The Unknown Heir 518


"Yuki, we were wrong! How can you count that much money!"

Second cousin aunt is not a fool and knows that this is someone coming for revenge.

Presently, she begged bitterly.

"I want you to count, I don't want to say the same words three times!"

Yang Xia sneered.

The second cousin aunt cried in fear, and actually squatted down and counted them one by one.

"Not a penny more, not a penny less, you have to count it right, all this money is yours, if you can't count it right, then just keep counting it!"

Yang Xia walked to the side and took the glass of water handed over by her men.

Smiling happily.

And in the far corner.

A young man wearing a hat and mask was looking at the scene in front of him.

He couldn't help but frown.

"How did she turn out like this?"

The youth whispered.

How twisted the mind must be to punish someone like this.

And this youth, who was not a bystander, was Chen Hao.

Chen Hao had already tailed Yang Xue over.

Firstly, it was to see what the Long Family had been up to lately.

Secondly, Yang Xia had saved his life in the end.

Chen Hao wanted to find out if she had any wishes, if so, Chen Hao would help her to fulfill them and return the favor to her.

But never expected to see her come back to take money to get back at someone else.

"Oh, I guess she doesn't have any wishes, now she wants the wind or the rain! I'm afraid the Dragon family won't survive much longer! Sooner or later, Chen Hao will settle old scores with the Dragon Family!"

After one last glance, Chen Hao shook his head and was preparing to leave.

"Back then, our whole family gave hope to you, initially you came to Longjiang, my father prepared the funds for you, and later on And you throw me and my mother out like dogs. You don't even let me in. Do you think it's cruel that I'm like this? You love money, and I'm sending you money now, aren't I?"

There came Yang Xia's voice.

It was Uncle Big Cousin and the others who had started to beg Yang Xue.

Only then did Chen Hao understand.

It turned out that back then, there was such a cause.

It seemed that when Yang Xia was a child, she hadn't been insulted and tormented.

"Let them count, you guys keep an eye on this!"

Yang Xia slammed the glass of water.

Angrily left.

Came alone to the river, trying to quiet her mind.

Chen Hao turned sideways and hid behind a tree.

Just as he was about to leave.

Suddenly, a few tall foreigners wearing sunglasses came over towards Yang Xue.

"Miss Yang, how are you?"

One of the foreigners bowed slightly.

"What is it?"

Yang Xia was now in an extremely bad mood, and her attitude was now somewhat cold.

"Since those people are treating you badly, I think the few of us can be of service to you and take care of them!"

Several foreigners said.

"Who said anything about fixing them, I don't need to worry about you, what are you guys? Can I help you?"

Yang Xia frowned.

"My master, who admires Miss Yang so much, has sent us over to ask Miss Yang to make a special trip, and my master has prepared Luncheon!"

"Thanks, but I'm not in the mood!"

After saying that, Yang Xue was ready to leave, trying to find her bodyguard.

"Miss Yang, don't make it difficult for us, if you can't make it to the banquet today, my master will chastise us severely!"

But those foreigners, however, blocked Yang Xia's path.

"What? You mean that if I don't go today, I'll be forced to go, right?"

Yang Xia frowned.

"We don't want this! I hope Miss Young cooperates!"

A few men approached towards Yang Xue.

"Wait, do you guys know who I am, I'm a member of the Yanjing Dragon Family, and now, also in our Huaxia territory, it's best that you don't Messing around?"

Yang Xia was backing towards the back.

At the same time, she began dialing her own cell phone.

"Miss Yang, since you're embarrassing us, don't blame us for being rude, take you over there, maybe we can reach an agreement with our master Better cooperation! Take Miss Young away, quickly!"

The head foreigner waved his hand.

A few men had come over to pull Yang Xia's arm.

Yang Xue struggled desperately.

Falling backwards.

Suddenly, Yang Xia pulled out a slender dagger from her own bosom.

"Don't come any closer, my men are here! I get it, you guys have been stalking me!"

Yang Xia nervously waved the knife in her hand.

"Miss Yang, trust us, my master will facilitate your cooperation and will not let your trip be in vain!"

The Yankee, a smirk on his lips, came over personally.

"Throw the knife out!"

And just as Yang Xia was tense, a voice suddenly sounded in his ears.

This voice, as if it had magic power, made Yang Xia subconsciously obey and threw the knife towards the head foreigner.

"Tsk, tsk, Miss Yang, this is too rude, not at all..."


The foreigner shook his head and smiled as he looked at the blade flying towards him.

But then, he saw the short blade suddenly accelerate violently.

It turned into a streak of light and went straight through the foreigner's abdomen.

It was deeply embedded in the trees behind him.


The foreigner was cold through the heart, blood rushing wildly from both sides.

Covering his abdomen, he sat on the floor.


A few foreigners were also in disarray.

"Retreat, retreat!"

The man at the head shouted.

He was carried away by the men in a panic.

Yang Xia breathed heavily.

Standing up from the ground.

Looked at the dagger that was plunged deep within the trees.

Yang Xia was shocked.

"You...who are you? Thank you for saving me!"

Yang Xia respectfully said.

Just now, Chen Hao had applied voice change, so Yang Xia could not hear Chen Hao's voice at all.

By the time Yang Xia searched around, she found that there was no one around at all.

"Who on earth is it?"

Yang Xia was getting stranger and stranger.

Just now, it was as if that voice was ringing in one's heart, while the others couldn't hear it at all.

Especially, when one had thrown the blade.

It was actually so powerful, Yang Xia was convinced that it must be this person who had secretly saved himself.

Who the hell was he?

If it was the Long family protecting themselves, they wouldn't have been able to hide away like this.

"Miss, so you are here, just now, the Master called to inquire about working with the Lu family..."

At that moment, a bodyguard came running.

"I got it, go back now!"

Yang Xia nodded with some regret.

Time passed quickly.

It was nearing evening.

But the Lu family was parked in front of the gate with big cars and small cars.

Lu Zongyuan, Meng Kang Zhang Tie and others were waiting respectfully.

"Hey hey hey, what's this big noise in our Lu family, what is father doing?"

One of the men trotted off to make busy contact.

It was stopped by a girl.

"Reporting back to the second miss, the master is waiting for someone, what exactly he is doing, I don't know!"

"It's so strange, I wonder what Father is hiding from us, it's so mysterious lately."

And this Second Miss was no one else, it was Lu Han.

Just when she wanted to go ask.

A team of Lu family's black-clothed bodyguards, walked out.

This scene Lu Han was used to, and didn't say anything.

However, when she saw one of the Lu family's bodyguards, walking out together.

Unable to help but stare.

"Well? Chen...Chen Hao?"


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