The Unknown Heir 522


"Heard that Lord Lu captured Chen Hao? My Mo Family, when I really don't know how to thank you!"

Before the people arrived, the laughter of the people of the Mo family came first.

The Mo family, this time a total of eight people came, led by a middle-aged man.

"In the end, the two Lu and Mo families are still one family in Longjiang. What about the reasoning behind turning your elbows outward?"

Lu Zongyuan smiled faintly.

"It really is him! Let us search so hard!"

Mo Yunhai approached, fixed his eyes and was instantly delighted.

Mo Yunhai, was an elder of the Longjiang Mo family, the entire family was under his control.

At this moment, catching Chen Hao would be a great achievement, I wonder how Uncle Mo Changkong would reward himself?

"He's been hit by Bo Zero and has lost consciousness, humph, see how you can escape me even if you're a loach!"

Mo Yunhai said coldly.

"It's just that Mr. Lu, you said that this Chen Hao is strong, but why do I feel that he's just like that..."

Mo Yunhai was clearly in a good mood today.

"Uncle Mo, you're wrong about that, my father isn't lying, all of us from the Lu family have seen Chen Hao's strength, it's truly extraordinary . And it was only through the power of my sister, and your scattered wonders, that he was captured so easily. It would have taken a lot of work to deal with him otherwise!"

Lu Xue tidied her hair and smiled at this moment.

"It's still my niece Lu Xue who can talk, this matter, niece Lu Xue has made a great achievement, our Mo Family, will not forget this achievement!"

"Hmph, eat Bo Scatter, even if you are even the highest cultivation, right now, you have to be honest and obedient, faint and fight all Not awake!"

Mo Yunhai.

Then with a big wave of his hand, "Someone, bring this Chen Hao back to the Mo Family, and wait for the Second Elder to return from the South Seas to be sentenced!"


Mo's men took over.

"Wait a minute, who are you guys? How dare you hit on Mr. Chen!"

And at that moment, a cold drink suddenly came from behind.

The crowd looked for the sound.

They saw an old man, not knowing when he had appeared behind the crowd.

"O, so it's big brother Meng Kang who has come, big brother Meng Kang, this is your An Ling map, this is the ancestral heritage of the Meng family, how can you casually hand it over to this Kid, besides, Chen Hao doesn't know enough and actually wants to take my Lu Clan's Hundred Beast Scriptures, it's really a toast!"

When Lu Zongyuan saw Meng Kang, he was startled.

Lu Zongyuan had been secretly observing for the past few days and found that Meng Kang was very close to Chen Hao.

There was a great deal of recruiting going on.

At first, Lu Zongyuan didn't mind, after all, his friendship with Meng Kang for so many years was there, and Lu Zongyuan believed that if anything really happened, Meng Kang would be on his side!

But he was wrong.

Until last night, after Lu Zongyuan learned that Meng Kang had actually told Chen Hao the secret of the Lu family.

Lu Zongyuan was on the defensive against Meng Kang.

So, now Lu Zongyuan hastily covered up with embarrassment.

"Hmph, Lu Zongyuan, do you think that I'm a three-year-old child, I've just heard, you're clearly colluding with the Longjiang Mo Family . You betrayed Mr. Chen! Mr. Chen saved the lives of the entire Lu family. Vengeance will be avenged! Do you have a conscience?"

Meng Kang pointed at Lu Zongyuan and drank.

Lu Zongyuan's hands stiffened.

At this moment, his eyes became cold and stern.

"By attempting to take my Lu Family's Hundred Beast Scriptures, he is already seeking his own death, Brother Meng, I see that you and I are close friends, and that is why I am here I advise you to go home and take a rest as the Moks have helped you in this matter. "

Lu Zong Yuan was strong.

"Back? Today, with me, Meng Kang, you will not hurt a hair of Mr. Chen's head.

Lu Zongyuan swallowed his saliva and nodded heavily, "Good, big brother Meng Kang, since you are so ungrateful, then don't blame me, Lu Mou, for being rude.

With the Mo family here today, I'd like to see what you can do to me.

After saying that, he directed his gaze towards Mo Yunhai of the Mo family.

Mo Yunhai would naturally be impressed.

"If you want to blame, blame you, you're just too meddlesome.

Mo Yunhai shouted coldly.

A few of his men instantly moved out to fight with Meng Kang.

Meng Kang was rich in techniques and had stepped into the realm of an Inner Strength martial artist.

Ordinary people, Meng Kang didn't put it in his eyes.

But this time, it was the Mo Family that was dealing with it.

Last night, in a duel with Wang Dahai, Chen Hao had taken care of the opponent and saved Meng Kang's life.

This... was something that Meng Kang had always seen in his eyes.

And Mr. Chen had given unprecedented respect.

It stopped Meng Kang from being humiliated anymore.

These two points alone were enough to make Meng Kang give up his life.

Therefore, Meng Kang was extremely desperate.

In a real hurry, a few Mo Clan sons were really no match for him.

"This person, he's actually an Inner Strength martial artist, it seems that the Lu Family's guest of honor is not simple!"

Mo Yunhai shook his head at the side and laughed bitterly.

"That's because Mr. Mo didn't make a move, who in the entire Longjiang doesn't know that Mr. Mo is a famous expert in Huaxia!"

Lu Zongyuan laughed again.

"Oh, a mere Meng Kang, why do you need so many rounds, all of you, retreat!"

Mo Yunhai gave a stern shout at this moment.

The crowd retreated.

Then, his figure fiercely moved.

With an extremely strong momentum, it was a head-on strike at Meng Kang's death point.


He was extremely fast, and Meng Kang was, in the end, old, plus he hadn't healed from his injuries from last night's battle against Wang Dahai.

Unable to cope, he flew out directly backwards, blood spurting wildly from his mouth.

"Hmph, I said this old man still has two skills, but I didn't expect that it's a piece of trash! Since you're determined to seek death, fine, I'll kill you!"

Mo Yunhai.

Calmly walked over towards Meng Kang.

"Lu Zongyuan, you will be damned, my Meng family has only kindness and not grudges towards you, but you actually acted in such a beastly manner! Even if I, Meng Kang, were a ghost, I wouldn't let you go!"

Meng Kang gritted his teeth in anger.

"No amount of talking will save your life, you can only blame this old trash for your bad luck and wasting all your hard training cultivation, haha!"

Mo Yunhai walked over.

He was about to slap a blow at Meng Kang and take his life.

"Stop it, I didn't sleep last night, let me sleep some more!"

At that moment, an untimely sound rang out in the room.

It plunged the atmosphere of the entire room into frontal silence.

Everyone turned back sharply.

Looking towards Chen Hao who was lying on the bed.

Especially Lu Xue, whose little face was now puffing red.

"Who... who spoke?"

Lu Zongyuan was also shocked and had to take a step back towards the back.

"Could it be that he didn't pass out?"

"Miss Lucile, are you sure he's been poisoned!?"

Mo Yunhai asked in shock.

"Sure, he's obviously poisoned!"

"That's strange, could it have just been a dream?"

While the crowd was puzzling.

It was when they saw Chen Hao on the bed, yawning loudly and stretching out a lazy waist, acting like he was sleeping.

Not long after, Chen Hao rubbed his sleepy eyes and slowly opened them.

Sweeping towards the people in the room.

"Now I see that people are coming all over the place, right?"

Chen Hao sat up with a shake of his neck and asked coldly.

"What?'re not poisoned!"

The crowd was horrified.


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