth shut.

"Wo Cheng, do you know what kind of consequences you will suffer if what you say is a lie?"

Then Ku Choo headed towards Wo Cheng and reminded him that some things were no joke, so he wanted Wo Cheng to think about it before making a decision, it was not too late to retract those words.

"Grand Master, I, Wo Cheng, will never tell lies, my disciple does have that talent!"

Wo Cheng was incomparably firm in his reply towards Gu Shu.

"Well, in that case, this master will personally test him, and if he is really as you say, then I can grant him the title of First Order Rune Master!"

Gu Cho then proposed a solution towards Wo Cheng.

After listening, Wo Cheng looked towards Chen Hao who was standing behind him.

Chen Hao was very calm and not at all nervous.

"Chen Hao, are you ready?"

Wo Cheng asked towards Chen Hao.

Chen Hao nodded his head, indicating that he agreed to the test.

Seeing that Chen Hao agreed, He Cheng was also relieved, he believed that Chen Hao would definitely be able to do it.

Immediately afterwards, Wo Cheng, Gao Lie and Jiang Nan retreated to the side, and Gu Cho personally prepared an ink brush and talisman paper for Chen Hao and placed them in front of Chen Hao.

"My test is very simple, if you can randomly depict making a high spirit quality secret talisman, you will be considered to have passed!"

"If you are unable to do so, then it means that you and your master are lying and will face expulsion from the Talisman Union and the taking away of your membership!"

Gu Cho first gave a brief description of the test rules before giving a reminder towards Chen Hao.

"Grandmaster, I understand, I will prove it to you!"

Chen Hao agreed directly without even thinking about it.

"Fine, let's begin!"

Gu Cho nodded his head in gesture.

As soon as the words left his mouth, Chen Hao quickly picked up the ink brush in front of him and began to draw on the talisman paper.

Chen Hao painted according to the patterns recorded in his mind, and he decided that he wanted to give a fierce, silent slap to Gu Cho and Gao Lie's master and disciple, to give his master, Wo Chang, a face.

In other words, Chen Hao wasn't going to depict a high spirit quality secret talisman, but a higher level of extremely rare quality secret talisman, the Golden Dragon Pattern that he had just succeeded in today.

But the only thing he was a little worried about was that this Golden Dragon Pattern was one that he had unintentionally succeeded in after several practice sessions, and he didn't know if he would be able to succeed again now.

So Chen Hao knew that he would have to take a chance.

To be honest, high spirit quality secret talismans were no longer a problem at all for Chen Hao, he could easily depict and produce them, but he knew that he couldn't just prove it, since he had to prove it, he definitely had to shock others.

Soon, a few minutes later, Chen Hao finished depicting the secret talisman in his hand and threw it into the air.

The talisman instantly turned into a ray of golden light and dissipated.


Seeing this scene, Wo Cheng was mute.

Gu Cho was also somewhat frowning and his face was dark.

Gao Lie even took this opportunity to fall down.

"I'll tell you what, Grand Master, Wo Cheng and his disciple are absolutely lying!" Gao Lie came out and shouted towards Gu Cho.

Chen Hao looked very grave, he knew what consequences his lack of success would definitely bring to himself and Wo Cheng.

"Grandmaster, it was my careless nervousness that caused the mistake in depiction, I hope you can give me another chance!"

Chen Hao immediately requested towards Ku Choo.

"No means no, if I give you one more try you won't be able to do it either, Grand Master, you must severely punish Wo Cheng and his disciple!"

After hearing this, Gao Lie angrily said towards Chen Hao, and then proceeded to propose towards Gu Choo.

Gu Chuan was in deep thought, in fact, he just seemed to see what exactly the stroke and pattern Chen Hao was trying to portray was, as well as the golden light, and thought that it was very unusual.

"Fine, I'll give you one more chance!"

After a long while, Gu Choo spoke up and agreed to give Chen Hao another chance.

When Chen Hao and Wo Cheng heard this, both the master and disciple were delighted, while Gao Lie on the other hand was angry and upset, wondering why Gu Choo had made such a decision.

Chen Hao then immediately portrayed it again.

This time, he knew that he had to succeed, or else he would be finished.

With his eyes closed tightly, Chen Hao did not rush to move his pen, but instead carefully searched his mind for a way to recall the one he had depicted today.

"If you can't do it, forget it, don't waste your time!"

Seeing that Chen Hao was slow to start writing, Gao Lie opened his mouth again and snorted at Chen Hao.

Chen Hao now flicked his eyes open fiercely and immediately quickly drew on the rune paper.

Each stroke of Chen Hao's strokes looked very strange.

At this time, Gu Cho, who was sitting up there, also revealed an expression of surprise and surprise when he saw Chen Hao's depiction of the strokes.

"This is."

Gu Cousou couldn't help but think internally, seemingly familiar with the strokes and patterns that Chen Hao was depicting.

In the next second, Chen Hao finished his depiction and instantly put down his pen and threw out the talisman.

Instantly, an intense golden light emitted from the talisman, lighting up the entire Ancestral Hall, and a golden dragon surged out of the golden light and surrounded Chen Hao.


"Impeccable quality!"

Harvesting was astonished at the sight.

The golden light, the violet Qi, the white mist, the sight was incomparably spectacular.

That's right, Chen Hao was actually depicting the very best quality this time.

"This. How is this possible!"

Gao Lie, who was standing to the side, couldn't believe what was happening in front of him at all and shouted with wide eyes.

Even though he did not believe it, there was nothing he could do about it, the factual situation was already laid out before his eyes.

At this time, Gu Cho was also astonished, not expecting Chen Hao to be able to produce a supreme quality secret talisman, knowing that it was completely impossible for even him to walk away and produce it.

"You. How did you do that?"

Gu Cho immediately inquired towards Chen Hao.

"Back to the Grand Master, I was able to successfully depict the extremely precious quality Golden Dragon Pattern before I came here through constant practice and groping!"  

Chen Hao immediately replied towards Gu Chuang.

Hearing Chen Hao's words, Gu Chuan also nodded his head in satisfaction.

"Wo Cheng, this disciple of yours is really talented, and from now on, he will be a first-tier talisman master in my Talisman Hall!"

Then Gu Cho then praised towards Wo Cheng before giving Chen Hao the title.

First Order Talisman Master, which meant that Chen Hao was now considered a tutor-level status, this honor was very precious, to receive the title of First Order Talisman Master in the Talisman Hall, it was also a symbolic existence of high status in the entire realm.

"Grandmaster, you."

After hearing this, Gao Lie was of course the first to refuse and immediately came out towards Gu Chuang wanting to say something.

Naturally, Gou Chuang knew exactly what Gao Lie was thinking, and without waiting for him to say anything, he stopped him, "Gao Lie, I know what you want to say, this matter is settled, alright, you can leave now, I have things to do!"

Gao Lie had no choice but to be indignant in his heart, so he left with his disciple Jiang Nan.

He Cheng(Wo Cheng) and Chen Hao's disciples were also delighted, thinking that Gao Lie had really stolen a chicken and failed to steal the rice, and had really lifted a stone to smash his own feet.

After leaving the Hall of Talismans, Wo Cheng smiled and praised towards Chen Hao, "Chen Hao, from now on you are also a tutor of the Hall of Talismans, so the future path will depend on you!"

"Master, even if I become a mentor, you are still my master!"

Chen Hao looked at Wo Cheng and preached with a firm gaze.

As the saying goes, one day is a teacher, the rest of your life is your father.

If He Cheng hadn't been willing to accept himself as a disciple, then how could he have achieved such success himself?

When Wo Cheng heard Chen Hao's words, his heart was warm and moved, he really hadn't taken in the wrong disciple.

Soon, Wo Cheng led Chen Hao to report to the Hall of Talismans to receive the badge of a First Order Talisman, and Chen Hao truly became a tutor of the Hall of Talismans.

After it was over, Chen Hao arrived at the Zhou family.

Chen Hao hadn't seen Zhou Nuo visit since the last time he had been here, and he didn't know what this little ninny was doing these days.

Now that Chen Hao was a familiar guest of the Zhou family, there would be no one to stop him from entering or leaving at all.

When he arrived at the residence hall, he saw Zhou Yunshan sitting inside talking with the housekeeper.

"House Master Zhou!"

Chen Hao walked in and greeted Zhou Yunshan respectfully.

"Chen Hao is here, quick, please sit down, how are you learning at Master Wo Cheng's?"

Zhou Yunshan immediately smiled with joy upon seeing Chen Hao and asked with concern towards Chen Hao.

"Yo, First Order Symbolist Badge, you're already a mentor now?"

Without waiting for Chen Hao's reply, Zhou Yunshan noticed the First Order Rune Master badge pinned to Chen Hao's chest and was immediately alarmed once again.

Of course Zhou Yunshan knew this badge, after all, Master Harvesting also possessed the badge of a Second Order Rune Master.

"Yes, Master Zhou, but I still have to thank you, you gave me such a great opportunity to become Master Harvesting's disciple!"

Chen Hao wasn't the kind of person who was ungrateful, so naturally, he was grateful towards Zhou Yunshan.


"It's only a small thing, you've worked hard to get all this!"

Zhou Yunshan also smiled and waved his hand towards Chen Hao.

But seeing Chen Hao get such a result really made Zhou Yunshan happy, or at least made him feel that he hadn't helped the wrong person.

"By the way, Master Zhou, why haven't i seen Zhou Nuo?"

Chen Hao then looked at Zhou Yunshan and asked in confusion.

Normally, Zhou Nuo could be at Zhou Yunshan's side, but she was not there today, making Chen Hao feel very strange.

"You said that Nuo'er, she went out these past few days, saying that she went to the Boundary Spirit Mountain with an expedition team to search for the Thousand Year Pearl Ginseng.

Hearing Chen Hao's question, Zhou Yunshan immediately narrated towards Chen Hao.

"Thousand year pearl ginseng? What's that?"

Chen Hao was suspicious.

"It's an important ancient medicinal herb that only grows once every thousand years, more precious than ginseng!" Zhou Yunshan explained.

This made Chen Hao a little curious, except why didn't Zhou Nuo even tell him, besides why would Zhou Nuo be interested in an ancient medicinal herb? What hidden secrets existed in this.

"Homeowner. Family Master."

Right at this moment, a family member hurriedly walked in through the doorway and anxiously shouted towards Zhou Yunshan.

"What has happened? So panicky?"

Zhou Yunshan asked with a slight frown on his brow.

"Eldest Miss. Eldest Miss and the others. They met with an accident at Spirit Mountain, just now I went out and heard outside that there was a big avalanche at Spirit Mountain, many snow chunks are tumbling down from Spirit Mountain, the situation is very critical!"

The family member hurriedly told Zhou Yunshan the news he had received.

Zhou Yunshan was dumbfounded after hearing it.

"You. You can't say that nonsense!"

Zhou Yunshan questioned in disbelief, knowing that his own daughter had only just left  two days ago, this sad news was indeed a bit too much for Zhou Yunshan to accept.

As soon as the words fell, a group of people in battle armor walked in at the entrance of the Zhou family's negative mansion.

These people quickly poured into the Zhou Family's inside, and the leader of them was a man in a black military uniform.

"Hello Zhou Family Master, I'm the captain of the Boundary Guard, my name is Wang Peng, I've come for the accident that happened at Spirit Mountain with your eldest sister and the expedition team!"

Wang Peng walked up to Zhou Yunshan and preached with a serious look on his face.

Zhou Yunshan now knew, it seemed that the news was not false, but something had really happened.

Almost Zhou Yunshan didn't stand still, but it was fortunate that he was supported by a butler and a family member behind him, so he didn't pass out from head to toe.

Chen Hao on the other hand also had an unusually heavy face, and immediately turned around and left the Zhou family, knowing that he had to head to Spirit Mountain to personally rescue Zhou Nuo.

After leaving the Zhou family, Chen Hao headed towards the center of the capital, of course he had to purchase some equipment and supplies before he left, otherwise going alone would be no different from getting killed.


After more than an hour of preparation, Chen Hao was fully armed.

Returning back to the Zhou family once again, only to see Zhou Yunshan preparing to leave with Wang Peng and the others to the camp nearest to Spirit Mountain.

Seeing Chen Hao return, Zhou Yunshan had a surprised look on his face.

He had previously thought that Chen Hao did not want to take care of this matter, but now after seeing a fully armed Chen Hao, it made him know that Chen Hao had gone to make preparations.

"Master Zhou, I wish to also go to the rescue of Zhou Nuo!"

Chen Hao stared at Zhou Yunshan and preached righteously.

Although he himself wasn't in that kind of boyfriend-girlfriend relationship with Zhou Nuo, he treated Zhou Nuo as a good friend.

Now that Zhou Nuo was in such a dangerous situation, of course, Chen Hao couldn't sit idly  and must personally rescue Zhou Nuo.

"Chen Hao."

"Master Zhou, Zhou Nuo is my good friend, I won't ignore her!"

Zhou Yunshan wanted to say something else, but was immediately interrupted by Chen Hao.  

Hearing Chen Hao say this, Zhou Yunshan's heart warmed, feeling that his daughter really hadn't misjudged him.

Since Chen Hao could have this heart, he would naturally choose to agree.

"Captain Wang, can we have him join us on this rescue mission as well!"

Zhou Yunshan then looked to Wang Peng at his side to make a request.

Wang Peng looked at Chen Hao and hesitated for a few seconds before nodding his head and agreeing, "Yes!"

"Thank you, Captain Wang!"

Chen Hao also immediately thanked Wang Peng, he originally thought that Wang Peng would refuse to agree, but it didn't seem so now.

Soon, a few people arrived at the temporary camp that was about a few kilometers away from Spirit Mountain.

As the climate and environment of Spirit Mountain had become very harsh, the rescue team could not get close to it, so for the sake of safety, the temporary camp could only be set up a few kilometers away.

Arriving at the temporary camp, a group of people were gathered around a table, discussing strategies to deal with the rescue.

"Come, introduce us, this is the polar exploration expert, Ling Qun!"

"This is the medical expert, Wook!"

"This is the geologist, Lu Ming!"

When Wang Peng walked into the camp, he introduced each of the few people inside.

"This is Chen Hao, one of the people who went to the rescue with us this time!"

Chen Hao also got to know each other with the few people inside.

"I wonder what skills Brother Chen Hao knows? After all, this trip to Spirit Mountain isn't such a simple one!"

Ling Qun then immediately looked at Chen Hao and asked.

"I don't know anything!"

Chen Hao faintly opened his mouth to reply.

When they heard this, suddenly Ling Qun's few people also furrowed their brows, revealing their displeasure.

"Brother Chen, if you can't do anything, then I think it would be better for you not to participate in this rescue mission, we don't have the manpower and energy to take care of you!"

Ling Qun immediately warned towards Chen Hao, his tone filled with disdain.

Most of the people involved in the rescue this time had specialized skills, so they certainly didn't want someone who didn't know anything to join.

Hearing Ling Qun's words, Chen Hao couldn't help but furrow his brows, never expecting these people to look down on him so much.

"Don't worry, I don't need your care and help, you guys should mind your own business!"

Chen Hao was also unwilling to give a rebuttal immediately towards Ling Qun.

After saying that, Chen Hao turned around and walked out, coming to one side of the clearing to sit down alone, packing and inspecting his equipment bag.

Ling Qun and the three of them didn't want to bother with Chen Hao, but it was best to have Chen Hao's words anyway, so they could leave Chen Hao alone.

Spirit Mountain was nearly several thousand meters above sea level, the higher the temperature and pressure, the lower the temperature and pressure, and the environment on the mountain was very harsh, the snowstorm was extremely high, and the crisis was rampant.

Therefore, this trip to Spirit Mountain for rescue could be said to be a very adventurous journey.

"Everyone, due to the wind reaching level six on Spirit Mountain tonight and there will be a snowstorm, all of us will set our departure time at seven o'clock tomorrow morning, I hope you all have a good night's rest to refresh yourselves!"

Soon, Wang Peng came over towards Chen Hao and Ling Qun and narrated a command.

Tonight was destined to be a sleepless night.

As the night wore on, Chen Hao leaned on his backpack alone, closing his eyes for a short rest.

Right at this moment, only a sound of movement reached Chen Hao's ears.

Chen Hao immediately opened his eyes and looked towards the tent where Ling Qun and the other three were, only to see two figures sneaking out of the tent, looking very careful.

Looking through the darkness, Chen Hao could see the faces of the two men clearly.

Those two were none other than Wu Ke and Lu Ming.

Seeing this scene, Chen Hao couldn't help but sneer inwardly, it was a shame that these two were still counting and mocking themselves in the afternoon, but now they were trying to sneak away.

After some thought, Chen Hao got up and quietly approached the two of them.

"Where are you two going?"

In the next second, Chen Hao appeared behind Wu Ke and Lu Ming and asked towards the two hostages.

Chen Hao's appearance almost scared the two of them to death, and they both sat paralyzed on the ground.

"You. You're not sleeping in the middle of the night, scaring people here!"

Wu Ke's voice trembled and glared at Chen Hao in anger.


"If I fall asleep, how can I see you two escape?"

Chen Hao sneered before raising an arc of disdain and sneering.

"You. Don't you dare spout blood, we're just out to check the weather!"

Hearing Chen Hao's words, Lu Ming and Wu Ke looked at each other before pointing at Chen Hao and retorting.

Still not admitting it, what a dead pig not afraid of boiling water.


At that moment, lights came on around them.

Only Wang Peng and his men along with Ling Qun rushed out from the tent in droves, and they were all awakened by the movement of Chen Hao's three men.

"What's going on?"

Wang Peng walked up to the three men and looked at Chen Hao's three hostages and asked.

"Captain Wang, looks like you didn't set up a standing guard ah, these two were going to escape halfway and just happened to be hit by me!"

Chen Hao would not conceal it and directly narrated in a jovial tone towards Wang Peng.

Wang Peng's face darkened as he listened.


A figure quickly rushed up and grabbed Wu Ke and Lu Ming by the collars of both of them.

This person was Ling Qun, who glared angrily at the two of them.

"You two cowards, how dare you escape, see if I won't teach you a lesson!"

Ling Qun roared and said that he was about to strike at Wu Ke and the two.

It was good that Wang Peng and the others were on the side to stop them, otherwise Wu Ke and the two would have to be torn apart by Ling Qun, and it was unexpected for this to happen.

"You two tell it like it is, what's going on?"

Wang Peng stopped Ling Qun and asked the two hostages, staring coldly at Wu Ke and Lu Ming.


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