The Unknown Heir 816-820



A secluded manor somewhere in South Vietnam.

Chen Hao's family was happily sitting inside, laughing and eating and drinking.

Huang Yonghao was snuggled in the embrace of Chen Hao's mother, Zhang Suhong, incomparably well-behaved, with a long-lost smile on his face.

It was the day of the long-awaited reunion.

But for Chen Hao, he couldn't really be happy.

Seeing his brother lose his eyes and tongue, his parents lose their legs, and his sister suffer miserable torture made Chen Hao feel incomparably self-conscious and guilty, and very uncomfortable.

He hadn't gone to his full strength to protect his family, resulting in his own family suffering such an ordeal.

And his own brother, who should have been able to live happily like a normal person, in order to seek justice for himself and the Chen family, ended up in such a state, Chen Hao felt deeply ashamed of himself.

But before that, Chen Hao had to completely eradicate the Qin family from the Earth's surface Song City, only then would his own family's hatred be truly avenged.

"Little Hao, why are you silent?"  

Mother Zhang Suhong smiled as she looked at Chen Hao and asked.

"Yes, Little Hao, it's rare that our family is finally reunited, we should celebrate it properly, be happy!"

Father Chen Dong Yi also echoed Zhang Suhong's words as he looked at Chen Hao and suggested.

Chen Hao even reacted and pretended to be fine, squeezing out a smile as he looked at his family.

"Mom, Dad, brother, sister, from now on, I will definitely not let you guys get hurt at all, I will definitely protect you!"

Chen Hao looked at his family and spoke with a firm gaze.

"Well, Little Hao, we all believe in you!"

Chen Nearing smiled and nodded towards Chen Hao in response.

Soon, the family ended this long-awaited reunion with laughter.

Chen Hao's parents took his younger brother Huang Yonghao to rest first, while his sister Chen Xiao sat outside in the garden with Chen Hao and chatted.

"Little Hao, do you still remember that scene when you first found out that you were a rich second generation?"

Chen Xiao sat beside Chen Hao, tilting her head up, looking at the sky, looking at the shining stars, showing a smile towards Chen Hao and asked.

Chen Hao smiled faintly and replied, "Of course I remember, sis, you guys are really good at hiding it, hiding it from me for so long, you don't even know what I went through at school again!"

"Haha, Hao, but you got a lot and learned a lot, didn't you? Those are the accumulated experiences in your life, and we also wanted to make you a little stronger at that time so that you could carry the hopes of the entire family in the future!"

"Don't you see that's what's happening now? Once father was the pillar of our family, now it's you instead, you're everything to our family, sister doesn't really want you to make it big in this world, she just wants our family to be together!"

Chen Xiao watched as Chen Hao spoke long and heartfelt words about a large part of his heart.

It had been a long time since the two of them siblings had sat down and had a good chat like today.

"Sister, you must have suffered a lot in the Qin family, I'm sorry, I'm useless, I didn't protect you and our parents and younger brother, so you became like this!"

Chen Hao lowered his head, incomparably guilty & blaming himself.

Chen Xiao stretched out his hand and placed it on Chen Hao's head, gently caressing and comforting him.

"Little Hao, we don't blame you because none of this happened as you could have imagined, we used to protect you, you've grown up now, of course it's your turn to protect us, look, we're now reunited as a family, that's the happiest and most important thing, let those past things pass!"


Chen Hao also nodded his head in response.

At this moment, a black shadow quickly flickered through the woods outside the manor.

It was extremely fast, passing by in a flash, but it was still captured by Chen Hao.

Chen Hao's heart couldn't help but feel the presence of an incoming presence.

"Sister, it's getting late, you should also hurry and go rest!"

Chen Hao then quickly said towards Chen Xiao, he didn't want Chen Xiao and his parents to know about the situation, lest they be worried and scared again.

"Well, good, then you should get some rest too, Little Hao!"

Chen Xiao smiled warmly before turning around and walking back inside the house.

Only after watching his sister's figure disappear into the house did Chen Hao leap out of the manor, quickly leaping out in pursuit of the black shadow's disappearance and releasing his spiritual sense to search.

"Come out, I know you're around!"

Chen Hao stopped in his tracks and stood quietly, faintly speaking out towards the forest.


Hearing the sound of leaves, a black shadow quickly shuttled out and stabbed at Chen Hao with a cold sword.

Chen Hao reacted quickly, dodging sideways and decisively blasting out a palm.

The two of them were just facing each other with this one move, but neither of them hurt anyone.

"Who is it?"

Chen Hao asked coldly.

"It doesn't seem strange that the Qin family was destroyed by you, so it turns out that you are also already in the realm of real people, your strength is extraordinary, to reach such a realm at such a young age is truly promising!"

The other party spoke in a rather dark tone and spoke faintly, although he was a bit surprised by Chen Hao's strength, it was not very surprising.

Chen Hao narrowed his eyes and stared at the black-robed man in front of him.

"Who the hell are you? Don't hide your identity, if you're able to do so, openly identify yourself and your intentions!"


"You don't have the strength to know who I am yet! I can only tell you that the God King sent me!"

The black-robed man chuckled lightly and gave Chen Hao a reply.

Afterwards, without waiting for Chen Hao's response, the black-robed man flashed out and instantly disappeared into the night.

"Master, this person's strength is not weak, at least above the second stage cultivating soul of the Mortal Realm!"

At that moment, only the Sword Soul inside Chen Hao spoke up to remind Chen Hao.

"Sword Soul, do you know what Lord God King he's talking about? Who's that?"

Chen Hao was confused and asked towards the sword spirit.

"I'm not sure, but I can feel the scent on his body that is definitely from the Realm!"

The sword spirit immediately replied towards Chen Hao.

It was someone from the Realm again, it seemed that indeed this was exactly what Chen Hao had expected in his heart, the demise of the Qin family would definitely shake up the Realm and cause more trouble for himself.

"But master, this person doesn't want to tangle with you, and is probably only here to test your strength!"

The Sword Spirit was again telling Chen Hao the reason for this.

This was something that Chen Hao could also see, the other party hadn't laid a deadly hand on him, but rather made a test, but it was good that Chen Hao hadn't used much of his own strength and didn't let the other party see anything.

"Looks like I'll have to find someone to ask who this Lord Godking is!"

Chen Hao gave another meaningful glance in the direction where the black-robed man had disappeared and spoke a faint sentence from his mouth.


Right now, far away in Song City.

The Qin family.


Qin Zhen, the head of the Qin family, angrily slammed his cup on the ground.

The cup instantly shattered into countless pieces.

No one from the surrounding Qin family standing around dared to speak, all of them lowered their heads, not even daring to look at Qin Zhen, afraid that he would vent his anger on them.

"Bastard, I will definitely shred Chen Hao into pieces!"

Qin Zhen roared, his look filled with intense hatred for Chen Hao.

The Boundary Qin Family was destroyed, and the Qin Family here in Song City was shaken by it, Qin Zhen really didn't expect Chen Hao to have the audacity to go and destroy the Boundary Qin Family.

"Father, what should we do now?"

A middle-aged man stepped forward and cautiously asked towards Qin Zhen.  

This was Qin Zhen's eldest son, Qin Song.

"Hmph, what should we do? I will make Chen Hao pay a painful price!"

An icy cold light flashed in Qin Zhen's eyes and his tone was cold as he snorted, his heart already thinking of how he was going to deal with Chen Hao.

The night was quiet.

In the Qin Family Residence, three old men in grey robes sat in the hall talking with Qin Zhen.

"Old Man Yan, this time, the Qin family in my realm was destroyed, and the situation is serious, so I had no choice but to ask you to come out and avenge my Qin family's hatred!"

Qin Zhen respectfully looked at the nearest old man sitting in front of him and said, his tone slightly heavy.

This old man was named Yan Xun, from the Realm's Spirit Mountain Pavilion, the strength of the Realm's second stage cultivated soul, the second elder of Shi Spirit Mountain Pavilion, and the strength behind the Realm's Qin Family, which had a great guardian relationship with the Realm's Qin Family.

"Master Qin, the Realm Qin Family is my Spirit Mountain Pavilion's guardian family in the Realm, I will definitely do my best!"

Yan Xun spoke faintly, his tone as weak as it was, but with a powerful momentum.

"With three elders on board, that brat is bound to die without a funeral!"

Qin Zhen spoke with a proud smile, feeling that this time Chen Hao was certain to die.

The other two were the Spirit Mountain Pavilion Guardian, Yu Huo and Cao Jin, who were each at the first stage of the Mortal Realm cultivating souls.

A second stage of the Realm and two first stages, Qin Zhen believe that Chen Hao would die.

Afterwards, Qin Zhen told Yan Xun's three men where Chen Hao was, and they immediately leapt out at the same time after learning about it, heading to find Chen Hao to avenge the Qin family.

The next morning.

Chen Hao woke up early and went to the garden to meditate.

Meditating every day was a good habit that Chen Hao had developed to help him continuously condense the momentum of the Nine Revolutions of the Origin Soul in his body even more powerfully.

However, not long after Chen Hao sat down, he felt a murderous aura rising from all around him.

The killing aura was rapidly surging towards him in this direction, and its strength could not be underestimated.

In the next second, a sword flew by at great speed from a short distance away.

Chen Hao flicked his eyes open and launched a palm filled with true energy, instantly stopping the flying sword suspended in mid-air.


With a slight effort, the sword broke, halved, and fell to the ground.

"Swish, swish, swish!"

Three shadows then leapt away from outside the manor and landed steadily in front of Chen Hao, none other than Yan Xun's three men.

Chen Hao stared at the three Yan Xun men, his brows tightened and his face gloomy.

"Let me take a guess, the Qin family in Song City sent you guys here!"

After a pause, Chen Hao faintly spoke up.


Yan Xun snorted coldly.

"Mao-headed brat, you exterminated the Realm Qin Family, even if the Song City Qin Family doesn't come to us, we will come to you, you will die today, I will kill you for the Realm Qin Family to pay their respects!"

Yan Xun's tone was cold, his aura released, and he forced his anger towards Chen Hao.

"With just the three of you?"

Chen Hao glanced at Yan Xun's three men and snorted in disdain.

"Heh, you'll find more than enough, boy, take your life!"

Yan Xun smiled coldly, killing intent displeasingly, and moved with an angry voice.

In one movement, Yan Shun instantly moved in front of Chen Hao, only half a meter away, which was enough to see how terrifying the speed of the Mortal Realm was.

But Chen Hao was also already in the Realm of Mortal Man, so of course, he wouldn't be caught by Yangsun so easily.

In order to prevent Yan Shun from causing harm to his family, Chen Hao knew that he had to lure the three of them away from the manor to an open place to settle the matter.

"Hmph, old thing, wait until you're able to catch up to me!"

With a mocking snort, Chen Hao leapt out and quickly rushed out from the manor.

When Yan Xun saw this, he immediately chased after him at the same time with his two guardians, but they would not let Chen Hao escape.

Chen Hao kept looking behind him as he kept leaping, and seeing Yan Xun's three chasing after him made him feel relieved.

This way, his family would not be implicated.

Soon, Chen Hao arrived at an open field.

Fortunately, the place Chen Hao had picked was not inhabited by anyone, so it was not easy to be discovered and he was not afraid of harming others.

"Kid, you can't get away, I'm the strength of a real person's second stage cultivating soul!"

Yan Xun's three men caught up to Chen Hao and surrounded him, coldly staring at Chen Hao and saying.


Chen Hao laughed.

"Did I say I was going to run away? I just don't want you guys to smash up my house. Who am I going to pay if you die?

Chen Hao glanced at Yan Xun and faintly said, his words revealing a strong sense of disdain for the three Yan Xun men.


Yan Xun cursed angrily and focused all of his strength.

"Let's see if I don't crush your bones!"

Yan Xun cursed as he rushed towards Chen Hao, wanting to quickly finish him off.

"Old thing, with you, let's see if I don't break your bones!"

Chen Hao was not willing to show weakness and also cursed back at Yan Xun.

Hearing Chen Hao's words, it almost caused a mouthful of old blood to gush out at Yan Xun.


In the next second, Yan Xun was directly kicked out of midair by Chen Hao and fell heavily to the ground.


The moment he fell to the ground, the crisp sound of bones breaking rang out.

Yan Xun's bones broke all over his body, and his entire body completely fell to the ground as if he was falling apart, with only a mere breath left.

"Old thing, with a strength like yours, you even dare to seek revenge on me, ridiculous!"

Chen Hao was again pointing at Yan Xun with a disdainful mockery.


After settling Yan Xun's three men, Chen Hao was in deep thought.

He knew that he had to go to Song City next quickly.

The Qin family in Song City had to die.

After some thought, Chen Hao pulled out his cell phone and dialed the Dragon Group's Yun Haotian, informing him to send someone to dispose of the bodies of Yan Xun's three men.

Yun Haotian certainly had no objections to Chen Hao's words and agreed to it.

Soon, in less than half an hour, Yun Haotian sent someone to remove the bodies of Yan Xun's three men.

The good time in the early morning was ruined by Yan Xun's three men, which really made Chen Hao a little unhappy.

But the good thing was that his own family was unharmed and unaware of the situation, thus reassuring Chen Hao.

Returning to the manor.

All of Chen Hao's family members were already awake.

It wasn't necessary for them to do much anyway, there were special servants to take care of them.  

Chen Hao walked into his own parents' room, he had something he wanted to discuss with them.

"Dad, mom, sister, Yonghao, there's something I want to discuss with you guys and ask for your opinions!"

Chen Hao looked at his family and opened his mouth to speak.

Chen Nearing revealed a smile and responded towards Chen Hao, "Little Hao, we're all family, go ahead!"

"Well. It's like this, I want you guys to go live in Xuan Yang Palace, and Tongxin is also there and can take good care of you, it's not safe here!"

Chen Hao then spoke the thoughts in his heart.

Although this place was considered rather secluded, the arrival of Yan Xun's three men and that black-robed man from last night made Chen Hao have to worry about the necessity of moving his family to the rear.

At least having them stay in Xuan Yang Palace was considered safe, and Chen Hao's own wife, Su Tongxin, was also in Xuan Yang Palace, so she could better take care of the three of them.

After hearing Chen Hao's proposal, all four of the Chen Near East did not have any opinions.

"Little Hao, we'll all listen to you!"

Chen Near East looked at Chen Hao and said.

They couldn't walk now, so they were equivalent to an invalid, so everything would definitely have to be arranged by Chen Hao, and they would do whatever Chen Hao arranged, as long as the family could stay together.

"Good, then I'll send you to Xuan Yang Palace later!"

Chen Hao nodded his head and said.

In the afternoon, Chen Hao drove his own family back to Xuan Yang Palace.

The Xuan Yang Palace had the Ghost Abacus and a team from the Dragon Group in it, so it must be safe for his family, and as long as no real-life powerhouses arrived, it was basically not a particularly big threat to them.

Moreover, Chen Hao didn't believe that anyone would really dare trespass on his home base.

Su Tongxin was incomparably pleased to see Chen Hao's return, and planted her head directly into Chen Hao's embrace.

Every time Chen Hao left, Su Tongxin would remain in suspense, praying in her heart that Chen Hao must return safely every time.

"Tongxin, parents and Yonghao will be in your care, I still have to go take care of some things, it might take me a while to come back, if there's anything you want to inform me, use the sound transmission talisman!"

Before leaving, Chen Hao handed Su Tongxin a few summons to instruct her.

Su Tongxin nodded her head nicely, she knew that Chen Hao had a heavy responsibility, so she could only do the logistical work well, she had to be the strongest woman behind Chen Hao, and definitely could not be a burden to Chen Hao.

After explaining everything, Chen Hao left once again, heading straight towards the Boundary Domain.

This time, Chen Hao had two things to do as he headed to the Boundary Realm.

The first thing was to find out who the Lord Godking was that day that the black-robed people were talking about.

The second thing was that Chen Hao wanted to go and buy a few secret talismans.

In the Realm, secret talismans were the most common, but each talisman was expensive, and besides, the talisman that Chen Hao wanted to buy was the best of the best.

If he could, Chen Hao wanted to learn how to make talismans so that he could make them himself without having to spend money on them.

But making talismans was a very difficult thing to learn, and for a while Chen Hao knew that he didn't have the time and energy to do it.

After more than an hour of flying, Chen Hao arrived at the Boundary Realm without incident.

Arriving at the Boundary Realm again, Chen Hao was not as unfamiliar as the last time he had come, but appeared to be very familiar with it.

Boundary Realm, Earth Capital.

Chen Hao arrived at the Zhou Family Residence.

The person he was looking for was, of course, Zhou Nuo.

Behind Zhou Nuo was the Zhou Family of the Boundary Land Capital, and the Zhou Family was considered a prestigious family in the Land Capital, not to mention that the only person Chen Hao knew in the entire Boundary Land Capital was Zhou Nuo, so who else could he look for if he didn't look for her.

"Hello, may I ask who you are looking for?"

As soon as he reached the gate of the Zhou residence, Chen Hao was blocked by the two Zhou guards at the gate and questioned.

"Oh, I am a friend of your eldest sister, I would like to find your eldest sister, may I ask if she is at home? Please report in if you can, and tell her that someone named Chen Hao is looking for her!"

Chen Hao reported himself, smiling as the two guards narrated.

"Excuse me, our eldest miss is out and is not at home right now!"

One of the guards heard this and immediately replied towards Chen Hao.

"Gone out? Do you know where she went?"

Chen Hao was suspicious for a moment.

"I'm not sure, we are just guards, we have no qualifications to meddle in the affairs of the Eldest Miss!"

Chen Hao certainly understood after hearing that, and he knew that the two guards definitely weren't lying to him, as there was no need for it either.

As such, Chen Hao had no choice but to try his luck in the city of Earth Capital and see if he could run into Zhou Nuo.

This chick, really, she was so hard to come and find her for a lie, but she was still not home.

Then, Chen Hao walked alone in the bustling city streets of the Earth Capital.

Compared to Earth, the Boundary Ground Capital was still gorgeous, which was why the Boundary Ground was so much richer than Earth.

"Nuo'er, just promise me that I'm true to you!"

Just at this moment, a young man in a white suit walked out of a luxurious restaurant, pleading with the girl beside him as he walked.

The girl didn't pay any attention to the youth's words, but instead had a cold face and didn't seem to be interested in the youth in the slightest.

When Chen Hao took a look, the girl was none other than the Zhou Nuo that Chen Hao was looking for, it was unexpected that he could meet her here, and it seemed like Zhou Nuo had a little trouble lingering.

"Zhou Nuo!"

After a pause, Chen Hao decided that it was better to shout at Zhou Nuo.

When Zhou Nuo heard it, she turned her head and turned her eyes to look happy.

"Chen Hao!"

Zhou Nuo was so surprised that she came out in shock and hurriedly walked towards Chen Hao quickly before walking away and planting herself in Chen Hao's embrace, hugging him tightly.

This took Chen Hao by surprise, where would he have thought that Zhou Nuo would come this way with him, knowing that he was a family man.


Chen Hao loosened Zhou Nuo up.

"Why are you here? Not even telling me in advance?"

Zhou Nuo looked at Chen Hao in surprise and asked.

"I went to your house earlier, and your guard at the door told me that you went out, so I came to try my luck and see if I could meet you!"

Chen Hao explained briefly towards Zhou Nuo.

Hearing what Chen Hao had said, Zhou Nuo was not to mention how happy she was.

Ever since the last time he parted from Chen Hao, Zhou Nuo felt extremely bored and missed Chen Hao very much.

"Noor, who is he?"

When the white suit youth saw how close Zhou Nuo was to Chen Hao, he became furious and angrily walked up towards Zhou Nuo and questioned him.

Zhou Nuo gave the youth a glance and snorted, "He's my boyfriend, Lin Zijie, you'd better stop pestering me, or else I'll be careful of my boyfriend teaching you a hard lesson!"

Chen Hao's brows instantly furrowed as he listened.  

Zhou Nuo, the little ninny, really knows how to use people as a shield.

"Er. I'm not, I'm not her boyfriend!"

Chen Hao would not let Zhou Nuo take advantage of him so easily and immediately vetoed it.

Zhou Nuo fiercely glared at Chen Hao, thinking how this guy Chen Hao was so uninteresting, obviously he was looking for another excuse to get rid of Lin Zijie's entanglement.

The young man in the white suit was named Lin Zijie, the youngest youngster of the Lin family in the Realm Land Capital, who had been pursuing Zhou Noor with great pain, but Nai Zhou Noor completely despised him and didn't even look at him squarely, which made Lin Zijie really feel unhappy, thinking that he must chase after Zhou Noor.

"Zhou Nuo, you'd better settle your own affairs first, after you're done, we'll find a place to sit down and talk!"

In order to not continue to give others a misunderstanding, Chen Hao reminded towards Zhou Nuo.

After saying that, Chen Hao was ready to turn around and leave.

When he saw Chen Hao was leaving, Zhou Nuo panicked, jokingly, it was hard for Chen Hao to take the initiative to come to him, how could Zhou Nuo just let Chen Hao leave easily, besides, Chen Hao still owed Zhou Nuo a favor.

Zhou Nuo hurriedly reached out and grabbed Chen Hao's arm, the pride in front of her body clung tightly to Chen Hao, making Chen Hao feel a sense of looseness.

"Chen Hao, don't forget that you still owe me a favor, I'm telling you, this guy is very pestering, so just pretend to be my boyfriend for a while so I can get rid of him, and consider it as you returning the favor!"

Zhou Nuo leaned close to Chen Hao's ear and whispered softly towards Chen Hao.

Chen Hao wasn't the kind of person who didn't keep his word, and since Zhou Nuo wanted him to repay the favor in such a way, Chen Hao could only agree to it.

Seeing that Chen Hao no longer spoke, Zhou Nuo knew that Chen Hao represented a tacit agreement.

"Lin Zijie, I still have things to do with my boyfriend, so don't pester me anymore, it's impossible for us, goodbye!"

Zhou Nuo turned her head again and stared at Lin Zijie with a serious face as a warning.

Lin Zijie was the youngest youngster of the hallowed Lin family, how could he suffer such humiliation, the woman he loved was actually taken away by someone else, it really made him feel disgraced.

"What's your name? I want to fight you alone!"

After a pause, Lin Zijie then pointed at Chen Hao and roared angrily.

Chen Hao's eyebrows furrowed, feeling that this Lin Zijie was really ungrateful, and he still refused to let go even after Zhou Nuo had spoken like this.

"Lin Zijie, what qualifications do you have to fight my boyfriend alone, with that strength of yours, my boyfriend can squeeze you to death with one hand!"

Zhou Nuo snorted in disdain and glared at Lin Zijie tauntingly, counting Lin Zijie out.

Lin Zijie's heart soared with anger, feeling that Zhou Nuo was also looking down on him, at any rate he was still a Ninth Grade Wheel King.

"Kid, if you don't fight me alone today, I guarantee that you won't be able to leave alive!"

Lin Zijie no longer bothered with Zhou Nuo's words, but instead aimed her spear at Chen Hao and threatened him.

Originally, Chen Hao didn't want to get into much trouble with such a gentleman.

But if people were threatening him so much, then Chen Hao really had to teach him a good lesson.

He really didn't know the meaning of heaven and earth, and wouldn't die until he saw the coffin.

"Are you sure you want to fight me alone?"

Chen Hao glanced at Lin Zijie with cold eyes and faintly confirmed the question.

"Nonsense, I'm telling you, if you lose, crawl out of Dadu!"

Lin Zijie stared at Chen Hao with a deadly stare and suggested.

"Then what if you lose?"

Chen Hao raised a wry smile at the corners of his mouth and asked.

"Hmph, how could I lose to someone like you!"

Lin Zijie was incomparably confident in his mockery, not even putting Chen Hao in his eyes, thinking that Chen Hao would never be a match for him at all.

"How about this, if you lose, you give me 100 million coins, how about that?"

After thinking about it, Chen Hao proposed towards Lin Zijie.

The reason why Chen Hao's bet was to ask for 100 million coins from Lin Zijie was because Chen Hao was going to use this money to buy talismans.

Instead of spending his own money, it was better to use other people's money to buy them, didn't it smell good to spend other people's money?

"Okay, as you say!"

Lin Zijie didn't even think about it, he directly agreed.

100 million coins was not big money to Lin Zijie at all, knowing that his Lin family was a wealthy family.

Zhou Nuo stood to the side but didn't open her mouth to stop it, she knew Chen Hao's strength, so she felt that Lin Zijie was bound to lose, the 100 million coins was probably going to be handed over steadily.

Soon, Lin Zijie found an open place, took off his jacket, craned his neck, and did his warm-up.

Chen Hao stood in place, staring incomparably calmly at Lin Zijie in front of him.

Someone was giving himself money, of course Chen Hao was going to smile properly.

"How much longer do you need to warm up? I don't have that much time to play with you!"

Chen Hao asked a somewhat impatient question towards Lin Zijie.

Lin Zijie's heart sank and his eyes filled with anger, wishing he could immediately want to beat Chen Hao down on the ground.

"Look at me punching you down!"

Lin Zijie shouted furiously and immediately stomped on his toes, leaping to his feet and quickly smashing a punch at Chen Hao.

Chen Hao stood there, not wanting to dodge in any way, in his eyes, Lin Zi Jie's speed was too slow.


Not waiting for Lin Zijie to touch Chen Hao, Chen Hao quickly lifted his leg and blasted out.

Lin Zijie's entire body was blown out in mid-air, creating a beautiful arc in the air and falling heavily onto the ground, with slight cracks and grooves appearing on the ground.

Chen Hao's kick only used three layers of strength, but even with these three layers of strength Lin Zijie couldn't withstand it, falling to the ground and finding it hard to get up again.

Against such a person, an easy move would end the fight.

Lin Zijie looked a little frightened, how could he have thought that Chen Hao's strength was so terrifying that he could finish himself off with a single move, and it could not help but cause a strong sense of fear to rise within him.


Chen Hao slowly walked over to Lin Zijie.

"Young Master Lin, you lost, 100 million coins!"

Chen Hao squatted down, stretched out his hand, and looked at Lin Zijie who had fallen to the ground and said.

Lin Zijie originally thought that Chen Hao was still trying to teach him a lesson and was just about to close his eyes and accept it, but hearing Chen Hao's words suddenly made Lin Zijie breathe a sigh of relief.

Willing to gamble and helpless, Lin Zi Jie handed over 100 million coins to Chen Hao.

Money was something outside of one's body, and this amount of money was nothing to Lin Zijie anyway, so he lost.

But Lin Zijie had not only lost the money, he had also lost his dignity, the dignity of the youngest of the Lin family, which Lin Zijie could not bear.

Chen Hao took the 100 million coins and left directly with Zhou Nuo, leaving Lin Zijie down in his spot, no longer caring about Lin Zijie's life or death.

It was only after a long time that Lin Zijie got up from the ground and left with a limp.

But this matter wasn't over.

Over here, Chen Hao brought Zhou Nuo to a cafe and they sat down.  

"Chen Hao, why have you suddenly come to see me? Did you miss me?"

As soon as she sat down, Zhou Nuo immediately opened her mouth and looked at Chen Hao with anticipation and asked.

Chen Hao took a look at Zhou Nuo and thought to himself, did this little ninny really like him? I can't believe you're asking yourself such a question.

"I came to you on business!"

Chen Hao responded with a serious face.

"Che, you're so unemotional, you can't even perfume when people ask you like this. Hmph, wooden brain!"

Hearing Chen Hao's words, Zhou Nuo snorted coquettishly and pursed her lips to grumble, looking very cute and adorable.

It wasn't that Chen Hao didn't want to answer, but because he was already a family man, of course he couldn't do anything wrong to Su Tongxin, he had to have his own bottom line, and pretending to be Zhou Nuo's boyfriend just now was already an exception for Chen Hao.

If he hadn't been with Su Tongxin, then Chen Hao might indeed have thoughts about Zhou Noor, but that was only if.

"Zhou Nuo, do you know Lord God King?"

Then, Chen Hao asked towards Zhou Nuo.

"I don't know!"

Zhou Nuo threw her head to the side and replied decisively with a slightly angry tone.

Chen Hao was a bit helpless at the sight of this, girls these days were all so difficult to deal with.

"Alright, since you don't know, then forget it, I'm bothering you, I'll leave first!"

Chen Hao wasn't the kind of person who would be very elegant, so he immediately got up and said to Zhou Nuo, and then prepared to leave!

This made Zhou Nuo panic, if Chen Hao really left, then it would be pointless for her to do this on purpose.

It can only be said that Chen Hao doesn't eat Zhou Nuo's set, and besides, Chen Hao knows that Zhou Nuo isn't really angry, but is deliberately pretending to show it to him, just to get her to show it to him.

It was a pity that Chen Hao wasn't a dog licker and didn't do dog licking.

"Alright, alright, I'm not teasing you yet, it's really not funny!"

Zhou Nuo quickly pulled Chen Hao to reply.

Only then did Chen Hao sit down again and look at Zhou Nuo, waiting for Zhou Nuo's reply.

"Lord God King is the supreme ruler of our Realm, his real name is Abro, and he is in the God Palace of the Realm!"

Zhou Nuo then briefly recounted the information about the Lord God King to Chen Hao.

As soon as Chen Hao heard it, it seemed that he had attracted the attention of the Supreme Ruler of the Realm.

"What's wrong? Why do you ask? 

Zhou Nuo was surprised and asked a confused question towards Chen Hao, then kindly reminded Chen Hao that she didn't want Chen Hao to mess with the God King Lord Abro.

True Realm Seventh Order cultivating soul.

Chen Hao could not help but be shocked inwardly, this strength was indeed terrifying.

Right now, he himself was only close to the second stage of True Human Realm cultivating soul strength, and the gap between him and this God King Lord was too wide.

If he really were to encounter Abro, I'm afraid that he himself wouldn't be able to resist it at all, and it would be possible for him to be directly spiked.

"Right, then do you know if there's a man in a black robe under this God King?"

Chen Hao was again asking towards Zhou Nuo.

Zhou Nuo thought about it and replied, "I remember, there is indeed such a person, I remember that person seems to be called Black. Black Fiend, is the God King's attendant, responsible for helping the God King deal with some of the matters of the Realm, almost all matters,the God King rarely shows up, it is Black Fiend who appears."

After hearing this, Chen Hao understood all about it.

It seemed that the person who visited him a few days ago should be this Black Fiend right.

But from the Black Fiend's appearance alone, right now, God King Abro should not want to do anything to himself yet, but merely come to test himself.

"Chen Hao, you wouldn't have offended the God King, would you?"

Looking at Chen Hao's demeanor, Zhou Nuo asked worriedly.

Chen Hao shook his head and explained, "Don't worry, I wouldn't be foolish enough to offend a strong person of the seventh stage of soul cultivation at the Realm of Reality!"

Hearing this, Zhou Nuo was relieved.

"Eh, by the way, why did you take so much money from Lin Zijie? Do you need money badly?"

Zhou Nuo suddenly remembered something and asked towards Chen Hao.

One hundred million coins wasn't much for Zhou Nuo, but it was enough to spend a lifetime for an ordinary person.

"Oh, it's better to spend other people's money comfortably than to use your own money to buy things!"

Chen Hao chuckled lightly and explained towards Zhou Nuo.

"Zhou Nuo, I heard that your Realm Secret Talismans are the most famous, can you take me there, I want to buy some talismans!" Chen Hao continued to say towards Zhou Nuo.

Zhou Nuo only then understood the true purpose of Chen Hao's visit and why he had to scrape so many coins from Lin Zijie, it was to purchase secret talismans for use.

"Yes, no problem, but are you sure that 100 million coins is enough?"

Zhou Nuo promised, and asked a suspicious question towards Chen Hao.

In the Realm, secret talismans were very rare existences, but rather valuable, a most ordinary secret talisman could cost thousands or even tens of thousands of pieces, not to mention other high-grade secret talismans.

"It's fine, there should be enough, I don't have enough for myself, let's go and see first!"

Chen Hao smiled indifferently, thinking that such things as money was nothing to him, and he was not afraid of not having money at all.

Afterwards, the two of them quickly finished the coffee in front of them, and left the cafe together, heading towards the largest center for the sale of secret talismans in the Realm, the Hall of Talismans.

All of the secret talismans in the realm were from the Hall of Talismans, made by top secret talisman master Bohil, and placed in the Hall of Talismans for auction or sale.


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