The Unknown Heir 517


"So there's a VIP here, Mr Lu! It seems that today, indeed, is a bit presumptuous!"

Yang Xue tidied her hair and smiled.

"But I don't know who can be so respectful to the majestic Northern Lu?"

"Oh, the ceremony is in progress, and there are many VIPs who come to my house, but I, the VIP, am different from the others, Miss Young, and I think we Why don't we talk about something else? Besides, I'll devote time to look over your plans in detail. The ceremony will be held in a few days, so why don't you stay here until the ceremony? How about we go over there and have formal negotiations?"

Yang Xue smiled, "Everything is at Mr. Lu's command!"

Lu's estate was huge and had many villa clusters VIP areas.

"Miss Yang, I'm so sorry, but this area is off limits to anyone but Lu!"

The next day, Yang Xue took her men with her, who wanted to go around the land garden.

But they were stopped by a few bodyguards.

"I'm sorry, it's a bit presumptuous, this VIP area is so special, I don't know where the VIPs are staying? I see, there is a Mr. Chen who seems to be very important to Mr. Lu, it's not as if this is where Mr. Chen lives, is it?"

Yang Xue smiled.

The bodyguards all shut up and didn't speak.

Jean's Yang Xue frowned and walked away.

"Miss, the Lu family has many secrets, there is no need to be divinely hurt!"

The hand advised.

"No, I was thinking, don't be our competitor, if that's the case, wouldn't all our efforts in the Dragon Family be in vain The old fox, Lu Zongyuan, has been hiding behind a mountain of water. We talked for so long yesterday, but we couldn't tell what his attitude was. What was he thinking when he was so calm?"

Yang Xue held her shoulders.

"Let's wait until the ceremony is over and see what he says, shall we? Miss, you can also visit more at the ceremony and contact some rich merchants from all sides, all of which will be of great help to my Dragon Family!"

"I know, but I'm not interested in this kind of ceremony."

"Then where are we going?"

"Oh, in Longjiang, there are some of our Yang family cousins, count them, I haven't seen them for seven or eight years, but I'm taking advantage of this For a while, I can go see them!"

Yang Xue said.

Only the corners of his eyes, but with a touch of banter.

Just saying.

A group of foreigners passed by with Yang Xue.

Yang Xue nodded and smiled slightly with them.

But he did not notice that one of the foreigners, who was the leader of them, looked at Yang Xue with a whiff of obscenity in his eyes!



In the middle of a stall community.

A doorbell rings.

The room door opened.

"Whew, I thought who is it, it's Yang Xue ah, seven or eight years ago, have grown so big ah, what? What are you doing in our house, haven't you already cut ties?"

The one who opened the door was a woman around forty years old.

At this moment the skin is smiling.

Blocking the door doesn't allow entry either.

Words with a touch of sarcasm.

And inside, there was a burst of noise coming from the house, obviously there were many guests in the house.

"Aunt Cousin, just haven't seen you for seven or eight years, kind of missed you guys, came to see you!"

What about Yang Xue, smiled coldly.

Lightly pushing her cousin's aunt away, she walked straight into the house.

"Hey, you!"

The cousin's aunt was furious.

And inside the house, there were many guests who were now sitting on the sofa talking and laughing, men and women, old and young.

Seeing Yang Xue coming in, the atmosphere in the house instantly froze.

"Whew! Isn't that Yuki? Who do I think I am, what a rare visitor, all grown up girls!"

A middle-aged man stood up, surprised and delighted.

"Uncle Cousin!"

Yang Xue nodded her head slightly.

"Oh, really poor in the downtown nobody asks, rich in the deep mountains have distant relatives ah, is it learned that our family's small Zhi post rose, some of the O relatives, the smell is here!"

But on the sofa, another woman peeled an orange and sneered.

The words made many of the young men and women look at Yang Xue with some ridicule.

"Second cousin aunt, your mouth really hasn't changed for so many years! I remember back then, and in this same position, you ridiculed my mother to no end!"

Yang Xue said with a smile.

"Ahem, Xue, let's not talk about what happened back then, right, back then your father got sick, and all these years, there was no contact . How's it going, anyway?"

The older cousin was now concerned to ask.

"It's already done!"

Yang Xue said.

About eight years ago, Yang Xue's father got sick, and because he had been screwed out of a lot of money earlier, and now had no money for medical treatment, he came to borrow money from his cousin in Longjiang.

However, their own mother refused no matter how lowly she was, they refused.

In the end, the elder cousin drove Yang Xue and her daughter, like a dog, out, and also threw out the mountain goods that were brought to her, which were carefully selected by her mother.

However, it was scattered all over the floor.

The first thing that you need to do is to take a look at this.

She vowed in her heart, she must study hard, to get back the original face, not let people look down on.

As a result, Yang Xue managed to get into Jinling University.

But then she discovered that no matter how hard she tried, she could never get rid of the shadow of poverty.

She found a boyfriend that she liked.

But she has to be followed by people's eyes.

She can't stand this feeling, she wants to be a human being!

And by coming here today, Yang Xue was thinking about, fulfilling her wish that she had had for years.

"Hmph, then why did you come to us? Is your mother sick again, I'm telling you, we don't have any money!"

The first cousin came up at this moment and said.

"Mom, can't you see, cousin is now dressed so well, I guess she is looking for us to show off, maybe, she has found a golden son-in-law. Wha!"

A girl said.

"Back then, I remember it was my second cousin, I think, who threw my mother fifty dollars to drive me away with her, as compensation for our mountainous goods! Second cousin Aunt, you remember, don't you?"

Aunt Second Cousin took a deep breath, "What? You still want revenge?"

Second cousin aunt stood up and shouted angrily.

"Not to take revenge, I came here to pay you back the fifty dollars, because I swore at first that this fifty dollars, I will a hundred times a thousand times a thousand times ten thousand times The return to you!"

Yang Xue said, pointing out the window, "Second cousin auntie, first cousin auntie, you can now go out the window and look down, I'll return your money, all Down there!"

The first and second cousins froze.

Stood up and went to the window.

When they looked down, they all covered their mouths in shock.

"Oh my God!"

They stared because downstairs... there were many luxury cars parked, and before the luxury cars, there were many bags placed.

From afar, the bags were filled with red banknotes.

It simply confused the eyes of the crowd.

The second cousin's aunt, directly paralyzed.

Swallowing saliva wildly.

At this moment, the door opened and Yang Xue's team of black-clothed bodyguards walked in.

"The bottom of the building is to return your money, I'll let you count it now, my people will watch over you, if you can't finish counting, you can't eat a mouthful of food, a mouthful of water And no drinking!"

Yang Xue coldly said to the powerless second cousin .

Everyone in the room, all of them suddenly dared not speak....


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