The Unknown Heir 523


"This poison, half a year ago, I used it as a health remedy and you brought it to poison me?"

Chen Hao had been soaked in herbs by Uncle Qin for half a year, and was considered invulnerable to certain poisons.

These, naturally, were no problem.

And how could Chen Hao, who was proficient in medicinal science, not know that the ginseng tea brought by Lu Han was poisonous?

Lu Han would not harm himself.

The only thing that would harm himself, there was only one possibility, and that was that someone from the Lu family had evil intentions towards him.

Chen Hao pretended to be sick, just to wait for this group of people to stand in front of him.

"Hmph, brat, my Mo Family has taken great pains to find you for more than a year, and this time, it didn't poison you, but you're not going to escape either!"

Mo Yunhai sneered.

"Sir, you're fine, great!"

Meng Kang stood up with his chest covered and smiled.

"Meng Lao, thank you just now!"

Originally, Chen Hao wanted to see this Meng Kang, who was somewhat true to himself, but the risking of his life just now made Chen Hao's heart a little touched.

Seeing that his life was in danger, Chen Hao hurriedly woke up.

"Head Manager Mo, stop talking nonsense to this brat and let me go over and take him!"

A young man from the Mo family smiled contemptuously.

The figure then shook and rushed directly towards Chen Hao.

However, one step away from Chen Hao.

Chen Hao fiercely shot out and directly grabbed the man's head.

The man's limbs straightened and his entire body trembled.


Chen Hao's wrist was slightly shaken and his neck was twisted raw.

It was thrown in front of the people of the Mo Family.

The seven people of the Mo Family were all startled.

These were all the younger generation of the Mo Family, with excessive strength.

But just now, it was like a little sheep, caught in a critical spot, trembling all over, actually unable to resist.

"Good boy, I didn't expect that in a year's time, he has become so powerful!"

Mo Yunhai glared.

"Together, grab him!"

Mo Yunhai waved his hand.

The remaining six people, rushed together.


Chen Hao raised his head brazenly.

A pair of scarlet eyes looked directly at the crowd.

A chill was forced upon them, sending chills down the spines of the six, and the air in the room seemed to chill a bit.

And Chen Hao's hand rose and fell.

This was the group of people that had forced themselves to be cornered and have no home to return to.

It was this group of people who forced him to be like a dog in a house, and to be bullied.

They're the ones who want to take away the Chen family's assets.


A violent killing intent was set off in Chen Hao's heart.

Together, the killing intent was invincible.

How could these six people be Chen Hao's opponents.

Chen Hao's moves killed them, but in just ten breaths of time, they died in one piece.

Blood splattered all over the room.

"Good... good!"

Mo Yunhai's eyelids jumped fiercely.

As soon as Chen Hao made his move, he knew that he wouldn't be an opponent either.

The only thought now was to flee!

Right now, just turn your hand away.


A flying dagger flashed by.

It instantly didn't pass Mo Yunhai's neck.

"You... you...!"

Mo Yunhai let out two faint screams, and the next moment, fell straight to the ground.


Lu Xue was also frightened, covering her mouth and shrinking into a corner.

All of them, including all of the people from the Lu family who came in, didn't dare to breathe.

"Oh, Chen... Mr. Chen, it's all because you let the Mo Family force you..."

Lu Zonian, knowing that his crime was the greatest, hurriedly came up to compensate and tried to get Chen Hao to spare him.

But he just lightly touched the scarlet-eyed Chen Hao's arm.

He was directly stuck by Chen Hao's neck.

Ka-chow! One voice.

Blood spurted wildly and was thrown right out of the window by Chen Hao, who struggled for a while before no longer making any movement.

"Mr. Chen, spare my life!"

Lu Zongyuan was so frightened that he hurriedly knelt down. All of the Lu family members also kneeled.

Chen Hao took a deep breath.

The scarlet in his eyes only retreated under this.

Just now, when Lu Zonian had approached, he was actually touching Chen Hao with his hostility still intact, which was tantamount to seeking his own death.

"Spare you?"

Chen Hao slowly walked over towards Lu Zongyuan.

"Since you promised to lend me a look at the Hundred Beasts Sutra, you shouldn't have gone back on your word, and you shouldn't have conspired with the Mo Family to harm me..."

Chen Hao said.

A hand, had already grabbed Lu Zongyuan's head, and Lu Zongyuan already had snot and tears all flowing into his mouth.

It was about to push.

"Chen Hao, don't!!!"

Just then, Lu Han rushed in and hurriedly shouted.

"Little Han, you've finally come, help me!"

And at once Lu Xue ran towards Lu Han and hid behind him.

With a face full of fear, she looked at Chen Hao.

"Chen Hao, this is my father, I know he did something wrong, but he's just lost his mind, Chen Hao, this is the Lu Family Hundred Beasts Sutra, here, you release Up them!"

Lu Han cried out.

Now, she slowly walked towards Chen Hao.

"Little Han don't, he'll kill someone!"

Lu Xue grabbed Lu Han's arm.

"It's okay sister, Chen Hao said that he and I are friends, he won't hurt me!"

Lu Han arrived in front of Chen Hao.

He handed the Hundred Beasts Sutra to Chen Hao.

"Chen Hao, if you have to kill my father to vent your hatred, then kill me and free my father and the others, just because we're friends . Okay?"

Lu Han cried.

And seeing Lu Han's tears.

Chen Hao's heart flickered with a trace of intolerance.

In his heart, the people of the Lu family were just like the Mo family, all of them had a hard time escaping death.

But after all, Lu Han took himself as a friend, and when he thought of how nervous Lu Han was when he saw his poisoning just now, Chen Hao was indeed a bit intolerant.

"After I finish reading the Hundred Beasts Sutra, I will return it to your Lu Family!"

Chen Hao took it from Lu Han.

He left straight away.

Lu Zongyuan, on the other hand, was so scared that he could no longer stand up.

"Mr. Lu, it's not good, there's more... outside..."

At that moment, a small boy rushed over, but when he saw the scene inside the house, he was startled.

"There are a lot of people dressed in black coming..."

He swallowed his saliva before finishing his sentence.

By the time Lu Han walked behind Chen Hao and sent him out.

Only then did he see, in his own manor, those black-clothed people.

On their bodies, they were filled with murderous aura.

And these people were precisely Wen Bo and the others.

"Let's go!"

Chen Hao said indifferently.

Then they, directly left.

Lu Han took a few steps backwards.

Originally, she had thought that Chen Hao was a rather introverted little brother, but today, she had seen how terrifying and cruel Chen Hao was.

If she was also like her sister and looked down on Chen Hao.

Then I'm afraid, the Lu family's entire family would have been exterminated by this murderous devil by now.

"Chen Hao, it turns out that I didn't really know you until now..."

Lu Han said in his heart.

I wonder how long after Chen Hao left.

He saw Yang Xia bring his guards along as well.

"Second Miss, what a coincidence, by the way, your father shouldn't be busy now, I was just about to pay a visit..."

Yang Xia said.

But Lu Han was oblivious.

Just kept muttering two words in his mouth.

Then he went back without looking back.

"Second Miss, what did you say?"

Yang Xia, however, asked with some nervousness.

"Second Miss is not in the right mood today, I think Miss, let's go directly to visit Lu Zongyuan, shall we?"

The bodyguard beside Yang Xia.

"No, I think I heard Second Miss mumbling all the time... mumbling about Chen Hao?"


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