The Unknown Heir 516



Zhang Tie's gaze was startled and he directly stood up.

The crowd in the room was even more refined.

Outside the door, there was a waiter, who was about to bring in the food, and at this moment, was even more startled in place.

Lu Zongyuan slowly put his feet down.

The atmosphere in the room was instantly frozen.

Originally, it was just thought that Chen Hao was a yellow-haired kid, what skills did he have.

But this means.

A single vegetable leaf, and it shattered the wooden door.

What kind of strength and cultivation must this be.

"Flicking a leaf, it can all hurt!"

Zhang Tie coldly sweated and muttered to himself.

And to ease the embarrassment, a Lu family member on the side smiled and asked, "Master Zhang... Zhang, what did you say?"

Zhang Tiedi dripped with cold sweat, his eyes already completely dulled .

"A flicker of flowers and leaves can hurt anyone!"

He repeated.

"I can't believe there's such a thing as Kung Fu, what an eye-opener!"

Zhang Tie trembled.

The gaze that looked at Chen Hao naturally changed.

"Chen... Mr. Chen, it's me who has eyes but can't see Taishan, here's your map!"

Zhang Tie respectfully brought the map over.

And Lu Zongyuan, at this moment, exchanged glances with the clan.

The members of the Lu Clan, stood up.

"Mr. Chen, forgive our disrespect, and beg Mr. Chen to save my Lu Clan from this predicament for Brother Meng's sake!"

Lu Zongyuan finished and bowed deeply.

Chen Hao put the map away.

Faintly, he said, "What exactly is it? Master Meng can't even solve it?"

Take someone's money and avert disaster for them.

If it wasn't for the fact that this map was very useful to him, Chen Hao wouldn't have bothered to ask about the Lu family's affairs just because of Meng Kang's face.

"Sir, it's like this..."

Lu Zongyuan hurriedly told the whole story.

It turned out that the Lu family had once made an enemy some years earlier.

Later, this enemy left for another country.

It was unknown where he had learned a strong skill.

The Lu family's top bodyguards were no match for someone with one finger.

That enemy threatened.

Every ten days, he would kill one of the Lu family's descendants until they were all killed.

To this day, two offspring descendants had already been killed.

Lu Zong Yuan had long ago issued a ban on his descendants going out.

All of them were bored at home to hide.

This enemy was called Wang Dahai, and his idea was simple: to let the Lu family perish in a lifetime of fear.

So Lu Zongyuan, had no choice but to invite a large number of experts.

And the reason why this exchange was held a month in advance.

It was to attract the vast number of powerful people to come.

To give the Lu family a boost.

Chen Hao listened to his heart, no wonder Lu Han and the others would sneak out to play.

"This Wang Dahai, was once considered to be the scion of one of Longjiang's giants, but the Wang Clan, father and son, did many evil deeds and were collectively Resisting and heading towards extinction, Wang Dahai is narrow-minded and after retaliating against the Lu family, I'm afraid that the other families will be hard to spare!"

Meng Kang added on the side.

"However, we've already agreed with him to fight Wang Dahai tomorrow night, but this man's strength is really high, and I'm ashamed to say that I'm Meng Kang is a worthy opponent!"

Meng Kang shook his head and sighed.

"It would be my Lu family's good fortune if I could get help with my fist from you, sir!"

Lu Zongyuan was respectful.

Chen Hao didn't have much of a good impression of this Lu Zongyuan.

Turning directly to Meng Kang, he said, "Fine, I'll go and accompany Master Meng for a look tomorrow night!"


After the meal.

Chen Hao Lu Zongyuan and the others left the hotel.

At that moment, a butler came over.

"Mr. Lu, the Yanjing Long Family is here and wants to pay you a visit!"

"Yanjing Dragon Family, hmm, what are they doing visiting me, who is the leader?"

Lu Zongyuan's bottom line naturally rose quite a bit now that he had Chen Hao's help.

"It's the Dragon Family's second wife, who also sent a heavy gift for the Exchange Ceremony and is waiting for an appointment!"

The butler continued.

At the side, Chen Hao listened, but his eyelids rose slightly.

The Yanjing Long Family, the second wife of the Long Family?

"This housekeeper, is the second wife of the Long family surnamed Yang?"

The butler was busy smiling, "Mr. Chen, exactly!"

It seemed that it was really Yang Xue.

For some reason, Chen Hao had a strange feeling in his heart when he heard that Yang Xue was here.

Over the past year, Chen Hao had also forgotten about Yang Xue.

All the things that happened back then, anytime time wore off, they also became passing clouds.

But there was one thing Chen Hao could not forget.

That was a year ago, when he was being chased by the Mo Long family, Yang Xue let himself go and saved his life.

"It's been more than a year, I don't know how she's doing."

Chen Hao said in his heart.

Then he couldn't help but smile bitterly, "It's already good that she can live in peace and stability, we, it's better not to see her!"

"Mr. Chan? Mr. Chan?"

Lu Zongyuan was whispering to the side.

"Huh?" Chen Hao was a little out of it.

"Oh, I don't know where Mr. Chen lives now, if it's convenient, it would be best to move to our Lu family, I'll have someone give Mr. Arrange the best upper room!"

Lu Zong Yuan.


Chen Hao nodded.

Moved into the Lu family.

And Lu Zongyuan, naturally, was in the front parlor, receiving the Long family.

"Miss Yang, hello, I've looked at your gift list, the heavy gift this time is too expensive, my Lu Family can't afford it somewhat!"

Lu Zongyuan said politely.

"Mr. Lu is too humble, to be able to get an audience with Mr. Lu in the midst of his busy schedule, if you ask me, it's our Dragon Family's good luck!"

Yang Xue said.

Lu Zongyuan smiled and looked at Yang Xue.

This woman, at a young age, could act on behalf of the Dragon Family, it seemed like she must have had exceptional means, and meet pleasantries.

She was again answering appropriately, giving people a sense of dignity and rigor.

Not surprisingly, Lu Zongyuan also looked up to Yang Xue.

"Mr. Lu you are too busy, so Xiao Xue will directly express the intention of this trip, our Dragon Family cooperation plan, I don't know if you have read it, if If we can, we, the Yanjing Long Family, can start a deep cooperation with the Lu Family!"

"And as a gesture of good faith, the Dragon Family will take out projects worth tens of billions of dollars and entrust them to the Land Family!"

Lu Zongyuan's eyelids jumped slightly, apparently, somewhat tempted.

However, he was not in a hurry to reveal it.

"Thank you for the Dragon Family's trust, the matter of cooperation is not urgent for the time being, I did hear that Miss Yang Xue seems to be here in our Dragon River, and there is also Some of your cousins are in, presumably Miss Yang Xue knows some of the forms of our Long Jiang! I'm afraid I'll hear about it from those cousins of yours as well..."

The relationship between the Long and Mo families was no secret in the business world.

As for the two Mo Lu families, honestly, the relationship wasn't very good.

Now that the Long family had suddenly sent a representative over, Lu Zongyuan had to understand more carefully.

When he heard that the representative sent over was Yang Xue, Lu Zongyuan had his men pull out Yang Xue's information.

"Mr. Lu knows it in detail, indeed, because of my hometown, I have some cousins here, but I haven't been in contact for many years It's been, sort of, a first visit to the Dragon River, so I don't know the form very well!"

"But one thing's for sure, getting these projects will make the Lu family money and deepen our deep cooperation between the two Long Lu families. Isn't it?"

Yang Xue smiled.

Lu Zongyuan nodded.

Just at this moment, the butler walked in from the door.

Reported back, "Mr. Lu, all of Mr. Chen's affairs have been settled, what else do you want?"

Lu Zongyuan said, "Nothing more, have someone entertain Mr. Chen well, no slacking off!"


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