The Unknown Heir 821-825


The Hall of Talismans.

It was a large and luxurious palace, with a layer of gilding on the outside and a huge stone tablet erected at the entrance.

The shape of the stone tablet was the secret talisman, the symbol of the Hall of Talismans.

There weren't many people who come over to the Hall of Talismans, only a few richly dressed people came.

This place was even more top-notch than those high-end consumption areas.

Zhou Nuo led Chen Hao to the gate of the Hall of Talismans.

At the main entrance stood a man in a similar robe.

This man was a steward who was specifically in charge of guarding the gate of the Hall of Talismans.

Wanting to enter the Hall of Talismans was not an easy thing to do, there were conditions.

Zhou Nuo pulled out a plaque from her clothes and handed it to the steward.

When the steward took a look at it, his eyes widened and he immediately revealed a respectful smile.

"Miss Zhou, please!"

This sign was precisely Zhou Noor's identity card, identity cards were a symbol in the realm, Zhou Noor was the eldest Miss of the Zhou family, and the Zhou family was a prestigious existence throughout the realm land, of course Zhou Noor's identity was not simple, the steward knew of course.

"He's my friend, can you he go in with me, is everything alright?"

Zhou Nuo took a glance at the steward and asked faintly.

The steward even shook his head for a while to reply, "Of course it's fine, please come in!"

After saying that, the steward respectfully opened the door of the Hall of Talismans and made a gesture of invitation towards Zhou Nuo and Chen Hao.

"Thank you!"

Zhou Nuo politely thanked him and led Chen Hao into the Hall of Talismans.

Upon entering the Hall of Talismans, it caused Chen Hao's eyes to be astonished, the entire hall displayed a variety of exquisite secret talismans.

"These secret talismans in the hall are unique in the entire realm, there is only one of each kind, extremely rare, so they are the treasures of the Talisman Hall, not for sale or auction, they belong to the level of Supreme Secret Talismans!"

Zhou Nuo pointed at the several talismans on display in the hall and explained towards Chen Hao.

"The so-called secret talismans are divided into a total of six qualities, White Ding quality, Pufa quality, Middle Path quality, High Spirit quality, Extremely Precious quality, and Supreme Quality."

"But the Impeccable Quality, other than these few in the hall, there is no other!"

Zhou Nuo spoke in detail, leading Chen Hao around the Hall of Talismans like a tour guide.

"Then can the current top secret talisman masters in your realm produce talismans of the highest quality?"

Chen Hao curiously asked towards Zhou Nuo.

Zhou Nuo shook her head slightly and smiled bitterly, "Although Bohil is already a top secret talisman master, he is only able to stay in the production of extremely precious quality secret talismans, he is simply unable to get into the production of the most excellent quality."

"These few Supreme Secret Talismans in the hall are still left behind by the first Realm Secret Talisman Master Kaikey decades ago, from ancient times to the present, no one can surpass Master Kaikey, it's a mystery how Master Kaikey produced Supreme Quality Secret Talismans at all!"

After hearing this information, Chen Hao became even more interested in the secret talisman.

"Can I go learn how to make a secret talisman then?"

Chen Hao asked a crucial question towards Zhou Nuo.

"This is certainly possible, but to learn secret talismans you must join the talisman union and have a special mentor willing to teach, otherwise you can't learn the secret talismans."

Zhou Nuo was again making a key point, the point being that one had to have a mentor willing to teach in order to learn talismans.

This made it a bit difficult for Chen Hao, he only knew Zhou Nuo in the Realm, not to mention the mentor, he didn't even know the teacher, so it would definitely be a difficult task for him to go and learn the talismans.

"What? Chen Hao, are you interested in learning secret talismans?"

Zhou Nuo instantly saw what Chen Hao was thinking and smiled as she stared at Chen Hao and asked.

Chen Hao didn't deny it and gave a slight nod.

"If you're really interested, I can introduce you to someone, he's a second-grade instructor of the Talisman Union, his name is Wo Cheng, he's an old friend with my father."

Zhou Nuo looked at Chen Hao and suggested.

"Is it really possible? I'm not from the Realm, am I qualified to be able to learn secret talismans?"

Chen Hao was pleasantly surprised and a little worried.

After all, Chen Hao wasn't from the Realm, he was from Earth, so there was still a big difference between the two identities, and the Realm still had some sort of grudge against Earthlings existing somewhat.

"Don't worry, he won't, Master Wo Cheng is quite nice, and my father doesn't exclude people from outside the realm!"

Zhou Nuo, on the other hand, narrated to Chen Hao, indicating that Chen Hao didn't need to worry about it.

"Alright, but at the moment I don't have that time to learn the secret method, I'll come back to you after some things are over in the meantime, and I'll learn it then!"

Chen Hao also agreed, looking at Zhou Nuo as he narrated.

"Mmhmm, okay, no problem!"

Zhou Nuo responded without any comments.

Afterwards, the two of them had arrived at the hall where the secret talismans were sold.

The one who welcomed them was the commissioner in charge of the hall dedicated to selling them.

"Hello two, how may I help you gentlemen?"

The commissioner catered with a smiling face and quickly stepped forward, respectfully asking towards Zhou Nuo and Chen Hao.

"My friend wants to buy some talismans!"

Zhou Nuo immediately spoke up.

Those who could enter the Hall of Talismans were not ordinary people, so of course they had to use the best attitude and courtesy.

"Come, this way, please, I'll first show the two of you the latest secret talisman produced by Boshier Clan Master!"

The commissioner hurriedly led Zhou Nuo and Chen Hao towards the Golden Silk counter on one side.

The golden silk counter had a row of secret talismans.

"These are the latest extremely rare quality secret talismans, there are attack secret methods, defense secret methods, scheming secret methods, and spatial secret methods."

The commissioner patiently described in detail.

Chen Hao looked at these secret talismans in the counter, which really made him feel dazzled.

But the price of these extremely rare quality secret talismans was quite high, and there was a price marked underneath each secret talisman.

The price of each secret talisman started at tens of millions.

Chen Hao couldn't help but marvel in his heart, no wonder Zhou Nuo asked if he was sure he had enough money before he came, it seemed that the 100 million coins he got from Lin Zijie wasn't enough to buy two secret talismans.

Zhou Nuo also saw what was in Chen Hao's heart, she knew that the 100 million coins was definitely not enough.

"Chen Hao, is there anything you fancy?"

Zhou Nuo leaned close to Chen Hao and whispered towards Chen Hao, asking.

"Other than these, are there any other secret talismans?"

Chen Hao did not go to answer Zhou Nuo, but continued to ask a question towards the commissioner, anyway, such a large place would definitely not only have such secret talismans, there must be cheaper ones.


"Yes, please follow me!"

The commissioner immediately opened his mouth to reply.

After saying that, he led Chen Hao and Zhou Nuo to the hall on the other side.

This hall was filled with hanging secret talismans, all sorts and different levels.

One could use an idiom to describe it: a wide array of them.

Then, Chen Hao started picking.

The prices of the secret talismans in this hall were much more fair, with the lowest prices ranging from a few thousand to several million.

After more than an hour of picking, Chen Hao finished picking.

Chen Hao bought hundreds of Middle Dao quality and hundreds of High Spirit quality, as well as a dozen or so extremely rare quality secret talismans.

In total, he spent over 130 million coins, and Chen Hao himself had an additional 30 million, which was enough to see how expensive the secret talismans were.

The reason for buying so many secret talismans, Chen Hao was to use them for self-defense for emergency purposes.  

These secret talismans could exert different skills and power, and were simple to use, making them one of the lightest magic treasures to carry around.

After purchasing the secret talismans, Chen Hao left the Hall of Talismans with Zhou Nuo.

"Chen Hao, what are your next plans?"

Zhou Nuo looked to Chen Hao to inquire about his plans.

"I'm going to go to Song City on Earth first!"

Chen Hao didn't hide anything and told Zhou Nuo about his trip.

"Song City? To do what there?"

Zhou Nuo was suspicious and asked curiously.

"Some of the remnants of the previous Realm's Qin Family haven't been eradicated, and there exists a Qin Family in Song City, the second gate of the Realm's Qin Family!"

Chen Hao faintly opened his mouth to explain.

When Zhou Nuo heard it, She understood and knew that Chen Hao was going to eradicate this Song City Qin Family as well.

If this remnant of the Qin Family was not eradicated, it would be a problem for Chen Hao, even though he didn't have Song City's Qin Family in his eyes at all.

"Good, then you must be careful yourself, if you need help, be sure to contact me, I will do my best to help you!"

Zhou Nuo reminded Chen Hao.


Chen Hao smiled heartily at Zhou Nuo before leaping out and quickly leaving.

Zhou Nuo looked at Chen Hao's back, and she couldn't say what she felt, thinking that she would definitely make Chen Hao accept her one day.

On this side of the boundary, the Lin family.

Lin Zijie limped back home, looking very wretched, with a grey face and messy hair, where was the temperament of the Lin family's youngest, the whole was no different from a beggar.

"Hm? Zijie, what's happened to you? How did you get to this state?"

A young man who looked very similar to Lin Zijie came out and looked at Lin Zijie in surprise and asked.

"Big brother. I was beaten up."

Lin Zijie looked at his big brother Lin Zion with an aggrieved face and said.

This was Lin Zi Jie's big brother, Lin Zi Ang, whose strength was at the second stage of the Realm of Reality and was one of the members of the Earth Fiend Group of the Realm.

The Earth Fiend Group was an underground hidden power in the Realm, which was made up of some killers and powerful people, and was responsible for taking on some missions.

"What? Someone dares to beat you up? Say, who is that person is? Big brother will avenge you!"

Lin Zi Ang was furious and asked towards Lin Zi Jie.

"I don't know, I only know that that kid has a good relationship with the Zhou family Zhou Nuo, like he's Zhou Nuo's boyfriend!"

Lin Zijie replied bitterly, the thought of Chen Hao made him incomparably angry and bitter inside.

As the youngest youngster of the magnificent Lin family, he had been beaten up like this by a hairy brat, it was truly a disgrace to the Lin family.

"Well, the Zhou family isn't it, it seems that the Zhou family is really becoming more and more rampant now that it dares to go against my Lin family!"

Lin Zion looked incomparably cold and furious as he preached.

Actually, compared to each other, the Zhou and Lin families were both considered equal in the Boundary Lands, neither one losing to the other, which was why the two Zhou and Lin families had always been in a situation where they did not offend the eachother.

But now. I'm afraid that the two families are going to have a dispute over Chen Hao's matter with Zhou Nuo.

"Zi Jie, big brother will decide this matter for you, I'll personally go and speak to father, I'd like to see what the Lin family is capable of!"

Lin Zion said coldly, squinting his eyes again.

After saying that, Lin Zi Ang first helped his brother Lin Zi Jie return to his room to rest.


Night fell.

Song City.

The Qin family mansion was brightly lit, with family members standing.

Qin Zhen stood in the residence hall, looking at the crowd in front of him, feeling very anxious and worried.

The three elders, Yan Xun, had been gone for a day and hadn't even heard a single word, truly making Qin Zhen anxious.

"Dad, you don't have to worry, the three elders are so strong, they will definitely be able to kill that brat Chen Hao!"

The eldest son, Qin Song, reassured towards Qin Zhen.

"I hope so!"

Qin Zhen's eyebrows furrowed and he heaved out a sentence from his mouth.

"You'd better think about how you're going to explain yourself down there to the Realm Qin family!"

When Qin Zhen's words fell, suddenly the sound of Chen Hao's voice rang out around the Qin family mansion.

When they heard that it was Chen Hao's words, suddenly Qin Zhen and the Qin family's crowd panicked and looked around in succession, trying to find Chen Hao's figure.

In the next second, Chen Hao appeared behind Qin Zhen and directly lifted Qin Zhen up with one hand.

"Qin Zhen, you old thing really won't give up, you had to make me personally come to Song City!"

Chen Hao squeezed Qin Zhen's neck, revealing a contemptuous arc of laughter as he stared at Qin Zhen and preached in an icy tone.

Qin Zhen's face quickly turned red, unable to catch his breath, unable to free himself from Chen Hao's grip at all.

"Chen Hao. You let go of my father!"

Qin Song bellowed with an angry glare at Chen Hao.

"All of you, kneel down!"

Chen Hao ordered with an angry voice.

Hearing Chen Hao's words, the Qin Clan's crowd also all looked at each other, none of them willing to kneel down.

"Fine, since you are not willing, then you all go to hell!"

Chen Hao never wished to put words into words a second time, a cold light flashed in his eyes, and his hand pushed.

With a clatter, Chen Hao just snapped Qin Zhen's neck, and Qin Zhen died of a broken heart on the spot.


"Master of the house!"

Seeing that Qin Zhen was killed, Qin Song and the Qin family's crowd lost their voices.

"Bastard, I'll fight with you!"

Qin Song couldn't hold back any longer and rushed towards Chen Hao in anger.

Unfortunately, it was all just a futile effort, Chen Hao had come this time to completely eradicate the entire Song City Qin Family, just like eradicating the Realm Qin Family, and would not spare any more of them.

To be soft on the enemy was to be cruel to oneself, the truth of this saying was deeply understood by Chen Hao.

In the blink of an eye, Chen Hao had beheaded everyone in the Qin Family in Song City and had set fire to the entire Qin Family residence.

The Qin family was completely eradicated and disappeared from the realm with Song City.

After dealing with all this, Chen Hao left Song City directly and returned to the Boundary Realm.


The next morning, the Zhou family of the Realm.

There were several limousines parked in front of the Zhou family's residence, with the word "Lin" marked on their license plates.

It was obvious that these cars belonged to the Lin family.

Since Lin Zijie was taught a lesson by Chen Hao yesterday, the elder brother Lin Zi Ang reported the matter to his father, the head of the Lin family, Lin Ao.

Lin Ao was furious after learning that his second son was injured.

Originally he is the kind of person who is very protective of calves, of course, can not stand his own son injured.

So this is not the next day, he immediately came to the Zhou family to give punishment.

"Master Lin, my son Zijie was injured by your boyfriend, how are you going to handle this matter? You have to give me a reasonable answer today!"

Lin Ao crossed his legs and sat in the government hall, looking at Zhou Yunshan, the head of the Zhou family, and said in a deep angry voice.

"Obviously, it's your son who pestered me, so my boyfriend made a move to teach him a lesson, and it should all be your son who deserves it!"

Not waiting for Zhou Yunshan to open his mouth, Zhou No, who was standing on the side, loudly retorted towards Lin Ao.  

"Noel, shut up!"

When Zhou Yunshan heard this, he immediately snapped at Zhou Nuo.

Zhou Nuo didn't dare to speak, so she had to stand obediently to the side.

Lin Ao's face was already extremely dark, and his eldest son, Lin Zi'ang, who was standing by his side, was also cold and emitting powerful energy.

Zhou Yunshan took a glance at Lin Zi'ang and knew that this eldest son of the Lin family was very strong and definitely not an easy target to provoke.

"Master Lin, both of us are responsible for this matter, I apologize to your son on behalf of my daughter, but after all, it was your son who started this matter, so I hope your son won't bother my daughter again!"

After a pause, Zhou Yunshan then proposed towards Lin Ao and spoke in a flat tone.

As the head of the Zhou family, Zhou Yunshan also certainly wouldn't just go and give Lin Ao how much of a compromise.

"Zhou Yunshan, don't you dare pull this stunt on me, I'm telling you, today, either let your daughter go and apologize to my son, or my Lin family will destroy your Zhou family!"

Lin Ao's temper was also arrogant, he directly slapped the table and threatened in anger.

Instantly, Zhou Yunshan's eyebrows furrowed and his face darkened, he never expected Lin Ao to be so arrogant and threaten to destroy his own Zhou family, he really didn't care about his own Zhou family.

"Master Lin, you are too arrogant to say that, my Zhou family is not easy to bully if it can establish itself in this realm!"

Zhou Yunshan's tone instantly darkened and he responded coldly.


"Is it? Then I'd like to give it a try!"

Lin Ao snorted disdainfully.

After saying that, Lin Ao waved his hand and instantly more than a dozen black-clothed strong men came rushing in from the entrance.

Seeing this scene, the Zhou family's crowd was also a bit frightened.

"Insolence, this is the Zhou family, do you think this is a place for you to spread your wildness!"

Zhou Nuo couldn't hold back any longer and walked out, glaring at Lin Ao and the others and roared.

Lin Zi Ao stepped out and stood in front of Zhou Noor with a stern stare.

"Zhou Nuo, I know that my brother has always liked you, if you are willing to go spend a day with my brother now, I can consider sparing your Zhou family, otherwise, I will make you pay the price with your Zhou family."

Lin Zi'ang gave a threatening condition towards Zhou Nuo.

"What if I don't agree?"

Zhou Nuo wasn't a weakling like that, and immediately glanced at Lin Zion with cold eyes in reply.

"If you don't agree, then don't blame me for being rude!"

Lin Zion instantly unleashed his momentum and raged.

"If you touch a hair on her head, I'll make sure you don't get out of here alive!"

As soon as Lin Zion's voice trailed off, only Chen Hao's voice rang out from the Zhou family's entrance.

"Chen Hao!"

Zhou Nuo was alarmed.

The sound fell, and the person was now, Chen Hao from the doorway, hands in his pockets, slowly and leisurely walked in.

Seeing Chen Hao's arrival, Zhou Nuo's heart was incomparably surprised.

However, Lin Zion and Lin Ao did turn liver-colored.

"You're the one who injured my son?"

Lin Ao angrily stared at Chen Hao questioningly.

Chen Hao took a glance at Lin Ao and snorted, "It's me, it's your son who is out of his depth and has to find me to fight alone, what? Now that you've lost, you want someone to stand up for you? Is that all there is to it?"

Hearing Chen Hao's words, Lin Ao almost didn't get so angry that a mouthful of old blood came up.

I think this kid knows how to speak so astonishingly, and every word is straight to the point.

Indeed, his own son lost a one-on-one contest with someone else and went home to call for someone to come out, if this was spread out, he would really be laughed at.

"Hmph, you injured my brother, this matter can't be let go like this, I want to fight you solo!"

Lin Zion walked up to Chen Hao and stared at him, suggesting.

"Your brother isn't even a match for me, do you think you'll be my match?"

Chen Hao looked at Lin Zi Ang with great disdain and said.

Lin Zi Ang clenched his fists and the veins on his arms were so strong that he wanted to rip Chen Hao apart immediately.

"What? You wouldn't dare?"

Lin Zi'ang deliberately provoked Chen Hao towards him.

Of course, Chen Hao knew that Lin Zi Ang was provoking him, but he wasn't in fear, since people wanted to die, then of course Chen Hao was going to fulfill it.

"Fine, but I have a condition, if you lose, take your Lin family and get the hell out of here, and also don't allow your brother to harass and pester Zhou Nuo again, how about it?"

Chen Hao agreed in one breath, proposing towards Lin Zion.

"Yes, but what if you lose?"

Lin Zion asked a rhetorical question.

"If I lose, whatever you guys do!"

Chen Hao took off, looking indifferent.

In Chen Hao's opinion, Lin Zi'ang was no match for him at all.

Chen Hao then went to the door with Lin Zi'ang, and everyone followed him out, standing at the door to watch the duel between the two.

Zhou Nuo walked up to Chen Hao's side and whispered softly towards Chen Hao, "Chen Hao, Lin Zi Jie's brother Lin Zi Aang is not weak, are you sure about this?"

Chen Hao smiled slightly at Zhou Nuo, "Don't worry, he's not my opponent!"

Seeing such a confident smile with Chen Hao's expression, Zhou Nuo was relieved, she knew that Chen Hao must be confident, otherwise he would never have said such words.

"Kid, follow me without crushing your bones!"

Lin Ziang stared at Chen Hao's cold sermon with a deadly stare.

"Heh, anyone can tell a big lie!"

Chen Hao sneered and disdainfully returned the dislike.

To be honest, Lin Zion really didn't take Chen Hao seriously, after all, there was still a huge gap between his brother and his own strength, so it didn't mean that Chen Hao could be a match for him.

"Come on!"

Lin Zi'ang shouted furiously before snatching his body and rushing towards Chen Hao quickly, with great speed and momentum.


Lin Zion smashed down at Chen Hao's head with one punch.

If this was hit, it was feared that his head would split open and his brains would splatter out.

But Chen Hao wouldn't give Lin Zi Ang this chance, immediately dodging sideways and quickly dodging Lin Zi Ang's heavy fist.

Lin Zi Ang's hard fist fell from Chen Hao's eyes, and could allow Chen Hao to feel a hint of the fierce punch.

The strength of Lin Zi'ang, who was at the first stage of the True Human Realm's cultivated soul, was still relatively strong.

But it was a pity that he was facing Chen Hao.

Despite being at the first stage of the True Life Realm, it was still impossible to defeat Chen Hao.

Seeing his first move fail, Lin Ziang was slightly shocked, never expecting Chen Hao's speed to be so fast.

However, he didn't give up and immediately reacted, turning around and striking another fierce flying kick straight at Chen Hao's front door, each move Lin Ziang made was a killing move, trying to kill Chen Hao directly.

Chen Hao was again busy taking a step back, easily dodging it.

An insider could tell at a glance just how big the gap in strength between the two was.  

The only thing that could not be broken under the heavens was speed, Lin Zi Ang's reaction speed was fast but still inferior to Chen Hao's, which was why he had been unable to hit Chen Hao.

The winner was actually already decided.

But Lin Zion would not just choose to concede defeat like this, he was bound to defeat Chen Hao in his heart and avenge his brother's death.

"Hmph, do you only know how to hide?"

Lin Zion snorted coldly in disdain and stared at Chen Hao furiously.

The fact that Chen Hao had been dodging his attacks was a great insult to him, feeling that Chen Hao was just playing a trick on himself.

But Lin Zion himself was very clear, he knew that Chen Hao was definitely not weaker than him, otherwise he would have been able to hit Chen Hao with a single move.

"I'm afraid that you'll just lie on the ground if I make a move!"

Hearing Lin Zi'ang's words, Chen Hao responded with a contemptuous smile.

This made Lin Ziang's teeth itch and the anger within him ignited even more fiercely, this was too despicable.


Lin Zion roared.

This time, he exerted his strength to the max and attacked towards Chen Hao with all his might.

Chen Hao did not slow down and stood calmly in place.

Since Lin Ziang was going to make his own move, then of course Chen Hao was going to give face.


In the next second, Chen Hao moved and kicked Lin Zi'ang right out of the way.

Chen Hao was so fast that Lin Zion had no time to react at all.

Lin Zion fell heavily to the ground, and a smear of blood appeared at the corner of his mouth.

Chen Hao's kick was not something that Lin Zion could withstand.

Seeing this scene, Lin Ao on the side also turned pale, completely not expecting his son to lose to Chen Hao.

"You lost!"

Chen Hao stared at Lin Zi'ang and faintly opened his mouth to remind him.

Lin Zion was full of displeasure, but the truth was that he did lose, so he could only choose to be willing to gamble, or else he would be laughed to death if word got out.

Then, Lin Ao took Lin Zi'ang and immediately got into the car and directly left the Zhou family.


Seeing the Lin family leave, Zhou Nuo ton cheered.

"Chen Hao, you're amazing, not even Lin Zion is your opponent!"

Zhou Nuo excitedly looked at Chen Hao and quipped.

Zhou Yunshan, who was standing to the side, and the Zhou family crowd were also all surprised.

"Dad, he's the Chen Hao I told you about!"

Zhou Nuo then was then quick to look at his father, Zhou Yunshan, to introduce himself.

Zhou Yunshan gave a slight nod and returned to the residence hall after gesturing towards Zhou Nuo and Chen Hao.

"Greetings, House Master Zhou!"

Sitting in the residence hall, Chen Hao took the initiative to greet Zhou Yunshan.

"I've long heard that Nuo'er said that you're great, and it's really good to see you today!"

Zhou Yunshan looked at Chen Hao with satisfaction as he narrated.

"Master Zhou is polite, I'm good friends with Zhou Nuo, so her matter is my matter, besides, I was too impulsive this time and caused you trouble!"

Chen Hao apologized somewhat guiltily towards Zhou Yunshan.

If he hadn't taught Lin Zijie a lesson himself, it wouldn't have led to having the Lin family come to his door.

"Chen Hao, how can I blame you for this, it's none of your business, I should be blamed, I shouldn't have sought you out as a shield!"

Hearing Chen Hao's words, Zhou Nuo quickly came up towards Chen Hao and told him.

"Alright, alright, both of you shouldn't blame yourselves, I've always disliked that brat in the Lin family, I've always heard that he's pestering Nuo'er, Chen Hao you've done a good job, at least Lin Zijie knows that it's not like there's no one in the world who isn't afraid of him, so what if the Lin family, at the moment the Lin family can't afford to set off any waves against my Zhou family!"

Zhou Yunshan also spoke up to narrate.

For Zhou Yunshan, he actually wasn't afraid of the Lin family at all, except that if there were to be a real falling out, it would just result in both sides losing, but for the sake of his daughter, Zhou Yunshan would use all his strength to protect her.

"Dad, aren't you and Master Wo Cheng of the Talisman Union old friends, I have something I want to ask you for!"

Zhou Nuo then remembered something and immediately said to Zhou Yunshan.

"What is it? Do you want to join the talisman union?"

Zhou Yunshan asked curiously.

"Oh my, I'm not learning talismans, I'm asking for Chen Hao. Chen Hao he wants to learn how to make secret talismans."

Zhou Nuo immediately shook his head and explained, looking at Chen Hao as she spoke.

Zhou Yunshan suddenly understood, he could see his own daughter's heart and feelings for Chen Hao, although his mouth just said that he was using it as a shield, in fact, his own daughter's heart had already fallen for Chen Hao.

"Master Zhou, I do have this idea, if Master Zhou can help me with this favor, I will definitely be grateful, if you have any difficulties, I, Chen Hao, will not force it!"

Chen Hao, on the other hand, looked at Zhou Yunshan with a smile and respect as he narrated, not using a very forceful tone.

Zhou Yunshan looked at Chen Hao, his impression of Chen Hao was still good, but rather Chen Hao was already so powerful at such a young age, and had such a good relationship with his daughter, of course he would not go without saying yes.

"There's nothing difficult about it, it's just a word of explanation, how about this, I'll personally contact Master Wo Cheng and have him come to the Lin family, you guys can meet, if he's willing to accept you as his disciple then that's best, but if he's not, I'm not going to force someone, what do you think Chen Hao?"

Zhou Yunshan looked to Chen Hao and suggested that this was considered the best of both worlds.

"Of course, just listen to your arrangements, Master Zhou! Then I, Chen Hao, am here to thank the Zhou Clan Master! I'm counting on you!"

Chen Hao didn't consider it and directly agreed, in fact, he was already surprised that Zhou Yunshan was willing to help him, after all, he wasn't familiar with Zhou Yunshan yet, it was only because of Zhou Nuo's existence.


Soon, an old man wearing a long robe with a golden badge pinned to his front walked in from the Zhou family's entrance.

This person was Master Wo Cheng, a second rank talisman master of the Talisman Trade Union.

"Wo Cheng, you've come!"

Seeing the arrival of Wo Cheng, Zhou Yunshan hurriedly stepped forward to greet him.

"Yun Shan ah, what are you looking for me for?"

Weicheng was very direct and just asked towards Zhou Yunshan.

The two of them were already old friends, so there was no need for polite and courteous words.

"It's like this, I'll introduce you to someone who wants to learn how to make secret talismans, so I asked you to come and meet with him, even if it's for my sake!"

Zhou Yunshan calmly smiled as he looked at Wo Cheng and said.

Hearing this, Wo Cheng was slightly stunned.

"You're not going to introduce your precious daughter to me as a disciple, are you?"  

Harvestington(wo Cheng) poked fun at Zhou Yunshan.


Hearing this, Zhou Yunshan burst out laughing.

"I'd be happy if it was really her, except that Nuo'er has her own ideas, so she doesn't want to learn secret talismans, and I'm introducing you to him!"

Zhou Yunshan explained to Wo Cheng as he pointed towards Chen Hao who was standing off to the side.

Weicheng cast his gaze at Chen Hao.

"Chen Hao, this is the Talisman Union's second rank talisman master, Master Wo Cheng!"

Zhou Yunshan introduced him to Chen Hao.

After hearing this, Chen Hao immediately greeted Wo Cheng respectfully, " Master Wo Cheng, my name is Chen Hao, I've long heard that Master Wo Cheng have high attainments in secret talismans, so I want to learn how to make secret talismans from you!"

Hearing Chen Hao's words, Wo Cheng couldn't help but furrow his brows.

"Yunshan, but you know me, I don't just take on disciples."

Wo Cheng looked at Zhou Yunshan to remind him.

To be honest, Wo Cheng did not have much interest in Chen Hao.

If Zhou Nuo wanted to learn secret talismans, then Wo Cheng would have readily agreed to it, after all, he was Zhou Yunshan's daughter, of course he would give face.

But now that it was a stranger, Wo Cheng was really a little reluctant.

"Wo Cheng, I know this, but he's not an ordinary person, his talent is good, and his own strength is extraordinary now, and he's also good friends with Nuo'er, so you see."

Zhou Yunshan nodded and narrated towards Wo Cheng again.

"I understand what you mean, Yunshan, you want me to make an exception and accept him as my disciple, right? How about this, I'll give him a test, and if he can pass the test, then I'll take him as my disciple."

Naturally, Wo Cheng understood what his old friend was thinking, and since it was his old friend who personally spoke up, then of course he could not fail to give face, so he put forward an idea for a sermon.

Zhou Yunshan looked towards Chen Hao and tried his hand at what he meant.

"No problem, I promise, if I don't pass the test, I, Chen Hao, won't bother Master Wo Cheng anymore!"

Chen Hao immediately agreed.

After that, Wo Cheng Cheng waved his hand, and an ink brush and talisman appeared in front of his own eyes and Chen Hao's eyes respectively.

"My test is very simple, if you are really talented, draw the same talisman according to the one I drew, and if you pass, I will take you as my disciple!"

Wo Cheng gave a brief explanation towards Chen Hao.

After saying that, Wo Cheng held the pen and quickly drew it on the talisman paper.

After a few seconds, Harvesting(Wo Cheng) closed the pen and threw the drawn secret talisman into the sky, instantly transforming into a golden phoenix impacting out.

"This secret talisman is called the Golden Phoenix Ho-Shang!"

Wo Cheng introduced himself towards Chen Hao and extended his hand towards Chen Hao.

Chen Hao understood, and closed his eyes tightly, carefully recalling the patterns and strokes that He Cheng had just drawn on the talisman paper.

Seeing Chen Hao freeze in place for a long time without moving his strokes,wo Cheng spoke up, "If it doesn't work, then just admit defeat!"

Admit defeat?

Hearing these two words made Chen Hao feel a little unhappy.

When did he, Chen Hao, ever admit defeat, the word admit defeat didn't exist in his dictionary.

In the next second, Chen Hao flicked his eyes open, stretched out his hand, held the pen, and the entire movement was done in one go, as if he was rapidly depicting it on the rune paper like clouds and water.

Staring at Chen Hao's depiction, Wo Cheng couldn't help but go from a disdainful look to a little surprised.

It had to be admitted that Chen Hao did indeed have a talent for learning to make secret talismans.

In a short period of time, Chen Hao was able to remember the strokes of the pattern he was depicting so clearly, without the slightest difference in the way he depicted that Golden Phoenix Haosiang.

It was only that the speed of depicting was not as fast as his own, of course, this was normal, who let Chen Hao is the first time to touch depicting a secret talisman, to have this kind of achievement was already very good.

After more than ten seconds, Chen Hao finished depicting and threw the depicted secret talisman in his hand into the sky.


A soft phoenix sound rang out.

A golden phoenix waved its wings and appeared in the sky, appearing incomparably dazzling.

Chen Hao had indeed succeeded!

"Pop, pop, pop!"

At this time, Wo Cheng clapped his hands and applauded.

"Not bad, you really do have talent, I'll take you as my disciple!"

Then Wo Cheng Cheng looked at Chen Hao with a delighted and satisfied smile and promised that he would accept Chen Hao as his disciple.

"Thank you, Master for your praise!"

Chen Hao immediately gave a respectful thank you towards Wo Cheng.

Seeing this scene, Zhou Nuo and Zhou Yunshan also showed their joy.

Zhou Nuo was even happier for Chen Hao, never would have thought that Chen Hao was so good that he could so accurately depict Master Wo Cheng's secret talismans.

"But Chen Hao, becoming my disciple, I have two rules to tell you!"

Wo Cheng was again looking at Chen Hao with a serious face and said.

"Please speak, Master, Chen Hao will definitely follow your teachings!"

"First, you may not use secret talismans in the realm without permission, and second, you may not teach secret talismans to others!"

Only to hear Wo Cheng speak out two rules, these were the hard and fast rules of the Talisman Union, no one could break these two rules, once they did, they would be expelled from the Talisman Union and lose their status as a member of the Talisman Union.

After hearing this, Chen Hao immediately remembered these two rules in his mind.

But the first rule really made Chen Hao somewhat confused, why couldn't one use secret talismans in the realm without permission? In other words, he himself could use secret talismans when he returned to Earth, but not in the realm.

"Alright, I'm now going to take you to the Talisman Union to enter the roster, after which you'll be an official member of the Talisman Union and the chief apprentice of my Wo Cheng!"

After explaining the rules, wo Cheng suggested towards Chen Hao, to learn secret talismans is not a simple matter, the process is still very complicated, and the Talisman Trade Union was also a very prestigious existence in the entire realm, with a very noble status.

Immediately afterwards, Chen Hao left the Lin Family with Wo Cheng and headed towards the Talisman Trade Union.


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