The Unknown Heir 519


When Lu Han took a look, her heart was shocked.

Because the figure she saw was clearly the interesting little brother that she met at the train station.

Just when Lu Han went up for a final confirmation.

Chen Ge had already gotten on the train and left.

"Chen Ge! Chen Ge!"

Lu Han shouted twice, scratching his head, could it be that he was mistaken.

Why would he come to his house and his father open the door for him personally?

"What's wrong Ham?"

At this moment, a man and a woman came over.

It was Lu Chao and Lu Xue.

Lu Xue asked.

"Sister, just now, guess who I saw?"


"Ah Chen Ge!"

"Who is Chen Ge?"

Lu Xue frowned.

"Oh my, it's that handsome little guy we met at the train station a few days ago!"

"It's that D Silk! Third sister, you're still in touch with him? Besides, why is he in our family?"

Lu Chao despised.

"You're mistaken, even you don't know, how could he enter our Lu family!"

Lu Xue shook her head and said.

I've long been a national Lu Han, less contact with those people outside.

Like the Wang family, Su family, these world family's son, should move around more.

Be careful of your identity.

But this girl Lu Han just wouldn't listen.

"Oh my, you do not believe forget it, anyway, I saw him, and our father personally opened the door to him, no, I want to catch up to see! How did he and our dad meet!"

After Lu Han said that, he ran away in a flurry.

"Little Han, come back!"

Lu Xue anxiously jumped to her feet.

"Lu Chao, let's go after Xiaohan, this is a sensitive moment, our Lu family sons and grandsons can't just go out!"

Lucius was anxious.

"Huh? What sensitive moment?"

"I just heard from my father and learned the truth, anyway, don't let Han run wild, let's go after him!"

After saying that, Lu Xue Lu Chao also followed out.

Night was gradually falling.

The outskirts of Longjiang, Binhu.

A team of people, are facing off against one person.

"Lu Zongyuan, worthy of being a hallowed Lu family, you've really been asked to find help, but with these, do you want to stop me, Wang Dahai? It's a little too ridiculous!"

Opposite Lu Zongyuan, a thirty-five or sixteen year old man was standing with his hands in the air.

He was somewhat vicarious, with stubble on his mouth, and on his face, there was even a scar.

Only the eyes, however, were filled with a horrifying murderous aura.

"Wang Dahai, for more than half a month, you have killed two of my Lu Family's sons and grandsons one after another, this bloody battle, our Lu Family will settle the score with you today . Back then, you and your Wang Clan were treacherous and cunning, and in the end, you went to extinction, you really deserved it!"

Lu Zongyuan said coldly.

"Shut up, no matter what you say today, and no matter what kind of help you've gotten today, it's inevitable that you'll die, just in time, I was about to make you Witness the sons and grandsons of the Lu family dying one by one, then from today, I'll arrest you and let you watch the people of your Lu family, in front of you, being Kill!"

"Eyes unguarded, I, Zhang Tie, would like to see what tactics you have."

As soon as his voice fell, Zhang Tie's figure shook, and he had rushed out.

It could be seen that Zhang Tie had practiced a hard kung fu and was extremely strong and even more fierce in his strikes.

However, in comparison.

Whether it was speed, and strength, it was far inferior to the Wang Dahai in front of him.

And after Wang Dahai got tired of playing.

Brazenly, he made a move.

Zhang Tie was instantly, full of holes.

Time of crisis.

"I'll meet you!"

Meng Kang went on the move, blocking Wang Dahai's fatal blow for Zhang Tie.

"Looking at his body routine, something is familiar!"

As Chen Hao watched on, he could not help but surmise.

But then, he was already clear in his mind.

This Wang Dahai's horizontal kung fu, similar to the person he had killed before, seemed to be from the same family!

Moreover, Wang Dahai was clearly more clever.

He had already stepped into the ranks of Inner Strength.

Looking at the time, he was even earlier than even Meng Kang.

The longer an Inner Strength martial artist had been around, the more pristine his Inner Strength would be.

It's like the same bottle of white wine, one year old, and new, the taste is a little different.

Now Meng Kang and Wang Hai Hai are like this.

Even though Meng Kang's combat skills were rich, but Wang Dahai's inner strength was stronger than his.

After more than fifty rounds, Meng Kang covered his chest and fell back repeatedly.

It was already too much to resist.

"Little Han, what are you doing here?"

In a forest on the shore of the lake.

Lu Han was covering her mouth and peeking.

Someone tapped her on the shoulder, startling her.

"Sister, what are you two doing here?"

"Not worried about you yet, what are you looking at?"

Lu Xue said.

"Sister you be quiet, look sister, Dad is here, and that person, seems to be Chen Hao, alas, unfortunately, some can't see clearly."

Lu Han was anxious.

"Dad said that our Lu family has a great enemy Wang Dahai, now it seems that put is dealing with that Wang Dahai, fortunately came to see, or else Little Han you girl, I'm afraid you're going to miss father's big event, as for the Chen Hao you're talking about, why is he here!"

Lu Xue was also a little surprised when she saw that silhouette.

Now, not daring to walk away, the three siblings looked at the fierce battle in the distance with their whole bodies infused.

"Mr. Chen, Master Meng is about to be overwhelmed, you should get on it!"

Lu Zongyuan pointed at Wang Dahai.

And Chen Hao took a deep breath, with his hands behind his back, and didn't say anything.

"Chen... Mr. Chen, you can't back out now, Lu is putting his life on the line this night!"

Lu Zongyuan saw that Chen Hao had no intention of making a move.

He was a bit anxious.

"Mr. Chen, do you have any other conditions, feel free to mention them, as long as Lu does it, he will do his best!"

He begged again.

"I've heard that the Lu family's ancestors were famous for their beast control and passed down an ancient book called the Hundred Beasts Sutra?"

Chen Hao slowly spoke.

Lu Zongyuan's heart thudded.

He couldn't help but look at Meng Kang who was still fighting furiously in the distance.

Now, he hurriedly compensated, "Sir, that's an ancestral craft, nowadays it's long lost in my Lu family, where is there a People will drum this stuff up!"

Chen Hao stuck both hands in his pockets and did not move.

Meng Kang, on the other hand, had been knocked backwards.

Lu Zongyuan was getting anxious.

Originally, it was thought that this Chen Hao, as long as he paid money and the Lu family gave him face, would be able to dispatch him, and maybe even use him for the Lu family.

And there was still Meng Kang's face.

But only now did Lu Zongyuan see clearly.

This brat was simply an unprofitable fellow, thinking that Meng Kang had told him about his ancestors.

He changed his mind again on the spur of the moment and took advantage of the fire.

Yes, the Lu family did have a copy of the Hundred Beast Scripture, which could read the language of beasts, and back then, the Lu family, which had relied on this as a trade, had established a family, which had been passed down to the present day.

But this craft, since the late Republic of China, the Lu family had found it useless and thus put it on hold.

When the Hundred Beasts Sutra, as a family heirloom, has remained in the Lu family.

Although it couldn't be used, Lu Zongyuan knew how precious this ancient book was.

But right now, it was clearly being extorted by him.

"Fine, if Mr. Chen saves my Lu Family from being trapped, I'm willing to present the Hundred Beasts Sutra as a token of my gratitude!"


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