The Unknown Heir 811-815


In the next second, a crisp sound of breaking bones sounded.


Qin Yufei's screams followed in quick succession.

Qin Yufei's face was in agony, the taste of having one's bones crushed alive was extremely painful.

Chen Hao directly crippled one of Qin Yufei's arms.


Qin Heng was incomparably furious, his eyes staring at Chen Hao as if they were about to spew out anger.

"Old thing, your son is now in my hands, if you want him to live, be good and hand over my sister, or your son's life will be lost!"

Chen Hao would not negotiate more with Qin Heng and directly gave a demand that was hard to refuse.

Qin Yufei in exchange for his sister Chen Xiao, I'm sure Qin Heng would settle the score, unless he didn't want his son anymore.

"I'm telling you, if my son dies, neither you nor your sister will be able to leave the realm alive!"

Qin Heng was still pointing at Chen Hao as a threatening warning.

This old thing really didn't know how to live.

What Chen Hao wasn't afraid of the most was threats, and the more he threatened himself, the more it made him come alive.


Another sound of a broken bone cut through.

"Ah. Father. Save me, A. A. Promise him, I don't want to die!"

Qin Yufei cried out in disembodied screams of pain as he advised Qin Heng.

Qin Heng watched his son suffer such torture, making him have to agree to Chen Hao's request, after all, his son was in Chen Hao's hands.

"Alright, I promise!"

After a pause, Qin Heng bit his tongue and agreed to Chen Hao's request.

Let's save his own son first.

"Go, bring me Chen Xiao!"

Qin Heng then instructed one of the family members behind him.

After hearing this, the family member left the Kyou Yu Pavilion and returned to the Qin family.

"Old thing, you'd better not play tricks with me, if anything happens to my sister, I guarantee that your Qin family will bleed to death!"

Chen Hao gave another cold warning towards Qin Heng.

After hearing that, Qin Heng did not respond to Chen Hao's words, but his heart was incomparably furious and his anger was burning.

As the head of the Realm Qin Family, he was being threatened by a hairy brat, and he would lose a person if he couldn't say anything.

However, Qin Heng wasn't worried, as long as his son was out of danger, then he would immediately take action to kill the Chen Hao siblings, never letting them leave the White Emperor City unharmed and smoothly.

After roughly ten minutes, Chen Xiao was led down to the Capital Feather Pavilion by two family members.

"Little Hao!"

The moment Chen Xiao saw Chen Hao, her eyes filled with tears and she lost her voice.

She knew that her brother, Chen Hao, would definitely come to save her.

"Sister, don't be afraid, I will definitely save you !"

Chen Hao headed towards Chen Xiao to reassure her, seeing his sister in such a mess, covered in bruises, made Chen Hao so furious that he wanted to tear everyone in the Qin family apart on the spot.

However, he knew that it was important to save his sister right now, and he must not let Chen Xiao suffer any more harm.

Hearing Chen Hao's words, Chen Xiao nodded her head slightly, she believed that Chen Hao would be able to do it.

"Chen Hao, I've fulfilled your promise, I've brought your sister to you, so you can let my son go now!"

Qin Heng didn't want to see such a picture of sibling love, and immediately said towards Chen Hao.

"Heh, old thing, what's your hurry, first let my sister go, let her come to my side, and I'll let your son go!"

Chen Hao sneered, staring at Qin Heng and suggested.

"You. I'm telling you, don't try any tricks, but your sister is in my hands!"

Qin Heng coldly raged at Chen Hao, then grabbed Chen Xiao's neck.

"Old thing, if you dare to touch my sister, your son will die immediately, you can try if you don't believe me!"

Chen Hao would not spoil Qin Heng and immediately lifted Qin Yufei up with one hand, also squeezing his neck.

Qin Yufei's face instantly turned red and his eyes began to turn white.

Qin Heng saw the situation and knew that he was completely unable to threaten Chen Hao.

"Fine, then we'll switch at the same time!"

Qin Heng let go of Chen Xiao and let her come towards Chen Hao.

After hearing this, Chen Hao had no comment and released Qin Yufei from his hands.

After they reached an understanding, they pulled Chen Xiao and Qin Yufei together and slowly walked towards each other.

Soon, Qin Heng and Chen Hao released their hands at the same time, allowing Qin Yufei and Chen Xiao to exchange with each other.

Qin Yufei and Chen Xiao each skimmed over the other.

However, at this moment, Qin Heng suddenly made his move and blasted Chen Xiao with a palm strike filled with true qi.

Chen Hao, of course, had already seen what Qin Heng was thinking and reacted very quickly to pull Chen Xiao over and then blasted out a palm strike as well.


A loud bang shook the entire Capital Feather Pavilion, and smoke and dust filled it.

Chen Hao, on the other hand, took this opportunity to immediately leap out with his sister, Chen Xiao, and left the Capital Feather Pavilion.

By the time Qin Heng reacted, the Chen Hao siblings were already gone, and he knew he had been fooled.

"Young Master, Young Master!"

At this time, the family members on one side were crouching over Qin Yufei who had fallen to the ground in a pool of blood and shouted.

"Master, Young Master he. He's dead!"

A family member hurriedly shouted at Qin Heng.

Qin Heng's entire body instantly blasted like a thunderbolt from the clear sky.

"Yu Fei!"

Qin Heng quickly squatted down and picked up Qin Yufei and shouted.

Unfortunately, Qin Yufei's throat already had an extra blood mark, the blood couldn't stop flowing out, and he had already lost his breath and pulse to die.

Just at that moment, Chen Hao decisively made his move, allowing the sword spirit within his body to slit Qin Yufei's throat, so that he could do it without being aware of it.

"Ah!!! Chen Hao, I'll skin you, whip your tendons, and drink your blood!"

Qin Heng shrieked at the sky.

At that moment, Chen Hao was already quickly running towards the city with Chen Xiao.

"Little Hao, they won't come after us, will they?"

Chen Xiao leaned on Chen Hao's back and asked towards Chen Hao with a worried heart.

"Sis, don't worry, I'll protect you!"

Chen Hao reassured towards Chen Xiao, who already had a strategy in mind.

Soon, Chen Hao brought his sister to the mountain pass of the former Stygian Valley.

He saw a graceful figure sitting under a tree in the mountain pass, waiting anxiously.

That person was Zhou Nuo, after meeting the Sword Spirit from the Netherworld Valley and then obtaining the Origin Heart Grass, Chen Hao parted with Zhou Nuo and instructed her to wait here, needing Zhou Nuo's help.

"Chen Hao!"

Seeing that Chen Hao had returned safely, Zhou Nuo hurriedly got up and shouted towards Chen Hao.

Chen Hao brought Chen Xiao to Zhou Nuo and handed her over to her.

"Zhou Nuo, I'll leave my sister to you, I'll deal with those people, so hurry up and take my sister out of here, this is a sound transmission charm, I'll come back to contact you after I'm done with things and meet up with you again!"

Chen Hao quickly instructed Zhou Nuo, pulling out a talisman from his pocket and handing it to Zhou Nuo.


"Hao, you must be careful and come back safely!"

Before parting, Chen Xiao instructed Chen Hao towards her.

She knew that it was hard for her brother to save her, but she even more didn't want Chen Hao to get into trouble because of her, or she would really feel guilty for the rest of her life.

"Don't worry, sis!"

Chen Hao smiled at Chen Xiao and just turned around to leave.

Zhou Nuo, on the other hand, left quickly with Chen Xiao.

At this time, Qin Heng, on the other hand, was coming after them with his people, and the speed at which he was pursued by the Realm of the Realm of the Realm of the Realm was simply unimaginable.

But when Qin Heng and the others arrived at the Underworld Valley, they only found Chen Hao standing quietly by himself, waiting for their arrival.

"Chen Hao, you will die today!"

Qin Heng roared at Chen Hao.

As the words trailed off, a few Qin Clan strongmen leapt out from behind Qin Heng's back.

The strength of these strongmen was roughly between an Eighth Grade Wheel King and a Ninth Grade Wheel King.

If it had been before, Chen Hao would definitely not have been their opponent, but it was different now, Chen Hao was also already at the peak of the late Ninth Grade Wheel King realm, and he was not afraid to face these strongmen by himself in the slightest.

What's more, Chen Hao still had a top-tier Ninth Grade Wheel King's Sword Soul in his body.

This meant that Chen Hao was not fighting alone.

In the next second, a shadow slashed out of Chen Hao's body, and a sword spirit instantly cut out.


The heads fell to the ground as the sword qi was released.

The heads of the several strong men Qin Heng had dispatched were immediately decapitated and rolled to the ground like bowling balls, their heads separated from their bodies.

Seeing this scene, Qin Heng could not help but be slightly shocked inside, he did not expect Chen Hao to possess such a strong strength that he could easily behead the strong men under his own eighth- and ninth-grade Wheel Kings.

"Hmph, Chen Hao, I didn't expect you to have already reached Ninth Grade Wheel King, it seems that I have really underestimated you!"

"But it's useless, I've already entered the strength of the Realm of the True Man, a small segment of the realm is a world of difference, I can easily crush your head!"

Qin Heng stared at Chen Hao with great confidence and coldly snorted.

Chen Hao was already at the Ninth Grade Wheel King realm at such a young age, he was truly gifted, but it was a pity that he was Qin Heng's enemy, otherwise he would really be reluctant to kill him.

"Is that so? Try it then, old thing!"

Chen Hao faced Qin Heng without a hint of fear, and although he hadn't entered the Realm of Mortals, it didn't mean that he would be afraid of Qin Heng, he didn't think that Qin Heng could kill him.


Qin Heng let out another furious cry.

As the words trailed off, Qin Heng seized his body, extremely fast, worthy of the strength of the Realm of Mortals.

In the blink of an eye, it arrived in front of Chen Hao and blasted a palm towards Chen Hao's chest.

Chen Hao would not sit idly by and let Qin Heng hit him, and similarly launched a palm towards Qin Heng to duke it out.


Palms facing each other.

They both collapsed beneath their feet, and the ground exploded everywhere around them, sand splashing around them.


Qin Heng was not surprised that Chen Hao could fight against him.

It wasn't true, if Chen Hao's own strength alone was not enough to fight against Qin Heng, but one had to know that Chen Hao was now two people, and one of them was the Sword Spirit hidden inside his body.

Two peak Ninth Grade Reincarnation Realm strengths were enough to contend with Qin Heng.

Only that Qin Heng didn't know all this....

"If you can resist my first move, let's see if you can resist my second move!"

"Burning God's Palm!"

Still snorting in disdain, Qin Heng took two steps backwards and waved his hands back and forth in front of him before blasting out a palm shadow filled with fire.

"Nine Turn Barrier!"

Chen Hao did not hesitate and immediately supported a shield to block his own body.

"Heh, it's useless, you can't block it!"

Qin Heng saw the situation and scoffed with a cold smile.


There was a loud rumble, and fire rushed to the sky, and a raging fire wrapped Chen Hao in a ball of flames.

Chen Hao, who was beneath the fire, felt the burning pain, never imagining that Qin Heng's move, the Brahma Divine Palm, was really powerful, if not for the abundance of true qi in his body, he would have been incinerated into ashes.

Ten seconds later, the flames finally receded.

Only the clothes on Chen Hao's body had been burned to pieces, turning into thin strips of cloth.

"Eh? How is that possible!"

Qin Heng burst out in shock, his eyes wide, unable to believe what was happening in front of him, not daring to believe that Chen Hao hadn't even been burned to death himself.

"Old thing, just use all the other tricks you have left!"

Chen Hao stood there with a contemptuous smile, staring coldly at Qin Heng in mockery.

Qin Heng couldn't stand it any longer, he decided to use all his strength to take Chen Hao down in one fell swoop.

Afterwards, Qin Heng slammed his feet on the ground, instantly the entire surrounding mountains crumbled, and Qin Heng himself was wrapped in a blaze of fire.

"I'm going to make you fly away with this move!"

Qin Heng stared at Chen Hao with incomparable confidence and pride as he hummed.

Qin Heng then spread his hands out and then waved them forward, instantly rushing out of his body to attack Chen Hao with several fire dragons.

"Master, no good, this is the Five Fiery Dragons, you can't resist it!"

The Sword Soul inside his body saw this and quickly warned Chen Hao.

The Five Blazing Dragons was a kind of blazing fire technique of the realm, once the Five Blazing Dragons was used, the power of each of the five fire dragons was stronger than the other, and almost no one within the same class could withstand it.

Of course, Chen Hao did not believe in this evil, but he possessed the existence of the Nine Revolutions Origin Soul within his body.

The five fire dragons flew towards Chen Hao quickly one after another.

Chen Hao used his speed to continuously dodge the flying fire dragons.

The first one. Successfully dodging it, the fire dragon blasted into a large tree behind him, and the tree was instantly reduced to a black charcoal of ashes.

Chen Hao then leapt up again and dodged the second fire dragon, which blasted onto the stone wall, fire splashing everywhere and debris rolling down.

The third one. The fourth one. Also Chen Hao dodged easily.

Just missing the last one. This one Chen Hao was unable to dodge, but the fifth fire dragon was a collection of the power of the previous four fire dragons.


The fifth fire dragon directly blasted Chen Hao's body with a hard blow.

Chen Hao was instantly like a kite with a broken string, drawing a beautiful arc in the air before falling into the bottom of the Abyssal Valley.

Seeing Chen Hao fall into the abyss, Qin Heng was finally able to breathe a sigh of relief, he had finally avenged his son's death, he knew that Chen Hao would definitely die this time.

Qin Heng looked deeply into the bottom of the abyss for a few moments before turning around and leaving without looking back.

A long time later, at the bottom of the Profound Abyss Valley, in a patch of grass, lay a figure whose fingers slightly began to tremble a few times.

That's right, he was Chen Hao.

Chen Hao fell into the bottom of the Abyssal Valley and did not die, but rather fainted on the grass from his severe injuries.



"Master, wake up."

At that moment, the Sword Spirit flew out of Chen Hao's body and sat quietly beside Chen Hao, calling out to him.

At this time, Chen Hao was covered in bruises and only had a slight breath left, and even the walls of his cultivated True Qi had been broken up.

However, fortunately, it was fortunate that he had the potential of the Nine Revolutions Yuan Soul in his body, otherwise he would have been lifeless by now.

Just then, several branches of the losing tree suddenly stretched out around him, and they directly rolled Chen Hao into a tree hole.

A day later.

Chen Hao finally woke up and slowly opened his eyes.


After waking up, Chen Hao was just coughing violently.

"Little friend, don't move, you're still injured, it's better to lie down and recuperate!"

The cave was filled with a sound that was very thick and felt like it possessed the presence of the Qi of Heaven and Earth.

Chen Hao was subconsciously alert and looked around, but he did not see anyone.

"Who is it?"

Chen Hao frowned slightly and opened his mouth to ask.


"I am the Tree Spirit Daoist of this valley of the underworld, and you are now in my body, the tree cave, and I saved you!"

Hearing Chen Hao's words, the Tree Spirit Daoist chuckled lightly and explained towards Chen Hao.

It was only now that Chen Hao understood after hearing it.

"Thank you senior for your help. Cough cough."

After Chen Hao thanked the Tree Spirit Daoist, he immediately coughed up blood in his mouth again.

"You're heavily injured, lie down first and don't move around, the wall of true qi in your body is still slowly undergoing recovery, and it will take some time!"

The Tree Spirit Daoist instructed towards Chen Hao.

Chen Hao had to obediently obey and lay down again, he really didn't expect Qin Heng's Five Blazing Dragons to be so powerful, it seemed that currently he couldn't kill it with his Ninth Grade Wheel King realm strength alone, unless.... Unless he could step into the Realm of the True Man.

"Little friend, you don't have anywhere to go now anyway, tell me with Old Dao why you were so heavily injured?"

In order to ease the atmosphere, the Tree Spirit Daoist began to chat with Chen Hao.

"I fought with the White Emperor City's Qin Family Master, Qin Heng, on the Mountain of the Underworld Valley, and was struck by him with the Five Blazing Dragons' move, falling down to the bottom of this abyss!"

Chen Hao opened his mouth to reply with some shame.

It was indeed a difficult thing to say when a ninth-grade Wheel King realm strength had been severely injured by someone who had fallen into a deep valley.

"The Five Blazing Dragons? Hahahaha."

Hearing this reply from Chen Hao, the Tree Spirit Daoist burst into laughter, the laughter echoing throughout the tree cave for a long time.

Chen Hao could not help but furrow his brows, his face somewhat unhappy, never expecting this old dao to mock like this.

"Senior, are you mocking me?"

Chen Hao dared to open his mouth to ask a question.


"I'm not laughing at you again, but at that Qin Heng of the Qin family!"

The tree spirit do-gooder immediately denied it.


Chen Hao was suspicious and puzzled and asked.

"Actually, that Qin family's Qin Heng didn't even cultivate the Five Blazing Dragons to a great extent, he was still one level short, and the reason why you were seriously injured wasn't because of the Five Blazing Dragons, but because Qin Heng was a True Man Realm cultivator."

"Don't forget, there is a saying in the realm of cultivation that the difference of one level is the difference between heaven and earth, and although you are at the peak of the late Ninth Grade Wheel King Realm, there is still a gap of a hundred and eighty thousand miles between you and the Realm of Mortals, so..."

The Tree Spirit Daoist patiently made a statement explanation towards Chen Hao.

"So what Senior means is. I was seriously injured by Qin Heng because of the difference in strength, not because of the Five Blazing Dragons!"

Chen Hao reacted swiftly and replied immediately.

"That's right, if you had been injured by the Five Blazing Dragons, you would have been a puddle of ashes by now instead of your entire body being here!"

The Tree Spirit Daoist continued to narrate.

"Senior, why do you know so much about that Five Blazing Dragons and Qin Heng? Who exactly are you, Senior?"

Chen Hao, of course, also sensed that something was wrong and hurriedly asked the Tree Spirit Daoist.

It was unexpected that an old tree spirit daoist who was deep in the Abyss Valley would be so knowledgeable about the outside world.

"Because Qin Heng is my junior brother!"

In the next second, the Tree Spirit Daoist spoke a sentence that shocked Chen Hao.

"What? Is Qin Heng your junior?."

Chen Hao was dumbly surprised, simply too surprised for him.

"You're thinking that I'm a tree spirit, right?"

"Once upon a time, I also fought with Qin Heng in the Underworld Valley, but if I hadn't been careless and was attacked by him, I wouldn't have fallen into the bottom of this Abyssal Valley at all, and my soul combined with the tree spirits of this Abyssal Valley and then together, I stayed here for a long time, however. I've never forgotten my hatred for Qin Heng!"

The Tree Spirit Daoist recounted what had once befallen him.

One could hear how much resentment the Tree Spirit Daoist had towards Qin Heng.

"You are brothers and sisters, so why are you fighting each other? What does Qin Heng see in you? Could it be."

Chen Hao's head spun rapidly in thought and came to a sudden realization.

"Little friend, you're really smart, that's right, what Qin Heng sees in me is the unique move of the Five Blazing Dragons, the Five Blazing Dragons was taught to me by my master, but Qin Heng has always been jealous of it, so he is determined to get the secret scroll of the Five Blazing Dragons from me for cultivation."

"Hmph, but it's a good thing I stayed back and hid the Five Blazing Dragons' last great move in my own body already, so what Qin Heng got was just the remnants of this scroll that lost its final great move!"

The Tree Spirit Daoist praised towards Chen Hao and then lectured with a cold snort.

Now Chen Hao finally understood, no wonder this Tree Spirit Daoist knew Qin Heng and the Five Blazing Dragons so well, he was the true exclusive inheritor of the Five Blazing Dragons.

"The Five Blazing Dragons have not reached great success and can only make moves with their own strength, that's why I said that you weren't injured by the Five Blazing Dragons at all!"

"I wonder if I could know your senior's name?"

Chen Hao knew that Tree Spirit Daoist wasn't his real name, so Chen Hao wanted to know his real name.

"Feng Ruoxi!"

Just hearing the Tree Spirit Daoist came out of his mouth and spoke his true name.

"Senior Ru Dust🤷, my name is Chen Hao!"

Chen Hao also introduced himself towards Feng Rudu🤷.

"Oh, little friend Chen, since I am already fated, I will teach you that Five Blazing Dragons in its entirety, but you have to promise me one condition!"

Feng Ruochen smiled faintly and opened his mouth to speak towards Chen Hao.

"Senior Ruthless Dust, please speak, I, Chen Hao, will do my utmost to accomplish it!"

As soon as Chen Hao heard this, he was delighted and quickly agreed to it, jokingly, if he really learned the complete Five Blazing Dragons, wouldn't he be able to instantly kill Qin Heng, besides, Chen Hao had to thank someone Feng Ruochen for saving his life, of course, he wouldn't not agree to his conditions and demands.


Half a day later.

After half a day, Chen Hao's injuries had healed with the help of Feng Ruchen's help.

And Feng Ruochen also taught Chen Hao all the Five Blazing Dragons and his own techniques that he had learned throughout his life.

Feng Ruochen gave Chen Hao only one condition.

And this condition was originally what Chen Hao himself was going to do, and that was to kill Qin Heng.

Chen Hao didn't even have to learn the Five Blazing Dragons, because when Feng Ruochen passed on all of his skills to Chen Hao, Chen Hao had already comprehended all of his abilities on his own, which meant that he could do everything that Feng Ruochen did.

"Chen Hao, everything I have has been taught to you, and I can finally accomplish it. Everything is in your hands!"

When all the techniques had been taught, Feng Ruochen left an ethereal message in the tree cave, and then there was no more movement.

As the person's name suggested, Feng Ruochen was as dusty as dust, and he could finally die in his sleep.

But before that, Chen Hao had to kill Qin Heng, which would allow Feng Ruochen's final wish to be fulfilled.

"Senior Feng Ruochen, I, Chen Hao, will definitely not let you down!"

Chen Hao stood outside the tree cave, looking up at the gnarled tree in front of him, and preached with a heavy look and a firm tone.

After speaking, Chen Hao bowed deeply to the tree before turning around and leaving.

"Master, congratulations, you're finally in the Realm of the True Man!"

After leaving, the sword spirit inside his body congratulated Chen Hao.

After getting Feng Ruoxi's technique, it made the Nine Revolutions Primordial Spirit in Chen Hao's body go up even further, and his power instantly soared, elevating him into the Realm of True Man.

Once he stepped into the Realm of True Man, it was no longer a problem at all for him to fly over the walls.

Chen Hao leapt up and stepped on the rock wall, stepping on the rock and continuously flying towards it.

This time, Chen Hao would definitely kill Qin Heng.

But before that, Chen Hao would first go to meet up with Zhou Nuo and his sister Chen Xiao.

According to the pre-planned plan, Zhou Nuo brought Chen Xiao to rest temporarily in a small town not far from the Underworld Valley, waiting for Chen Hao's return.

A few minutes later, Chen Hao arrived at the town.

Seeing Chen Hao return safe and sound, the stone in Zhou Nuo's and Chen Xiao's hearts could finally be put down.

The two of them had waited for almost a day and had not seen Chen Hao return, which really made them worry immensely.

"Little Hao, it's really great that you're okay!"

Chen Xiao hugged Chen Hao tightly and said.

Chen Hao tenderly patted Chen Xiao's back and reassured, "Sister, you don't know what kind of skills I have, don't worry, I'll be fine!"

"That won't work either, if something happens to you, how am I going to tell Mom and Dad..."

Chen Xiao, on the other hand, was preaching like a child, shaking her head and pouting her lips.

If something really happened to her brother, Chen Hao, then she really didn't want to live either.

"Zhou Nuo, thank you for taking care of my sister!"

Chen Hao then looked to Zhou No, smiled and thanked her.

"Then how do you want to thank me?"

Zhou Nuo, on the other hand, revealed a wisp of an amused smile, wiggling his eyebrows at Chen Hao to tease the question.

Chen Hao was embarrassed, he actually wouldn't be touched at all by the beauty, because he was already a married man, but there was still a superb beauty Su Tongxin at home, so these women wouldn't move Chen Hao at all.

"Count me as owing you a favor, how do you want me to repay you, think about it, I can grant you a request!"

Chen Hao quickly proposed in a different way towards Zhou Nuo.

"Well, that's what you said, and you can't go back on it!"

As soon as Zhou Nuo heard this, she decisively agreed, as if he had grasped Chen Hao's key points, afraid that Chen Hao would go back on his word.

"Don't worry, I, Chen Hao, keep my word, whoever goes back on his word is a grandson!"

Chen Hao's determined look towards Zhou Nuo & promised.

"Alright, sis, Zhou Nuo, I still have one more thing to settle, after this matter is settled, we can leave here, until then, you guys wait for me here, never go out casually, if anything happens, contact me with a sound transmitting talisman, I'll come back immediately!"

Chen Hao gave another long-winded reminder towards Zhou Nuo and Chen Xiao.

"Little Hao, where are you going again?"

Chen Xiao, on the other hand, was a bit worried as she asked Chen Hao, who had only just come back and was going to be separated from her brother again.

"Sister, don't worry, I will definitely come back safely, there are some things that must be resolved!"

Chen Hao looked at Chen Xiao closely and preached.

Chen Xiao nodded her head even after hearing that, she knew she had no way to stop her brother, the only thing she expected was for Chen Hao to just come back safely.

After saying goodbye, Chen Hao leapt out and quickly flew towards the White Emperor City.

Tonight was destined to be a night of carnage, and the Qin family had to be erased from White Emperor City.

And right now, in White Emperor City, the Qin Family.

The Qin family was brightly lit up and down, white cloths were hung, wreaths were everywhere, and the Qin family was standing in the house giving Qin Yufei a funeral.

"Ah Yu Fei, I have avenged you for father, I have killed that brat Chen Hao, you can rest in peace!"

Qin Heng, with his head surrounded by a white cloth, stood in front of Qin Yufei's spirit plate and preached with tears in his eyes.

Behind him were all the people of the Qin family, all of whom were in tears.

It was the saddest thing for a white-haired man to send a black-haired man away.

Only a pity. Soon Qin Heng and the Qin family would be able to go down and accompany Qin Yufei.

"Old thing, rest in peace, I'd better send you down to keep your son company!"

Just then, the sound of Chen Hao's voice rang out around the Qin family, and then only Chen Hao appeared on the eaves of the Qin family, standing with his arms crossed and a casual appearance.


Qin Heng's face was mute, and he looked angry and shocked.

He hadn't expected Chen Hao to be alive at all, but he had obviously been hit by his own Five Blazing Dragons, so how could there be nothing at all.

"You. You're not dead?"

Qin Heng stared at Chen Hao with a deadly glare and questioned.


Chen Hao sneered coldly and snorted with disdain.

"Qin Heng, you're too confident, do you think that just your unaugmented Five Blazing Dragons can kill me?"

Qin Heng's brows had creased into a line, his face incomparably gloomy.

"How did you know that?"

Qin Heng asked coldly, never expecting Chen Hao to know that he was the only one who knew that his Five Blazing Dragons were not practiced, because he was the only one who knew that his Five Blazing Dragons were not greatly accomplished.

"You don't need to know this, because you will soon be a dead man, I have said that the Qin family, will die!"

Chen Hao did not go to reply to Qin Heng's words, but spoke out in a stern, heavy tone.

"Is it? If I can defeat you the first time, I can defeat you the second time, so cut the crap and bring your life!"

Qin Heng sneered in disdain, not taking Chen Hao into account at all, and directly shouted in anger before leaping to his feet and quickly attacking Chen Hao.

It was just a pity, but this time, Qin Heng had truly underestimated Chen Hao's strength.


"The first style of the Dustless Sword Technique, Forgetting the Air!"

Seeing Qin Heng attacking towards him, Chen Hao did not panic in the slightest and shouted out loudly.

As the sound fell, the Sword Spirit within his body transformed into a sword and appeared in Chen Song.

The sword was unsheathed, and a horizontal slash of white light slashed out, the air instantly being torn apart in bursts of sound.

At the sight of this, Qin Heng was suddenly shocked and quickly blasted out a True Qi to resist it.


But although Qin Heng resisted, he was also shaken by the residual force.

Qin Heng fell to the ground and vomited out a mouthful of old blood.

"You. Cough cough. How do you know the Desolate Dust Sword Technique" Qin Heng coughed violently as he stared at Chen Hao in disbelief and surprise.

In his impression, the Desperate Dust Sword Technique was something that only one person knew.

That person was his own former senior brother, Feng Ruochen.  

The Destructive Dust Sword Technique was Feng Ruochen's most prized sword technique besides the Five Blazing Dragons move, and was also Feng Ruochen's own creation, which was divided into three styles.

The first stance, "Forget the Sky".

The second stance, Shattered Star.

The third stance, "Absolute Dust.

And ever since his own senior brother, Feng Ruochen, was beaten into the Underworld Valley by himself and disappeared, the Desperate Dust Sword Technique had gone out of existence and had never been born again, so Qin Heng thought that his senior brother, Feng Ruochen, had already died in the bottom of the Underworld Valley's abyssal valley.

However. Now that the Extinct Dust Sword Technique had reappeared, it truly shocked Qin Heng.


"Qin Heng, you've done evil deeds all your life and you won't even let your own senior brother off the hook, so today I'll enforce the sect's rules on you on behalf of your senior brother Feng Ruchen!"

Chen Hao sneered disdainfully, holding his sword and pointing at Qin Heng below, he coldly preached.

Qin Heng looked at Chen Hao, and now it was as if he could see the figure and appearance of his senior brother, Feng Ruochen, from Chen Hao's body.

"Senior brother, I didn't expect you to still be alive and handing it all over to this brat, but don't forget, I'm not the same Qin Heng from back then!"

Immediately afterwards, Qin Heng stood up and preached with a gloomy face.

As the words fell, Qin Heng spread his hands out, his body was covered in blazing fire, and a fire dragon was wrapped around him.

Qin Heng was about to use the Five Blazing Dragons move.

"Qin Heng, don't forget that your Five Blazing Dragons are not a great success!"

Seeing Qin Heng using the Five Blazing Dragons, Chen Hao pretended to be kind enough to remind him.

"Hmph, so what, the secret scroll of the Five Blazing Dragons is only in my hands, even if I don't have a great success, it's still enough to kill you easily!"

Qin Heng snorted confidently, not even knowing that actually Chen Hao had also learned the Five Blazing Dragons and had already made it big.

"Since you're stubborn, I'll let you die for sure!"

Chen Hao no longer went to talk more nonsense with Qin Heng.

After saying that, Chen Hao also made a move to follow Qin Heng, and in an instant, his body was flooded with blazing fire, and the fire was also filled with shining golden light, a fire dragon and a golden dragon, twin dragons entwined, much more dazzling and dazzling than Qin Heng.

Chen Hao's was the true Dacheng Realm Five Blazing Dragons move!


Qin Heng was so startled that his eyes quickly widened.

"Qin Heng, open your eyes wide and watch! I'm the true Five Blazing Dragons Dacheng!"

Chen Hao roared at the Qin Heng below.

As soon as the roar sounded, Chen Hao blasted out five fire dragons at the same time, each of them shining with golden light.

In the end, the five golden fire dragons simultaneously turned into a blaze of fire and charged towards Qin Heng.


The firelight engulfed Qin Heng, turning him into ashes in a matter of moments.

In an instant, the entire Qin Clan was enveloped in firelight, and the surrounding Qin Clan was reduced to ashes.

This was the power of the Five Blazing Dragons, and everything within a range of tens of meters could be destroyed.

The Boundary Qin Family, fallen!

Looking at the Qin family that had been engulfed by the flames, Chen Hao could finally put a stone down in his heart, and also finally helped Feng Ruochen to fulfill his last wish.

After settling the Qin family, Chen Hao quickly left the White Emperor City.

Chen Hao believed that the death of the Qin family in White Emperor City would soon spread throughout the realm, and there would be another sensation then.

Although the Qin family had been destroyed, all the forces behind the Qin family would surely seek justice for the Qin family, so Chen Hao had to hurry up and take his sister out of the realm first.

Although Chen Hao had already entered the Realm of True Men, there were countless powerful people in the Realm, and staying long would definitely cause trouble.

The next morning, Chen Hao left the Boundary Realm with Chen Xiao, while Zhou Nuo returned to the Earth Capital alone.

Before leaving, Zhou Nuo didn't forget to give Chen Hao a reminder that Chen Hao still owed her a favor, and that she would definitely get it back in due time.

Not long after Chen Hao left with Chen Xiao, the Realm was in turmoil.

The news of the Qin Family's destruction quickly swept through the entire Realm, causing all the powers and families to be alarmed.

The White Emperor City Qin Family, which was a very famous and powerful family in the Boundary Domain, was effortlessly destroyed in a single night, which was truly shocking.

The Boundary God Palace.

A man wearing a phoenix robe, a golden crown, and a golden dragon scepter sat on the palace throne.

This person was the God King of the Realm God Palace, named Abro, a real person realm seventh stage cultivating soul, and even more so the ruler of the entire Realm.

"Lord God King, if the Qin family is destroyed, I'm afraid that some powers in the realm will be stirring to fight for the Qin family's fast fat meat!"

At the bottom stood a man in a black cloak, respectfully preaching towards the God King, Abro.

He was the God King's servant, named Black Fury, a real person realm second stage cultivating soul.

"Hmm... do you know who did this?"

Abro's voice was low as he responded and slowly spoke to ask the question, the tone of his words alone could give off an extremely powerful vibe.

"It's a young man named Chen Hao, who is said to be from Earth outside of the realm." Black Fiend immediately replied towards Abro.

"A person from Earth. Hmm. Black Fiend, go there personally and test that person's strength before reporting back to me!"

With his eyes closed and his nose snorted, Abro ordered at the Black Fury.

"Yes, Lord God-King!"

Hei Sa instantly answered, arching his hand and slowly exiting the palace.

Throughout all of this, God King Abro didn't open his eyes at all, not showing much interest in Chen Hao at all.

But soon, all the acres and acres of land under the Qin Family were all finished being cut up by the various forces and families of the realm, and the Qin Family was completely erased from the realm.

On the other hand, Chen Hao had returned to Earth with Chen Xiao, bringing Chen Xiao back to reunite with his parents and brother.

Seeing Chen Xiao back, Chen Hao's parents were not to mention excited and happy that the family was finally reunited.

But for Chen Hao, this matter was not completely over, the Realm Qin family was indeed destroyed, but the Song City Qin family on the other side was still alive, the two Qin families were of the same lineage, and this matter was started by the Song City Qin family, and they were also the ones who sent their sister to the Realm Qin family, so Chen Hao must destroy the Song City Qin family as well.

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