The Unknown Heir 524


"How does she know Chen Hao? Is Chen Hao in Long Jiang? Or is this Chen Hao not the same person as you think he is?"

Yang Xia's heart was dark.

But with Chen Hao's news, Yang Xue couldn't settle down any longer and hurriedly ran up to catch up....

In the blink of an eye, two days had passed since Chen Hao left the Lu family.

Longjiang border, An Ling hinterland.

An Ling, with thousands of years of heritage.

Coiled mountains intersected with dense jungles, and within An Ling, there were also all kinds of creatures growing, lurking among them, seeking prey.

"Be careful to block the hole, don't let this beast slip away again, it's too cunning!"

A group of people were at a cave entrance, besieging Spirit Fox.

It was Chen Hao and his group.

At the moment, it was Wen Bo who was in command.

Since getting Meng Kang's An Ling Xing map, it could be said that half the work was twice as effective.

This effect was no different from getting a navigation device in this jungle.

Around the early hours of yesterday morning, Chen Hao and the others managed to discover the Spirit Fox's tracks.

Unfortunately, the spirit fox was too cunning.

It had slipped by it.

During yesterday's day, Chen Hao and the others had more than one head-on confrontation with the Spirit Fox.

However, they had underestimated this Spirit Fox's abilities.

It had tormented Chen Hao and the others all night without rest.

They fought for more than ten rounds and all of them lost!

Now, it was a great waste of effort to block it from the hole again.

Wen Bo could be described as very excited.

"Don't let this beast escape again, it was recorded in the Hundred Beast Scriptures that it was extremely fast, and although it was snow white around the body, it was good at concealment, and the most The key thing is that it was able to quickly find our pattern for dealing with it, with an IQ higher than a normal human genius!"

But Chen Hao was nervous.

Before entering the mountain, Chen Hao read the Hundred Beasts Sutra all night long.

It was also specifically in the scriptures that he learned about this kind of beast, the Spirit Fox.

He knew that if it ran away, not to mention catching it, it would be difficult to find its traces again.

"This beast is about to reveal itself, keep quiet!"

Wimber made a silent gesture.

And Chen Hao was also able to see that inside the narrow hole, there was a fistful of white hairs moving slightly outwards.

Everyone held their breath.

The entire hole was crowded and bustling around.

On the other side of the hole, someone kept letting off smoke.

Only then did they smoke out the spirit fox.


Just when the spirit fox was about half a meter away from the cave entrance, it was still about half a meter away.

Suddenly, a green thick smoke spewed out directly from the cave.

This thick smoke, which was incomparably stinky, seemed to be able to suffocate people.

And Chen Hao and the others happened to be lying at the entrance of the cave, so they were too close.

Except for Chen Hao, who promptly covered his mouth and retreated to the side.

The others, all of them were smoked.


It seemed to be mocking the crowd.

Spirit Fox let out a shout.

With a flash of white light, it took advantage of the gap and leaped straight out.

"Let it escape again!"

Wimber chagrined.


And Chen Hao's reaction was also extremely fast.

Following the shadow of the Spirit Fox, he rushed over.

Raising his speed to the extreme.

Wimber and the others also chased.

But soon, they were lost until they could not see Chen Hao's trail.

"Elder Wen, what should we do? We can't catch up to the young hall master!"

Someone said.

"Let's chase after it first, but if we can't, we'll retreat back to where we were and wait!"

Wimber commanded.


The Spirit Fox sprang up above the jungle, trampling on the leaves and galloping like an arrow.

All the while making mocking cries.

And Chen Hao, with all his might.

Applying the light body method.

With his feet off the ground and lightly stepping on the grass tips, his speed was not slow.

But it couldn't be helped, not knowing how long it had been running, the spirit fox knew it couldn't shake off Chen Hao, and its body suddenly descended.

It instantly disappeared into a patch of grass, without a trace.

"I let you run away again!"

Chen Hao's heart declined and also stopped.

Holding his breath, he searched carefully.

Afraid that when he wasn't paying attention, the spirit fox would completely disappear within the scope of this chapter, and then it would be all over for nothing.

"Don't kill us, don't kill us!"

Off to the side, there were a few people, running towards their direction.

As if they were running for their lives, they let out frightened cries.

Chen Hao frowned.

Come sooner rather than later, but at this particular time!


A few screams came out.

The ones that ran, instantly fell to the ground.

But Chen Hao didn't have the time to pay attention to them.

"No way, you guys came in with me, you knew the way to get here, I had to kill you!"

At the same time, an old man, with his hands behind his back, arrived here at the two corpses and smiled coldly.

Steeply, this old man raised his eyes and immediately saw Chen Hao standing in the jungle.

Especially after seeing Chen Hao's face clearly, this old man's eyelids suddenly rose slightly.

"So it's him? What a way to heaven and you don't go, but hell and you barge in!"

This old man sneered.

"Chen Hao, Young Master Chen, don't you have a problem?"

The old man came with a touch of killing intent in the corner of his eyes.

Chen Hao was listening to the movement around him with his whole body infused, but after hearing that there was actually someone here who knew him.

He subconsciously still raised his head to look up.

"So it's you."

Chen Hao was startled.

And it was at this moment that the Spirit Fox that had been hiding somewhere suddenly moved.

In one leap, it leapt into a valley.

Within the valley, the miasma was so pervasive that it couldn't be seen clearly, and it was extremely fast that it quickly lost sight of it.

"Don't run!"

Chen Hao gritted his teeth in hatred and jumped down towards the valley as well with one leap.

"Eh? This kid looks like he's already good at it, now that the elixir is in his hands, and this kid is a rich young man who grew up in brocade and jade. I'm sure it'll be much more useful to me than these filthy beasts if I use their hearts as a primer and refine them together."

"Kill him!"

This old man was certain of his idea, and the corners of his mouth curled up in a grim smile, also watching for Chen Hao's traces of escape and chasing after him.

"This run, I don't know when we'll catch this beast!"

Chen Hao anxiously scratched his hair, and in the valley, he found a rock and sat down.

He tried to think about the records on the Hundred Beasts Scripture.

Suddenly, another idea came to him.

Blood Essence!

That's right, blood sperm!

I was only in a hurry and forgot about this method. Chen Hao stood up and laughed.

As I just said, a beast like the Spirit Fox was smarter than some genius humans.

However, it had a fatal weakness.

That was greed.

It liked to drink blood, especially blood that was beneficial to it and had a superhuman constitution.

Human blood was the greatest temptation for it.

As long as it could refine humans into blood essence, this beast definitely couldn't withstand the temptation.

Blood essence belonged to an extraction method, which could be interpreted as purifying the blood.

But soon, Chen Hao wilted again.

Now that he was far away again, although he had just killed two people by that person, it was just right to make use of it.

But the distance was too far, and by then, there was no telling if that cunning spirit fox would still be in the valley.

And blood was needed in large quantities.

We can't just kill ourselves and draw the spirit fox out, right?

Am I doomed to not get Spirit Fox, doomed to become a bloodthirsty demon in the future?

Chen Hao's heart declined.

At this moment, a rustling sound suddenly came from not far away....


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